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1980s Style "Star Fox Zero" Fan Animation Opening

Hope(N Forever)

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Despite the fact we are all anticipating the official anime short Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins later today, by sheer chance a French-based, start-up animation director duo called "Channy and Kimberly" have just uploaded their very first animation on YouTube today, which happen to be a fan animation of a potential Star Fox Zero anime opening made in homage to the 1980s style. Check out the fan animation below - no regrets!

Subscribe to the duo if you like as well, as they really need more people to follow their brand new YouTube channel!

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I find it rather funny this shows up right around the same time as the official Starfox animated short. I've been saying it so much but I'll say it again: Starfox done in the style of 1980s space opera anime would be fucking mucho gusto.



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