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Any theories about Star Fox that you guys want people on the Internet to explore?


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I'm really kinda upset how Mat Pat from game theory only covered two underwhelming ones about metal legs and the barrel roll being an aileron roll.  Yet I believe that most people here can come up with better ones to explore with minimal effort.  So, have you thought of any good theories about that fox to explore?

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Might not be a theory, but more of a tech trip on this one, I always thought MatPat or even Gaijin or Gnoggin would do great to start a discussion on the technology of the Star Fox universe, bringing to light the many powerful gadgets, and ships that they employ.

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I got a couple good ones...

  • What happened to Bear and Denslar? Did they die in the same period as James? Were they also victims of Andross? If not, did Andross have "sockpuppets"?
  • What happened to Randorn? Was he murdered? Did he die in the explosion on Cerineria? Is he Krystal's biological father, or did he really adopt her? Does he play a role in Fox and Krystal's romance? Does he know James? If not, how did he meet Fox, if he did meet him?
  • What exactly is the Mirage Dragon: is it really a "weapon", or is there more to it? Did Andross summon it from an alternate universe? Does it play a role in choices made in the universe(s)? Does it "play god"?
  • Is there something about James and Fox that we don't know of (Fox seems to want to forgive James of something, from my point of view. Question is: what?)?
  • Does Shears and Pepper have any relationships (cousins, long-lost brothers, classmates/colleagues, etc.)?
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10 hours ago, Wreckingcanon said:

I'm really kinda upset how Mar Pat from game theory

Game theory is shit and their fans are shit. I stopped reading there.

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I got some good ones

-Pigma actually created along with andross(Wolf is just hired to be a leader)

-Pigma tries to manipulating Wolf... And fails

-Solar, It is Planet,Star, Artifact, or etc

-Technology in SF Universe

-Section Z,Y, and X, Why it looked like all of them orbit around solar?(and also It Perfectly formed a letters.)

That all what I can think of, For now.


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The theory I really want more people to explore is something that some of us are trying to figure out and that is what does the lylat system look like?  What planets are closest and furthest from the lylat star?

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