• Star Fox (SNES) in modern graphics (Video)

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    I would have filed this under "fanstuff," but I think the quality of this goes a bit beyond your average fanwork, so I filed it under ClassicStarFox.

    YouTube user Rickonami has created an awesome CGI animation of the intro to Star Fox SNES and clips from Corneria, Asteroid Field, and Space Armada. It is done up a bit like an E3 trailer. There's even some menu in there.

    Amazing work, though I was a little disappointed when Corneria was significantly less-detailed than everything else, and that some music was redone while other music was not. Also, this person thought Fox was James, and it shows.

    Despite these flaws, it is an amazing piece of work.

    On a side note, wouldn't it be awesome of Nintendo re-did Star Fox in HD like this for it's 20th anniversary next year?

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