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Tangle's Precarious Warriors


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Name: Prof. Kala'hari "Leo" Cyrule

Age: 27

Race: Desert Serval

Origin: Titan

Home: Fortuna

Sex: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 178lb

Build: Thin, but toned. Not overly uncharacteristically toned with six packs however.

Eyes: The typical feline eyes, with a dark dull emerald green iris. Along the outer edge of the iris is a blue ring that appears to glow only because light tends to reflect off the pigments within the ring better, giving it the illuminated look.

Hair: Messy, and wire like. He is very uncaring to for his head hair, leaving it in the shaggy mess he typically wakes up with. His fur however is well kempt and silk like. He has some typical markings known to a Serval however he has black fur over both of his hands and his entire forearm.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Silly, Child like, intelligent.

If he was a human, who would he be exactly?: Dr. Who

Abilities: Unrivaled knowledge in Physics, Acrobatics.

Likes: Fruit, especially Mangos. Technology. Books. Singularities.

Hates: Crying, Sob Stories, fire.

Strengths: Acrobatics, sprinting, Science, Maneuvers, Hacking, Machinery, Computers

Weaknesses: Close Quarters Combat, Cute things, Sweets, Sanity.

Ship: Neo-Debacle: A modified Cornerian fighter ship. It was modified to allow for vertical launch and landing, as well as remote controlled instructions from a linked computerized device. Kalihari lovingly named it Neo-debacle after predicting that he if he did die, it would be from accidentally shooting into the side of a planet at the speed of light.


Kalihari or known as “Leo†is a Cornerian Army scientist without to much of a care for the wars at hand. He was well known as a nut job by most of the Soldiers and higher ranking officers. However the Scientist who saw him as a brilliant man. His sanity is questionable by the way he behaves.

His behavior is partially professional and mostly child like. Rumors had it that his mind was processing knowledge to fast beyond his own comprehension and quickly gone mad. However if this is true or not remains unknown. He tends to act carelessly or senselessly but he also seems to always have a reason behind his own silly antics or behaviors.

In common, terms a Scientist Job is to solve problems and apply logic, but not in the mind of this oddball cat. He actually enjoys finding all means to destroy common logic and enhance it to his own whims as his leisure. His smirk remains a lingering haze in the minds of who were so lucky to witness his antics, or maybe just a love for fruit.

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This is a pretty good character you've got set up here. My only complaint is that there isn't much back story to this character. Where did he come from? Was there any hardships in his life? Why is he as childish as he is, that sort of thing.

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