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  • A Serious Star Fox Film Project?

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    While searching YouTube a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a video containing a well-done arrangement of the SNES Map music.

    What was noteworthy about it was the description, which contained a link to a Facebook page. The link was broken at the time, but has now been fixed.

    The link leads to a Facebook wall created by Irwin Rathore, a graduate of the Toronto Film School, for a project he appears to be seriously considering: A Star Fox fanfilm. While there isn't any video, there is a publicly viewable project proposal complete with an intro storyboard by Ron Hobbs, who has done storyboarding for a few major movies, including X-Men, SAW II and Chicago.

    The story appears to be heavily influenced by SNES and N64-era canon, and the proposal includes references to the Itoh Comic.

    From the Video description:

    "Irwin's main idea for Starfox is to stay true to the source material and not deviate too much from its original beauty. Irwin has been working on putting together of the Starfox project for five years by doing research, working with artists/Jonathan Whalen on the music concept, story-boarding with Ron Hobbs who is sixteen years in the film business and looking at thousands of fan related blogs/sites on Starfox. Irwin's main goal is to make Starfox a future length film, and to assure fans around the world, to make a true based video-game adaptation film.

    And one thing for sure, Irwin is not pleased with what them they call filmers are doing with the video-games films."

    This is the most serious SF fanfilm project I have seen, and looks like Mr. Rathore may even be trying to take it commercial. Let's give this project our support and spread the word! I really want to see this happen.

    Note: Video not embedded so as not to distract from main post, it currently has >100 views, and is a good arrangement, so if you want some music, check it out.

    Comments made by Mr. Rathore on the old site:

    To answer your question DZComposer, i do apologies for answering this very late,

    I have been dealing with Bill Trinen, Nintendo's Marketing director at the North America branch in early of February 2010 ( you can search him up). I have sent in the film proposal and synopsis, the beta music and a brief drawing to him on May 15 2010. His response is that he would look through it, and show it to a few developers (which i don't know who they are...),and get back to him with four months time. On October 8, 2010, at 10:27:42 PM i get an email from Mr. Trinen and stated the following:

    " Thank you very much for your interest in developing a feature film based on Nintendo’s Star Fox franchise. Unfortunately, Nintendo is not interested in pursuing this opportunity at this time.

    As such, we’ve deleted from our files our copy of the materials you prepared, but we will keep your contact information on hand in the event we need to contact you about the opportunity again at some point in the future.

    Thank you again for your interest and efforts, but we respectfully decline your proposal at this time. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


    Bill Trinen

    Product Marketing Director

    Nintendo of America, Inc."

    So guys, i have no clue if Mr Trinen did "or" did not do anything with the project, so there for i did "not" get the reason as to why they weren't interested?

    At this point I'm continuing with the project build up and will be going for "round two" some times in the near future.

    At this this time i would like to thank you DZComposer for putting the interest of my project idea on your site, most appreciated and bring the fans together and support. I'll continue in working to bring more visual concepts and ideas on the floor, and anyone who has and questions on there minds, please, all that matter is "communication" in order to have the full trust,feedback and faith in oreder to make Starfox film a reality. :)

    Thank you

    - Director Irwin R.

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    Star Fox would be one the coolest ideas to do for movies. The movie would be huge, not on a cheap budget. By what I played of the games, the movie would be a huge movie like Avatar. I can guarantee that if Nintendo makes this movie, they would be proud of it.

    All they need to do is carefully make the movie. So who cares if it takes four years to make, I rather have a movie done right than rushed and with the Mario Bros. movie being a bomb, they really need to be careful when it comes to future movie releases from Nintendo.I could see myself doing a Star Fox movie, I love the series so much and would do a lot of research to make sure that the story is being told right.

    The rating would of course be PG-13, but this is how I would rate it: Rated PG-13 for Intense Sequences of Sci-Fi Action and Violence, Intense Prolonged Sequences of Destruction and Peril, Frightening Images,Thematic Materiel, and Language. The reason for the PG-13 rating would be that this movie will automatically get it just like most of the Marvel movies did, mostly for the violence. There is no way this movie will be Rated R, there isn't that much violence in it unless they fill it with foul language, which they shouldn't. The language will probably like that of the Transformers movies or have less Language than some PG-13 movies.

    The story line will be dark and emotional as Fox will probably be mourning over his dad's death and dealing with the stress of being leader of Star Fox while hunting down Andross. This will be a money making franchise if they put in the effort and do it correctly. They might even spawn prequels, one focusing on Krystal before her planet got destroyed. The series should also add in characters like Fara Pheonix and when Krystal comes in, show that Fox and Krystal actually date.

    The firsy Star Fox Game will be the start of the series, followed by Star Fox 64 which should be called Star Fox: The Hunt for Andross, followed by Aventures, then Assualt, and then end it with Command, choosing one of the endings. From there, the series could actually go anywhere, leading into the next generation but I do see this series ending at Command, making Command the most epic, and most darkest installments of the series.

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    Well it would be at least the next Step since they made a short clip already for SF-Zero (despite the way more english than german dub i have to say).

    Not that i dislike Iwata, but maybe with the current president of Nintendo there is a new hope of Nintendo based Movies :).

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