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Crestmere High

Naza Sutera

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(excuse the tired-ass intro, I know its not my best, please forgive me. x-p)

Everyone dates the birth of the neighborhood to the construction of William J. Crestmere High School. People saw the future in the school's breezeways, the destruction of the old CDF training facility, and the booming housing market. The morning sun was bright as it beamed from the clear sky into crisp autumn air. This was perfect sweater weather as the season was nearing its transition into the impending winter. The morning traffic was unforgiving, as school traffic mixed with the morning commutes of those who worked downtown.

Finding a decent parking spot at school was a nightmare, and Amber knew this as she pulled her red Rover 416GTi into a parking spot that was rather far from the main building. Toggling the gear shift into neutral and pulling the parking brake, she turned off the engine and putt the keys into her bag.

"Couldn't you have found a better space?" Amelia complained, as she opened the door to get out.

"Oh, please." Amber rebuffed, climbing out of the car. "You try finding a decent space this time in the morning. And besides, walking is good for you."

"Walking? In these shoes?"

"Well, girl, ain't nobody tell you to come to school in a pair of Manolo Blahniks."

"What ever, girl."

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Bohdan and his brother, Wladyslaw, came rolling in on their high powered motorcycles. Both brothers had their bikes custom built by Ruthenian craftsmen on Corneria. Bohdan dismounted his panhandle motorcycle, his big boots stomping onto the pavement. His biker jacket was sleek, with red and white undertones. Wladyslaw also dismounted his sports bike. He, too, had a biker jacket, except the colors were reversed on his: white with red undertones. Bohdan had a heavy build, in opposition to the more slender Wladyslaw. Bohdan's jeans were also darker than his brother, yet both had dark colored boots. They walked side by side towards the school entrance, but they were stopped by Wladyslaw spotting two of their close friends.

"Hey, Bohdan, look," he said in Ruthenian. "It's Iosif and Diana." Out from the school bus came a lizard and a furred dragon: Joe and Diana. Joe's dark blue hoodie kept him warm, and Diana's plaid jacket blended in with the tumbling autumn leaves. The duo met with the brothers, and were joined by a fifth character, emerging from the car of a teacher: Salamon. His father is a history teacher in the school, so Salamon has a free ride every day. Salamon came running up, slinging his black backpack on his shoulder.

"Hey guys," Salamon said, arriving.

"Hey, Sal," replied Diana. The Chmielnicki brothers and Joe nodded.

"Into the cesspit we go," commented Joe, looking at the school's front doors.

"Another day, another migraine," added Diana.

"Hey, my dad works here!" butted in Salamon. The Chmielnicki brothers chuckled, and led the group up the stairs towards the doors.

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"Geez, you'd think they were giving away free money in there with all this traffic." Lily's mother clicked her tongue and shook her head in disbelief as she finally stopped the car in the unloading zone.

"Maybe they are." Lily snickered from the back seat, "Then what? Faline's gonna go back to her planet rich."

Next to the blonde-white canid in the back seat was a young snow leopard, her silver fur neat and well-kept. She looked ahead of her, alert and curious but not registering the conversation. Faline had come from a distant world through an exchange program. Lily had gotten to know her some during her stay in her home, and now they would be school mates too.

"If that's true, then you both better dive on it." She jabbed back, "All right, enough stalling. You ladies have a good day. Lily, you make sure Faline is with her interpreter before you do anything else."

"I will." Lily tapped the feline's shoulder to get her attention and gave a small hand sign.

The pair disembarked with a final goodbye and made their way inside.


"How old is this car again, Laika?" Jolene eyed the rickety ride of a sedan as her friend drove along, the bumps a little more pronounced than usual.

"You know, I don't think I ever asked. Old?" Laika laughed as they pulled into the parking lot, "To be honest, I was just happy to have my own car and not need to take the bus to school."

"I guess with that logic, you can't complain." The painted dog shrugged after a moment of thought.


After what felt like hours, they finally found a spot in the back to park and stepped out. Jolene had dressed to the nines for her first day, a short pleated pastel pink skirt with a fun floral print, white tank with denim jacket and cute brown flats. Her shepherd counterpart was a little more conservative in dark jeans, black sandals, and a red v-neck tee.


Zane huffed and puffed as he pedaled his bike to school. Dressed in simple rags, a gray hoodie, faded jeans, and navy converse, he looked like any average kid going to school. Weaving through the traffic, he sighed in relief as he made it to the bike rack and found a slot still open. Dismounting, he pulled the bike lock out of his bag and secured it to the post. Everyone was filtering inside now. The spotted gray collie was about to follow suit when his phone buzzed in his pocket, pulling it out he read the text from his brother with a small sigh and roll of the eyes.

Mom and Dad are out again tonight. I work too. It's gonna be a fend for yourself dinner.

"Of course." He sighed again, pocketing his phone after giving a quick response back. His parents were hardly ever home. Why was it always a shock to his brother?

Pale blue eyes scrunched shut as he yawned. Another year, another experience.

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The five Ogniemites almost entered the school before they were stopped by a voice.

"Yo yo yo yo yo!" yelled a voice from behind them. They turned around to see a smiling, rugged looking Cornerian dog with a beaver dressed in black and a geeky looking husky. The smiling dog had his arms outstretched. His guitar case was lazily hanging over his shoulder, and his grey long sleeved shirt. The beaver had a black leather jacket, a black v-neck t shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers. The geeky husky had a sweater, jeans, and skate shoes. "What is up, my foreign friends?" The Cornerian trio went up the stairs to greet the Ogniemites. They shook hands, hugged, and made small talk.

"So, how are you guys this fine morning?" asked the beaver, whose name is Korben.

"Oh, we are fine," said Bohdan. The guitar dog, Roy, also spoke.

"Hey, did you see the new foreign exchange student yet?" he asked, glancing over his shoulder to see a snow leopard, named Faline. Her spotted fur stood out among the small groups of students.

"I have seen her around," said Wladyslaw, nodding, "but I have not talked to her yet. I am unsure if she speaks Cornerian." The group glanced at her briefly, until Korben saw a spotted dog, who, like Faline, had a unique coat pattern.

"Woah, check that girl out," he said as the dog went inside with her friend. Wladyslaw nudged his brother with his elbow.

"Hey, she looks cute!" he said in Ruthenian, causing Bohdan to nervously chuckle, his face blushing.

"Yeah, she's nice," he admitted to his brother in Ruthenian.

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Lily weaved through the halls with Faline in tow, following the school signage to the disability office. Being deaf, Faline would need an interpreter to sign for her in her classes. Though sometimes Lily felt she could understand more on her own than she let on. Signing in with the faculty, she waited with her new friend until a young tabby woman came to meet them, tail swishing amiably behind her. "Faline, yes?" She smiled.

"That's her." Lily smiled back.

"Perfect. I'm Angela. I've been assigned as her interpreter." She explained, "The registrar already sent me her class schedule. They've explained to me you'll be with her for lunch?"

"Right." Lily nodded, "And she comes home with me too. She's staying with my family during her time here, and I know sign too. We just don't have the same classes."

"Perfect!" Angela clapped, "Well, I can take it from here."

"Okay then." She smiled, signing a quick goodbye to Faline before hurrying to find her first class.


"Is it me, or are there a lot of new faces this year?" Jolene pondered aloud as she and Laika walked in.

"Maybe there was a change in zoning or something." Laika shrugged.

"Maybe..." Jolene trailed off as she locked eyes with a red teen dragon across the hall who was looking right at her at that moment. Laika noticed the group and giggled to herself her friend joining in as they skittered away to their lockers.

"Were they really watching us?" Jolene laughed quietly, "How weird."

"I know." Laika snickered as she worked the combination, "Anyway, what's your first class?"

"Math." Jolene groaned.


Zane found his locker fairly quickly and, after wrestling with the combination, began stuffing his books inside. Keeping only a spiral notebook and a pencil, he left to go to the cafeteria. Like any high school cafeteria, the food wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either. And, in Zane's case, it was free. He couldn't argue with a free breakfast. He stood in line and waited for his turn in the assembly.

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They were the Gatsby twins, or so some of their peers called them. It was the middle of the first term, and they were as essential to each other as college-ruled paper. Amber's smooth gentility gave Amelia breadth, Amelia's saucy verve gave Amber symmetry. They were never so complete with each other as they walked down the hallway as the yin to the other's yang.

It's funny how they walked, talked, and existed in perfect harmony with one another, radiating completely different energies and adorning completely different persona's. Amelia was in the middle of a narrative about how some old guy was trying to harass her while she walked her dog. Amelia's animated facial expressions and bright smile, like that of a spring day at noon, contrasted and yet complemented Amber's courtly chuckle and elegant smile, like an early autumn afternoon or the morning sun. Their heels clicked across the linoleum floor as they walked the hall towards the courtyard, Amber's brown leather knee-high stiletto boots and Amelia's bright red designer heels that she begged her mother to borrow.

Speaking of their clothes, they dressed themselves to the nines, expressing themselves through their garb, telling the stories of who they are with the very clothes they put on their backs. Amelia was the type to mix styles and make statements; her black pinstripe halter suit vest and white pressed formal blouse with her ripped dark denim slim-cut jeans, with the aforementioned heels adding that splash of color. Amber, while exuding an air elegant in her own right, was more about comfort and being at home in her own skin; with her loose open-knit sweater that slinks off the shoulder to expose the strap of her red satin camisole, as well as her denim pencil skirt. Amelia flipped her hair, her wavy blonde tresses, just as Amber scratched her scalp through kinky-curly jungle of a mane, which had those side cornrow things.

"...So, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a frigging phone, girl," Amelia explained as they entered the courtyard, "and not just any phone, but a goddamn Metro PCS." This earned an earnest laugh from Amber. "Sure you get that flat rate for 30 credits a month, but whatchu gettin'? Whatchu gettin'? Because first of all he was underneath this big-ass tree, and I'm thinking to myself, you ain't gonna get no police no ways because you have no service! You know you have no service underneath that damn tree the way that you are, so I don't know how he was gonna call no police. I don't know how he was gonna call no police! But enough of that dirt queen. So are you going to enroll in Dual Enrollment this year?"

"Yeah," Amber said casually. "I wanna try to get my credits in ahead of time so I can graduate early..."

As they walked past a group of football jocks sitting on the fountain, Amelia eyed one in particular, a strapping young chocolate lab guy, as he hooted and hollered with his buddies about last night's game. Then Amelia suddenly blurted out: "OH YEAH, SO THERE IS THIS ONE MEAT HEAD ASS GUY NAMED DEREK CIRIANO, HE GET ON MY DAMN NERVES."

The aforementioned chocolate lab quickly whirled around to try and see who is apparently annoyed by his "meat-head ass". Then he spotted the culprit as she walked past him with her friend who he has also known since middle school. He could point out her fashionably dressed ass anywhere. "Good morning to you too, Amelia," he chuckled.

Turning around, she went towards him to give him a hug. "Hey, boo!" she said as they took each other into an embrace. "Come eat breakfast with us."

"But... I'm with my fellas--"

"Yeahokaythatsfine--You aint doin nothing important. Lets go," Amelia said, dragging him to his feet and towards the cafeteria.


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Wladyslaw snickered as Bohdan and the painted dog exchanged looks. "I think she has a fancy for you," he said in his Ruthenian. Bohdan rolled his eyes, and shook his head.

"I don't think I'd be the best guy for her," Bohdan replied in Ruthenian. "I mean, just look at the differences between us." Wladyslaw nodded in understanding, and then placed his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Love knows no bounds."

"Woah woah woah, wait. Nobody said anything about me even liking her."

"Oh come on, Theodore. I saw that blushing!"

"Wladyslaw, you see things that aren't there. Like yesterday, you thought you saw a giant shadow briefly blocking out the sun."

"But there was!" Bohdan chuckled in amusement.

"Come on, Wlad, we have math to get to."

"Alright," replied Wladyslaw. The duo then headed off for their class down the hall.


Korben and the geeky husky, Elizabeth, sat beside each other on the floor, their backs to their respective lockers. Korben was glued to his phone, playing a racing game, while Elizabeth was finishing up her physics homework.

"OH MY GOD!" screamed Korben, as his virtual super car collided with a barrier. Elizabeth was totally unphased, although several passing students eyeballed Korben like he had grown a second head.

"Korby...!" said Elizabeth quietly.

"But look! I lost!" exclaimed Korben. "What kind of shenanigans is this?"

"What kind of person uses the word 'shenanigans'?" asked Elizabeth.

"The kind that wears a shirt and tie to last year's finals," answered Roy, stopping in front of them on his way to class.

"Hey, the first step to being sharp is looking sharp," defended Korben. Roy threw his hands up in the air, leaving them.

"Whatever man, I'm outta here." Elizabeth smiled, glancing at Korben. Korben smiled back, bouncing up his eyebrows.


In the cafeteria, Joe and Diana bought some bagels and cream cheese. They sat down together at a table in the center of the room, which was slowly filling up with buzzing students. Joe prepared to spread cream cheese on one of the halves to his bagel when he saw a student he shares a class with walk closely by. He grinned as he yelled her name loudly.

"NIMRAH!" This student, a hyena named Nimrah, jumped in fright, taking the earphone she was listening to music with in her right ear out.

"Holy s--t..." Nimrah said, walking away. Joe and Diana laughed.


Salamon sat patiently in the classroom of his father, waiting for the school day to begin. He gazed outside the window, admiring the shining skyline of Corneria City. Salamon's father reentered the room after leaving for the restroom.

"Salamon," said his father, with a faint Magyar accent, "aren't you gonna hang out with your friends?" Salamon looked back at his father standing in the doorway, and shook his head, continuing to look outside the window. The father approached Salamon, sitting down on the edge of his son's desk. "Sal, are you alright?" he asked, with a slightly concerned tone.

"Someone in this class keeps calling me the 'T' word at lunch," said Salamon softly. His father's eyes lit up with anger, but he managed to contain it.

"Who is it Sal?" he asked calmly.

"Lucas Morion," answered Salamon.

"Okay..." said the father. "I'll talk to him during class. Don't worry, I'll make sure he understands that it's wrong to call you that."

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"You know, if you come into class the first day expecting it to be horrible, you're just setting yourself up for failure." Laika laughed.

"But it's so booooooring!" Jolene whined, "Like why? Why does math have to be so mind-numbing?"

"That's a bit much." Laika pulled her binder out and closed her locker, "It's not going to be that bad. I have English, so I'll see you later."

"Byyyyye..." Jolene wandered down the hall and into her classroom to find a seat in the middle.


With lunch tray in hand, Zane opted for a breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg and cheese, hash browns and a carton of chocolate milk. Offering his meal swipe and the register, he found an empty seat and donned a pair of headphones to block out the noise of the cafeteria. Putting on a YouTube video about video games to watch, he dug into his food.


Faline signed happily with Angela as they walked to her first class, English. She told her about her home planet and its struggles to stay unified after being divided for so long. The exchange program was meant to show young students how the rest of Lylat conducted itself in hopes of spurring a more peace-seeking mentality in the newer generations. Angela explained how Lylat was not always the peaceful place it was now, but they learned and grew from their struggle. It was an enriching conversation, one Faline regretted had to be cut short as they reached class. She found a seat in the front, and Angela excused herself to talk with the teacher in preparation for the lesson.

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Sven was completely lost, not to mention a little late getting to school. He and his father had just recently move to Corneria from his home world of Fichina. The smells, colors, food, even the language was foreign to him. He adjusted his backpack, which was pressing down on his back, still sore from his ordeal the day before. He found himself pushed by the crowd heading for what he knew was the lunch room.

"Oh great, here is the lunch room. But I need to find my class room." He said silently under his breath. Looking around he saw there were a good number of people present, either eating or talking, most of it he could not understand, but some of it he could. He understood something about a game, as well as the word meaning boring. Shifting his attention back to the small papers in his hand he tried to make out what it said. 'History 1st period' looking back up he looked around for someone who could possibly understand his thick accent and help him find his class.

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Bohdan and Wladyslaw entered the math classroom. They found seats at the back of the room, and sat beside one another. Bohdan and Wladyslaw: two of the most inseparable siblings one could find. Where Bohdan goes, Wladyslaw follows close behind. If Wladyslaw falls, Bohdan is there to pick him up. They rarely raise their voices in anger against one another, let alone resort to physical confrontation with each other. They are a harmonious duo, as if they were cast out of heaven for being too perfect. They are, however not the same person. They have wildly different personalities: Bohdan is sociable and carefree, while Wladyslaw is studious and reserved. Bohdan is athletic and entertaining, while Wladyslaw is a bookworm, and can talk you to sleep. Their very appearance is different as well. Bohdan's scale colors are of a more bright crimson red, while Wladyslaw's scales are a duller, Burgundy color.

"Hey, Theodore," began Wladyslaw in Ruthenian, looking at the spotted dog, "that girl is in this class." Bohdan caught sight of the young woman, and swallowed a lump in his throat. "You look nervous, Theodore. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," answered Bohdan in Ruthenian. "It's just that... Well, she looks nice..."

"Nice? She looks gorgeous!" The two brothers chuckled. Bohdan opened his backpack laying down on the floor and took out his math binder. Wladyslaw already had his books in hand, ready for the class.

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"If you had made better choices, then you wouldn't be here." A paroling administrator recited the school dogma as he visited each student in the ISS chamber. He was met with a baffled pause as he cycled to the next student, Harry Huffington.   

"Why are you here? Wh-what did you do? Well, you know..." He said gathering himself, clinging to the gospel with a straightened back. "If you had made better choices, then you wouldn't be here."

Harry sat in his assigned desk divider staring ahead into it's walls. "If I hadn't got caught, I wouldn't be here," he said under his breath.

Harry refused to repeat himself when asked to do so and didn't bother to answer why it was that he was being punished. This eventually tempted the administrator to scurry off to central office to check the files leaving the ISS monitors in charge for the day. A look at the records would show a clean disciplinary history leading up to a sudden five day in-school suspension explained away by some vague statement in the form of: 'misconduct involving school property.'

"Hey, sir... yeah, you."  A sports-coach man acting as chief ISS monitor called Harry over moments later. "How many days you get?"


"How many served?"

"Two. Three, today."

"You aren't like these other kids, go on back to class."

"Thank you, but let me stay until lunch. There's still the... makeup work I should catch up on."

"Hmm. Well, the door is yours."  The coach pointed a thumb to the back, emergency exit door hidden behind his all seeing desk.

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Jolene caught the pair of dragons as they passed her to sit in the back. Recognizing them from earlier, she bit back an amused grin and focused on her binder, opening it up to a clean sheet of paper to doodle on. Swiveling an ear casually behind her, she could hear them whispering. She couldn't understand them, but it was an interesting language she'd never heard before.


As the video ended, Zane selected a new one to watch. While it buffered, he looked up in time to see a clearly very lost shepherd dog. He felt bad, partly. The boy definitely looked out of place. However, another part of him told him it wasn't his concern. He would find his way, or someone else would help him. Finishing his meal, he gathered his trash, rose from his seat, and walked over to throw it away.

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"We have... math first?" asked Diana.

"Yes," replied Joe.

"Thank," said Diana. Joe nodded, and the two of them got up from their seats. Their breakfast long gone, they walked to the trash can and threw the garbage they had created away. They then walked down the hallway to their math class, dodging groups of students who failed to move.

Joe and Diana were a very special couple. They needed each other. Joe was a ticking time bomb of emotions. He would scale a mountain of manic elation that would last for an unspecified amount of time, and without warning, fall from the heavens, into a pit of darkness known as depression. He chose not to tell anyone, save for Diana, about this predicament he finds himself in, and fears happening to him, every day. Diana has kept her silence, although she feels genuine concern for Joe's well-being. To Joe, it is only a matter of time before something very, very wrong occurs. One that will most certainly affect not only himself, but everyone around him.

Diana was also in need of Joe, although she does not quite see it yet. Diana has a thirst, a hunger, an innate need to be another's saving grace. She longs for being the hand that is outstretched to pull up someone who is hanging on the edge of a cliff. Her intense desire to help another in need has drawn her to Joe like a moth to a flame. And of course, she and Joe are much, much more than friends. They are lovers, and only death will drive them apart.

The duo entered the math class, and sat at the desks closest to the door, as they would love being the first to leave.

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((Just to let you know my sweeties, I will be letting you guys know when the first bell will be. So chillax with running to class and whatnot!))

"And she just knew it was cute, didn't she?" Amelia said, talking about MiMi's bad weave and exposed edges on last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Corneria City. "And then she has the nerve to be swinging it around like a Vidal Sassoon commercial. She is a complete steamed rice hot mess."

"She is the train wreck that everyone loves to hate," Amber offered a theory as she typed in a math equation on her phone's calculator application. Pressing the equal sign for the answer, she wrote it down on her work sheet; unfinished algebra homework. "See, she is the loud trashy one, and Carissa just stirs the pot."

"Yeah, but I doubt Carissa had the nerve to tell MiMi to step out with her weave tract exposed, and her kitchen all jacked." Amelia said as she opened her carton of orange juice.

Derek raised an eyebrow. "Her... 'kitchen'?"

Amelia opened her mouth to explain, but Amber cut in. "It is the hair on the nape of a person's neck, especially that of a woman. According to Urban Dictionary."

Derek was honestly puzzled. "Why is it called a 'kitchen'?"

"Um..." Amber looked up at Derek as she thought about it. "...I think it has something to do with, like, if someone's on a budget or does their own hair at home, it would be done in the actual kitchen."

"Oh." Derek let that sink in before he took a bite of his honey bun.

"Speaking of hair," Amelia said, touching Amber's loose afro, "I wish I had yours."

"Shoo~!" Amber said, swatting her friend's hand away before getting back to finishing her homework. "But anyway, why do you want mine? It's a nightmare to take care of."

"Oh my gawd, it's just so big and puh-retty~~! And that side cornrow thing is awesome!"

"I guess. I'm thinking about chemically relaxing my hair again."

Then Amelia got a brilliant idea. "Ooh! Do me that side cornrow thing you got!"

"The last time you tried to get cornrows, you were complaining about how they hurt. You are tender-headed."

Derek stared at Amelia, trying to envision her with the same hair style as Amber. "That would be an interesting look."

"See? Derek thinks I will look fly!"

"Alright fine. I'll call my salon and set up an appointment. But don't complain about how your scalp is sore."

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"I dunno. You'd look kinda silly." A voice says to Amelia.

Twin raccoons seemed to have materialized in the cafeteria right behind Amelia. The two are identical in height, appearance, and even clothing. The two wore matching black jackets with blue trim, a striped top, tight jeans and sneakers. They'd be hard to tell apart if not for one carrying around a hooked cane and their personalities. While one stands pretty still with a neutral expression, the one with the cane bounces a bit in place with a smile.

"That," Casino continues while walking around the table, twirling her cane. "An' you'd have so much hair left over. I can't see you wearing that" She taps Derek on the shoulder opposite her with her cane, getting him to look away for a chance to swipe his honey bun.


A slightly beat up sedan pulls into the parking lot. A greenland husky jumps out of the passenger side and starts stretching. He's wearing a brown bomber jacket with regular pants and sneakers.

"Stop being so ridiculous, Orpheus. It was just a traffic jam." His sister says with a scoff as she gets out of the driver's side. She's wearing a hoodie for her jacket and a skirt over leggings.

"But it was so slow!! And boring!" her brother replies. "I'm like a coiled spring. Ready to just spring into action!"

"Yes. The students you assaulted definitely saw how 'coiled' you were." His sister deadpans.

"They had it coming! Rich kids going around like they own the place. Could just buy whoever they wanted."

"Just take it easy this time, Orpheus."

"God dammit, Didi! Just call me Doggy like everyone else!"

The two continue their back and forth up until the cafeteria. Doggy goes to grab breakfast while Eurydice decides to go to her English early. 

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There were a lot of people in the cafateria, though the few he asked for help didnt really understand him through his thick accent, one understood most of it. "Go out and take a left, and keep going straight. You cant miss it, on the right."

Sven followed the boys directions and soon found himself walking past lockers, he waved at one pair that seemed friendlier than the rest.


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"Come on, Liz," said Korben, picking himself up from the ground, "let's go to K's." He and Elizabeth had code names of sorts for each class, based on the teachers' names. For example, Mr. K's history class was referred to as 'K'.

"Alright then," replied Elizabeth, who was helped up by Korben. "Thanks," she said. The two walked down the hallway to Mr. K's history class.

Korben Dallas was the stereotypical cool kid. He had good looks, nice clothes, and swam in money, thanks to his oligarchic family. However, he breaks from the tradition of cool kid with two aspects: he has a decent character, and he does not actively chase after impressionable girls. He is also a sort of budding altruist, striving to serve his country and others as a combat medic. He was hooked ever since watching positive propaganda for the Black Guards: the best Corneria has to offer.

Elizabeth Morion was also similar to Korben. She was good-looking, dressed neatly, and had a mountain of money that her aristocratic family enthroned themselves on. But, she was a plucky geek. She kept her nose to the grindstone, and in the pages of physics and calculus books. The other students in most of her classes frequently asked her to give them the answers to the homework last night. Korben was one of the few who really had no need to.

The two of them had the perfect chemistry, and came from the same class. The whole school wondered how these two were just friends, and nothing more.


Roy sighed as he approached the math class. He did not like this class at all, as the materiel being taught at that time was indecipherable to Roy's mind. He could never make heads or tails of it. "Here we go again," he complained to himself. Roy was never the sharpest knife in the cupboard, but he got by. For a while, at least. High school was crushing him: the work and curriculum was almost insurmountable. It was almost too much for him. So, he escaped with the guitar he had strung over his shoulder. He aspired to become a great guitarist, one of the best on the planet. But he knew it would take time, so he began playing at the age of eight, and continued learning how to play, alongside his standard subjects. He was talented, yet inexperienced.

But before the greatness of the music industry, he first had to wade through the peat swamp called high school.

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Jolene looked up at the boy who walked in, the guitar case slung around his back catching her interest. She wouldn't call herself musically inclined, but she loved any kind of music she could listen to. She couldn't help but smile.


With nothing else to do, Zane walked over to his first class, history. His teacher had a knack for making the material interesting, which he appreciated. He found his seat in the back and decided to watch his video in peace. Class hadn't started yet.

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Amelia raised her finger to Royale: "Listen, sweetie. If I come through rocking cornrows, I will be snatching wigs, AND taking names." She flipped her hair ostentatiously.

Meanwhile, as Amelia boasted about how she would steal her claim to fame with a sick'ning new 'do, Derek eyed Casino out of the corner of his eye, knowing that to be the one who tapped him on the shoulder. "Yeah, Casino, no. Not happening."

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Roy noticed the girl's smile directed towards him, but was too wary of the impeding class to reciprocate any kind of warm response, simply glancing in her direction. He sat in the row just in front of Bohdan and Wladyslaw, and put his head down, attempting to filch some sort of rest after waking up too early for his body to cope with. His guitar case and worn book bag sat side by side underneath the table.

"Bohdan, go talk to the girl!" whispered Wladyslaw in Ruthenian. "She needs someone to communicate with!" Bohdan turned his head left and stared at Wladyslaw for a few moments before relenting, and getting up, the chair's legs squeaking lightly against the linoleum tiled floor, its appearance not dissimilar to that of a psychedelic jawbreaker. He approached Jolene from her right side, and waved in her peripheral vision to get her attention.

"Hi," began Bohdan, with a thick Ruthenian accent, "hello there." He plastered a small smile onto his snout. Wladyslaw pretended not to eavesdrop by looking into his binder, but he could not resist the urge to look at his brother and monitor his progress.

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Jolene looked up from her drawing, surprised to see the boy so soon but happy nonetheless. "Hi!" She smiled cheerfully at him, "What's up?"

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"I didn't say anything" Royale says in a bored version of Casino's voice. Was she lying?

Casino pouts at Derek. "Oh sure, take all the fun out of life." she whines in a expressive version of Royale's voice. "But fine. I took your wallet while I tapped you anyway." she lied.

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"What?! Nuh-unh!" Derek said, frantically feeling his pants, only to quickly find the rectangular bulge of is wallet in his back pocket. He eyed Casino slyly. "You clever ruse..."

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Bohdan's smile enlarged and, bolstered by his success so far, opted to continue the conversation.

"I like your fur colors," he said. "They are very beautiful. Unique."

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The painted dog was caught off guard by the compliment, stunned into brief silence as she smoothed her stripe of white hair. She could feel her cheeks warming up in a soft blush. "Oh, uhm, thank you." She laughed awkwardly, "I, um...I like your...scales." She smiled, "They're very red."

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