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New Movie Reviews and Upcoming Attractions


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Nothing fancy, just give a short or lengthy review of a movie you just saw in the theater. Also its a discussion on currently trailers for new films.


Example Review:



   Exodus: Gods and Kings aka Noah 2 (lol, but seriously its THAT bad)


   Rating: 2 1/2 stars


   I'm all for re-imaginings of repeated epics, largely because I enjoy comparing them and see what made this one good and the others with their individual redeeming quallities. For example the Ten Commandment and the Prince of Egypt. I love both of these films and they are what they are - so I can forgive them for a few indiscrepancies. BUT THIS...*facepalm* I don't know where to begin. This movie despite its repeated deviantions from the biblical account was a boring and tasteless pile of water flavored jello. The acting floored me it was so bad, it was almost as if they did all their diaolog in one take. Even Ben Kingsley couldn't save this film as Nun the father of Joshua.


   I'll say this, I'll give Christian Bale credit for not going Dark Knight in his portrayal of Moses. But honestly that could have been more entertaining than what was given. Instead we see Moses be a guy with issues who has agruements with God over ethics. Speaking of which God was a bratty, cruel, tea drinking, tween...yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh...huh...




   So I hated it.

   But not too much, I needed to be out of the house while drinking a flat Dr Pepper and munching Reese's Pieces. It did have some moments but in my opinion not enough from where I stand. A movie has never made me hurt this bad inside since Attack of the Clones. I won't stop you from watching for yourself, but be warned.

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