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A Fox in the Stars OC Collection


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All my Ocs and their information will posted here Watch this space i got 7 OCS

I'll first post my OGS then i'll post my newer characters



Name: Lenora Rochelle Glacecia

Age: 20 Physically mental age 17

Race: Cornerian Snow Lepoard

Origin: Corneria 

Home: Corneria 

Sex: Female

Height:  5'8"

Weight:  9 stone 4lbs

Build: Tall and Lanky

Eyes: Hazel

Hair:  Redish Auburn

Family: TBD

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality:  Shy and reserved normally when talking about work talkative and loud

Background:  Lenora is Miyu and Fay's friend from the acadamy and she's rather shy and reserved unless she's talking about her job then she can go on and on about it for hours but normally she finds non work related conversation very hard to talk about due to her lack of intersting hobbies and interests. She becomes a raging ragaholic when angry and will lose most of her self control if things get to much for her making her powerful but reckless

Abilities: Blaster, Sword and Piloting

Lenora the Snow Lepoard half.png

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Name: Montgomery Daniel Longfur

Age: 22 metal age 17

Race: Alsatian

Origin: Cornaria

Home: Sauria

Sex: Male

Height: 1.7272m/ 5'8"

Weight: 66.67807839000001 kg /10 stone 7 pounds

Build: Average though slightly musculer

Eyes: Dark green

Hair: Potato brown and tan

Family: TBD

Alignment: Lawful good

Personality: Montgomery loves to adventure he likes to bring home suvouniers from the planets he flys too he a big fan of selling rare stuff for tones of money he wants to open up a clothing store

Background: His father is an archologist and his mother works in a care home

Abilities: Can use magic with help from his silver amathyst staff. He can pilot ships though he's not good at showing off. he's always flying slowly and carfully. He's over emotional and the use of pure magic combied with negative emotions nearly always turns his pure magic into Dark magic

Relationship Status Engaged to Diana 14th January 2022


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Name: Jessinda Loise Hornberry

Age: 22 Physically mental age 22

Race: Venomian Gazelle

Origin: Starfox 2 early Beta but i made her my own/  Planet Venom

Home: Venom

Sex: Female

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 10 stone 2lbs

Build: Tall and Lanky

Eyes: Green

Hair: None

Family: TBD

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: creative but bland she likes to show off a lot.

Background: One of Lenora's new friends she met at Dina's Party she's a Tall and Lanky Gazelle and is part of Team Snow Quazar.

Abilities: Blaster, 50 mph Running. Increased Running Stamina. Horns. Long-Range Eyesight. Piloting



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Name: Dina Carley Cerinia

Age: 23 Physically

Mental age 19

Race:  Cerinian Vixen

Origin: Cerinia

Home: Corneria

Sex: Female

Height: /5'4"

Weight: /9 stone 5 lbs

Build: Small 

Eyes: Light Blue

Hair: Curulean blue

Family: Krystal (Younger sister)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality:  strong and sometimes very domineering nature

Background: Dina is a turquoise vixen and is Krystal's missing sister after Cerinia was destroyed she took a ship under a cloaking device and landed on Fortuna her ship is being repaired by herself she's not skilled in the mechanical area and the fact that when she lied so much when she was younger she's yet to meet her baby sister after over a decade. The people of Fortuna don't trust her that much and believe she may secretly be work a part of StarWolf... She has a strong and sometimes very domineering nature though when she's not talking to a person face to face she's more calmer and softer as she doesn't want to come across as a ruthless girl with nothing nice to say

Abilities: Blaster, 42 mph Running. low light clear vision. retractable claws. Long-Range jumping. Piloting




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Name: Sandra Sharlene Cottonfluff

Age: 21 Physically

Mental age 21

Race:  Fourtuna Sheep

Origin: Fortuna

Home: Fortuna

Sex: Female

Height: /5' ft

Weight: /9 stone 5 lbs

Build: Small 

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Sand yellow

Family: TBD

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality:  Socially awkward and prefers being by herself

Background: TBD

Abilities: Blaster,  almost 360 degree vision, brillient photgenic memory


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