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Ok, lets get the ball rolling

Name: Beta Foxtrot 3 (BF3) aka "Bernard" or "Beverly"

Race: Cybernetic Hologram

Age: No discernable age

Visual Descripton: Base Skeleton: Head is a silver sphere with red glowing eyes (lights). His body resembles a cybernetic humanoid skeleton dotted with holographic projectors. Usual outershell: For combat, BF3 has an outer shell made from a tempered duranium-thorium compound making him in vulnerable to weapons fire penetration. This does not mean he cant be pushed. He weighs about the same as a humanoid with armor. His shell is coated with a hot rod red color and onyx black detailing.

Point of Origin: Fichinan Labratories

History: BF3 is a prototype holomorph meant to act as a disguised spy for the Cornerian forces under the command of cybernetic innovator Victor Lombardi. After the Lylat War had concluded, BF3 was reprogramed to be able to choose for himself within moral guidlines, and develop his own personality at will. BF3 eventually found himself able to get citizenship to all Cornerian controlled planet due to his sentience and clear evolutionary process. He is still curious about the world around him though and has taken several forms. The only people who know who he is are Cornerian security and the debit card company.

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Name: Victor Lombardi

Race: Falcon

Age: 35

Visual Descripton: Red falcon, approx height 6'. Attire:

Point of Origin: Corneria, Alucid City

History: Engineer by work and pilot in his free time, Victor Lombardi is Corneria's top cybernetic specialist and researcher of microtech. His current experiment is in creating artificial humanoids which is most prominent in his most recent accomplishment, the BF3 prototype. After creating BF3 and allowing him to pronounce his sentience, he has fought to provide for artificial being's rights and make a requirements list for creators to make their creations sentient, meaning you cant simply call a toaster sentient because it has a microchip in it. He is also a brother of Falco Lombardi but doesn't make that statement public because of his history with him.

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