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  • Miyamoto: Star Fox next year, before Zelda

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    So, Nintnedo just dropped the Zelda Bomb at The Game Awards on Friday.

    In it, Miyamoto and Aonuma were showing off actual gameplay of the game (Which is looking to be amazing, BTW, the world is HUGE).

    As they're playing, Miyamoto asks Aonuma if the game is REALLY coming out next year, given its complexity. Aonuma confirms this, and then goes on to ask Miyamoto about Star Fox.

    Miyamoto confirms that Star Fox is progressing well, and will release BEFORE Zelda, which is obviously Nintendo's big Holiday 2015 title. He also goes on to say it will be coming AFTER Majora's Mask 3D.

    As of yet, we don't really have a time frame for Majora's Mask, though given how long they've been teasing it, it is probably coming early 2015, summer at the latest.

    This means that we will probably be seeing Star Fox in Summer 2015. Of course, that's speculation, but hey, we have a release window, if not a completely vague one.

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    I have a feeling it will get delayed. Considering it was only in it's alpha stage of development at E3 earlier this year, there is no way it will be ready by Summer 2015. Late 2015/Early 2016 at the most.

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    Agreed They showed Zelda Gameplay and No Starfox Gameplay yet it is supposed to be released earlier then Zelda.


    No despair intended but i feel a delay incoming.

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    This is something to look forward to, if Star Fox Wii U does get delayed, then that is fine. More polish and working out the kinks here and there. But only time will tell. We may get a Nintendo Direct about this some time in the near future, but chances are we may not hear a thing until E3 (or close to it) on 2015. 

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