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Star Fox : Legends

Shadow Matrix

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This is my first ever Fan Fiction, related to Star Fox, hope you guys enjoy it.

NOTE: This fan fiction contains blood, swearing, and death.


" Rise up and step up to the challenge that awaits you. " A femine voice echoed in the Tall Cornerian Wolf Soldier's head.

He awakens and slowly rises up from the soft and white snow of Fichina. Standing on his feet he looks up at the dark night skies.

All that stood out from the dark night skies, was  a Cornerian Helicopter  that was 100 feet in the air preparing to land

and escort him away from the Cornerian base that contained the Climate Control Center, Break Point.

The soldier looks around the area and sees nothing but other  lifeless Cornerian Soldiers on the ground. The soldier

walks over to one of the bodies and pulls off a chain that is on the neck of the body. On the chain were a few words printed in red.

He stared at the text and started to read it. The text on the chain was a name and a date of birth and other information.

Name: Shin Williams

D.O.B : 11-17-3010.

Enrolled: 11-17-3035

HomeWorld: Fichina

He soon realized what had happened to him when he was knocked out. His Squad  had engaged against a rare and exotic

race called the Aparoids, insect-like creatures that are part-machine, part-life form.  He looked at the Chain

and then at Shin's lifeless body. The soldier clenched the chain in his palm, saddeneded by his best friend's death.

The Helicopter that was 100 feet in the air started to descend down to his location. He readied himself to come aboard

the Helicopter when it lands. While it is descending a bright and purple ball flies in the air and hits the transport, making

it spin in out of control and fly away from the soldier's location. The soldier looks above  and sees an Aparoid fighter flying

right behind it as the transport was flying out of control. The lone soldier remained paralyzed like a stone statue as

he saw his evacuation fly away from him. He then heard static on his com channel and then he heard words along with screaming in the background.


The soldier then heard another voice. " We can't take much more of this!!! "

The soldier could do nothing as he saw the transport fly away with the Aparoid fighter flying towards it.

He soon lost sight of the transport as it flew past the snowy mountains. He heard another voice on his com.

" I"M LOSING HER!!! AHH!! " A Voice yelled over his com channel. He walked two steps ahead of where he was

standing he heard a loud crash and  followed with a bright and yellow explosion. The soldier heard nothing but static

as the explosion was created.  The soldier looked to his left and saw a blaster lying on the white snow. He extended

his left arm and picked it up and heard  the same femine voice from before in his head.

" You were lucky to surrive this long. Lucky enough to have a courage that no one else ever had. "

He puts the Blaster on his back and the weapon was attached to the armor on his back. He hears a calm

but serious male  voice over his com channel.  " This is Echo One, all remaining Echo units respond! "

A Female voice responded to Echo One. " Echo Two here.. I'm low on ammuntion and my foot squad is dead.  "

A Black Male voice was then heard and responded to Echo One. " Echo Three here. Skies are a bit cloudy our we need Aerial Support!

These Aparoids bastards are everywhere!! Its like they're going through some sort of warp gate. They just keep

on coming they don't know when to quit! "

The Cornerian Soldier clicked a button on his wrist that allowed him to communicate with his allies.

He paused right after he clicked the button and soon responded. "This is Echo Four. My squad has played their part

and have struck out. I'm all alone here and I could use another Evac Chopper.  " He said, his voice deep and quiet.

He heard Echo One's voice again. " Have you seen Echo Five? Do you know his status. "

He looked down at Shin William's body and paused. Two Seconds later he spoke. " Killed in the line of Action Sir. "

Echo One's voice was heard again. "I see well  Echo Four we can't send another Transport to your location. However there is one transport stationed near your location, extracting all nearby units. Do you think you can make it to the extraction point by yourself?  "

Before Echo Four was able to respond he heard strange noises  and felt the ground below him shaking. 

Multiple Aparoid Crawlers jumped from beneath the snow  and look at Echo Four and start to crawl closer and closer to him.

He pulls out his blaster and shoots a few of them in the head,  killing them. One comes close up to him

and he punches it in the face, making it move back. He  aims his blaster at the Aparoid he had just punched

and he fires a shot from his blaster at it in the face. The Aparoid falls down to the ground and whines. The ground shakes

again and another  Aparoid Crawler jumps out from the snow right in front of him. The Aparoid Creature's appearence surpised him

but he still did not hesistate to aim his blaster at the Crawler.  He fires a shot at the Crawler hitting it in the chest.

The crawler became furious and dashes at him with his head and knocks his weapon out of his hand and Echo Four onto the ground.

Other Crawlers surrounding him  start to crawl closer to him. Completely surrounded. He rises up from the ground and

pulls out a knife. An Aparoid Crawler from behind tries to head butt him but he side steps and counters the Crawler's attack

by stabbing the knife in the crawler's head, killing it. He looks at the Aparoid Crawler in front of him and tries to assualt it directly. The

creature swings its claw horrizontaly and knocks the knife out of the Soldier's hand.  The Crawler swings its claw again. The Soldier

walks back and evades the claw but falls down onto the ground. The Crawler in front of him Roars and prepares to attack the soldier again.

Then all of a sudden Multiple  charge shots hit the ground killing the Aparoids around Echo Four except the one in front of him.

The Aparoid in front of him unleashes a loud roar.  Echo Four looks to his left and sees the knife and starts to crawl over to it.

The Aparoid grabs his foot with his mouth and pulls him back away from the knife that is within arms reach. He extends his arm even

further and with his middle finger he is able to pull the knife a little closer to where he can firmly grip it. He grabs it and looks at the

Crawler who has his mouth on his foot, trying to bite past his metal armor. He raises his knife in the air and brings it down on

the Crawler's head piercing its armor and loosening its grip of the soldier's foot. He stabs it multiple times in the head until it stops

moving.  The Crawler is dead and the soldier sighs in relief. He rises up on his feet and  hears the sound of multiple ships nearby.

He looks up in air and sees Four Arwings fly over  his head with tremendous speed.

" Arwings? " He asked himself. " They're here.. The Legendary Star Fox Team.. They saved my life, I can't believe it. "

He heard the same voice from before again.

" You may not have believed in Luck, nor have you chosen it. But Luck has chosen you and belived in you. "

Echo One spoke again, his voice sounded worried.  " Echo Four? Can you make it to the extraction point. "

" As long as hope remains, as long as you remain. Peace will be restored..  "

Echo four walked over to his weapon the Aparoid had knocked out of his hands and picked it up. He finally responded to

Echo One's question and  said only  three words.  " I can now. "

We'll thats it for this chapter hope you guys liked it. Any type of feed back is wanted here. Bad or Good. In the End

I take it all as a compliment and a chance for me to improve my writing.

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Chapter 1

The battle on Fichina had ended gloriously for the Cornerian Reconisance team, thanks to Team Star Fox's Arrival.

The Climate Control Center was safely secure, all Aparoid life has been wiped off the planet.  Echo Four manngaged

to reach his extraction point and upon his arrival he saw another transport already landed on the ground  waiting for

his  arrival. He looked around the area to be sure no Aparoid ship would come and destroy his escape off the planet.

The Cornerian Dog  Pilot looked through the glass and saw him standing there looking at the skies.

" Trooper! You coming or what, I don't got all day to wait for your ass! " He barked.

Echo Four looked at the transport next to him and walked towards it. As he stepped on the ledge he looked

back and saw the four Arwings heading out to  Fichina's atmosphere. He smiled as he entered the transport and

sat down on the bench beside the surriving soldiers of his squad. The hatch closed and the transport started to

hover into the air. The transport was traveling through Fichina's atmosphere and Echo Four felt pressure being

put on his body as the transport went through the atmosphere. After a few seconds the pressure had lightened

up on his body. He remained quiet as the transport left Fichina's orbit and was heading to Corneria. He continued

to glance at the chain he had found when he first awakened on Fichina. Still saddened by Shin's death. He clenched

the chain again. And soon  heard conversation of the rest of Echo Squad. He heard whispering  and Echo Four  tilted his head

and saw Echo Three whispering something into Echo One's ear.

" Whats wrong with Echo Four? Hes more quiet then usual.  " He heard Echo Three say.

" Leave him alone Jackson, Onyx needs some time to get over the loss of his fellow comrade. " Echo One said.

Echo Four glared at Echo One who had returned his glare. Echo Four nodded his head side ways.

" Oh Shit I forgot you don't like being called that, sorry Echo Four. "

" Man what the hell does it matter if we call you that or not. That is your real name right? That is the name

your Momma and Daddy gave you right?! " Jackson shouted.

Echo Two slapped Jackson on the back of his head. " Stop it Jackson. " She said.

" Sarah you just love doing that don't you? " Jackson asked.

Sarah smiled. " Maybe... Maybe not... Point is we are ending this conversation.  "

" Yeah, Jackson we don't need you trying to start a conversation that doesn't really involve you.. " Echo One said.

" I'm just asking a question.. Sheesh " Jackson said.

" Well somethings are not worth being asked and answered Jackson. " Echo Four said quietly.

" Man, whatever. " Jackson said.

Onyx doesn't really respect Jackson as much as he does with the rest of the squad. Just like the 6,0 foot tall

German Shepard he is, he always gets too nosey about someone else's life and past. Onyx likes to call Jackson,

the "Proverker " because he always trys to provoke a fight or an arguement with Onyx and Onyx alone.

Its like he needs to pick on him and get on his nerves. Unfortunately one day those two did fight and Onyx

did win the fight by delivering a powerful blow to Jackson's face, knocking him out for a long time.

Onyx, shows respect to Sarah, not only because she is the only female of the group but she is

like an older sister to him. They've known each other ever since they first met at the academy.

Onyx always goes to her if he has problem and Sarah always finds away to make his problem

turn into  a blessing  for him. He knows a lot about Sarah out of everyone else in his squad. He

knows Sarah is 23 years old, three years older then him. Shes 5,9 feet tall, an inch shorter

then Onyx himself. He knows about her parent's deaths, how she was taken to an orphange and raised their.

Sarah's eye color is yellow while Onyx's eye color is Sapphire.  She always watches out for him and Onyx always watches out for her.

Onyx thinks of Echo One, whos name is actually Lucas, as a noble leader to his squad.

Sure Lucas calls Onyx his real name even though he likes to be called Echo Four, but he

really does some serious damage out on the battle field. As much as Onyx likes to say

he can beat up anyone he sees. However he honestly has second thoughts about actually fighting

Lucas and winning. Seeing how the tall and big White Fox is, Onyx thinks he wouldn't

last two minutes in a room with him. However Lucas is actually a type of person who

doesn't like to start a fight. Although  there are times where he feels like he has to start

a fight to save the people he cares about, like his family back on Corneria. If someone

starts a fight with him, Lucas will mainly dodge and evade his enemy's blows until

his enemy tires out and surrenders.

30 Minutes Later  

The transport enters Corneria's orbit and travels through its Atmosphere and soars the skies.

"  Wow home already? " Jackson asked.

" Too be honest I'd thought it'd take longer then a full 30 minutes to get back home. " Sarah said.

" You'd be suprised to see how fast transports get back to Corneria from far areas in the system. " Lucas said.

The transport lands down onto its designated landing zone. Jackson walks up to the hatch and slams it open.

He walks off the small ledge and onto the ground of Corneria. He removes his helmet and sniffs the fresh air.

"Ahhhh never thought I'd be back home alive. " Jackson said.

Lucas jumps off the transport and stands beside Jackson who is staring at the blue clear skies.

Sarah gets up from her seat and looks at Onyx who has his head laid back on his chair, asleep.  She taps

him on the shoulder.  " Wake up Lone Wolf. " Sarah said.

Onyx opens his eyes and sees Sarah walking off the transport. He rises up from his chair and walks off the transport.

He sees the rest of his squad and walks up to them. " What now? " Onyx asked.

" Guess we go our seperate ways now... " Lucas said.

" I wouldn't be surpised.. We just finished a mission, we deserve a break from fighting the Aparoids. " Jackson said.

" Its not a break Jackson. Remember once they need us they're going to come and pick us up. " Sarah said.

" Unfortuntely we won't be together the next time they need us. They call us back to duty 1 by 1, not all together. " Lucas said.

" Yeah I'm not surpised. Its been an honor serving with soldiers like you against the Aparoids. " Jackson said.

Jackson looks at Onyx. " Including you Echo Four. Despite the fact we've always gotten into arguements that led out to

intense battles. I have to admit that your one of a kind compared to us. I'll never forget the day you saved our lives

back at the Katina outpost. You were never afraid of anything and you never gave up no matter what the odds were.

If you weren't that person then  I think we'd all be dead.. " Jackson said.

Lucas taps Onyx on the back. " Its going to be boring without you Onyx, or Echo Four."

Onyx chuckle. "  Lucas, you don't got to call me Echo Four anymore.. I'm not on the squad anymore.. "

" Yeah your probably going to be in a more advanced squadron. " Sarah said.

" Yeah like the Star Fox Squadron! "  Jackson laughed.

"  Yeah like that'll ever happen.... Who do you think is going to be called back into duty first?  Onyx asked.

" Depends on how your skill is set and how they see you'll fit with other squadrons. " Lucas responded.

" Hmmm. In that case Onyx is sure to get in a well known specialized squadron. "  Jackson said.

" Seems like all the fun we had is coming to an end.. " Sarah said.

" I'm sure we all will cross paths with one another someday. " Lucas said.

" Well, at least we got time to relax might as well not let it go waste. " Onyx said.

" Not me bro...  I still got some debts to pay here. " Jackson said.

" Of course you would..... Sarah said. " Althought, I got some urgent business to attend to myself...

Might as well do it now and get it over with. "

" I here that.... I myself have nothing to do... So I guess I'ma just chill with Onyx. " Lucs said.

" Huh? Lucas? Chilling with me? What a surpise I'd figure a leader like you would still be busy. " Onyx said.

" Its been fun guys, really has. " Jackson said. " Hope you all stay strong. This war will be rough. "

" Yeah it will. Good luck to you Jackson. " Lucas said as Jackson was walking away.

" Its going to be rough without you guys... But I'm sure we'll cross paths sooner or later.  " Sarah said.

" Yeah I hope we meet each other in a good circumstance and not a bad one. " Onyx said.

" Promise not to get yourself killed while your gone... " Lucas said.

" I can't make promises my friend you should know be my now. " She giggled.

She walks over and hugs Lucas and then Onyx. "I'ma miss you guys a lot. " She said as she let go of Onyx.

" We'll  miss you more then you'll miss us. " Lucas said.

Sarah walked away, following Jackson's path leaving the two of them alone near the landing zone.

" So what now? " Lucas asked.

" Want to get a drink? "  Onyx suggested.

" Yeah I could go for a beer, lead the way. " Lucas said.

They both started to walk in one path heading wherever they wish, finished with their mission they rest easy

until called upon again by the Military of Corneria. But while they use their time to relax and settle down they

are unaware of the danger that is slowly unraveling on the Lylat System.  Will they be preppared for in it before


Yeah I just felt like writing that to be more suspenseful lol i probably won't write that  in the next chapter lol.

Thanks for reading :D

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Chapter 2

"Woah the inner city is so different during the night Onyx. " Lucas said walking right beside Onyx on the sidewalk.

Onyx looked up and scoffed. " Not that different Lucas. Only thing thats different are the skies. " He replied.

Lucas started to stare at Onyx who was still in his combat suit that was given to him when he first graduated the

Academy and became a private. " Man why are you still wearing that? " Lucas asked in a nasily voice.

Onyx looked back at Lucas and stared at what he was wearing. A Black shirt with blue jeans and black and white

sport shoes, and around his neck is a golden skinny chain. Black sun glasses were seen on top of Lucas's fore head.

" Why are you dressed like that? Onyx replied.

" Dressed like what? " Lucas said as he was looking at the clothes he was wearing, seeing nothing wrong with them.

" A player..  A Pimp??  " Onyx said.


" Then I guess normal people are pimps and players. "   Onyx replied.

Lucas laughed. " Are you mad that you didn't have any cool clothes to wear while we stopped at my house? " He asked.

Onyx sighed. " No Lucas. I just don't feel like dressing like I'm going out on a date when I'm just getting a drink.

Also I don't feel like getting out of this suit and putting on regular clothes that don't protect you from bullets or knives. " He said.

" OH BULLSHIT BRO! No one is going to shoot or knife you here. And besides your a Cornerian Marine,

some hip hop gangster  with a knife can't beat a guy like you. "  Lucas said.

" But I can't protect myself from a guy that has a gun aimed at my chest, that is covered with only

just a plain T-Shirt. " He said.

" EHH Whatever Onyx. Now it won't be so easy for me to get you a date while your dressed like that. " Lucas laughed.

Onyx's eyes sprung wide open and he looked at Lucas, saying absolutely nothing as he stared at him.

Lucas chuckled as Onyx gave him what he called the "Super Serial look. " A look that shows the serious side

of someone after someone was joking around with them.

" Why you staring at me like that? " Lucas asked.

He tilted his head to his left, away from facing Lucas. " I don't need help getting a girl Lucas. " He grumbled.

" NONSENSE!! WE ARE GOING TO GET YOU A GIRL RIGHT NOW!!  "   Lucas shouted with confidence and enthiusiam.

" BUT YOU DON'T HAVE A GIRL!! WHY DO I NEED ONE? " Onyx shouted back.

" I'm looking too bro.. So shut up... And you need a girl otherwise people will think your gay! "  Lucas said.

" I bet you if you were to stay around a whole bunch of straight people.. They'd your kick ass. "  Onyx said.

" Yeah right.... " He turns around the building and stops in front of two wide doors. Onyx, still behind him catches

up to him and does the same. They both remain in the front of the building, Onyx staring beyond the glass doors and

Lucas staring at the shiny bright purple words on top of the building. Larry's Bar it said.

Lucas walked to the glass doors and opened them. He walked inside and the doors close behind him. Onyx remains

outside the building. He chuckles. " He can have fun in their by himself, I'm out. " He said to himself. Onyx

turns around and starts walking on the side walk away from the bar. Soon the glass doors of the bar open. 

" GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!  " He heard Lucas shout, and felt his collar being grabbed and his body dragged

back into the front of the bar.  Lucas opens the door, holding Onyx's collar he drags him throughthe doors and into

the bar and releases the grip of Onyx's collar.  Inside the room were a bunch of female vixens dancing around  a tall metal pole and multiple male dogs and vixens  cheering the girl dancing around the poll on.The room echoed with loud music and constant chattering and hooting.  Onyx looks at Lucas.

" THIS IS A STRIP CLUB MAN! " He shouted at Lucas.

" Aren't all bars here strip clubs? " Lucas asked.

" No!! " Onyx replied to him, his voice raised a bit. " A bar is a place for guys to drink and forget

about things.  A strip club is a place for guys to meet prostetutes and pay them to get in bed with them!!

Nothing more! " Onyx shouted. " JUST GET A BEER! " Lucas raised his voice, trying to scream loud

enough over the music so Onyx could hear him. Onyx walked up to a counter where a male Grey Cat bartender

with his back turned to Onyx and Lucas  was cleaning some bottles on  the shelf with a white cloth. He sat on a

comfy stool and put his arms over the counter. He banged his fist on the counter  so the bartender would be aware

of his pressence. The Bartender turned around and saw Onyx sitting there.

" ONYX! MY MAIN MAN! What can I do for you? " The Bartender shouted.

" Just the usual, Harold. "  Onyx said.

"Coming right up my man! " Harold shouted. He crouched down below the counter. He rose back up

and pulled out a beer and set it on top of the counter in front of Onyx. Harold grabbed another dirty bottle

and started to clean it with  the cloth. He continued to look at Onyx, drinking his beer and having a dull expression

on his face.  Harold finished cleaning the bottle and put it back on the shelf. He faced Onyx and put his arms over the counter.

" Whats up with you today Lone Wolf? Did a lot of shit on Fichina? " He asked.

" Nah.. Its Lucas hes been bugging me to get a girl.. Hell he dragged me against  my will to come here. " Onyx said.

" I don't blame him my man. You need to get aquainted with some ladies y'know. There are some girls that you might like. "   Harold said.

" Yeah right.. Since when do I love Prostetutes?  Onyx asked.

Harold chuckled. " Never! You hate em with the passion. " He said. " You want a girl more like your type I take it? " He asked.

"I want a girl whos not a slut.... She doesn't even have to be my type. As long as shes not a slut I don't care. " Onyx said.

" Not all girls here are prostetutes.. Give them a chance to know you a bit Onyx. " Harold said.

" I beg to differ Harold.. But I'll give em a chance.. As soon as I get the hell out of here. "

He said slamming two coins on the counter. A female dog comes up from behind Onyx and taps him on the shoulder. Onyx turns around and sees the red female dog. 

" Whats up? " Onyx said.

"Want to dance? " She asked.

Onyx looks at Harold and smiles. Harold raises his hand and gives him a thumbs up. He turns back around to the Red dog.

" Sure I'll dance with you. " Onyx said, smiling.

" 500 Credits please. " The female dog asked.

Onyx turns around and continues to smile at Harold who puts his thumbs up away under the counter. He shrugs his shoulders at Onyx, who turns around and faces the dog and replies.

" See that White Fox right there? Onyx said pointing his finger at Lucas. " He'll give you 1000 credits to dance with you.  If your lucky you'll be able to come back okay with that face of yours intact. " He said smiling.

Onyx rose up from the stool and walked away and head over to Lucas and put his hand on his right shoulder.

" Well I don't got a girl yet. But you got a girl waiting for you with 1000 credits to dance with her. " Onyx chuckled.

" HUH?!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? " Lucas asked. Onyx nodded and headed  out the door. Lucas watched as his frined left the bar and went his own way. He frowned and looked at Harold who shrugged his shoulders at him.

Onyx remained outside the bar leaning on the wall staring up at the skies.

" I'm never following Lucas here again.  " He said to himself.

He looked at his watch which read 11:50 PM but in military time. He sighed.

" I guess I'll wait 10 minutes and hopefully Lucas will come out and we'll leave. I'd rather be home sleeping in a dark alley or something. "

He continued to look at the skies and  tried to pass the time by day dreaming. His watch started to beep multiple times, telling him an hour had passed. He looked at the watch and it read 12:00 AM. He waited an extra 10 seconds for Lucas  to come out of the bar. " Ehh time to go... "

He walked away from the bar with his still staring at the skies  and walked passed a corner and suddenly was bumped by someone else that had knocked him back  two feet. " I'm so sorry. " he heard a  female brittish voice say.  " No I'm sorry I should've been watching where I was going. "   Onyx said as he looked up and saw a blue female vixen in front of him. He soon realized who that female vixen was. " Krystal? " He asked.

" Yes? " She responded.

" Woah.. I'd never expect to meet up with a member of the Star Fox Team like this. "

" You surpised that I'm out here in the open? " She asked.

" Yeah I am. Normally it is very rare to see a member of the Star Fox Team in person. You picked a right time to come  out.. If it was broad daylight every guy be swarming all over you.. " He joked.

She giggled. " Yeah you got a point.. That happens with Fox and Falco when they go to the store to get bread. " She said.

" Wow... Talk about having fans huh? Its like paparazzi wars are over again.. " he joked.

" Yeah most defintely.. However Slippy isn't surrounded by mobs of people for some reason. Which is why we send him to do the majority of the errands for us. " She said.

" Wow.. Hes basically like your invisble errand boy? " He asked.

She laughed. "Yeah!! Thats exactly what he is.. But hes a real help to us all. He plays an important  role on our team and without him we'd be screwed.. In my opinion We need Slippy more then he needs us ." Krystal said.

" Yeah. Slippy is the techincial expert right? Hes t he one who makes sure your Arwings and stuff are up to date right? " Onyx asked.

" Yep thats right.. " Krystal said, while staring atOnyx's armor.  " Are you a Cornerian Soldier? " She asked.

" Yes I am. The names Onyx. Nice to meet you. " He said as he extended his hand towards Krystal, who grabbed his hand and shook it.

" I remember seeing your armor before..... " She said, still looking at the black color coated armor. 

Onyx looked at his armor and responded. " Yeah you have... Your team and yourself saved my life back on Fichina  from the Aparoids. I was actually hoping to meet with you all and show my thanks of appreciation. If it weren't for you and your team I'd be toast..  I thank you for that. " Onyx said.

" Your welcome. I'm glad we were able to save you and many others on the planet from those horrible creatures. " She said.

" Yeah me too. I had a feeling you guys would come and save the day. You guys literally come in at the right time. " He said.

" Yeah well what can I say? Perfect Timing I guess? "

Onyx lets out a quiet but noticeable yawn.  " You should get some sleep. " Krystal said.

" I would but I'm waiting for a friend. " He replied.

" Well I gotta go. Nice meeting with you Onyx, I'll be sure to let the others know your thanks. " She said as she walked away from Onyx.

The glass doors open and Lucas walks through them. He sees Krystal walking down the sidewalk  but can't tell who she is by only seeing her back side. He looks for Onyx buts find no one, he soon calls out for him. " ONYX!! " He shouted. Onyx walked back to the front of the bar and saw Lucas, he walked towards and yelled. " Shut Up! "

" Ready to go? " He asked.

" I was born ready man. " Onyx replied.

Lucas puts his arm over Onyx's shoulder. " Bro I'm sorry I dragged you here to this place. " He said.

" Ehh. Don't worry about it man.. Onyx said calmly.

" I'll try and make it up to you okay. Any place you want to go, no matter how boring it is I'll go alrigh? " Lucas said.

" Alright its a deal. Oh by the way like 30 seconds before you came out of the bar I met with Krystal. He said.

" WHAT? WHERE IS SHE? " Lucas asked, his heart pounding and eyes widened.

" Long gone my friend.. Long Gone... I'll tell you all about her later. " He said.

" You better.. I want to hear everything she said! " He shouted.

" YEAH RIGHT!! MY ASS! Your lucky enough to actually get a paragraph from me my friend!! " Onyx shouted.

" I'll pay you 1000 credits... " Lucas said.

" BLEH!! DON'T REMIND ME! " Onyx said as they continued to walk down the street.

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Thanks for the Review dude, much appreciated. Your fanfic is Awesome keep up the good work :yes:

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Chapter 3

Inside Lucas' two story house Onyx is seen leaning on the wall, looking up at the ceiling, completely lost in space.

Lucas looks at his clock that reads 12:30 AM. He sets an alarm to go off at 10:00 am. He pulls out a large

air inflated mattress and throws it on the floor covered with a brown carpet. He looks at Onyx who is still in dream

land.  He walks over the mattress he had just sat down and puts his fingers in front of Onyx's face and snaps them

multiple times. Onyx looks at Lucas straight in the eyes. " Yeah? " He asked.

" You can sleep on that you know? Lucas said pointing at the mattress on the carpet.

" I'm perfectly fine sleeping like this Lucas. " Onyx replied.

" Leaning on the wall? Bro thats very uncomfortable for your back.. Lucas said.

" Ehh, we Wolves get used to sleeping like this. " Onyx replied.

" So all Wolves sleep like that? " Lucas asked.

Onyx nods. " You know it. Although some Wolves don't sleep on a daily basis like me. "

" What do you mean? " Lucas asked.

" Some Wolves prefer to stay up three days straight and sleep for Ten Hours then stay up for another three days. " Onyx said.

" Wow.. You wolves are crazy... 10 hours of sleep isn't enough to stay up for three days straight. " Lucas said.

" Not for animals like you, but we Wolves have enough energy  to stay up, train, and get stronger. " Onyx said.

" If thats true and wolves do get stronger, then how come every Wolf I fought could never beat me? " Lucas asked.

" You only beat two Wolves and those two were like 6 inches shorter then you. " Onyx replied.

"  After I get my rest your going to be the third Wolf. " Lucas joked.

Onyx chuckled. " Get some sleep Lucas..  "

Lucas nodded and turned off all the lights and threw himself on his soft bed and closed his eyes and slowly went to sleep.

Onyx stayed up for a few more hours and continued to day dream, until he eventually stopped and looked at the clock that

read 3:00 AM. Onyx sighs. " This night needs to go by faster.. " he said as he tilted his head back on the wall

and closed his eyes, trying to sleep, and woke up five minutes later.  " God damn it come on clock go by faster! " He said.

Onyx closed his eyes again  and tried to go to sleep again until a loud explosion went off and a bright  green light flashed and

gathered the attention of Onyx but didn't seem to gather the attention of Lucas who was still sound asleep. The green bright light

faded away.  " What the hell was that? " Onyx said to himself, opening the blinds that covered the window. He looked through

the window and saw smoke rising up into the skies near the beach.

He looked at Lucas who is still sound asleep and wrapped up in his sheets.

" I would wake him.. But he'll be to exhausted to go anywhere. He'll just slow me down, best I investigate this myself. "

He walks downstairs and  heads to the living room where a pistol was there lying on the table. He picks up the pistol and 

carried five clips of ammunition with him. He put one clip of ammunition into his pistol and put the weapon on the right side of his waist.

He headed out the door and started to run to the area where the smoke was coming from.

In a matter of minutes Onyx was on the sands of the beach.  He saw the smoke rising from the ground into the air and the green

light that had flashed before when he was in Lucas's house seemed to still flash in person. He removed his pistol from his waist

and held up into the air. He heard a hissing sound and a large metal plate flew open at him.  The Metal plate landed near his feet.

He  looked at for a short second and then looked at the smoke. The Green light shined even brighter when the metal plate was

launched at Onyx. Right there he knew that metal plate was designed to hold something in its container, however he did not know

what it was. He moved closer and closer, with his pistol held firmly in his hand and in the air, ready to shoot at whatever may come

at him. Onyx then heard strange noises that sounded like growling from a creature. He soon saw a small 8 Legged figure with a tail

hiding in the smoke. It looked like an Arachnid to him. The 8 legged figure moved closer to him and Onyx pulled the trigger of his

pistol and started firing multiple shots. The figure got hit by 2 shots but avoided the other shots due to its incredible speed.

Onyx pulled the trigger multiple times but no shots came out, he heard loud clicking and soon realized he had to reload.

" AWW SHIT! " He said to himself as he was reaching for another clip that was attached to his waist. The figure

made its move while he was reloading, it charged at him and jumped on his face. Its 8 legs covered his whole face. Onyx

tried to pull off of his face but the creature soon wrapped its tail around Onyx's head, preventing him from removing the

creature from his face. Onyx still did not give up, he tried to get the creature off his face but the creature was held on tight.

Onyx tried to scream for help but his scream was muffled by the creature. Onyx soon started to grow weaker and weaker

every second the creature was on his face. His eye sight soon became blurry and he fell down on his back onto the ground.

The creature released its grip and hopped off Onyx's face and soon died as it landed on the sand of the beach.

Thanks for the Comment Fox McCloud, I appreciate your support. :D

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Author's Log: Sorry its been So long since I wrote a chapter for this Fan Fiction, I just had a lot of stuff to do.

But I promise to you guys who are still reading,  that I'll finsh the next chapter probably in the first week of January.

Theres just no time  to write fan fictions in the month of December. Without further waiting, I present Star Fox: Legends, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A loud explosion was heard and the white snow of Fichina flew up in the air and covered Onyx's vision.

Blasters were flying by them as Onyx and a squadron of soldiers were moving behind cover. Onyx kept

his head down and started to add more ammunition to his rifle. He looked at his teammates who were

trying to run to his position but all of a sudden  multiple fast green shots hit them in the head and kill

the soldiers that were running to Onyx. Without delay he rose up from cover and started shooting at

the Aparoid creatures in  front of them. A soldier beside him pulled out a Thermal Grenade and threw

it at a group of aparoids who were clutched together. As soon as the  grenade hit the ground it exploded.

The snow flew up in the air  again and smoke was seen, behind that smoke, more green bullets flew directly

towards them. Onyx quickly went back into and cover and heard shots hitting someone. He turned to his left

and sees a soilder fall onto  the  ground with a green needle in his head.

" Onyx how much ammuniton you got left? " A Soldier wearing blue armor right next to him said.

Onyx poked his head and started spraying shots. He looked at the soldier and then at his gun which had just run out of

ammunition as he sprayed those bullets. He looked back at the soldier and shouted. " I'm OUT SHIN! "

The soldier pulled out two clips attached on his waist and threw them to Onyx.

" Make em Count! " Shin shouted as he poked his head out of cover and fired more bullets at the Aparoids.

Onyx set one clip of assualt rifle ammo onto the snowy ground and put in the other clip into his assault rifle.

An Aparoid jumped ontop of the rock and looked down at Onyx and roared at him. Onyx aimed his Assault rifle and

starting firing shots at the Aparoid. The bullets flew through the Aparoids armor and the Aparoid's  blood splashes

onto Onyx's visor. The Aparoid Creature fell back onto the ground, not moving a muscle. Onyx  poked his head out

again and aimed down his sights rather then spraying his foes. He killed four Aparoids and then he went back into


" Blasted bugs! They're so many of them!! " Shin said.

" We can handle these bastards! They may have the numbers on us.. But they don't have the Brains! " Onyx shouted.

Onyx picks up a Homing Launcher off of a dead soldier's body. He rests a part of it on his right shoulder, he

rises out of his cover and looks up. He sees a huge air battle taking place between Cornerian Fighters and

Aparoid fighters. He kept his homing launcher locked onto an Aparoid ship that was flying in the air, 20 feet away

from him and 60 feet up in the sky. He waited a few seconds and then heard a large beep. He realizes his

target was locked and he fires off a shot. A green needle shot flies past his head and he ducks back into cover.

The missle followed the Aparoid ship that was cruising by and shooting Cornerian Fighters down. The missile 

collided with the Aparoid ship and it spun out of control and started heading to the ground. The ship then crash

landed  on top  a group of  Aparoids and exploded. 

Shin looked at Onyx and shouted. " NICE! "

" Too bad its not enough! "  Onyx shouted back.

" Tell me about it.... Shin said.

The ground starts to shake roughly, multiple of the soldiers near them including Onyx and Shin lose their balance and

fall down. "What the hell is going on?!! " A soldier shouted. 

" They're trying to cripple us! EVERYONE GET BACK UP NOW! "  Shin shouted.

" I don't think so.. I felt something moving when the ground shook Shin.. " Onyx shouted.

" Wait  am minute..? YOU DON'T MEAN.. " Shin  looked at the ground and felt something moving below his feet. " OH SHIT! " he shouted.

Shin quickly ran away from where he was standing and then a medium sized Aparoid rose up from the snow

and unleashed a loud roar. When the Roar ended multiple aparoids came out from beneath the ground

the soldiers were standing on. Without hesistation Onyx fired at the Aparoids emerging from the ground.

He unleashed a barrage of bullets  at them, killing a few of them. He ran out of ammunition and looked

at the other clip he had set on the ground.  An Aparoid emerged right in front of him and roared. He grabbed

the Ammunition Clip and put it in his gun. Before he put his finger on the trigger the Aparoid sliced the end

part of the gun. Onyx crawled back and rose back up to his feet. The Aparoid swung his claw sideways and

Onyx ducked and avoided it. He gripped his broken assault rifle and swung at the Aparoid's head like a baseball bat.

The Aparoid screamed but did not die. The Aparoid charged at him and tackled Onyx with his thick hard head. Onyx

flew a few feet back and hit the back of his head on a white snowy rock. Right when he hit the rock he became unconscious.

The Aparoid walked closer to Onyx's unconscious body, ready to tear him limb from limb.

Shin looked at the Aparoid walking closer to Onyx. " ONYX! NO! " He shouted.

He shot multiple shots at the Aparoid in front of him and pushed it back a bit. He then ignored that

Aparoid and aimed at the Aparoid walking towards Onyx. He pulled the trigger and then heard a click.

He realized he was out of ammo and without thinking Shin dashed to the Aparoid and tackled it with

great force, pushing it back 4 feet. He quickly grabbed a pistol on the right side of Onyx's waist. He loaded

it with ammuniton. The Aparoid Shin had just pushed rose back up and dashed towards him. Shin shot multiple

pistol shots at the Aparoid's head and the Aparoid fell down as the third bullet hit him in the head. 


Two Aparoid Creatures came from his left, he turns and aims his pistol at them and fires a round

of pistol bullets into their heads, killing both of them. " Come on I got plenty enough of bullets for all of you freaks!!! " 

Multiple Corneria soldiers start to get killed one by one, leaving Shin by himself with no help. However

he did not stop shooting.  More Aparoids went after Shin.  Eventually he was getting overwhelmed and

there were too many of them around for him to shoot. He fired  off his last bullet at an Aparoid. He turned around

and without holding anything he threw the pistol at the first Aparoid he saw next to him. The Aparoid

became furious and extended his claw stabbed Shin in the stomach. The Aparoid lifted Shin up off his feet. The white

snow on the ground soon became red as Shin's blood dripped from his stomach. The Aparoid brought Shin closer to his face and roared.

Shin looks at the Aparoid in the eye and shouts. "I'm not dead if I can still do this!! " Shin pulls out a

combat knife from the left part of his waist and stabbed the Aparoid holding him in the air, in the face.

The Aparoid roared and threw Shin on the ground and  stabbed him in the back multiple times until Shin stopped screaming.

The Aparoid removed his claw from Shin's back and unleashed another Loud roar followed by the other Aparoids next to him.

An Aparoid who had just finished roaring, looked at Onyx's unconscious body.  The Aparoid moved from the pack pf Aparoids

next to him and went closer to Onyx. The Aparoid leans his face closer to Onyx  and spoke. 

" Resistence... Is Useless..."

Onyx woke up and started to breathe heavily, sweat coming down from his face. He  soon realized that

he was having a bad dream. He looked around the white room he was in and  looked up at the ceiling and saw the

bright yellow lights giving the room light. He  jumped off the bed he was sleeping on and looked around the

room some more. He did not know where he was, he looked back at the bed that was covered with a large

pillow and white sheets that he had thrown off the bed when he woke up.

"Where am I... " He said to himself.

He heard the sounds of doors opening and turned around. He heard footsteps and soon saw a short, round gray hare with

glasses walking through the doors. The Hare smiled as he looked at Onyx as if he knew who he was. or he was happy to

see him, or happy that he was in this room. The Hare spoke.

" About time you woke up son.. My name is Peppy Hare and welcome aboard the Great Fox. "

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Chapter 5

[b"]Great Fox? How did I get here?? " The Baffled Wolf said.

Peppy adjusted his glasses. " Slippy Toad found you at the Saphire beach near the city.

He saw you lying on the ground as if something had knocked you out.. So he brought you

here and asked ROB to do a bio scan and see if anything was wrong with your body or if

any organs were damaged. "

" And how was the scan?  " Onyx asked.

Suprisingly your fine... Your completely healthy and unharmed.. Don't know how you  got knocked out and didn't suffer a fatal injury.. "

" I didn't fight anything though... I don't know how I was knocked out to be honest.. Onyx said.

" Really now?? You have no idea what attacked you.. Peppy asked.

Onyx shook his head sideways. " I have no idea man.. I saw a green light and some figure emerging

from it.. A minute later I'm on the ground and the next day, I wake up and I'm onboard this ship.. "

Peppy looked at Onyx as if he was a crazy fool. " Son.. Do you know how long you've been asleep? "

Onyx shrugged his shoudlers. " I don't know.. "

" You've been asleep for four days.. "

" FOUR DAYS? That long?!! Damn it.. Lucas is probably wandering where the hell I'm at .. " Onyx shouted.

" Lucas??? " Peppy asked.

" A friend of mine who lives in Safari City. Next to the beach. Hes actually my Commander believe it or not.. "

Peppy sighs.  " Something wrong? Onyx asked.

" Son this may be hard to take in, but... Your commander or friend is...  Dead... Peppy said quietly.

Onyx looked at Peppy and remained silent for  a few seconds and then spoke. " What?? Hes not dead.. "

" Its not wise to argue  with me.. You don't even know what happened when

you were knocked out.. That city you just were just at belongs to them now..

Onyx rose his voice. "What are you talking about you crazy fool??

What belongs to who? What happened to my friend! "

" Your friend and everyone else down at that city... They're dead... Yesturday, late at night,

an Aparoid Armada came in and assaulted the city.. Multiple casualties took place throughout

the whole city.  There have been no signs of regular life... Everyone in the city is dead.

As soon as that strange capsule came down to this planet the Aparoids just appear out of

nowhere.. I just sent the Star Fox team to help fight them off while Cornerian Reinforcements arrive.. "

" Well you know what.. I'm going too! Onyx said and then started to walk towards to the exit.

" Son you don't have any idea on whats down there!!  " Peppy shouted.

Onyx looked back at Peppy. "Sure I do.. Theres bugs, lots and lots of disgusting bugs that need to be eliminated . " He said.

" You have no weapon!  Your going to go down there with your fists?? Really.. What are you trying to get?! "

" My friend is down there and he needs my help more then ever. I'm not letting  a few bugs and a lack of  weapons stop me.. "

" Your just going to get yourelf killed!! You can't handle all those bugs alone! "  Peppy shouted.

" I'll imprivise old hare... A few bugs can't stop a soldier like me! " Onyx shouted back.

" Your getting too over confident! One wolf like you can't handle a swarm of Aparoids! "

" Like I said I'll improvise!! Onyx walked to the double doors that automatically opened as soon as he came close to it.

" Wait! " Peppy shouted and Onyx stopped walking and looked back.

" Now what?? " He asked.

Peppy walked over to Onyx and extended his hand and showed him a black colored communicator with the Lylat Fox synbol on it.

" Take this.. It'll keep me in touch with you and will show me your location.. Keep it on at all times.. " Peppy said.

" Thanks... You can be my eyes in the sky man. He said as he put the communicator on his chest.

" Since the local milita in the City are dead you should be able to find some weapons off the ground and use em. " Peppy said.

" That was the first thing I was going to search for. He said. 

" Good luck kid.. I hope you find your friend... And try and come back alive.. I don't like sending a  soldier to his death. " Peppy said.

" I'll be fine.. I've handled the Aparoids before.. They'll be running away when they see me. " He chuckled.

" There is a drop pod in the back part of the ship. Slam the  Red button and it will launch you onto the surface. "

Onyx headed out the door and found his way into the drop pod station.

He opened the hatch and jumped inside. Looking around for the red button Peppy told

him to push. " Red button.. Red button where are you.. " He looked up and saw

the red button flashing. " Red button alright! He extends his hand and pushes it.

A loud noise was made and in a flash the pod Onyx was in dashed down to the surface of

the Assaulted City, Safari. The pod was traveling fast and the insides of Onyx's stomach

started to bother him. A loud crash was heard and the drop pod stopped descending.

Onyx removed the straps he had put over himself and opened the hatch and jumped

out of the pod. He looked at the Dark skies and the smoke flying from the destroyed buildings.

" Didn't think this would happen while I was gone.... What a great welcome for me... I'd better hurry and Find Lucas before the Aparoids do.  "

Onyx ran towards the destroyed city, attempting to find Lucas and getting him out of the City controlled by the Aparoids, alive and well.

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Chapter 6

Walking through the nearly destroyed city, all was quiet, but the flames on surrounding

the buildings that roared very loudly as he walked by them. He moved quick but silent

at the same time. Trying to not attract any remaining Aparoids that may be roaming

aeound the city. He heard a faint growling sound and metal footsteps. He quickly hid

behind a dumspter next to him and isolated his breathing. The Aparoid's footsteps grew

louder as if it knew Onyx was there. Onyx became nervous, and water started to drip

down from his head and all the way to his chin. The Aparoid  growled silently and

walked back to the streets away from the alley where the dumspter blended in

with the shadows. Onyx sighed in relief. 

" That was close.. Too close.. " he said to himself.

Onyx activated his communicator with Peppy that gave him for communciation.

Peppy quickly responded as soon as he activated it.

" How's the ground looking down there? " He asked.

" Just saw an Aparoid crawling by. I remain undetected. "

" Good, the Aparoid's air forces are being distracted by Star Fox and the Cornerian fighter squad General Pepper sent.

" Sweet, where are they though? " He asked looking up at the skies, seeing nothing but the grey clouds.

" They are high in the air kid, don't focus on them though, focus on what you came here to do. " Peppy reminded.

" Right. I'm moving. "

Onyx continued to move further in the city, using stealth and remaining undetected by any Apariod

Forces that are roaming the city. He moved through another  dark alley way. He moved slowly.

He heard glass shattering beneath every step he took forward. He stopped in place and carefully

scanned the ground and tried to avoid the peices of glass on the ground. He continued to walk forward

and in a split second, he heard a loud thump of a body being thrown behind him. He quickly turned

around. He looked down at the ground and picked up a large piece of glass on the ground, holding it like

a knife. He went closer to the strange figure that had landed behind him. The figure did not move as he

came closer to it. He saw the armor around the figure, and recognized it immitedly. It was a Cornerian

Security Dog Guard. The guard was already dead, multiple flesh wounds that seem to be sharp claws

and spikes.

" No way.... Poor mutt. Didn't deserve this kind of death. But, wait a minute, he couldn't have thrown himself off.. Unless..  "

Onyx looked up above the nearby building next to himself. He saw a dark figure standing on top

of the highest point of the building. A Lightning Bolt appeared, and showed a quick look of the dark

figure standing on top of the building. As the lightning bolt vanished so did the figure. Onyx knew

what it was, an Aparoid of course. But it was one he had never seen before. One that stood on two legs,

and had the body of a regular anthro. He quickly searched the security guard's body and found a small

Pistol. He checked the ammunition and it had a total of 8 bullets. He searched around for some clips, and

was only able to find two full clips. Nothing more or less. He quickly ran out the dark alley and into the streets.

As soon as he set foot onto the black color coated concrete an Aparoid emerged from the ground and Roared.

Onyx quickly pulled up his pistol and shot the Aparoid in the head, killing it while it was roaring.  Multiple Aparoids

emerged from the ground all around him. A Total of 6 surrounded him and came close to him.

" Multiple hostiles are near you Marine! They're coming!! " Peppy shouted over his communicator.

" YA I KNOW THAT.... Way to tell me at the last second... " Onyx shouted.

The Aparoids surrounding him roared! Onyx quickly aimed his gun at them and fired off 7 shots, killing 1 Aparoid.

The remaining Aparoids roared again. One Aparoid became furiated and dashed towards Onyx. He reached for

a clip that was hooked onto his waist and reloaded his pistol. The Aparoid headbutted Onyx and knocked him back

onto the ground. Onyx grunted and rised back up. He aimed his pistol and fired off 3 shots, however none of them

did any damage to the Aparoid he was shooting at. The creature became more furious and charged at Onyx again.

But suddenly in the middle of his charge the Aparoid exploded, its blood landed onto Onyx's armor. The force of

the Aparoid's explosion knocked Onyx back onto the ground again.

"What the hell? " Onyx asked himself.

Onyx heard heavy foot steps coming closer to him. He rose back up and saw the same creature

he had saw on the highest point of the building when he was walking through the alley. The creature

was indeed an Aparoid, but differenly shapped from the other ones. This Aparoid stood on two legs.

Like a regular anthro would. It had a medium sized head covered with metal armor. It had large

green eyes and its fangs were yellow. Its Purple colored armor was strangely different from the other

Aparoids.  The creature finally spoke.

" Did they really send one fool to come take this city alone? "

" Who and what are you? " Onyx asked.

" My name is Krale, Commander of the Creatures that stand in front of you. "

" You command bugs? You should be ashamed of yourself. "

"Big talk for a small wolf creature like yourself.. I wouldn't trash talk the enemy who is thinking of letting you die quick and painless. "

"Wheres my friend? " Onyx asked.

"I'm supposed to keep track of all of your allies I slaughter? Don't make me laugh worm. "

" What a pitiful insult.. What are you a hatchling that was just born like 2 hours ago? "

" I take it this creature will not give us any valuable information.. Dispose of him my bretheren. "

" OH great..... " Onyx said to himself.

The Aparoids unleash  a mighty roar and prepare themselves to fight Onyx.

" Another sticky mess that I'll have to get out of.. Shit.. I shouldn't have come alone.. "

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Chapter 7

The aparoids surrounding Onyx walked closer. A Giant one on Onyx's left rose up his claw

and slammed it down, aiming at Onyx, who had quickly evaded it. The Aparoid slammed his claw

so hard, it got stuck into the ground. The aparoid tried to pull it out with all his might but

he couldn't. Onyx quickly ran up to the Giant Aparoid. He jumped on his arm and ran on it. As he

came close to the Aparoid's head. He jumped over it and landed on the ground with no harm done.

He sprinted down into a building up ahead. As he entered the building Krale shouted.


The aparoid creatures roared and went inside the building. The Giant aparoid who had his claw

stuck in the ground eventually removed it and followed his bretheren. Onyx who was inside the building

looked around. He saw an elevator and quickly pressed the button to open it. However the button did not

light up. Onyx pressed it again multiple times, but the button still did not light up.

"Broken... Guess I gotta do it the hard way. How wonderful.. " He said to himself.

Onyx saw the stairs to his left and ran up them. The horde of Aparoids followed him. Two

Aparoids were crawling on the wall, chasing him. Onyx stopped at the second floor and turned

around and saw an Aparoid on the wall. He aimed his pistol at it and shot the Aparoid as it jumped

towards him. The creature fell down right when it got shot in the head. The Aparoid's blood spilled

onto Onyx's armor.

" God if I Surrive this the first thing I'm going to do is get this suit cleaned.. " he said to himself.

Onyx looked for another deck of stairs and ran to them.

"If I get to the roof of this building I may have enough room to shoot these bugs that are

chasing me. I just hope I have enough ammuniton. " He said to himself in his head.

His speed started to decelerate as he ran up even more stairs. His panting grew louder

and his legs felt like Jelly. He finally got to the top level of the floor. He opened

the only door in front of him, and saw the outside again. The dark clouds raining over

the sky. He slammed the door behind and looked around his surroundings for an object

to barricade the door but he found nothing. However he did find a Dead Cornerian Soldier's

body, and near that body was an Assault Rifle. He smiled as he picked up the weapon. He

saw fifty bullets already loaded into the weapon and saw 2 clips on the soldier's body and

took them and put them on his waist belt. He backed up to the edge of the roof, where if

he took a few more steps backwards he'd fall down to the ground and die from the fall.

He aimed his Assault rifle at the door that was still closed waiting for the Aparoids

to bust through it.

All was quiet, no noise was made. Then all of a sudden a loud bang was heard and the

door pushed open a bit, but was not knocked down. A Large claw went through the door,

and then another, and in a matter of seconds the door was torn to pieces. Onyx pulled

the trigger on his gun and fired at the Aparoids who were moshed up together at the doorway.

His bullets were spraying. hitting the Aparoids. The Aparoids charged out the building and

dashed to him. One by one they all were being killed. Onyx took out his clip that had no

ammo and added another one. An Aparoid pounced on top of him and pinned him down onto the ground.

Onyx who still had his Assault rifle in his right hand, that was free aimed the gun at the Aparoid

and pulled the trigger. He sprayed more bullets and the Aparoid's blood was flying out from his

body. The Aparoid was pushed back due to the amount of bullets hitting him. Onyx quickly

got up and shot the remaining aparoids dashing to him. Onyx reloaded his assault rifle again

but this time there was nothing to shoot. He was completely unaware that he had killed them all.

Many of the limbs of the dead Aparoid's were disassembled. He let out a deep breath and lowered

his weapon. He heard small footsteps that grew louder, as if something was getting closer to him.

He pulled up his weapon and aimed it at the doorway where the aparoids had came through. He saw

the figure, it was Krale who Onyx had last seen in the middle of the streets. He pulled the trigger

and sprayed some shots. A large green needle hit Onyx's assault rifle and somehow jammed the gun.

"Shit! " Onyx said as he pushed the trigger rapidly. He threw his weapon onto the ground.

" For a creature such as yourself, I'm rather shocked that you surrived against my men. " Krale said.

"You Aparoids are all weak. Close quarters doesn't solve anything you know... " Onyx said.

" Don't think of yourself as all high and mighty worm. You just beat pawns, nothing more. "

"Says the guy who was commanding them. If your commanding pawns instead of elite men then what are you? "

"You have a big mouth worm.. Too big of a mouth.. Lets see what the mouth of yours

can do against my elite bretheren. "

As soon as Krale finished that sentence, two large aparoids appeared behind him. Those 2 large

Aparoids are 10 feet tall, they are covered with a lot of armor and have sharp spikes on their backs.

They have two large arms and on one of those arms is a large purple cannon attached to it. Onyx was

actually shocked by these creatures sizes. He has never seen an Aparoid ground unit that big.

"Destroy him the most painful way you can think of my Brother. "

One of the Large Aparoids responsed. " Yes Commander. " The 6 large aparoids walked

up to Onyx who was backing away from them. Onyx knew he could do absoutely nothing at this

point. He couldn't run, he couldn't fight back, and nor could he die by the hands of an Aparoid.

He looked back at the edge of the roof, he was still a few feet away from it. He was thinking of

jumping off the building and dieing from a fall. When all of a sudden he heard a loud noise up

from the sky. He heard the soaring and loud noises of a ship that was approaching to him at high

speed. He looked up in the air and saw nothing. The other 6 aparoids and Krale himself looked up

at the sky, looking from where the noise was coming from. Suddenly Onyx's communicator turned on

and he heard Peppy's voice.

"I'd be ready to jump if I were you. " Peppy said.

"I'll die... " Onyx said quitely.

The giant Aparoids looked back at Onyx and aimed their weapons at them, and suddenly

multiple Blast shots were seen coming from the sky and heading to the ground. One Aparoid was

hit by the blast and flew off the building. Multiple blast shots were being scattered across

the roof. A few of the blast shots landed next to Onyx. He heard Peppy's voice again but it was



Without furthermore hesistation Onyx turned around and faced the edge of the roof. He backed up

a few feet and sprinted forward to the edge of the roof. As soon as he approched the edge he

jumped with all his might. His body quickly fell down to the ground, when suddenly his life was

from seconds to ending, something metal and heavy caught his fall and was moving at incredible speeds.

Onyx was holding on to what seems to be the wing of a small fighter. He was seconds from losing his grip

due to the speed the ship was moving at.


The ship started to slow down as soon as Onyx shouted. Onyx sighed in relief and pulled himself

up and layed down on the top part of the wing. He got up on his feet and balanced himself on the wing.

He looked in at the ship, and knew right off the bat that it was an Arwing that caught his fall. A member

of the Star Fox Team that saved his life. He looked in the cockpit and saw a person he never thought he'd run

into again. The pilot turned and faced him from inside the cockpit. She smiled and waved her right hand at


"No way... Onyx said.

He soon heard a female voice on his communicator. " Didn't think we'd meet up like this.. "

Onyx chuckled. " Thats twice... Twice you've saved my life man... Thnks Krystal. "

"Thank me when I get your ass out of here alive. " She said.

The arwing's speed slowly started to increase. " Do me a favor and try not to fall please.. "

Onyx chuckled." Don't do a barrel roll or a somersault and I won't. "

Onyx turned around and saw two Aparoid ships flying behind him and Krystal.

"Yeah we got Company Krystal... " Onyx said.

"Don't worry I'll handle them.. Just hang on! " She shouted.

The Arwing started to move at an even faster speed then when he had first landed on it. The

ships behind Onyx and Krystal were moving fast as well and were firing shots at them. Onyx's

felt the lasers flying by his face and he crouched.

" Aww man I can't fight like this.. Don't you have a blaster? " Krystal asked him.

"It broke before you came. " Onyx said.

Krystal sighed. Multiple blast from the Aparoid ships hit Krystal's arwing, and the arwing starts to shake.

"Aww damn it! Listen Onyx I need you to trust me okay... What I'm going to do is something that can possibly kill you if you

don't hang on tight! " Krystal shouted.

Another blast shot hits Krystal's Arwing. Onyx looked at Krystal through the cockpit and shouted.

"JUST DO IT! " Krystal nodded and pushed up on her controls. The ship started to ascend up in the air

and perform a loop. Onyx held onto the ship's wing as he was upside down, looking down at the ground, he was so

afraid to fall and land on. A few seconds later the Arwing had finished its loop and was behind the two enemy

ships. Krystal quickly aimed at the enemy ships and unleashed a barrage of lasers. In a flash both of the ships

burnt into flames and soon exploded later on. "You still alive Onyx? " She asked.

Onyx started breathing heavily. "Barely...... HOLY SHIT I SHOULD'VE SAID NO! " He shouted.

Onyx heard the sound of Krystal giggling over his communicator. "Thats not funny! " he shouted again.

"Relax. Onyx, I've been piloting for 2 and a half years you got nothing to worry about it. " Krystal shouted.

"Yeah Onyx you can trust Krystal. " Peppy said.

The ship started to shake and smoke started coming out from the engines. A Loud siren was

heard inside the cockpit. "Oh shit! " Krystal said.

Onyx saw the smoke in the back of the Arwing. "Uhmm.. Krystal whats going on?! "

"I don't know.. But my ship isn't responding to any of my commands... I think that somersault trick may

have done some sort of damage to my ship or something.. Krystal said.

"Been piloting for 2 and a half years huh? Onyx said.

"Krystal. Your ship's shields don't look to good! Whats going on?! Peppy asked.

"Oh god.. She said. The ship's engines made a strange noise and turned off and the ship hurled down to the city.



The ship spiraled out of control and crashed down onto the ground of the city. A Loud crash was heard and smoke

was seen rising up into the air.

"KRYSTAL!! ONYX!! NO!!!! " Peppy shouted.

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Necropost! For a total of five words, too. Nice job. :P

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Wow didnt see those comments until now. Glad to know people are reading :D. Thanks for the comments and feedback. Anyway on with the next chapter.

Chapter 8 part 1

Onyx groaned as he woke up and shook off the pain that he had endured from Krystal's cloudrunner crashing into the ground. Onyx wasn't severly injured because he was on top of the ship and not below or inside it. The ship was still right side up, but majority of the ship was heavily damaged. The wings were clipped off and the engine seemed to have just exploded before impact. Multiples volt of electricty surged throughout the ship. Onyx still laying on top jumped off. He went to the front of the Arwing to gather Krystal. He saw the Cockpit window severly shattered and he saw a line of blood as if Krystal had hit her face on the window hard from the impact of the crash.

"KRYSTAL!! " Onyx shouted.

He pried open the cockpit hatch of the ship and opened up the cockipit. He saw an unconscious Krystal's body in the cockpit with a small amount of blood on her face. Without hesitation Onyx grabbed Krystal out of the cockpit and laid her gently to the ground. He crouched down and grabbed her hand to feel her pulse, and smiled as he felt it. He knew she was alive. He started to tap her on the face and shake her body to wake up. He shouted her name. "Krystal! Wake up man! I need you up! " He snapped his fingers next to her ear multiple times, trying to annoy her and get a response from him. After a few other attempts of waking her up, she finally woke up, her eyes opened and she stared straight up at Onyx who was giving her his hand to help her get off the ground. She grabbed his hand and Onyx pulled her up from the ground as if she weighed 10 pounds instead of 110.

Onyx looked at her dead in the eye. "Are you alright? Did that crash like hurt any major part of your body? " he asked.

Krystal nodded slowly. "Just my head... Ouch.. Sorry about that crash. I really don't know what happened.. I dangered both our lives.. "

"Don't worry about it. Its fine. We're both still alive and standing tall. Problem is we have no transportation to get out of this area. We have to walk to cover and we have to hide from those bastards until we get some reinforcements to help us out on the ground.. I saw a lot of those bugs and I can already tell that us two alone can't handle them.. Especially when I have no weapons... "

Krystal smiled and went back into the cockpit of her arwing. She pulls out a blaster and hands it to Onyx.

"Wow, you came prepared. Thanks. " He said.

"Your welcome. Now lets get moving. " She pulls out a medium sized staff and graps it firmly in her hand.

Onyx looked at Krystal. "Uhmm.. You do know how to use that right? "

"We'll duh.. Of course I do.... Krystal retailiated.

"Okay.. Just making sure.... " Onyx said quietly.

"Just cause I made my Arwing crash, doesn't mean I don't know how to use my staff. " She replied.

"Okay, I'm just making sure.. I don't want to get thwacked in the back of the head during combat.. " he chuckled.

"Oh just shut up and walk. " She said.

They both walked through the quiet and damaged city of Safari, seeing nothing but smokes and fire coming from buildings and multiple dead bodies on the floor they were walking on. "Damn.. Seems like no one was able to get out of the city alive during the attack on the city. " Onyx said.

"Yeah no one could.. But I'm positive people are still alive, they're just hiding and waiting for help. " Krystal said.

"Speaking of help. Why don't you use your communicator and call down for help from Peppy and your team? " Onyx asked.

"It doesn't work. If it did, Peppy would've contacted me by now. And I already know that the crash did some serious damage to mine cause I was in the cockpit. What about yours? I know Peppy gave you one. " she said.

"Mine doesn't work either for some reason.. Maybe there is something jamming our communications or something? Because I'm pretty sure my communicator works.. It didn't suffer any damage I think. It looks perfectly fine and functional.

"Then there must be a radar jammer here nearby .. Cornria and our team knows that the aparoids breed creatures that can disrupt our Communications. I'm thinking we should focus on finding it and destroying it before we seek refuge.. I know Peppy must be trying so hard to contact us. I don't want him to think that we are dead.. "

Onyx nodded in agreement. "Alright then, we'll find that little bug and squash it. And then try and restablish COMS with your team and Peppy. Once we get that done, we can call in for an evacuation. But before we find the bug, I need to look for someone and make sure he is alive.. "

"Who? " Krystal asked.

"My Commander and best friend, Lucas. Hes a white colored Vixen, he isn't that hard to spot. " Onyx said.

"Alright then, we'll look for him as we're looking for the Jammer. If we try and look for him first and find out he is dead, all that time wasting to look for him would be pointless, when we could easily look for the jammer. " Krystal said.

"You have a point.. Okay, we'll look for the bug first. If Lucas is still alive he'll show up somewhere, Hopefully.. "

Krystal put her hand on Onyx's shoulder. "Relax, I'm sure your friend is okay. He may be taking refuge with other surrvivers.

Onyx nodded in disagreement. " No way. Lucas doesn't hide from his hunters.. His cocky attitude and ego is what draws enemies to him. He wants his foes to fight him. He thinks he can take them all. Thats what I'm worried about. Him doing something foolish like that.. "

"Just have faith Onyx, he can still be alive and we'll find him. " She said.

Onyx smiled. "Right, thanks for the enthusiam and motivation. Lets go. "

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Chapter 8 Final Part

They set their main objective and went to search for the Aparoid creature jamming their communications. They used their unique and quiet stealth to avoid lurking Aparoids patroling the streets of the city. At times they were forced to engage the enemy, but Krystal did most of the fighting and ended the fight quite efficently. Leaving no trace, making no noise or drawing any enemy attention towards themselves. They used stealth to kill their enemies and remain unseen. So far everything was going fine. But they still did not find the Aparoid creature jamming their communications. As they emerged from a dark alley and into the sidewalks of the streets, Onyx and Krystal both heard a massive amount of gun fire. The sound of gunfire was nearby. "Surrvivers! Armed with weapons! " Krystal said. Onyx chuckled. "It could be Lucas! IT has to be him! "

"LETS GO THEN! " Krystal shouted.

They both ran down to where they heard the gun fire. They eventually stopped and hid around a corner and saw multiple aparoid crawlers being blown to bits by fast bullets, their green blood being splattered onto the street, all of them being killed one by one by three different shooters. Onyx and Krystal both heard a male voice. Krystal was completely unfamiliar with it, but Onyx knew who the voice belonged too. The voice shouted.


"LUCAS! Come on we have to help them! " Onyx shouted.

Onyx pulled out his blaster and ran down to where Lucas was, hiding in a local gun shop with 2 others. Krystal ran right behind him with her staff in her hands. Onyx saw multiple Aparoids in his way and started to blast at them and run at the same time. One Aparoid tried to jump at Onyx, but Krystal, dashed ahead of him and smacked it straight down to the ground. She charged up her staff with energy and fired a fire bolt at it, and set the Aparoid on fire. The Aparoid screamed in pain and slowly incinerated to death and to ashes. They continued to run down to the gunshop. They both made it inside and took cover behind Lucas and the 2 others shooters, one was a red colored vixen and the other one was a blue colored Falcon.

Lucas looked at Onyx as he made it inside the gunshop. "Onyx get your girl friend a blaster and load up on Ammo and help me with these fat roaches! " He shouted.

"Shes not my girlfriend just a friend! GRA.. Why do you have to say that.. Oh forget it.. Krystal get a gun and help us out. "

Onyx grabbed some ammo for his blaster and started to fire at multiple Aparoids dashing at them. One by one the aparoids were shot down before they could even get within 3 feet of the entrence of the gunshop.

Krystal withdrawed her staff and put it on her back. She grabbed two dual machine guns and started spraying bullets at the Aparoids charging at them. The Aparoids rushed at them non stop. Trying to take at least one of the five shooters down to at least break their solid defense, but they couldn't do anything. The Aparoid's blood splattered on the gangs clothes, but it didn't bother them, they kept firing until all of them were dead.

Onyx ducked down into cover and reloaded. He popped his head out and started to fire again and get back into action. Lucas, still holding his big gatling gun didn't let down for even a second, however the bullet display on his gun was at 250 and he was running out of ammo as he still had his finger on the trigger. The ammunition went from 250 to 150 in 5 seconds and then it went to 50 in another 5 seconds. Soon he was out of ammo.

"Damn it, I'm spent. Theres no ammo for this gun." An aparoid jumped to Lucas, but Lucas reacted quickly and threw his giant gatling gun at the Aparoid jumping at him. The aparoid fell to the ground and was pinned down by Lucas's heavy gatling gun. The Vixen shooter grabbed a shotgun. He shouted Lucas's name and as soon as Lucas looked back at the Vixen, he saw a shotgun being thrown to him. Lucas grabbed it and turned his head back into the fight. Fighting back against the Aparoids rushing him. The Falcon saw a strange aparoid in the back of the horde of smaller aparoids distacting them. The falcon saw the strange Aparoid open its mouth. The Falcon looked back at his teammates and shouted. " SNIPER! "

Lucas sitting right next to him in cover shouted, at the standing Falcon. "IDIOT GET YOUR HEAD DOWN THEN! ". As the Falcon tried to get into cover, he was intercepted and killed by a large spike that went through his head shot by the Aparoid Sniper. His body fell to the ground and Lucas sighed. "God.. No one knows what to do against a sniper.. " he said.

Krystal threw down her two Machine guns and picked up a sniper racked up on the shelf. She went into cover and poked her head out in search for the Aparoid Sniper. She spotted him quickly, but saw the Sniper fire a needle at her. She quickly went into cover and evaded it. And she then poked her head out and scoped in and got a clean headshot as she pulled the trigger and quickly went back into cover.

"NICE! REAL NICE! " Lucas shouted.



"Don't get to cocky kid.. Only i can get cocky! WHEN YOU GET COCKY! YOUR GOING TO DIE! " Lucas shouted.

"OH PLEASE DAWG. I Can handle them! " The vixen shouted back

The vixen started firing shots and moving forward. As he stepped another step forward an Aparoid quickly jumped on him and started jabbing its claws into him. The Vixen screamed for help as he could not do anything with the creature on him. Onyx decided to help him out and fired at the creature on top of him. He killed the creature, but his teammate, the Vixen died 2 seconds before the aparoid was killed by Onyx. Now only Lucas, Onyx and Krystal remain and the firefight between them and the Aparoids are starting to finish. The gunfire stops and no Aparoids are heard or seen trying to get into the gun shop and try and kill them. Lucas leaves the gunshop and looks around, seeing or hearing no Aparoid in sight. He turns back and walks back inside the gunshop. He looks at Onyx. " We would be so screwed if you guys didn't come... Those guys would've been my downfall.. Anyway Onyx.. I can't believe your alive man.. What happened to you last night? " He asked.

"I don't know man. I just heard something crash, i went to go check it out and I was like knocked out from some light and I woke up on Krystal's Commander's ship, the Great Fox. And thats about it.. I was looking for you man. " Onyx replied.

"Well at least i know your alive, and well. " Lucas said. He turned his attention to Krystal who was wiping the blood off of her fur and clothes. Lucas walked up to her with a cocky smile on his face. "So uhmm.. Whats your name sexy? "

"Oh my god.. Lucas not now. " Onyx said.

"RELAX Onyx.. You'll get your turn.. Hell probably had fun with her before I could. So.. Uhmm.. Whats your name? Your bra cup and your -"

In a split second Onyx saw Krystal spin kick Lucas's legs and makes him trip and fall down to the ground and saw Krystal raise up her staff up in the air and swing it down on Lucas's head with a large amount of force to do damage to Lucas, but not not serevrly injure or kill him. "The name is Krystal, you perv.... " Onyx sighed. "I told you not to do it now.... You had that coming... "

"I'm sorry. I was trying to have fun.. " Lucas said as he slowly got up from the ground and backed away from Krystal.

"So what are you guys doing here? " He asked.

"We came here to find you and destroy an Aparoid creature jamming our radar.. " Onyx replied.

"An Aparoid creature jamming your radar? Those things are hard to find.. " Lucas said.

"Not really, all you need is a sniper and you'll find it in like a minute or two. The creature is always flying in mid air and will only be vulnerable if you have a sniper aimed at it. Once a sniper is being aimed at it, the creature will open its eye and be vulnerable to a sniper shot.

Krystal said.

"A Sniper? Hmm, I think I can find it. " Onyx said.

Onyx grabbed a different sniper racked on the shelf and headed outside the gunshop. He got into a fortified position and looked through his scope and tried to look for it. Getting information from Krystal, he knew the creature was to only be flying in the air. He searched the skies and turned 360 degrees. He soon stopped as he saw a medium sized creature hovering in mid air. "Is that it? " Onyx asked himself. He kept his sniper aimed at the hovering creature.

"Onyx what are you doing?? " Lucas asked.

"Did you find it? " Krystal asked.

As Onyx kept his sniper on the creature. The creature opened its eye. "Say good bye. " Onyx said as he put his finger on the trigger.

The creature's eye glew from red to green and in an instant the creature Onyx was aiming at, faded away and his vision was changed. The colors outside in the real world were not colorful anymore in his perspective. The only color he saw was red and purple. He saw a giant ghostly figure from a far that looked like an Aparoid coming close to him. The figure made a louch screech and Onyx dropped his sniper and fell to the ground. The creature went up close to Onyx and Onyx felt as if he was being grabbed and lifted into the air. The creature spoke with a feminine voice.

" Your body....... Your mind....... Shall be mine.....WE WILL HAVE YOU BACK WITH US!! You cannot resist us. You WILL JOIN US!! Onyx was terrified as the creature spoke to him. He had no idea what kind of Aparoid that thing holding him was. But he had no idea what she was talking, he felt as if the aparoid was trying to talk to someone else. Soon Onyx heard another voice from inside his head.

"LET ME BE! LET ME BE!!! " The voice shouted.


"ONYX! " His name being called by both Krystal and Lucas at the same time. The strange ghostly image along with the voice in his head finally disappeared. It seemed to have been like he was in that state for at least an hour or two, but it was actually just a quick 30 seconds in reality.

They both ran over to him and looked at him. Krystal looked up into the sky and saw the Aparoid creature that seemed to be jamming their radar. She picks up the Sniper Onyx had dropped and aimed it at the eye of Aparoid creature. She pulled the trigger and the bullet flew out the sniper rifle and killed the Aparoid creature jamming their communications. As soon as the creature died, Krystal looked at Onyx.

"Are you okay? " She asked.

Onyx rose up from the ground. "I-I-I don't know..... " he stuttered.

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Chapter 9

"You don't know? What do you mean you don't know? Why did you fall down like you were having a heart attack and you were in so much pain? " Lucas asked.

Onyx looked at Lucas. "I just don't know.. One minute, I had that bug in my sights and as I was ready to pull the trigger, I heard like voices in my head.. Just two of them though.... It was like some sort of mad chaos going on in my head. I couldn't think straight or anything at the moment. It was like... I was in my own world when I heard those voices. I also saw some kind of giant purple Aparoid like thing, walking closer and closer to me.. "

"It was a vision, many Aparoids tend to try and get into their enemies' Minds and maniuplate them to join them. It happened to a few of our enemies a while back during our first encounter with the Aparoids.. They were probably trying to do the same thing with you. It starts off with them telling you, that you can't resist them and you will join them. Stuff like that.. We need to get you out of here and isolated on the Great Fox. Peppy and ROB will run some tests to see whats going on inside you. We need to make sure your not like being manipulated and taking their side. Krystal said.

Onyx nodded his head. "Alright I guess I can go onboard and have them scan me for something.. Hopefully I won't have anything bad inside me.

"The Aparoids are just playing mind games with you, but still we need to get you checked. If it only happened to you and not me or Lucas then you may have something.. I'm not sure, it couldn't hurt to check though once we get out of here. " Krystal said.

"Hey, didn't you say an Aparoid flying was an Aparoid jamming our communications? I'm pretty sure that was the one.. Try and contact whoever you guys were trying to contact before you met me and have them set down an escape route for us. As much as I'd love to fight all these insects, I'm afraid I won't have enough lead for them.

Onyx nodded and tried to establish communications with Peppy. For the first ten seconds of trying to contact him, he heard nothing but static. But a second later, Peppy's voice was heard clearly and with no static disrupting their communications.

"Oh thank the Lylat your alive boy. I thought you and Krystal were in some serious trouble back there. Where are you guys at? I'm issueing an evacuation now. Give me your location. " Peppy ordered.

Onyx looked around his surroundings and looked at billboards, street signs and even the gun shop him and his current team were lurking by.

"Uhmm, we're at the local gunshop on the 44th David Avenue. Where are you going to pick us up? " He asked.

"Okay I've sent Fox McCloud down to come escort you guys to the evacuation area, where I will park the GreatFox and meet with you guys to get you off and away from the city. Fox McCloud will be near the Evacuation point with a Sniper in his hands. When he spots you guys, he will contact you once he gets an open channel to you guys. There are still some radar jammaers here and there but if you are in a ceratain close range of Fox, he'll be able to contact you and lead you the way to the evacuation point. The Evacuation point will be on top of the Safari Main City Building, on the 50th Street of Brook Avenue. I'll see you all soon. " Peppy said as he exited the com channel.

Onyx looked at both Krystal and Lucas. "Okay then, we know what we got to do so lets get moving. We can't afford to stay here much longer without those bugs coming out and hunting us. "

Lucas and Krystal both nodded "Okay then lets go going, we're not far from the Main City building. Its that huge tower up ahead. It contains 20 floors I believe.. If we take the elevator we can get there in no time. Lucas said.

"Alright then lets go. " Krystal said.

The three of them ran off to their evacuation point, under the dark skies and clouds above them. Rain started to drizzle down on top of their heads and onto the floor. As they ran to their evacuation point, there were no Aparoids in sight or near them that they had to engage with. They approached the double doors of the main safari city building. The doors did not automatically slide open as they approached the carpet panel. Onyx and Lucas tried to pry the glass door open, but it wouldn't move.

"Its not functional anymore and its on lockdown, it will open.. " Onyx said.

Lucas pulled out his shotgun. "Out of the way. " He shouted.

"LUCAS! Wait I know what your thinking, if you break the windows you'll draw all the attention to us with the sound of the glass shattering. "

Krystal shouted.

"Not like he needs to anyway. We've already found you and heard you girl.. " a strange voice said.

The voice was unfamiliar to Lucas or Krystal, but Onyx knew who it was right off the bat. "Great.. Krale your just stalking me now aren't you? Go command those bastards to get squashed on by something bigger then them for gods sake. " He said.

"Actually little insect, my bretheren are the ones who are going to do the 'squashing' in this fight. " Krale said.

Multiple Aparoids emerged from the corners of buildings and some emerged from the ground near the gang. There were dozens of them around them.

"Oh damn... Uhmm. Sorry guys.. I know you guys need some lead, but I can't give it to all of you now.. " Lucas said.

Lucas grasped his shotgun with both hands and swung it at the main glass door to the main safari city building. A loud shattering noise was created upon impact from the shotgun itself. Glass fell down to the ground and an entrence was provided for the gang. "Lets play some Tag! " Lucas shouted.

Lucas ran inside at full speed, followed by Onyx and Krystal.

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Chapter 9 Final Part

"You won't escape this time my friend!! AFTER THEM! Krale shouted.

The Aparoids stormed inside the buildings and chased the 3 of them. Onyx and Krystal both mannaged to catch up to Lucas who was standing in front of an elevator door, pushing the button to open the elevator door multiple times. "The Elevators don't work.. We're going to have to take the stairs.. " Onyx shouted.

Lucas looked back at Onyx. "AND RUN UP 20 DECKS OF STAIRS? THE HELL WITH THAT. HOLD THEM OFF, I'll try and restore power to this elevator. I've done a little maintence and hacking on stuff like this. Lucas shouted.

lucas went to the side of the elevator door, and pulled out a panel. He saw tangled wires everywhere and out of place. "Seems like people thought the Aparoids were going to use the elevator or somethhing.. No way Apaorids would tangle wires that they don't know about like this. "

Krystal looked back and heard the footsteps and growls of Multiple Aparoids. "Lucas they're coming! How long will it take you for you to open this door? " She asked.

Lucas looked back at Krystal. " At least 40 seconds or more if you can provide me cover and not pressure me. Just hold those bastards off I'm almost done. "

Krystal pulled out her staff and Onyx pulled out his blaster, they both set up a barricade and stood behind it, ready to fire at any aparoid coming their way. The growling and footsteps were heard louder as if they were getting closer and closer to them. Onyx saw an Aparoid run by a corner and dashed to him. He fired a shot at the Aparoid in the head, and killed it instanstly. Multiple aparoids emerged as Onyx killed the first one that he saw. Onyx then charged up his blaster to full power and fired off a powerful red shot, that went through multiple aparoid's bodies and killed at least 6 of them that were in a straight line. "Ohhh... This is badass. YO Lucas how much time? "

"15 Seconds! Hold them off for a good 15 seconds and the door will be open! " He shouted back at them.

One Aparoid jumped over the barricade Onyx and Krystal set up, but Krystal with fast reflexes twirled her staff around and thwacked the Aparoid with a large amount of force, it knocked the Aparoid back and away from them. "God these bugs will do anything to just grab you.. "

"Cause they got good taste and want to feel ya. " Lucas chuckled.


"Alright, jeez.. I get screamed at for trying to make our near death experience funny.. " Lucas grumbled to himself.

He twisted the wires and inserted them in their right places. He finally finished and power was restored to the elevator. He pushed

the button to open the elvator door and the door opened. "Its open! LETS GO! COME ON! " he shouted.

Both Onyx and Krystal withdrew their weapons and ran inside to the opened elevator. As soon as the whole gang was inside, Lucas pressed a button that made the elevator doors close slowly. As the doors finally closed, the Aparoids started clawing and punching the thick metal door for a few seconds. Lucas pushed a button that had the number "20" on it the elevator ascended upwards. As the elevator ascended the punches and clawings on the door stopped. Sweet jazz music was being played through the stereo of the elevator ceiling. They stood in the elevator for a minute quietly until Lucas said. "I like this song.. Brings back memories of when T.Pain played the Saxohphones blues... Ahh good times.. "

The elevator stopped on the 17th floor for some strange reason. "What the hell? Whos trying to use the elevator? " Onyx asked.

Lucas pulled out his shotgun. "I think I have an idea on who or what it is. " the doors opened a giant aparoid crawler screeched and tried to attack them. Lucas aimed his shotgun and pulled the trigger, the creature went flying back with its blood splatting mainly on Lucas's clothing and fur. "I called it.. " He said. The elevator suddenly made a wierd noise and the sweet jazz music stopped and the lighting in the elevator disappeared and was filled with darkness. The doors did not close for some reason. Lucas hit a button on the elevator but the elevator still did not respond. "OH wow really? Guess we gotta walk the rest of the way up. " The three of them walked outside the elevator door and heard the growling and footsteps of Aparoids near the staircase. "YEAH NOT WALK.. RUN!! " Onyx shouted.

The three of them quickly ran up the staircase, running up the 3 remaining floors up to the roof. They finally got to the roof. They saw the glass door and quickly ran to them. Lucas, still with his shotgun fired a shot and the bullets broke the glass doors and the 3 of them jumped through it.

They finally were on the outside area of the building, they stood on the giant empty roof like platform that could fit a giant cargo ship.

Onyx looked up in the skies for the Great Fox. He saw nothing but the dark clouds. He quickly turned on his communicator and made a channel with Peppy. "Yo Peppy we are on the 20th floor.. Where are you? " Onyx asked. "I'm in the skies hiding in the clouds, I see you guys, you should see me in like a couple of seconds. Peppy replied.

The gang looked up at the sky looking for the Great Fox. Krystal suddenly spotted it. She pointed and shouted. "There he is! "

Onyx and Lucas looked at the general direction Krystal was pointing too and saw a figure hidden in the clouds. Soon the figure emerged from the clouds and a giant tan like ship was seen, it had the Great Fox painted on the side of the ship and the Lylat Fox Symbol as well.

"Awesome timing! WE SEE YOU LAND DOWN FOR US! " Onyx shouted.

"Actually I don't think thats wise. I'm detecting multiple enemy movement coming to you guys. They'll be here in like 25 seconds. If I land it will take me a good minute to do so and another minute to depart. I'ma hover near the platform and you guys jump aboard, making it easy for me to depart alright? " Peppy shouted.

"Alright! Guys we won't have enough time to depart if Peppy lands, so what we'll let Peppy get close enough to us, where we can jump onboard the Great Fox so the Great Fox won't suffer any damage when it lands alright? " Onyx said.

The Great Fox finally came close to the platform and hovered around it. The entrence hatch of the Great Fox was opened and Peppy greeted them. " Awesome. You made it! COME On get onboard. Krystal and Lucas both nodded they both ran up ahead the platform and jumped aboard the Great Fox leaving Onyx still in front of the entrenece of the roof. Onyx walked up forward but was intercepted and frozen in place as a Needle spike hit him in the back. Onyx kneeled down to the ground and moaned. "ARGG.. What the? " He said to himself. "ONYX! " Krystal shouted.

"You are not going anywhere insect.. I can promise you that... I just found out what you have, and the Queen wants it back. "

"ONYX! " Lucas shouted. he was ready to jump back onto the platform and help his friend but the Great Fox was slowly moving away from the platform. He knew his jump wouldn't get him onto the platform again, he would just rather fall down and plummet to the ground and die.



"Affirmative. " ROB replied.

Onyx rose up and turned around and aimed his blaster at Krale. Unfortunately Krale shot another needle at Onyx, that him in the arm. Onyx dropped his blaster and Onyx fell down to the ground. He tried to crawl away from Krale, but he was grabbed and lifted into the air. Krale looked at him dead in the eye. " I know your hearing this brother. You've resisted us long enough. You've tried to escape us but now you face your final destination. "

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!! " Onyx shouted trying to break free from Krale's grasp.

"You have him! And the Queen wants him back! " Onyx tried to break free from his grasp again but being shot twice, he felt too much pain to do anything. "Your Mine now."

Suddenly Onyx heard the same voice from before in his head.

"I will not be taken away! I will not go back!! WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM! The voice said.

In an instant Onyx's eyes glowed blood red. And Onyx's claws started to grow sharper and more metallic. Onyx raised his injured arm like if nothing had happened to it and slashed Krale in the face. Krale released his grip.

"ONYX? " Krystal asked. "NO WAY WHERE DID HE GET THOSE CLAWS? " Lucas asked.

Krale put his hands on his clawed face and then removed them. "ARGG! HOW DARE YOU! YOUR DEAD! " He shouted.

Krale shot a spike that was aimed at Onyx's head. However Onyx with his new supernatural skills evaded it. He dashed up to Krale with more speed then he ever had before and stabbed him in the chest with his metallic claws.

Onyx's voice grew more deeper and louder then before."MY FREEDOM! SHALL NOT BE TAKEN AWAY! NOT BY YOU! OR THE QUEEN WHO BREEDED ME! " Onyx shouted.

"So young and so naive! How dare you harm your brother! GRAA " Krale thwacked Onyx in the chest with his hard metal like fist and knocked Onyx back, removing the metallic claws that were in his chest. He fired 2 more spikes that hit Onyx in the chest and he walked closer to Onyx's downed body. "THE QUEEN MAY HAVE NEEDED YOU! BUT I'LL REPLACE YOU! " Krale shouted.

Krale opened his mouth and was ready to fire another spike at Onyx who was on the floor. As he was ready to fire it, he was intercepted and killed by a random sniper bullet that made his pop and blood splattering everywhere. Onyx looked at where the Sniper Bullet came from and saw a red vixen with a sniper sitting next to an Arwing. "Hmm. Wow hes not moving.. I thought cockroaches were still alive even if they're head was missing. Oh well. I'm fine with him dead. " Onyx heard the Vixen say over his COM wrist. He was completely unaware that a channel was made with him.

Onyx and the others heard multiple footsteps and growling from before coming closer to them. "Hey buddy you may want to get moving, i can hear some of those bugs' growls and footsteps over your channel. Get on the Great Fox! The vixen shouted.

"Do what FOX SAYS! COME ON!" Peppy shouted.

"Is this my host's allies? Maybe they help me from my pursuers.. I'll have to take the chance. This body is already weak before i took control. I can feel the pain of my host's body hurting me. I must escape before my bretheren get to me.

Onyx quickly rose up from the ground and ran over to the Great Fox. He quickly jumped forward and made a perfect and supernatural landing that a normal wolf wasn't supposed to do. The Red eyes on Onyx were slowly turning to green. "This body is giving away.. Damn. I had no idea he had poisin spikes.. Ugg. I must release control over my friendly host. Onyx's eyes were completely green. His metallic claws slowly went back into Onyx's fur and skin.Onyx was back to his old self. The hatch of the Great Fox behind him closed off, and the ship started to move. Onyx saw Lucas, Krystal and Peppy staring at him as if he had done something so amazing or something they hadn't seen before. "Onyx? " Krystal said.

Onyx looked at Krystal, and his body leaned forward and he hit the ground. He became unconscious and passed out from his bodies fight.

"ONYX!" is what he had last heard from three other people before he passed out.

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Chapter 10

After leaving the invaded City on Corneria, Krystal, Peppy and Lucas carried Onyx's unconscious body into a medical chamber for him to recover all the damage the Aparoids have done to him during his escape from the city. Its been a whole three days Onyx has been in the medical chamber.

Most of the time, in the chamber, Krystal and Lucas stood by his side and watched him as his body was being healed. Peppy informed them that Onyx would not awake for at least a whole two weeks due to the damage he has suffered from Krale's poisin needles. Peppy remained in the main hull of the Great Fox, next to Rob who was piloting the ship. He was staring off into space. The double doors behind Peppy opened and the tall Fox McCloud in his bright red and dark green flight suit walked through the door, with a Blue and taller Falco Lombardi wearing a Red and Blue flight suit with black sunglasses over his eyes. Peppy turned around and acknowledged their pressence. As Peppy opened his mouth, ready to speak, he was interrupted by Falco.

" So I guess we got to keep this guy here for a bit huh graamps? " He asked.

Peppy nodded his head. " We have to Falco. After seeing what that Wolf has done back there on the city and after looking at the insides of his Body thanks to R.O.B running a full scan on him, I realize we need him. He has something that I have never honestly seen before, and I want to know what it is.. "

" What more do you want to know? The guy is already part Aparoid.. Thats all that this thing tells you. Hes part of our enemy now. " Falco replied.

"I know Falco, but you weren't there, seeing what he was doing.. He was a hybrid, a wolf and and an aparoid combined. He was still more Aparoid then ever, yet he was fighting his own allies.. Rebelling against them. I want to why that was happening. Any corrupted person like us would be a complete mindless slave to the Aparoids. Yet it seemed that Onyx was already corrupted before, yet he was an aparoid and fought aginst them as if he was still on our side. " Peppy said.

"I was wondering why that had happened as well.. He was part Aparoid when I had my Sniper locked on that guy about to kill him. I would've shot him, but I was seeing him escorting Krystal and that other dude. So I assumed he was an ally and an enemy of the Aparoid when I saw him attacking the other Aparoids. Perhaps, Onyx may be one of those who can resist the Aparoid's mind control, but still use the mutation the Aparoids gave him to his advantage. Like those Claws he randomly grew. " Fox said.

"I don't know Fox.. Like I said I've never seen it before. I took an X-Ray and I found something different inside him. I saw some kind of red larva inside, attached to Onyx's ribcage. Its just like the other people that are infected by the Aparoids. Except the insides of the body are covered with more then just some larva, it has a purple core that spreads purple like cells throughout the whole body. In Onyx's body, its just looks like an additional organ or something. I tried letting ROB Scanning it, but even he doesn't know what it is. He knows its relevant to the Aparoids though. " Peppy said.

" So.. We're carrying a Wolf who is infected with an Aparoid on board our ship? Just to like study him and see whats going on inside him? " Fox asked.

"Yeah. I know you may not like it Fox and your having doubts, but we got it under control. After all, when Onyx was in his Aparoid state he did not attack us. So I think he still knows who his allies are.. " Peppy responded.

"I hope your right about this Gramps.. " Falco muttered.

"I promise you I am right about this. I just hope he'll be able to handle what I'm going to say to him about what he is now.. " Peppy said.

In the Medical Chamber, Krystal and Lucas still stood next to Onyx who was slowly awakening much earlier then they all had expected. His eyelide were slowly being light and easy to lift and he opened them. His green eyes looked up at the ceiling and then he cocked his head to the left and right and saw Lucas to his left and Krystal to his right. Lucas's eyes opened wide open.

"Onyx?!! " Lucas shouted, he removed the mask over Onyx's mouth.

"Y-Yeah??? " Onyx said weakly.

"Wow, you made a fast recovery then usual.. Peppy said you wouldn't wake up for another week and a half.. You had us worried there Onyx. " Krystal said.

I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean to keep you guys like that.. I don't even know what happened to me to be put in this state to be honest.. I'ma bit lost as of right now. Where am I? " He asked.

"Onboard the Great Fox, in the medical chamber. " Krystal replied.

Onyx lifted up his upper body from the bed and groaned. His upper body was quickly pushed back onto the bed by Krystal.

"Don't try and hurry and get back into some action.. Rest Onyx, you've been damaged pretty badly, and you trying to walk around with the pain your body has suffered isn't good..

Onyx chuckled. "Shes right Onyx, don't try and take the injuries your body has recieved so lightly... " Lucas said.

"Yeah.. Maybe I do need rest.. Rest from everything stupid that has happened recently.. "

The doors that lead to the medical chamber opened and Peppy stepped inside. He glanced at Onyx who was surpisingly conscious earlier then he anticipated. The room became silent for a seconds, and then Peppy spoke, with a normal expression on his face.

"Hmmm, I should've figured you'd recover faster then the average wolf.. " Peppy said.

"Hell Yeah. I was born like that. I only need a small amount of rest compared to everyone else. " Onyx said.

Peppy walked up to Onyx, his normal expression on his face changed to a serious one. " Thats not what I meant Onyx.. You may recover fast, but after all that pain your body has went through. No normal wolf should've been able to make a three day recovery like that, especially not from the medical stuff we have.. No wolf could recover that fast, unless that certain wolf had something alien like inside him.. Unless he had a drug or a parsite assisting him in the process of the recovery of your body... Peppy said.

Onyx too had a serious expression on his face as Peppy finished his statement. He rose his upper body and stared at Peppy.

"What are you getting at Peppy? What are you trying to say?? " Onyx asked.

Peppy sighed. "Onyx, your no longer 100% a wolf.. Your no longer 100% yourself. You now share a gene inside you. " Peppy said.

" Peppy what are you talking about? What do you mean I'm not 100% myself.. " Onyx asked.

"Onyx, your a part of them.. "

"Part of who Peppy? " Onyx asked.

He looked to his sides and saw Lucas and Krystal, both carring a worried like face, remaining quiet as Onyx looked at them both.

" Whats the matter with you guys??? You make it seem like, I'm like some ghost or a monster.. Whats the matter? " He asked.

Peppy sighed. "Onyx you may hate what I'm about to say, but.. Onyx, you are part Aparoid. You are one of them.. "

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this is awsome! make a WHOLE bunch more, ya hear me!? oh and btw i have all the chapters that u made so far on microsoft word so i can read them when ever i want! if thats ok with you?

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this is awsome! make a WHOLE bunch more, ya hear me!? oh and btw i have all the chapters that u made so far on microsoft word so i can read them when ever i want! if thats ok with you?

Of course. I have no problem with you doing that. Thanks for actually reading this and commenting :D

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my head has a fuse and if i have to wait any longer my head will explode! :lock: ITS PENUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! :compcrash: this will be my computer if i dont have my starfox legends.

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np PLZ make more u are such a good writer!

Jeez lol. Huge fan here. Beleive it or not, I am not a very extremely " Good Writter" there is like so many errors I see in this fan fiction like the Format, which I have no idea how to fix and etc. I'm also not so descriptive in fighting scenes, I really suck at them. Making a fighting scene, by "writting" it is pretty difficult lol. But I'll make more right now since I got me some free time.

Okay I made chapter 11 for you guys who are still watching :D

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