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Hello denzins of SFO, how are you today?

I have a proposition for y'all. In my Torrent Adventures i stumbled across A couple of RPGs, namely Deathwatch and Rouge Trader of The Warhammer 40k franchise.

Now, given the lack of things to do reacently, i pose this to you all.

Would you like it if i ran a Campaign using one of the aformentioned Rulesets, and you all participated?

Of coarse im not expecting you all to torrent the book yourselves, i will either retype or make Jpegs of the appropriate pages.

You can either have a preestablished Oc of your own, with a couple of modifiers thrown in for stats sake, or roll up a brand new charecter witht he very cool table they have in book.

The only problem would be we would have to roll dice and base it off a faith system, where we trust that 2nd natural 20 is actually a natural twenty...

Any takers? enough people and i start posting relevant info.

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[Gonna close this request due to inactivity and lack of playerbase.]

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