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    Fanstuff - 3 for 1

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    Here's a 3-for-1 set of nice arrangements of Star Fox music.

    The first is a medley of Star Fox and Star Fox 64 music done by the band On Being Human.

    The strange guitar is an electronic guitar that functions as a MIDI controller as well as direct control of sound modules and on-the-fly electronic tuning changes. The guy says it is one of only two in existence.

    The next piece is a mix of the SNES main theme and Venom with a hint of Space Armada.

    It almost sounds like something from a Sonic game.

    And lastly, YouTube user Epic Game Music rocks out to SNES Corneria around town.

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    Fox The Vulpine


    ...sorry, I had to say it. XD


    Anyways I like that second remix, I could see something like it being used somewhere in a new Star Fox game. Maybe like a hub world in Corneria City. :P

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