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Roleplaying For Noobs: How do I do this?


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I was milling around the site, looking at the different areas when I came across this. But what exactly is this? What is role play and how does it work? It seems interesting but Im lost as to whats going on.

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Glad you asked, son!

Roleplaying is an activity (taking place on the internet in this case) where nerds of various shapes and sizes play with action figures like they did when they were kids, but there's no plastic action figures to speak of. Instead, it gets converted to story format, like a book written by multiple people. So how do you do this? Guides have been written up before this, but I'll go ahead and summarize.

There's a few key guidelines you should follow. 1. put effort into your work. I mentioned above how it was like a novel with multiple authors; treat it like one. 2. your characters should be more than one dimensional. They should be reasonably lifelike and likeable. 3. realize what "overpowered" means and don't make it an adjective on your character. There is no drama to be had if a character can solve any problem effortlessly. There's no substance to a character who knows everything there is to know, even if they really shouldn't be able to.

Did I mention to not type like a child? Good, that's Roleplaying 101. Look into the other guides for more info.

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What Milky said there should allow you to get started. Also make sure to read trough and make sure you understand the RP rules Zack posted the link to.

There's several RP guides around, such as Sabres to roleplaying in general, or the one dedicated in its entirety to character creation. Both are quite extensive and may feel overwhelming at first, so I'll advice following Milkys tips, jump into one of the more casual roleplays, and learn trough practice. The guides you can get back to later.

Sabres guide:http://starfox-online.net/topic/2060-how-to-play-a-better-rp/

This one's rather good, but the thread is kind of messy and doesn't have a logical layout right now. I'll see if I can do a clean-up of it sometime.

Character creation guide:http://starfox-online.net/topic/9427-how-to-create-and-play-your-rp-characters/

If you want to look into creating your own characters, which let's face it, usually turns out more interesting than playing any of the canon characters(Fox, Krystal, Wolf etc.), then this guide will build onto the previous guide's section on character creation.

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