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    WiiU to launch with 2SKUs, $299.99 minimum MSRP

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    WiiU will launch with 2 SKUs on November 18, 2012.

    SKU1: WiiU Basic Set $299.99

    WiiU White Console with 8GB Internal Flash storage.

    WiiU Game Pad (White)


    Sensor Bar

    A/C Adapters for console and game pad

    HDMI Cable (THANK YOU)

    SKU2: WiiU Deluxe Set: $349.99

    WiiU Black Console with 32GB Internal Flash storage

    WiiU Game Pad (Black)


    Sensor Bar

    A/C Adapters for console and game pad

    HDMI Cable (THANK YOU)


    Deluxe Promotional Points for use in E-Shop with each digital purchase through 2014

    Game Pad Stand

    Game Pad Charging Cradle

    System Stand for vertical setup

    Both units allow SDHC Cards and USB Drives for storage expansion. 4 USB ports on-board.

    Wii-motes, Nunchucks, and Pro Controllers sold separately.

    System Stand and Game Pad Stand and Charging Cradle also sold separately for Basic users.

    Nintendo TVii:

    Interface with popular streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) and TiVO DVRs.

    Pricing Trivia: The inclusion of an HDMI cable can be viewed as $30 of the purchase price, unless you use Monoprice or other discount cable retailers as most retailers charge at least that much for the damn things.


    CoD Black Ops 2 was officially announced, but everybody already knew it was coming.

    Epic Mickey II Announced

    Bayonetta II WiiU Exclusive

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    Even though the new Wii system seems expensive, I don't really care. we need to get a Starfox game for the Wii.

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