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Take Over

Rules / Discussion / Join



This RP is join by request. Request at any time by reading these guidelines and posting a brief profile. Questions and concerns should be posted here. We should be able to work just about anyone in with a request so long as the player count doesn't get too high for me. 


Take Over is your mission, this is your toolkit:


[TOOLKIT v.2.7.1]


Transmission received: a running summary is at your disposal.



First and foremost play a >fair RP, abide by >site rules, and pace yourself logically. 


When you first join you are a Loner. Loners may || a) get in touch with a team to join them || b) choose to remain a Loner || c) start you own team by rallying at least one other member.


There were two teams at start: Non-Pigeons and Zimbabwe. 



There are two realms:



to connect to sfo type on separate line:



to disconnect to reality type on a separate line:



SFO Realm:

When connected to sfo you appear exactly as your avatar (profile pic). Any actions made can and should be conceptualized as an animation of the users current avatar. If your avatar is a character it should be noted that you are not that character but that character is your form. (make sense?)


Avatar changes do not have to be written in. Just pick up with the users most current profile picture. Now, of course, this doesn't restrict you from writing a change in, especially if it helps your role-play.


If your avatar doesn't have a face - and you want it to - you can play a virtual character that, preferably, pertains to your faceless avatar.


Your reality is your immediate surroundings when disconnected from sfo. You must travel to make significant changes in your surroundings.


You can not simply disconnect to reality and meetup with another sfo member.  To meetup 1) someone must have planned the event online  2) an entire post must be dedicated to you disconnecting and traveling to meetup. If you do not disconnect and travel you may not attend a meetup.





- when you wish to fight address the person(s) you want to engage then draw your weapon (or dukes). If they return the gesture you are locked in a fight.


- You must continue this skirmish until either a) you choose to yield || b) the other person(s) has chosen to yield || c) all parties left standing come to a truce.


- You may yield by disconnecting to reality or running away. This can be written as having taken heavy damage and choosing to leave, simply bailing, or anything along those lines. Be creative.


- Call a truce with a mutual hug and apology. (or something like that)


More on Weapons & Battles:


- You cannot use weapons in reality

- No blood, you only “take damageâ€

- Banter is expected





When connected to sfo you play as your established self on the site. Make a brief profile in this thread if you are like a new member or something.


When you are disconnected to reality play as an IRL version of yourself. Your IRL self is assumed to be fictional.

Post IRL profiles in this thread if you wish.


Teams are about their agenda, so they are not automatically pitted against each other unless there is a conflict of interest.

“Official†standings is determined by team leaders and updated on the team wall.


A team starts out as 2 members and a team is dissolved if it drops below 2 members. You start over as a loner when leaving a team.


To leave a team simply state "i'm leaving team X" and tell why in your post.


A new team should PM me what they want on their team wall.


All teams have brief join rules on exactly how they prefer you join. Refer to team wall.

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This is a the wall of teams.
This serves as a gallery of agendas for any Loners wishing to join a team. I will be keeping it updated until I die or the RP does.


A poll will be kept within the RP to show team rosters so long as its not abused.



to join: ask anyone on the team
agenda: divide and conquer and begin anew

general rules:
1) Do it with respect:  Eat with Respect. Fight with Respect. Brush you teeth with Respect. Get pissed off with Respect. Most importantly: disRespect with Respect.

2) Rule 2 is subject to change



- Gestalt/Shen (Leader)

- LazerMaster5 - HACKER

- Infinity 2 - THE DRIVER



Zimbabwe: Neutral 


​to join: simple declare your allegiance to Zimbabwe
agenda: Zimbabwe All
general rules:...



- High Executor (Implied Leader)

- Infinite number of lackeys 



Non-pigeons: Neutral




- I am that is


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This section is now reserved for any updates.


Any updates:

- RP will start when a healthy amount of players have checked in.

- Terrain- It is up to the players to imagine what the virtual sfo looks like. Be creative. It'd be nice if we could get a funny map out of this.

- you may start out in any realm you so choose

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SpaceCookie checking in, I understand some of the rules and I'm willing to give this RP a try.


My profiles:



Name: Johannes

Bio: Happy and peaceful person almost always, evil and sometimes grumpy when hungry. Have a normal desktop, and has decent internet.



Name: SpaceCookie

Bio: Almost the same as in IRL


Claws and teeth

Mini guns mounted on back(I'm a mobile sentry)

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InfinitySquared here, and I'm willing to give this a shot





Name: John K[redacted]

Bio: Fairly neutral, but when I have an opinion, I can be very hard to persuade or dissuade. I leave no stones unturned. I have a Mac, and 2 WiFi boxes that don't reach far enough in this cavernous schloss I call home. Also, I'm a musician. Some may call me everything that's wrong with the world, and others may call me everything that's right with the world. May or may not have powerful connections via family. Insert other vaguely ominous facts here.



Name: InfinitySquared

Bio: See IRL bio. I'm not 'creative' enough to have an original character.

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Name: Alexander.

Bio: Young man, scientist/Historian/Poet, good orator, spends a lot of time organizing stuff IRL. Stubborn. Custom PC.


Online- AJC, I Am That Is,

Bio: Old time SFO'er, generally roguish, Natural dislike of new comers in till meeting and testing them. Long time plans to take over sfo. (EI: Operation cotton candy) Smaller but built stature. Doesn't fight, and if so does not use weapons. Uses words and other to fight.

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By god, ladies. Let us begin: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


You may start out in which ever realm you so choose.



My profile:



Name: Maxwell

Bio: computer programmer by day, mental mess by night. His desk faces faces no walls. Primary computer is a high end-ish laptop. Has decent internet.



Name: Gestalt / Shen

Bio: You either already know this or will find out shortly.

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Might as well check in.




Nickname: Wolf

Bio: High-school student and gamer during the summers. Computer is outdated by years, yet keeps up with most of the generation's finest. Personality can be compiled from his Online Form.



Name- Monokuma

Bio- Half peaceful, half insane. Goes on and on about 'students' and 'punishments', even his 'bear-like form'.



- E-Handbook (Radar, Object Scanner, PM System, Etc.)

- Metal Chassis (Protects Core, Medium Armor)

- Despair Eye (Monokuma Hologram Generator, Mobile HUD, Handbook Compatibility)

- Claws (Can be detached or hidden inside chassis, can be toxin-filled)

- Self-Destruct Bomb (Activated by user when needed)

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Name: Deuce
Bio: The Phantom at the Opera, Zimbabwe Ruler

Name: High Executor
Bio: yeah

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  • 3 weeks later...


Name: Preston

Bio: A 14 year old with extreme stealth, awesome hacking skills, and will beat the crap out of anyone who pisses him off.


Name: Max

Bio: A bad*** loner, only taking sides do to reason.

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IRL Name: Kenny B. Bio: A smart, slightly twisted, way cynical teenager who is really good with computers. Is mostly peaceful, until provoked. Avoid getting him pissed. Also dislikes people as a whole, wants anarchy to reset the world. Online Name: LazerMaster5 Bio: (see profile for character details) Docile until provoked, so avoid getting personal with him, or he will lay you out. Walks alone, only forming temporary bonds with people.

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Don't worry. If I wanted to stop this, I would have locked the threads.

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It might just be me, but it seems we are the verge of Powerplaying here, please try not to attempt so many actions at once, especially since Cookie's gone dark. Let's try and let him catch up, if we can.

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Do I actually have to hack this site, or are we just pretending? Quite honestly, I am not a hacker in real life.

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It might just be me, but it seems we are the verge of Powerplaying here, please try not to attempt so many actions at once, especially since Cookie's gone dark. Let's try and let him catch up, if we can.


Yes. Flattering as it is to boast players that are so eager to play, we must not forget to pace ourselves.


If anyone needs to catch up, I will try to space out the frequency at which I reply. For instance:


- switch from updating everyday -> to every other day

- switch from updating ever other day -> to every weekend


so that  1) the player "gone dark" doesn't have so much to catch up on, while 2) the RP stays alive



Do I actually have to hack this site, or are we just pretending? Quite honestly, I am not a hacker in real life.


I imagine that if you are having a change of heart (say-- wanting to do something you are more knowledgeable about) then you can manage to change your role for the team in character. Right now we are settling in, getting to know each other, planning/training. It would be the perfect opportunity to explain your strengths and weaknesses. (same goes for all)


Otherwise, as a hacker you can "appear" (no need for jargon) to be useful in situations that require a computer, or technological expertise. I wouldn't want you to God Mode yourself through everything tho. I will call a meeting at HQ soon enough where we throw around ideas for our plans. In time, we will have sub-missions and tasks where your skill set will, more easily, be put to use.

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I'm going to ask that you guys jot down profiles, in here, of any advanced weaponry/vehicles you decide to use. If I don't know exactly how it works by the mere mention of its name (id est: sentry, pistol, bat, flamethrower) then it is "advanced". Also, if you want to make it interesting give advanced weapons at least one drawback, or downside, to using it over a regular weapon.  (put these in your check in posts if you want and update as needed)
Now i'm curious, when we do get to a global stopping point. Would you prefer that I make the RP episodic?-- Meaning I close the current thread off, encapsulating the story thus far, allowing for regrouping, leaving, break taking, or being done-ing. Or do we want to ride this train in a single thread until it steams out? Think on that for me.
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As I stated in chat, I will include my weaponry in my 'check-in' post earlier in the thread. Other students may do it differently.



On the episodic note, I think that it might be more organized if we go episodically, hence each of the 3 legs of attack, or etc. Your call though.

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Minor edit to this post and the one before- 


Also, I'm leaning on episodic, with the next having less and more appropriate rules, since I have a better understanding of what Take Over is versus what I wanted it to be.


Now let's finish us a RP.


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I build for China Zimbabwe!


IRL name: Tilord

Bio: The most radiated part of a complete breakfast. Everything is for fun.


Online: Ballisticwaffles

Equipment: Comes with a side order of butter and Syrup. Along with a metophorical Musket that shoots real bullets.

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So ladies and gentlemen, here I am.


IRL Profile


Alias: Grin

Bio; Some dumb college kid with little to no aspirations. Or does he? Knows a good deal about computers and uses a custom rig.


SF-O Profile

Name: Fedora

Bio: Nice guy sometimes poster on SF-O. Was around for the RP section's heyday but that's really about it.


PIP-Pad- Interface with SF-O. Pretty much visual representation of access, usage and so on. Displays holograms too!

Big Iron- Revolver blaster used in the occasional conflict.

Black Hat- Rifle blaster used in the occasional conflict.

Power Fist- One gauntlet that has a powerful punch.

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