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Star Fox: Behind the Pixels!

Guest Julius Quasar

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Guest Julius Quasar

In this episode of "Behind the Pixels", we take a look at the Star Fox Series, interview the cast, and get a look at the past, present, and future of Star Fox.  We'll take you behind the scenes, to show what things were really like, off the set for Star Fox.

In 1992, Nintendo Power Magazine First Released the Comic, Star Fox. There were different versions of the comic, and differences in series and Canon storyline pertinent to the actual Series, which would be out soon as a video game.

:fox: "Yeah...I remember being in both of those...the Itoh comic, especially....that Fara Phoenix....heh heh" *shakes head, smiles*

:peppy: "Papetoon....I'll never forget that..." *rolls eyes*

:slippy: "Yeah, I guess you could say it was a stepping stone, for us...I enjoyed meeting the others, working with them...I'm glad we became as big as we are..."

:falco: "That 'Farewell Beloved Falco' comic, not bad!  Katt enjoyed working with me on it...and I gotta admit, she wasn't bad to work alongside with in that!" :yes:

:katt: "I blackmailed the right people to get to be with Falco in that comic!  I felt a little guilty 'cause took pictures of him while he slept, after we were done...." *giggles*

Fara: "I can't believe those Nintendo bastards cut me from the game, I should've been in Star Fox 2, at least!  Although, in retrospect, that game didn't see the light of day, except on those BETA ROM thingies..."

In 1993, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System created "Star Fox", and the series really took off from there.

:fox: "Yep...the voices were just chattering, although you here me, and General Pepper speak, he just says 'Good Luck' and 'Let's go!'...I say the 'Twin Blasters, Shields, Wing Damage, Wing Repair, Incoming Enemy', then there's me and General Pepper's dialogue at the end...." *sighs*

:falco: "I had fun, there, I loved how when Fox saves me, I say 'Mind Your Own Business, Fox!?', ha ha!  That does sound like something I'd say!"

:peppy: "I sounded funny, in a way....it was pretty primitive compared to later games, but, hey, it was the early '90's, what'd you expect, eh?"

:slippy: "I'd get into trouble, and sometimes the player would deliberately let me die just so they wouldn't have to bail me out again...I'm really not that befuddled in real life, besides, I'm a skilled mechanic and engineer, for cryin' out loud!" *farts* "Excuse me..." *looks away, ashamed*

Andross: "Yeah...to be honest, at first I had my doubts, but then, I figured 'What the Hell?', I'll be the villain, and I wasn't casted or called back for any of my other auditions...I almost said 'No' to Star Fox, but I'm glad I didn't, can you imagine that!?" *laughs*

Captain Shears: "Yeah, the comics,working with Andross and the others....memories, huh?  I hope maybe I can be the villain in the next game, eh?"

Yet despite their rocket ride to success, the cast each faced their own private turmoil, as an individual, a group, and a whole.....we'll be back with more later, on Star Fox: Behind the Pixels!

*that's it for this chapter*

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Guest Julius Quasar

We now return to Star Fox: Behind The Pixels!

In 1995, Nintendo attempted to release the notorious "Star Fox 2" video game, which....never saw the light of day, except as ROM/BETA formats....Nintendo feared Star Fox 2 would steal thunder away from their other Star Fox project for Nintendo 64, "Star Fox 64", so Star Fox 2 for SNES was shelved, in a manner of speaking...

Miyu: "What a load of bull*bleep*!  You'd think Fay and I would be given a rain check, and get to be in Star Fox 64 as pilots, but nooooo!"

Fay: "I agree, Miyu and I didn't even get paid for Star Fox 2...Star Wolf got to be in SF-64, but Miyu and I got benched...they wouldn't even put us in that *beep* Star Fox Command video game....Katt just kept blackmailing her way into the series, stalking Falco....."

Fara: "I should've gotten into Star Fox 2....or SF-64...or even that piece of *beep* Star Fox Command game!  Who cares if it's not considered canon!?"

Star Fox 64 took the fandom by storm, creating a solid foundation for it, and generating more and more fans, than ever before.  The success of team Star Fox was huge!The conflict between Star Wolf, and Star Fox, as well as many memorable features that would forever change the way classic Star Fox gamers/fans would see Star Fox forever...

:fox: "Oh, yeah, it was great....I got invited to parties, all these vixens were wanting to date me, everybody stopped me on the street to meet me, and say how much they loved SF-64!"

:bill: "Yeah, I know my name was based on Colonel William Grey, from the movie 'Independence Day', and the 'Katina Level' is based on that infamous scene in the desert, where they battled the enemies...still, though, I got a cameo, and work is work..plus, I got a call to be in that 'money pump' game, 'Star Fox Command', but, like the execs, Star Fox Command was just for the money..." *sighs in disgust*

:falco: "Oh, man...SF-64 made the series, everyone loved that, and I can't say I blame 'em!  I wish more Star Fox Games were more like that...."

:slippy: "I think SF-64 was a defining moment for us...man, I wish we'd do more 'Blue Marine Missions' in the Star Fox games!"

:peppy: "Yeah, making me a veteran who served with Fox's dad was a good writing move for Nintendo, but that one famous line for me...ugh, all those *beep* fans, coming up to me in public, wherever I went, going 'DO A BARREL ROLL!'...even when I'm in a public toilet stall, taking a *beep*, they're right outside, banging on the stall, saying 'DO A BARREL ROLL!'...to those fans, I say SHUT UP ALREADY!  I'm sick of hearing that!  Sheesh!"

Pigma: "Yeah...I was just looking for some work, while I was earning my pilot's license, ironically...but, this has been good for me...even though I was killed off in Assault, after those Aparoids turned me into some kind of funky space pizza box, but I did get to return for that bastardized game, 'Star Fox Command', heh heh!"

:wolf: "I didn't think it would be logical for me to wear an eye patch, yes I'm a 'Space Prate', but c'mon, give me a break!  How am I supposed to fly, with only one working eye, it would ruin my depth perception, hinder my field of vision, all Fox would have to do is attack my blind side, I'm not 'Lord Admiral Nelson in a wooden ship at sea battle!'.  I'm glad to have gotten that bionic eye implant."

:leon: "I liked how I sounded in SF-64, but....then I had to change it to this creepy serial killer voice....Nintendo wanted me to go into a 'new direction'....." *sighs*

Andrew: "I guess I can't complain, but...even I don't know why I had to sound like I was trapped forever in puberty in Star Fox Assault...I did love the fact I got more definition to my character, though...I personally think I was too vague a character in SF-64...."

General Pepper: "I guess my 'Elder Statesman' voice was good enough, but Nintendo and their 'New Directions' wanted me to sound like Richard Nixon...I have to say, I did enjoy that. It seemed more...'mature', respectful towards the older fans, because as the law of video game fandom dictates, if the age 15+ group enjoys it, regardless of  its 'ratings', then the younger crowd of gamers will like it, by default....it's a 'trickle down' concept...the Thessalonians of video games.  I sounded a little too...cartoon/moppet like in Star Fox Adventures, that whole particular game seemed a little...child-like, in my opinion."

:katt: "That Falco....*sighs dreamily*  Blackmailing the Nintendo execs really paid off for me!" *A shrine to Falco is seen behind Katt in her apartment*

When we return...The Gamecube, and the influence Star Fox had on it.

*that's it for this chapter*

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I DEMAND MOA.....oh wait you did post more. Reading brb

*edit* I'm loving this. It's awesome!

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Guest Julius Quasar

I DEMAND MOA.....oh wait you did post more. Reading brb

*edit* I'm loving this. It's awesome!

thanks, yeah, still a W-I-P (I'm drinking something with caffeine in it to stay awake, I'm very tired).

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LOL well I'm not so I'm going crash........zzzzZZZzzzZzXzzXz (WTF x button)

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Guest Julius Quasar

LOL well I'm not so I'm going crash........zzzzZZZzzzZzXzzXz (WTF x button)

yeah, thanks, g'nite!

Lol Julius. You and your wacky ideas. ;)

Good job on this :yes:

thanks, dude!

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ok so now.......MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?

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Guest Julius Quasar

Now back to....Star Fox: Behind the Pixels!

With the Nintendo Gamecube's debut at the turn of the 21st century, Star Fox from a long hiatus,

released their first game for the newest console; Star Fox Adventures, where, for the first time, Krystal, the infamous blue vixen, from Planet Cerinia, took on the fandom by storm.

:krystal: "When I first started, they wanted me to be a blue cat, in my own game, 'Dinosaur Planet', and then Nintendo tacked Star Fox onto it, and let me be a vixen, all at the last minute...now when I read the Star Fox Adventures script, I had my doubts, but I'm not one of those 'I almost said no' cast members, I would've done it either way, but with Star Fox, it gave me my foot in the door!"

Unfortunately, the game itself earned bad reviews, and a limited fanbase.

People complained about the game being "too child-like", with the presence of the Saurian "Dinosaur People".

:fox: "People kept saying to me "What were you thinking!?  Dinosaurs are for 5-year-olds!  You ruined the series, you sell-out!"

:falco: "I had a VERY limited, 'Deus-Ex-Machina' cameo, at the end....better than nothin', I s'pose..."

:cool: "Oh, stop your complaining, Falco, how do you think I felt at the end of Star Fox 64, sheesh!?"

:peppy: "I hated the way I sounded in Adventures, I mean, I sounded like I was 80 years old, and constipated....that stupid mustache itched, and those glasses were soooooo stupid looking."

:slippy: "I have no idea why we had pizza boxes all over the bridge, I mean, who friggin' delivered!?  I did like hitting and kicking that jukebox to turn it on or off, however, I'm not the Fonz...."


:krystal: "Many fans said 'I'd have hated the game if it wasn't for you, although I hardly did a thing in that game, sad to say, it was just a cameo, but it was great to come back for Assault...and being in that 'Gravy Train' Star Fox Command, wasn't too bad, although I took some nasty criticisms from the fans for that stupid 'Krystal, come back' ending..."

Krystal earned herself a HUGE, fan base, from anthrophile furries, to sci-fi fans, and of course, most of the fans of  the series, despite criticisms from some people, who either simply disliked Krystal, to those who hated her.  Some said that Krystal's appearance, as well as Star Fox Adventures itself, was the sign that Star Fox series had been perverted and bastardized by Nintendo, which prompted angry, heated retaliation from pro-Krystal and pro-Star Fox Adventures series fans.  Angry debates between the two sides of the issues erupted, and it seemed a war was brewing.

Tricky: "Oh, yeah, tagging along with Fox in that game was pretty fun, but a lot of hateful critics said I was too appealing to the little kids, but I could see their point, as this game is rated for teens to use...but, still, I did my best, for *bleep*'s sake!"

General Scales: "I attended Julliard, Oxford, Cambridge, and other fine thespian schools, only to end up doing....'video game casting'...by the way, this hook on my left hand, it's real all right....I wound up with this my first day on the  set of Star Fox Adventures, I had an accident with the battle sword...my blasted HMO health plan didn't cover reattachment...so I got this hook..." *sighs* "I was barely paid enough to afford my rent...".

With the addition of Star Fox Assault to the series, some fans calmed down, calling Star Fox Assault, a clearly the more popular game that Star Fox Adventures, took the Gamecube market by storm.  A new villain, the vicious, Borg-like insect-like alien race, "The Aparoids", with their power to assimilate organic and technological entities, calmed many angry fans who had been disappointed in the series, from the unpopularity surrounding "Star Fox Adventures".

Krystal became more popular with her fans, having co-starred in a more traditional style Star Fox game, and her popularity grew.  Unfortunately, it ballooned out of control.  She had to hire bodyguards to protect her from rabid fans, who stalked and hounded her constantly.  One stalker fan had broken into her residence, and lay sleeping in her bed, waiting for her to arrive home....

:krystal: "I got so many emails, my computer crashed....I got so many phone calls, I had to literally rip the phone out of the wall!"

:wolf: "Coming back for Assault was Great, I loved that, I got a whole new improved look..." *taps bionic eye implant*

:leon: "Got no complaints returning to the series..."

:panther: "This was the greatest opportunity of my career....it beat my old job..."

*A clip shows Panther at his old job, working at a tacky, TGI-Friday's type job, singing stupid birthday songs as he waits tables.*

:panther: "It was really great to get in on this series franchise, Star Fox was, and still is, a great game..."

:wolf: "I didn't mind the whole 'first they were enemies, then they put aside their differences to fight a common, greater enemy', at least you get to dogfight with Star Wolf in the game...I am glad Pigma was kicked out, though, on and off the set, we all hated Pigma!"

:peppy: "Yep...they were gonna kill me and ROB off, at the end of Assault, but I threatened to sue 'em for all they had, 'age discrimination, breach of contract'...you name it!  Plus, like Katt, ROB and I dug up some dirt on the execs, and 'cause of that we got to return...that was one hell of an ending, huh?"

:krystal: "It was great, but...we all had our problems, despite our success."

True that was, indeed...

Krystal alone not only met with stalkers, rabid fans, and mean critics, she also had fans who took things too far.  The infamous "Die for Krystal" suicide cult, which posed an embarrassment for Krystal, who insists she had nothing to do with that cult, or any similar organizations like it.

:krystal: "I like the organizations, like 'The-Krystal-Archive-Dot-Com', and online and face-to-face organizations like that...I didn't care for 'The-Krystal-Lover's-Association-Dot-Com' as much though, seeing as how rude many of the members and staff were behaving towards one another at the time I visited it....I don't want to be associated with online nests for internet trolls, bullies, and elitists..fortunately, 'The-Krystal-Archive-Dot-Com' and it's parent site, 'Star-Fox-Online-Dot-Com' are both excellent sites!  My compliments to DZComposer, and that 'Mr.  Krystal' as well!" *giggles*

When we return, we'll take a look at the infamous Star Fox Command game, and the private hell, darker sides, and personal demons that each of the cast members of the series suffered, throughout the series....

*that's it for this chapter*

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Guest Julius Quasar

Interesting, keep it up.  :D

haha very interesting :P


Very, very clever! Any SF cast members have some dark secrets we didn't know about?

Love it!

thanks, guys, I just got online now, and finished the chapter. I'll do the next one soon.

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Guest Julius Quasar

We now return to, Star Fox: Behind the Pixels!

With the success of Star Fox Assault, the rise of Krystal, the Star Fox series cast were on to of the world.

:cool: "Yeah, Star Fox Assault had it all, almost...except for a map, and the Blue Marine...oh, and Katt Monroe, Bill Grey, y'know...I even appear, but...the 'alien talking to Fox, assuming his father' was soooo....ugh, it reminded me of that movie 'Contact', when that girl finally meets the alien, and the alien assumes her father's form, that movie was CRAP!!!  Thank God no part of the Star Fox series was never and will never be that bad, not even as 'Star Fox Command'...I got the most action there, than in any of the other games, ironically..."

:fox: "We were living it up, even Bill, Katt, and My dad were enjoying the residuals they made..."

:falco: "Yep!  I had it all...fans, fame, money..."

:krystal: "It really was a great time for all of us..."

:slippy: "We were living large, and kicking butt while taking names....we were using $50 bills as toilet paper, and actual toilet paper as, well...heck, we let the Saurians have it....maybe we should've told them what it was for...at least the Saurians with arms could've used it, it would've been useless for the Earthwalkers...."

Star Fox Command, produced by Q Games for the Nintendo D.S., was a colossal blunder...the majority of the fans hated it....Angry and confused, they stormed and burned down a Nintendo company building in the U.S., taking several administration staff members hostage, killing six of them, and wounding several more.

*A picture is shown of angry Star Fox fans throwing firebombs at a Nintendo building, then another picture shows several masked armed fans in a warehouse with the Nintendo Execs blind folded, tied to chairs, as more masked fans pour gasoline onto them*

:dash: "Just my bad luck that I finally get in on the series, after countless auditions, and then I end up in a severely unpopular game..."

Pigma: "I shouldn't have been back, but...Star Fox Command wasn't canon, after all, and work was work...but seriously, 'Suck Fox'!?  Was that the best insult the writers could give me!?  What the Hell!?"

:bill: "I liked my old accent better, for Star Fox Command,Q Games had me sounding like I belonged on something like 'Hee-Haw'! And Now, ladies and gentlemen, Skeeter Davis!"


:katt: "Ugh, you ever sit down and play that game!?  That damn stylus, the D-pad and the buttons!?  Give the players a break!?  Timed Fuel Missions!? *bleep*  I'm done with this...." *throws her free Nintendo DS and Star Fox Command Copy out the window*

Man down below: "Hey! Don't throw your garbage down here!" *tosses the Game and the DS back up at Katt, who catches it, and flushes it down the toilet.  An Anglar pops out of her toilet, and glares at her*

Anglar: "Uh-uh!  I'm gettin' sick of these, being flushed...!" *drops the game and DS in the trash basket, then goes back down the toilet*

Facing failure for the first time, the Star Fox cast began a path down an even more slippery slope that they were already riding before.  Part of their problem had always been that, despite making millions of dollars off their success, the cast was always strapped for cash.  Where did their money go?  It was frittered away through various excesses, vices, and in general, poor financial oversight.....

Panther Caroso was facing multiple paternity suits, and legal fees thereof....he also had to pay child support for MANY illegitimate children he had with some of his fans.  Falco partied hard, and it caught up to him when he started a ruckus on a public interplanetary flight, after judging a Miss Zoness Tropic Beauty Contest.  He was arrested, and sent to rehab.

:panther: "Yeah....that was embarrassing, all those kids...ugh, it was worse than when those jerks at Q Games made me refer to myself in the third person, what am I, 'Disco Stu', geez!?"

:falco: "Typical, those tabloid news losers single me out, and try to humiliate just 'cause they're having a slow 'gossip' day....get a real job, ya' jerks..."

*A police mugshot of Falco is seen, along with press photos of Falco at the Miss Zoness Tropic Beauty Contest, kissing bikini clad beautiful vixens, cheetahs, wolves, fennics, and other anthropomorphic female animals...then another press photo shows Falco being led off the interstellar flight in handcuffs, his hands covering his face, his shirt is off, and being placed on his head by the cops*

With the series stuck in a quagmire, and no sign of a new game to be made anytime soon,the Cast had a long gap between employment casting, and were forced to do what they could to survive....

:fox: "Me, and some of the other cast members were in that 'Smash Brothers' thing, but....we weren't earning as much money..."

Unfortunately, a huge bombshell hit the cast, one fateful day, when an informant blew the whistle, to the IRS, on the whole cast of the Star Fox series.  The cast members had all been evading their incoming taxes.

Thorntail Shopkeeper: "Yeah, I squealed on 'em!  I know I have a 'take a scarab, leave a scarab' policy, but they abused the hell out of that policy, every last one o' them!" *gestures to an empty tray*

The Feds were merciless.  The Cast lost nearly everything.

*The Great Fox is seen being towed away by a U.S. IRS Space Shuttle, the Sargasso Station is seen with a 'Seized Property' sign hanging on it, and padlocked chains run across the landing bay entrances, with 'No Trespassing' signs hanging from them.  Falco is seen in ragged clothes, sitting on a battered suitcase, outside the chained and padlocked gates of his mansion, Bill Grey is seen sleeping on a park bench, Wolf is seen with 2 IRS agents holding him, while another IRS agent approaches him with a pair of pliers, and pointing to Wolf's bionic eye implant, as Wolf is seen screaming bloody murder, Peppy, General Pepper, and Leon are seen in a soup kitchen at a homeless shelter*

The cast did what it could to survive, looking for and taking up work where they could.

*Slippy is seen working as a Security Guard, sitting atop a stool, his legs can't reach the ground*

*Wolf is seen  wearing  his eye patch, once again, and an apron and a hairnet, while washing dishes in the back kitchen of a restaurant*

:wolf: "I got soap in my eye working at that dump!"

:krystal: "I took up advertising and modeling...BIG MISTAKE!"


:krystal: "Sadly, that was the least humiliating job I had....that whole 'Krystal Pepsi' thing"

:panther: "I'd drink that 'Krystal Pepsi'...Mmmmm!" *laughs*

*Katt is seen working at a strip club*

:katt: "I know, you saw that clip where I worked, yeah...but at least it helped me keep my condo...."

Fox took up performing in the theater. *A Maquee is seen entitled "Lease", two vixens are seen in the "apartment" on stage....*

First Vixen: "Be careful, Laura, our landlord, 'Mr. Miserman', is a real creep!"

*knock at the door*

Laura opens the door, and Fox McCloud is seen in a dark suit, a top hat, a cape, a fake handlebar mustache and fake unibrow, along with a monacle...


*the play continues, but the clip is cut back to interviewing*

:fox: "I....don't wanna get into that right now..."

Panther Caroso took up a job with a gameshow

*Panther is seen kissing the female members of a family WAY too hard*

After performing in a failed theater production, Fox then joined a celebrity edition of a survival reality show


:fox: "Aw, *bleep*, NOT AGAIN!" *he's being chased by the Redeye King as he says this*

Falco got work wherever he could...

*Falco is seen in a "Celebrity Squares" show*

:falco: "We were really in the *bleep*er"

Sigeru Miyamoto was not available for comment...

*Several Japanese security guards are seen pushing the camera away and shouting in Japanese into the microphones, camera, and face of the reporter*

Dylan Cuthbert had this to say....

*An old, bald man with an eye patch and a formal shirt with a bolo tie and tattered jeans is seen licking Tequila salt from a shot glass, there is a bottle of Tequila on his desk, he turns to see the camera and scowls*

Dylan Cuthbert: *in a southern accent* "GET OUTTA MY OFFICE!" *fires a revolver handgun at the camera, the screen turns to static*

What Mr. Cuthbert was trying to say, according to his attorneys, was that "For now, neither he, nor Q Games nor Nintendo are going to pursue creating a new Star Fox Game at this time..."

When we return, the conclusion of Star Fox: Behind The Pixels!

*that's it for this chapter*

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Seriously where do you come up with this stuff? XD *imagines katt* lmao

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Guest Julius Quasar

Seriously where do you come up with this stuff? XD *imagines katt* lmao

I got a wild imagination >=]

thanks, dude, I'll work on this more tomorrow, g'nite!  Sorry for the slow reply, I been working in this as fast as I could, I didn't see your post...

thanks everyone who posted here/read this!

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Still funny, but where is this going to go after we finish the aftermath of Command, are we just going to wait for Starfox: non-existence?

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