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    Star Fox in the Smithsonian

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    From March 16, 2012 until September 30, 2012, the Smithsonian National Art Museum in Washington, DC will be running an exhibit titled The Art of Video Games.

    Two of the games to be shown in the exhibit are from the Star Fox series! Star Fox SNES and Star Fox Assault will both be shown. Star Fox 64 was overlooked in favor of Goldeneye for the N64 shooter.

    The exhibit will be housed on the third floor of the museum, which is located at:

    8th and F Streets, N.W.

    Washington, D.C. 20004

    Like all Smithsonian museums, the National Art Museum is funded by tax dollars and does not charge admission.

    So, if you're in DC during that time, it is worth swinging by!

    Smithsonian Announcement: http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/archive/2012/games/#games

    Complete list of games in the exhibit: http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/archive/2012/games/winninggames.pdf

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