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  • Nintendo NX Dev Kits in the wild


    The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that NX dev kits are indeed in the wild.

    The article didn't provide much else, though, only admittedly regurgitating the rumor that NX may be some kind of "hybrid" handheld/console and that it may launch in 2016.

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    A hybrid doesn't so much like a bad idea, though. Graphics or no graphics, as long as it comes with something to carry it in, I'd probably get it.

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    As long the console provides more games this time around for both first party and third party then I am happily on board with the console. The Wii U was a decent console and did have a lot of good ideas, just didn't hold out for too long. Let's hope the NX is given a new title and not something Wii related.

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    Please be cheap :hehe: Please have good graphics :| and for reasons... PLEASE HAVE MORE STARFOX GAMES :-)

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