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The New Iron Age: Rise of Independent Writers and Artists


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   Lately, there has been a rise in independent content that is being published by independent authors through 3rd party agencies. Short stories, novels, comic books and pulps, all fresh digestible original content. The established media, however has done much to discourage this, resorting to shady tactics such is what happened with the Rippaverse comics. Don't be fooled in thinking that Rippa was not successful, they resorted to such stratagem BECAUSE he was successful. Despite what you may have heard about the PayPal donation controversy, I assure you these are more lies circulated by the jealous established media, who prefer to cater to phantom audiences and demonize their fanbase. They don't want creators to create new content outside of their influence. I however have seen this as a change in the wind. The time to act is NOW.


For too long fanbases across several franchises have experienced the same level of attacks. We are called racist, sexist, bigots, homophobic and transphobic, but in reality the list goes on. These corporations whose aim to make money and be successful, suddenly cater to causes and ideals with often reckless abandon. I am not saying these causes are pointless, everyone deserves rights. There is no question of that. What I question is the fact these corporations are echoing each other what the current government is saying, and it is far from progressive and unifying. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, all have silenced a great number of people for simply speaking the truth and in a number of cases caused many to lose their jobs. It is a gross violation of civil rights and it doesn't stop their.


They want your rights and your livelihood over money, just for the pleasure of taking your soul to grind in the gears of the machine of tyranny and then take your wallet. But this is your time, time to take back your culture and if that is impossible, we make ANOTHER. This is the New Iron Age, a place we can forge new stories, a new mythology separate from the Disney's and the Warner Bros of this failing bronze society of tired superhero movies and streamed political fear porn. Join the few that has risen above their influence, like Ethan Van Sciver (ComicArtistPro Secrets), Eric July (YoungRippa59) and eventually myself. Together or in part, we can contributed to the new paradigm. Don't be discouraged, it is the new gold rush and the gold is your own imagination.

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