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Zombie Apocalypse Info/Discussion

Gene Inari

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Okay people. Its time I decided finally run a proper Zombie Apocalypse campaign.

If you have played Left 4 Dead: http://www.l4d.com/

And if you have read the Zombie Survival Guide: http://en.wikipedia...._Survival_Guide

Or if you haven't, consider this game both educational to how to properly survive a Zombie Apocalypse, and fun. The plot is simple.


You are all folks who live in the middle of New York city. You are associated with each other for this reason: You all believe zombies exist. No, you know they exist. You have read historical documents recovered and researched by medical doctor Max Brooks, expert writer of the so-called fictional zombie. Though Brooks was considered a crazy hack-job by the historical and scientific community, you know he is right. You all read his work, and at some point, you saw it in person.

At Mercy hospital, the first real outbreak occurred. Nothing more than a Class 1 outbreak, it seemed. But still, you all called each other your cell phones and immediately prepared for the planned emergency. You gathered, you began checking supplies, weapons, planning possible escape routes from the city, everything you have exercised, practiced shooting, and studied books for survival and teamwork has been preparing you for this day...and then it stopped. Strangely, a SWAT team went in and took care of the situation. Though a rumor on the internet claimed those were actually NAVY SEALS.

According to the news, the Chief of Police reported it was just several psychotic patients causing a riot. Several nurses were killed and others were taken into custody and never seen again. Was a it a cover-up? Probably. It has been suspected that the cause to zombification is a secret known to some governments, but only recently. However, that day, it didn't seem to get passed a class 1. So you all went back home, got yelled at for leaving work early, and treating this as a drill. And you did well. Still, you couldn't help feeling that this was a small sample of things to come. For if just one infected person escaped that hospital...

Enemies will include Zombies, of course. This is a game of long-term survival, wits, team dynamics, and action. Cause your dealing with the fast-zombies here!

Rules on Character Creation:

The setting: New York City in the year 2010.

Occupation: I will allow only one military-based character and one law enforcement based character. Nobody may play a Federal agent. Sorry, but I insist we don't over-populate the team with Rambo, James Bond, or Alex Foley types. The idea is most of you are everyday people who have limited training and experience.

Allowed weapons: Firearm Laws of New York are convenient for survivalists. So think about what you can legally get as a weapon that would allow you to survive. If your looking for anything beyond what civilians normally carry, its up to you to research how you can get it and if its legal for your character to have it. Then PM me to request it: Examples include silencers, explosives, assault rifles, automatic weapons, etc...

Remember, this isn't the type of RP where you can just start out armed to the teeth like the Arnold Schwarzenegger. You'll have show that you know you can get it, and how. Most weapons have to be legal. The exceptions I make are Molotovs and some house-hold chemical made explosives (about as good as a small pipe-bomb or a flash-bang). Make sure to think about what weapons would be good for this situation.

Ammo: Be realistic about how much ammo you use before you have to reload. I won't about worry total ammo supplies unless dramatically appropriate.

Advice: Refer yourself to the Zombie Survival Guide and (you can find it at your local library) if you want the gist of this setting. See if you can play or at least watch some videos about Left 4 Dead, however, to get the idea about what your facing. This will be important for weapon selection too.

Zombiefication: Nobody will turn into a zombie from a simple bite or scratch. Only when your character dies horribly from too many zombie attacks does your character zombify.

Character Format





Survival Study (what did you read about to prepare yourself?):

Training (what other areas of training did you do for this?):

Built (how has exercise helped you to prepare):


Personality Traits:

Personality Flaws:



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2 questions.

1. Is it too late to join?

2. Is this story going to follow the whole near invincible zombie approach where they can walk under water without having to worry about oxygen and can only be killed by headshots?

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No it's not too late; never too late.

And while not invincible, a zombie is still going to have to take a majorly crippling blow (or two) to stop if it's not straight brain damage.

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And my two characters for peoples' reference:

Name: Gene Inari

Gender: Male

Species: Redfox

Occupation: Pro-Am racer

Survival Study: Zombie survival from guides provided by Max Brooks

Training: Many hours at the firing range training for firearms, racing skills have given him sharp reflexes.

Built: Athletic and lithe

Personality Traits: Gene is calm under pressure (mostly), always keeping himself and others pointed in the right direction.

Personality Flaws: Gene can be extremely critical and blase to the needs of others

Name: Keaton Thorn

Gender: Female

Species: Coywolf (Coyote/Wolf)

Occupation: Movie Critic

Survival Study: A lot of time out camping, hiking, cliff diving... ect.

Training: Martial arts and some (read: a lot) time paint balling with friends.

Built: The martial arts keeps her limber at fit and the paint ball sessions help with team work.

Weapons: Heckler & Koch USP (I'll just keep it to her preferred weapon, the one she keeps on her person)

Personality Traits: Driven and motivated. Keaton likes the fun things in life and is a bit of a daredevil. A firm believer that 'actions speak louder than words' even though she has quite the smart mouth.

Personality Flaws: She can be stubborn, forceful, and critical at times. Her sarcasm can be cutting when cross.

Likes: Orginal movies, puzzle games, smart(ass) people

Dislikes: Routines, arrogant people, the term "Mutt"

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  • 4 months later...

I'd like to join. It will give me a reason to stay active again.

Name: ND McStorm

Gender: Male

Species: Redfox

Occupation: Mechanic

Survival Study: Zombie survival from guides online

Training: Target practice with friends

Built: somewhat athletic

Personality Traits: Somewhat calm under pressure, likes to play zombie killing games ( xD )

Personality Flaws: Sometimes annoying and slow reflexes

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Sorry, NDKilla, but this RP was conducted and finished, albeit a bit soon, quite some time ago.


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