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SF Redd

Star Fox Grand Prix

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SF Redd    115
SF Redd

I don't come here much, because honestly, this site has hit a low point. It seems very quiet, and it has recently been fairly boring to come here.

When I saw this news, however, I jumped in joy at the possibility. I decided to come back here today to join in on the discussion everyone was undoubtedly having.

So imagine my surprise when I come here and can't see one reference to the two days old news, not even on the sites main page.

In case you missed it, there's a rumour going around that Retro Studios is working on a game called "Star Fox Grand Prix", which is supposedly a mix between F-Zero and Diddy Kong racing, set in the Star Fox universe. The game will apparently have bosses, like Diddy Kong Racing.

For anyone interested, here's a relevant link:

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UAZ-469    50

Yes, I've read that news (on a German site) as well.

And to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what to think about it.

On one side, I would celebrate a Diddy Kong Racing-sequel really hard. And on the other side, I just would like to have a good Star Fox-game again. But those two mashed together? Hm!
I mean, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed already fills that "Diddy Kong Racing"-gap quite well, despite not having an overworld with bosses and collectibles.

But then again, we have Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle which is a great game, so I think it's best to just wait and watch how it turns out. At least hope that this idea is crazy enough to work. :)

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Terramax    15

Actually, a racing game in R-wings would be freakin' awesome, as far as I'm concerned! Sign me f-ing up if this game turns out to be true. I'm actually more than happy to see the franchise go in different directions and play with genres, just so as long as it's not so ambitious that it doesn't have the resources to fully realise itself i.e. an open world game made on a shoestring budget.

I didn't see this news so thank you for bringing it to our attention.

P.S. maybe it hasn't been discussed as it's merely in the rumour stages.

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    • Scoots
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       -If this post isn't allowed on this site/thread please delete it!-
      I need to be more active on this forum, and now that I can finally login I will be! 
      But- I do have one thing that i'm curious about. Has anyone attempted to actually look into the internal files of Zero for Audio clips, Textures,  models, etc?
      I can hardly find anything related to that myself. And feel like it'd be a neat project to do. 
      Keep in mind that I don't wanna do this to widely distribute the assets. This is more of a "How hard of a task can this really be?" Kind of deal.
      Just more of something that would be neat I guess.
    • Scoots
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      I would like to start off by saying that I have no idea if I am allowed to post this here, if not then that's my bad. 
      Hello everyone, I am known as Scoots. I sometimes like to use my real name as well though, which is Dan. (But I prefer to be called by my online name.)
      I have been a fan of the Star Fox Franchise for as long as I can remember, I would say my absolute favorites are:
      -Star Fox 64
      -Star Fox Assault
      -Star Fox Zero (kind of an odd choice I know.)
      And Star Fox adventures.
      The characters have almost always interested me. From the way their personality is in the games to the way they have a different design with each game that comes out after the other.

      You've probably already met me on this Star Fox Discord Server that I run referred to as "The Great Fox."  (I am not gonna link it to respect the owners of this website...Hopefully by mentioning the name it's not gonna take anything away.)
      But for those who haven't met me yet i'd like to say i'm happy to be here and hopefully i'll make a great contributing member to this community.
      Oh, and I RP from time to time as well. So I might sneak in an RP or two while i'm here.
      I also need to figure out how to set my profile picture.
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