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    Fanstuff: Corneria + guitars. Again. And a play.

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    YouTube user FamilyJules7x rocks out some Corneria on two guitars and bass with computer-driven drums in the back.

    Also, Hampshire College put on a play based on Star Fox 64. Here is the trailer:

    You can watch the whole play from a link in an annotation in the middle of the trailer.

    Interestingly, Fox is played by a girl.

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    That guitar dude is FRICKIN AWESOME! I got goosebumbs while listening to that music!

    haha and that show...oh god it was so hilarious! I've watched everything and they really did a great job on it!

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    I agree, that guy did amazing things to the Corneria song. I want to get a close up of that shirt. :D

    As for Barrel Rolls and Broken Dreams, Slippy easily stole the show (only based on what I saw... that play is waaaay too long). To me, Fox being played as a girl became apparent in Act 2 (a gay-ish joke). And a quick tip, just listen to the audio as you web surf... really no need to watch the actual video to enjoy the play. lol

    Also Falco is insane. haha

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