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RP ideas.

Asper Sarnoff

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Do you feel you have ideas it would be cool to base a roleplay around, but don't actually have the time or dedication to start a roleplay yourself?

Throw your ideas, concepts and WIP's in here!

The idea being that maybe someone who want to start a roleplay, but lack inspiration on what to base it around, might find something to spark their imagination here.

Start brainstorming.

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A Fast food joint at a major cross roads and all the crazies that travel said cross roads

Can either be

in space

on earth

or Corneria

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I've been thinking about a Metroid roleplay in all my fantardism. The idea came from thinking about the canon and realizing it's a big horror setting that only isn't completely out of its mind because you play as a juggernaut, and not the Galactic Federation or indeed any civilization being slaughtered by the fodder creatures Samus fights.

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