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The Stay on Dinosaur Planet


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The Stay on Dinosaur Planet


Chapter 1-Shabunga’s Surprise


After successfully defeating the evil Andross for the last time, Fox and Pikachu landed back in Thorntail Hollow. Tricky: “Fox, Fox!” Fox: “Tricky?”

Fox and Pikachu watched as Tricky ran towards them in an energetic way. Tricky: “Fox, you won’t believe this: Bubbles and Misty flew in this blue fox that looked almost like you.” Fox: “They did? Where are they, Tricky?” Tricky: “Follow me.”

           Fox followed Tricky into the chamber where the Queen Earthwalker was held. There they found a crowd of dinosaurs blocking their way towards Bubbles, Misty, the King and Queen Earthwalker, and Krystal. Krystal was lying on the floor. When one of the dinosaurs spotted Fox and the prince, it told the others to move out of the way for the two of them so they could move up towards the girls and the king and queen. Bubbles: “Fox, we’re so glad to see you. Poor Krystal almost didn’t make it. Luckily, we were able to receive help from the King and Queen Earthwalker.” Fox: “Great, how did it go?” Misty: “Not so good, I’m afraid the king and queen’s help just wasn’t enough. She’s still in bad shape. Those Krazoa Spirits did her in good.” Fox: “Will she be OK?” Misty: “Of course. With some rest and plenty of food, she’ll be recovered in no time.” Fox: “OK, then.” Misty: “However, until she recovers to her normal health, we’ll have to remain on Dinosaur Planet.” Fox: “For how long?” Misty: “I’d say…for a couple of days should help her.” Bubbles: “That’s longer than I thought we would stay here for.” Misty: “We should make the best of it and watch over her until she recovers.” King Earthwalker: “Nonsense, after the way you guys saved our planet, you deserve a lot more than this.” Fox: “Yeah, I know, but Misty’s right, I mean, if we’re not going to watch over her then who will?” Voice: “I will.” Fox: “Huh?”

Fox and the others watched as a Cloudrunner came out of the crowd. Cloudrunner: “I’ll stay and watch over Krystal. I’ve known her since the day she first landed on this planet.” Misty: “OK, then. While the Cloudrunner watches over Krystal, we’ll head to Cape Claw and meet the others there. We’ve received a message that they’re there, right now.” Fox: “Then let’s get going.” Misty: “All right, thanks for volunteering to watch over Krystal, noble Cloudrunner. If anything happens to her, just let us know.”

So, Fox, Misty, Bubbles and Tricky headed straight for Cape Claw.

When they arrived, they saw Princess Peach, Rayman, and Banjo. However, Kazooie was nowhere in sight. This was excellent news to Fox. After that, Fox and Misty set up their lounge chairs, took out their sunglasses and lounged on the chairs. (Adeleine painted the chairs out. Yes, Adeleine’s back and boy, was she happy to be painting for her friends again.) Later, General Pepper’s hologram popped up and congratulated Fox and his friends for saving the Lylat System again. Then Fox and Misty did something that reminded Peach of a little deal she made with the Thorntail storekeeper, Shabunga, after Fox bought the Snowhorn artifact. Therefore, she left the beach and headed straight for Thorntail Hollow.

          After Peach returned, the storekeeper, Shabunga, appeared out of nowhere behind Fox and Misty’s lounge chairs. Fox: “What the…? The Thorntail storekeeper? What are you doing here?” Shabunga: “I’ve got a little surprise for you and your red-headed friend, but first, I’m going to need to take some pictures.”

Then, he grabbed the scarab he had always worn around his neck, which he used to roll out into a 3-digit #, and somehow rolled it out into a camera. Shabunga: “You, with the ears.” Fox: “Who? Me?” Shabunga: “Yes, you, I need you to stand over there.” Fox: “Um, OK.”

He got up from his lounge chair, took off his sunglasses and walked not too far from where he was. Fox: “Here?” Shabunga: “Yes, there.”

Fox folded his arms. Fox: “So now, what?” Shabunga: “Stay right there, just like that. That’s perfect.”

He then held his camera up. Shabunga: “Now, smile and say “scarab”.”

Then he snapped shot and looked at a projector on the back of the camera to see if she got what he wanted. Shabunga: “Hm, good, you may sit down, now.”

Fox returned to his lounge chair. Shabunga: “You, with the headband.” Misty:” Who? Me?” Shabunga:” Yes, you, now I need you to stand over there.” Misty: “Um, alright.”

She got up from her lounge chair, took off her sunglasses and walked to the same spot that Fox was asked to stand. As she stopped, she put one arm behind her back and grabbed on to her other arm. Misty: “Here?” Shabunga:” Yes, there, perfect, just the way I wanted it to be.”

He held up his camera again. Shabunga: “Now, smile and say “scarabs”.”

Then he snapped shot and looked at the projector on the back of the camera. Shabunga: “Yessssss, perfect, you may sit down.”

Misty returned to her lounge chair. Shabunga: “Now, then, I’ll be right back. Don’t you go anywhere, you 2.”

Then he was gone.

Fox and Misty looked at each other and then back at where Shabunga once stood, er, floated. (I forgot that Shabunga has no legs, just a tail.) Then he reappeared with two lovely lockets: one with a picture of Fox in it, the other with a picture of Misty. He brought the lockets closer to the both of them. Shabunga: “Here you go, I hope you like them.” Fox: “Wow! What a great surprise. Self-portraits! Thank you.”

Fox was about to grab the locket with his picture in it but Shabunga quickly pulled it away from him. Shabunga: “Don’t touch this; it isn’t for you.”

 He held the picture of Fox in front of Misty. Shabunga: “This is for her.”

She grabbed the picture, he then held the other picture in front of Fox. Shabunga: “THIS is for you.”

Fox took the locket that Shabunga wanted him to take. Fox: “Gee, thanks but, um…” Shabunga: “What’s wrong, don’t you like it?” Fox: “Yeah, I like it but you just gave me a picture of Misty.” Misty: “Yeah, you gave me a picture of Fox. Don’t you think you have us totally mixed-up?” Shabunga: “Of course, not. I gave you 2 a picture of each other for a good reason; these portraits contain a picture of your loved ones.”

Misty became speechless but Fox was not satisfied. Fox: “Wait a minute, now you’re saying that we’re in love with each other?” Shabunga: “What? Don’t you get all nasty on me! I only gave you the lockets. I could always take yours back if you changed your mind about it.” Fox: “Who told you to give us these lockets? Princess Peach?” Shabunga: “Was that the name of that Blondie who asked me to make you these lockets?”

Fox was angry. Peach’s mind: “Darn it, I thought by giving him those lockets would help Fox realize his true feelings about Misty. I guess I underestimated him.”

Fox got up from his lounge chair and stood in front of Peach. Fox: “So, this is your next attempt; asking the storekeeper to create gifts that does all of your bragging for you, huh?” Peach: “Well, it was worth a try.” Fox: “Well, congratulations, you’ve failed.” Peach: “I …had a feeling you were going to say something like that.” Fox: “Yeah, I know. Come on, Peach, this isn’t funny.” Peach: “It’s wasn’t suppose to be funny, I’m just trying to tell you the truth. Please! You have to listen!” Fox: “I had it, Peach. You’ve changed too much since the day we couldn’t see each other anymore. First you’ve gone from caring to over protected and then from over protected to just plain ridiculous!!! Enough is enough!”

Fox turned his back on Peach and walked away. He then dropped his locket on the floor as he continued walking to the far side of the beach. Peach: “But, Fox, you must understand…” Fox: “Save it!”

Peach bowed her head in great sorrow. Shabunga: “That’s just great; I wasted my time and energy over making gifts for 2 couples who aren’t in love with each other.” Peach: “They ARE in love with each other; Fox is just too stubborn to see that.” Shabunga: “Oh, I see, well, maybe I should take back his locket since…” Peach: “No, leave it; I want him to pick it up after he gets back.”

Shabunga nodded and disappeared. Tricky: “So, what is Fox doing over there, Bubbles?” Bubbles: “Oh, Fox just wants to be alone whenever he gets angry. But, don’t worry, he’ll pull through.” Tricky: “How long is he going to stand over there?” Bubbles:” Don’t know. It depends on how angry he is. If we’re lucky, he’ll be standing there for a few hours.”

          Later that night, Fox is still standing on the other side of the beach. Just after he looked back at his friends, who are sleeping, he turned around and walked back. He stopped in front of his locket that he tossed on the ground earlier to pick it up and returned to his lounge chair. He looked towards Misty and at the picture of Misty in his locket. Fox’s mind: “Can it be true?”

Then he closed his eyes for the night.

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Chapter 2-A newborn princess; Tricky’s little sister

          Later that morning, Fox and Misty felt and heard a savage beast breathing on them. When they awoke, they saw that it was an Earthwalker breathing on them. They were spooked and lifted themselves up in a flash. Earthwalkers can seem monstrous when seen from down below, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Fox and Misty were spooked. Fox: “Whoa! If that was my wake up call, then I’m never complaining about my alarm clock again.” Misty: “You said it.” Earthwalker: “I’m sorry to wake you from such an unpleasant experience but this is urgent.” Fox: “How urgent?” Earthwalker: “Very, the king and queen needs me to bring you 2, the prince, and the blue and blonde little one to them right away. Something important is about to happen.” Fox: “Alright, alright, I’ll wake them.”

Fox kneeled in front of Bubbles and Tricky and shook them slightly. Fox: “Bubbles, Tricky, wake up, the king and queen need us.” Tricky: “(groan) Huh? Not now, mom. 5 more minutes, please.”

Fox then grabbed the two of them and shook them like an earthquake. Tricky: “OK, OK, I’m awake, I’m awake.”

Fox was able to drop them back on the ground. Fox: “It’s about time; the king and queen Earthwalker need us now, it’s urgent.” Tricky: “How urgent?” Fox: “Very, we need to return to Thorntail Hollow right away. Something important is going down.” Tricky: “Well why didn’t you say so, Fox? We need to return to Thorntail Hollow right away.” Fox: “I just said that.” Tricky: “Oh, right, sorry.”

Fox rolled his eyes.

          Soon, Fox and Misty climbed on the Earthwalker’s back and rode it out of Cape Claw and into Thorntail Hollow followed by Bubbles and Tricky. When they arrived, they saw the king and queen Earthwalker waiting for them in the chamber. Tricky: “Mom! Dad! We arrived here as fast as we could. What’s the urgent news?” Queen Earthwalker: “I’m glad to see that you could make it, son. However, before we get to the urgent news there’s something we need to confess. During the attack of our army at the Krazoa Palace, your father and I hid something besides his gatekeeping powers behind the sacred seal. Within the hole of that wall is where it’s hidden. The reason I called your friends here is because my husband and I can’t seem to reach the hole.” Fox: “And you want one of us to try to get that thing that you can’t reach within the hole?” Queen Earthwalker: “Right.” Bubbles: “Leave this one to me, Fox.” Fox: “No, no, I’ll take care of this one, Bubbles.”

Misty flew over to Krystal, picked her up and flew away as Fox approached the hole. He reached inside the hole and pulled out an egg. The egg was sort of a darkish-pink color with brown spots and a yellow bottom. Tricky: “Oh, my gosh, that’s not what I think it is?” Bubbles: “What is it?” Tricky: “It’s an Earthwalker egg!” Bubbles: “Oh! (gasp) Oh, my gosh, that’s not what I think it is?”

Fox, Misty, the queen and king Earthwalker laughed at Bubbles’ cute remark. Queen Earthwalker: “But indeed it is. The king and I worried that Scales would use it to threaten us once he found it. So your father hid the egg behind the sacred seal, as well as his powers.” Fox: “So, securing the egg within the hole to make sure that Scales doesn’t grab hold of the egg even if he found a way to crack open the seal?” King Earthwalker: “Right.” Fox: “So how long will it be until it hatches?” Queen Earthwalker: “Oh, I believe the answer to that question will arrive soon, Fox.” Fox: “Uh…what exactly is that suppose to mean…? Huh?”

Suddenly, the egg shattered and revealed a cute little Earthwalker covered in yolk. However, the Earthwalker wasn’t the only person covered in yolk. Fox: “Er, congratulations, it’s a girl.” Misty: “Wow! She’s beautiful.” Tricky: “Oh, wow! I can’t believe it! I have a sister! Alright! Woo-hoo!”

Tricky started jumping up and down with excitement. Tricky: “Mom, dad, you’re the best!” Fox: “Protecting this baby from General Scales was worth it for you, Tricky, and all of us, even me. You guys should be proud of your efforts.” Queen Earthwalker: “And we are proud. Thank you, Fox.” Fox: “Don’t mention it. So, what will you name her?”

The king and queen looked at each other and then back at Fox. Queen Earthwalker: “Well, actually, Fox, we’ve decided that you should name her.” Fox: “What? You can’t be serious.” King Earthwalker: “Oh, but we are. It’s the least we can do after what you and your friends have done for our world.” Fox: “Oh, well…um…that’s…awfully nice of you but to be honest…I’m…um…not very good with names.” Bubbles: “Don’t worry, Fox. Misty and I will lend you a helping hand.” Fox: “Really? That’s great. I was hoping you would say that.”

Fox, Misty, and Bubbles turned away from the king and queen and huddled. Fox: “Ok, girls, we need to think up a name for this Earthwalker child. Got any suggestions?” Bubbles: “How about Cutie?” Fox:” Mm, I don’t think so, Bubbles. It’s…sounding kind of strange. I mean, I agree with you; she IS cute, but she won’t remain like this forever. Try something else.” Bubbles: “Oh!” Misty:” I’ve got one, since she’s so beautiful, we should call her Beautiful.” Fox: “No, sorry, Misty. Not catchy enough, either. Do you have something else?” Misty: “Well, my first suggestion was Beauty, but…” Bubbles: “I like it!” Misty: “You do?” Fox: “Yeah, Beauty, that’s a perfect name. Misty, you’re a genius.” Misty: “I am? Oh, Fox, you’re just saying that.” Fox: “No, I mean it, and you’ve always have been for the past 9 year that we’ve known each other.”

Oh, brother, once again, you see Fox and Misty staring into each other’s eyes very deeply but have they find out that they were in love with each other, yet? NO! When in the name of Star Haven are they going to figure it out?

            Soon, they turned backed to the king and queen. Fox: “Our minds are made up. We have decided to name this Earthwalker Princess Beauty.” Queen Earthwalker: “That’s a wonderful name, Fox.” King Earthwalker: “I agree, you didn’t do too badly for someone who was bad with names.” Fox: “Well, actually, it was Misty’s idea.”

Fox then handed Beauty to Bubbles. Fox: “Here, Bubbles, take Beauty for me, I rush over to the river and wash this yolk off me before I start going ballistic. (Laugh)”

Bubbles chased after Fox. The queen and king left the chamber along with Tricky. Misty put Krystal down and chased after the others. Suddenly, Krystal slightly opened her eyes and turned towards the exit. Krystal: “Oh, Fox, someday you, too will discover that you have a sister, as well: me.”

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Chapter 3-The Starfox team reunites

          Meanwhile, back at the Great Fox, Slippy was busy with building backseats for the Arwings. Nevertheless, since Bubbles and Misty weren’t there to help him, consequently, it took him a long time to finish. However, he was able to finish in time for the rest of the team’s arrival.

          On the same day as they prepare their arrival, Adeleine received their message. Therefore, she painted out a triangle, jumped out of Misty’s pouch and rang the triangle. Adeleine: “Wake up, guys! Come on, get up!”

          After they awoke, she jumped back into the pouch and threw out pancakes towards them, then leaped out. Fox: “Uh, gee, thanks for the wake up call, Adeleine but why did you wake us so early?” Adeleine: “I need you guys to eat up before they arrive.” Fox: “Who?”

          Then Adeleine turned on the message that she received from the rest of the team. It was an image of the rest of the team still back on the Great Fox. Slippy: “Hi, there, guys. This is Slippy…” Falco: “Falco…” Peppy: “Peppy…” D.W.: “And D.W.” Slippy: “And if you just received this message, then we should be leaving the Great Fox by now.” Falco: “That’s right, Fox, we’re coming down to the planet now…” Peppy: “We’ll need to perform the oath and regain our lost powers…” D.W.: “And we would also like to hear about your adventures on Dinosaur Planet. I’m looking forward to these stories and I will assume that it will become an excellent addition to mine. Well, we’re leaving. See you guys there.” Peppy: “Bye, Fox. See you soon” Falco: “Hang tight until we get there.” Slippy: “Can’t wait to see you and the others again, Fox. Signing off.”

          The message was shut off. Fox: “Wow! I don’t believe it; they’re actually coming. Can you believe it, Misty?”

          When he looked towards her lounge chair, he saw that she wasn’t there. Fox: “Uh, has any of you seen Misty?” Bubbles: “I have, she went to take a morning dip in her princess form again.”

          Just then, Misty came out of the water. Fox: “Misty!”

          Fox ran towards her and kneeled in front of her. Fox: “Misty, you’re not going to believe this…” Misty: “I know; the rest of the team is coming to the planet. I heard it all from underneath the water.” Fox: “What? Oh, great.” Misty: “So, tell me, Fox, is Falco really back?” Fox: “He sure is, Misty. He sure is.”

          Meanwhile, back at Thorntail Hollow, Falco and D.W. landed their Arwings almost close to Fox’s. They got out of their Arwings along with Peppy and Slippy. Blossom and Buttercup deactivated their space suits. D.W.: “Wow! This place is beautiful. It almost reminds me of one of my stories.” Slippy: “All right, guys, let’s go look for Fox and the others.” Falco: “And how do we do that?” Slippy: “Well, if I’m not mistaken, they should be wherever Blossom and Buttercup’s wristbands will lead us. I’ve uploaded tracking devices in each of their wristbands so the Powerpuff Girls will be able to find each other, in case they were ever separated from each other. OK, girls, find the area to which the signal from Bubbles’ wristband is the strongest.”

          Blossom and Buttercup searched the entire area until they stopped at the gate behind Fox’s Arwing where the signal was the strongest. Blossom and Buttercup flew towards that direction while Falco, Slippy, D.W., and Peppy followed.

          They followed the girls passed the Lightfoot Village, through the maze (literally) and into the well to where they arrived at Cape Claw where the other were waiting for them. Falco and Slippy arrived down at the beach first. When Fox saw his friends, he leapt off his lounge chair. Fox: “Guys!” Falco, Slippy: “Fox!”

          The guys ran towards each other. Fox: “I’m so glad you glad you guys could make it.” Slippy: “I can see you’ve received our message.” Fox: “Well, I guess you could say that.” Falco: “Man, Fox, I’d never thought I would actually say this, but…” Fox: “You already did…and it’s good to see you see you again, too, Falco.”

          Falco was speechless. Slippy: “Say, Fox, is Princess Peach around?” Fox: “Princess Peach? Oh, yeah, the glue that holds us together, she around.” Falco: “Where is she?”

          Suddenly, the guys heard a faint soft voice near by. It was Princess Peach. Peach: “(Gasp) Oh…my stars! Falco?” Falco: “Princess Peach?” Peach: “Rayman, Rayman, look, it’s Falco! He’s back!” Rayman: [“Falco? Falco! ”]

          Peach and Rayman ran towards Falco and they were all over him. Falco: “I know, I know, I missed you guys, too.” Peach: “Falco, you idiot! Don’t you even realize how badly we’ve missed you?” Falco: “You’re not alone.” Rayman: [“I’m not surprised.”]

          Peach suddenly pushed herself away from Falco. She seemed as though she was about to cry. Peach: “You senseless moron! I was worried sick about you! You left us without saying good-bye! I thought something terrible happened to you! How could you?” Falco:” Whoa, Peach, chill out! I’m OK, aren’t I? I mean, gee whiz, don’t you ever think about yourself?” Peach: “(Sniff) So, what? At least I always say good-bye to my friends before I leave them, unlike some people.” Falco: “Worrying too much, as usual, huh, Princess Peach? Good to see nothing has changed. Speaking of which, how’s Mario doing; discovering his own fingers, as usual?” Peach: “Worse, he thinks he’s the most famous being in the entire Mushroom Kingdom for discovering that he puts his feet in his shoes.” Rayman: [“That idiotic scatterbrain plumber is always forgetting about his own body parts everyday. What’s next; will he think that he’s the master of the Lylat System for discovering he has a brain?”]

          Fox, Peach, Slippy, and Falco laughed at Rayman’s joke. Fox: “Don’t worry, Rayman, I have a pretty safe bet that we don’t have to worry about that happening.”

          They continued laughing. Falco: “So, Peach, how about it, will you forgive and forget?” Peach: “Well, Falco, you may be an idiot but you still seem to remember Mario’s condition. I’ll let you go, this time but don’t expect a second chance from me if it happens again.” Falco: “Heh, heh. Right.”

          Just then, Fox noticed something. Fox: “Whoa, what the…? Hey, Bubbles, you’re sisters are here.” Bubbles: “Huh? (Gasp) Oh, my gosh! Blossom! Buttercup!” Blossom, Buttercup: “Bubbles!”

          Bubbles flew to her sisters and the girls did the girls had a group hug in a way most unusual and energetic. Bubbles: “I can see you’re in a better mood, huh, Buttercup?” Buttercup: “I sure am.”

          She looked at Falco. Buttercup: “No thanks to some people I could mention.” Falco: “Hey, didn’t I already apologize?” Buttercup:” All right, all right, sheesh, don’t get all nasty on me. Anyway, Bubbles, I heard you were on a mission with Fox.” Bubbles:” You bet!” Buttercup:” So, out with it, how was the mission?” Bubbles: “It was the best mission ever!”         

          Bubbles talked really fast as she went on with telling her sisters everything. Bubbles: “We met some dinosaurs. They were really nice and helped out on our mission. We met a cute dinosaur named Tricky and he was very helpful during our mission. We flew to the floating lands and collected Spellstones, which holds the planet together. We collected Krazoa Spirits, which channels magic energy back to the planet but instead revived an old enemy. We also met some mean dinosaurs called Sharpclaws and really mean one named General Scales who was responsible for the planet falling apart. Then Fox promised that we could stay here for a while after we finish the mission. Then we met this blue vixen named Krystal who was in bad shape and thanks to her, we get to stay here A LOT LONGER.”

          Blossom and Buttercup were speechless. They exchanged looks and then back at Bubbles. Blossom: “Gee, Bubbles, it sounds like you had a good time.” Bubbles: “Are you kidding me; I had a blast!!! I love Dinosaur Planet and best of all we’ll be coming back here and spending our time here instead of Corneria from now on.” Blossom: “You mean it? That’s great!”  Bubbles: “I know!! We’ll never be bored on our usually meet up date ever again!!!” Blossom: “Wow, Bubbles, you must be really excited about this!!” Bubbles: “I know, but to be honest, nothing makes me happier than sharing the moment with my 2 favorite sisters.”

          The girls then put their arms around each other. Fox: “Aw, isn’t that sweet? The Powerpuff Girls are finally back together again.” Peppy: “But we aren’t.” Fox: “Huh?” Peppy: “Not until we perform the recovery oath to return our lost powers.” Fox: “Recovery oath?” Falco: “Right.”

          Then the guys and D.W. joined their left fists in a circle. Then, one by one chanted the oath and then watched as their crests slowly returned to their hands. Fox: “Yeah!” Slippy: “All right! Our powers are back! Our powers are back! Our powers are finally back!” Peppy: “I may not be so sure, guys.” Fox: “What? What do you mean?” Peppy: “The oath may have only returned our crests, not our powers.” Fox: “What? Are you really sure about that” Slippy: “No! Please say it isn’t so!” Peppy: “Well, I may be wrong. The oath may have restored our powers, as well. It depends on how long Falco has been gone.” Falco: “Terrific!” Slippy: “Falco, you had better hope that our powers aren’t gone!” Falco: “Chill out, Slippy. Even if they are, we’ll just get them back the same way that we received them in the first place.” Slippy: “Hmph!” D.W.: “Well, there’s only one-way to find out.”

          D.W. placed her hand on her broken arm and performed her power code with her finger. She slowly moved her hand from her arm and before anyone knew it; her arm broke through the cast. D.W.: “My arm, it’s healed. My arm is finally healed. I can finally type with 2 hands again.” Fox: “Is it official?” Peppy: “Yes, it’s official.”

          The guys started celebrating.

          Just then, Falco stopped for some reason. Falco: “Hey, wait a minute, something’s wrong here.” Fox: “There is?” Falco: “Are you blind? Of course there’s something wrong. Where’s the ocean princess? I’ve been waiting a long time to see her again.” Fox: “Who, Misty? She’s in the ocean.” Falco: “If she’s in the ocean, then that means…”

          At that moment, Misty popped out of the water. Misty: “Oh! My stars, I thought I heard some familiar voices from underneath the water and I was right. How’s it going, you guys?” Slippy: “Misty!”

          Slippy ran towards her immediately.  Falco smiled as he stood by for a bit Falco: “Hm, jut as I thought.”

          He went after Slippy and kneeled right to him in front of Misty. Slippy: “Misty, I would like to be the first to say that I’m glad you’re in your princess form again.” Misty:” Thank you, Slippy; I really appreciate that. Hello, Falco, glad to see you’re finally back. Hmph! Better late than never, I suppose. I’m surprised you still remember my secret. You’ve been gone for too long, it almost felt like an eternity to me.” Falco: “Oh, no, not you, too.” Slippy: “Tsk, tsk. The ocean princess is still angry with you.” Falco: “Hey, stay out of this, you moron! Listen, Princess, there is no way I could possibly forget your secret. That form of yours makes you so beautiful that I couldn’t forget it even if I wanted to.”

          Misty blushed but seemed annoyed. Misty: “You’re just saying that.” Falco: “No way, I’m serious. I’ve waited so long to see that form of yours. I didn’t mean to leave without saying good-bye. I’m sorry. So, about it, are we cool?” Misty: “Well, OK.”

          Misty dove back into the water and came back out in her human form. Misty: “I guess I can forgive you. I’m just happy to see you back again. So, other than leaving us without saying good-bye, how was your trip?” Falco: “It wasn’t so bad. How about you? Have you guys been up to anything while I was gone?” Misty: “Sure, we've been up to plenty.” Falco: "Great, love to hear about it." Misty: “Sure.”

          OK, these guys are going to get involved into a long conversation, right now. It best that I started the next chapter.

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Chapter 4-Guess Who’s Coming?

          Meanwhile back on Earth, a phone call just occurred a few days ago, but not just any phone call. Ash: “Good morning, Professor.” Prof. Oak: “Ah, good morning, Ash! How are you doing today?” Ash: “I’m fine. How are you today, Professor?” Prof. Oak: “Why, I’m fine, too, thank you for asking.” Ash: “You’re welcome. Say, has Pikachu returned from her visit, yet?” Prof. Oak: “Well, no. Pikachu has not yet returned, and neither has Misty or the Powerpuff Girls as far as I can tell.” Bow: “Princess Peach hasn’t returned yet, either. I’ve received a phone call from a concerned Toad that she’s not back at the Mushroom Kingdom.” Ash: “I’m worried, Professor. It’s not like Pikachu or Misty or the girls to stay off the Earth this long. I think something has happened to them that prevented them from coming home.” Prof. Oak: “I think so, too, Ash. Get Brock and meet Lady Bow, Tracy, Gary, Ribbon, and me outside my front gate. We need to get to the bottom of this immediately.”

          Later, Ash and Brock met the professor and the other near the professor’s front gate. Bow: “It’s about time you boys got here. The professor’s grandson is getting impatient.” Brock: “I’m not surprised. The girls should have been home a few days ago. This has certainly gone out of hand.” Ribbon: “I miss Misty!” Gary: “I told you we shouldn’t have trusted that Fox McCloud! If we had just left with the girls, none of this would have happened!” Ribbon: “I miss Misty!” Prof. Oak: “Now, now, settle down, everyone. I’m sure Fox has a good explanation to why the girls haven’t returned home, but we won’t find out if we just stand here, complaining about it.” Ash: “The professor’s right! If we just ask Fox, I’m sure he could tell us what’s going on.” Gary: “I highly doubt it, but it doesn’t hurt to try.” Prof. Oak: “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s get going.”

          The professor called upon the space taxis, then he and the guys left the Earth along with Ribbon and Lady Bow.  

          Later they arrived on the planet Corneria at their usual spot. They found that the girls and the Starfox team are not there. Ash: “Professor, this doesn’t seem right, I don’t see Fox, Misty, Peach, Pikachu, the girls or any of the members of the Starfox team here at all.” Prof. Oak: “Hm, you seem to be right, Ash. Let me check my radar.”

          He opened a radar from his communicator. Prof. Oak: “Hm, this may seem a bit silly of me to ask this, but this is Corneria, right?” Gary: “Of, course this is Corneria! I recognize this place anywhere. I did you ask, grandpa?” Prof. Oak: “Because, according to this radar, they’re not here.” Tracy: “But if they’re not here, then where are they?” Prof. Oak: “Well, it says here that they’re on a distant planet far from here.” Ash: “You mean they’re on another planet? Pikachu, too?” Prof. Oak: “I’m afraid so, Ash.”

          Suddenly, Ribbon started bursting into tears. Ribbon: “Misty!” Gary: “That Fox needs to be taught a lesson! I thought leaving the girls off the Earth this was bad enough, but bringing them to another planet, he’s gone too far this time!” Prof. Oak: “Now, now, settle down, Gary. I’m sure he has nothing to do with all of this.” Ash: “The professor’s right, Fox is a good friend of Pikachu and the girls. He would never do anything to them.” Gary: “Yeah right! He’s probably using that fact to completely throw us off course! I don’t trust him one bit! I never did and I never will!” Prof. Oak: “That’s enough out of you, Gary! Fox McCloud is a good person. He would never do anything to hurt those girls or deceive us. Now, until we find this planet, I don’t want to hear another word out of you. Understand?” Gary: “Hmph! Fine, but if anything ever happened to those girls, I won’t stay silent.” Prof. Oak: “Fair enough, let’s go, everyone.”

          They left Corneria on the space taxis. 

          Many hours later, they finally reached Dinosaur Planet. Prof. Oak: “According to my radar, the girls are on this planet.”

          They landed in Thorntail Hollow and the space taxis returned to space. Meanwhile, a certain little Earthwalker prince watched all of it occurred and ran back to Cape Claw. Tricky: “Fox! Fox!” Fox: “Hm?” Tricky: “Fox!” Fox: “Tricky?” Tricky: “Fox, you’re not going to believe this, but some humans landed on the planet. They’re at Thorntail Hollow, right now. Come on.” Fox: “OK, OK, I’m coming.”

          Fox followed Tricky back to the hollow.

Meanwhile, the guys were still in Thorntail Hollow. Ash: “Professor, are you sure they’re on this planet? I don’t see them anywhere.” Prof. Oak: “100%, Ash.” Gary: “I hope so or else we’re on a wild goose chase no thanks to that no good Fox.” Brock: “We may not have any real proof that the girls are here, well, except for the radar, but one thing’s certain, Fox is definitely here. His Arwing is parked right there.” Gary: “Perfect, even if the girls aren’t here, at least we’ll have a score to settle with that Fox.” Ash: “But where is he?” Tricky: “There they are. That’s them, that’s them!” Guys: “Huh?”

Suddenly, Fox and Tricky came out from behind the Arwing. Fox: “Thanks, Tricky. Well, well, well, if it isn’t some old friends of planet Earth. Didn’t expect to see you guys here. What’s up?” Gary: “I’ll be asking the questions, here. What have done to the girls?” Fox: “What do you mean by that?” Gary: “Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m saying. I know you did something to prevent those girls from coming home. Admit it, Fox!” Fox: “Excuse me? You’re trespassing on an ancient planet home to many species that are extinct on your planet and yet you have the right to accuse me of a crime I never even committed? You humans have a lot of nerve.” Gary: “Lies!” Prof. Oak: “That’s enough, Gary. I apologize for my grandson’s behavior, Fox. You see, he…” Fox: “Still hates me? That’s OK; I don’t feel very differently about him, either. Anyway, I’m guessing that you’re obviously here for the girls, right?” Prof. Oak: “Correct, it’s been weeks since they left for your home world and we’ve been quite concerned…” Gary: “Try outraged!” Ash: “I’m not outraged.” Gary: “Shut up, Ash!” Ribbon: “Gary!” Bow: “DON’T INTERRUPT THE PROFESSOR WHILE HE’S SPEAKING!!” Fox: “QUIET! Listen, I’ll take you to see the girls, but only if you guys remain silent. Understand?”

Everyone remained silent. Fox: “Good, now if we could just keep it that way, you’ll see the girls in no time. OK? OK, let’s go. Come on, Tricky.”

They followed Fox out of Thorntail Hollow and through the Lightfoot Village. Tricky: “Fox, are these guys really trespassing here?” Fox: “Nah, I was just kidding. I knew why they came all along.” Tricky: “Oh, hey, Fox, are you really going to show them what they came here for?” Fox: “Of course I am. If I don’t, then they won’t leave me alone.”     

Eventually, they arrived at Cape Claw. Fox: “OK, there they are, safe and sound. Are you happy, now?”

Suddenly, Ribbon’s eyes began to sparkle after spotting Misty. She flew towards Misty and landed on her heavily. Misty: “Huh? Ribbon?”

She laid her head on Misty and began to cry on her. Ribbon: “Oh, Misty, I’ve missed you so much. You’ve been gone for so long; I thought I would never see you again.” Misty: “Oh, my stars! I’m sorry, Ribbon. I didn’t mean to get you upset. I guess I lost track of time. Well, you don’t have to worry, now. I’m OK.”

Ribbon then looked up at Misty, her eyes were still sparkling. Ribbon: “Oh, Misty…” Fox: “Looks as if somebody’s happy, ay, Gary?”

Gary groaned and looked away. Fox: “Come on, Gary, admit it.” Gary: “OK, I’ll admit it, but don’t think you’re off the hook, Fox. I’m not finished with you, yet.”

Gary walked away. Bow: “That grandson of the professor gets more stubborn each day.” Fox: “Don’t remind me; I’ve been keeping track.” Bow: “Now, then, if you excuse me, I’ve got a group to reunite with.” Fox: “Knock yourself out.”

Lady Bow slowly floated down towards where Misty and Ribbon were. Fox returned to the beach and watched as Bubbles and Princess Peach regrouped with Misty, Ribbon and Lady Bow. He has never seen a more beautiful sight. Fox: “Looks as if the Friendly 5 is back together again. So, how does it feel, girls?” Ribbon: “It feels great!” Bow: “I’ve waited a long time for this moment. I thought it would never come.” Ribbon: “Thank you, Fox.” Fox: “No problem.” Prof. Oak: “Well, will you look at that? I told you Fox was a nice person.”

Gary groaned. Fox: “Hey, guys, why don’t you come down from there?”

The guys descended from the cliff and the pier onto the beach and towards Fox. Misty got up from her lounge chair and walked next to him. Ash: “Hey, Misty! Long time no see!” Misty: “Same here, Ash. I’m sorry to worry all of you, but we’ve been very busy since we last left Earth.” Brock: “But why were you off of Earth for so long and what were you guys doing on this strange planet?” Misty: “Well, it’s a long story and I don’t think I have any time to explain.” Gary: “Nonsense! We have all the time we need and we’re not going anywhere until we get some answers. So start talking, princess!” Fox: “Don’t talk to her like that!” Misty: “Alright, already. If it means that much to you, I tell you the story. It all started when Fox became bored of our usual Cornerian-Saturday spot, so we…” Gary: “Ah-ha! I knew it! I knew you were responsible for the girls not returning home, Fox. You WERE up to no good!” Fox: “Gary!” Misty: “Gary, please! It was my fault to begin with. I was the first to agree and convinced everyone else to join in.” Prof. Oak: “Hmmm…” Gary: “Yeah, well…it was Fox’s fault for even mentioning it in the first place. That proves he’s guilty. I should has never trusted you with them, you worthless animal!” Misty: “Gary!” Prof. Oak: “That’s it, Gary! I’ve heard enough out of you. Ever since we left the Earth, the only thing I’ve heard out of you is how terrible Fox is by preventing the girls from returning home. Now, I don’t want to hear another word out of you until Misty finishes her story.” Gary: “But grandpa…” Prof. Oak: “No buts! You’ve pushed this issue too far! Sorry that had to happen you guys. I just can’t seem to control my grandson, anymore.” Fox: “It’s OK, professor. At least somebody shut him up.”

Gary glared at Fox. Misty: “Now then, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I expected the trip to take a few hours, but I was wrong. We found ourselves traveling the entire Lylat System for weeks. I thought it would last forever until General Pepper contacted us. He told us about a planet that was falling to pieces, literally. He asked us to find a way to fix the planet before it got worse. It took us days to complete the mission, but we were able to pull it off.” Brock: “Sounds like you’ve been through a lot.” Misty: “I’ll say. And do you know the best part? We made a new friend.”

           Misty kneeled down and picked up cute little Prince Tricky. Misty: “Guys, I would like to introduce you to our new ally and newest best friend, Tricky, prince of the Earthwalker tribe.” Prof. Oak: “Earthwalker, Don’t you mean triceratops?” Tricky: “What’s a triceratops?” Fox: “It’s just a name humans have for your kind. Sorry, guys, but on this planet, the dinosaurs have different names. The pterodactyls are called Cloudrunner, the brontosauruses and Brontosaurus are called Hightops, the ankylosauruses are called Thorntails, Lightfoots are close to raptors and the T-rexes are called Redeyes.” Misty: “There are Woolly Mammoths found on this planet, too.” Fox: “Right, but here, they’re called Showhorns.” Prof. Oak: “Fascinating!” Gary: “Blah, blah, blah!” Prof. Oak: “Gary!” Fox: “Well, that just about sums it up.” Misty: “As I was saying, Tricky helped us out during our mission. He was able to help us through many obstacles that Bubbles and I can’t reach even with our powers. Bubbles and I love Tricky. Right, Bubbles?”

          Bubbles giggled a little. Bubbles: “That’s right. He’s such a cutie.”

          Misty gently dropped him as Bubbles descended to rub his tummy and giggled while doing it. Fox: “Yeah, I, on the other hand, think he’s a menace. But the girls don’t care that he’s a menace; they only care about how adorable he is.” Brock: “I’m not surprised.” Ash: “Aww!” Bubbles: “Oh, I forgot to introduce you to Tricky’s little sister.”

          She picked up Beauty and ascended to the air a little. Bubbles: “This is Princess Beauty.” Fox: “Beauty hatched a couple of days ago; not long after we fixed the planet. She grew up pretty fast and she’s better behaved than Tricky.” Tricky: “But I look out for her.” Prof. Oak: “Sounds as if you got along pretty well with the inhabitants of this planet.” Misty: “Yep! We found many friendly creatures here on Dinosaur Planet.” Prof. Oak: “Dinosaur Planet, ay? What an interesting name!” Misty: “I know, I like it, too.” Brock: “By the way, that other journey you had before you came here, did you finish it?” Misty: “Well, of, course, we did! We’ve decided that we wanted to stay here on Dinosaur Planet.” Tracy: “So, it was like killing 2 birds with 1 stone by coming here.” Misty: “Exactly, not only did we save an entire planet, not to mention the entire Lylat System, our quest has ended. We love it here!” Ash: “That’s great! By the way, it’s been a long time since I’ve last seen Pikachu. Is she here?” Fox: “Pikachu? Oh, yeah, she’s still here. Pikachu, Ash is here!”

          Pikachu responded to Fox’s call and ran towards Ash and climbed into his arms. Ash: “Pikachu, I’ve missed you so much.”

          Pikachu began to speak. Ash: “I understand you don’t want to leave, yet. I’m only here to check on you, to see how you’re doing. You’ve been gone for so long I was worried that something may have happened to you. I’m just glad to see you’re OK.”

          Pikachu spoke again. Ash: “I miss you, too, Pikachu. Thanks for letting me see Pikachu again, Fox.” Fox: “Don’t mention it.” Brock: “Now that that’s settled, I think we should head back to Earth.”

          Ash nodded and summoned their space taxis to return to Earth. Prof. Oak: “Tracy, I suggest you follow Ash and Brock back to Earth.” Tracy: “But, what about you, professor?” Prof. Oak: “I think I’ll stay here for a while. I’ve got some unfinished business that I need to take care of.”

          Tracy nodded, hailed a space taxi and left the planet. Prof. Oak: “Gary, I want you to stay here.” Gary: “So I can keep an eye on Fox?” Prof. Oak: “Yes! There’s something that you must know about Fox and Misty. I don’t want you to leave until you find out what.”

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Chapter 5-Krystal’s Secret

          One day, Fox, Misty, and Bubbles decided that they wanted to check on Krystal. On that day, Krystal had enough energy to sit up, but she was a little weak. Adeleine gave her something to eat to help regain her energy. Judging from how much energy she lost, she ate as many plates of food as a certain cute, pure-hearted Saiyan we all know and love.

           After she was finished eating, Fox left to wash off the plates at the river. Adeleine left to help out Fox along with Misty’s pouch. Krystal: “Hopefully, the dishes will keep him busy.” Misty: “What do you mean by that, Krystal?” Krystal: “Girls…there’s something that I need to tell you, but you must promise to not repeat it to Fox. It’s something that I have to tell him myself.” Misty: “Uh, sure thing, Krystal! Now, what is it that you want to tell us?” Krystal: “Girls…I…am Fox’s…older sister.” 

          Misty and Bubbles were silent for a while. Misty seemed to be a loss of words for that brief period of time. Krystal: “Misty…you are able to tell that I am honest, can you?”

          Misty still remained silent for a time. She still seemed startled from what she heard. Misty: “Yes…I…I can sense that you are…sincere…I just…can’t believe…that…I mean I never…” Bubbles: “Oh, my gosh! Is this really true!?!”

          Krystal nodded. Misty: “But…how did…how is…I…tell me everything about what happened to you! Why did you become separated from Fox? Why do you have different fur color them him? How come none of us knew about this?” Krystal: “Well, allow to tell you my sad story.”

          She paused for a bit before she began to tell her story. Krystal: “It all started many years ago. I was born in a nice family from a peaceful world. Fox came in a few years after me and I loved him more than any other sister would. I always promised I would do anything for my baby brother. Sometimes mother and father would take us to the park and we would play hide and seek until one of us passes out.”

          Krystal giggled a little before she sulked. Krystal: “Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long. One day, something terrible happened. A massive weapon was unleashed on our peaceful planet by a mad scientist. Many of our major cities were destroyed. It became the dark cloud that changed my life forever.”

          Both Misty and Bubbles let out startled gasps. Misty, Bubbles: “Andross!” Krystal: “Many of our people were killed; some were evacuated. I, along with my mother, was amongst those evacuees. We would return to Corneria soon as my father destroyed Andross. I was so hopeful that he would, but…when we received word that my father fell and Andross continued on, my mother soon realized that it was too dangerous to be anywhere near Corneria. So we flew away from our home world and I was taken away from my little brother. We flew to Cerinia where we would hide from our enemy until he was destroyed.” Misty: “Was that where your fur color became blue?” Krystal: “Yes, exactly. You see, Cerinia, despite its…primitive style of clothing, have advanced technology far beyond several other worlds. They can change our genetics, thereby giving us different color of fur.” Bubbles: “So, that explains the blue fur.”

          Krystal giggled a little as a tiny smile appeared on her face. Krystal: “Exactly, little one.”

          She then went back to sulking. Krystal: “My mother then decided to have us live in a part of the planet in which the style of clothing that I wore was quite common. Cerinia was a unique world. Some parts of it consisted of an advanced civilization while other parted preferred a much more…simpler lifestyle; one that is free of all forms of technology. She thought we would be much more difficult for us to be found.”

          Her sulking grew even more. Tears began to pour from her eyes. Krystal: “Because of Andross, I had to live the remainder of my childhood in rags, misery, desire to return to my brother and a rock for a name!”

          She then sobbed once. Krystal: “I hated it!” Bubbles: “You mean your name’s not Krystal?” Krystal: “No, my real name is actually Vixen McCloud.” Misty: “Oh my stars! I had no idea! I’m so sorry, Krystal, er, I mean, uh, Vixen.” Krystal: “Please, call me Krystal. I have no use for my real name anymore…” Misty: “Are you sure?”

          Krystal nodded with her eyes closed. Misty: “Well…OK. But, really, I’m so sorry for everything that you’ve been through. That must have been terrible.” Krystal: “It was…but if anything, I’m just so glad to see my brother again.” Misty: “But how was it you got here to Dinosaur Planet? Also, where is your mother?” Krystal: “Well…it was when Cerinia was close to its destruction. I was the only one who was able to escape the planet before then. Mother, on the other hand…I couldn’t save her, but she did make me promise to find my brother and tell him about everything. I have spent many years trying to find him, but…I was so young when I left him, I did not even know how to find my way home. I have been lost for these past several years. I was hopelessly lost, but then, one night, I received a vision in a dream from my ancestor that I would find my brother within a world broken up. When I received a distress message from Dinosaur Planet and arrived on this planet, I knew I would find him. Now that I have…I…I have to tell him…who I am…but…”

          She hesitated for a bit before she spoke again. Krystal: “I…I don’t know if I…don’t know how I could…bring it up. I know that he would be shocked or even…”

          She remained hesitant for a bit. Misty: “You‘re going to tell him, Krystal.”

          Krystal seemed startled. Krystal: “Huh! What? But…I…don’t know if I can…” Misty: “You have been searching a really long time for him, right?” Krystal: “Well…” Misty: “You should tell him as soon as he gets back.” Krystal: “But I…I…I’m  nervous…we‘ve been separated for so long.” Misty: “I understand that you’re afraid of how he’ll react. Believe me, I know fear, but you have to stand up to them and tell him who you are. You’ve waited too long for this and besides, you made a promise to your mother. Do you really want to let her down?”

          There was a brief moment in which she had a flashback of the last time she saw her mother. After the flash back, she slowly shook her head. Misty: “Exactly! Do it for your mother, but more importantly: do it for yourself. You really have been waiting too long for this and now is the time to go for it.”

           Krystal paused for a brief moment as she let out a petite smile. Krystal: “You’re right. I need to get this over it and…I will. Thank you, Misty. I’m so glad that we had this talk and I’m so glad that I have told my story to you.”

          Misty closed her eyes as she smiled at Krystal. Misty: “No problem. You know something? I believe that this is the start of a beautiful friendship.” Krystal: “I couldn’t agree more.”

         Both girls started laughing.

         At that time, Slippy, Peach and Rayman were listening in. Slippy: “Princess Peach, did you hear that?” Peach: “I did! Fox has a sister? I feel awful.” Rayman: [”Man, I bet Fox would feel devastated after hearing the end of this story. Listen, Princess Peach, I know it’s hard to resist the temptation, but you must not tell him everything that we have heard.”] Peach: “Well, it may not be easy butI’ll try. Now I feel sorry for him a lot more than ever.” Slippy: “Oh, brother, Peach.” Fox: “Hey, guys!”

          Slippy, Peach and Rayman became startled. Peach: “Oh, h-hi, Fox! Nice to s-see you.” Fox: “Man, can you believe that Krystal? See ate more dishes than Goku.” Peach: “Uh, yeah, how interesting.” Slippy: “We heard nothing!” Rayman: [“They didn’t say anything. Trust me, I know they didn’t.”] Fox: “Are you guys feeling OK? You look like Lady Bow just frightened you again.” Slippy: “Uh, don’t worry about us, we’re totally fine.” Peach: “Uh, yeah, we need to go somewhere! Come on, boys.” Rayman: [“Good bye, Fox! Good luck in there!”]

          Slippy, Peach and Rayman took off in a panicking sort of fashion. Adeleine: “Boy, are those guys weird or what?” Fox: “Tell me about it.”

          Fox returned into the chamber with Adeleine and the dishes in the pouch. Fox: “Hey, girls! Hey, Krystal, how are you doing?” Krystal: “I’m fine, but where are the dishes?” Fox: “Their back in the pouch. Let’s just say Misty’s has more than enough room in there.” Krystal: “Oh, I see.” Fox: “So, tell me, how did a beautiful vixen like yourself come across such a bizarre, enchanted planet like this one?”

          Misty and Bubbles made weird expressions on their faces and looks towards each other. Krystal: “Well, as far as I can remember, it all started when I was searching all over the Lylat System for my brother. I received a distress message that led me to this world. When I landed on its surface, the first thing I did was hitch a ride on the back of a Cloudrunner. I rode through a dark and desolate storm. Suddenly, two giant fireballs hurtled towards me. I was able to dodge the first one, but the second one hit me and knocked my staff out of my hand.”

          Just then, Bubbles received second thoughts and pulled out Fox’s staff. Fox: “Hey!” Bubbles: “I believe you dropped this.” Fox: “Bubbles!” Krystal: “Hey, that’s it, that’s my staff! Where did you find it?” Bubbles: “It was sticking out of the ground when we first landed here. Now then, as you were saying?” Krystal: “Oh, right, after that a giant floating ship came out of nowhere. So, we…” Misty: “G-giant floating s-ship?” Krystal: “Yes, that’s what I said. Anything wrong?” Fox: “I must apologize, Krystal, an old enemy of Misty’s use to own a giant floating ship; he was a terrible enemy of hers.” Krystal: “No problem, now then, we battled the ship until I was able to get on board. There, I met General Scales.” Bubbles: “No way!” Krystal: “It's true. He called himself ruler, tyrant and dictator of Dinosaur Planet. I told him that he was the evil general, but he told me that he wasn’t evil, just misunderstood.” Fox: “Heh! Did he really think he could fool anyone with something that lame?” Krystal: “I know; I was never fooled. When I told him about the distress message, he told me that the whole world was in distress. He said that he ruled over the planet with fear or else the tribes would oppose him.” Fox: “Huh! That sounds like General Scales, alright.” Misty: “That cold-hearted reptile!” Krystal: “As I was about to fight him, he threw me off his ship.”

           Bubbles let out a huge gasp. Bubbles: “Oh, no!” Krystal: “But, luckily, I was saved by the Cloudrunner and we left to find the source of the distress message.” Bubbles: “Well, that was close!” Misty: “Where did you go, next?” Krystal: “I arrived at my last destination: the Krazoa Palace. I searched through the palace until I found a dying Earthwalker who told me about the Krazoa Spirits; how their mystical energy could save this entire planet. I then entered the first shrine and collected its spirit.” Fox: “So, you were the one who collected and released the first Krazoa Spirit.” Krystal: “That’s right, however my journey ended their when a dark figure from out of nowhere pushed in into a stream of light and trapped me within a giant crystal chamber. And that was where I remained until I was rescued by you guys.” Misty: “Oh, my stars!” Fox: “The spirits we released is what caused you to faint. But don’t worry, you should be back to full health soon enough. And then, you’ll be back looking for your brother in no time.” Krystal: “Thank you, Fox, that is mighty nice of you, butthat won’t be necessary. For, you seeI have already find my brother.” Fox: “You did? That’s great! Now, who is he?”

            Krystal looked towards Misty and Bubbles. Bubbles nodded once as Misty gave the thumbs up. Krystal nodded once and looked back at Fox. Krystal: “Well…my brother…”

She paused. Fox: “Yes?” Krystal: “My brother… is…” 

She paused again. Fox: “I’m listening!” Krystal: “My brother…is you!”

Fox was greatly startled to hear this. Fox: “WHAT!?!”

Meanwhile, everyone else was seen relaxing on the beaches of Cape Claw. Peach: “Guys!” Falco: “Hm?”

Peach, Rayman and Slippy were seen running towards the others. Peach: “Guys, you’re not going to believe this! The vixen we rescued at Krazoa Palace? She said that she’s Fox’s sister!” Falco: “That’s ridiculous! Fox doesn’t have a sister.” Rayman: [“He does! We heard it with our own ears. I’m telling you, Fox really does have a sister.”] Peppy: “Oh, dear, tell me, where did you hear this?” Slippy: “Follow us and you’ll find out soon.”

Peppy, Falco and everyone else followed Slippy, Peach and Rayman back to the hollow.

          Back at Thorntail Hollow, Fox was still shocked over what he just heard from Krystal. Fox: “No! There’s no way that I’m your brother, because A: I’m an only child, B: We haven’t met before, and C…” Krystal: “Fox, I understand you don’t believe me. You were still a baby when we were separated.” Fox: “I’m not listening!” Misty: “Fox, please, listen to her. She’s telling the truth!” Fox: “Stay out of this, Misty!” Bubbles: “Fox, please, you have to listen to us.” Fox: “Bubbles? You, too?” Bubbles: “Krystal spent many years searching for you. Please don’t let her efforts go to waste.” Fox: “Don’t do this to me!” Krystal: “Fox, you have to believe me! I loved you like no other older sister could. I never knew you were so stubborn.” Fox: “Shut up, all of you! I don’t believe a single word you’re saying. I don’t have a sister! Enough is enough!” Krystal: “But, Fox…” Fox: “No more!”

          Krystal soon realized that she couldn’t convince him anymore. Fox: “If I did have a sister, Peppy would have told me that. I don’t think he would hide anything like that from me.”          

         The girls were silent and looked at each other. Bubbles: “I hate to admit it, but he’s right.” Krystal: “But you girls still believe me, don’t you?” Misty: “Of, course, we do, Krystal. I just wish Fox did.” Peach: “Here, guys. This is the exact place where we heard it.” Bubbles: “Huh?” Misty: “What?”

          Before they knew it, the others were standing in the chamber with them. Peppy: “Oh, my stars! I…don’t…believe it.”

          Peppy slowly walked toward Krystal. Falco: “Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on?” Slippy, Peach: “Shhhhhh!” Fox: “Yeah, I agree. What is going on here?” Peppy: “Fox, there’s something I need to tell you.” Fox: “Let me guess, Krystal’s my sister?” Peppy: “How did you know?” Krystal: “I told him.” Fox: “Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that you knew I had a sister this whole time?” Peppy: “That’s right, Fox.” Fox: “And you never even bothered to tell me! Why!?!” Peppy: “It’s because I promised your father never to tell you about your sister until she returned.” Krystal: “Fox, I’ve waited a long time to see you again. You were born to a wonderful family, but a powerful enemy destroyed all of that. He is the same enemy that you have already destroyed twice. Mother and I evacuated while you and father stayed behind. We stayed on Cerinia where I was forced to change my name and identity. Everything was taken away from me except for my memories and feelings for you. I left Cerinia to look for you just as it came close to its doom. I made a promise to our dying mother to find you and tell you everything. I refuse to let my efforts be in vain. After all of these years, this day has finally come! I’ve missed you much, baby brother.”  Fox: “So…you were right all along.” Krystal: “Yes! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Fox: “And you mean to tell me that Andross did this to you?” Krystal: “That’s right.” Peppy: “Andross has caused far more damage than you can ever imagine.” Misty: “Fox…are you OK?” Fox: “I…I need to be alone.”

          Fox left the chamber and walked to the other side of the hollow. Peach: “Fox, wait!”          

          Peach chased after him, but Falco held her back. Falco: “No, Peach, let him go, you know how he is when he’s upset.”  Peach:” Yes, I know, but…”

          She watched as Fox kept walking on. Peach: “Oh, poor Fox. I just hope what we did didn’t hurt him.” Peppy: “No, Peach, you did the right thing.” Misty: “If you guys hadn’t come, he still would have never believed us. It’s just that this news took a lot out of him.” Krystal: “This whole thing was just too much for him to endure and he needs some time to take it all in.” Tricky: “Don’t sweat it, you guys. Besides, if we’re lucky, he’ll be back within a few hours, right, Bubbles?” Bubbles: “I…don’t know, Tricky. I…just don’t know anymore.” Misty: “Maybe we should check on him, to…um…see how he’s doing.” Falco: “Nobody’s checking on him. You heard the man; he’s needs to be alone!” Peach: “Oh…Fox.”

          Later on, Beauty grew restless and decided to find Fox and keep him company for a while.  She found him still sulking over what he has been told. Fox: “I…I can’t believe the old timer would do this to me. Of all he’s done for me, I can’t believe he never told me about my sister. And why? I know he made a promise to my father to not tell me, but…why would my father not want me to…know that…I had a sister? Father, what were you thinking? How could you do this to me? I always thought you were…oh, who am I kidding? I can see now why he never told me. I guess I was just too stubborn to accept the truth. Heh, I guess I had that coming. You were just scared that something like this, like what I am doing now, would happen to me, right? Father?”

          He let out a saddened sight. Just then, he spotted Beauty, sitting right in front of him. Fox: “Beauty? what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be back with your brother?”

          She stared at him and did nothing else but look cute. Fox: “Oh, yeah, that’s right; you can’t understand what I’m saying. Not, yet, anyway.”

          She then walked towards him and laid down right next to him. Fox placed his hand on her and stroked her as he rambled on. Fox: “You know, there have been many unpredictable things that have occurred in my life. Some were good and some were bad. Some were many things that could live without; others were what turned out to be just what needed to get through all the difficult obstacles. And of all the many surprises of life, I never would have suspected that I would have a sister; a sister that nobody told me about; not to mention those that I trusted since I was still just a toddler. But who said life isn’t full of surprises? Me? No way! But, despite everything that has happened to me I always have my friends to be there for me when I needed them the most. That’s because when things were tough for me, they never let me down; especially not Misty. Man, she has done so much for me when things weren’t going well; never once has she backed down or gave up on me. And…I was the same for her. Hey, I think I’m starting to feel better now. Maybe I should return to my friends now. What do you say about that, Beauty?”

          Suddenly, Beauty got herself up and ran back to the others immediately. Fox just laughed as he watched her run off. Fox: “I guess she was in a hurry.”

          He got himself up and walked back to his friends.

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Chapter 6-Another Secret Finally Revealed

The others were still silent. Suddenly, Princess Peach saw Fox walking back towards them. Peach: “Hey, everyone! Fox is coming back.”

Everyone around her opened her eyes and were excited to see their friend returning. Slippy: “Fox!” Fox: “Hey, guys, what’s up?” Slippy: “Nothing much!” Falco: “Glad to see you’re in a better mood, Fox.” Fox: “You know it; I feel much better. Now then, how are the girls doing?” Krystal: “Fine, thank you.”

Krystal walked up to Fox. Krystal: “I can see you have come to your senses, little brother.” Fox: “Of, course and I’m glad to see you finally back on your feet.” Krystal: “Well, yes! How about that?” Slippy: “All right, that means we can go home!” Bubbles: “(Groan) Already?” Fox: “Well, maybe we could stay, just for one more night.” Slippy: “Oh, sure!” Misty: “OK, then.” Falco: “Fine by me.”

          Just then they heard shouting from the others that they have left back at Cape Claw. Falco: “About time! What took you guys so long?” Prof. Oak: “I must apologize, but you guys took off so suddenly and I had no idea what was happening.” Fox: “No need to apologize, Professor. Everything is under control.” D.W.: “But what happened? I was on my laptop and the next thing I knew, you were all gone.” Falco: “Ah, nothing unusual, we just returned to check on Fox’s sister, that’s all.” D.W.: “Really? I never knew! Wait a minute; I didn’t know you had a sister, Fox!” Fox: “Me, neither. We all didn’t, except for Peppy.” Gary: “Oh, great, just what we need; another annoying fox.” Ribbon: “Gary!” Peach: “There was a bit of an uproar but everything is calm now.” Prof. Oak: “Well, thank the stars.” Bow: “My, my, what an unexpected surprise.” Fox: “Yeah, I know.”

          Just then, Peach had a thought. Peach: “Of course, why have I not thought of this sooner?”

          She then walked up to the Professor. Peach: “Professor, may I borrow you for a minute?” Prof. Oak: “Well, sure, Peach, but why?” Peach: “Oh…you’ll see.”

          Peach and the professor walked up towards Fox.

          Before they approached him, Peach tapped on the professor’s metal wristband that he wore around his left wrist.  Peach: “Hey, Fox, how are you feeling?” Fox: “Uh, I’m fine, I guess. What’s on you’re mind, Peach?” Peach: “Oh, nothing different now that we figured out that Krystal is your sister, it’s time we focused on more important topics like, oh, dare I say it, your relationship with Misty.” Fox: “What are you talking about? Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Are you still saying that me and Misty are in love with each other?” Peach: “That’s exactly right.” Fox: “Princess Peach, how many times do I have to go over it? I am not in love with her! There is no special relationship going on between us! We’re just friends!”

          Suddenly, the signal on the professor’s wristband went off. He looked at it, he then became greatly startled. Prof. Oak: “What the…!?! Who turned on my lie detector!?!” Fox: “Lie detector?”

          Peach smiled at Fox and gave him a satisfied and smug look on her face. Fox: “But…but that must mean…could this be…?” Peach: “Ah, ha! I knew it! I knew it all along! You’re in love with her!” Fox: “But…Peach…you…you don’t understand…” Peach: “No, Fox, you don’t understand! For as long as I remember, I’ve always convinced you that you have special feeling for Misty, feeling that everyone else can see but you. I always tried to let you know but ever attempt I had failed, even when I gave you lockets made by the Thorntail Storekeeper and paid for by me. You know why?” Fox: “Well…” Peach: “Because you’re stubborn! You have always have shut out your feelings! Well, it’s time you listened to the general and start using your head for once.” Fox: “But Peach…” Peach: “No more buts! I don’t want to hear another word out of you until you use that head of yours! Now stop talking and start thinking.”       

          Fox stopped himself from saying another word and did what Princess Peach told him to do. Soon enough, he began to realize something. Fox: “No! She’s right. It is true…”

          Then Fox ran back to the other side of the hollow. Peach: “Fox, wait!” Slippy: “Hm, so the lie detector was able to work on him?” Peach: “That’s right. By denying his own feelings, he was lying to himself. That’s why the Professor’s lie detector worked on him.” Slippy: “Huh, how about that?” Misty: “So, he finally figured it out.” Peach: “Hm?”

          Misty then slowly floated towards a lone ledge. Falco: “So, she was able to figure it out on her own?” Prof. Oak: “Yes, she was.” Falco: “Hm?” Peppy: “And it was time we need to explain to them about everything.” Ribbon: “I agree!”  Prof. Oak: “Falco, why don’t you take my grandson and find Fox? Peppy and I will stay here and talk to the princess.” Falco: “OK, Professor, come on, Gary. Let’s go.” Gary: “Hmph! Whatever!”

         Falco grabbed Gary and left for the Lightfoot Village, followed by Buttercup and Ribbon.

          Fox sat on a ledge connected to the village wall while staring at the locket with Misty’s picture in it. Falco: “Hey, Fox.”

          Fox looked over, he saw Falco and Gary coming over, they both sat beside him. Fox: “Are you here to brag?” Falco: “No, that’s Peach’s job. I’m here to talk.”

          Falco looked at Gary in a very irritated manner. Falco: “Gary is here to listen!”

          Gary folded his arms and groaned a little as he turned away from both Fox and Falco. Buttercup slapped him on the head a bit. Buttercup: “Just keep quiet and do what he says, Oak sprout!”

          Falco then looked back towards Fox. Falco: “Look, man, I hate to admit it, but it’s true, you’re in love with the girl.” Fox: “I know that already, Falco, it’s just that…this whole thing is just so complicated. First, there’s the matter of finding out that I have a sister and now this. Peach was right, I am stubborn.” Falco: “Oh, come on, you’re not stubborn. You’re just…um, just…” Fox:” Don’t try to sugar-code it. It’s true. I was such an idiot. I can’t believe this. After all that I have been through with Misty, how did I not see this?” Falco: “Fox, don’t beat yourself up, man. It’s not easy to admit you’re true feeling, especially over a girl. It’s not your fault; it’s mostly Peach’s.” Fox: “Yeah, you’re right. I just wish I could have listened more.”

          Ribbon then got right in front of Fox’s face while hanging her head over him as she latched on to the top of his head. Ribbon: “Hello!” Fox: “Whoa!”

          Fox nearly fell on his back. Ribbon giggled a little. Ribbon: “Nearly got you, didn’t I?” Fox: “Ribbon! How many times do I have to tell you!?! Don’t do that!” Ribbon: “Sorry, Fox, I couldn’t resist!” Falco: “Very cute!” Fox: “Sure, but there is one thing I don’t understand: why her? Why am I in love with her? I mean, we’re 2 completely different species. Why not someone who’s…someone that’s…the same as me? You know, pointy ears, covered head to toe in fur, a tail! Well…one’ that’s…not like hers in her…princess form. But, seriously! We look very different from each other!” Falco: “Well…I…I can’t…really…explain…”

          Ribbon then floated in front of Fox as she spoke to him. Ribbon: “It’s because she was always there for you. This story I heard a hundred times, before you met her, you were upset and nearly lost everyone you have ever cared about. Then she helped to turn it around for you. And you have always tried so hard to repay her kindness. Don’t you see, Fox? You have feelings for her because she has always been doing stuff for you.” Falco: “You helped her out as much as she helped you. You get it?” Fox: “Yeah, yeah I do. I understand it all. Thanks, guys.” Falco: “No problem” Gary: “Great, can we get back now?” Fox: “Sure, let’s go back to Misty and the others.”

          Fox threw himself off the ledge as Falco levitate him self and Gary back to the ground. They all returned to Thorntail Hollow.

          Meanwhile, Misty, sitting on the lone ledge, also stared at her locket. Prof. Oak and Peppy came and sat with her. Prof. Oak: “So, you did know about it the whole time, didn't you?” Misty: “Yes, Fox may not have seen it, but it was obvious to me.” Peppy: “I’m not surprised. Fox can be stubborn but you always listen.” Misty: “True, but, there’s one thing I don’t understand: why am I in love with him? Why him and not someone who is born on the same planet as me? What is so different about my relationship with humans and my relationship with him?”

          They paused for a moment. Peppy: “Well, it doesn’t take people who are as smart as us to answer that question, my dear. For as long as I can remember, before he met you, he once lost a good friend of his that helped to patch up the wounds from the loss of his father. After losing her, those wounds returned and the pain was worse then ever. He then began to lose hope and believed that he would lose the friends that he still had. But then you came in and returned the friends that he had lost.” Prof. Oak: “I have heard this story a hundred times from you and from Fox, when you have returned Pikachu, he has regained all hope and the pain that he had felt for so long dissipated.” Peppy: “And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, you did the impossible. You helped to regain a lot that I thought was gone forever. Fox has tried so hard to repay you for what you have done for him and he did. I watched so many times as he has tried to rescue you from so many dangers that you can’t even break out of yourself.” Bow: “He cares so much about you, dear. You’re his best friend and he would never let anything bad happen to you.” Prof. Oak: “You were there for him in his darkest hours and he was there for you in yours. That’s why you love him. Understand?”

          Misty nodded. Fox: “Misty!” Prof. Oak: “Well, here he comes now.” Peppy: “Do you understand what you must do?”

          She nodded again and gently floated off the ledge. Blossom helped Peppy and Prof. Oak off.

           Fox arrived along with Falco, Gary, Buttercup and Ribbon. Falco joined in with Peppy as Gary did with his grandfather. Ribbon and Lady Bow came together. So did Blossom and Buttercup. Soon enough, Krystal, Slippy, Peach, Rayman, D.W., and Banjo arrived. Slippy joined in with Falco and Peppy. Peach and Rayman did the same with the professor and his grandson. D.W. stood near Ribbon and Lady Bow. Bubbles joined her sisters. Krystal stood along side with Banjo. They watched as Fox and Misty slowly approached each other. Then, little by little, they joined each other’s hands. Fox: “Misty, there’s…something I need to tell you. And I’m so sorry it took me a long time to realize it. I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know if…” Misty: “Shhh! It’s OK, Fox. I understand. We have known each other for such a long time, we know a lot about one another and yet, we have so much to learn.” Fox: “I…I can see that, and…that what I’ve been meaning to tell you. Misty, I love you.” Misty: “And I love you, as well, Fox.”

          Then they joined each other’s lips and forever sealed they’re fates. It was beautiful. Peppy and Slippy cried. Prof. Oak, Princess Peach and Rayman cried, too, but Gary just smiled. Blossom and Bubbles held each other and cried as Buttercup folded her arms and rolled her eyes while staring at her sisters. Lady Bow pulled out a handkerchief and blew her “nose” before Ribbon rained tears on her like a faucet again. Banjo let it out; ever Falco wasn’t ashamed to admit that the sight was too overwhelming for him to hold his tears back. Krystal especially cried and smiled for her brother. Krystal: “Oh, baby brother, it was just yesterday when our mother still held you in your arms. But, now, you’re all grown up and even when we were separated, you still had someone who care about you.

          Krystal sobbed a bit. Krystal: “If only our parents could see this now, they would be so proud of you, as I am.”

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Chapter 7-Great Terror: A Not-So-Old Enemy Returns

          After they separated each other’s lips, everyone around them began to rejoice. Slippy: “Woo, hoo, hoo! Yes, yes, yes! It happened! It finally happened! Oh, if Jolly were here to see this!!” Peach: “Oh…Fox.” Falco: “He did it! I can’t believe he did it!”

          Peppy sobbed a bit. Peppy: “They grow up so fast.” Prof.Oak: “Did you see that, Gary? This is exactly what I’ve been wanted you to know about.” Gary: “I must admit, that Fox isn’t as bad as I thought…but…he’s super lucky to win a girl like Misty with a face as hideous as that.”

          Prof. Oak, Peach and Rayman were shocked to hear him say this. Ribbon flew over to them at great speed. Ribbon: “Gary! Harsh!” Prof. Oak: “Young man, that wasn’t nice! Your parents have raised you better than this! I know it!” Ribbon: “How could you be so cruel? Fox is handsome in many ways that you’re not seeing.” Peach: “Shame on you!” Rayman: [”Yeah!]” Gary: “Blech! Whatever!”

          Soon enough, Falco walked over towards Fox. Falco:So, Fox, how did it feel?” Fox: “Hmm…it…it wasn’t so good.” Falco: “What? You’re serious, right?”  Fox: “Heck, yeah! It was better than I could have dreamed.” Falco: “Man, you are so lucky.” Fox: “Yeah, I know.” Peach: “Fox!”

          Peach slowly walked towards him. Peach: "Fox...there is...something that I need to tell you..."  Fox: “Let me guess, you’re going to say “I told you so” aren’t you?” Peach: “Yes…and I’m sorry…” Fox: “Sorry? What do you mean?” Peach: “I…I just…I just wanted you to realize your feelings for her so badly that I…I just kept nagging on and on, but…all it did was…encourage you to deny your feelings even more. I…I am just…so sorry…I…” Fox: “You were right…about everything, about me…and Misty, even when you said I was stubborn. So, thank you. I hate to admit it, but if you hadn’t said anything, I probably would have never found out.”

          Peach let out a sob as tears poured out of her eyes. Peach: “Oh, Fox, I have been too pushy. I promise you that…I won’t do it again. I’ve known you since you were that timid little boy that I have become friends with. I…it’s just so hard for me to see that you have grown up. Oh, sometimes I wonder to myself whatever happened to that poor little kid that use to know. That…that 4 year old little melancholy boy that I have helped out and care for when I myself had no friends at the time?”        

          Fox stared at her for a bit. Fox: “Well…you already know what happened to him. He has indeed grown up and has done a lot of great things in his life. However, he never would have done any of it if his friends  had never helped him out. And he’s always happy to have a friend who’s as kind and caring as you are.”

          Peach sobbed again as she smiled through her tears. Peach: “Oh…Fox…”

          Misty smiled as she looked at Peach. Misty:“Aww!”

          Falco also seemed touched as he watched this.

        Just then, the most unexpected event to possibly happen at a moment like this occurred. General Pepper: “General Pepper here.” Peach: “Oh!” Misty: “Ah!” Fox: “Whoa!”

        OK, maybe not that unexpected. Fox: “General! This is the worst possible time!” General Pepper: “Oh, sorry to interrupt such a touching moment, but there is something unusual going on. For the last 3 hours, I have been receiving some strange readings coming from the Krazoa Palace. I don’t know what’s happening there, but I know for a fact that it is something not good.” Fox: “And you want us to investigate it.” General Pepper: “That is correct.” Fox: “OK, we’re on it.” General Pepper: “Good, oh and Fox, I just want to let you know a few days before you and your friends arrived on the planet, I sent out th-“

        But before the general could finish his sentence, his transmission was instantly cut off. Fox: “General, I can’t hear you! What’s happening? General? GENERAL?”

           Fox tried to bring the general’s signal back on line, but it was no use. Fox: “Dang! This is not good! Whatever is happening over there is jamming the signal. I can’t get through.” Misty: “Then, let’s waste no time to waste. We must get to the palace and investigate this immediately.” Krystal: “Right!” Falco: “Agreed!” Peach: “I’m coming with you.” Rayman: [“Me too!”] Blossom: “OK, then, the girls and I will go first. Bubbles, you should know the way to the palace, so lead me and Buttercup there.” Bubbles: "OK, Blossom."

         The Powerpuff Girls flew off. Buttercup: “Meet you guys at the palace.” Fox: “Let’s hurry, guys.” Misty, Krystal, Falco: “Right!”

         They made preparations and headed for the palace.       

          After a short period of time, they arrived at the Krazoa Palace. Krystal: “Grr! I’m starting to feel right at home.”

         Falco looked around. Falco: “Not exactly what I call beautiful.” Misty: “I know what you mean.”

         Fox tried to contact the general again, but it was still no use. Fox: “Darn! Still nothing!” Misty: “Fox, this is terrible! I’m sensing major dark energy everywhere.” Bubbles: “Grrr! Let’s just find the source of this dark energy and take care of it, already. I’m sick of this eternal thunderstorm!” Krystal: “This storm isn’t naturally formed. The natives say that the weather of the Krazoa Palace determines the condition of the planet. Judging by how fierce the storm is, I’d say the planet is in great danger.” Falco: “Yeah, nice weather we’re having.” Fox: “Enough talk! Let’s try to get to the top of the palace and find out who is responsible for this.” Krystal: “Agreed! Follow me, everyone.”

          It took a very long time but they reached the top of the palace because they did not know where they were at first. But Falco had a hard time to keep up because was very unfamiliar with the place.

Eventually, they reached the top. But when they arrived, they heard a familiar laugh of someone they had hoped was gone. Fox: “Oh, no, I recognize that voice anywhere.” Bubbles: “This can’t be true! Tell me it isn’t true.” Misty: “This is so not good.” Krystal: “It can’t be!”

Unfortunately, it was. The very person that they never wanted to see again had returned: General Scales. Peppy: “Oh, no, how can this be?” Slippy: “This is not happening!” Falco: “OK? Who is this joker?” Fox: “His name is General Scales, ruler of the Sharpclaw tribe, one of the worst enemies that we have encountered so far.” Misty: “He’s been charged for committing one of the worst crimes on Dinosaur Planet or at least, he should be.” Krystal: “He’s the one responsible for this planet’s suffering. And I won’t stand around and watch him continue to make it suffer even more.” Fox: “I agree! After him.”

          They then charged towards the relentless tyrant. Krystal: “Not so fast, General!”

          Before long, Fox and his friends stood before him. Fox: “I don’t know what you’re up to, Scales, but we’re ending it now!” Scales: “Well, now, here’s an unpleasant sight. You think you can stop me?” Misty: “We thought you were done for the last time we met!” Scales: “Oh, please, that was merely a stalemate during our last encounter. Besides, I never would have guessed that someone else was pulling the strings during my little operation. But, no matter, this time, I will succeed.” Krystal: “How’s that?” Scales:” Oh, with a little something I made myself. I had a lot of free time during my busy schedule of taking over this planet.”

          Then he held up an odd-looking gem. Peach: “What’s that?” Scales: “When I removed the Spellstones from their rightful place, I took the liberty of researching their structure and properties and created one of my very own. With it, I can absorb all of this planet’s dark energy and use it for whatever I please. I’ve been meaning to use it during our last encounter but…well…you know the rest. With it, I can take this planet.” Misty: “You’re a madman! You’ll destroy us all!” Scales: “True, but if it means getting what I want, I’m more than willing to take that chance.”

          Bubbles let out a shocked and terrified gasp. Bubbles: “You ARE crazy!” Rayman: [You’ll never get away with this, Scales!”] Peach: “This has gone off long enough, you monster!” Falco: “Don’t think we’ll just stand around as you destroy this planet for your own selfish gains, scumbag!” Fox: “Enough of this! Get him!”

          They were about to strike, but Scales was not thrilled. Scales: “Seize them!”

Instantly, General Scales’ Sharpclaw army grabbed Fox and his friends. They tried to break free but no use. However, Slippy looked towards his captors and noticed that all 3 of them were wearing familiar looking heart-shaped belts. Slippy: “(Gasp) I know those belts!”

          General Scales proudly walked up to his helpless enemies. Scales: “(Laugh) At long at, my worst enemies finally brought to my mercy. I think I’ll have one last look at each of you before I make you all my permanent slaves.”

          He first walked up to Krystal. Scales: “Well, now here’s a sight for sore eyes. As if you couldn’t possibly be even more pathetic, you teamed up with these weaklings to try and take on me. Who has the bad luck, now?”

Krystal struggled to break free, but couldn’t. Krystal: “I won’t let you go through with this.” Scales: “We’ll see about that now, won’t we?”

          He walked up to Misty. Scales: “Hello, my dear! Do you think I would forget what you said to me during our last encounter?” Misty: “I still mean those words, you jerk!” Scales: “I will deal with you later, but for now I still have some unfinished business to take care of.”

          Then, he walked up to Fox. Scales: “I would have never thought I’d see this day come. My worst enemy, the fox, has finally been brought to his knees. And yet, you and your friends are the only ones who can stop me. Well, not anymore.” Fox: “Don’t think this is over, Scales! We will stop you. It doesn’t matter what you do to us, we’ll find a way to put and end to your schemes and then you’ll pay.” Scales: “(Laugh) I don’t think so!”    

          Then Scales begins to notice a face that was most unfamiliar to him and walked up to that person. Scales:” Who are you?” Falco: “That’s none of your business!” Scales: “Hmm…You must be new around here. Have these pathetic fools recently recruited you?” Falco: “Actually, I just recently returned. I may not know you, but I don’t have to be introduced to someone with looks like you to know that you’re a coldhearted tyrant. Your looks practically tell me everything.” Scales: “Grr! Your insolence is just like the others! No doubt you’re one of them!” Falco: “Oh, you figured that out on your own? Very good! Guess you’re not as stupid as you look, after all.” Scales: “Enough! Take them away! But these 4 are coming with me. I have special plans for them, especially the fox.” Voice: “Guess again, Scales!”

          Scales turned around and watched as 3 Sharpclaws who held Slippy released him and revealed themselves as 3 girls who are well known to the Starfox team. Fox: “No way!” Misty: “Oh, my stars!” Falco: “It can’t be!” Peppy:” Unbelievable!” Slippy:” Sam! Alex! Clover!”

          Fox began to remember something. After General Scales released the last Krazoa Spirit, Fox noticed that the 3 Sharpclaws there were wearing the exact same familiar looking heart-shaped belts. Fox: “It was them! They were there the whole time.” Sam: “Surprised to see us again?” Scales: “What? No! Impossible! I…I captured you 3!” Clover: “Oh, puh-lease, Scales! Do you really think you could hold 3 of G.R.O.U.P.’s top spies so easily? You are so wasting your time!” Sam: “This is where we put an end to your schemes.” Scales: “You would think so, wouldn’t you? Good thing I have plenty more tricks where that came from. Seize them!”

          Then, every Sharpclaw on the roof came after the spy girls. Sam: “Belay that order, men!”

          The Sharpclaws stopped on their tracks. Scales: “What? No! How can this be happening? Nobody commands my army to disobey my orders!” Sam: “Well, that’s where you’re wrong! You see, we had a little meeting with your so-called army; turns out that both of us have the same motives: taking you down.” Clover: “So we struck a little deal: we promised to free them from your tyranny if they helped us from to put an end to your evil schemes.” Alex: “Yeah, and besides, they helped us escape from your prison because they knew that we are the only ones who can free them. If it hadn’t been for them, we wouldn’t be standing here right now.” Scales: “No!” Clover: “Hate to break it to you, Scales, but you’re finished!” Sam: “Sharpclaws, attack!”

          The Sharpclaws went after their former leader, but Scales was far from giving up. He laughed as he held up his own creation, a pale stone, and released powerful blasts. Then every Sharpclaw were thrown off their feet and scattered into many different directions. Alex: “Oh, no!” Sam: “You monster! How dare you!” Scales: “Did you really think I’d be helpless without my men? To tell you the truth, I never really liked having slackers like them as my army. With this stone, I’ll be unstoppable! I can create a new army who will never tire out easily or complain about anything ever again.” Alex: “You’re sick!” Clover: “That is so wrong in so many levels that even I can’t describe.” Scales: “Any last words, girls?” Alex: “Just this; Junior, ram him! Now!”

          Suddenly, a little Lightfoot baby rammed Scales off his feet, causing him to drop his stone. Scales struggled to get his stone back. Sam: “Terry, grab that stone!”

          A young Cloudrunner baby swooped in, grabbed the stone and gave it to Sam. Then, with a metallic glove, Sam crushed the stone into dust and let it blow out of her hand. Sam: “You’ve been foiled!” Clover: “Oh, and don’t even think of trying to create a new one because we found all the data of what you have analyzed from the Spellstones and destroyed it.” Alex: “You’re finished!”

          Then, with nothing left to turn to, Scales fell to his knees. Blossom: “Permission to pummel him to submission?” Fox: “Yes, permission granted. Go for it!” Buttercup: “Oh, yeah, baby, I’ve waited too long for some real action!” Blossom: “Come on, girl, it’s go time!”

          Instantly, the Powerpuff Girls went head on and defeated the relentless tyrant with several punches and kicks. Bubbles was the hardest on him. Bubbles: “And stay down if you know what’s good for you!” Buttercup: “Oh, yeah, that felt so good!” Blossom: “Just like the good old days. Great work, girls!” Bubbles: “Let’s see General Scales try to hurt any more dinosaurs after going through that.”          

          Then the girls embraced each other and laughed after they returned to the others. Sam, Alex, and Clover rushed over to Scales, forced him back on his feet and struggled as they cuffed him. Clover: “General Scales, by order of Galactic Representation of Universal Protection, you are under arrest for attempting to destroy Dinosaur Planet. You have the right to remain silent.”

          And in the nick of time, the G.R.O.U.P. shuttle-craft arrived and stepping out of the vehicle was General Pepper. Alex: “General Pepper, boy are we glad to see you.” Fox: “General?” General Pepper: “It’s about time, I was worried about you girls. What in tarnations happened to you?” Sam: “Long story and we’re really sorry.” Alex: “On the other hand, we caught the jerk that was responsible for the near destruction of this planet.” General Pepper: “Excellent work, ladies! Bring him inside.”

          The girls struggled as they forced him in into the shuttle-craft. Scales: “You will all pay for this! Mark my words, I will have my revenge.” Clover: “Hey! Did I say you could talk? When we get back to G.R.O.U.P. headquarters, you are going to be put in some serious world-class punishment for everything you have done! Now get in there and I don’t want to hear another word out of you!”

          They finally got Scales into the shuttle-craft and shut the door. Slippy: “Girls!”

          Suddenly, the girls turned around and saw Slippy and the rest of the Starfox team charge towards them. Clover: “No way! Is that…?” Sam: “The Starfox team!”

          The girls then charged towards them and reunited with their old friends. Peppy: “Samantha!”

          Sam stroked her old friend on the head. Sam: “Oh, hello there, old-timer! How have you been doing?”  

          Peppy sniffed a little as he approached Sam. Peppy: “Oh, Samantha, I’ve missed you so much.” Sam: “I’ve missed you, too, Peppy.”

          Slippy began to cry tears of joy as he came close to Alex. Slippy: “Alex, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to see you again.”       

          Alex cuddled her favorite froggy friend. Alex: “Slippy, how’s my cute little froggy friend doing? I’ve missed you a lot.”

          At that time, Falco approached Clover. Falco: “Hey, Clover, it’s been a while.”

          Clover however, folded her arms and turned her back on her least favorite bird friend. Clover: “Don’t talk to me, you obnoxious flirt! I’ll never forgive you for what you did to me last time.” Falco: “Oh come off it already, it was just one blind date I tricked you into.” Clover: “Forget it, Falco!” Misty: “General!”

          Just then, the general watched as Fox and Misty charged towards him. General Pepper: “Fox, Misty, I was worried about you 2.” Fox: “Sorry, you signal was jammed. So, is it really true? Are those girls the ones you tried to mention earlier?” General Pepper: “That’s correct. A few days before you and your team arrived on the planet, I sent Sam, Alex, and Clover, 3 of G.R.O.U.P.’s top spies to investigate General Scales’ matter plan. I became worried when their transmission was cut off and I couldn’t contact them in days. I’m just glad to see that they are OK. I also felt guilty about putting your team in danger.” Fox: “Yeah, thanks.” Misty: “Don’t be sorry. It was no problem, at all, sir.” General Pepper: “Yes, glad to hear it, princess.”

          Not long afterwards, he noticed that Fox and Misty were holding hands. He smiled. General Pepper: “Hmm…” Peach: “General!” General Pepper: “Hm?”

          He watched as Peach ran towards him. Peach: “General, sir, you’re not going to believe it, Fox and Misty, they…” General Pepper: “I know.”

          He pointed to where he spotted them holding their hands. General Pepper: “But thanks, anyway, Peach. I appreciate your consideration.”

Peach smiled. Peach: “You’re welcome.”

          Soon enough, he also saw Krystal walk towards him. From the look on her face, she seemed to have recognized him. General Pepper: “Can it be?” Misty: “Krystal, over here! General, there’s someone we would like you to meet.” General Pepper: “Yes, I know.” Fox: “Krystal, glad you could join us.” Krystal: “Thank you, Fox! General?” General Pepper: “It is good to see you again, Krystal, or should I say Vixen?” Fox: “Vixen, your real name is Vixen?” Krystal: “Yes, have I forgotten to mention that, baby brother?” Fox: “Yes, yes you have. Of all the many things you wanted to…wait a minute! You mean you knew that I had a sister and you didn’t even bother to tell me? Let me guess, you promised my father not to tell me until she arrived, right?” General Pepper: “Yes, those were his exact words. Believe me, I wanted to tell you sooner, but I couldn’t break his promise.” Fox: “Terrific! Isn’t there anyone else in my life who knew I had a sister?”

          Misty touched his shoulder and looked at him with content. Fox looked at her. The general cleared his throat. General Pepper: “Now, then, I will be returning to G.R.O.U.P. headquarters with the girls. Oh, and girls, for overthrowing General Scales, I will let you keep you new ships, the Eswings.” Clover: “You mean it? Oh, thank you so much, General, sir!” General Pepper: “Don’t thank me. Thank Slippy for building the ships for you. He spent many days building them for you.”

          Then the girls huddled around their favorite Froggy friend. Alex kissed Slippy on the cheek. Alex: “Thank you, Slippy. We really appreciate it.” Clover: “We understand how hard you worked for us. Especially hiding the fact that we arrived here long before you guys.” Sam: “That must have been really hard.” Slippy: “Nah! It was easy. I thought of it as a little surprise to my friends.” Fox: “Wait a minute! You mean to tell me that Slippy knew the girls were here before us? I can’t believe this!” Slippy: “Heh, Heh. Sorry.” Fox: “Grr! Let’s leave before I find out something else that I wasn’t suppose to know before.”

          And so they all made preparations and left the Krazoa Palace.

          As they were leaving the palace, the sky began to clear up and display a beautiful sunny sky. Bubbles took a brief glance at the sky then left to catch up with her friends.

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Chapter 8-A Farewell to Dinosaur Planet,

Don’t Worry; We’ll be Back

          The next morning, Fox had officially decided it was time to leave Dinosaur Planet. Everyone was more than ready to leave. Well, everyone except Bubbles. Bubbles: “Well, Tricky, this is it. I knew that this would happen eventually, but I sure am going to miss you, anyway.” Misty: “Having a hard time letting go, isn’t she?” Fox: “Yes. I don’t want to do this to her but we all know this is what we’re suppose to do. That’s how life is.”

          He walked up to Bubbles and Tricky. Fox: “I’m sorry, kid, but we have to do this and you know it.” Bubbles: “(Sob) I understand.” Tricky: “I really am going to miss you guys. You’re the coolest bipeds I’ve ever met and you’re also my best friends.” Fox: “I feel the same way. We’ve been through a lot together. I mean, without you, our mission would have failed, so…I've got something for you.”

          He pulled a cool looking pin with the team’s second emblem on it. Bubbles: “Can I give the pin thingie to Tricky, please?” Fox: “Oh, alright.”

          He handed the pin to Bubbles and she attached the pin to Tricky’s forehead. Fox: “Prince Tricky, Earthwalker. You are now an honorary member of the Starfox Team.”

          Bubbles giggled gleefully. Bubbles: “Congratulations, Tricky!” Tricky: “Whoa! Awesome! I’m a member of Starfox!”

          Tricky then looked at the Arwing. Tricky: “Do I get my own spaceship?”

          Fox, Misty and Bubbles laughed at Tricky’s cute question. Misty: “Sorry, Tricky, but you need opposable thumbs in order to own a ship.” Tricky: “Oh…”

          Bubbles had her arms behind her back. Bubbles: “That’s OK, Tricky. I don’t have any opposable thumbs, either. As a matter of fact…”

          She pulled her arms out from behind her back and holds them up. Bubbles: “I don’t have any fingers, at all.”

          Misty laughed. Fox just smiled. Fox: “You don’t have any hands, either.” Bubbles: “Yes, I do, they’re just, uh, balled up into fists all the time. I…think.” Fox: “Right. Let’s get out of here, OK?”

          They were all about to leave. Bubbles: “Wait! Can I have another pin thingie for Beauty, too?”

          Fox chuckled a little. Fox: “OK.”

          He gave another pin to Bubbles so she can attach it to Beauty’s head. Bubbles: “I didn’t want Beauty to feel left out, that’s all.” Fox: “I understand. OK, that's enough. Come on, Bubbles.”

          Fox walked off with Misty. Bubbles: “Bye, Tricky. Bye, Beauty. See you both real soon.”

          And they finally left.

          Back on the Great Fox, Fox and Misty returned to the main room of the ship, hand in hand. Their friends were waiting for them there. Falco: “Finally, What took you guys so long?” Fox: “Sorry, we were just saying our goodbyes.”

          D.W. let out a small giggle. D.W.: “I understand.” Slippy: “So, where to next, guys?” Misty: “Hm…how about Earth. I checked one of my clocks and it’s almost Saturday there.” Peppy: “That is a good idea, Misty.” D.W.: “Sure thing.” Falco: “Heck, yeah.” Slippy: “Yes!” Fox: “OK, then. Rob, set a course for the planet Earth.”

          The Starfox team made preparations as the Great Fox immediately head for Earth. Falco: “Ah, yes, Earth. Thought I’d never live long enough to see that planet again.” Slippy: “Oh, planet Earth, at long last, you and I will be reunited once more, beautiful, blue planet of the Milky Way Galaxy.”

          Falco was freaked out a bit. Falco: “OK…” Krystal: “Planet Earth? What is this planet you guys speak of?” Fox: “Earth is the home world of Misty and some of our friends.” Slippy: “It is also where all of our human friends live.”

          He blushed. Slippy: “Like 3 of G.R.O.U.P.’s top spies, Sam, Alex and Clover.” Krystal: “Sounds interesting. I would be delighted to check it out for myself.” Misty: “Oh, you’ll love it, Krystal. There are lots of nice people, like Professor Oak.” Fox: “However, there are some people who are bigger jerk than Falco.” Falco: “Hey!” Krystal: “Sure thing. A friend of Misty and my brother’s is also a friend of mine.” Fox: “OK, then and Krystal?” Krystal: “Yes, Fox?” Fox: “Now that you have become one of us, there are a few ground rules that I need to set up.” Krystal: “OK.” Fox: “First of all, no calling me your “baby brother” in public.” Krystal: “Alright.” Fox: “Second of all, no showing strong affections for me in public, meaning no constant kisses, no smothering, no long, affectionate hugs, no DEATH hugs.” Krystal: “Right.” Fox: “And lastly, no going all overprotective on me. Princess Peach has done that to me enough and I don’t like it.” Krystal: “OK, I understand you, brother.” Fox: “Listen, I know how you feel. I can understand that you’ve searched half the galaxy for me. I understand that it’s been many years since we were separated. I even understand that I was still a baby the last time you saw me, but try to control yourself, OK? I have spent many years being a strong reputation and want to keep it.” Krystal: “Yes, brother.”

          Then, without warning, Krystal grabbed her brother and held him very close. Krystal: “Oh, Fox, I can’t believe I’m with you, at long last. After so many years, I can finally touch you again.”

          Fox then pushed himself away. Fox: “OK, that right there is one of many things I do NOT want you to do to me. But, I’m willing to make an exception for now since were not in public and around friends who have no reason to embarrass me.”

          Then Fox realized was holding out a digital camera at the time. Falco: “Oh, man, this is perfect blackmailing material.”

          Peach then had Rayman swipe the camera out of Falco’s hands. Falco: “Hey!” Peach: “Sorry, Falco, I refuse to let this picture fall into the wrong hands. Besides, I think this picture is just so adorable, I’m thinking about putting this in one of my private rooms in my castle, where no one can snatch it, or even see it.” Falco: “Grr! Darn it!” Fox: “Thanks, Peach.” Peach: “Oh, it’s no trouble, at all, Fox. I just hope this makes up for how I’ve been.” Fox: “It’s…close enough.”

          Minutes later, Fox found Bubbles staring out the window, watching as Dinosaur Planet slowly fades away. Fox went on to join her. Fox: “Um…hey, Bubbles. Listen, we don’t…I understand how hard this is for you, but I promise you we will come back, but we can’t do that if we don’t leave. I bet even Tricky would say the same.” Bubbles: “My sadness of leaving that planet…”

          She jerked her head towards Fox with a smile on her face. Bubbles: “Are being drowned out by the joy and excitement of coming back next week. I can’t wait, but I will anyway. Fox: “Atta girl. You’re really starting to grow up and understand a lot more things. I’m proud of you.” Bubbles: “Thanks, but it really wasn’t that hard.” Fox: “You sure?” Bubbles: “Sure, positive.”

          Later on that day, Fox met up with Krystal again. Fox: “Uh, Krystal? There’s…something else that I need to do.”

          He then pulled out the staff and held it up to her. Fox: “This staff, I’ve been meaning to give it back to you.”

          Krystal closed her eyes as she shook her head, then opened them again. Krystal: “No, brother. You keep it.” Fox: “What? But…it’s your staff; I was just borrowing it!” Krystal: “I want you to have it.” Fox: “No…I…I can’t take it from you. It…it’s just…not fair…” Krystal: “It’s OK, brother. You don’t have to worry about that. I’m OK with this.” Fox: “I…but…it just…doesn’t seem right…” Krystal: “Hm…I have a better idea.”

          She pulled the staff out of Fox’s hands and placed it on his chair. Both he and Krystal stood in front of the staff. Krystal: “Let’s undergo a little challenge.” Fox: “Challenge? What kind of challenge?” Krystal: “It’s somewhat of the duel that will decide who the staff belongs to.” Fox: “Um…OK, so, how does this duel work?” Krystal: “We will grab on to it at the same time. From there, the staff’s powerful magical energy will surge through both of us. This will continue until one of us lets go of the staff. Whoever does must surrender the staff to the other person. Are you OK with this?” Fox: “Well…if you think this will help to decide on who gets the weapon, then sure.” Krystal: “OK, then, on 3, we will both grab the staff at the same time. Ready? 1, 2, 3!”

          And with that, they both grabbed the staff at the same time. From there, the magical energy surged through their bodies, just like Krystal said it did. This went on for a while, but then, Krystal let go of the staff. Fox was left shocked as he held the staff in his hands. Krystal was able to recover from the ordeal. From there, she smiled at Fox. Krystal: “Congrats, brother. The staff is yours.”

          Fox stood speechless for a bit. He then looked at the staff and then back at Krystal: “Thanks, sis. I…really…don’t know what to say…” Krystal: “Think nothing of it. Just take good care of that weapon, OK?”

          He smiled at her a little and then nodded once. Fox: “Sure, I will.”

          They both stood by, still smiling at each other.

          And so, the Starfox team finally arrived on the Earth after many days of space travel. A lot has happened within the next 24 hours. They reunited with Professor Oak after he and his grandson returned shortly before the Krazoa Palace incident. They were able to reunite with their Pokémon, especially Falco. They spent the rest of the day with their Pokémon, reliving old memories. Krystal, who was unfamiliar with everything her brother and his friends considered “good times”, wanted to receive a taste of Pokémon training by wanting to catch and train Pokémon of her own. She looked forward to having battles with real trainers. She really wanted in on the Pokémon world. Nothing could make her happier at that moment.

          Then came the hardest part of all. When the day was over and the team needed to return to their home world, Corneria, it was time for Fox and Misty to say goodbye. This was the first time that they had to part after finding out that they were in love with each other. They had their farewell kiss and Misty sang her goodbye song, a beautiful melody that Fox had never forgotten. Then, Fox left Earth with dreams of reuniting with his new girlfriend. Misty also dreamt of a reunion with her beloved Fox, with tears in her eyes. Their lives were changed forever.

The End

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