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The Essence of Hatred (Completed)

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I see, thanks for that.

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Guest Julius Quasar

Wait... Lola is like Emma? :P

No, but she is/was behaving like Lola

(She's seductive like that.)

yeah, exactly

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I like this story, very entertaining and amusing. Keep it up!

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I like this story, very entertaining and amusing. Keep it up!

Thanks dude. :P

Essence of Hatred

Chapter 10:

Time to Go


Falco stood in front of Marcus with his arms crossed,

“Well it seems I have my work cut out for me,” Falco stated, “to turn you from this…” Falco sat down next to Marcus and put his head in his hands, “Oh look at me, I am a whiney little girl and need my diaper changed,” he stood up, “to this,” Falco clenched his fists, “they dare take away my home and threaten my parents? I will kick the … out of them and make sure to send a message to everyone else who tries mess with us.” Marcus frowned, not too impressed with Falco’s impersonation of him at the moment,

“Well what do you suggest we do oh mighty lord of everything?” Marcus asked sarcastically,

“Heh, I like that title.” Falco chuckled, “Well before we can make plans we need to know what we are up against, so please explain.” Marcus stood up,

“Well all I saw was that they had a lot of rather nasty looking AA turrets, and I mean a lot, like 50 portable and 20 massive towers.”

“Nothing special.” Falco stated,

“They managed to down Reece.”

“And that hasn’t happened in the past?”

“Anyway it appeared they were defending something, I think it was a facility of some sorts.”

“You got the co-ordinates?”

“I think so.”

“Yeah I got them.” Jessica told them, she turned to a computer and entered a few commands, “It is a former jailhouse known as the ‘stockade’ it was cleared out about forty years ago due to budget cuts.” She explained,

“Maybe that is where they are keeping Mum, Dad and Reece.” Marcus suggested,

“Doubt it.” Falco argued, “Reece… maybe, but from my experiences they will have Foxie and Krys’ under very high security so that place does not seem like the place for them to be kept.”

“Then where do you think they are?” Marcus snapped,

“They could be anywhere, even in that place, I am just saying that it is unlikely.” Falco explained, “I say we wait ‘till night, then we can launch an attack near the ground so the turrets won’t be a major threat, once we eliminate them we can then go find out what exactly is going on in that prison.” Falco told Marcus, Marcus listened and paid attention to the unofficial leader.


Reece leaned against the wall, rubbing the wound on his arms,

“So what do we know about this place?” he asked, “Any detail, minor, or major.”

“Well I know that this place is receiving or loading stuff onto or from a train.” Akasha told him,

“We can use that to escape. Anything else?”

“Yeah, the guards come in here often like all cells to check we are still here. Also they are not very fond of you.” Kadie added, Reece smirked,

“That can used to our advantage.” Reece chuckled,

“That’s all we know.” Kadie told Reece. Reece took all the information he had just gained, he thought of a plan,

“We annoy a guard, take his stuff, use it as a disguise to get aboard that train.” Reece suggested,

“It’s worth a shot.” Kadie added,

“Now all we have to do is take down a guard who is wielding a rifle, a zapper and is so strong it is beyond belief.” Akasha told them,

“Well here is our chance.” Reece told them as he heard the door open, a lizard entered, “Hello.” Reece greeted as he swung a punch at him, the raptor dodged the blow and grabbed onto his throat, he then lifted Reece up and slammed him head first onto the floor, “Ow.” Reece whimpered, the lizard chuckled as he locked the door and walked off,

“I think we need to plan this out a bit more.” Akasha suggested,

“I agree.” Reece mumbled in reply, not moving.


Falco studied the map on the Great Fox’s computer systems, he was looking at the position of the turrets, the location of the barracks, anything that could help him in the mission,

“From all the stories my Dad has told me about your missions together I have learned you are not all that good with planning.” Marcus stated, Falco tapped his head with his index finger,

“With experience comes knowledge, you will learn that bud.” Falco replied, “Okay Team Falco meeting.” Falco announced,

“What?” Marcus mumbled, he was not impressed with Falco’s team name,

“Okay, Marcus and I will take out the tower turrets, you two take out the ground people.” Falco briefly explained, “We then go into that prison place guns blaring and find out what we can.” Marcus slapped his palm into his forehead,

“Idiot…” he mumbled,

“Any questions?” Falco asked,

“Yeah, are you high?” Marcus asked,

“Maybe but that is beyond the point.” Falco replied, “Just for the record I am not high.” He whispered to Jason,

“Do you even know how to take out those turrets?” Marcus asked,

“Yeah, you shoot lasers at it.”

“Yeah but where?”

“Team quiz, Marcus… where do you shoot a massive tower turret to destroy it? Beep! Too slow, the answer is the control center.”

“Congratulations, do you know where that is?”

“At the base.”

“Well you are in charge.”

“Yes I am. Everyone, grab some weapons at meet at the hanger.” Falco ordered, Marcus was unhappy about not being able to lead his own team, he had never really liked Falco that much, that is why he chose Reece as his second preference.


Marcus, Jason, Jessica and Falco all made their way to the hanger, carrying various weapons, they placed them into their Arwings and entered the cockpits,

“We ready?” Falco asked, everyone nodded, “Right well lets go down there and kick some tail!” Falco growled, each member of the team flew out of the hanger after Falco, their mission had just begun.


Reece, sat on the mattress holding his neck, it hurt ever since he was shot down on Fichina but that slam just sent his pain into a whole new perspective, and it showed to those around him. Akasha was keeping watch for a guard, while Kadie and Reece planned what to do,

“So what do you think of the plan?” Reece asked rubbing his neck,

“I think it can work if we nail it.” She replied, “we have to be careful of your neck, just in case it gets any worse, if it does we are in real trouble.”

“Guys one is coming.” Akasha announced as she closed the food slot,

“It’s show time.” Reece spoke. The food slot slid opened, a guard peeked in,

“Hey, I recognize you.” Reece stated,

“Heh, right.” He chuckled,

“Yeah I remember seeing photos of you when I got with your mom that night.” Reece added slyly, the door swung open,

“I’ll teach you some respect!” he growled, as he swung open the door, he stormed towards Reece, Akasha quickly leapt at him, she used Reece’s shirt that he gave to her for this part of the plan to strangle him, Reece was going to et up to attack him but Kadie quickly rushed to him and delivered various blows to make him fall to the ground, she then delivered very strong kicks to his temple, it knocked him out, possibly killing him, Reece was stunned, his eyes widened, he was impressed,

“I didn’t know you could do that.” Reece stated in surprise, Kadie smiled,

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” she replied, “we should get together some time so you can find out.” Reece was a little shocked by this,

“Sounds good, but let’s get out of here first.” He replied, Kadie nodded, Reece picked up the guard’s rifle, he loaded it and smirked,

“We are getting out of here.”


A/N: (Insert witty author note here)

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Will Reece and the girls free the other prisoners? will they make it out alive??? WILL KRYSTAL EVER GET TO ENJOY HER SANDWHICH?! WHO KNOWS!!!?

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Will Reece and the girls free the other prisoners? will they make it out alive??? WILL KRYSTAL EVER GET TO ENJOY HER SANDWHICH?! WHO KNOWS!!!?

No... no they can't. ;)

I like it! I like it! I like it A LOT!!! :D

O rly? Thanks dude! :friends:

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Essence of Hatred

Chapter 11:

Our Time


Reece peeked his head out the prison cell door and scanned for guards, there was one that was about to turn around and walk back down the hall, Reece put his head back inside the cell, he flicked a switch to make the shots silenced and poked his head out again and took aim with the rifle, he looked through the scope until the laser dot in the scope was in the middle of the guard’s head, he squeezed the trigger once only and controlled the recoil, the beam of laser shot directly in the middle of the back of the guard’s head killing him instantly. Reece nodded to the girls to tell them that it was safe to come out of the cell, Kadie and Akasha did so, they slowly walked up to the guard’s bleeding body, Kadie picked up the guard’s pump action shotgun, Reece had a liking for shotguns,

“Can I have that after we get out of here?” he asked,

“Sure.” She replied,

“So where is this train?” Reece asked both of the girls; Akasha shrugged, Kadie stood up with her new weapon,

“Well I have studied this area form the guard’s minds since I have been planning to get out of here for a while now.” Kadie explained,

“Well I guess you should lead the way there.” Akasha told her,

“We have your six.” Reece assured her, Kadie nodded,

“Follow me then.” She told them as she begun to lead the way.


Falco, Marcus, Jessica and Jason flew their Arwings into the atmosphere of Corneria,

“You guys ready?” Falco asked the team, they all responded in conformation, “Good because I don’t want any screw ups.” He added, Marcus sighed in frustration at Falco’s style of leadership. Blips appeared on their radar screens representing the turrets and ground-based infantry,

“Take them down.” Falco ordered, the group split into the pairs they were arranged into earlier, Marcus and Falco went one way while Jessica and Jason went the other,

“Those tanks are our biggest threats, crap one has a lock on me!” Falco growled, he then dove dangerously close the ground and started firing his laser canons at the tanks on the ground,

“Turrets are incoming at our six.” Jessica announced, Marcus pulled a U-turn and flew to their direction, an un-authorized person accessed their channel,

“You did get it into your head what we can do right?” Emma asked, “One shot is all I need.” She told them pointing a gun at the camera,

“Yeah we got the memo.” Falco replied, “One question though, are you the world’s biggest idiot or douche?”

“Ah the blue bird returns. Well it won’t be long before I use your bones as toothpicks and your feathers as writing equipment.”

“Yeah well I will use your fur as a sleeping bed for scum, oh wait, has it already been used for that? I cannot tell.”

“You know what, I am going to hold off the order to kill them, I want to see you crash and die.” Some one off screen told Emma,

“We have a disturbance in the cells, some prisoners have escaped and they are making a massive disturbance, two guards are already dead.”

“What?!” she growled, she looked back at the camera and grinned, “I will be back to continue this little conversation later, if you do happen to make it to the ground safely, then I will radio for the pair to be killed straight away.” She broke her link into the communication channel. Marcus and Jason dove towards the base of the portable turrets Jason went to one half of them while Marcus took the other. Marcus half held his fire trigger, he waited for the crosshairs to turn red on the middle turret, this indicated that it was locked on. A turret charged up a shot and fired at Marcus, he rolled out of the way just in time,

“Those things are quick, watch yourselves.” Marcus told the group,

“Whatever.” Falco replied, “There nothin’ that can take me down.” Marcus heard a beep, he noticed he had a lock on the middle turret, Marcus quickly fired a nova bomb into the group, the blast radius either destroyed or knocked over the turrets, the turrets that were knocked over Jason finished off with a charged shot. Falco came across the tower turrets,

“Uh Marcus, you might want to be a distraction or something.” He told Marcus, Marcus shook his head,

“They are way too fortified for us to be able to damage.” Marcus told Falco, “R.O.B can you give us any details on these turrets?”

“One moment please, gathering requested information.” R.O.B replied, Marcus and Falco flew around the turret several times while waiting for the information, avoiding the shots of the turrets on the ground, Jason and Jessica slowly took out the ground based vehicles and the portable turrets.

“Information gathered,” R.O.B announced, “venomian gun tower class VII, tower has a powerful beam capable of downing a class IV star ship. Tower is protected by five feet thick titanium, penetration is impossible with your current weaponry. Tower is powered by an external generator needed to be located within 500 yards of the tower.” It explained,

“R.O.B can you find the nearest source of energy capable of powering that tower.” Jessica asked,

“Scanning.” It replied, Marcus and Falco flew out in different direction,

“Fifty credits to whoever destroys that generator?” Falco offered to Marcus,

“You’re on!” Marcus answered,

“Location confirmed,” R.O.B announced, “generator is located North West at co-ordinates 98V – 789Z.” Marcus looked down at his map. He saw that the generator was in front of him, Falco was going the wrong way which made him smirk,

“Crap!” Falco growled as he pulled a turn and boosted towards Marcus. Marcus noticed the small piece of steel sticking out of the ground, it was at the co-ordinates given,

“It is a sunken generator.” Marcus announced,

“Piece of cake.” Falco added as he flew in and launched a nova bomb at the piece of steel, it exploded causing the roof of the generator to be ripped off, Marcus smirked, he pressed hard down on the trigger and fired his turrets into the generator. Blue, green, red and yellow sparks were all flying out of the generator,

“Guys I think it worked.” Jessica announced, “The turret cannot move since it drooped down to point to the ground, I checked on their radio channel and they are very pissed off.”

“Enemy train leaving the Stockade Complex, appears to be carrying military items.” ROB announced,

“Let’s take it out.” Marcus ordered with a smirk.


Reece, Kadie and Akasha made it to the balcony above the train, it was beginning to depart the docking bay

“God … damn it!” Reece yelled, “We missed it!”

“We can make that distance in a jump… just.” Kadie told Reece, Akasha took a few steps back, she then sprinted and jumped off the balcony, making it onto the roof of one of the carriages, Kadie did the same, she rolled on the roof as she landed, she dropped her gun over the side as he did, Reece sighed and swore before doing the same, he landed on the edge of the roof only holding onto the thin railing with one hand,

“Little help please.” Kadie extended her hand which Reece took a hold of, she helped him onto the roof, the train now was speeding up to full speed,

“What does this train have in it?” Reece asked,

“I don’t know but I don’t like this wind force.” Akasha stated, “There is a sliding door here but it is pad locked.” Reece carefully walked along the roof of the train to the door, he stomped on the pad lock several times until it broke, Reece got on his knees and slid the door open,

“Surprise.” Emma greeted to Reece’s surprise as she quickly whacked him in the face with a steel baton she was wielding, Reece fell backwards and fell of the carriage again, he barely managed to grab onto the railing, he was almost flying in the wind caused by the speed of the train. Emma did a flip onto the roof,

“Hello girls.” She greeted,

“I’ll deal with her.” Akasha told Kadie, Kadie went to try help Reece again. Akasha walked up to Emma,

“You’ve had this coming for a while you little bitch.” She told her,

“Is that so?” Emma asked in reply, she took a swing at Akasha with her baton, Akasha ducked and delivered a knee to Emma’s gut, Emma stumbled backwards, Akasha moved in to deliver more blows, Emma was playing possum as she waited for Akasha to move in and quickly tripped her up, Akasha fell onto her back, Emma put her foot down on Akasha’s throat, Kadie saw Akasha was in trouble, she tried to get Reece up desperately,

“We don’t need you two girls alive, just him, so goodbye Akasha.” Emma told the group, she then kicked Akasha off the roof of the train,

“No!” Kadie screamed, the train carriage ran over something, that none of the other carriages went over, Kadie’s teeth bared, tears begun to form in her eyes,

“Hold on.” She growled to Reece, Reece held onto the railing for his life, he didn’t know how much longer he could hold on. Kadie ran over to Emma and landed the hardest possible punch she could do to Emma’s face, Emma fell  on her butt,

“Well it looks like I have to kill you too.” She growled rubbing her face, Reece swore as the strain on his muscles begun to really hurt,

“I will help you relax as soon as we get back.” She yelled to Reece,

“Go … yourself!” Reece yelled back, Kadie quickly laid another blow to her head, Emma grinned,

“Oh I am sorry, does a certain someone like a certain someone?” she asked, Kadie tried to kick Emma in the head, Emma dodged the attack, she then landed a blow to Kadie’s skull with her baton, she then started chocking Kadie,

“I have had enough of you.” She told Kadie, Kadie smirked and begun chuckling, “Die happy, that’s a good way to go.” Some titanium blades were stabbed through Emma’s neck,

“Surprise.” Akasha mimicked, she was wielding some titanium claws. Reece finally managed to pull himself onto the roof of the train, he saw Akasha move her arm to the side of the train, to his surprise  Emma moved as well, Akasha then kicked Emma in the back, her body fell off the train and landed under the wheels, there was no chance of survival.

“I guess you girls showed her.” Reece stated with a smirk, he was a little groggy from the hit to the head but that was all he suffered, Kadie rushed over to Reece and hugged him, Reece nervously put his good arm around her as well,

“How did you survive?” Kadie asked Akasha,

“She pushed me down onto a step instead of the gap between the carriages she intended, I got up and saw that the carriage was unlocked there, I opened it and saw it was full of weaponry, I found these claws and made my way up the ladder.”

“Well I am glad you are okay.” Kadie replied. Reece noticed some incoming objects in the distance,

“Are those?” Reece stopped as he thought, “Arwings?”

Falco, Marcus, Jason and Jessica flew towards the train,

“Take it out.” Falco ordered.


A/N: I finally found time to do this. Yay!

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Squee! :D

Great Chap, as always.

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Guest Julius Quasar

AWESOME! I especially liked what you had Akasha do, that's soooo cool!

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Thanks guys. :friends:

It took me a while to think of how to finish off that fight, I am glad you liked it julius. :D

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Thanks guys. :friends:

It took me a while to think of how to finish off that fight, I am glad you liked it julius. :D

Ky6lie:THATS MY  WIFE KICKING BUTT!! don't scare me like that..

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So Akasha is married huh? Thanks for reading Kursed.

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Guest Julius Quasar

So Akasha is married huh? Thanks for reading Kursed.

In certain realities, yes... :)

Although Akasha got her titanium claws from somewhere else, I believe, however, that was a good way to show where she got them [in this story]


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The Essence of Hatred

Chapter 12

To the Bay with Hope


Reece squinted into the distance, he could easily make out the familiar shape of the incoming Arwings, but he noticed there was someone else flying alongside his team, the strong force of the wind caused by the train’s momentum made staring for a short time difficult to achieve.

“Who is that?” Reece mumbled to himself, Akasha pointed to the Arwings with her newly founded claws,

“They don’t look like they are here to help us out.” She stated.

Marcus, Falco, Jessica and Jason were flying towards the train ahead of them, their fingers were on the triggers, ready to fire. Jessica had just finished receiving the data she had downloaded from ROB about the train,

“Hey guys,” she started, “that is a weapons train that deals to the Venomian supply dock.” She explained,

“What’s in the tine can?” Falco asked,

“Mostly weaponry to upgrade their vehicles but it may contain some weapons for their troops as well.”

“More reason for us to take it out.” Marcus added, “Attack the front, that will cut the train’s power while also blocking the tracks, and if you feel like it blow up a few trailers as well.”

“You got it.” Jason responded.

Reece noticed that the Arwings were in battle formation,

“Well crap.” He mumbled,

“What’s up.” Kadie asked, not aware of what is going on,

“They don’t know we are on here and are going to attack the train.” Reece briefly explained,

”How full was that trailer?” Kadie asked Akasha,

“It had a few crates but it was quite roomy inside, but I don’t think now is the time to worry about that.” Akasha replied

“No it’s not but it is the time to get inside it.” Kadie added as she carefully walked across the roof of the train to the sliding door,

“Once they see me they won’t attack.” Reece told the girls, Kadie was already inside and Akasha was just entering the carriage. The Arwing that Reece recognised to be Jason’s begun firing at random carriages, Reece’s eyes widened, his bottom jaw dropped a little, “Hey girls!” he yelled, “Got room for one more?” he added as he ran to the sliding door and entered the carriage.

Marcus and Falco flew their Arwings to the front of the train, they both acquired a lock on the train’s front engine,

“Let’s see what happens when we shot at the same time.” Falco suggested, Marcus nodded in conformation, Falco started counting down from five, when e reached zero they both fired at the train, the charged locked on shots flew towards the front of the train.

Reece, Kadie and Akasha heard a loud explosion, they noticed that the sound of the engine had stopped,

“Oh crap.” Reece mumbled, the train’s hover jets lost power, the front carriage dived into the ground, this made all carriages slam against each other, this sent Reece, Akasha and Kadie flying to the front of the carriage, the carriages then fell on their slides.

Marcus and his team were happy at their demolishment on the enemy supply train,

“I guess my shot did the most damage out of the two.” Falco boasted,

“Ha!” Marcus laughed, “You wish.” He added,

“Now we can check that prison for your parents, Marcus.” Jessica told him,

“Let’s not waste another second, they may still be in danger.” Marcus quickly replied, Marcus quickly turned his ship to the direction of the stockades.


Kadie opened her eyes, she knew that the crash was over, the scent of smoke was worrying, Kadie got to her feet, she had a few scratchs but nothing bad, she reached into her pocket and took a flashlight out that Reece had taken from the guard she killed, she turned it on and begun scanning the area, she noticed Akasha walking towards her,

“Are you alright?” Kadie asked her,

“I have a tummy ache but that is it.” She replied, “Where’s your boyfriend?” she asked,

“I don’t...” Kadie just realised what she said, “I don’t know where he is.” She replied not bothering to make a comeback, Kadie noticed the crates of weaponry was tipped and the contents were scattered across the floor, things varying from screws to small turrets. Akasha lifted a half empty crate of bolts up from the top of a turret, dust and sand flew into the air as the crate hit the ground with a heavy thud, Akasha heard something, she looked over at Kadie and told her to stop moving, Kadie did so, Akasha listened carefully at the sound, it was easily made out to be light panting,

“Something is over there.” Akasha told Kadie, Kadie nodded,

“I could sense its presence,” she replied, “but it isn’t thinking or isn’t conscious as there is no brain activity.” Kadie walked behind the tipped crates shinning the flashlight around the darkness, Kadie heard the panting was at her feet, she shinned the torch down at her feet, she saw Reece who was once again unconscious and was trapped under a few crates, Kadie jumped back when she saw him,

“Well I found Reece.” Kadie told Akasha, Akasha looked over at where Kadie was,

“Is he going to be okay?” she asked worryingly, Kadie noticed she started scratching her shouder, a nervous reaction of hers,

“Well we need to get these boxes off of him first so we can get him out of here before anything more happens.” Kadie told Akasha. Kadie and Akasha carefully lifted the crates that pinned Reece down to the floor, they dropped them next to the other crates they had been moving,

“This seems to happen a lot to him, doesn’t it?” Akasha asked, Kadie raised an eyebrow,

“What do you mean by that?” she asked,

“Well he seems to get knocked out a lot, when we first saw him he was out cold, and from those magazines my friend reads he has been in and out of hospital with reported concussions... a lot.”

“You mean those magazines where people are paid to ruin people just so they can get a story?”

“Yes, those ones.”

“Why would they report on Reece?”

“Well with Star Fox being as famous as they are, it was only natural that he would get publicity when he joined.”

“Well if he does get hurt a lot then he needs someone to look after him, that’s where we come in.”

“You perhaps.” Akasha mumbled with a smirk,


“Nothing.” Akasha replied as they placed the last crate on the pile. Kadie and Akasha rushed back to the out cold Reece, Akasha took the torch from Kadie and found the sliding door on the roof (the carriage was on its side) and kicked it open, Kadie lifted Reece’s torso from the ground and dragged his lower body through the train, when she made it outside she gently rested his body in the recovery position on some nearby grass. Kadie and Akasha observed their surroundings,

“Well Corneria city isn’t in sight so we must be near the southern coast.” Akasha stated,

“Hey I remember this place.” Kadie announced, “Yeah I used to go this way when my family took me to the docks.”

“Where are the docks?”

“Well we are in a grassy field with the big lake and the train tracks so it is about an hour that way.”

“And Corneria?”

“Five hours that way. And that is driving distance as well.” Akasha sighed, there was no way they could transport Reece to either of the closest cities on foot, she begun to scratch at her shoulder again but faster,

“Look,” Kadie started, “I’ll stay here with Reece and make sure nothing bad happens to him, you go and see if there is anything we can use in any of the carriages.” Akasha nodded, she begun searching the wrecked train for anything that could be of use to the group, Kadie sat cross legged behind Reece, she gently rested his head on her feet and started stroking his head,

“Wake up,” she whispered, “things will be so much easier then.”


Marcus kicked open the door of the door of the stockades, with Emma and most of the guards dead there was really no threat to him, Falco entered behind him, blaster drawn. Marcus turned the first corner and noticed a deceased guard lying on the floor, he had been shot several times in the chest with no hope of survival,

“Looks like the place has been cleaned out.” Falco stated, Marcus begun to fear for his parents, had that female that Falco angered killed Fox and Krystal? Marcus entered the main hall, he could tell this was where the prisoners were held; the stench of urine was enough to make Falco squirm,

“These guys are definitely in for a lawsuit.” He stated. Marcus noticed something in the last cell, he walked in and picked up the black vest, he searched the top pocket, he pulled out a small diamond ring, he knew that this was Reece’s vest as that was his mother’s ring that Reece never went anywhere without, Marcus became worried for Reece seeing the drying blood that rested on the floor. Falco opened the door at the end of the hall, it was a vault style door, it had been left unlocked when the guards left the complex, Marcus gasped with what he saw,

“Mum, Dad!” he yelled, Fox and Krystal were in the same cell sitting on the bed with their faces down, they instantly looked up and at the sound of their son’s voice,

“Marcus!” Fox yelled happily,

“I knew you could do it.” Krystal told him, Marcus quickly shot the lock on the cell, he opened the door and ran to his parents and locked them in a loving hug.


Akasha returned to Kadie with a grin,

“Guess what I found?” she asked,

“A ship?” Kadie answered

“Not that good, but I managed to find a speedster.” She replied pointing at the vehicle (like the one in Star Fox Adventures),

“That should get us to Corneria easily.” Kadie stated, Akasha shook her head,

“Only enough fuel to get us an hour and a half so that dock you were saying should be a good spot.”

“Well bring it over here and we can figure out how we can get Reece on safely.”Akasha nodded, she then walked back to the carriage where she had found the speedster.

Akasha drove the speedster up to Kadie and Reece, she parked right at their feet,

“All aboard?” she asked, Kadie shook her head as she gently placed Reece’s head on the grass as she got to her feet, both Akasha and Kadie lifted Reece and put him in the middle of the single seat of the Speedster, Akasha returned to the front of the seat while Kadie sat at the end of the seat, she pushed Reece up against Akasha’s back while Kadie pressed her body against Reece’s back, h then wrapped her arms around both Reece and Akasha and held tightly, now that there was little risk of Reece falling off Akasha activated the engines of the Speedster and started to dive in the direction of the docks.


Fox and Krystal sat in the bridge with Marcus, after they had been quickly checked out at the medical wing of course. Marcus had just finished discussing his recent adventures up to they just found them,

“... now I have no leads, nothing to chase the enemy on... or nothing to help Reece out.” Marcus finished,

“Well Reece was in the same prison as us,” Krystal announced, “I could feel his presence, I tried to reach out to him but his mind was too focused on other things. Last thing I know he escaped on a supply train with two female inmates.” Marcus’s eyes widened knowing that he had destroyed that train, “Reece is a smart young vulpine, I know he would have survived that blast.” Krystal assured her son after reading his thoughts,

“Well I still don’t know what to do.” Marcus added, Fox and Krystal looked at each other with a smirk,

“We have few leads.” Fox told his son,

“And we’re going to help.” Krystal added, Marcus grinned,

“One last mission?” Marcus asked, they both nodded, Krystal looked him in the eye and promised,

“One last mission.”


A/N: Well I am back writing, spent my time in the hotel room writing this, now I should be back to my old forum posting, chapter spamming self. I have been reading your fn-fics guys, I have just not had time to reply to them. Well I got nothing more to add so I will just break my hands to stop them typing now. :P

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Welcome back! I hope you keep going with this and finish it!  :)

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Thanks ;)

Lol I already have the next three typed up and ready. :P

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Essence of Hatred

Chapter 13:

Hazel Docks


Akasha drove the speedster through the grassy fields of the Cornerian countryside, Kadie held our arms around Reece and Akasha tightly, not wanting to drop Reece who was still unconscious. Akasha found the ride relaxing, it was a good way for her to calm down from her previous panic attacks she was suffering earlier. The sun was resting on the horizon, just waiting to fall to the other side of the world; Akasha turned her head slightly,

“How far away are these docks?” Akasha asked Kadie, Kadie looked at the horizon over Reece’s shoulder,

“It should be less than twenty minutes.” She replied, Akasha nodded and returned her focus to the road in front of her.

Reece let out a small groan and half opened an eye, he noticed the speed he was going and he was un-restrained, he swore in fright and quickly wrapped his arms around Akasha’s stomach, Akasha was startled by Reece’s sudden wrap and wobbled the speedster a little before regaining control,

“I see someone is awake.” Akasha stated,

“What the hell is going on?” he asked desperately,

“We are going to the Hazel Docks.” Kadie told him,

“Raven rocks?” Reece asked, he did not fully hear Kadie since she was behind him and her voice was dragged back by the wind, Kadie moved her muzzle to his ear to make him hear her more easily,

“No silly, Hazel Docks.” She replied,

“What is that?” Reece asked,

“It is a fishing village that I just to go past on my way to holidays as a child.”

“Why not just go to Corneria?”

“This doesn’t have enough fuel.”

“Oh... okay. What’s our plan of action when we get there?” No one responded, “Well?”

“We haven’t really thought of one.” Akasha admitted,

“Well I’ll give a few of my friends a call, see if they can help us out when we get there.”

“So much for Reece the loner.” Akasha spoke,

“What?” Reece asked confused,

“You have a reputation for being a loner among the general public.”

“Where did you get that idea?”


“They report on me?”

“Yeah well you are in Star Fox.”

“Was... Was in Star Fox.”

“Anyways you are known as a loner.” Akasha summarized, Reece begun to get angry,

“Well I’m not, screw the media! I may have been a bit timid for a while but I had a damned good reason to be so!” he growled,

“Why’s that?” Kadie asked, Reece sighed,

“That’s for me to know.” He replied, Kadie wrapped her arms around Reece’s stomach, it was both more comfy for her and she wanted to make Reece feel better,

“Okay, I hope on day you will trust me enough to tell me.” she told him, Reece didn’t respond.


The Hazel docks were only a short few minutes away,

“We’re almost there.” Kadie announced,

“Rats!” cursed Akasha,

“What?” asked Reece,

“Out of fuel.” She replied, Reece sighed,

“Well it’s not that far I guess.” Akasha de-activated the engine and allowed the machine to hover as close to the docks as it could. The speedster came to a complete stop a little bit out of the docks, Akasha got off the vehicle first, Kadie second and Reece last, Reece fell onto his butt his head still a little dizzy from his time out cold, Kadie and Akasha helped Reece to his feet, he thanked them before they begun walking to the docks.

Reece, Akasha and Kadie entered the Hazel Docks, Reece immediately cringed at the strong stench of various types of fish, Reece hated fish. The town looked less modern than other towns, the buildings being built out of stone and wood instead of the more modern steel and cement, every so often there would be a fish stall or a fish cafe or a fish oil vendor,

“Yay fish!” Reece cheered sarcastically, local villagers gave him glares, “Yay... fish?” he repeated softer so that not many could hear him, Kadie quickly elbowed him in the ribs, getting a point across,

“Yeah, he needs us.” Akasha told Kadie, Reece raised an eyebrow in confusion.

The trio stood out the front of a small motel,

“Anyone have any credits?” Akasha asked, Kadie shook her head, Reece reached into his pocket; he undid a zipper inside of it and pulled out a small card,

“This has a small amount of credits on it.” He told them,

“How much?” Kadie asked,

“I think it was 127 credits when I last checked.”

“Well that might get us a room.” Akasha told them, they walked up the small step and into the motel; it was dimly lit and a little bit of dust flew around. Reece approached the counter, a ginger tom cat sat at the counter,

“What room do ye want?” he asked, Reece checked the price list, he knew he would only be able to afford a single queen sized bed,

“Uh... I’ll take the ‘Lagoon’ room.”

“110 credits.” Reece placed his card in the machine as the credits were exchanged; the cat passed him a key card,

“Do you mind telling me what planet this is?” Reece asked,


“Okay, thanks.”

“Enjoy ye stay.”

Reece walked down the hall with Kadie and Akasha,

“So what room did you get?” Akasha asked,

“I got could only afford the room with a single bed, it is queen size so you two should be able to share.”

“What about you?” Kadie asked,

“I’ll sleep on the couch.” Reece replied as he swiped his card on the door to their room, he opened the door,

“The couch huh?” Akasha asked Reece upon inspecting the room; the room consisted of a bed, three stools and a television,

“Looks like I am on the floor.” Reece sighed.

Akasha left the motel; she went out to purchase some food for their dinner, Kadie stayed in the motel with Reece. Reece searched through the cupboards of the room searching for a blanket, not having much luck so far, Kadie wanted to know of Reece’s secret he kept, she could easily invade his mind and find out but she didn’t as she wanted Reece to distrust her,

“Okay so why did you stay?” Reece asked Kadie,

“Why? Do you want me gone?” Kadie replied jokingly,

“No, I just don’t think you are here because you are ‘worried that my concussion may cause me to walk into a door.’”

“You got me.”

“So please tell.” Reece asked as he stuck his head inside a high cupboard,

“Well I was kind of hoping to get to know you better.” She admitted, Reece saw a bug run straight in front of his nose and jumped, he hit his head on the shelf inside the cupboard, he swore in pain before mumbling,

“Damned bugs.” He rubbed his head and at next to Kadie on the end of the bed, he sighed, if she wanted to know so bad then he was going to tell her, hoping she wouldn’t take it badly.

Reece finished explaining his entrance to Lylat to Kadie, it felt so bad to admit his past to someone, he cringed as he prepared to be beaten senseless, nothing happened, he opened an eye, Kadie sat there, smiling at him,

“I can understand why you would be ashamed of your past, but you’re not one of them anymore.” She told him as she placed her arm around his shoulders to comfort him, Reece sighed,

“Now you see why it was so hard for me when I first came here, and why I still don’t trust anyone very easily.”

“You were treated so poorly back then, things are better now right?”

“Yeah... yeah they are.”

“Are you ready to give relationships another chance?” she asked,

“Uh... I guess I am.”

“Want to give it a shot with me?” she asked, Reece quickly blinked twice,

“As in boyfriend, girlfriend?” he asked,


“Sure, why not?” he responded, Kadie smiled,

“Thanks for telling me your past Reece.” She thanked him,

“Remember, not a word of my past to anyone else.” He instructed, Kadie leant in and planted a soft kiss on Reece’s lips, she broke it,

“It is safe with me.” she whispered.


Akasha returned to the room, she had a small fish in one hand; she had some small amounts of other meats and vegetables in the other,

“I was thinking of a soup.” She told Kadie, she looked around the room, “Where’s Reece?” she asked,

“He’s in the other room, making some phone calls to people who can get us out of here.” Kadie replied, Akasha placed the vegetables on the small bench,

“You sound rather happy at the moment.” Akasha stated, “What’s up?”

“Oh, I just know Reece is getting us out of here.”

“No it’s not that, I can tell by the sound of your voice.”

“Ask Reece what’s happened, if he wants to tell you he will.” Akasha nodded, Kadie reached into a cupboard and pulled out some cooking equipment. Reece entered the room they were I,

“Well I discovered the phone is a pay phone, a credit per call, and I don’t have a single one on me, Akasha has...” he looked over at Akasha, “Hey Akasha, do you mind if I have my credits?” he asked with his hand extended, Akasha reached into her pocket and passed him the card, he thanked her before returning to the other room, Akasha looked at Kadie,

“I am surprised he didn’t notice the fish.”


Reece returned to the main room,

“Well I couldn’t get a hold of Marcus on either his mobile or the Great Fox,” he started explaining, “so one of my friends will be here tomorrow morning to pick us up and take us to the Great Fox.” Reece sniffed the air, “What’s cooking?” he asked,

“Oh just a meat and vegetable soup.” Kadie told him,

“Smells good.” Reece complimented her, he swallowed some saliva caused by the aroma of food and re-entered the other room, Akasha smirked at Kadie,

“You and Reece are together aren’t you?” she asked,

“How can you tell?” Kadie asked,

“Just the way you two looked and talked to each other.” Kadie returned her attention to the soup

“What are you doing now Reece?” Kadie asked out of curiosity,

“Taking a shower.” He yelled in reply from the bathroom, Kadie’s eyes widened, the sound of running water started, Kadie looked over at Akasha, she was scratching her shoulder again.


Reece deactivated the water flow from the shower head, he shook his head to get most of the water out of his hair, he reached up to his towel that sat on the wooden privacy wall, he dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist. He pushed open the door; he jumped back in fright and swore loudly, Akasha was standing staring at the shower door, when Reece swore in fright she ran off out the door,

“What the hell?” Reece asked himself, confused with what just happened.


Reece threw his shirt and shoes into the corner of the room from his ‘bed’, he had placed two sheets he found to make a substitute for a really thin mattress and used one of the three pillows from the main bed as his own,

“I hope you girls are comfy.” Reece told the girls with a little bit of annoyance in his voice,

“We sure are,” Akasha replied, “how are you Reece?”

“Oh I am just great.” He replied sarcastically, “Uhm, Akasha. Do you mind explaining what was going on when I was taking a shower earlier?”

“I am sorry about that.” Akasha apologized, “I just have a little... thing... that makes me stare at people when they take a shower.”

“Lucky there was a wood door huh?”


“Well good night girls.” Reece told them, the girls said the same to him before going to sleep.


Marcus sat on the bridge with his parents; he had been discussing possible leads to Fox and Krystal’s kidnappers,

“So basically we have nothing.” Marcus summarized,

“Well it has to e someone who has strong authority within Venom but also to have influence on Corneria,” Fox told his son, “but who has that I do not know.”

“One thing we know for a fact is that this mission is not done,” Krystal added, “not by a long shot.” Marcus rested the side of his head on his palm as he thought,

“It is best to get some rest now and we will continue this in the morning.” Fox told him, Marcus nodded; he got up and made his way for his room.


Reece was asleep on the floor; he was in a deep sleep with no chance of waking up on his own for another few hours. Akasha and Kadie stood up next to him; they were showered and ready for the day. Akasha put her foot on Reece’s chest and shook him gently, he didn’t wake up, Kadie put her foot on his stomach and rubbed it whilst shaking him gently, he squirmed in his sleep, she knew that Reece was sensitive there so she kept doing it, Reece squirmed more and more until he woke,

“Morning.” Kadie greeted,

“Hello.” Reece mumbled, “Please stay away from my stomach.” He asked kindly,

“Why?” Kadie asked as she started rubbing again, Reece started squirming again,

“Don’t... Please.” Reece begged with a grin,

“Someone is ticklish.” Kadie teased,

“Jeeze don’t go soft or anything Reecie.” A familiar voice told Reece, Reece rolled out from under Kadie’s foot and got to his feet,

“Girls this is Rave Collie,” Reece told the girls, “Rave this is Akasha and Kadie.” Kadie nodded in greeting and Akasha shook Rave’s hand, Rave moved close to Reece,

“Why am I taking these two with you? Did you over pay them?” he asked,

“Excuse me?” Kadie asked angrily,

“You mean you’re not?” Rave asked, “Because no one in their right mind goes out with old Reece here.” He told the girls as he patted Reece on the back of his neck, Reece cringed in pain,

“Stay away from the neck please.” Reece asked,

“Whatever, my car is out there waiting for you guys when ever.” He told the trio as he walked out of the room. Kadie was angry,

“He is what you call a friend?” she asked,

“He has his uses; I don’t speak to him that often now, once every two months... if that.” Reece told her,

“Well that’s good because I am going to punch him in the face.”

“That would be pretty funny, just do it after we get to the Great Fox.” Reece told her, Kadie nodded. The trio gathered their stuff and made their way to Rave’s space cruiser.


Marcus awoke in is room, for the first time in a while he wasn’t stressed about something. He entered the kitchen to find breakfast cooked for everyone, he noticed Jason at the table eating alongside Fox. Krystal was cleaning her plate in the kitchen,

“Good morning Marcus.” Krystal greeted, she passed him a plate she had prepared for him, Marcus happily took the plate and sat with his Dad and started eating.

Marcus had just finished is plate when ROB made an announcement,

“Friendly vessel requesting permission to dock. Pilot is Rave Collie.” Fox raised an eyebrow,

“Why is Reece’s friend here?” he asked no one in particular, they all got up from their seats or from behind the kitchen bench and made their way to the hanger.

Fox, Krystal, Marcus, Jason and Jessica entered the hanger, they approached the recently docked cruiser, they expected the door to open and Rave to emerge, but instead the side door opened and Reece came out,

“Surprised?” He asked, “So am I.” Marcus rushed to his friend and begun apologizing for what he had caused,

“It is okay Marcus, crap happens.” Reece assured Marcus, “Fox, Krystal.” Reece greeted the vulpine pair, “Hey Marcus, do we have room for two extra passengers because I found two people who would like to kick the tails of the people responsible for what happened to us.” Reece told Marcus, as he did Akasha and Kadie exited the cruiser and stood next to Reece, “This is Akasha and Kadie, both skilled in combat and flight.”

“I guess we could use extra help.” Marcus stated, Kadie and Akasha smiled happily, “Welcome to the team.”

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Kyle:Akasha your suppose to stare at me in the shower not anyone else...

and where is the point where Kadie punches Rave?

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Kyle:Akasha your suppose to stare at me in the shower not anyone else...

and where is the point where Kadie punches Rave?

Lucky there are wooden doors, right Kyle?

Rave flew off as soon as they landed... should have added that... :oops:

I'll be sure to add that punch in later just for you ;)

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Lucky there are wooden doors, right Kyle?

Rave flew off as soon as they landed... should have added that... :oops:

I'll be sure to add that punch in later just for you ;)

Kyle:I donno I don't mind my wife staring at me while i'm in the shower.

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The Essence of Hatred

Chapter 14:



Reece re-entered the bridge, he sat on the long circular couch that was placed around the holographic projector, Marcus sat at the computer trying to get some research on the very little information they had. Reece rested his legs on the couch,

“So we have any leads yet?” he asked,

“No,” Marcus replied, “the same as last time.” He was beginning to anger he had spent hours looking for anything they could use for a lead, but he was getting nothing. Reece sighed he had been itching to get some vengeance for his time in the Stockades.

“It’s almost eight at night.” Reece stated, “You have been at it all day why not take a break?” Marcus turned his head to Reece and glared,

“Yes, I will take a break while there is a powerful, control freak who is trying to take us out, that sounds like an excellent idea.” He replied sarcastically,

“Fine, jeeze.” Reece grumbled as he got up from the chair and exited the bridge. Marcus rested his head in his hands; the stress of the job was starting to get to him.

Reece entered the rec’ room looking for something to do, he saw that the room was empty much to his liking. We walked over to drawer where he had a pile of movies; he opened the drawer he frowned at what he found,

“Who the hell has moved my god damn holo-disks?” he demanded forgetting no one was in the room, he sighed in annoyance and begun to search every possible hiding place for his movies getting more annoyed each time he couldn’t find them.

Kadie and Akasha were finishing off setting up the last few details of the room that were assigned to, the last free room on the Great Fox, they changed the digital wall colour to their liking,

“What do you think?” Akasha asked Kadie, Kadie nodded in agreement to the choice Akasha made. The girls heard a knock at the door, Akasha opened the door, Reece stood in the doorway,

“Oh hey Reece.” Akasha greeted,

“I know this is an unusual question to ask,” he started, “but have either of you two seen my holo-disks?” Akasha looked over at Kadie, she shook her head,

“Nope sorry.” Reece frowned and nodded, he walked down the hall, the girls could hear Reece swear once in annoyance further down the hall.

“Those must be good holo-disks.” Akasha stated, Kadie smirked,

“He must really enjoy them.” She stated, “Let’s head to the bridge and see if we can help out.” She suggested.

The girls entered the bridge; they walked up to Marcus’s chair,

“Hello Marcus,” Akasha greeted, “anything you want us to do?” Marcus spun his chair around to face them,

“If you wouldn’t mind can...” Marcus was interrupted by ROB,

“Incoming transmission, source... unknown.” It announced,

“On screen.” Marcus commanded, the front window of the Great Fox’s bridge lit up, a bald human with a grey goatee; he wore a black coat which was all that could be seen,

“So here in front of me, stand the infamous mercenaries.” He stated,

“Yeah... and?” Marcus asked, Fox and Krystal looked at Marcus,

“Uh... Marcus,” Krystal called to her son, “you may want to get Reece up here.”

“Why?” he asked,

“Just get him.” Marcus sighed; he pressed the button to page Reece,

“He has his gauntlet turned off.” He stated,

“I’ll get him.” Kadie offered, she turned and exited the bridge.

Reece was in his quarters searching under his bed for his holo-disks, he searched everywhere in his quarters, clothing and items were scattered across the room. Kadie opened the door, Reece didn’t notice, half his body was beneath the bed, Kadie saw a bushy blue tail waving in the air,

“Reece.” She called, Reece jumped in fright, hitting his head on the bed as he did, he scuffled out from underneath the bed and rubbed his head,

“Yeah?” he replied,

“They have a transmission in the bridge and they want you there.” She told him,

“Tell them I am busy at the moment.”

“It is a human.” Reece froze,


“I am not lying.” She cut Reece off,

“Alright I’m coming.” He got to his feet and followed her to the bridge.

Reece and Kadie entered the bridge,

“You weren’t kidding.” Reece told Kadie,

“Ah just the one I want to see.” The human stated,

“Everyone wants to see me, everyone loves me.” Reece added,

“Well now you all better listen carefully if you know what is good for this galaxy.” He commanded, Reece raised an eyebrow,

“Right...” he stated. The old human sighed; he glared directly at Reece,

“You are going to come to my base positioned directly above this sun,” Solar was clearly in the background, “when you and only you board my base we will have a talk?”

“How does this affect the safety of the Galaxy?” Reece asked,

“Because if you don’t come here within the hour or if anyone else tries anything stupid then a nuclear missile capable of destroying a hole planet will be fired at each planet in this galaxy.”

“Way to make a statement.” Reece told him,

“Why are you so obsessed with Reece? Aren’t we good enough for you?” Falco asked,

“I will tell him that when we talk.” The old human replied,

“I can tell by his facial expressions that this is clearly a trap.” Kadie alerted Reece,

“I know, but what can I do if he has these weapons?”

“Ah the little vixen thinks she is wise.” The old human stated,

“What is it to you?” Kadie demanded,

“Feisty as well. You know what, screw it, you have to come here as well. You have ten minutes to fuel up and an hour to get here, be late and there will be trouble.” With that said the communication was ended. Reece looked at Kadie,

“You do realise you have put yourself into a very bad position.” He asked her,

“Yes I do and I know I can handle myself in there.”

“So do I but...”

“So there is no problems.”

“You two have no time to stand here talking,” Fox snapped, “Reece, grab two blasters and new girl go fuel up his Arwing.” The pair nodded and made their way to the bridge’s exit,

“Hey Marcus, good news.” Reece called, “You can stop looking for leads now.”


A/N : Short but I am setting up the last few chapters

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Kadie:Me and My big muzzle.

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Guest Julius Quasar

WOW, awesome!  I just read the last few chapters

(sorry I missed reading them before, I been outta town, I just returned about a week ago) :banghead:

I forgot, who is Kadie again?  :facepalm:

Kyle:Akasha your suppose to stare at me in the shower not anyone else...

and where is the point where Kadie punches Rave?


nice touch with that "Akasha staring at Reece in the shower", evilwaffles (and Kursed, with that comment)

Great job capturing Akasha's character, evilwaffles :yes:

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WOW, awesome!  I just read the last few chapters

(sorry I missed reading them before, I been outta town, I just returned about a week ago) :banghead:

I forgot, who is Kadie again?  :facepalm:


nice touch with that "Akasha staring at Reece in the shower", evilwaffles (and Kursed, with that comment)

Great job capturing Akasha's character, evilwaffles :yes:

umm oddly I forget who kadie is myself(odd since she's my character) she is a vixen I know that.. i thnk she was red.

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