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  • Australian Government classifies SFZ "PG," mentions online interactivity.


    The Government of Australia handles the country's video game ratings. They have released their rating for Star Fox Zero, giving it a "PG" rating. This rating is probably closest to the ESRB's "T" rating.

    Perhaps more interesting than just the rating is the Consumer Advice which says that the game has "online interactivity."

    This doesn't mean much more than SFZ will have some kind of internet component. It could be as simple as Miiverse integration, though, so I wouldn't take this as confirmation of online play.

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    Not unrelated, but I'm actually pretty happy that the game is getting the rating that it is. In my personal opinion, Star Fox should not be an entirely kid friendly series. It should keep up the thing it has going where something can, and will, go horribly wrong. It's a series largely based on character emotion and reaction, and I would hate to see that die. *aggressively glares at Command*


    Unrelated, but I got a minor hue out of a bad shortening by forum software when first viewing this post.

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    Online Interactivity probably means Miiverse integration, which is a given for every game. But I'm sure there is at least SOME form of multiplayer in this game... it'd be fantastic if it was online!

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