Powerful Harmony

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Soon enough, they were in a small shuttle leaving Coruscant. The shuttle they were in was enough to seat all 9 of them: the Jedi; Ahsoka, Anakin and Obi-wan, the Benders; Katara, Toph, Zuko and Aang, and their warrior friends, Sokka and Suki. As they flew further into space, the Benders and Sokka and Suki sat in awe as they stared out the window and looked into the starry void. Katara stood up and moved up closer to the front. She smiled as she stared out of the front window. Katara: “Wow! This is beautiful! You guys must see stuff like this all the time!” Anakin: “Yes, it’s part of our daily lives.” Aang: “This is so strange! I’ve never even thought about life in space.”

Ahsoka looked back at him. Ahsoka: “Aang?” Sokka: “He does have point. We don’t really think much about space, though we would sometimes look up at the night sky and think of what could be up there; the kind of things that make us feel so insignificant. You know, like we’re ants.” Ahsoka: “Yeah, I see your point.” Sokka: “But still, it is pretty amazing. The closest we’ve ever gotten to anything about outer space involved mainly Avatar stuff.” Anakin: “Avatar stuff?”

Suddenly, everyone felt a major ruckus. Katara: “What was that!?!”

Anakin looked up and saw an entire fleet of ships right in front of them, constantly shooting at them. Anakin: “Dang! We’re caught in the middle of a Separatist fleet!” Sokka: “The Separatists!?! You mean as in your enemies!?! Those Separatist!?!” Anakin: “Well, what were you expecting, Sokka!?!” Katara: “Where did they all come from!?!” Anakin: “I don’t know! I guess they took us by surprise!” Obi-wan: “I don’t think we’ll be getting out of this!” Anakin: “You’re right! Our ship is badly damaged! It looks like we have no other choice. We’ll have to introduce our new friends to some of our enemies.”

Anakin pulled the shuttle closer to one of the Separatist fleet ship and docked inside. Anakin, Obi-wan and Ahsoka stood up and faced the Benders. Anakin: “Let’s go!”

Everyone but Sokka stood up. But Sokka crouched down behind his seat. Sokka: “Um…I think I should stay here, where it’s nice and safe.”

Aggravated, Anakin walked up to Sokka, grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him out. Anakin: “Come on!”
Everyone stepped out of the shuttle. Soon enough, they were all surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of Battle Droids. Droid: “Halt! Intruders!”

All the droids aimed their blasters towards them. Droid: “Don’t move, or we’ll blast you all right where you stand.” Sokka: “What are these things?” Anakin: “Battle droids. They’re programmed to fight only for the Separatists.”

Toph then burst into laughter. Toph: “You’ve got to be kidding me! These whiny little things are Battle Droids?”

She continued laughing. Droid: “I’m warning you! Don’t do anything…”

Just then, Toph unleashed her Earthbending and send them off flying in different directions. Droid: “Intruders in Sector B! Send in reinforcements immediately. They are extremely powerful, I repeat, they are extremely powerful!” Other Droid: “Who are these kids!?!” Droid: “I don’t know; I’ve never seen them before!” Toph: “If those things are our enemies, then I don’t think we have anything to worry about.” Obi-wan: “There are far more powerful foes than just those droids, Toph!” Ahsoka: “Yeah. Those are just your typical, run of the mill battle droids, they’re not very bright, but they can pose as a great threat in numbers.” Anakin: “We’re in dangerous grounds, so stay close to us and we’ll get out of here alive.” Katara: “Don’t worry about us!”

Katara pulled out her Keyblade. Katara: “We have Kingdom Hearts on our side.”

She put it away. Katara: “As long as we have that, nothing here can even scratch us.”

They soon ran out.

As they ran deeper into the ship, they encountered more droids approaching them. Aang and Toph held back the droids with the use of their bending abilities, successfully overpowering them and bringing them down. Toph: “Oh, come on! Is that the best they’ve got?” Anakin: “Not even close!” Katara: “Where should we go next?” Obi-wan: “The only place we can go is forward. It’s too late to turn back now.” Voice: “Going somewhere?”

They turned around and spotted Asajj Ventress standing in front of them, holding both her Lightsabers out. Sokka: “AH! BALD, UGLY LADY!” Anakin: “Bald, ugly lady is right!” Obi-wan: “Ventress!” Ventress: “It’s been a while, hasn’t it, Masters Jedi?” Anakin: “I’d say a little too soon!” Obi-wan: “Same here!” Ahsoka: “How’s it going, witch? Anything changed since our last encounter or just the same old, same old boring stuff?” Ventress: “I never share any valuable information with my enemies, but I see that you have made some new friends since we’ve last met.” Katara: “What’s it to you!?!” Ventress: “Just wanted to know who I’m dealing with. Such a shame; you kids look no older than Skywalker’s filthy pet. Some of you don’t even look like real fighters, at all.”

Aang blew Ventress back with his Airbending. As she got back up and approached them, Zuko shot out a fireball from his fist. Zuko: “Don’t come any closer if you value your life! I will burn you alive!” Ventress: “So, you do know a few tricks, guess you kids are worth something, after all.” Toph: “What is that suppose to mean!?!” Ventress: “It means that I may have an interesting fight on my hands.”

Suki pulled out her Keyblade. Suki: “Come and get some, you hag!”

As Ventress ran towards them, Ahsoka blocked her advances with her Lightsaber. Ahsoka: “Go! I’ll handle her! Sokka, Suki, you’re with me!”

Suki ran towards Ahsoka. Sokka: “What!?! But I don’t want to fight the scary, bald lady!”

Anakin ran over to him and shoved him towards them. Sokka stood paralyzed in fear. Katara: “Be careful, Ahsoka; I don’t want anything to happen to my brother!”

Anakin and Obi-wan ran off with the Benders while Ahsoka, Suki and Sokka stood in front of Ventress, holding their weapons out. Sokka trembled in fear as he held his Keyblade in front of him. Ventress: “This is going to be fun.” Ahsoka: “I couldn’t agree more.”

The 2 sides soon commenced their dispute.

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Meanwhile, Anakin, Obi-wan and the Benders ran through the hallways. At that time, they were being watched by 2 familiar figures. Voice: “Ah, the Jedi have arrived and they have brought some new friends.” Robotic Voice: “Shall I proceed to apprehend them?” Voice: “Make it so, and be sure to give them the usual greeting.” Robotic Voice: “With pleasure.”

They continued running until they reached the end of the hallway followed by other hallways leading to the left and the right. Katara: “Which way should we go?”

Obi-wan pondered for a minute. Obi-wan: “Perhaps we should split up and take both directions.” Aang: “OK, which sides are we taking?” Toph: “Wait a minute!” Anakin: “What is it, Toph?”

Toph crouched down and placed her hand on the floor. Toph: “I feel something! Battle droids, coming our way!”

She stood up. Anakin: “What? You can’t be serious!” Toph: “I wish I wasn’t, but the vibrations are never deceiving.” Obi-wan: “Which direction are they coming from?”

Toph turned towards the first hallway and pointed in that direction. Toph: “There!”

Everyone else did the same and spotted hundreds of battle droids heading towards their direction from a distance. Zuko walked back and stood in front of the droid army. He then pulled out his Keyblades and shot fire out of it. Aang walked back and stood by Zuko’s side, blowing out a funnel of wind towards the droids. Zuko looked back at the others. Zuko: “Go! We’ll handle them!” Obi-wan: “Right! Anakin, you take the left hallway! I’ll take the right with Toph!” Anakin: “Got it! Katara, you’re with me!” Katara: “Right!”

Obi-wan and Toph ran off towards the right. Katara: “Be careful, Aang! We still don’t know much about these battle droids.” Aang: “Don’t worry about us, Katara! We’ll catch up with you later.” Katara: “OK. Let’s go, Anakin.”

Katara ran off with Anakin towards the left hallway. Zuko and Aang continued fighting off the droids. As Aang continued Airbending, Zuko shot fire out of his fist through the funnel he was creating like a flamethrower, Aang then focused his funnel, moving it back and forth, wiping out each droid in a row. Zuko: “OK, that should be enough. Let’s try to catch up with Obi-wan and Toph!” Aang: “Yes!”

Aang and Zuko ran through the right hallway.
Meanwhile, Anakin and Katara were running through the halls. Katara: “Where do you think we’re going?” Anakin: “We’ll know when we get there!” Katara: “Are things always this exciting for you Jedi?” Anakin: “Are you kidding me? This is part of our normal routine.”

They kept running until they ran into more battle droids. Anakin and Katara both pulled out their weapons. Katara groaned a little. Anakin: “You seem disappointed. Is all of this too exciting for you?” Katara: “No…not really. I had my fare share of danger during my journeys with Aang.” Anakin: “Then you should be use to this by now.”

They went in and fought the droids with everything they had. As Katara fought on, she opened up both sacks that she wore and pulled out all of the water in them with her Waterbending. She then cut through some and shot out several large ice needles at the others. After the battle was over, Katara and Anakin took a break and looked at all of the damage that they caused, including from Katara’s Waterbending. Anakin: “Whoa! You always surprise me each time you do that. I didn’t know you can create ice, just like that.” Katara: “There’s still a lot you don’t know about my Waterbending.” Anakin: “Clearly, I still have a lot to learn.”

Just then, Anakin spotted something from a distance. He kept staring at it until he realized what it was that he saw: a mysterious girl clad in a pink robe. Anakin: “You!”

The girl kept facing him, then turned around and ran away. Anakin: “Hey! Wait! Come back!”

Anakin ran after the girl. Katara: “Anakin! Wait!”

Katara ran after him.

Meanwhile, Obi-wan and Toph kept running down their hallway. Toph: “Heads up, Obi-wan! We’re about to run into a whole lot of battle droids.”

Soon enough, they turn a corner and ran into the battle droids, just as Toph had anticipated. Obi-wan: “I have to admit, I’m really impressed with your Earthbending senses; I could have never been able to foresee any of this.”

Toph readied herself. Toph: “And they would never be able to foresee this!”

With the use of her Earthbending abilities, she pushed back all of the battle droids. Obi-wan: “Well, that wasn’t so hard.” Toph: “It’s now over, yet.” Obi-wan: “What?”

The battle droids soon got up and approached them. Toph: “These droids feel different. They’re a lot tougher than those whiny, metal stick figures.” Obi-wan: “I’m afraid you’re right, these aren’t like the other droids we encountered earlier. They’re stronger and more durable than they look.”

Toph smiled. Toph: “So am I.”

She then ripped apart each of the droids with her Earthbending abilities until all of them were left in pieces. Obi-wan smiled at Toph. Obi-wan: “Nice work, Toph.”

She smiled back at him.

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Just then, they heard something approach them. They turned their attention towards the other end of the hallway and sure enough, General Grievous was standing in front of them. Obi-wan: “Grievous!” Grievous: “Kenobi!”

Obi-wan pulled his weapon out. Toph: “You know this guy?” Obi-wan: “All too well!” Grievous: “It has been a while, has it?” Obi-wan: “I’ll say it has! Killed any good Jedi lately?” Grievous: “More than you can stomach!”

He then pulled out his numerous weapons. Grievous: “And now, it’s your turn!” Obi-wan: “I beg to differ, General. Have you met my young friend here?”

General Grievous looked down at Toph, then burst into a huge laugh. Grievous: “This has to be some kind of joke! You know adding a little girl to your ranks isn’t going to help you; it does even less considering that she’s blind.”

Toph let out a conspicuous scowl. Toph: “Wanna bet?” Obi-wan: “You’ll find that she’s more than capable of bringing you down. As a matter of fact, she's laid waste to every single droid we’ve come across.” Toph: “I’m going to do to you what I did to all of these droids. I’m going to bring you down, hard!” Grievous: “If that’s how it’s going to be, that‘s fine. The friend of my enemy is MY enemy, as well.”

Toph did an Earthbending stance and prepared herself. Toph: “Well, if you’re so sure of yourself, then bring it on!”

General Grievous let out an ireful screech then charged towards them. Within less than a few seconds, the vibrations from Grievous’ first step traveled towards Toph and with that, she smiled. She then stomped her foot back and pushed back the raging general with the use of her Earthbending, then pinned him to the wall. Obi-wan and Toph approached him as he struggled to break free. Grievous: “What? How is this…how are you doing this?” Toph: “Let’s see, you’re almost completely made of metal, I’m an Earthbender who happens to know how to bend metal; do the math!” Grievous: “Who are you?” Obi-wan: “This is my good friend Toph the Earthbender. Get use to the name, Grievous, because you’re going to be hearing it a lot during our next few encounters, assuming you can survive this one.”

 Grievous then became even more furious, he then attempted to break through Toph’s Earthbending. Toph struggled to hold him back. Eventually, he broke free, Toph was knocked off her feet. General Grievous then approached them slowly, holding out his weapons. Obi-wan went over to tend to her. Obi-wan: “Toph, are you OK?”

Toph got herself up. Toph: “Yeah, I’m fine!” Obi-wan: “What happened back there? You seem as though you were having a hard time just holding him back.” Toph: “I don’t know; I’ve never bend metal that can move around so much!” Obi-wan: “Hm…perhaps we should try to work on that, after we get out of here.” Grievous: “I’ll see to it that you’ll never do that to me again.” Obi-wan: “Not if I have anything to say about it!”

The 2 of them charged towards each other and began fighting. Toph assisted by bending the different droid parts, mainly torsos, towards Grievous from the front and from behind. He managed to deflect and slice up some of them but the ones from behind took him by surprise and slammed him hard. Toph then did a few stances that seemed like they did nothing, then went back to bending some of the droid parts. Grievous: “Your blind friend is a very strange person, Kenobi; I find it highly unusual the way she moves around like that with nothing else available. I have no idea what she hopes to accomplish.” Obi-wan: “I don’t know what she’s planning, either, but I assure you it isn’t for nothing.”

He looked back at her. Obi-wan: “She’s hasn’t failed to impress me so far.”

He then looked back at Grievous. Obi-wan: “And I have complete faith in her.”

They went back to their fight. As they continued on, neither of them seem to be getting the upper hand. Toph: “Obi-wan! Get out of the way!”

Obi-wan then blocked Grievous’ last attack then leapt out of the way towards Toph. Obi-wan: “I sure hope you know what you’re doing.”

Toph smiled again. Toph: “Don’t worry; I have him right where I want him.”

She then brought both her hands towards one another and pulled of the metal surroundings towards Grievous, encasing him completely. Obi-wan was extremely startled. Obi-wan: “Whoa! How you did…how is that…” Toph: “You realize by now why I was doing all of those Earthbending moves, right?” Obi-wan: “You were loosening the entire metal haul around us, weren't you?” Toph: “Yep, the metal that you couldn’t see because it was all buried underneath the floor, the walls, everything, but I can feel them out from the vibrations all over this ship.” Obi-wan: “Allowing you to gain access to them and bend them to your will. Very clever.” Toph: “Thanks. You know the funny thing? I learned it, just now.” Obi-wan: “Hm…interesting; sounds as though you Benders are capable of adaptability.” Grievous: “Enough!”

They looked towards Grievous; he then pulled out his weapons and sliced through the metal surrounding him. Damaged by the Metalbending, he was barely able to walk towards them. Grievous: “I will not be beaten by a mere child! It appears that I have underestimated you! You are a lot stronger than anyone could have suspected. Today was not my lucky day! You may have bested me but next time, I’ll see to it that you will not do this to me again!”

She bend the metal towards Grievous again and threw him towards the wall, then walked up to him. Toph: “You know, I would have ripped you to shreds if I didn’t enjoy hearing you talk so much.”

She then tossed him further away from him and with that, General Grievous spit his limbs and crawled away. Toph: “Whoa! This guy’s a monster!” Obi-wan: “That would be considered an understatement, Toph.” Aang: “Master Kenobi! Toph!”

Obi-wan and Toph turned around and spotted Aang and Zuko standing right behind them. Aang: “Are you guys OK?” Obi-wan: “Yes, we’re fine.” Zuko: “Sorry it took so long, what happened here?” Obi-wan: “Oh, nothing really. Toph just out bested one of our strongest adversaries.” Zuko: “Is that what was going on? Nice going.” Toph: “Eh! It’s was nothing. The guy was a big, scary monster, but he wasn’t all that tough. In fact, he was a major pushover. I look forward to fighting him again.” Zuko: “Let’s not think about that now. We need to get out of here!” Aang: “Come on.”

Aang and Zuko turned around and ran out. Obi-wan and Toph paused right before they followed them. Obi-wan: “By the way, what did you mean when you said that General Grievous was “almost completely made of metal”?” Toph: “I felt the vibrations emitting off of him and from what I was able to tell, his heart was the only thing about him that wasn’t made of metal. I don’t know much about mechanics but that heart of his is undoubtedly organic. I don’t think any machine can simulate an organic heart beat that authentic.” Obi-wan: “Once again, Toph, you’re Earthbending senses never fail to astound me.”

Toph smiled. Toph: “Come on, let’s catch up with the others.”

Obi-wan nodded and ran off with Toph after Zuko and Aang.

At that time, General Grievous arrived in a dark room. Voice: “What’s the matter, General, is 1 little girl really too hard to handle?” Grievous: “The blind girl that was with Kenobi was more powerful than I could have ever anticipated. She manipulated the ship’s interiors in ways no Jedi could.” Voice: “Hm…is that so? Perhaps I should step out and see for myself who these kids really are.”

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Meanwhile, Ahsoka, Suki and Sokka continued their fight with Ventress. Ahsoka and Suki were giving it their all while Sokka hardly joined in on the fight as he trembled with fear. Ahsoka: “Come on, Sokka! You’ve got to fight back!”

Sokka shook his head as he kept trembling. Sokka: “No way am I going up against that bald lady! She’s so scary! Besides, I don’t even know what she is!” Ahsoka: “Ugh! For crying out loud!”

Ventress chuckled a little under her breath. Ventress: “Sound as though your little friend over there can barely hold his own in a fight. How someone like him passes himself up as a warrior is hardly understandable.” Sokka: “Hey! Cut me some slack, will ya? I’ve never fought against pale, ugly women, before; not to mention bald ones!”

Ventress paused, overpowered Ahsoka and then leapt towards him. Sokka then shrieked and held his weapon in front of him. As Ventress approached him, Suki blocked her with her Keyblade, then pushed her back. Suki: “We’re not going to defend you, forever, you have to fight back or she will take advantage of you!” Sokka: “How can I possibly do that when she has 2 big, red, glowing, stick thingies?” Suki: “They’re called Lightsabers, Sokka; I thought we went over this.”

She then leapt out and continued fighting on. Sokka stood back and trembled. Ventress: “Your boyfriend is not very brave, is he?” Suki: “No, not really, but he’s way better than putting up with the likes of you!”

They kept fighting on. Ventress: “Enough of this! I have no time to play with children!”

She eventually overpowered Suki and pushed her back. Sokka: “SUKI!!”

He looked back at Ventress and glared at her. He then let out a big yell and swung his weapon towards Ventress, then the 2 of them fought. Sokka fought against her furiously. As Ventress attempted to stab him, he dodged every hit. Ventress: “So, you do have some fight in you, after all?” Sokka: “Shut up! I’ll make you pay for what you did to my friends!”

He continued fighting him. Suki eventually got up. Just then, she heard something go off. She touched a part of the front of her headdress and then, strange, goggles appeared from the headdress. Suki: “Hm…fascinating. Ahsoka! Can you hear me?”

Ahsoka got up. Ahsoka: “Yes, I’m here.” Suki: “Good! I need you and Sokka to keep her busy. I have a plan but I need her to lower defenses. Got all that?” Ahsoka: “Yes…I…I think I understand.”

Ahsoka stood up and went back to fighting Ventress with Sokka. They kept fighting until the 2 of them blocked her weapons with theirs. Ventress: “Did you 2 really think you could defeat me?” Ahsoka: “We weren’t trying to beat you, we were trying to divert your attention.” Ventress: “From what?” Suki: “From me!”

Suki then leapt towards her and did some quick jabs on several areas of her body, causing her to fall over. The 3 of them then stood in front of her and held their weapons directly at her. Ahsoka: “End of the line. There’s nothing else for you to do now but surrender.”

Throbbing in pain, Ventress barely manages to get herself up. Ventress: “This isn’t over.”

She put her weapons away and ran off.  Suki: “Glad to be finished with that.” Sokka: “Phew! I’ll say, I don’t know how long I could keep fighting against that ugly witch!” Ahsoka: “No wonder my master has a hard time putting up with you. You complain too much.” Suki: “Come on, we need to get back with the others.” Ahsoka: “Right.”

Ahsoka chased after the others along with Sokka and Suki.

At that time, Anakin attempted to chase after the girl in the pink hood. He followed her into one of the chambers on the ship, but when he entered it, she was nowhere to be found. Anakin: “Now where did she go?”

Soon enough, he was surrounded by several Destroyer Droids. He pulled out his Lightsaber. Anakin: “Great! I’ve gotten myself into another fix!” Voice: “Don’t worry.”

He turned around and saw the girl standing behind him. She wore a hood over her head, so only her mouth and a little bit of her nose could be seen. The rest of her face was shrouded in the shadow of her hood. Girl: “Everything’s going to be OK.” Anakin: “What?”

She held out both of her hands and unleashed huge gusts of ice, which overpowered the droids, and then, finished them off very quickly and very easily. Anakin stared at all of the fallen droids, then looked back at the girl. Anakin: “Who are you and why do you keep saying that?”

The girl shushed him. Girl: “You’ll understand…in time.”

She then disappeared into the shadows. Anakin: “Wait! How does she keep doing that?” Katara: “Anakin!” Anakin: “Huh?”

Katara ran in and stopped in front of him. Katara: “There you are! Where were you? You took off on me without saying anything!” Anakin: “I was…never mind, you wouldn’t understand. Let’s keep moving.”

Katara nodded then turned around and ran off. Anakin went after her, but then stopped. He turned around and looked back. He made a serious look on his face as he looked back, then turned around and ran off.

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Later on, Obi-wan ran through the hallways with Toph, Zuko and Aang. Soon enough, all 4 of them were standing in front of Count Dooku. Obi-wan: “Dooku!” Dooku: “It has been a long time, hasn’t it, Master Kenobi?” Obi-wan: “Not long enough!” Aang: “Who is this guy?” Obi-wan: “Count Dooku, the leader of the Separatists. He is perhaps our world’s equivalence to your evil Firelord.” Toph: “The one who started our war? Yeah, we know just the type.” Zuko: “How powerful is this guy?” Obi-wan: “Very powerful. He’s a Sith lord.” Zuko: “Sith?” Obi-wan: “They’re Jedi who have gone rouge and turned evil.” Aang: “Katara mentioned something about Jedi turning to the Dark Side.” Obi-wan: “Yes, they succumb to dark temptations and violent forces; this is the aftermath.” Dooku: “There is a lot more to the Sith than you children could possibly understand. We are the most powerful beings in the galaxy and we are the ones who will rule over every living thing in this galaxy.” Aang: “You’re not ruling over anyone!” Dooku: “And what makes you think you can stop me?” Aang: “Where I come from, I’m the most powerful being! I saved one world; I will save another!” Toph: “And we’ll gladly help.” Zuko: “Same here.” Dooku: “Clearly, you do not know what sort of power I can wield.” Zuko: “Maybe not, but the Avatar did defeat the most powerful evil of our world.” Dooku: “Really, now? Can the most powerful evil of your world do this?”

With the use of his Dark Side powers, Dooku unleashed a shockwave so powerful it pushed all of them back, knocking them off their feet. As the Sith Lord approached them, they got up, nearly battered. Toph: “Whoa! That was intense…!” Zuko: “Uh…tell me about it. That guy really is strong. I’ve never felt anything like it.” Obi-wan: “That’s the Sith, for you.”

Dooku chuckled under his breath. Dooku: “That’s because unlike the Jedi Order, the Sith are not being suppressed by the refusal to carry out such violent techniques. The Sith overpower all because they look past such feeble desires. Only true power shall triumph over all.” Aang: “That’s absurd! You Sith guys are nothing but savages! Having power is never about oppressing others!” Dooku: “So, you still think your peaceful ways will out best my superior influences over the Dark Side of the Force?” Aang: “Certainly! There’s no doubt in my mind that we will defeat you! That’s a promise!”

With the use of his Airbending abilities, Aang blew back Count Dooku. Toph then bend all of the metal surroundings from within the walls, floors and ceilings towards Dooku, but he managed block them. Zuko then shot out several fire balls from his fists at him, but deflected each attack using only his hands. Dooku: “Hm…interesting. You truly have some potential, though I doubt they’ll do any good against me. I barely have shown you the full extent of my dark power. We Sith are capable of learning techniques that are considered forbidden in the eyes of the weak.”

He then shot lightning out of the tips of his fingers. Zuko ran in front of him and held out his left hand, he was hit directly by the lightning. Obi-wan: “ZUKO!!”

Obi-wan watched in terror as lightning surged all around Zuko, then much to the Jedi Master’s surprise, Zuko, holding out his fingers, moved his hands around, pulling the surge along with the movements, then, combined them, held out his right hand and shot the lightning back towards Count Dooku. The Sith Lord managed to dodge his own lightning. He then looked back at them and glared. Dooku: “Perhaps another time!”

He turned around and ran off. Zuko paused for a bit, then looked back at Obi-wan, who stood in awe. Zuko then became concerned with him. Zuko: “Obi-wan, are you alright?”

Obi-wan still stood in awe for a moment. Obi-wan: “Firebenders…bend lightning?”

Zuko continued staring at him in a concerned manner.

As Count Dooku kept running, he reached another section of the ship and kept going. Anakin: “Just where do you think you’re going, Count Dooku?”

He turned around and spotted Anakin and Katara. Aggravated, he pushed back with the use of his Force powers and then ran off. Katara and Anakin got themselves back up. Anakin: “Don’t let him get away!”

They ran after him.

They chased him into the lower sections of the ship until they cornered him in a large room. Anakin: “There’s nowhere else to run, Count. We have you surrounded.” Dooku: “Quite the contrary, Skywalker. As you may recall during our previous encounters, you don’t stand a chance against me.” Anakin: “Hm, as much as I hate to admit, you may have a point.”

Anakin looked around the entire room until he saw a few pipes. Anakin: “Perhaps I can find a way around that.”

With the use of his Force powers, he increased the pressure in the water until all of the pipes leaked and water spilled everywhere. Count Dooku chuckled under his breath. Dooku: “Foolish Jedi. Am I that much of a match against you that you plan to flood us in?” Anakin: “Oh, I’m not trying to flood us in, I’m trying to shift this battle to our advantage. Katara, show him what you can do.” Katara: “With pleasure!”

Katara stepped forward, then with the wave of her arms, she pulled all of the water up and created a massive tidal wave directly towards Dooku. He stood by and stared out at the water in shock. Dooku: “What the…?”

He was knocked back towards the wall. He got himself back up. Dooku: “What are you?” Anakin: “This is Katara, the Waterbender.” Dooku: “The last thing I need is to be upstaged by children, especially after my first encounter with those other 3.” Anakin: “I take it you ran into some of our other friends.” Dooku: “Those kids were extremely powerful, with capabilities of wielding the elements to their will and I would assume that this girl is one of them, but none of them will stand a match against me.”

Count Dooku shot his Force Lightning towards them. Katara then pulled the water back towards her then threw it directly in front of her, blocking the lightning attack completely. All the water in the room turned to steam. Count Dooku then closed up all the pipes with the use of his Force powers. Dooku: “Looks as though you are completely out of water.” Katara: “Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure of that.”

By moving her arms around, Katara managed to turn all the steam back into liquid. Dooku: “What?” Anakin: “Whoa!”

She then tossed some of the water towards Count Dooku, turning it into ice in the process. Count Dooku fought back by shooting more lightning, but Katara blocked it by forming an iceberg in front of herself. The iceberg shattered into pieces. She turned the ice back into water. Count Dooku shot his lightning again, turning the water back into steam. Katara turned the steam back into ice within a split second. He managed to dodge all of her attacks only to be hit by the last blow. Dooku: “Impressive, seems as though you have control over all forms of water, be it solid, liquid or vapors; that kind of influence is unwavering.” Katara: “Gee, that’s awfully touching for someone who’s trying to destroy me and Anakin.” Dooku: “Still, that won’t change a thing.”

With the use of his intense Force abilities, he pushed back Katara. Anakin: “Katara!” Dooku: “I am still more powerful than any of you. You have but witnessed a taste of my Dark power. It seems as though you had the upper hand on me this time only because I was unprepared. The next time we meet, I will be ready for anything and everything you throw at me, be it water, ice, rock, fire or even hot air, I WILL be ready!!!”

Count Dooku turned tail and ran away. Anakin glared as he watched Dooku retreat then ran towards Katara and tended to her. Anakin: “Are you OK?”

Katara barely managed to get herself up. Katara: “Yeah, I’m fine. That Count Dooku is one formidable enemy.”

Anakin looked back towards where Count Dooku ran off to and brought out an intense glare. Anakin: “You have no idea. Come on, let’s go find the others.”

They soon ran off.

Soon afterwards, Katara and Anakin caught up with Obi-wan, Toph, Zuko and Aang. Obi-wan: “There you are, Anakin, where have you been?” Anakin: “Sorry, we ran into Count Dooku.” Aang: “Really? So did we!” Toph: “He tried to destroy us with some sort of lightning ability.” Katara: “No kidding, he tried to do the same thing with me and Anakin.” Anakin: “It was Katara’s quick thinking that got us out of that mess.” Katara: “You were the one who provided me with all of that water.” Anakin: “I needed you to have enough water to protect yourself from him. That Sith lord is extremely powerful.” Toph: “You can say that again.”

Soon enough, Ahsoka, Suki and Sokka arrived. Ahsoka: “Hey, guys, what did I miss?” Anakin: “We ran into Count Dooku.” Ahsoka: “What? Really? And you guys manage to survive?” Katara: “Yeah, it was a good thing Count Dooku had never witnessed bending or even heard of Benders before.” Obi-wan: “These kids really took him by surprise with their bending abilities; the same with General Grievous when Toph and I ran into him.” Ahsoka: “What? Grievous, too?” Obi-wan: “Of course. He was more than thrilled to give us a proper greeting.” Toph: “You should have seen him. He was this large, spidery guy; the guy’s a real monster.” Ahsoka: “You…saw him?” Toph: “Not really, but the vibrations he was making told me more than enough about what he was.” Ahsoka: “Oh…uh, right.” Suki: “So, how are we going to get off this blasted shuttle?” Obi-wan: “Not to worry, I’ve already contacted the clones. They will be on their way.” Sokka: “Wait! Clones?” Anakin: “Yeah, have any of you guys ever heard of clones in your world before?”

Sokka thought for a moment. Sokka: “Hm…clones…clones…nope, we don’t have any of that in your world, at least, before we even knew about this place.” Suki: “We already know about your Clone Wars. We’ve been briefed on what’s been going on and quite frankly, we’re not happy about everything we’ve heard. We’ll talk about this later.” Anakin: “Yes, first, let’s try and get out of here.” Ahsoka: “Come on. This way!”

And so, they ran off as fast as they could. They arrived at a hanger bay, where another shuttle was waiting for them. Rex signaled them to come. They ran towards him, got into the shuttle and flew out.

Meanwhile, Count Dooku observed them leave from inside the ship. Dooku: “So, the Jedi have managed to befriend others from outside our universe?” Grievous: “That much I already know; their special powers are far beyond anything we could have ever anticipated.” Dooku: “Indeed. It seems as though these new enemies have special influences over each of the different natural elements; all of which are very foreign, beyond even any Jedi’s capabilities. I have to admit, I underestimated those kids. Luckily, we have a friend from the outside.”

At that moment, a dark figure, taking on a familiar form, stood in a doorway behind Dooku. Dooku: “Tell us everything we need to know about these…Benders.”

The dark figure spoke in a familiar voice. Figure: “Gladly.”

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At that time, the shuttle flew away from the fleet. They all stood around and faced each other. Anakin: “OK, so tell us everything that you have heard about the Clone Wars.” Ahsoka: “First of all, do you guys even know what the term “clone” means?” Sokka: “Um…well…let’s see…it involves…something about…copying people?” Suki: “A clone is a genetic duplicate of a particular person.” Sokka: “Oh, yeah! That’s right! So, why is this called the Clone Wars?”

Ahsoka, Obi-wan and Anakin looked at each other in a regrettable manner. Katara: “Oh, come on, Sokka! We were all there when he briefed us on this particular subject. These people breed human beings to take part in their war!” Sokka: “WHAT!?!” Toph: “Is all of this really true?”

All 3 Jedi sulked. Anakin then looked towards the Clone troopers. Anakin: “Everyone, take off your helmets.”

All the clone troopers removed their helmets. As the Benders looked over; they were shocked at what they saw: all of the troopers had the same exact face structures. Sokka: “No way! They all look the same!” Anakin: “Yes…that’s how clones are.” Zuko: “Oh, my gosh…” Aang: “This is wrong…”

His face grew tense and he looked back at the Jedi. Aang: “Alright! Someone better start explaining! How could any of you have let this happen!?!”

The Jedi remained despondent without saying anything for a time. Anakin: “It was the only thing that we could do.” Katara: “I think you’re going to have to do better than that. What do you mean by “it was the only thing you can do”? Why this?”

They all hesitated for a bit. Obi-wan: “We are currently facing a great difficultly; perhaps one of the most immense issues any Jedi has ever encountered. Our…enemy and Separatist leader, Count Dooku, convinced many star systems to join their movement, making it increasingly difficult for the Jedi Order to maintain peace in the galaxy.” Anakin: “We’re badly outnumbered and our forces kept dwindling in size.” Katara: “You had no control over the situation.” Aang:  “So, then you decided to use these clones?” Obi-wan: “Yes…and no…” Aang: “Huh?” Katara: “What do you mean?” Obi-wan: “Perhaps you would understand it better if we told you everything.”

Obi-wan hesitated for a bit before he began telling the story. Obi-wan: “It all started with an assassination attempted on Senator Amidala.” Katara: “Someone tried to kill Padme?” Anakin: “Yes; the first of many attempts. She was brought to the Senate on Coruscant to settle a dispute that involved forming an army for the Republic.” Obi-wan: “An army that could help the overwhelmed Jedi in the fight against the Separatists.” Anakin: “But then another assassination attempt was made on Padme. We managed to track down the assassin who did it.” Obi-wan: “From there, we made an attempt to find out who hired the assassin, but that assassin was killed before we could learn of his identity.” Sokka: “OK, is any of this stuff important?” Obi-wan: “This is very important, actually. While Anakin was ordered to protect the Senator, I was sent out to find the man who wanted her dead. My findings led me to a planet masked from the records called Kamino. There, I discovered the entire clone army being manufactured there.”

The Benders, Sokka and Suki were very startled to hear this. Katara: “So, the clone army was already being constructed?” Zuko: “Did the Jedi know anything about this?” Obi-wan: “No, they didn’t, but I did find that the clones were produced from the DNA of a bounty hunter named Jango Fett. I believed him to be the one who killed his client; the same person he sent out to kill Padme.” Katara: “Oh, no, that’s terrible.” Obi-wan: “Upon realizing that I was on to him, he along with his son, Boba Fett, an unaltered clone of himself, left Kamino. I followed them both to another planet, Geonosis. There, I discovered something far worse than an assassination attempt: a massive droid factory.” Anakin: “Such an assembly line could outnumber the Jedi Order within mere seconds.” Katara: “In other words, the Separatists could claim victory in this war before it even started.” Obi-wan: “Exactly, upon finding out about this, I reported my findings to the Jedi Council, but then, I was apprehended and imprisoned.” Anakin: “Afterwards, the Jedi Council set out a team to confront the Separatists on Geonosis. I, of course, left with Padme to try and rescue Obi-wan, but the rescue attempt turned out to be unsuccessful and all 3 of us were sentenced to be executed.” Obi-wan: “But luckily, Master Windu and his team of Jedi arrived on the scene to bail us out.” Anakin: “We all fought in a fierce battle, but we were seriously outnumbered after they called out their newly manufactured droid army, some of the Jedi were killed and we were on the brink of being wiped out.” Katara: “So, what happened next?” Anakin: “Master Yoda arrived with the clone army, just in the nick of time.” Obi-wan: “I still remember that day vividly. It was the first ever battle we had along side the clone troopers.” Katara: “So, just like that, the clones just arrived? Who sent them?” Obi-wan: “The senate did, of course. They have long debated whether or not to send out an army and they mutually agreed on the newly discovered clones.” Sokka: “So, it was the senate’s idea to use clones, not yours.” Obi-wan: “Correct and we’re stuck with this decision until this matter is resolved.”

All of the Benders, as well and Sokka and Suki, stood silent. Anakin: “You know, we don’t blame you if you judge us badly because of this, but if it’s any consolation, Padme had fought to prevent this war from ever happening and she is still fighting to put an end to it. You’re not the only ones who are against this.” Katara: “No, Anakin, it’s OK. We knew what we were getting ourselves into. We were briefed on this because they knew how we would react, and they gave us a choice whether or not to get involved.” Anakin: “Then, why did you decide to come?” Katara: “Because, clones or not, we didn’t want this world to be eradicated by the Heartless and we’re the only ones who can prevent that.” Anakin: “That is very noble of you, Katara. Not many people would say that.” Katara: “And besides, after actually getting acquainted with you guys, we know that you wouldn’t do something like this by choice. I know it’s not our place and I know that eradicating the Heartless threat is Priority 1, but maybe, just maybe, we can find a way to help you put an end to this stupid war. That way, you can stop breeding human beings FOR war.” Obi-wan: “Well…we’ll see…I’m not so sure if you can. This problem is much too immense for anyone to settle. Even the Jedi Order can no longer handle this.” Katara: “I’m willing to accept the challenge.” Aang: “So am I. This is what the Avatar lives for, after all.” Katara: “We did make a pact to help each other, no matter what. This doesn’t change anything.” Ahsoka: “Oh, yeah, right, we forgot.” Toph: “And besides, we like you guys. So, we're more than happy to help you out.” Obi-wan: “Well, I greatly appreciate that, Toph.” Zuko: “And believe it or not, this isn't the worst thing that we've ever seen; not even close.” Anakin: “Oh, I can believe that, Zuko.” Ahsoka: “Yeah, so do I.”

Suki looked over towards the clone troopers and walked towards them. Suki: “Are you guys OK with being a part of this war? You don’t mind doing this, right?” Rex: “Don’t worry about us, Miss Suki; it’s what we live for. You just need to worry about yourselves.” Suki: “Oh…OK…I guess.” Rex: “Hey, don’t feel too sad for us if we die in this war. It’s what we were made to do.” Suki: “I still don’t like it.” Ahsoka: “It’s OK, you are entitled to your own opinions.”

Each of the Benders looked at each other, concerned.

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Later on, they arrived back on Coruscant. There, they met up with Padme on the landing strip. Padme: “Welcome back. Did you enjoy the flight?” Anakin: “Not really, we…had a few encounters with the Separatists.” Padme: “What? Really? Are the kids OK?” Anakin: “Yes, they’re fine. They surprised our enemies with some of their bending abilities. The Separatists nearly didn’t stand a chance.” Padme: “Oh, thank goodness.” Anakin: “There’s something else you need to know.” Padme: “What?” Anakin: “They knew about the Clone Wars before they arrived in our dimension.” Padme: “Really? You don’t say.” Obi-wan: “They were displeased about it but they came anyway to protect us from the Heartless threat.” Katara: “We don’t like what’s involved in your war, but we can’t risk letting a lot of people succumb to the Heartless over it.” Padme: “Thank you, Katara and I don’t blame you for how you feel. To be honest, I don’t like it, either.” Katara: “We know. We heard from the Jedi that you’re fighting to end this war. It’s not our place but we will do everything we can to help you with that.” Obi-wan: “I’m actually glad your world is incapable of something like this.” Zuko: “Actually…we are.”

Everyone looked at Zuko: “I mean, true, we don’t have the technology to create clones like you guys can, but we have something much close to that in the Fire Nation. Since the beginning of our war, all of our Firebenders wore specialized helmets and armor that are all uniform. They were specially made to strike fear in the hearts of our enemies.” Katara: “I remember those suits; they’re like something out of a nightmare.” Ahsoka: “How terrible.” Sokka: “You know, those suits that the clones are wearing kind of remind me of those Fire Nation armor, the uniform part, not the “strike fear into the hearts of many people” part, of course.” Anakin: “The suits are merely designed for their protection. They come with different atmospheric settings.” Obi-wan: “The clones could even survive in space wearing them.”

Suki seemed quite intrigued by this. Suki: “Hm…” Katara: “We also heard that the senate sent out the clones in the last ditch effort to help the overwhelming Jedi in their fight to maintain order.” Sokka: “From what we can tell, the Republic was desperate and we kind of understand that. To be honest, we were no different, especially with what we came up with during the Day of Black Sun.” Ahsoka: “The Day of Black Sun?” Sokka: “Yeah, it was the day we invaded the Fire Nation on their homeland in an effort to end the war, once and for all.” Anakin: “You guys invaded the Fire Nation?” Sokka: “Sure, we brought along a ragtag team of our friends and allies from the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribe to invade the Royal Palace. It was called the Day of Black Sun because the invasion took place during a Solar Eclipse.” Ahsoka: “A Solar Eclipse?” Sokka: “Yeah, it’s when the moon blocks out the sun and casts a shadow…” Anakin: “We know what a Solar Eclipse is, Sokka! You think we have a particular lifestyle in space and we would have no idea about any of that!?!” Sokka: “Oh, right, sorry.” Obi-wan: “Where did you kids get the idea to invade the Fire Nation during a Solar Eclipse?” Aang: “From a library in the middle of a desert.” Anakin: “Right, you kids risked your necks to find a library in the middle of a barren, hot desert. Sounds kind of pointless to me.” Sokka: “Hey! This is no ordinary library! This library was brought in from the Spirit World by a spirit named Won Shi Tong. He took on the form of a giant owl.” Ahsoka: “He’s one of those spirits you guys were talking about; the ones that take on the form of an animal.” Aang: “Right.” Katara: “The library is said to contain an extensive knowledge of our world, knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else.” Ahsoka: “Sounds incredible.” Anakin: “OK, I’m…intrigued.” Katara: “We looked around and saw a lot of fascinating things. It was there we found out that one of Aang’s past lives used to have been left handed.” Anakin: “Way to go, kid; I always knew you were special.”

Aang smiled. Sokka: “We originally went there to find a map of the Fire Nation but when we got there, the Firebenders destroyed everything involving their nation.” Obi-wan: “I’m not surprised. That was to prevent anyone from using knowledge of their nation against them.” Sokka: “Yes, the only thing we managed to find out about the Fire Nation involved a small parchment containing a date and also said “The Darkest Day in Fire Nation History”. So we looked around to find out what it even meant.” Obi-wan: “And that’s when you discovered that the Darkest Day in Fire Nation History involved a Solar Eclipse.” Sokka: “Yes! It was literally the darkest day in Fire Nation history; that’s because Firebenders lose their bending during a Solar Eclipse!” Ahsoka: “It would make sense considering that Firebenders draw their power from the sun.” Katara: “Unfortunately, Won Shi Tong didn’t take it very well. After he found out what we were up to, he attacked us.” Aang: “For over a century, people from the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation kept coming to his library to find out how they can get the upper hand on one another. Won Shi Tong felt like they were misusing knowledge from his library. He loved knowledge and he loved finding out about new things. He didn’t like what people were doing with his collection of information, so he buried his library and forbade anyone from ever coming.” Sokka: “When we found the library, it was almost completely engulfed by the sand.” Toph: “But the actual inside of that place was still in tack; it was still very much hollow. I checked it myself.” Obi-wan: “Of course; you of all people should know that.” Aang: “But we were the final straw, so then he sank the library deeper in the sand so that no one would misuse his knowledge again.” Ahsoka: “Poor Won Shi Tong. He had the one thing that he loved more than anything being misused by so many people, not to mention that some of it was burned by Firebenders. That had to have been devastating to him.” Aang: “I’m sure he would have loved to hear that from you.”

Ahsoka smiled. Ahsoka: “So…I guess now, we understand each other a little better.” Anakin: “Yeah, right, you kids did sound desperate, to attack the Fire Nation on their own home turf when they were at their weakest.” Ahsoka: “So, how did this invasion of yours go?” Sokka: “Not so good. They knew we were coming.” Ahsoka: “Oh, it didn’t work, did it?” Katara: “No, but it was the closest anyone has gotten to victory. No one had ever made it to the Fire Nation’s capital and lived long enough to say anything about it.” Ahsoka: “I’ll say, that must have been a major achievement on your part, despite the fact that it was a failed invasion plan.”

The Benders and Sokka seemed despondent. Suki seemed just as saddened by them as the Jedi and Padme.

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Later on, everyone met up at the empty building that Master Windu had told them about. Anakin and Obi-wan already mentioned to the Jedi Council everything that the Benders needed for their training facility. There, the clone troopers came in and brought in all of the supplies and equipment needed. Anakin: “OK, so that’s 10000 units of dirt, more than 500 gallons of water, 6 incredibly large heat lamps, and 1 very large space to hold it all in.” Katara: “Sounds as though we’ll have everything we’ll ever need to get this training ground up and running. Thank you again for setting this up, Masters.” Mace: “You’re welcome, Katara. Now then, a lot of our construction droids have spent many hours building this training facility to your liking. We have several different pipes all over the facility to dispense as much water as you want. We also installed a mist emitter as you have requested to disperse water vapors to your liking.” Katara: “Thank you. I appreciate it.” Mace: “Toph, we have set up a special machine deep below the surface of the gravel to automatically secrete and fill in any spaces below those rocky terrains, that way it should be able to simulate being on an all terrain field.” Toph: “Sweet.” Mace: “Zuko, we’ve installed large heat lamps to emit as much heat as you need without overcooking anyone of you.” Zuko: “Thank you.” Mace: “And Aang, the room should be large enough so it should contain plenty of air.” Aang: “Yes, that’s all I need.” Obi-wan: “OK, then, this here is the control room. In here, we can change the setting of the training facility to whatever setting you or we would like to have it. We can change it to the environment that would suit each of you Benders best, or we can make it so that environment would not be beneficial to some or most of you. We can make it to suit one Bender, we can make it to suit two Benders, we can make it to suit all of you we can even make it to suit none of you. Depending on what kind of training you kids need, we will adjust the settings to suit that training exercise.” Toph: “Alright, enough talk. Let’s get this training program started.” Kit: “Yes, let’s; I have been looking forward to seeing these bending abilities that we heard so much about.” Obi-wan: “Sure thing.”

Obi-wan walked up to the console and typed on it a few times. Obi-wan: “Now then, if each of you will divert your attention towards that door, it will be able to take you down towards the chamber.”

Katara nodded then headed towards the door with Toph, Zuko and Aang.

As they stepped inside and stood in it, the door closed, the Benders were brought down towards the chamber level. Obi-wan: “OK, let’s change this to the default setting; the one that will equally benefit each of the Benders.”

Obi-wan punched a few keys. The doors below opened, they stepped out and stood ready. As they stood, water began pouring out of the pipes on the far side of each corner of the room, surrounding the entire room. The heat lamps lit up. Mace: “Commence training…now.”

With a push of a button, the training battle droids came out from everywhere and started shooting at them. Katara had a determined smile on her face. Katara: “Let’s do this!”

Katara waved her arms around and pulled all the water towards her. All of the Jedi Councilmen became shocked by what they saw. Then she unleashed a large whip that slashed through all of the droids near her. Toph ran across several droids, she then raised some of the rocks in front of her and pushed it towards them. Several droids show up behind her, but she managed to catapult them with the use of her Earthbending. Zuko, surrounded by several more droids unleashed a fire wheel around him then pushed it out and took out all of the droids. Aang stood in front an entire army. As they approached him, he spun around, forming a tornado and then blew all of the droids away.

The Jedi councilmen stood in awe as they watched the Benders unleash their full bending potential. Plo Koon: “This is…incredible. I have never seen anything like it.” Kit: “I know, these kids…and their…powers, no Jedi could ever pull off what they can.” Yoda: “Incredible powers these younglings have. Known what a Bender was or what skills they were capable of I could not have.” Obi-wan: “I know what you mean, gentlemen, I was shocked the first time I witnessed it.” Anakin: “So was I, but we got use to it. You will, too.” Mace: “So this is what bending looks like. How is it they are able to carry out these special powers?” Obi-wan: “They mentioned to us something about chi; how they can manipulate their own chi to interact with the environment and control them to their will.” Mace: “Hm…I’ll need to look into this…chi, let’s focus on the matter of their…Keyblades. You described to me that these key-like weapons are the only weapons powerful enough to destroy these Heartless, as you called them.” Obi-wan: “Yes, much like Ansem and the Heartless, the Keyblades were also created out of pure fiction. From what they have told me, there have been many weapons that can destroy the Heartless but Ansem modified the Heartless so that they are immune to all other weapons, all but the one that could utterly destroy them.” Anakin: “And that would be the Keyblades.” Mace: “Hm…” Yoda: “Adapting to different environments these kids are capable of. Mention this you did, yes?” Obi-wan: “Yes, when involved in a new environment, they learn to adapt their own skills to what works best for them in that particular setting. For example, Toph taught herself how to bend metal as though it is part of the earth. She managed to bend the metal haul around her and used it as a weapon. She was even bending General Grievous considering that he does have a metallic body.” Mace: “Those kids went face to face with General Grievous!?!” Obi-wan: “And Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress. They surprised each and every one of them with their bending abilities. I was especially impressed with the way Zuko redirected Count Dooku’s own Force Lightning.” Mace: “Firebenders can bend lightning!?!” Obi-wan: “Apparently, so. I was startled the first time I saw it.” Anakin: “Wait, what? You never told me Zuko can bend lightning!” Mace: “We’ll discuss this later. I want to see how well these Benders’ adjustment capabilities are.”

Master Windu walked up to a microphone and spoke in it. Mace: “Ahem! Attention Benders! I need to test how well you can adapt to certain situations. In order to do that, I need you to do exactly what I tell you to do. Let’s see how well you can fight without your bending. Fight only with your Keyblades.” Katara: “Right! Everyone, you heard Master Windu, no Bending, fight only with your Keyblades.” Aang: “Right!” Zuko: “Got it!” Toph: “OK!”

They then summoned their Keyblades and took on the droids. Mace: “Incredible! These kids are impressive even without the use of their bending!” Obi-wan: “Indeed, they are.” Mace: “OK, let’s try something else.”

With a push of a button, stronger droids appeared. Mace: “Attention, Benders! Put away your Keyblades and fight only with the use of your bending.”

They put away their Keyblades and went back to fighting with only their bending. As they fought, they initiated different bending upon realizing that their basic forms had no effect on the droids.  Mace: “Hm…very interesting. They readjust themselves to use more advance skills after realizing that their basic skills are ineffective.” Kit: “It’s obvious these kids understand what they are up against.” Yoda: “Indeed. Learn new tricks they do in the middle of a battle.” Mace: “Yes, but let’s see how well they combine their bending skills with their Keyblades. Benders! Change tactics, this time fight with both your bending and your Keyblades.”

They summoned out their Keyblades, as they watched, the Benders combined their Keyblade skills with their bending. Mace: “Most incredible! Using both their bending and their Keyblades together increases their strength.” Obi-wan: “Yes, indeed they do.” Mace: “OK, I’ve seen enough. Let’s bring them back now. Alright, kids, that will be enough training for today. Return here now.”

They stopped fighting, put away their Keyblades and headed back to the elevators.

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After the doors near the Jedi opened, the Benders stepped out and reunited with them. Katara: “So, how did we do?” Obi-wan: “The council was impressed. As usual, you’ve surprised even more people with your bending skills.” Mace: “Indeed, but it was not just your bending that impressed us, it was how you took on each situation and adjusted yourselves depending on the conditions of the fight.” Katara: “Thank you for letting us do this, Masters.” Kit: “So, how did you kids enjoy the training session?” Aang: “It was fun. I’ve never thought I would be able to take down so many droids with the use of my Airbending.” Kit: “I have to admit, there were times when I thought the situation was turned against you, like when a few a those droids showed up behind young Toph but then seeing her catapult them with her Earthbending. That was incredible.” Anakin: “Oh, I don’t think you need to worry about her in situations like that. She’s more than capable of handling herself just fine.” Plo Koon: “But what of those weapons you’re wielding? You know, the Keyblades?” Katara: “What? These?”

Katara summoned hers then put it away. Katara: “What about them?” Kit: “We’ve noticed that each of them is designed in a unique way. They’re based on each of your elements, right?” Katara: “Yes, of course, but it’s more than just that. Like your Lightsabers, our Keyblades make formidable weapons when combined with our skills. The Keyblades aren’t special by themselves, without someone with the talent to wield them, they are just magical weapons to do nothing.” Anakin: “As you can tell, each Keyblade is built based on those unique skills that involve their bending. Katara’s Keyblade is forged from ice and supplies her with an endless amount of water to bend. Toph’s Keyblade increases her seismic senses, allowing her to feel out Heartless, even from any distance. Zuko’s Keyblade supplies him with enough heat to fuel his Firebending and Aang’s Keyblade can duplicate itself and allow him to glide around with the use of his Airbending.” Ahsoka: “But what about Sokka and Suki, master? What special characteristics do their Keyblades have?” Anakin: “Let’s see, Suki’s Keyblade is built after her idol, Avatar Kyoshi and Sokka’s Keyblade? Well, I don’t know about that thing, but looks a lot like a club, which I think is perfect for him considering that he’s the least intelligent out of the kids.” Katara: “Actually, that weapon was modeled after one of his weapons that he used back at home. My brother may not be the sharpest tool of any utility, but he is resourceful.” Anakin: “I find that hard to believe.” Sokka: “Believe it, Anakin Skywalker! Someday soon you will respect me as a warrior and a strategist!” Anakin: “Somehow, I doubt that day will ever come, Sokka.”

Sokka looked at Anakin in an irritated manner. Katara: “This training session was a real learning experience for us. I never knew how strong our bending is, however, our bending alone will not be able to defeat the Heartless. In fact, it is impossible to destroy them without the Keyblades; that is what they were made to do, after all. So, when we come in contact with the Heartless, we must always have our Keyblades at all times.” Mace: “We understand, Katara. This is your battle; do whatever you feel is right.”

Katara nodded. Suki pondered for a minute. Suki: “Hm…” Mace: “What is it, Miss Suki?” Suki: “You know, your Lightsabers are special for more than one reason. When we were battling those Heartless in that garden we were in, the Lightsabers actually began to penetrate the Heartless. The same with the blasters the Clone Troopers were using. Any ideas on why all of a sudden the Heartless were once immune to your weapons and now they can be weakened by them?”

Everyone in the room pondered for a moment. Suki: “Well, I feel as though I need to look into this, but in order to do this, I’m going to need a lab.” Mace: “Yes, of course, we will provide you with the means to help you set up one.” Suki: “Great, all I need is a large, empty space to set up one. Any ideas on where I can find one?” Anakin: “Um…I’m not sure about this, but…there is this empty chamber.” Suki: “Really? Where?” Anakin: “Well…um…I believe it’s in the residence building; the same one where you guys slept in. We don’t think it’s the best place to set up a lab, but it’s the only thing we have at the moment.” Suki: “I’ll be the judge of that, Master Skywalker.”

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Later on, they arrived back at the residential building. Inside, Anakin showed Suki to the empty chamber that he mentioned earlier. The chamber was a vertical sized room with the first floor being a medium sized room and a tower in the middle of the room that seemingly separates the floors of the vertical chamber. Anakin: “Well, here it is, it’s not exactly an ideal room to set up a lab, but like I said earlier, it’s the best we have. You’ll just have to make the most of it, like it or not…” Suki: “It’s perfect!” Anakin: “What?” Suki: “This is better than anything I could possibly ask for!” Anakin: “You…actually like this place, Suki?” Suki: “Of course, I always thought being in a cramped room is boring and all, but this place, I can do some serious work in here and at the same time, I can also train myself. It’s been like a dream to work in a place like this!” Anakin: “Well, in that case, I’m glad that everything worked out for you.” Suki: “Oh, thank you! Thank you so much! I can’t even begin to express my gratitude!”

Just then, Mace Windu and Obi-wan Kenobi stepped in. Obi-wan: “So, how is young Suki doing?” Anakin: “See for yourself.”

They looked around. Master Windu was less than pleased. Mace: “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. Skywalker, this can’t be right, there is no way this place will work for a lab.” Anakin: “Quite the contrary, actually, she likes it here.” Mace: “What?” Obi-wan: “Really?” Anakin: “Yeah, she thinks it’s perfect for someone like her.”

They looked around and noticed something. Obi-wan: “Say, where is Suki?” Suki: “Up here!”

They looked up towards the next floor. From up there, Suki jumped down from above and carried out many acrobatics before landing in front of the Jedi. Anakin: “Whoa!” Obi-wan: “Impressive, Suki.” Anakin: “Is that what a Kyoshi Warrior does?” Suki: “A lot more than that.” Obi-wan: “I’ve heard from Anakin that you like this place, a lot.” Suki: “Yes, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to set up my lab. I could do a ton of research here, plus it makes an excellent training ground. I can continue to train and hone my skills. Gotta keep in shape, after all.” Obi-wan: “Are you always this serious about your training?” Suki: “But of course, a true warrior is always bound to their obligations.” Mace: “Very well, then, about your…lab, I’ll send in a few clones to bring in some supplies.” Suki: “Thank you, that is much appreciated.”

Soon enough, the clones arrived with supplies for Suki’s lab. Suki ordered the clones around, telling them where she wanted certain things to be placed. They spent several hours setting up everything. Just then, Sokka walked in, holding and munching on a piece of fruit. As he stepped in, he became stunned after seeing the lab. Sokka: “Whoa! Just look at this place!”

The Jedi looked over towards Sokka. Anakin: “Sokka?”

At that moment, the Benders Katara, Toph, Zuko and Aang, arrived. They were also startled by Suki’s lab. The last of the Clone Troopers left. Suki looked over and spotted her friends, then quickly approached them. Suki: “There you guys are. Check it out.”

They looked around the entire room. Katara: “Did you just set up your lab here, Suki?” Suki: “Uh, huh! So, what do you think?” Aang: “Wow! This place is so tall!” Toph: “I know what you mean. It feels different; this is nothing like that other lab in Twilight Town. It doesn’t even feel like a good place to even set up one.” Anakin: “Well, Suki finds it more favorable than anywhere else; said something about making it her training facility as well as a place to do research.” Sokka: “Yep, that sounds like her.” Suki: “OK, now I’m going to need to collect DNA samples from everyone.”

At that moment, Suki went around collecting DNA from everyone in the room. She plucked hairs off of Anakin, Obi-wan, Katara, Toph, Zuko and Sokka and clipped nails off of Aang and Master Windu. She then pulled a piece of hair off of her own head. She then placed each one in separate containers and placed them all into a small slot inside a machine near the entrance to the lab. Anakin: “What was that all about?” Suki: “Oh, it’s just a safety precaution. I installed a security system for this entire lab to keep out any unauthorized personnel. The DNA samples I collected from each of you are so you can gain access to my lab without setting off the alarms.”

Suki then flipped on the machine. With that, the alarms went off. It consisted of an incredibly loud noise. Everyone in the chamber but Suki covered their ears. Suki shut it off a little afterwards. Anakin: “Nice going, Suki. You made it so that everyone in the building, and possibly all of Coruscant, will know if some unauthorized personnel broke into your lab.” Suki: “Oh, shut up, will you? The crippling noise means that it’s working.”

Suki then switched on another machine. Suki: “Analyze each of the DNA samples.”

The machine went off. Sokka: “Uh, Suki? What’s with all of the flashing lights and weird noises?” Suki: “The machine is currently analyzing the DNA samples I collected from each of you.” Anakin: “Even I knew that.” Suki: “I’m also going to need to collect DNA samples from Ahsoka, Senator Amidala, the rest of the Jedi Order and some of Padme’s senator friends.” Mace: “Done!” Computer voice: “DNA samples confirmed.”

As the computer spoke, it took on Suki’s voice. Anakin: “Huh, you made the computer’s voice sound exactly like you.” Suki: “That’s the idea, Master Skywalker.”

Another machine above the doorway scanned everyone in the room and confirmed them by names. Computer voice: “Identifications confirmed. Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker. Access Granted. Jedi Master, Mace Windu. Access Granted. Jedi Master, Obi-wan Kenobi. Access Granted. Katara. Access Granted. Toph Bei Fong. Access Granted. Firelord Zuko. Access Granted. Avatar Aang. Access Granted.”
The computer voice spoke in a flirting manner as it got to Sokka. Computer voice: “Access Granted, Sokka.”

Sokka blushed and smiled. Suki giggled while Anakin placed his head on his hand and shook his head. Anakin: “Oh, brother.”

Suki was then scanned. Computer voice: “Hello, Suki. It’s good to have you here.” Obi-wan: “So, what will you do now that you’ve set up your lab, Suki?” Suki: “I’m not sure, there’s so much I want to do now. There are lots of devices I want to build, so many things I want to try to find out.” Mace: “Well, the first thing you need to take care of is figuring out how our Lightsabers are able to penetrate the Heartless now since they couldn’t before.” Suki: “Oh, right, we already discussed this earlier. Anakin, Obi-wan, I’m going to need you to hold out your Lightsabers.”

Anakin and Obi-wan did what Suki told them to do. She then pulled out a small device and used it to scan both weapons. She walked up to one of the computers in the room and placed the device into it. She glanced at the computer screen as it analyzed all of the data. She then pulled the device out, walked towards the benders and Sokka and pulled out her Keyblade. Suki: “Now then, I have a theory that the Lightsabers are somehow collecting the energy of Kingdom Hearts from our weapons but I need to confirm this. Everyone, hold out your Keyblades just as I am.”

They did what they were told. She scanned all of the Keyblades, including hers. She then walked up to the computer and placed the device into the computer. The computer analyzed all of the data. Suki: “It’s going to take a while for the computer to analyze all the data and confirm my theory. So, until then, I’m going to have a little fun around here.” Mace: “Do whatever you can. I’m going to head back to the Jedi Temple.”

Mace Windu walked out of the lab. Suki: “Be sure to come back with DNA samples of everyone I’ve just mentioned.” Anakin: “I’m going to be heading out, too. Let me know if you find anything interesting.”

Anakin walked out. Obi-wan: “I’ll be going, too.”

Obi-wan walked out. Katara: “We should get going, too. We’ll see you, later, Suki.”

Katara walked out. Toph, Zuko, Aang and Sokka walked out along with her. Suki was left alone. Suki: “OK, now to get started on those devices I’ve been wanting to build.”

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Later that day, Obi-wan sat alone. Just then, Zuko walked in. Obi-wan: “Oh, Zuko, it’s you.” Zuko: “Mind if I join you?”

Obi-wan shook his head. Obi-wan: “No, not at all.”

Zuko sat down in front of him. He soon enough brewed up some tea and pulled out two cup from his world. He poured out some tea for himself. Zuko: “Would you like some, Master Kenobi?” Obi-wan: “Yes, that would be wonderful.”

He then poured another and handed it over to Obi-wan. He took a small sip. Obi-wan: “Hm, this is pretty good.” Zuko: “I brought this along from my home. It’s one out of a few things we still have from there.” Obi-wan: “Yes, yes, it’s very good. Do you drink like this often?” Zuko: “Are you kidding? It’s very popular among all 4 nations.”

Obi-wan nodded and took another sip. Obi-wan: “You’ve made me proud today, Zuko; taking on a Sith Lord like Count Dooku. Not many people would face off against him and lived.” Zuko: “Yeah, well, not many people could redirect lightning like a Firebender.” Obi-wan: “Ah, yes.”

At that time, Aang and Toph walked up to them. Aang: “Hey, mind if we join you?” Obi-wan: “No, not at all.”

The both of them sat down in front of each other next to Obi-wand Zuko. Zuko pulled out 2 more cups and passed them down to both Toph and Aang. Obi-wan: “Zuko and I were just talking about earlier today, when we faced off against Count Dooku.” Toph: “Oh, yeah, him, that guy was seriously bad.” Aang: “I’ve noticed. He was incredibly powerful; even more powerful than Firelord Ozai.” Toph: “Maybe, but we took care of him, right, Zuko?” Aang: “I know. That was awesome the way you redirected his, um, lightning ability, what was it called?” Obi-wan: “It’s called Force Lightning. It’s a forbidden Jedi technique, so it is considered a technique of the Dark Side.” Toph: “And learning this Force Lightning would be considered breaking the Jedi Code.” Obi-wan: “That’s exactly right.” Aang: “But I don’t get it, why would they do something like this?” Obi-wan: “That’s just how they are. It’s perhaps the equivalence of your corrupted Fire Nation and the Firebenders who use their techniques for destruction and strike fear in the hearts of many good people.” Aang: “Well, when you put it that way, that does make sense.” Toph: “It’s kind of sad.” Obi-wan: “Yeah, but still, I’m impressed with all of you; the way you stood up to him like that. It takes a great deal of courage to do that, even for a Jedi Master.” Toph: “I guess, I mean, how many Jedi would face off against Count Dooku and lived to even speak of it?” Obi-wan: “Oh, I know of only one person who has faced off against him: Master Yoda.” Aang: “Yoda? Is he really that powerful?” Obi-wan: “Oh, he’s one of the most powerful Jedi alive and he is the oldest. He runs the council.” Toph: “Really, is that shriveled up half pint really all that?” Obi-wan: “He is indeed. I’ve even seen him redirect Count Dooku’s own Force Lightning back towards him.” Aang: “What? Really?” Obi-wan: “Why, yes, he’s very knowledgeable about the Force; he understands a lot about it.” Toph: “You know, there’s a lot I can learn from you Jedi Masters. Being around you guys has taught us a lot about ourselves.” Obi-wan: “Yes, the same thing with you guys.”

Everyone smiled at one another. Zuko raised his cup. Zuko: “Hears to an everlasting friendship.”

Toph raised her cup. Toph: “I’m down with that.”

Aang did the same. Aang: “So am I.”

Finally, Obi-wan raised his cup. Obi-wan: “Here, here, my friends.”

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Meanwhile, Anakin and Padme were alone on a balcony on another part of the building. They stood together and watched the sunset. Anakin: “You know, with the Heartless and these Bender kids, we’ve really been through a lot.” Padme: “I know, it’s overwhelming meeting those kids and hearing about their world, but I have enjoyed them. They’re really great company, especially during these dark times. Not to mention that they have been a really great help.” Anakin: “Yeah, I know, they’ve done more for us then any Jedi ever could. Many Jedi were unfortunate when coming across these Heartless. Those kids are special. They saved us and I owe them my life.” Padme: “I owe them a great debt, too.”

The 2 of them were about to kiss. Little did they know, Katara arrived. Anakin then looked over and spotted her. Anakin: “Katara! I didn’t expect to see you here!” Katara: “What? Am I not allowed to be up here?” Anakin: “Uh, no, we just weren’t expecting anyone to be here. That’s all.” Katara: “You know, I’ve been looking everywhere for you; you just disappeared without saying anything.”

Both Anakin and Padme stood and stared at Katara without saying anything. Katara: “OK, what’s going on?”

They both then looked at each other. Padme: “Should we tell her?” Anakin: “I don’t know, I trust her with my life, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to let her know about…us. But that depends on you, Padme, do you think we can tell her?” Padme: “Well, I trust her with my life, too and if we simply explain to her what’s going on, I’m sure she’ll understand. We trust R2-D2 and C-3PO with…us.” Katara: “You guys are together, aren’t you?”

They both became startled. Katara: “I am right, aren’t I?”

They paused for a minute. Padme: “How can you tell?” Katara: “Well, you’re not exactly doing a good job at hiding it.”

They hesitated. Katara looked at them in a concerned manner. Anakin and Padme looked at each other. Padme: “Go ahead, we can trust her.”

Anakin hesitated then looked at Katara. Anakin: “Yes, Katara, we are together.” Katara: “Oh, that’s wonderful! I always knew you guys had strong feeling for one another, I…”

Just then, she noticed the both of them sulking. Katara: “Guys, what’s wrong?” Padme: “There’s…just one problem: we’re…not allowed to have this relationship.” Katara: “What!?! Why!?!” Anakin: “It’s because our relationship is forbidden.” Katara: “What!?! I can’t believe this! That’s completely absurd!” Anakin: “Katara.” Katara: “Why is it always forbidden for two people to be in love!?! I mean, come on, it’s ridiculous!” Anakin: “Katara.” Katara: “It’s like something out there is telling you that you guys aren’t meant to be together.” Anakin: “Katara.” Katara: “I mean, this is just the craziest thing I’ve ever…” Anakin: “KATARA!”

Katara stopped rambling. Katara: “What?” Anakin: “Our love goes against the Jedi Code. Jedi are not allowed to have relationships with anyone.”

Katara paused, she then sulked. Katara: “I…I can’t believe it. Why? Why can’t Jedi fall in love? It’s like they’re never allowed to have any feelings!” Anakin: “It’s because Jedi are not allowed to form attachments and relationships count as attachments.” Padme: “There’s more than just that. We’re not allowed to have this relationship for a number of reasons. It’s also because I’m a Senator and a Jedi being with a Senator is greatly frowned upon.” Katara: “Why?” Anakin: “We serve two completely different roles and it would be impossible for the two of us to be together. That’s just how it is.” Katara: “That…that’s not fair.” Anakin: “I know, it isn’t fair, but that’s just how it is.”

Anakin walked over, placed his hands on her shoulder and looked at her. Anakin: “Katara, you can’t tell anyone about relationship, not even your friends. If anyone from here is to find out about it, it will ruin us. I wouldn’t care if one of your friends found out, but it can’t be from you. You have to promise me that.”

Katara hesitated, her face grew tense. Katara: “I can’t believe you would risk breaking the Jedi Code.” Anakin: “Hey, I was willing to break the Jedi Code not long ago just to work with you and the other Benders.” Katara: “You know what? I don’t care. It’s a stupid rule; to not be in love with Padme just because you’re a Jedi and she’s a Senator as well as many other reasons, including Jedi not being allowed to "form attachment". Ridiculous. Don't worry, Anakin, I won’t tell anyone, I won’t let anyone know about this. I will guard it with my life if I have to!” Anakin: “Thank you, Katara.”

She then sulked and threw her arms around Anakin and he did the same. Padme walked up to them and did the same with them.

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Meanwhile, in another room, Obi-wan, Toph, Zuko and Aang were continuing with their conversation. Obi-wan: “I have to say, Zuko, from all of the terrible things I have heard about you and from you, it must have been hard for you to grow up without any support.” Zuko: “Well…that’s not true, there was one person in my life who stayed with me. My uncle, General Iroh. He always supported me, even when my real father never did. When I was banished, my uncle accompanied me on my quest to find the Avatar. He was the one who taught me how to Firebend. I never would have excelled in my Firebending without his help.” Obi-wan: “Well, then, I guess I owe this General Iroh my gratitude. He sounds like a very nice man.” Toph: “He is! You would love to meet him. I know I did.” Obi-wan: “You’ve met him?” Aang: “We all did.” Toph: “The first time I ran into him, he offered me tea and some advice. He was very caring towards me. He’s a really good friend. I’m sure you would get along with him, Master Kenobi.” Obi-wan: “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Suddenly, an alarm went off from very far away. Everyone on the building reacted to the alarm. They moved towards the nearest window. Aang: “What’s going on!?! Where is that sound coming from!?!” Obi-wan: “I don’t know, but it sounds like some sort of emergency!” Toph: “Let’s go!”

Obi-wan, Toph, Zuko and Aang ran out. Meanwhile, Padme, Anakin and Katara noticed the same noise. Katara: “What is that!?!” Padme: “It sounds like an alarm! Something terrible is happening downtown!” Anakin: “Let’s go!”

All 3 of them ran out. Both groups met outside after exiting the building. Sokka, Suki and Ahsoka caught up with them. Ahsoka: “I just heard the alarm going off! What is happening!?!” Anakin: “I don’t know but I won’t sit around and let the problem escalate!”

Anakin pressed on his COM link. Anakin: “Rex, are you there!?! We’re going to need a transport ASAP.” Rex: “Roger that! We’re on our way.”

Soon enough, their transport arrived. Anakin: “Everyone get inside!”

They all stepped inside the shuttle and then they flew off.

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They arrived in the Under city of Coruscant. Upon arriving, they got out of the shuttle. They ran into the scene as people ran screaming in the opposite direction. They stopped and found several kinds of Heartless reeking havoc everywhere. The group pulled out their weapons. Anakin: “Heartless!” Ahsoka: “What should we do!?!” Anakin: “We split up and cover different areas!” Ahsoka: “Got it! Sokka, Suki and I will cover the south area.” Obi-wan: “Toph, Zuko, Aang and I will take the east.” Anakin: “Then Katara and I will take the west.”

They split up and took on the Heartless in the different areas.

The fight continued on and there was no end in sight. Anakin: “Just how many of these Heartless things are there?” Katara: “I don’t know, but we have to keep fighting before they rip this place to shreds!” Anakin: “Don’t remind me!”

As they fought on, Rex, Cody and the other clone troopers arrived on the scene and aimed their weapons towards the Heartless and shot at them. One by one, the Heartless were all being weakened, making it easier for the Jedi and the Benders to eliminate them, despite there being so many. Anakin: “It’s about time you and your men got here!” Rex: “It was no problem, sir!” Cody: “We’re here for you no matter what!” Anakin: “Good, that’s all we need!”

They fought on. They kept on fighting until suddenly, all of the Heartless vanished. Ahsoka: “Uh, what just happened?” Anakin: “I think the Heartless are retreating. We may have won the day.” Katara: “I don’t think that’s the case.” Anakin: “What?” Obi-wan: “What do you mean?” Katara: “The Heartless all retreated too soon when they had us outnumbered.” Ahsoka: “But, what could this all mean? Why did they all leave?”

Katara thought for a minute. Katara: “Something bigger is coming!”

They all looked at Katara. Aang: “What is it, Katara?” Katara: “Guys, remember the last time something like this happened? A much greater Heartless emerged.” Ahsoka: “I don’t like the sound of that, master.” Anakin: “Neither do I, snips.”

At that moment, they felt a tremor. They looked up and spotted an incredibly, large Guard Armor. Katara: “Guard Armor!” Obi-wan: “Well, this is an unusual, looking Heartless!” Anakin: “Heh! No kidding, 2 hands, 2 feet, a helmet and a torso. This thing has no limbs!” Obi-wan: “Hm, no limbs, indeed, these Heartless just keep getting stranger each time we see them.” Ahsoka: “Um, how do we fight something like this? Is there some sort of strategy involved with bringing down this thing?” Anakin: “I know of only one strategy: bring it down hard!” Katara: “I agree with Anakin. Let’s take this thing down before it causes anything catastrophic.”

They fought against the Guard Armor. During the fight, the Guard Armor attacked Anakin and slammed him to the wall. He tried to get up, but his leg was badly fractured. Katara: “Anakin!”

He looked at Katara. Anakin: “I’m fine, just take down that Heartless!”

Katara hesitated, then went back to attack the Guard Armor, as they fought on, Anakin struggled to get up; he leapt towards the Heartless, then slashed away at it with the others.

The Guard Armor was eventually defeated. Everyone stopped stand stood in silence. Ahsoka: “Strange, I couldn’t feel them at all.” Sokka: “There must be a Keyhole somewhere nearby.” Toph: “I got this!”

Toph held out her Keyblade, she attempted to feel out the Keyhole. Toph: “I may have an idea on where it is.”

She moved towards one of the boxes on the streets. She crouched down to feel the ground. Toph: “Yep, it’s here.”

She stood up. Toph: “Ahsoka, do you think you can remove these boxes?” Ahsoka: “Sure.”

Ahsoka moved the boxes with the use of her force powers. From that, the Keyhole was revealed. Ahsoka: “A Keyhole!” Toph: “I got this!”

She held out her Keyblade and sealed the Keyhole. Ahsoka: “Well, that’s the end of that.”

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With that done, Katara rushed back towards Anakin, who was still injured. Katara: “Anakin!”

She got up towards him and kneeled down near him. Katara: “Are you OK?” Anakin: “Yeah, fine, that Heartless really did a number on him. AH!”

Katara held on to him. Everyone else ran towards them. Katara: “You’re injured. Let me see if I can do something about it.” Obi-wan: “Um, Katara, I think you should let the medical droid handle this. His injury seem quite serious.” Katara: “No, I can handle this.”

Obi-wan was about move closer towards her, but Toph stopped him. Toph: “Better let her take care of this; she knows what she’s doing.”

Katara pulled out some water and placed it on his leg. As she bend the water, it glowed a silver-blue light, he along with Obi-wan and Ahsoka looked down at it in amazement. When she finished, the water stopped glowing, he hesitated at first, but then he moved his leg, amazed over the fact that he doesn’t feel any pain. Anakin: “My…my leg! It…it feels better! How did you… what did you…?” Katara: “Waterbenders make terrific healers.”

He looked at Katara and smiled. Anakin: “They sure do…I wish to hear more about this.” Katara: “Certainly.” Obi-wan: “Fascinating. What a remarkable ability.” Ahsoka: “Wow! How does it work?” Katara: “I could tell you more on the way back to our Skyscraper home.” Anakin: “Good idea. Rex, get us out of here.” Rex: “Certainly. The sooner we get out of this dump, the better.”

They got on board a shuttle and took off. Katara: “The Waterbenders can heal people by using water as a channel to redirect chi towards a particular part of the body that’s injured.” Anakin: “Again with the chi. This chi stuff is really important to you kids, isn’t it?” Katara: “It is one of the most important aspects of being a Bender, as I have already reminded you. So, anyway, the chi, being energy in the body, can unlock the healing properties of water and aide in the healing process.” Obi-wan: “When did you come across this healing ability of yours, Katara?” Aang: “It happened when I accidentally burnt Katara’s hands. I was practicing Firebending under a Firebending Master, Jeong Jeong, when I lost control of my bending and the fire hit Katara. Sokka didn’t take it very well.” Sokka: “Yeah, I…pretty much slammed him down and yelled at him for it, then told him that learning Firebending was a mistake.” Anakin: “Heh! I never would have expected something like that from you, Sokka.” Sokka: “Hey! You’d be surprised at how ticked off I can be, Anakin Skywalker!”

Anakin laughed. Ahsoka: “So, what did you do afterwards, Katara?” Katara: “After the accident, I ran off crying in pain, I eventually got near the creek we were at, I looked at my injury and saw how bad it was, I dipped my hands into the water then something amazing happened: my hands glowed this amazing, silvery color. When I pulled them out, I saw that they were healed. Jeong Jeong walked up to me and told me that some Waterbenders possess this skill. He envied me and wished as he, himself was a Waterbender instead of a Firebender; he thinks of his bending as a burning curse. He says water is the element of healing, whereas fire only brings pain and destruction.” Ahsoka: “Huh, I can’t say I blame him for thinking that way; being from a corrupted nation and all.” Obi-wan: “True, if Jeong Jeong were here, I would tell him that he’s wrong about his bending. Sure, fire can cause a great deal of destruction but it depends on how one would control such power.” Sokka: “Oh, he doesn’t think too badly of his bending, anymore. He was just sore because his former pupil refused to learn how to manage his bending and instead, used it as a means to destroy his enemies.” Anakin: “Who was his former pupil?” Aang: “Admiral Zhao.” Anakin: “Admiral Zhao!?! Well, I wouldn’t be too surprised. No wonder why Jeong Jeong thought badly of his own bending. I would think this Zhao guy would be reckless.” Sokka: “Are you kidding me? He makes you seem tame!” Anakin: “Hey!” Obi-wan: “Huh, from what we have heard, the man truly is a complete maniac and a horrible person at that.” Zuko: “That would pretty much sum him up in just a few words.” Obi-wan: “Hm, let’s talk more about this Zhao guy later. Katara, I wish to take you to one of our medical facilities; there are a few people that would love to meet you. Would that be OK with you?” Katara: “Oh, it would be a pleasure.” Toph: “Um, mind if we come along?” Aang: “Yeah, I would like go, too.” Obi-wan: “Sure, of course you can come.” Sokka: “I’m coming, too.” Zuko: “So will I.” Suki: “Not me, I’m going to sit this one out. I have a lot of work to do at my new lab and a lot to report to our friends back in Twilight Town.” Obi-wan: “So be it, we will meet up with you in your lab after we’re finished at the medical facility.” Suki: “I wouldn’t have it any other way, Master Kenobi. Oh, Katara? I’m going to need to borrow your water sacks.” Katara: “Um, sure, but, where am I going to hold all of my water?” Anakin: “Don’t worry, Katara, there should be plenty of water at the facility for you to bend." Obi-wan: "Yes, we‘ll provide you with all that you need.”

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The next day, the Jedi arrived at a nearby medical facility along with the Benders and Sokka. Obi-wan: “I should warn you kids, what you’re about to see can be…very horrific, if you wish to stay behind, I won’t blame you.” Katara: “Don’t worry about us, Master Kenobi, we’ll be fine.” Obi-wan: “OK.”

They stepped inside, upon entering, they were devastated by what they were seeing, many injured clone troopers being treated. Katara: “This is terrible.” Anakin: “It’s all part of war. The clones may come from an assembly line, but they are human beings. We treat them like so.” Aang: “I can’t bare the look of this.”

Aang sulked; Anakin looked over towards him, concerned. Anakin: “Aang, you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to.”

Aang looked up at Anakin. Aang: “It’s OK, Anakin, I don’t need you to look after me.” Anakin: “Oh, OK, I wouldn’t like to see Katara’s friends so unhappy.” Aang: “No, don’t worry about it.” Anakin: “OK, let's continue, then.”

They walked further in, they ran into another Jedi, Ki-Adi-Mundi. He turned around and looked at them. Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Ah, hello, I wasn’t expecting guests.” Sokka: “Huh, another weird, looking person. Who is this guy?” Obi-wan: “Everyone, this is Master Ki-Adi-Mundi.” Katara: “You’re a member of the Jedi Order, aren’t you?” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Yes, I am, and who might you kids be?” Anakin: “Master Mundi, these kids are Benders. This is Katara, Toph, Zuko and Aang, and this is their warrior friend Sokka. They are from another dimension.” Sokka: “So, what species is this guy? Some sort of weird, tall-headed, pink skinned person?” Anakin: “His species is known as Cerean.” Obi-wan: “They’re known for their complex thought processing.” Anakin: “Which is something that I can comprehend better than a certain someone’s thought patterns.”

Sokka looked at him, irritated. Ki-Adi-Mundi: “We our well known for our intelligence and our ability to process many things at once.” Aang: “So, Master Mundi’s species is capable of multitasking.” Obi-wan: “Right.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “It is one of our best qualities, however, there are many things about our species that we greatly frown upon. Let’s talk about that later. In the meantime, let me just say that it is a pleasure to meet all of you.” Obi-wan: “Yes, but more to the point, there is someone special that I wanted you to meet. Katara is the Waterbender of the group, but she also possesses a special ability. Katara, show Master Mundi what you can do.” Katara: “Sure thing, Aang, can you get some water for me?” Aang: “Sure.”

He walked up to a nearby faucet and turned it on, as the water poured out of it, Katara bend the water towards her. Master Mundi became amazed by what he saw. Ki-Adi-Mundi: “So, this is what a Waterbender can do.” Obi-wan: “Yes, but there is something else. Katara?”

She nodded. Katara: “Right away.”

She moved up towards one of the injured clone troopers, she then bend the water on his injury and began healing him. Master Mundi watched with even more astonishment. Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Extraordinary!” Obi-wan: “Katara and a handful of other Waterbenders are capable of this healing power.” Anakin: “She mentioned something about redirecting chi, the energy flow within the body, directly towards the injury and unlocking the water’s healing properties.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “I see, so there are healers from other worlds besides our own.” Katara: “Wait, there are healers here, too?” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “But of course, we Jedi are capable of this amazing ability known as Force Healing.” Katara: “Force Healing? You can use the Force to heal yourselves and others?” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “That is correct, my young Waterbender. Jedi can use the Force as a means to accelerate the body’s natural healing process at rapid pace. Some can heal themselves through the process of meditation.” Katara: “That is so amazing! I never would have thought such a power exists!” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Oh, there are lots of different Jedi abilities that I’m sure Master Skywalker and Master Kenobi have never told you about. But let’s get back to your special powers, young lady. I’m sure your friends are very lucky to have someone like you around.” Aang: “I’ll say.”

They hear someone clearing their throat, they looked over and spotted Master Luminara Unduli. Luminara: “I apologize for the intrusion.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Do not apologize, Master Unduli. Everyone this is Master Luminara Unduli.” Luminara: “Hello, pleased to meet all of you.” Obi-wan: “Glad you can join us, I would like you to meet our new friends from another world. These are Katara, Toph, Zuko and Aang, the Benders and their warrior friend, Sokka.” Luminara: “Benders? Yes, I have heard intel regarding a few newcomers with special influences over the natural elements. So, this must be them?” Aang: “That’s right, ma’am.” Sokka: “Huh, your skin is a greenish-yellowy color.” Katara: “You’re another species, aren’t you?” Luminara: “Yes, that’s right.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Master Unduli is from the race known as the Mirialans.” Obi-wan: “They are known best for their agility, reflexes and tattoos.” Sokka: “Tattoos?”

Sokka moved up closer to Luminara and observed her tattoos closely. Sokka: “Is that what those spots are on her chin are? I thought that was like some sort of weird facial hair or something.” Luminara: “What an unusual young man.” Anakin: “You have no idea.” Luminara: “No, these tattoos I have are part of my people’s tradition; they symbolize my commitment towards my physical discipline.” Zuko: “You don’t need to tell me about discipline. My people…kind of lack that.” Luminara: “Sorry to hear that. Although, I kind of admire those arrow tattoos on that young boy’s head and hands.” Aang: “What, these? These are Airbending tattoos; they’re a tradition of my people. They represent our mastery of Airbending. The arrow marks indicate the chi that flows through our body.” Luminara: “Yes, I remember hearing about that while I was observing this young girl’s special powers. Katara, is it?” Katara: “Yes, that’s right.” Luminara: “There is someone who has been eager to meet you since your arrival here in our galaxy. Now, if you’ll follow me, I will take you to her.”

Katara followed Luminara into another room. The others followed, Ki-Adi-Mundi stayed behind.

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They followed Luminara into another room. There, they found another younger Mirialan woman tending to a clone trooper. Luminara: “Katara, this is my Padawan, Barriss Offee. She is a phenomenal healer, much like you are.”

She looked up and spotted them. Barriss: “Oh, I didn’t know we were having guest.” Ahsoka: “Hello, Barriss.” Barriss: “Hello, Ahsoka, it’s good to see you again. And who might these other people be?” Ahsoka: “Barriss, this Katara, Toph, Zuko and Aang, the Benders and this is their warrior friend, Sokka.” Barriss: “What? The Benders?”

She zealously ran towards them. She shook Katara’s hand. Barriss: “You don’t know what a pleasure it is for me to finally meet you! I’ve always wanted to since my master and I heard talk about young kids with special influences over the natural elements, especially you, Katara!

She then stopped shaking Katara's hand. Barriss: "So, you're also a phenomenal healer, aren't you?” Katara: “Well, I try.” Barriss: “I wish to see this healing power of yours! Can you please demonstrate for me?” Katara: “Well, um…sure, OK.”

Katara then bend the water nearby, Barriss stood in awe. Katara then placed the water on a wounded clone trooper and began to heal him. Barriss: “How beautiful…”

Katara stopped. Barriss: “Tell me, how is it you are able to do that?” Katara: “The water is used to redirect the flow of chi,  the natural energy that flow through the body, and moves it towards the injury on the body, it then unlocks the water’s healing potentials and helps aide in the healing process.” Barriss: “Sounds amazing. I’m sure the culture of your world takes a great, personal pride in the healing ability.” Katara: “Why, yes, actually. In fact, all Waterbending women of the Northern Water Tribe are Healers.” Barriss: “Northern…Water Tribe?” Anakin: “There are 2 Water Tribes of their world; one resides in the North Pole of their world and the other live in the South Pole of that same world. Katara and her brother Sokka were born in the Southern Water Tribe.” Barriss: “Really? And what of the Southern Waterbenders? What are they accustom to the healing power?” Katara: “I wouldn’t know. All of the Waterbenders of our tribe were taken by Firebenders. Zuko called them the Southern Raiders. I’m the only Waterbender of my tribe left.” Barriss: “I’m so sorry to hear that.” Luminara: “The Jedi Council did mention to me something about a terrible war that went on in your world.” Zuko: “Yes and my country started it.” Obi-wan: “100 years ago, Zuko’s great grandfather, Firelord Sozin, unleashed a devastating assault on the other nations that brought about a terrible war for an entire century.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “An entire century? I could never have imagined going through such a terrible ordeal for that long!” Anakin: “None of us could, not even me, but these kids have lived through a nightmare.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Even Zuko?” Obi-wan: “Especially Zuko.” Luminara: “How awful, how could anyone be so cruel?” Zuko: “I’m not sure. When I was younger, I thought this war was necessary, we were told that the Fire Nation was the greatest civilization that ever lived; we were anything but. We brought about that terrible war as a means to share our greatness with the world, but all we did was brought about fear and hatred.” Barriss: “Oh, how awful.” Obi-wan: “In a noble effort to save his world from falling under siege, Prince Zuko ended the war once he was crowned the new Firelord.” Barriss: “So, Zuko is the new Firelord, huh?” Zuko: “Yes…” Barriss: “How are you doing as Firelord?” Zuko: “Well, it hasn’t exactly been easy.” Barriss: “I would imagine, considering that it was your nation that has caused so many people to suffer.”

Zuko sulked. Barriss: “But not you.”

Zuko smiled at Barriss. Zuko: “Thank you, Barriss.”

She smiled, too, just then, Barriss felt faint, the other Jedi felt the same way. Katara: “What is it?” Barriss: “I feel…a tremendous…empty feeling.” Katara: “Wait? Did you say you tend to have this feeling when the Heartless arrive?” Anakin: “Yes, there must be some here.”

Toph pulled out her Keyblade and held it out. Toph: “Yep, they’re here.” Katara: “Let’s go!”

All of the Benders and the Jedi ran out.

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They arrived back in the large room in the facility and reunited with Ki-Adi-Mundi. Ki-Adi-Mundi: “There you guys are! These creatures just showed up out of nowhere!” Obi-wan: “Yes! These are Heartless.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Heartless? Is that what these creatures are called?”

Katara pulled out her Keyblade. Katara: “It’s them, alright!” Luminara: “Heartless? I have never seen or even heard of such creatures before.” Katara: “They’re the reason we’re here in your dimension. Let’s get them!”

They rushed off and took on all of the Heartless.

As they fought, all 4 of the Benders unleashed their bending abilities, surprising and astonishing Ki-Adi-Mundi, Luminara and Barriss. Barriss: “I’ve never seen anything like this!” Luminara: “Neither have I, my young Padawan.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “So, this is what bending is like.” Anakin: “Yep, that’s it.” Obi-wan: “We were surprised the first time that we witnessed it.” Ahsoka: “But now, we’re use to it, and you guys will be, too, in time.”

The fight went on for an awful, long while. They fought off every last Heartless the best to their skills. There were times when they were struggling, but they hung in there. The Jedi continued to watch as the fight occurred.

They eventually took down every last Heartless without suffering any serious damages. Katara: “Well, that’s that. Now to go back to what we were…”

At that moment, all of the Jedi felt sick. Katara: “Guys, what’s wrong?” Anakin: “Katara…we sense an…incredibly larger empty feeling…heading our way.”

They stared at them in a concerned manner, they then turned their heads and spotted a few Nova Shadows emerging. Sokka: “NOVA SHADOWS!!!” Ahsoka: “Nova Shadows? They look a lot like Neo Shadows.” Zuko: “We know, but these are much larger and a lot tougher.” Katara: “Enough chit chat, let’s take them down!”

They dashed off and fought off all of the Nova Shadows the best to their abilities. The Nova Shadows eventually overpowered the Benders, causing Anakin, Obi-wan and Ahsoka to intervene. Luminara: “What are you doing? You don’t stand a chance against these creatures!” Anakin: “Yes we do!”

Luminara placed her hands on her hips, looking confused. As the Jedi intervened, they slashed at the Nova Shadows, weakening them and dazing them with the use of their Forces powers, the Benders seem to have an advantage, but then, more Nova Shadows appeared; even the Jedi that joined them in the fight were overwhelmed. Barriss, Luminara and Ki-Adi-Mundi stood helplessly as they continued watching. Sokka, fearing the Nova Shadows, eventually ran off screaming. Anakin looked out at Sokka, annoyed again. Anakin: “Why couldn’t Suki have come instead of Sokka!?!”

The fight continued on. Barriss seemed anxious as she was watching this. Barriss: “Master, we have to do something!” Luminara: “But what can we do? We don’t stand a chance against those creatures.” Barriss: “Neither do Masters Skywalker and Kenobi as well as Ahsoka but they stepped in and assisted the Benders, anyway.” Luminara: “Hm, you’re right about that. Our Lightsabers won’t do much against these creatures, but…perhaps…the Force could.”

Luminara then held back the Nova Shadows with the use of her force powers. Luminara: “Barriss, I need you to help me hold back these vile creatures!” Barriss: “Yes, master.”

Barriss did the same, the Benders sought their chance and took down the Nova Shadows. More of them still came. Luminara: “Master Mundi, we need you to help us! Please, these creatures can be affected by the Force.”

Ki-Adi-Mundi hesitated, he then nodded once. Ki-Adi-Mundi: “I’ll see what I can do.”

He then used his Force powers, all of the Heartless became immobilized, Anakin, Obi-wan and Ahsoka slashed at all of them, they weakened. Anakin: “You can let go now. I think the Benders stand a chance.”

They stopped. The Benders then fought off and eliminated all of the Nova Shadows. All was silent. Luminara brushed herself off. Luminara: “Well, that was an interesting experience, if I do say so myself.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Indeed.” Barriss: “It seems as though the Benders don’t stand a chance against these Heartless, not by themself at the very least.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “I agree.” Luminara: “Yes, perhaps it would be best if all the Jedi joined forces with the Benders against the Heartless, only then will we be able to put an end to this threat once and for all.” Toph: “Well said.” Zuko: “I agree with you.” Katara: “Here, here.” Aang: “I can vouch for that.”

They then looked over towards Sokka who was cowering behind a crate, he peered out. Sokka: “Are they gone?”

Everyone stared awkwardly at him, Anakin placed his hand over his eyes in shame and shook his head. Luminara: “How disappointing.” Anakin: “Welcome to my headache.” Obi-wan: “Well, this has been fun, except for the part when the Heartless arrived and nearly killed us…again.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Indeed.” Obi-wan: “We should get going. We need to check up on how Suki is doing.” Luminara: “Suki?” Sokka: “Yeah, she’s my girlfriend; she’s from the same universe as us. She’s currently working in her new lab.” Luminara: “Yes, of course, I was wondering why there weren’t 6 of you like I have heard.” Sokka: “Yep, that’s exactly why.” Katara: “Oh, yeah, that reminds us, we need to collect a DNA sample from each of you.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “What for?” Katara: “So you can enter Suki’s lab, she set up a security system that works on DNA samples.” Luminara: “Well…sure, if that’s all she wants then that should be no problem.”

They each handed over a sample of their DNA to Katara. Katara: “It was nice meeting all of you.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “You too, young Waterbender.” Barriss: “Farewell, everyone. I hope we see you again.” Aang: “Same here.” Katara: “Of course.” Ahsoka: “See you later, you guys.”

They left the medical facility.

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Later on, Obi-wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, the Benders and Sokka stepped into Suki’s lab. The security system scanned all of them and identified them by names. Suki: “Be right down!”

They waited for a least a second, just then, Suki arrived down from the use of many acrobatic feats. She then stood in front of her friends. She was wearing a different outfit, a somewhat different hairstyle and a welding mask that sat on the top of her head. Her face make up was completely gone, too, revealing her naturally looking, bare face. They all looked at her in a shocked manner. Anakin: “Suki?”

She smiled at them. Suki: “Yes, who were you expecting?” Anakin: “Uh…no one, you just look different. You’re face paint is gone and you’re not wearing your Kyoshi Warrior outfit.”

Suki looked down at her outfit and then back at her friends. Suki: “Oh, yeah, I didn’t want to continue doing any more work in my warrior’s outfit, so I decided to save it for the battle field. This will be my lab outfit from now on. So, how was your trip to the medical facility?” Katara: “It was interesting. We met 3 new Jedi; we even collected their DNA samples for you.”

Suki took the samples from Katara as she handed them to her. Suki: “Excellent, another few samples that I can insert into the security system.”

She then inserted them into the slot, the computer processed and confirmed them.  Sokka: “So, um…Suki, what about your face make up? What if you need to apply it but you can’t?” Suki: “Not to worry, Sokka, I made this.”

She pulled out what appeared to be a faceless mask. Aang: “What is that, some sort of faceless mask?” Suki: “No, it’s my fully automated Kyoshi face paint mask; it automatically dispenses the Kyoshi Warrior face paint by the exact pattern, so I’ll be ready to go whenever I need it, I also uploaded my own DNA into it so it only works for me.” Anakin: “Great, what else did you come up with?” Suki: “Well, I did make these.”

She pulled out what appeared to be 2 sticks, aligned perfectly with one another. Sokka: “What are those, some sort of weird sticks?” Suki: “Of, course not, stupid, these are 2 parts of a whole invention.”

She pulled apart the sticks to reveal a flat, paper-like hologram in between. Everyone in the room became astonished. Ahsoka: “Whoa! What is that?” Suki: “Just a little something I built based on something from home, this is a Holo-Scroll.”

Everyone looked at it in amazement. Sokka: “No way! Let me see that!”

He rushed over towards Suki, grabbed the Holo-Scroll from her and looked at it. He then looked confused, turned it in different direction to try and figure out something. Sokka: “Uh…Suki, how does this thing work?”

Anakin slapped himself on the forehead, Suki rolled her eyes, then grabbed on the Holo-scroll, she was about to pull it from Sokka. Suki: “Here, let me show you.”

She rolled on both sides of it. Suki: “You just use it like any other scroll.”

As she rolled on the Holo-Scroll, the image in between changed. Everyone stared in awe. Anakin: “Let me see that!”

He walked over and pulled the scroll from her then looked at it. He rolled on it the same way that Suki did. Obi-wan: “Well? How is it? Did you find anything on that thing?” Anakin: “Yeah, there’s a lot of information involving the Benders’ world; spiritual belief, cultural societies, architects, everything.”

He looked closer at it. Anakin: “There’s something in here about a…cabbage merchant, whoever…that guy is. It even talks a lot about chi and its connections to bending…and…oh, look, there’s this creature found in a swamp known as an elbow leech; guess which part of the body it attaches itself to.”

Sokka scratched the back of his head and blushed while smiling and chuckles nervously. Suki: “I downloaded everything we have on our world, just in case you needed to learn more about our world but we don’t have the time to answer any of your questions.” Ahsoka: “Hey, let me see that, master.”

Ahsoka grabbed the scroll from Anakin and looked into it. Ahsoka: “There’s a lot of…bizarre things in here, it even talks about a Sky Bison’s average diet. Oh! It says here that they have 5 stomachs! How cool is that?” Anakin: “Uh…an animal with 5 stomachs…is considered cool?” Ahsoka: “Well…it’s cool to find out about it; it’s quite interesting, actually.”

Just then, Ahsoka found something on the scroll that really shocked and disturbed her. She then closed her eyes, looked away and closed the scroll. Ahsoka: “OK, I…really didn’t need to know that.” Obi-wan: “This is all very fascinating, Suki, but our holocrons here are more efficient than these high-tech versions of your world’s reading materials, not that I’m saying they’re useless or anything…” Suki: “It’s OK, Master Kenobi, I’m not trying to start a trend or anything, I’m just trying to make me and my friends feel more at home here.” Obi-wan: “Yes, that’s completely understandable.” Anakin: “I see where you’re getting at. Although, judging by the information I found on the, uh…Holo-scroll, I would probably feel more homesick in your world than you are in ours.” Suki: “Yeah…oh! I almost forgot.”

Suki then pulled out both of Katara’s water sacks hands them over to Katara. Suki: “Katara, I took the liberty of modifying your water sacks.”

Katara grabbed the sacks and put them back on. Suki: “They now hold more water than ever, they can hold more than 10 times the amount than they usually do, that way you can store and have more water for bending.” Katara: “Oh, thank you, Suki, that was very nice.”

Suki smiled. Suki: “Oh, and Aang.”

She pulled out a large staff. Suki: “I made this for you.”

She handed it over to Aang. Aang examined it closely. Aang: “What is it, a new glider?”

Suki nodded. Suki: “Yep, that’s precisely what it is. Try it out.”

Aang hesitated, then he spun the staff around, revealing itself to be a very large glider. Everyone except Suki became astonished. Ahsoka: “Whoa! That thing is huge!” Suki: “That was the general idea, Ahsoka. It’s built to be large enough for Aang to carry at least 3 people. I built it since he, Zuko and Toph are very close to Master Kenobi. It was sort of an inspiration.”

Toph was seen smiling. Obi-wan: “That was very kind of you, Suki.” Suki: “Thank you.” Obi-wan: “By the way, how has your research going with the Lightsabers and its sudden effectiveness towards the Heartless?” Suki: “I’m still looking into it, Master Kenobi. It’s still inconclusive; the data still hasn’t confirmed that hypothesis I’m working on. I’ll let you know as soon as I find anything.” Obi-wan: “Thank you, that is much appreciated. Hm…”

Obi-wan pondered for a moment. Suki seemed a bit concerned by this. Suki: “What is it?” Obi-wan: “Suki, how long have you been in this lab?” Suki: “It’s been several hours, at the very least.” Anakin: “Several hours? But…it’s only been…less than that since the last time we saw you.” Suki: “I know…I have a way of speeding up time in this lab. It’s rather complicated to get into.” Anakin: “Perhaps you can create a data chip involving that information and download it all into your Holographic Scrolls.” Suki: “Hey, yeah, that’s a great idea! I should get to work on that!” Obi-wan: “We’ll leave you to that.” Anakin: “Sure, we need to get going, we have a lot of things that need to be taken care of.” Suki: “OK, then, I’ll be here if you need anything.” Obi-wan: “OK, farewell, Suki.”

They all left Suki alone as they exited the lab. Shortly afterward, Suki went back to work.

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Later on, everyone except Suki met back in the training area; Sokka was off somewhere else. There, each of the Benders did more training with their bending. At that time, Obi-wan, Anakin and Ahsoka were observing them along with the members of the Jedi Council. Ahsoka: “You know, I have seen this who knows how many times, but it’s still amazing to watch.” Anakin: “I know what you mean, Snips.” Obi-wan: “Yes, these Benders show a great deal of devotion towards their skills and powers. I am proud to have met these kids.” Ahsoka: “As am I.” Anakin: “Same here.”

Master Windu cleared his throat. They looked over towards him. Mace: “Perhaps it is time for you to train with these kids.” Ahsoka: “Really? What for?” Mace: “To learn how you can work together with the Benders and learn how to combine forces in order to defeat our enemies. There will be a lot of tough challenges ahead of us and I want all of us to be ready for anything.” Anakin: “Um, OK, can we train with whoever we wish?” Mace: “If it will help to get more acquainted with them, then sure. You have someone in mind you wish to work with?” Anakin: “Uh, yeah, I do. Katara.” Mace: “I see you are very fond of her.” Anakin: “She and I share a very common burden. I think we work together very well.” Mace: “It is not always easy to lose someone we once knew, but perhaps Katara can help you live through the burden.” Anakin: “I’d like that very much.” Obi-wan: “Excuse me, if you don’t mind me asking, I wish to train with Toph, Zuko and Aang.” Mace: “You want to train with all 3  of those Benders?” Obi-wan: “Yes, I happen to grow very fond of them. Each of their stories are fascinating. I especially feel sorry for what each of them have went through.” Mace: “We all are. You may train with them if you are willing to handle the burden.” Obi-wan: “As a matter of fact, I welcome it with open arms.” Ahsoka: “Good luck out there, masters.”

Soon enough, Anakin and Obi-wan made it to the training grounds where each of the Benders were training. The Benders stopped what they were doing. Katara: “Anakin, Obi-wan, what are you guys doing here?” Anakin: “The members of the Jedi Council want us to train with you.” Toph: “Really?” Obi-wan: “Yes, this would be the perfect opportunity for us to learn to work as a team.” Zuko: “But, we already work well together.” Obi-wan: “Yes, but perhaps we can do better if we were to train together. Who knows? Maybe we will learn more about each other through these exercises.” Aang: “Um, sounds great.” Toph: “I call dibs on Obi-wan.” Aang: “No way! I wanted to work with him!” Zuko: “Me, too.” Obi-wan: “Now, now, each of you will get to train with me. I wish to work along side you kids as well.” Toph: “Really? That is so cool!” Katara: “I’ll go with Anakin then.” Anakin: “Agreed.”

Anakin got to work with Katara while Obi-wan worked with Toph, Zuko and Aang.

Many hours have passed. Anakin and Obi-wan returned with the Benders. Ahsoka: “You’re back.” Obi-wan: “How did we do, Ahsoka?” Ahsoka: “You were amazing, masters. You and the Benders worked together in perfect harmony.” Padme: “Yes, I applaud each and everything single one of you.”

They looked over and noticed Padme immediately. Anakin: “Padme! When did you arrive here?” Padme: “About an hour ago. I saw you guys out there. You were incredible.” Anakin: “Thank you, now what brings you here?” Padme: “Chancellor Palpatine requests an audience with the Benders as well as Sokka and Suki.” Katara: “What? All of us? What for?” Padme: “I’m not sure. He didn’t say anything. All he said was he needed to see you kids again.” Aang: “Well, if that’s what the Chancellor wants, then I guess that’s what we should do.” Toph: “Fine, whatever, let’s just get this over with.” Mace: “You guys go ahead. We’ll head back to the Jedi Temple and access what we have witnessed here today.” Obi-wan: “Thank you, Master Windu. Come on, everyone. Let‘s head over to the senate.”

And so, the Benders along with Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-wan and Padme left for the Senate.

Later on, the entire group, including Sokka and Suki, arrived at the Senate. There, they entered the Chancellor’s office, with Toph feeling uneven. The Chancellor greeted them. Palpatine: “Ah, welcome my young, esteemed friends.” Toph: “Save the useless chatter, Palpatine and tell us why you had Padme summon us here.” Palpatine: “Ah, yes, well, I have received recent reports that you Benders met with and took on some of our most dangerous enemies, including the insidious Count Dooku.” Toph: “Oh, that guy? Yeah, he was more powerful than any of us would have anticipated.” Zuko: “No kidding. He shot lightning from his fingertips. Who knew someone like him was capable of something like that?” Palpatine: “Yes, but such an ability pales in comparison to you redirecting that lightning. I never thought a young man capable of shooting fire from his fists could also redirect lightning.” Zuko: “Well, it was something my uncle taught me, when I was down on my luck.” Palpatine: “Yes, well, I’m so glad it came in handy.” Katara: “So, what is it you want from us, Chancellor?” Palpatine: “Well, as you can obviously tell, we are fighting a losing battle against the Separatists and we could really use an extra hand. Be it from another world or this one, any help will do. It is truly a blessing to have you kids here. We probably would never make it through these tough times without your help.” Aang: “Well, that’s what we came here for. We’ll help you out however we can.” Obi-wan: “Quite right, these kids won’t stop until they eradicated this most horrendous threat that has befallen upon our world.” Anakin: “Not to mention that we are going to be there for them every step of the way.” Ahsoka: “You better believe we are.” Sokka: “Yeah, yeah, but enough about us, is there anything we can do for you while we’re here?” Palpatine: “Well, actually, there is something that I need from each and every single one of you.” Suki: “Sure, anything.” Palpatine: “I am holding a conference and I want all of you to partake in this.” Katara: “What for?” Palpatine: “Oh, let’s just say that I have a surprise for you that I wish to bestow upon you.” Sokka: “And what sort of “surprise” are we talking about?” Palpatine: “Oh, you’ll see, in due time.”

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Soon afterwards, they arrive at the Grand Convocational Center. There, the Benders, Sokka and Suki as well as Anakin, Obi-wan, Ahsoka and Padme were on pods, surrounded by many representatives of many star systems. In the very middle of the room stood Chancellor Palpatine. Palpatine: “I am pleased to have all of you here this fine day. Not too long ago, our new friends, the Benders, boarded a Separatist frigate. While on board, they have taken on some of our most dangerous enemies, namely Count Dooku.”

Everyone in the room was astonished. Palpatine: “Yes, but even Count Dooku was not prepared for what our young Benders had in store for him.” Anakin: “It’s true, your Excellency, they surprised him with their astonishing bending abilities.” Palpatine: “Yes, of course, Master Skywalker. And so, as a reward for their brave endeavor and as gratitude for helping us in our most dire hour, I have granted each and everything single one of you kids the rank of Commander in our Clone army.”

Everyone around them started cheering and applauding for them. Anakin, Obi-wan, Ahsoka and Padme became startled. Aang: “What?” Katara: “Are you serious?” Palpatine: “But of course, it’s the least I can do for everything that you are doing for us.” Sokka: “No way!” Aang: “But then that means…you want us to be part of your war?” Palpatine: “But of course, young Aang. As well as helping us to fight against this Heartless threat, we would appreciate it if you would partake in aiding us in our war.”

Aang looked down in great concern. Katara: “Um…with all due respect, Chancellor, we have no interest in being part of this terrible war.” Aang: “No! We will not partake in this!” Toph: “Yeah, our main priority is eradicating the Heartless from your world.” Katara: “Although, we would like to put an end to this war however we can.” Aang: “I’m with Katara on this. We were told that the Senate enforced the idea of using clones that were manufactured specifically for this war. I, for one, am against that!” Katara: “We all are, Chancellor.” Palpatine: “Yes, well, as you can see, we are stretched pretty thin and the Separatists have greatly overpowered us. We did what we had to do.” Aang: “Even so, we hate the idea of breeding humans for war! It’s sickening and deplorable!” Palpatine: “I can understand that you think that way, young man, as you are from a world where such technology can not be achievable.” Zuko: “It doesn’t matter, this isn’t right. No one should have ever done something this terrible.” Palpatine: “This coming from a young man whose entire country started a century long war that nearly divided his own world?”

Murmurs were heard echoing throughout the entire chamber. Anakin stood up. Anakin: “Hold on a second! That wasn’t Zuko’s fault!” Padme: “That’s right, it was his Great Grandfather, Firelord Sozin, that started that horrible war.” Palpatine: “Oh, I am very well aware of that, Senator Amidala, I was not accusing Zuko of anything, I was just merely pointing out the facts. The Fire Nation started a terrible war that devastated the world that the young Benders are from. That’s all there is to it.” Anakin: “Really? Because it sounded almost as though you were implying that Zuko was just as much to blame for devastating their world as his Great Grandfather or any of his people.” Palpatine: “But young Zuko is Fire Nation, is he not?”

Obi-wan also stood up. Obi-wan: “That may be so, but he had very little involvement with that war. If anything, it had devastated him just as much as everyone else from that world. Believe it or not, the Fire Nation was just as badly affected by it as all the other nations.” Ahsoka: “That’s right and it was Zuko that put an end to that war the second he was crowned as the new Firelord. He is a hero, just like the rest of our new friends.” Padme: “I believe that they all have just as much a right to decide whether or not they would like to get involved in our war taking place within our world, not theirs.” Palpatine: “I’m afraid that this discussion is not up for debate. Our options are dwindled greatly, so we must take what we can have and we have these young kids to help us out.” Padme: “Yes, help us out with the fight against the Heartless, not the Separatists. Both conflicts do not coincide with one another; they are both completely different issues.”

At that moment, Mas Amedda arrived beside the Chancellor; he whispered something in his ear. Palpatine: “Oh, dear. It seems that there is an emergency taking place. Several Separatist cruisers are attacking a Republic Diplomat ship.” Katara: “What!?! Where is this attack taking place!?!” Palpatine: “It is currently within a neighboring star system a great distance away.” Katara: “Let’s go!” Palpatine: “But, hold on, didn’t you just mention that you didn’t want to partake in our war?” Katara: “Yes, we did, but that doesn’t mean that we will turn our backs on people that are in need of help! We will never do that! Always keep that in mind, Chancellor.”

The group departed from the chamber. Palpatine: “Oh, I will, young Waterbender.”

The group boarded a Republic Cruiser and left Coruscant.

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They kept looking out at it as they flew towards it at great speed. Aang: “Whoa, it looks like it’s seriously being pummeled.”

Suddenly, they were bombarded. Toph: “Whoa! What’s going on!?!” Anakin: “We’re being attacked by a Separatist fleet!”

They looked out and spotted several Separatist ships directly outside. Obi-wan: “Blast! I didn’t expect there to be so many of them!” Ahsoka: “What should we do, Masters?”

As they looked out, they spotted one of the Separatist frigates. Anakin: “There! I’m sensing something very strong in that vessel!” Obi-wan: “Yes, I sense it, too. That might be the command ship of this Separatist fleet.” Zuko: “Are you guys planning on heading towards that ship?” Obi-wan: “Of course, if we could take out this one, then it should be able to cripple the rest of the fleet.” Zuko: “Makes sense, actually.” Katara: “Let’s do it!” Anakin: “Right!” Obi-wan: “Everyone, engage the enemy fleet and gun them down. The rest of us are heading for that frigate.”
The Benders, Sokka, Suki and the Jedi left the bridge.

They boarded a smaller cruiser and make their way towards the Separatist frigate as the cruiser engaged the enemy fleet along with several other Republic cruisers. Along the way, the Jedi began to feel uneasy. Obi-wan: “Oh…I seem to be picking up on an…unusual feeling within that ship.” Anakin: “I sense it, too, Master. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it one bit.” Ahsoka: “Yeah, neither do I; it feels ominous. I’m…kind of scared.” Anakin: “So am I, Ahsoka.” Aang: “The Jedi seem worried about something.” Sokka: “That’s not good, if those Jedi guys are worried about something, then I’m even more worried!” Suki: “Your worrying does not help anyone, Sokka.” Sokka: “I know, but I can’t help it!” Toph: “You know what? I’m worried, too. Obi-wan seems…very uneasy and a bit frightened about something, I have a bad feeling about this.” Katara: “This isn’t good. I don’t know what to expect, but I can already tell that it’s going to be something awful.”

Everyone sat by, there were very concerned about something.

They were eventually able to arrive within the Separatist frigate. They landed in the cargo bay. Anakin: “Hm, we seemed to have arrived here too easily.” Obi-wan: “I know, many of the other ships didn’t even bother to try and stop us.” Anakin: “Oh, great, now I’m even more worried.” Ahsoka: “Masters, that strange feeling…it’s much more potent in here.” Obi-wan: “Yes, I’ve noticed that, too, Ahsoka. Something is definitely not right here.” Anakin: “Well, whatever it is, we won’t do anything about it unless we step out and take action.” Sokka: “Um…are you sure that’s such a good idea? You Jedi guys are scaring me with your talks of bizarre feelings and not liking them.” Zuko: “Well, there is nothing else for us to do but to step off of this small shuttle and find out what we’re dealing with.” Katara: “Zuko’s right. It’s no use just staying here. We have to get going.” Toph: “Sure, I’m ready to take on whatever is out there.” Aang: “Same here.” Suki: “Let’s go, then, everyone.”

Everyone stepped out of the small shuttle, Sokka stood by, quivering for a brief moment. Sokka: “Um…OK…w-wait up, guys!”

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As soon as they stepped out, many of the battle droids “greeted” them with blasters pointed directly at them. Toph: “Oh, you whiny little stick figures again? Please, I can handle you guys easily.”

Just then, the droids put down their weapons and stepped aside. Anakin: “Um…OK…this is…unexpected…” Sokka: “At least they’re not trying to kill us, this time. That’s good, right?” Anakin: “Um, no, Sokka! This means that our enemies are up to something and it’s usually something that is NOT good!” Ahsoka: “That uneasy feeling I’m having just got worse.”

Soon enough, Count Dooku approached them. He seemed very calm and collective with his hand behind his back as he approached them. Dooku: “Ah, welcome, so good of all of you to have come.” Anakin: “Dooku! Never thought we would see you again this soon.” Dooku: “As always, you Jedi are so easy to draw out. Attack one of your own and you come running in to save the day again. And you remembered to bring the Benders with you.” Obi-wan: “To what to we owe this most unpleasant reunion, Count?” Dooku: “Oh, I just wanted to show my enemies, both old and new, a new special power that I have just recently received.” Katara: “New…power?”

Dooku raised his hand; almost immediately, several different kinds of Heartless appeared everywhere. The entire group was greatly startled by this. Anakin: “What? You can control Heartless!?!” Sokka: “But! What!?! When!?! Where!?! How!?!” Katara: “No! This isn’t happening!!!” Ahsoka: “Is this even possible?” Zuko: “As much as I hate to say this, it is.” Aang: “We’ve come across several who are able to control and command Heartless at will.” Toph: “Too often it’s just a bunch of evil lowlifes that either want more power or have some sort of evil vendetta on their minds, or something else that’s real bad.” Suki: “It’s a terrifying ability and one that isn’t without consequence.” Obi-wan: “Yes, I can imagine that, Suki. The latter does not surprise me the least bit!” Ahsoka: “So, people often trade away their souls to control these terrible creatures?” Sokka: “Most likely yes.” Anakin: “Heh, I’m surprised that Dooku even had a soul to trade away.” Toph: “Oh, yeah, I couldn’t agree with you more, Ani.” Katara: “Alright, Dooku, tell us now, how it is that you were able to find out that you can control and command these Heartless?” Dooku: “Why, it’s quite simple, dear girl. I have just received a new ally that has informed me about these creatures and how it is that I could control them. With these magnificent dark creatures under my command, I will be able to have the galaxy under my firm grasp.” Obi-wan: “Of all the twisted, horrible, insane things that you have done, this is by far the worst one yet. Do you even know what these creatures are capable of?” Ahsoka: “He’s right! They have been causing tremendous damage to everything within our world and those damages can become severe enough to where they can destroy it.” Anakin: “Our friends’ worlds are already badly affected by these abominable creatures and they’re already at the brink of deteriorating.” Obi-wan: “If we were to allow these creatures to run rampant, then our world and everything in it will meet the same fate!” Dooku: “Hm, small price to pay for gaining absolute dominance over the entire galaxy.” Toph: “Are you serious!?!” Sokka: “What!?! But…that…you…you’re just…” Aang: “You’re completely insane!!” Zuko: “We will never let you get away with this!” Dooku: “Let’s see how you will stand against my Heartless army.”

He signaled all of the Heartless to attack the group. Each of the members of the group pulled out their weapons and began fighting. With hoard after hoard rushing towards them, they fought them off one by one. All of them really had to work together to fight off all of the Heartless. After an extensive amount of time fighting, they were able to defeat every last Heartless. Anakin: “That’s the last of them! Now, let’s go after Dooku!”

They rushed off towards the corridor.

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As they rushed through the halls, more Heartless show up everywhere. Anakin: “Oh, great! There’s more of them!”

They began fighting the Heartless as they continued their way through. Obi-wan: “I have a feeling that this is how our fight through this command frigate is going to be.” Anakin: “I’d love to get my hands on whoever gave the count this insane idea of controlling these Heartless!” Katara: “I’m afraid we haven’t even scratched the surface of how bad this really is.” Anakin: “That did not sound assuring, Katara!” Obi-wan: “I’m afraid she’s right, Anakin. I don’t believe that Count Dooku controlling these creatures will be the worst of what we will come across.” Ahsoka: “Oh…I don’t like this one bit, you guys.”

The fight continued on. Zuko: “We knew that we would get ourselves involved in something bad, but we had no idea how bad it would be; just that it was going to be incredibly huge.” Sokka: “Why were we picked to get involved in this fight!?!” Suki: “Ritchie mentioned that it was because Naminé felt that we were the best choice for this battle.” Toph: “But why does she think that we should be involved!?! We don’t have much in common with this world! We knew nothing about space travel, our technology is far behind this one, it just doesn’t make any sense!!” Suki: “I don’t know why, either, Toph, but she told us to trust her!” Anakin: “This Naminé had better have a good reason for this! Toph did make a lot of good points!” Obi-wan: “I’m afraid that I would have to strongly disagree with some of them! Yes, these kids and their world seem much more primitive compared to ours, but that doesn’t mean that we have nothing in common with each other!” Ahsoka: “Master Kenobi is right! We have so much to share with each other! We understand each other’s strife, we have all suffered from some forms of corruption; we’ve developed a strong bond with one another.” Obi-wan: “That is right! We have more in common than how it would appear. We are strong fighters; each of us with special abilities and a drive, a drive that motivates us to fight against the evil forces that have plagued our worlds! We have learned so much from each other! Thanks to these special children, I now have a better understanding of so much around us! I never would have guessed that there were other worlds outside our own and the good people within those worlds that share the same courage and compassion as us!” Anakin: “Well, I have to admit, I’m glad that I’ve met these kids. I never would have thought that I would find anyone outside our galaxy that I would ever call my friends, or if there were other worlds that exist outside our own. I now know that there are more worlds out there; worlds that have gone through the same kinds of struggles and difficulties that we have.” Ahsoka: “That’s right and each and every single one of those worlds are special in their own unique ways, much like the Benders’ world. I know this with all my heart!” Obi-wan: “It is a good thing that we have some differences between us and we are from very different worlds; it gives us another perspective that makes us think differently from how we usually have and it gives us a different point of view of everything that we have known; our world, the people that live within it, everything and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

They fought on as they conversed. Katara: “Thank you, guys. We appreciate you, too and we’re glad we have met you. You’ve taught us so much and we’re glad that you have learned so much from us, too.” Zuko: “Yeah, aside from all of the challenges that we have faced, we couldn’t be more proud to call you our friends.” Toph: “Oh, heck yeah, you guys are awesome. I’m so happy to have met people to whom I can be comfortable with being myself. When I’m with you guys, I can just let loose and be proud of who I am.” Aang: “I have to admit that we really have so much in common for being from different worlds. It’s so nice to meet people who understand what I go through as the Avatar. I feel like we’ve become kindred spirits. It makes me feel more normal than I’ve ever been.” Sokka: “Well, I guess you guys are alright. If my friends are happy to be around you, then I guess I can’t complain. I did get myself into this mess the second I decided to leave my cozy little world and get involved in all of these crazy, other worldly fights. I guess I could accept that this is what I have to go through, but I could do worse.” Suki: “Could this have been what Naminé had intended? Did she know that something like this would happen? Did she see something that we didn’t? I’m not sure, but even if she didn’t, I’m glad that everything worked out.”

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They continued through the corridor, fighting off more and more Heartless. Just then, more powerful Heartless show up. Sokka: “Oh, man! You’ve got to be kidding me!! We have to deal with even more powerful Heartless!?!” Obi-wan: “Hm, this situation does indeed look grim, but we don’t have any other choice but to fight.” Ahsoka: “Well, I think we can do it! As long as we can fight together, we can make it through anything.” Anakin: “I believe so, too. We’ve managed to make it this far and I think we can keep at it.” Obi-wan: “Yes, I, too, have faith that we can make it together.” Katara: “Alright. Let’s do it!”

From there, they charged towards the Heartless. Together, they fought against them. It was a tough battle at first, they were struggling badly, but then, something amazing happened. Each of the Jedi’s Lightsabers began to glow an unusual bright light. Ahsoka: “Wha-what is this?” Anakin: “I don’t know. This has never happened before.” Obi-wan: “Yes, this is very strange…what could this mean?”

Just then, Anakin noticed as Katara, while fighting, was about to be struck down by a Heartless from behind. Anakin: “Katara! Look out!”

He rushed towards her and slashed at the Heartless that was about to strike her. Much to everyone’s surprise, the Heartless disintegrated. Anakin was also taken by surprise. Ahsoka: “Master? How did you…?” Anakin: “I…I don’t know! I didn’t think I could do that!” Sokka: “Whoa! What just happened!?!” Zuko: “I think Anakin just…destroyed a Heartless all by himself.” Aang: “Did…did he really?” Toph: “Hm…I can’t feel out any sign of that Heartless, so…yeah, it’s been destroyed.” Katara: “But…how is this possible? Our Keyblades are the only weapons that can destroy these creatures.” Ahsoka: “So, does this mean that we can obliterate these creatures now?” Obi-wan: “Hm…”

Obi-wan took one look at his Lightsaber as he pondered for a bit. Obi-wan: “I think…we can…”

He darted towards another of the Heartless and slashed them, completely obliterating it. Obi-wan: “Hm, it seems that we have gained an advantage against our Heartless foes.” Ahsoka: “Alright! We can fight them as effectively as the Benders now!” Anakin: “Alright, let’s go, everyone.”

And with that, they continued the fight. This time, the Jedi really can defeat them. Fighting beside their friends of the Benders’ world; they really do stand a chance against the Heartless. One by one, the Heartless were destroyed by each of the members of the group. Soon enough, another long fight was finally over. Ahsoka: “That was amazing! I can’t believe we actually did it!” Anakin: “I know, but…how was it possible?” Obi-wan: “Hm…”

Obi-wan took another look at his Lightsaber. Obi-wan: “I think it had something to do with the mysterious glow of our weapons.” Anakin: “Hm, it could be, but…what was that strange glow and how come that never happened before? Also, why is it happening now?” Ahsoka: “Where did that light come from?” Suki: “I think I may have some idea as to what caused that Light. I’ll need to look into it as once I return to my lab.” Anakin: “We’ll worry about that later, Suki. Right now, we have an evil count to chase after.” Katara: “That’s right, we need to find Count Dooku and see if there is more about this that he knows.” Anakin: “Let’s go.”

They rushed through without hesitation.

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      Fox and the others watched as a Cloudrunner came out of the crowd. Cloudrunner: “I’ll stay and watch over Krystal. I’ve known her since the day she first landed on this planet.” Misty: “OK, then. While the Cloudrunner watches over Krystal, we’ll head to Cape Claw and meet the others there. We’ve received a message that they’re there, right now.” Fox: “Then let’s get going.” Misty: “All right, thanks for volunteering to watch over Krystal, noble Cloudrunner. If anything happens to her, just let us know.”
      So, Fox, Misty, Bubbles and Tricky headed straight for Cape Claw.
      When they arrived, they saw Princess Peach, Rayman, and Banjo. However, Kazooie was nowhere in sight. This was excellent news to Fox. After that, Fox and Misty set up their lounge chairs, took out their sunglasses and lounged on the chairs. (Adeleine painted the chairs out. Yes, Adeleine’s back and boy, was she happy to be painting for her friends again.) Later, General Pepper’s hologram popped up and congratulated Fox and his friends for saving the Lylat System again. Then Fox and Misty did something that reminded Peach of a little deal she made with the Thorntail storekeeper, Shabunga, after Fox bought the Snowhorn artifact. Therefore, she left the beach and headed straight for Thorntail Hollow.
                After Peach returned, the storekeeper, Shabunga, appeared out of nowhere behind Fox and Misty’s lounge chairs. Fox: “What the…? The Thorntail storekeeper? What are you doing here?” Shabunga: “I’ve got a little surprise for you and your red-headed friend, but first, I’m going to need to take some pictures.”
      Then, he grabbed the scarab he had always worn around his neck, which he used to roll out into a 3-digit #, and somehow rolled it out into a camera. Shabunga: “You, with the ears.” Fox: “Who? Me?” Shabunga: “Yes, you, I need you to stand over there.” Fox: “Um, OK.”
      He got up from his lounge chair, took off his sunglasses and walked not too far from where he was. Fox: “Here?” Shabunga: “Yes, there.”
      Fox folded his arms. Fox: “So now, what?” Shabunga: “Stay right there, just like that. That’s perfect.”
      He then held his camera up. Shabunga: “Now, smile and say “scarab”.”
      Then he snapped shot and looked at a projector on the back of the camera to see if she got what he wanted. Shabunga: “Hm, good, you may sit down, now.”
      Fox returned to his lounge chair. Shabunga: “You, with the headband.” Misty:” Who? Me?” Shabunga:” Yes, you, now I need you to stand over there.” Misty: “Um, alright.”
      She got up from her lounge chair, took off her sunglasses and walked to the same spot that Fox was asked to stand. As she stopped, she put one arm behind her back and grabbed on to her other arm. Misty: “Here?” Shabunga:” Yes, there, perfect, just the way I wanted it to be.”
      He held up his camera again. Shabunga: “Now, smile and say “scarabs”.”
      Then he snapped shot and looked at the projector on the back of the camera. Shabunga: “Yessssss, perfect, you may sit down.”
      Misty returned to her lounge chair. Shabunga: “Now, then, I’ll be right back. Don’t you go anywhere, you 2.”
      Then he was gone.
      Fox and Misty looked at each other and then back at where Shabunga once stood, er, floated. (I forgot that Shabunga has no legs, just a tail.) Then he reappeared with two lovely lockets: one with a picture of Fox in it, the other with a picture of Misty. He brought the lockets closer to the both of them. Shabunga: “Here you go, I hope you like them.” Fox: “Wow! What a great surprise. Self-portraits! Thank you.”
      Fox was about to grab the locket with his picture in it but Shabunga quickly pulled it away from him. Shabunga: “Don’t touch this; it isn’t for you.”
       He held the picture of Fox in front of Misty. Shabunga: “This is for her.”
      She grabbed the picture, he then held the other picture in front of Fox. Shabunga: “THIS is for you.”
      Fox took the locket that Shabunga wanted him to take. Fox: “Gee, thanks but, um…” Shabunga: “What’s wrong, don’t you like it?” Fox: “Yeah, I like it but you just gave me a picture of Misty.” Misty: “Yeah, you gave me a picture of Fox. Don’t you think you have us totally mixed-up?” Shabunga: “Of course, not. I gave you 2 a picture of each other for a good reason; these portraits contain a picture of your loved ones.”
      Misty became speechless but Fox was not satisfied. Fox: “Wait a minute, now you’re saying that we’re in love with each other?” Shabunga: “What? Don’t you get all nasty on me! I only gave you the lockets. I could always take yours back if you changed your mind about it.” Fox: “Who told you to give us these lockets? Princess Peach?” Shabunga: “Was that the name of that Blondie who asked me to make you these lockets?”
      Fox was angry. Peach’s mind: “Darn it, I thought by giving him those lockets would help Fox realize his true feelings about Misty. I guess I underestimated him.”
      Fox got up from his lounge chair and stood in front of Peach. Fox: “So, this is your next attempt; asking the storekeeper to create gifts that does all of your bragging for you, huh?” Peach: “Well, it was worth a try.” Fox: “Well, congratulations, you’ve failed.” Peach: “I …had a feeling you were going to say something like that.” Fox: “Yeah, I know. Come on, Peach, this isn’t funny.” Peach: “It’s wasn’t suppose to be funny, I’m just trying to tell you the truth. Please! You have to listen!” Fox: “I had it, Peach. You’ve changed too much since the day we couldn’t see each other anymore. First you’ve gone from caring to over protected and then from over protected to just plain ridiculous!!! Enough is enough!”
      Fox turned his back on Peach and walked away. He then dropped his locket on the floor as he continued walking to the far side of the beach. Peach: “But, Fox, you must understand…” Fox: “Save it!”
      Peach bowed her head in great sorrow. Shabunga: “That’s just great; I wasted my time and energy over making gifts for 2 couples who aren’t in love with each other.” Peach: “They ARE in love with each other; Fox is just too stubborn to see that.” Shabunga: “Oh, I see, well, maybe I should take back his locket since…” Peach: “No, leave it; I want him to pick it up after he gets back.”
      Shabunga nodded and disappeared. Tricky: “So, what is Fox doing over there, Bubbles?” Bubbles: “Oh, Fox just wants to be alone whenever he gets angry. But, don’t worry, he’ll pull through.” Tricky: “How long is he going to stand over there?” Bubbles:” Don’t know. It depends on how angry he is. If we’re lucky, he’ll be standing there for a few hours.”
                Later that night, Fox is still standing on the other side of the beach. Just after he looked back at his friends, who are sleeping, he turned around and walked back. He stopped in front of his locket that he tossed on the ground earlier to pick it up and returned to his lounge chair. He looked towards Misty and at the picture of Misty in his locket. Fox’s mind: “Can it be true?”
      Then he closed his eyes for the night.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      By fanfictiondreamer
      Many, many eons, ago, during the very early dawn of time, there lived a magical realm where many magical creatures lived. These magical creatures were born to protect and look after the many worlds as they formed. They were known as fairies and shaman. Out of all of them were a pair of magical beings that were well known out of many of them: a fairy named Ly and a shaman named Nikko. These 2 fell in love with each other; many say they invented love. They were to propose to each other and live together for all of eternity, however, there was another trait that Nikko was known for besides his love for Ly.
      Nikko once dedicated some of his existence to studying Darkness, a mysterious and untold magic that not many knew about. However, when he came close to figuring out Darkness, something went terribly wrong. The Darkness began to take control of him, taking possession of his body, his mind and his very well-being. He soon became evil and this evil renamed itself the Shaman Emperor.
      This terrible evil wanted to dominate over all of the dimensions that the magical creatures have planned to watched over. When they refused to let him take them over, he threatened to destroy them all with the use his dark magic. But before he came to that point, Ly stopped him. When he attempted to dispose of her, she held back his Dark magic as much as she could. She was then forced to send him to the Shadow Realm to prevent him from destroying everything.
      Worried that this might happen to many other mystic beings from being corrupted like Nikko, a powerful sorcerer sent out the Teenzies to guard over all the dimensions. He then sealed away the mystic beings into each of the dimensions that they have been assigned to protect and then  sealed off each of the dimensions from one another. As the dimensions begin to form, all seemed to have gone the way they were suppose to, or so they thought.
      Little did they suspect, the Shaman Emperor created portals from his imprisonment in the Shadow Realm to many of the dimensions. At that time, many of the worlds were corrupted and with that, he was able to gather enough Dark energy from the corruption to free himself. Ly managed to find out about this nefarious plan before any destruction took place, so she had made attempts to warn the people from these dimensions of his terrible destruction in order to prevent it. Unfortunately, the Teenzie guardians wouldn’t allow her to. Then, she tried to contact people of these upcoming dangers and succeeded in all of her attempts, except one.
      Ly foresaw a terrible war in one of the dimensions; a war in which she felt if not prevented, the Shaman Emperor will have more than enough dark energy to free himself. Ly attempted to contact 4 heroes from that dimension and bestowed upon each of them mystic items known as the Vaults of Light. When utilized, these mystic items can contain the souls of those with black hearts, thereby preventing the war. But the heroes did not use the mystic items and instead fought the war head on. At first, this was a terrible mistake that Ly thought could have been prevented even when she saw that terrible creatures made of pure Darkness infested that entire dimension. Realizing that it was too late to prevent the war, she gathered up as much light energy as she could muster.
      As the war ended, a black vortex formed. This vortex seen many times during the war but was obscured from many except mystic beings until it was large enough for the Shaman Emperor to emerge from it. He then released a vast amount of his Dark magic. It was powerful enough to break the barriers created by the Teenzie guardians and began to devour 1 dimension after another. Ly, who gathered more Light magic than she can contain, held back the dark magic before all the dimensions could be destroyed.
      As all this was occurring, a young girl watched in terror as many of the dimensions were being threatened. She then decided to take matter into her own hands and consulted the Teenzie guardians to fuse as many of the surviving dimensions as they could. By doing this, Ly would have less to protect and can force the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. However, doing this could risk all life in all of the surviving dimensions, but they were convinced that they had no other choice. So, they fused as many dimensions as they could, allowing Ly to have less to protect and she was then able to push the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. She then created 6 mystic gems known as the Lock Crystals to seal the portal to the Shadow Realm. She then separated the spirits of the 4 heroes from their physical bodies and sealed them away in the Realm of Nothingness as punishment for their part in releasing the Shaman Emperor. And finally, she meditated to restore her powers.
      She remains resting as of today. All life began to form in the newly fused dimensions. But how do I know all of this, you ask? Because I was the girl. I assisted Ly in preventing what we now call the Rifter: the end of all existence. I am Tikal and this is my story.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      By fanfictiondreamer
      OK, um, since I have been taking too long to write out my Journey Through Kanto Story, I think I'm going to write about it. I have so much on this that I want to share. There are so many important events for my story that are mentioned in this. This has been something that I have left sitting for too long, since like my childhood, back when I was really into the anime. I will be writing summaries of the different episodes that I have in mind in this story. A lot of them will be important events that happen in the story. I can't wait to share them.
      I intend to tell you everything that I can about this journey and perhaps even beyond. Looking forward to it.
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      By fanfictiondreamer
      Alright, so here's what's going on. I have decided to post on of my greatest stories of my beloved Ultimate Story series: Ultimate Story 2. This story is my rewrite of my most favorite video game of all times: Starfox Adventures. Back when this game came out, I got it for Christmas and I almost instantly fell in love with it. It was amazing!!!
      I wrote this back when I was in middle school and what a year it was. The year that this game came out, I was having the worst school year of my life. I was heckled by my 8th grade homeroom teacher. He was horrible and the stress that I've been going through because of it fed on my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Getting into this game was a way of coping with the stress.
      This was the first story that I've ever finished writing. I completed it on May 22 2003. It was so amazing. It was also back when I put the first Ultimate Story on hold for several years just to stay with the times. Also, because this is a second installment to my Ultimate Story, it will contain some spoilers as to what happened during the first story. If you want to read into the events leading up to this story, be sure to check out my Ultimate Story scrapbook. It should tell you a lot of the important events that take place.
      Now then, I will begin posting one of my favorite stories in the series and perhaps one of the most important stories of all, to me, at least. So, enjoy.