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    RUMOR: The Year of Star Fox?

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    I'm tagging this "Rumor" because it could be a mistranslation, but in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Miyamoto said something of huge interest to Star Fox fans.

    It started when they asked who Miyamoto would play as in Smash. He said "Star Fox" (C'mon, Shiggy, you should know the character names in your own creations!) because it would be harder than playing as Kirby.

    It was the next question, though, that suggest more was coming for Star Fox:

    Q: You prefer a challenge.

    A: This is gonna be the year of Star Fox. I’ll play as Star Fox for awhile.

    Wait, did he say "The Year of Star Fox?" I fully admit that the statement may not actually mean anything, but for the Love of Lylat let this be true!

    You can read the full interview here: http://popwatch.ew.com/2014/06/11/shigeru-miyamoto-star-fox-wii-u/

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    Talyl Landmaster


    I'm guessing you are completely shocked about the latest good news regarding Star Fox, DZ (I am as well).

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    Aw, YES! Just imagine all the different mechas and spaceships you could play as in the new Star Fox game! It's like Thunderbirds meets Macross! :D 

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    Kinda late to say this, but if we're really getting a Year of Star Fox, I'm gonna party hardcore!

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    I think that when he said that he'll play as Star Fox, he meant that he'll play as Fox, Falco, and Wolf (Or whatever Star Fox characters are in the new Smash bros) xD

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