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  • Star Fox Zero: Introduction and Prologue


  • Welcome to the StarFox-Online walkthrough guide for Star Fox Zero

    This guide is a collaboration project between StarFox-Online and YouTuber and Nintendo Brand Ambassador AbdallahSmash026. Please check out his channel for more awesome Nintendo-related content!

    AbdallahSmash026 has provided us with videos of each mission for all mission ending states. He has them set up on his channel as a "Choose Your Own Adventure" setup. If you prefer, you can watch it there by clicking here.

    Otherwise, you can navigate this walkthrough, which will soon have additional info provided by SF-O staff and members, by clicking on the arrow-shaped buttons at the top of the pages. Each mission will have a button for each mission accessible from the current one as well as a button for each mission that leads to the current one.

    Please watch this introductory video from AbdallahSmash026:

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