• Fusion Saga: a Star Fox and Metroid crossover?

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    Wow, two main page posts in a row about the Retro Rumor.

    Paul Gale, the source that revealed PlayStation All Stars almost 6 months before its announcement, has now claimed that Retro Studios is working on BOTH Star Fox and Metroid -- IN THE SAME GAME, tentatively titled "Star Fox - Metroid: Fusion Saga."

    Now, he does qualify this by saying it is the only info he's heard on Retro's project, but I am posting this here because of past claims he has made being true.

    He mentions how Retro has wanted to do an original Sci-Fi IP, but also many on Retro's team have wanted to take a stab at Star Fox. And we already know the company's work on the Metroid franchise.

    Fox quite literally runs into Samus, causing a crash. It seems to be two games in one with two stories, Samus' part of the story and Star Fox's.

    You'll get to fly Samus's ship, and you'll get to take Fox on ground adventures (He will apparently move similarly to Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden).

    There will be leader boards and multilayer battle (whether or not the battles were online was not specified).

    He qualifies this all with a statement that this may have just been a pitch, and may not actually have gone to production.

    I guess I could sum up my feelings with a "don't know if want" image macro. While the idea is interesting, how can it possibly be canon to either series? Also, Metroid and Star Fox are very different franchises. The only thing the have in common is Space. Though if anyone could actually make the crazy idea work, it is Retro Studios.

    I really don't know what to think of it.

    My problem with the leak is that there is TOO MUCH detail. Sounds a lot like someone spinning a yarn to me. We'll see. E3 is less than three weeks away!

    SRC: http://paulgalenetwork.com/home/2012/05/19/rumor-is-retro-studios-wii-u-game-star-fox-metroid-fusion-saga/

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    I highly doubt this is real. It would be interesting to see, but nah. No way this exists.

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    I don't know, Star Fox just isn't what it used to be. Maybe this'll be a step in a progressive if not positive direction.

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