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Powerful Harmony

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The Heartless threat continued to escalate. Under the command of a mysterious man who calls himself Ansem, the Heartless penetrated many worlds, draining them of their essence. The threat soon spread to worlds that not even the Great Wizard, himself knew still existed. 1 such world was at war with a particularly different enemy. The Heartless soon open a rift and reign terror on many of the inhabitants. The heroes of that world were powerless to stop them and the deterioration process would soon commence. In the time of great need, Naminé called out to send the Benders in order to end the threat.

“You must send the Benders; they are the only ones who can save that world.”

However, they were busy on another mission. At that time, Fox and his friends were sent out to fight the Heartless for as long as they could. Upon the benders' arrival, they teamed up with the heroes of that world. Together, they aim to end the Heartless threat by permanently sealing all the Keyholes to ensure that the threat could no longer penetrate  that world and endanger its very existence, anymore.

Naminé: “You must send the Benders; they are the only ones who can save that world! There’s not much time! You have to trust me; send the Benders!”


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fanfictiondreamer    152

Inside the dimension, a unique group of warriors known as the Jedi fought the best they could against the Heartless. But their efforts were in vain and they realized this. But it did not matter to them, for they were the only ones who are able to fight them and they are willing to risk everything to protect their world from the Heartless threat.


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fanfictiondreamer    152

Within the dimension, 1 such Heartless battle occurred on a crystalline planet known as Christophsis. 3 well known Jedi, Obi-wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano fought in vain against the Heartless, exhausted from the battle. Ahsoka: “Master, it’s no use; we can’t even penetrate these creatures!” Anakin: “It doesn’t matter! We have to keep fighting, no matter the cost!” Obi-wan: “I’m afraid she’s right, Anakin! We’re no match against these things; our Lightsabers are useless against them.” Anakin: “Great! We don’t know what they are, we don’t know where they came from, we don’t know why they’re here and we don’t even know how to defeat them.” Ahsoka: “We manage to get by just by pushing them back with the Force. But I don’t think we can keep doing this forever.” Anakin: “Well, what else can we do?”

The Heartless soon broke free from the Jedi’s influence over the Force and came after them. Obi-wan: “It’s going to take a miracle to scratch these things, let alone destroy them.”

Just then, a bright flash of light appeared right in front of them. Before long, Fox and his friends arrived on the scene. The Jedi stood spellbound by their sudden arrival. Fox and his friends soon pulled out key-like weapons known as Keyblades. Fox: “Let us handle this.”

They charged towards the Heartless and, with 1 fell swoop of the Keyblades, eradicated every Heartless they came across. The Jedi were stunted by what they were seeing. Ahsoka: “I…I don’t believe it.” Anakin: “What is…happening?” Obi-wan: “ seems as though these warriors are penetrating the creatures in levels that we couldn’t reach.” Anakin: “How is this even possible?” Obi-wan: “I’m not really sure...although...I believe it has something to do with those weapons their wielding.”

They continued watching them fight off the Heartless. Ahsoka: “Are these guys…on our side?” Anakin: “I would consider it a safe bet. They are fighting off these…creatures, after all.” Obi-wan: “Yes, or so it seems, but we don’t even know who they are or where they came from, but they are helping us at the moment.” Anakin: “Well, I’m not complaining.”

At that time, Fox and his friends kept fighting against the Heartless. Misty: “Grr…how long do we have to keep fighting these things?” Fox: “As long as we need to; until the benders finish up with their mission.” Krystal: “I sure hope so, we may be the most powerful members of our group but even we can’t fight off an entire army.” Falco: “No kidding, I ain’t going down like this; not when we have lots more worlds to attend to.” Fox: “Quit you’re squabbling and keep fighting!”

Just then, Ahsoka noticed something in the distance. Ahsoka: “Uh…master?”

Anakin and Obi-wan looked over and noticed it, too. Anakin: “Oh, no, this can’t be good.” Ahsoka: “Um…excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt your important battle, but we have a situation.”

They looked towards 1 side and saw at least 2 giant Heartless at a distance. They looked towards the other side and saw another set of 2 giant Heartless. Fox: “Oh, great, just what we need!”

They looked back towards the other Heartless, they were still other Heartless that they needed to fight off. Misty: “It’s no use, Fox, we can’t keep doing this. Those things could speed up the deterioration process in this world immediately after it commences.” Fox: “I know, but we can’t leave these unattended.”

Just then, they noticed that the Heartless stopped on their tracks. Fox: “Huh?”

They looked back and noticed that the Jedi are somehow holding them back. Fox: “What are you guys doing?” Ahsoka: “Go! We’ll hold these off as long as we can!” Misty: “Wait, how are you…?” Anakin: “Don’t worry about that, just go!” Obi-wan: “Hurry, I don’t know how long we can keep this up!”

They hesitated for a brief moment. Fox: “Right, let’s go, while we still have a chance.”

They leapt up and rush off after the giant Heartless.

As they fought off the giant Heartless, the Jedi struggle to hold back the other Heartless with their Force powers. Fox: “Richie, when will the benders get here?” Voice: “They’ll be arriving back soon. They’re just finishing up with their mission.” Fox: “For our sake, they had better be here.” Voice: “Don’t worry, I already told them to hurry back as fast as they can.” Fox: “That’s not good enough. We’re all in serious trouble if they don’t arrive here. My friends and I can’t keep this up forever.” Voice: “I’m doing everything I can. What more do you want?” Fox: “At the moment, what I want is to eradicate the Heartless before they eradicate us along with this world.”

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fanfictiondreamer    152

They continued fighting off the giant Heartless. Fox and his friends managed to destroy all of them. Just then, more Heartless show up; they overpowered the Jedi. Fox and his friends were about to rush back, but then, more giant Heartless show up. Fox: “You’ve got to be kidding! How are we suppose to fight off all of these Heartless!?!” Voice: “Fox, are you there?” Fox: “You better have some good news for me, Richie!” Voice: “I have. The benders have just returned from their mission; I’m sending them over as we speak.” Fox: “Really? That’s great! It’s about time those kids got back!” Voice: “Unfortunately, there’s just 1 small problem: it’s…not working” Fox: “What!?! What do you mean!?!” Voice: “The transfer device is incompatible to that world. We can’t transfer them over, not completely. Fox, I need you and the others to open a portal in that world.” Fox: “What? You’ve got to be kidding me!” Voice: “Believe me, I wish I was. Please, hurry, Fox. Those benders are going to be trapped between dimensions!” Fox: “Alright, calm down. I’ll take care of it. Guys, listen up, we need to bring our Keyblades together and open a gateway between this world and the other side.” Misty: “What?” Krystal: “No way!” Falco: “You’ve got to be kidding me. We don’t have time for any of that. There are Heartless everywhere!” Fox: “I know that, but the transfer is too weak to send others to this particular dimension.  Come on, guys, we have to do this.” Falco: “Uh! Fine, but let’s make this quick!”

Fox and his friends rushed off.

They reappeared in front of the Jedi. Ahsoka: “What are you doing!?! Those creatures are running rampant here!”

Fox and his friends held up their Keyblades and shot out a stream of energy towards a direct point, creating an orb of light. The orb then formed a large block-like containment field. From within that field, the 4 benders, Katara, Aang, Zuko and Toph arrived as well as their 2 warrior friends, Sokka and Suki. The Jedi were stunted by what they saw. Fox and his friends rushed off and disappeared, the benders kids pulled out their Keyblades and began fighting the Heartless. The Jedi watched as the benders fought off the Heartless. Nearby, Misty was fighting one of the giant Heartless, using her water abilities, some of the water splashed all over the place. Katara ran near some of the water and bend it towards the Heartless. The Jedi were shocked from watching. Toph Earthbend some of the crystalline from the ground and struck most of the Heartless. Spellbound, The Jedi continued watching the benders fought, they observed as Zuko shot out a few fire balls from his fists. Just then, Ahsoka looked up and saw Aang fly around using 2 Keyblades, then put them both away and created cyclones from his hands directly towards several airborne Heartless. Anakin: “Who are these kids?”

Obi-wan began to ponder. Obi-wan: “They seem like very extraordinary, young people.” Ahsoka: “Well, at least they’re fighting against those creatures, so they are on our side, I guess.”

The benders quickly reunited with Fox and his friends. Fox: “It’s about time you guys got here!” Katara: “Sorry, we got held up during our last mission.” Aang: “Is there anything you need us to do?” Fox: “Well, for starters, fight off as many of these Heartless as you can.” Misty: “You also need to protect those people over there.”

They looked over and spotted the Jedi. Zuko: “Who are those guys?” Fox: “They’re called Jedi. They’re the protectors of this world.” Suki: “We kind of knew that. Richie has been doing some serious research on this place.” Sokka: “Wait, we need to fight off all the Heartless while protecting them? Seriously? That’s way too much for us to handle!” Falco: “Just do it!”Krystal: “Their weapons and abilities are completely useless against defeating these creatures.” Katara: “We’ll do everything we can.” Fox: “The rest of us need to take care of the giant enemies. Now go! Get those Heartless!”

Fox and his friends rushed off. Toph: “You heard Captain Terris, let’s get 'em!”

They continued fighting off the Heartless. Ahsoka: “Master, what was it he called those things? Heartless?”

As the benders continued fighting off the Heartless, some of them struggled to keep them away from the Jedi. Many of the creatures crept up on them before they had a chance to attack. At one point, Toph jumped in the middle of them, pulled a few rocks from the ground with her Earthbending and pushed the Heartless out of the way. Toph: “Are you guys going to stand there like a bunch of helpless idiots or are you going to do something?”

She jumped out, more Heartless came at the benders one by one; they seem overwhelmed by the massive hoards. Just then, the Heartless appeared to be dazed and confused. They looked over and saw that the Jedi were holding their hands out, using their Force powers. The benders looked back and forth at the Heartless and the Jedi, also confused. Ahsoka: “We’re not as helpless as you think.” Katara: “What are you…how are you…nice going.” Toph: “Say, can you bring them closer to us?” Anakin: “Are you out of your mind?” Toph: “Just trust me!”

They then pulled all of the Heartless closer to them. They each slashed the Heartless, decimating all of them. Obi-wan: “Oh, I get it. Make those creatures an easy target. Very clever!”

They ran over to the Jedi and surrounded them. Katara: “Thanks for the assist.” Ahsoka: “Thank you for trying to save us.” Katara: “Listen, we don’t know each other very well but if you could help us in defeating this threat, we would appreciate that very much.” Ahsoka: “Sure, just tell us what we need to do.” Zuko: “We know that you’re powerless against the Heartless, but it seems that you can affect them somehow and that counts for something.” Aang: “You think you can keep doing it?” Anakin: “Just try to stop us.”

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fanfictiondreamer    152

At that point, the Jedi and the benders joined forces in defeating all of the Heartless. They spent some time working together in fighting off and eradicating a lot of the Heartless in a way that made the fight seem almost easy. After a long period of time, they managed to finish the job. Katara: “Well, that’s that. Now, let’s go help our captains in defeating the other…huh?”

They looked up and saw another giant Heartless show up. Sokka: “Aw, man, come on! Not another giant Heartless!” Katara: “Captain Terris and the others are still busy with those other Heartless; it up to us. It’ll take everything we’ve got to take down this one.” Anakin: “We’re here for you guys, no matter what!” Toph: “OK, then, enough talk, time to bring down this powerhouse Heartless.”

And so began their first epic battle together. It took a lot of effort and a lot of teamwork, but they were able to defeat the massive Heartless together.

Fox and his friends just finished up with their battle against the other giant Heartless. They quickly reunited with the others. Ahsoka: “Thanks again for helping us. Who are you guys and where did you come from?” Fox: “We’re fighters from other worlds. We were sent here to vanquish the threat that’s been causing a great deal of turmoil in yours.” Obi-wan: “So you are here to help us against those creatures? What was it you called them?” Anakin: “Heartless. You called those creatures Heartless, didn’t you?”

They nodded. Obi-wan: “Heartless? What sort of creatures are they?” Katara: “They are creatures capable of opening rifts between dimensions. The more they’re in a particular dimension, the more damage they can cause to it. Our worlds are already at the brink of deterioration because of these things.” Ahsoka: “That’s terrible!” Fox: “Yes, but we have a friend that placed all of our worlds in a stasis until we can reverse the process.” Obi-wan: “What about our world? How well do you think it’s holding up?” Fox: “The deterioration  process hasn’t commenced, not yet, but we’re hoping to terminate the threat before even it gets to that point.” Ahsoka: “But wait a minute, where are these creatures coming from? And why are they doing this?” Fox: “It’s a long story. We still have a lot to talk about.” Obi-wan: “Yes, of course. We can do all of that on our way back to Coruscant.” Suki: “Coruscant? Where’s that?” Ahsoka: “Not too far; a couple thousand light-years away to be exact.” Aang: “What? I don’t get it.” Misty: “It’s on another planet, isn’t it?” Ahsoka: “No, it IS another planet.” Sokka: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! Another planet? You mean…different from this one?” Ahsoka: “Of course. What were you expecting?” Sokka: “How many planets are there?” Obi-wan: “Quite a lot, actually; it is a big galaxy, after all.” Sokka: “Whoa, hey, check this out, these guys are capable of space travel here, too!” Fox: “We know.” Anakin: “Yeah, great. Let’s just go already. I’m tired of standing here and talking.” Katara: “OK, let’s go, then.”
They were soon on a ship heading towards Coruscant. Inside, they sat down together and talked. Anakin: “So, let me see if I got this straight: these Heartless were created by this guy who calls himself “Ansem” and he’s using these creatures to destroy all of our worlds? What does he hope to accomplish?” Fox: “We’re not sure. We believe him to be another Dark Wielder. All we know is that he was able to accomplish was he has done so far by creating a power source known as Kingdom Hearts.” Ahsoka: “Kingdom Hearts? What is that?” Krystal: “It is a unique power source that was suppose to be a thing of pure fiction. It is described as “many hearts united as one”.” Ahsoka: “So, someone manage to pull something out of pure fiction and now he’s using it to destroy everything?” Fox: “Yes.” Anakin: “But who is this guy? How is it he is able to do all of this?” Katara: “No one knows for sure. Although, we know that Ansem isn’t even his real name.” Obi-wan: “So, the bad guy is hiding behind a fake name. How come?” Fox: “To protect himself. It’s a safeguard spell. We have faced a number of enemies who hide their real names to mask themselves so that we can’t get to them. Even if we are able to find him, we can’t even scratch him until we figure out his true identity.” Ahsoka: “So, until you’re able to find what his real name is, he’s pretty much impenetrable.” Misty: “Yes and we’re no closer to finding that anytime soon. At the moment, what we need to focus on is ending the Heartless threat in this world.” Anakin: “How are we going to do that?” Misty: “By finding all of the keyholes, of course.” Anakin: “Keyholes?” Falco: “The Heartless are able to enter this world and many other worlds through keyholes hidden throughout the dimensions. Judging by the size of this place, there’s probably a lot of those here.” Katara: “And we’re going to need to seal all of them.” Ahsoka: “All of them!?! Do you even know how long that could take you!?! This isn’t exactly some backyard scavenger hunt.” Obi-wan: “She’s right, this is a big galaxy. You could be here for years.” Fox: “We know, but we have ways of speeding up the process. It’s hard to explain, but you have to trust us.” Obi-wan: “I don’t think we have a choice in the matter.” Anakin: “So, these…Heartless are more than capable of entering our dimension through rifts that they’ve created. That must mean that they can penetrate any area they want in our world.” Obi-wan: “If that’s the case, then that means they can penetrate our most heavily populated areas, even our most secured areas with ease.” Fox: “That’s not good. The Heartless collect the hearts of any bystanders they come across.” Ahsoka: “What? Why?” Krystal: “As their names imply about them, they are creatures who lack hearts of their own. So, they go around collecting hearts from others. But their presence alone is more than enough to disrupt the balance of each world.” Ahsoka: “Oh, no! That’s terrible!” Anakin: “And this Ansem guy just lets them roam around freely, just like that?” Fox: “Yes, it’s how he was able to create Kingdom Hearts.” Ahsoka: “All hearts unite as one. It all makes sense, Master.” Anakin: “Yes, that it does.” Fox: “We’re hoping to capture Kingdom Hearts and use it to restore all of our worlds. But until then, we need to neutralize the Heartless threat before they deteriorate any more worlds.” Anakin: “This is more serious than we could have ever imagined.”

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fanfictiondreamer    152

They arrived on Coruscant. Aang looked directly at the planet through the window. Aang: “Is that…Coruscant?” Ahsoka: “Yep, that’s it.” Aang: “Whoa, it looks like a city covering the entire planet.” Anakin: “That’s because Coruscant is known as the “city planet”.” Aang: “No way! The entire planet is a city?” Anakin: “Yes.” Katara: “What? That’s completely insane! Is that even good for the planet?” Anakin: “Well, it is thriving, is it not?”

Aang stared down at the entire planet.

They eventually landed on the planet. They stepped out of the shuttle and on to a floating platform. Toph: “Hey, where is this city? Is this all there is?” Ahsoka: “Um…no, we’re on a floating platform.” Sokka: “A floating…platform. THIS IS AWESOME!!!” Anakin: “Oh, brother.”

They got on a bus and rode off. After a short period of time, they landed on one of the buildings. Toph: “Oh! Now I see the city! Whoa! This place is huge! Also, I‘ve never felt so much metal before! This is amazing!!” Ahsoka: “Huh, what a strange little person.”

They kept walking until they approached one of the building's entrances. When Sokka stood near the entrance, he stood in awe as the door opened automatically. Sokka: “Whoa…hey, guys, check this out! The doors open by themselves here, too!”

The rest of the benders stood in front of the door and watched in awe. Everyone else stood and stared, some in much discontent, namely Anakin. Anakin: “I take it they don’t have automatic doors where they come from.” Fox: “No, the technology in their world is very…primitive.” Obi-wan: “Hm, what an odd group of kids.”

Anakin eventually became annoyed by their constant staring. Anakin: “Yeah, great! The door opens by themselves! Can we just go? We’re losing daylight!”

The Jedi stepped in, as did Fox and his friends and the rest of the benders and Sokka and Suki. As they walked inside, the door closed behind them. Sokka stopped and looked back. Sokka: “That is so cool!”

Anakin walked back, grabbed on to him and pulled him further in.

They arrived in one of the rooms of the building. Inside, the benders, the Jedi and Fox and his friends stood separately from one another. Soon enough, Padme stepped in. Padme: “Hello, guys, I didn’t expect to see you again, so soon.”

It didn’t take her long to realize that there were others in the room. Padme: “Oh, I didn’t know you were…bringing friends.” Ahsoka: “These guys saved us from a…difficult battle on Christophsis.” Padme: “Oh, really? That’s nice.” Ahsoka: “That’s not all. They’re here to help us fight against those creatures that have been attacking us. They call them Heartless.” Padme: “Heartless, huh? Well, I guess, in that case, I wish to express my gratitude for your help. I hope you rid the galaxy of those horrible creatures.” Katara: “Sure, that’s what we intend to do.” Fox: “OK, I think we’ve overstayed our welcome here. We have to get back to taking care of our other obligations.” Ahsoka: “What? You’re leaving? But we could really use your help, guys.” Fox: “Sorry, but we can’t stay here.” Krystal: “We still have many other things that require our attention.” Falco: “A captain’s job is never done.” Misty: “We promise we’ll come back and help whenever we can.” Fox: “We leave everything in the hands of these kids. I’m counting on you guys. Protect this world and don’t let anything happen to it.”

Another portal opened, Fox and his friends soon faded into it and they were gone.

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fanfictiondreamer    152

Everyone then stood silent in the room. Ahsoka: “So, it looks like we're stuck with you guys, huh?” Katara: “Yes, it appears that way.” Ahsoka: “By the way, we never had the chance to introduce each other, if you’re going to stay here, we should at least know each of your names.” Katara: “Fair enough. I’m Katara, this Aang, Zuko, Toph, Suki and my brother, Sokka.” Sokka: “Hey.” Aang: “Hi.” Suki: “Hello there.” Toph: “Whazzup?” Zuko: “Hello.” Ahsoka: “I’m Ahsoka Tano, this is my master, Anakin Skywalker and this is Master Obi-wan Kenobi.”

Padme slowly approached Katara. Padme: “And I’m Senator Padme Amidala. Nice to meet you.”

She shook Katara’s hand. Padme: “So, you guys are from another world, huh? I’d love to hear all about it.” Obi-wan: “As do I, you have some remarkable abilities that I’ve never even seen before. How is it you were able to do what you just did?” Katara: “Well, it really is a lot easier if you guys can understand our culture. For starters, our world is split into 4 nations: the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation and the Air Nomads. Each nation consists of a unique group of individuals with the ability to control and manipulate each of the 4 elements. They are known as benders, the type of bender they are depends on what element they can wield. You can obviously tell what type of benders me and my friends are.” Anakin: “So, what you’re telling us is all that stuff you guys did, it’s actually typical where you come from.” Katara: “Yes.”

Obi-wan indeed seemed intrigued. Obi-wan: “Fascinating.” Ahsoka: “We actually have people here with unique abilities of their own.” Katara: “I kind of figured, you guys call yourselves Jedi, right?” Ahsoka: “That’s right, myself, Master Skywalker and Master Kenobi are among a few of them. We’re capable of this amazing ability to control this mystical energy known as the Force.” Sokka: “The Force? You mean like what you guys did with all those Heartless?” Ahsoka: “Yes, that. Jedi are chosen when younglings possess abilities like that. They are then taken from their homes by a Jedi master then trained to hone that ability and put it to good use. We’re guardians and protectors our world and it’s our job to maintain balance within it.” Aang: “Hey! These people sound like me!” Katara: “Right, Aang. You see, there is also 1 person born with the ability to control and manipulate all 4 elements. He is known as the Avatar, he is the most powerful bender to ever exist and it’s his job to maintain balance within our world.” Ahsoka: “Sounds neat.” Anakin: “So, let me see if I got this right: just because someone has the ability to control all 4 elements, or bend them, as you call it, that automatically makes him the protector of your world?” Obi-wan: “I take it that doesn’t happen often whenever someone like that comes around, so I’m guessing this person is very special.” Katara: “He’s more than just that; the Avatar is actually the spirit of our world manifested in the form of a human being. He's also known as the bridge between our world and the spirit world and when the Avatar dies, he is then reincarnated into the next nation in the Avatar Cycle. This time, the Avatar is born as an Air Nomad.” Aang: “The last Avatar before me was a Firebender named Roku and before him was a female Earthbender named Kyoshi.” Suki: “I know of her all too well.” Ahsoka: “So, this Avatar Cycle goes in a complete circle, right?”

Katara and Aang nodded. Ahsoka: “Then that means that the next Avatar after Aang will be born in the Water Tribe.” Katara: “Exactly!” Ahsoka: “Now I seem to be getting the hang of this!” Padme: “Sounds as though we could use the Avatar’s help now.”

Padme walked up to a window and looked out from it for a bit. Katara and the rest stared at her, they seemed a little concerned. She then turned around and faced them again. Padme: “We are currently at war here. Unlike your world, ours is split by 2 completely different sides: there’s the Republic, which is what we’re part of. And then there are the Separatists, who are our enemies.” Obi-wan: “The Jedi are taking part in this war and we are doing everything we can to put a stop to it, but it’s…not enough.” Padme: “I, of course, am doing whatever I can to try and end this through diplomacy, but it’s difficult because not many people are interested in negotiations and prefer to fight in this war head on. And so, the war keeps pushing on and I’m not sure if there is any end in sight.”

Katara paused for a minute. Katara: “That’s too bad. There was a terrible war that went on back at home that we were part of.” Zuko: “More than a century ago, my great grandfather, Firelord Sozin, unleashed a devastating assault on the other nations and planned to take everything in name of the Fire Nation. It was his way of sharing his greatness with the world.” Ahsoka: “So, the Fire Nation were like the Separatists of your world.” Zuko: “Yes, we have caused a great deal of destruction to the world, but what we were doing to everyone was far worse.” Aang: “My entire people were slaughtered. I’m the only one of my kind left.”

Katara turned away from the Jedi and faced her friends. Katara: “Firebenders raided my tribe in the South Pole and stole all of our Waterbenders.”

She held her head down and touched her necklace. Katara: “Sokka and I lost our mother during one of those raids.”

Anakin became startled. Padme: “I’m so sorry to hear that.” Sokka: “The war was so immensely bad that it pretty much went from the Fire Nation versus the other nations, to the Fire Nation versus the Earth Kingdom and might I add that the Earth Kingdom was losing badly?” Toph: “Yeah, we weren’t doing so well, at all.” Sokka: “My dad was fed up with sitting around and doing nothing, so he and the men from our tribe decided to leave and help the Earth Kingdom fight in the war.” Ahsoka: “How long did this war of yours last?” Katara: “100 years.” Padme: “100 year!?! I can’t imagine being at war that long!!” Obi-wan: “Sounds as though you kids had it rough.”

The benders stood silent for a while. Anakin: “So, where was the great and mighty Avatar when all of this was happening?” Aang: “I was frozen in an iceberg.” Ahsoka: “Really? For how long?” Aang: “100 years.” Obi-wan: “Hm…isn’t that exactly how long your war lasted?”

Aang held his head down sulking. Ahsoka: “Hold on! That means…your more than 100 years old!?!” Aang: “Yes…” Ahsoka: “I…don’t believe it! You’re…still so young.” Obi-wan: “So, you were in a state of Cryo-Stasis.” Katara: “Yes, Captain Terris and the other captains told us that, too.” Anakin: “It also means that this terrible war of your world hardly began before then.” Ahsoka: “I don’t get it, how could all of this have happened?” Aang: “It started when the monks of my temple told me that I was the Avatar. It is usually a tradition for the Avatar’s identity to be revealed after his 16th birthday. The monks told me when I was only 12.” Obi-wan: “So, they revealed your identity much earlier than traditionally. Why?” Aang: “It was because they needed me prepared for the upcoming war with the Fire Nation.” Anakin: “So, they were in desperate need of the Avatar’s help.” Aang: “Yes, but…everything around me began to change. Everyone stopped seeing me as a normal kid, so I was being treated differently by everyone, well…everyone except my mentor and long time friend, Monk Gyasto. He was the only one who still made me felt like…me, that was…until…the monks decided to separate us.” Padme: “What? That’s terrible!” Ahsoka: “No, I can’t believe it!” Aang: “They were going to take away everything that I ever cared about! I was stuck in a corner and there was nowhere else for me to turn!” Ahsoka: “So, what did you do?” Aang: “The only thing I could do…I ran away from home. I flew off on Appa.” Ahsoka: “Appa?” Aang: “My pet flying bison. All Air Nomads have one. It’s how we get around.” Anakin: “Heh! Right, flying Bison. I find that hard to believe.”

Aang pulled out his Keyblade, with 1 gleam of the weapon, Appa suddenly appeared from outside the window. He flew towards them, letting out a big roar as he flew upward and disappeared. Ahsoka: “Whoa! He’s huge!” Obi-wan: “I take it that’s Appa.”

Aang nodded. Anakin: “OK, I’m convinced. So, how did you end up getting frozen in an iceberg?” Aang: “That day, Appa and I got caught in a storm as we flew above a large ocean. We fell into the water, barely hanging on, then I formed this huge sphere around us and…we were frozen inside of it…together.” Katara: “100 years later, Sokka and I found him and Appa frozen inside that iceberg. I didn’t even know that he was the Avatar at the time.” Sokka: “After that, we began to leave our cozy little home in the South Pole and we traveled the world together.” Aang: “Katara and Sokka are really good friends. I don’t where I would be without them.” Anakin: “Probably still frozen in that iceberg…with your…uh…” Ahsoka: “Flying bison, master.” Anakin: “Uh…right.” Obi-wan: “Still, I find that story incredible and very hard to believe.”

Aang started to sulk again. Ahsoka: “But then you suffered a great loss when you found out that Monk Gyasto and the other Airbenders were slaughtered.”

He held his head down. Ahsoka and Padme looked at each other. Padme then walked up to Aang and embraced him closely. Padme: “There, there, Aang. It’s OK, I know how it looks, but it’s not your fault. You’re not the one to blame for that war escalating as long as it did.” Obi-wan: “I’ll have to agree with the senator on this. I could understand if it was for good intentions, but your world could have waited only several years for the war to end if the monks hadn’t acted too quickly.” Anakin: “Yeah, but instead, everyone in it had to wait 100 years! It really bothers me how bad everything turned out!” Padme: “I completely agree. This is all just…so absurd.” Aang: “I know, but that’s how it happened and this is all that I’m stuck with.”

Anakin continued looking at Aang and Padme. He then turned towards Katara who was also still sulking.

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fanfictiondreamer    152

Later on, Katara was standing on a balcony, sulking as she stared out at the city. Anakin stepped out and stood next to her. He placed his hands on the bars in front of him, looked at Katara a few times, trying to think of what to say to her to try and make her feel better. He spoke softly to her. Anakin: “That’s a…very nice necklace you’re wearing.”

She slowly touched her necklace. Katara: “It’s my mother’s.”

He looked at her again. Katara: “It was past down to me after she died. It gives me strength whenever I need it, so I never take it off unless I really have to. It’s the only thing I have left of her. I miss her a lot. I was devastated when I lost her.” Anakin: “I know how you feel.”

He then turned his head back to his front and looked down. Anakin: “I lost my mother, too.”

Katara looked up at him. Anakin: “I grew up on my home planet as the son of a sole slave. Times were tough so I did everything I could to help her. I was exceptionally bright as a youngling but I never thought much about it; all I cared about was making her happy. When I was 9, I was pulled away from my home and my mother to train to become a Jedi. I always had heavy thoughts for her and I always worried about losing her. 10 years after I began my training, I had a vision that she was in danger, so I returned home to find her. I found out that Tusken Raiders had taken her from this farm that she was sold to. I never stopped searching for her, but…I didn’t act quick enough. She was with them for so long and she was treated very badly. She died in my arms not long after I found her.” Katara: “That’s terrible…” Anakin: “I know. I was so devastated about losing her, about facing my worst nightmare that I took all of my anger out on those savages and slaughtered all of them. I couldn’t control myself at the time and…I do bare some remorse for what I did…”

Katara looked back down. Katara: “I can’t say I didn’t feel the same way. Several years after my mother died, I confronted the man who took her away. I remembered seeing him when I was a little girl, so I could tell that he did it. I wanted so much to take all of my anger out on him, too but instead, I spared his life. Even today, I still couldn’t tell if I was too weak to do it or if I was strong enough not to.” Anakin: “Well, you’re a lot stronger then I am; I can tell you that much.” Katara: “However, I did learn from him that my mother died protecting me. Those Firebenders raided our village that day to find 1 last Waterbender and it was me. She died because he thought that she was that last Waterbender, because of me and she didn’t even know it at the time. I was there when I…”

She then began to feel even more emotional, almost as though she was about to cry. Katara: “I should have tried harder to stop it.” Anakin: “Katara, don’t say that. You know that there was nothing you could have done. You were still a little girl at the time. Besides, she was willing to sacrifice herself to save you. She did it because she loved you; you were her child. And I’m sure if she were to do it all over again, she would have made the same choice, even if she knew that she would lose her own life in the process.”

Katara eventually burst into tears. Anakin walked closer to her. She grabbed on to him and cried on him. Anakin then slowly placed his arms around her and sulked.

While Katara and Anakin continued their time together, the rest of the benders are still telling their story. Zuko: “So then, after the Avatar defeated my father, I stepped up as the new Firelord and declared the war over.”

He looked over to Aang. Zuko: “Then we began to pave a new path…”

Aang smiled, Zuko turned his back to his front. Zuko: “And together, we’re hoping to restore the world as well as the honor of the Fire Nation.” Ahsoka: “That sounds like an amazing story, Zuko.” Obi-wan: “Yes, indeed. But I’m quite curious. You’re a member of the Fire Nation and yet, you disagreed with your own nation about the war that they inflicted. How come?” Zuko: “I was a few of the members of my nation who was against that war. During my time outside my home land, I have watched as many people suffered because of what my nation have done to them.”

Katara and Anakin walked in as Zuko continued talking. Ahsoka: “That’s very sad.” Katara: “I was among one of those people.”

Katara touched her necklace. Anakin: “I can’t say I’m surprised. I take it everyone suffered because of it.” Zuko: “Yes, they did, including members of my own nation. My family has for many years pushed them beyond our limits.” Katara: “All of the peasants were treated very badly. I should know; we witnessed it with our own eyes when we were there.” Zuko: “I, of course, was one of those people who suffered.” Ahsoka: “What? But aren’t you a member of the Royal Family?” Zuko: “Yes, but…that never mattered, not even to my own father. Throughout my entire life, I have struggled to earn my father’s love and recognition. I always lived in the shadows of my own family. One day, we had a war meeting. A few of my father’s best men were planning to sacrifice some of our soldiers to use them as a diversion. I stood up and questioned it. Afterwards, my father demanded that I was to be challenged to an Agni Kai, not knowing that it was him who was my opponent.” Ahsoka: “What’s an Agni Kai?” Zuko: “Agni Kai means “fire meeting”. It when 2 Firebenders get together and take part in a duel.” Padme: “Your own father challenged you to a duel?” Zuko: “Yes, and when I found out, I was devastated. Because I protested against his men and their plan, it was him that I insulted more than anyone. I begged him for forgiveness, but he insisted that I fight him. I refused to challenge my own father. He stood directly in front of me, and then…”

Everyone stood in silent as Zuko turned his head, closed his eyes and paused for a moment. Then, he looked back at them. Zuko: “He did this to me!”

Zuko pointed directly towards his scar. Padme: “Oh…my…gosh…your father gave you that scar!?!”

Zuko closed his eyes and held his head down. Ahsoka: “That’s…terrible…” Anakin: “No! That’s completely absurd! I refuse to believe any of this!” Obi-wan: “I don’t want to believe any of it, either. Your father sounds like a very dishonorable man.” Padme: “You had just as much right to stand up and speak out as all of those men in that room.” Zuko: “They would have disagreed with all of you.” Ahsoka: “So, what happened after your father burned your face?” Zuko: “After the duel, my father banished me, I was forbidden from ever setting foot on my home land. He told me that I must learn respect and that suffering will be my teacher.” Padme: “Oh, Zuko…” Zuko: “I was sent out to hunt the Avatar; a task my father thought was impossible to complete, but I went on it because I wanted so much for my father not to see me as a failure.” Sokka: “It’s true; he was our enemy for a time.” Padme: “So, when you were out journeying through the other nations, you began to realize what your nation was doing to them and those people.” Zuko: “Yes, I began to develop sympathy for the many people my country had terrorized. Realizing this, long after I returned to my home, I began to slowly realize who we were, what this war was doing to us, who we have become. I needed to end it to restore my nation’s true honor and I did.” Sokka: “And just in the nick of time.” Obi-wan: “I can’t say I truly understand how much you have suffered. That war of yours must have not only caused a great deal of devastation for all nations, but I can’t help but mention that the war has caused a seriously bad reputation on your part.” Ahsoka: “Yeah, no kidding. I bet all Firebenders were seen as evil.” Sokka: “Yeah, that’s…pretty much how it went.” Katara: “Never in my life would I have thought that I would come across any good Firebenders that wanted to help us.” Zuko: “If someone so much as found out that I was from the Fire Nation, I was automatically branded an enemy just like the Fire Nation would brand those of us who went against the war as a traitor to our country.” Obi-wan: “A traitor? To the Fire Nation? I find that a bit extreme.” Anakin: “So do I, but more to the point, I don’t care what nation you’re from, you hardly show any traits of someone who’s anything like them. At least…not to me.” Obi-wan: “Same here.” Zuko: “Regardless, that’s just how it was.”

Ahsoka, feeling sympathetic towards Zuko, walked up to him and warmly embraced him. Ahsoka: “You don’t have to worry about any of that. None of it matters anymore. You’re in a new world now. Here, no one knows who you are or what your country did. You’re among friends now, Zuko. I hope you realize that.”

Zuko seemed touched. Zuko: “Your kindness is greatly appreciated, Ahsoka.”

Padme then walked in and embraced him closely as well. At that time, there was a transmission going off. Voice: “Hello! There anyone there? Can you hear me?” Obi-wan: “I read you loud and clear, Commander Cody. What is the situation?” Cody: “It’s those…things! They’re back! They’re attacking more of the inhabitants! We need help!” Obi-wan: “Just send us the coordinates and we’ll be right there. It’s time we introduce our new friends.” Cody: “New...friends? What exactly do you mean by that?” Obi-wan: “You’ll know as soon as we arrive. Over and out.”

The transmission was terminated. Obi-wan: “Well, it looks as though our Heartless foes are on the prowl again. You kids think you’re up to fighting them off?”

They all pulled out their Keyblades. Katara: “Bring it on!” Padme: “I’m coming with you!” Anakin: “No, Padme! It’s too dangerous!” Padme: “I know, but I want to see if what you guys are telling me about these…benders is true. I’ll try to stay out of the way.”

Anakin hesitated. Anakin: “Alright, but you need to be careful once we get there. There’s no telling what those Heartless are capable of.”

Padme nodded. Soon enough, they were on their way.

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fanfictiondreamer    152

They soon arrived in another area on Coruscant. They ran in as people were running away. They soon arrived where the Jedi’s clone troopers were. Cody: “Thank goodness, you’re here, general!” Obi-wan: “What’s the status report on our current situation?” Cody: “Those things just showed up out of nowhere. As always, our weapons are ineffective. They outnumbered us before we even had a chance to call in reinforcements. You and the rest of the Jedi order are perhaps the only ones that stand a chance against them.” Obi-wan: “Oh, I’m not so sure of that. I believe we have a better alternative against those creatures now.” Cody: “What? Really?Uh, what do you mean by that, sir?” Obi-wan: “Cody, say hello to our new friends and the last hope against this new threat.”

Cody looked over and saw the benders. Cody: “You brought along a bunch of kids? How are they supposed to help our situation?” Obi-wan: “Oh, you will find that these kids are more than capable of holding their own during a battle.”
Anakin: “Shall I do the honors, master?” Obi-wan: “Of course, Anakin. Be my guest.” Anakin: “Alright, guys, show everyone here what you can do and take out these creatures.”

The benders then pulled out their Keyblades. Katara: “It’ll be our pleasure.”

They soon rushed over towards the Heartless. Everyone else stood by and watched as the benders took down the Heartless, one by one. Padme as well as Cody and the rest of the clone troopers stood in awe as they watched the benders fight off the Heartless. Ahsoka, Anakin and Obi-wan stood by with satisfied looks on their faces. Cody: “I don’t believe it!! They’re actually destroying those creatures!” Padme: “So, these are our new hope, just like you said.” Anakin: “Of course. Would we ever lie to you about something like this?” Padme: “If you did, I would be very surprised. It wouldn’t be like you to pull those kinds of jokes.” Anakin: “You know me all to well, Padme.”

At that time, another clone trooper clad in blue and white arrived on the scene. Anakin: “Ah, there you are, Captain Rex.” Rex: “We got here as soon as we could.” Anakin: “Good! Did you remember to bring what I asked for on our way here?” Rex: “Yes, of course, but what an unusual request. Why did you ask us to bring in over 2 metric tons of rock and water?” Anakin: “Oh, you’ll see…soon enough.”

The clone troopers soon arrived on the scene with barrels of water and large crates containing huge rocks. Rex: “Is that all of them?” Trooper: “No, there’s still more we need to pull out.” Anakin: “I think this be more than enough.” Rex: “Um…OK…So…now what?” Anakin: “Leave the rest of it to me.”

Using his Force powers, Anakin knocked over some of the nearby barrels and crates, water spilled out of the barrels as did the rocks from the crates. Rex and Cody were startled. Rex: “Have you gone off the deep end!?! What do you think you’re doing!?!” Anakin: “Giving these kids an extra boost of their true potential.”

As the benders continued fighting, Katara noticed there was water all around her. She smiled, then used her bending and lifted the water off of the ground. Padme, Cody, Rex and some of the clone troopers became very startled by what they saw. Toph soon stood near some of the rocks and smiled. Toph: “Now we’re talking!”

Using her amazing Earthbending to lift some of the rocks from the ground and tossed them towards the Heartless. She then pulled all of the rocks together, bring them below some of the Heartless, then banged her arms together, bringing the rocks up and enclosing the Heartless in between them like a sandwich. That surprised them even more. Cody: “That girl just manipulated those rocks in ways no Jedi ever could!”

Zuko shot a few fire balls out of his Keyblades, then shot out a few more out of his fists and unleashed some of his flare kicks. Aang, flying with the use of 2 Keyblades, flew after several airborne Heartless, then used his Airbending abilities on them as well as his Keyblade. Everyone but the Jedi were spellbound from what they were witnessing. Rex: “I…I’ve never seen anything like it! What are these kids?” Obi-wan: “These kids…are Benders.” Cody: “Benders?” Padme: “This is incredible! I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!” Anakin: “I know, I was shocked the first time I’ve witnessed it.” Ahsoka: “Me, too.” Obi-wan: “As was I.”

Just then, Anakin noticed one of the Heartless crept up behind Katara. Anakin: “Katara! Behind you!”

Katara turned her head and looked behind her, but it was too late, the Heartless lunged out. Anakin ran out towards her and held his hand out, using his Force abilities, immobilized the Heartless. Katara was then given a fighting chance, she bend her Keyblade into water and eradicated the Heartless completely. Katara: “Thanks for the assist, Anakin! That Heartless nearly had me!” Anakin: “Glad I could help.”

Soon enough, more Heartless showed up, they were completely surrounded. Katara: “It’s obvious we can’t keep fighting this alone. We need your help.” Anakin: “Sure, let me know if there’s anything you need me to do and I’ll do it!” Katara: “Right!”

More Heartless surrounded them. Katara: “Do you think you can hold off all of these Heartless for as long as you can?” Anakin: “I’ll give it my best shot.” Katara: “Good! That’s all I can ask for.”

Anakin used his Force powers to hold off the Heartless while Katara pulled in as much water as she can muster up. She then pulled all of the water into her Keyblade and sent it all back out with 1 slash of her weapon. Anakin: “Nicely done!” Katara: “Thanks! You know, we make a pretty good team.” Anakin: “You really think so?”

It didn’t take long for the Heartless to catch their attention again. Anakin: “Now’s not the time for casual conversations!” Katara: “I couldn’t agree more, Anakin! Let’s save it for after these Heartless are gone!”

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fanfictiondreamer    152

It didn’t take long for Ahsoka and Obi-wan to get involved, as well. As Ahsoka ran off to assist Sokka and Suki, Obi-wan fought off the Heartless with Toph, Zuko and Aang. The more they fought together, the more they learned about each other and the closer they have become. Toph, Zuko and Aang came together and fought beside Master Kenobi, each with pleasing grins on their faces. Obi-wan: “I have to admit, you’re all pretty good for a group of kids.” Aang: “Thanks, Master Kenobi! You’re not half bad yourself.” Zuko: “It’s good to know we have someone like you on our side, Obi-wan.” Toph: “I’ll say, not bad for someone who’s powerless against the Heartless.” Zuko: “I wouldn’t say that; not completely, at the very least.” Toph: “You’re right! I think I’m more than OK with being wrong for once.” Obi-wan: “I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on it, my friends.”

More and more Heartless came in from everywhere. They were soon outnumbered and quickly surrounded. Toph: “Grr! Heartless everywhere!” Zuko: “This is crazy! We can’t take on all of them at once!”

As the Heartless struck, Obi-wan held both his arms out and held back all of the Heartless with the use of his Force powers. Toph, Zuko and Aang looked up at Obi-wan and observed as he struggled to hold back all of them. Toph: “Obi-wan! What are you doing!?!” Obi-wan: “Giving you all of fighting chance! Now go! I don’t know how long I can keep this up!” Zuko: “You heard him! Let’s take them all out!”

Toph and Aang nodded and lunged out. They moved quickly, taking down all of the Heartless with the use of their bending and Keyblades. Obi-wan continued to struggle. Obi-wan: “Hurry! I’m beginning…to lose my…grip!”

Toph, Aang and Zuko worked as fast as they could. With each Heartless that they took out, more of them kept coming. Toph: “It’s no use; they just keep coming!” Zuko: “I’m guessing it obvious that we can’t do this alone.”

The clone troopers grew anxious as they kept watching. Cody: “It’s no use! They can’t keep fighting against all of these creatures forever!” Rex: “What can we do about it? We’re no match against them. At least those kids stand a fighting chance.” Cody: “Well, we must do something! Even the Jedi know what they’re dealing with and they’re risking their lives helping those kids. At this rate, our last hope will be wiped out within a matter of minutes.”

Rex looked out and watched as the benders and the Jedi struggled during their fight. Rex: “Alright, I guess we have no other choice. Men, let’s back up the Jedi and the, uh…benders.” Troopers: “Sir, yes, sir!”

The clone troopers ran out into the battle. They stood by and shot at many of the Heartless. Ahsoka stopped to observe them. Ahsoka: “What are you doing!?! You don’t stand a chance against these creatures!” Rex: “Neither do you, but that didn’t stop you from running in and fighting them head on.” Ahsoka: “Um…point well taken. Just try to be careful and don’t get near any of them. We still don’t know what they’re capable of.” Rex: “Roger that! You heard her, men! Target all of those creatures and don‘t ever let them get the better of you!” Troopers: “Sir! Yes, sir!”

The troopers then shot out at the Heartless again. Ahsoka, Suki and Sokka ran out and fought off each of the Heartless that are being targeted by the clone troopers. Just then, Cody began to notice something strange about Sokka and Suki. Cody: “Hey! You! Young man clad in blue!”

Sokka turned around and looked at Cody. Cody: “How come you and that girl in green aren’t doing what your other friends are doing with the rocks and water and…the…other…natural elements?” Sokka: “You mean bending? Sorry, Suki and I can’t do any of that! We’re not benders!” Cody: “What? But I thought all of you were capable of doing all of that stuff.” Sokka: “Well…not really. It’s a long story and I’d rather not get involved with telling it at the moment.” Cody: “Right! Understood! Sorry to bother you!” Sokka: “Oh, sure, no problem, it’s not like we’re in the middle of a battle against dangerous creatures from another dimension or anything!”

Sokka went back to fighting. Cody: “What an odd young man.”

The troopers continued shooting. Along the way, Anakin and Obi-wan noticed the Clone Troopers were participating in the fight. Anakin: “What? Have the clone troopers lost their minds?” Obi-wan: “No, I think they’re trying to help us. The situation has escalated more than even we could keep up, the Heartless keep outnumbering us more than we can keep up…”

Just then, Obi-wan noticed something. Obi-wan: “Anakin, look!”

Anakin looked over and noticed that the clone troopers shot at the Heartless, causing them to become more sluggish. Anakin: “The Heartless! They’re… weakening? That…that’s never happened before! How is this possible?”

Obi-wan began to ponder. Obi-wan: “How, indeed? Hm…I wonder?”

Obi-wan then pulled out his Lightsaber; he slashed one of the Heartless nearby. He was shocked to see that he was able to penetrate it. The Heartless went all wobbly and weak, but then went right back to normal. Obi-wan: “Strange; how come I was never able to do that? Hm… could it be…”

He looked over towards the benders who were still fighting. Obi-wan: “No, this can’t be a coincidence. It fits together all too well.” Anakin: “What are you suggesting; can we destroy these things with our weapons now?”

Obi-wan shook his head. Obi-wan: “No, Anakin, I don’t think we can destroy them, but I believe we have gained an ability to weaken these creatures.” Anakin: “But how and why did we just receive this just now?” Obi-wan: “I believe we have our bender friends to thank for this. Whatever force is emulating from those weapons of their, we seem to be taking it in.”

Anakin pulled out his Lightsaber and grinned. Anakin: “I have no idea what any of that means and I don’t care! We can penetrate these creatures and that’s good enough for me!”

Anakin rushed over and started slashing every Heartless he comes across. Obi-wan: “There he goes again.”

Obi-wan ran out and reunited with Toph, Zuko and Aang. It didn’t take the benders long to realize that something strange was happening to the Heartless. Katara: “What…what is going on here, it seems almost like the Heartless are getting weaker and weaker.”

She looked over to Anakin, who was slashing each Heartless one by one, she soon noticed that they were weakening. Katara: “Anakin…what is…?” Anakin: “I don’t know what this is, exactly, but this is the first time that I had a chance to fight back and now, we’re much closer to ridding the galaxy of these Heartless than we would have ever thought possible. Let’s destroy these things!” Katara: “Right!”

They leapt out and continued fighting. Obi-wan regrouped with Toph, Zuko and Aang. Toph: “Obi-wan!” Aang: “What was the hold up?” Obi-wan: “Sorry, I was…conjuring up a very interesting hypothesis.” Zuko: “You sure picked a fine time to start working on a theory; maybe you should save that for after this fight is over.” Obi-wan: “Oh, I assure you, Zuko; this one is indeed very important.” Toph: “OK, then, fill us in, what is this theory that you’ve been working on?” Obi-wan: “This!”

Obi-wan lunged towards one of the Heartless and slashed it with his Lightsaber. The Heartless then became depleted and lost all will to fight. Zuko: “Whoa…” Aang: “No way!” Toph: “Why didn’t you try that earlier?” Obi-wan: “It never worked until just now.” Aang: “But, this doesn’t make any sense, our Keyblades were the only things that could harm them. Now your weapons are working on them, too?” Obi-wan: “Yes, I believe your weapons are providing some sort of strange power that enables our weapons to penetrate these creatures.” Aang: “Well, when you put it that way…that does make sense…I guess…” Toph: “I don’t think so.” Zuko: “It doesn’t matter, whatever it is, it means that now you guys have the upper hand.” Toph: “Great, whatever, you can harm these things now, let’s just get on with bringing the hurt on them already!” Obi-wan: “Yes, let’s not waist any more time.”

They moved out and continued on the fight.

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fanfictiondreamer    152

After they spent an extended amount of time fighting, they manage to finish off all of the Heartless. Sokka: “Well, that was a long battle, but thank goodness it’s finally over, now we can just head back and…OH, NO! ANOTHER HEARTLESS!!”

Everyone turned around and spotted another humongous Heartless. Zuko: “Dark side!” Toph: “Whoa! This thing is even bigger than the last time we fought against one.” Obi-wan: “What sort of Heartless is this!?!” Katara: “This one we know all too well. Our captains are the only ones powerful enough to face off against at least 2 of these things.” Anakin: “Then we’re going to need to combine our strengths just to take this thing down. Give it everything you’ve got! Don’t hold back!” Katara: “Stay close to any one of us with a Keyblade.”

And so, they commenced their brutal battle against the Heartless. Everyone did everything they could against the relentless fiend. Aang: “It’s no use, this thing is even more powerful than before!” Toph: “Do you think it has something to do with the fact that it’s larger than usual?” Katara: “That’s a possibility.” Aang: “Hey! Look!”

They looked up and saw that it began to do something strange. Ahsoka: “Hey, what’s it doing?” Katara: “Strange, that’s never happened before.”


Anakin then walked up to him and slapped him upside the head. Anakin: “GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF, SOKKA! Panicking is not going to destroy these Heartless! Now, you, Suki and the clone troopers will face off against that Heartless, while Ahsoka, Obi-wan and I will take on that one with the benders! Got all of that!?!” Sokka: “Yes...” Anakin: “Good, now get going!”

Sokka ran off. Suki went after him. Suki: “Come on! You heard your commander and chief; we need to fight off that Heartless!” Rex: “Roger that! Let’s move it, men!”

The other troopers left with Rex and Cody. Katara: “OK, does anyone have plan?” Toph: “I have one: don’t let that thing kill you.” Obi-wan: “Good plan….”

The Jedi and the Benders took on the Heartless with everything they had as Sokka, Suki and the Clone Troopers did the same with the other one. It took them a while but they finally manage to defeat both of them. Everyone stood around and panted from the long battle. Anakin: “OK, that should be the last of them.” Ahsoka: “I sure hope so, I don’t know if I still have it in me to continue fighting those things.” Aang: “Me, neither!” Sokka: “I seriously doubt it; usually the Heartless stop coming right after we took down the big ones. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more of those things anytime soon.”

Everyone regrouped with one another. Rex: “I can’t thank you kids enough for helping us fight off those…uh…those…what are those things, anyway?” Obi-wan: “They’re called Heartless.” Cody: “Heartless, sir?” Anakin: “Yeah, they’re beings that tear rifts between worlds, cause havoc, and stuff like that.” Rex: “Um...OK, but how do they kids tie into this, more to the point, who or what are they?” Obi-wan: “These kids are our new allies from another world.” Cody: “You mean another planet?” Obi-wan: “No, another dimension.” Rex: “What? You mean they’re not even from this galaxy?” Anakin: “No, much like the Heartless; the difference being that they’re here to restore our world, not tear it to shreds.”  

Suddenly, several more Heartless show up. Sokka: “Oh, you got to be kidding me!! There are still more of them!?!”

Everyone pulled out their weapons and readied themselves. Then all, of the Heartless suddenly disappeared. Everyone put away their weapons and stood around in silence. Zuko: “Uh…what just happened?”

Katara looked around. Katara: “Hm…” Anakin: “Huh? What is it, Katara?” Katara: “Something’s not right. Toph, do you feel anything out of the ordinary?”

Toph pulled out her Keyblade, then tried to concentrate. Toph: “Wait a minute! I do feel something around here.”

She walked off until she came across some type of object. She moved the object out of the way, revealing a Keyhole. Katara’s face grew serious. Katara: “I knew it!”

Toph then held out her Keyblade and shot a beam of light out of it, sealing the Keyhole. Ahsoka: “Was that the Keyhole you guys have been talking about?” Katara: “Yes! With each one sealed, fewer Heartless will continue showing up.”

Soon enough, other Jedi; Kit Fisto, Plo Koon, Mace Windu and of course, Yoda, arrived on the scene. Anakin: “It’s about time you showed up! Where were you guys when we needed you 2 hours ago?” Sokka: “Uh, Anakin, who are these guys?” Anakin: “Members of the Jedi Council. They’re few of the most powerful Jedi in the Galaxy.” Sokka: “Oh, so these guys are like the Head Honchos of the Jedi Order.” Anakin: “Yeah, something like that.” Kit: “Sorry it took us so long. But when we arrived, it seemed as though you had the upper hand.” Sokka: “Are you kidding me!?! We were outnumbered; we only won because we got lucky!” Mace: “Quite the contrary, you handled those creatures in ways we have never seen before.” Yoda: “Yes, impressed we are to see your special skills against those creatures.” Kit: “Not even we came close to actually defeated them.” Mace: “We only got by just forcing them away with the Force, but only for a brief period of time.” Toph: “Is that what you guys did, you just drove them out? That’s…hard to believe.” Mace: “Yes, but we’ll worry about that later, first of all, who are you? Where do you come from?” Anakin: “This is Katara, Toph, Zuko, Aang, Suki…oh…and that’s Sokka over there.” Sokka: “Hey!” Ahsoka: “These guys are from another dimension.” Mace: “Another dimension, huh? I knew I sensed an unusual shift in the Force.” Kit: “That was quite a performance you kids have put on. How is it you are able to do what you just did?” Obi-wan: “Our young friends possess the ability to control and manipulate the natural elements in ways that differ from ours. They call themselves Benders.” Yoda: “Hm, much understanding of your ways, we are short of, or who you kids are.” Sokka: “Uh…what?” Mace: “I agree with Master Yoda on this. Return with us to the Jedi Temple; there are lots of things that we need to straighten out.” Aang: “Where is that?” Kit: “Right here on Coruscant, of course. The others will be waiting for us there.” Plo Koon: “We must hurry back, those things could return at any minute.”

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fanfictiondreamer    152

Later on, they all arrived at the Jedi Temple. There, the Jedi Council called upon Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-wan and Padme to talk about the Benders. They spent many hours telling them everything that they have heard from them. The Council then called out Ahsoka while, Anakin, Obi-wan and Padme stayed and continued talking.

Later on, Ahsoka closely examined Toph. She began to notice something odd about her. Toph, however was irritated by her constant scrutinizing. Ahsoka: “You’re…blind. I’ve never seen anything like it!” Toph: “Yeah, yeah, that’s great, could you quit staring at me and step back; you’re making me feel uncomfortable.” Ahsoka: “What? How did you even know I was observing you? You can’t even see me.”

Anakin, Obi-wan and Padme walked back in as Toph spoke. Toph: “No, but I can feel you breathing on my face, also I can feel you pacing back and forth in front of me. I know what you’re thinking. You’re shocked that someone like me could possibly be here when I’m at a disadvantage because I can’t see anything.” Obi-wan: “Actually, I was thinking that you must be a remarkable, young girl to even be here, despite your…lack of eye sight.” Toph: “Well, now that you mention it, I am blind but I never really had a hard time seeing. You see, I can “see” with Earthbending by feeling vibrations on the ground. They tell me everything that I need to know; which is almost as good as normal eye sight.” Ahsoka: “Really?”

Ahsoka looked down at Toph’s feet. Ahsoka: “Is that why you don’t wear any shoes?” Toph: “Yes, it’s actually normal for Earthbenders to have bare feet because it helps to connect better with the ground.” Obi-wan: “An Earthbender’s best advantage.” Toph: “Exactly. The vibrations tell me everything that I need to know. I’ve also developed the ability to bend metal because of it.” Ahsoka: “You can bend metal the same way that you bend rocks?” Toph: “Sure, there are small fragments and impurities within the metal that I am able to reach into, so technically, I’m actually bending that, not the actual metal.” Ahsoka: “That’s incredible! Almost everything here is made of metal.” Obi-wan: “Fascinating. So you can bend any metal of any kind?” Toph: “That’s right, if I couldn’t, then I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

Toph lifted her fist up and just like that, Anakin’s right arm was lifted up. Anakin: “What? Hey!”

She then bend his arm all over the place. Toph then threw both fists to 1 side, dragging Anakin towards 1 side of the room. She then threw both fists towards the other side and pulled him towards the other side. Anakin: “Toph! Cut it out!”

She then lifted her fist up and then slammed it to the ground, slamming his arm to the ground as well and held it there. Anakin tried to pull his arm off the floor. Anakin: “Let me go! Now!” Obi-wan: “Toph! Release him!” Toph: “Oh…alright…”

Toph lifted her hands up and relaxed them. Anakin then managed to pull himself back up. Anakin: “That’s wasn’t funny!” Toph: “You’re right. It was hilarious!”

Anakin glared at her. Padme: “That was incredible! You knew about Anakin’s cybernetic arm?” Toph: “Of, course, the vibrations on the ground tell me everything. Through them, I was able to notice that Anakin was partly metal and because of that, I was able to bend his arm to my will.”

Sokka rushed over to him. Sokka: “You have a robotic arm!?! THAT IS SO COOL! Does it hurt someone even more if you punch them with it?” Anakin: “I don’t know…!”

He held his arm up as he was about to punch Sokka. Anakin: “Want to find out?” Sokka: “Uh…no! That’s OK!”

He rushed back over to where he stood. Obi-wan: “Can your Earthbending senses extend even further?” Toph: “Sure, it extends further than you can imagine. I can feel vibrations all over this building. I know exactly what’s going on in here every second of every day. Oh?…And it seems as though we’re about to have an unexpected visitor from someone who not only has big feet but have a very hard time staying on them.”

Anakin and Padme looked at each other. Anakin, Padme: “Jar Jar.”

Suddenly, Jar Jar came rushing in, constantly tripping as he entered the room. All of the Benders expect Toph stood and stared with a disturbed look on each of their faces as did Sokka and Suki. Sokka: “Uh…who is this guy?”

Padme walked up to Jar Jar and helped him up. Padme: “Everyone, this is Representative Binks, he is a representative of Naboo, much like myself.” Sokka: “That guy, a member of your senate? You’ve got to be kidding me!” Anakin: “Hey, if the likes of you were to become a fierce warrior, I’m willing to believe anything.”

Sokka looked back at Anakin in an irritated manner. Jar Jar: “Mesa am so happy to see you alive. Mesa was so worried about all of you…”

He then rushed over to Anakin. Jar Jar: “Especially yousa. Yousa don’t scare me like that again. Yousa knowa how much mesa worry about you, Ani.” Toph: “Ani!?!”

Toph let out a huge laugh. Toph: “Is that your little nickname!?!”

Toph kept laughing. Anakin: “Yeah! So, what?” Sokka: “You know, that sounds like a girl’s name.” Toph: “Oh, I’m going to have some major mileage out of this one.”

Anakin glared at Toph as she continued laughing a bit more. He then looked over to the benders. Jar Jar: “Yousa made some new friends. Mesa so happy to be seeing new friends.” Ahsoka: “These kids are our new allies in the battle against those new creatures that have been terrorizing people. These are the Benders, Katara, Aang, Zuko and Toph, and their warrior friends, Suki and Sokka.”

He rushed over to Katara and shook her hand. Jar Jar: “Mesa am so glad to meet you.” Katara: “Um…thank you…Jar Jar.”

He then rushed over to Aang. Jar Jar: “Yousa havea big arrow on yousa forehead. Yousa know that, right?” Aang: “Um…yeah, I’ve had it since I've mastered Airbending. How I got it…is not something I’d like to recall.”

He then rushed over to Zuko. Jar Jar: “Yousa havea big, ugly, red thing on yousa left eye.” Zuko: “I know. The story of how I got it is…kind of saddening.” Jar Jar: “Mesa sorry to hear that. Mesa wishes to hear it later.”

He then rushed over to Toph and observed her. Jar Jar: “Yousa have pale eyes. Yousa blind! Yousa blind!”

She grabbed him by the nose. Toph: “Can it, needle nose! I already know that!”

She pushed him back. He then rushed over to Suki. Jar Jar: “Yousa looka so pretty with your face all white like that.”

Suki giggled a little. Suki: “Why, thank you, Jar Jar. This is my traditional Kyoshi warrior face make up. It suppose to scare away enemies.” Jar Jar: “Aw, mesa don’t think yousa so scary. Why woulda anyone thinka that way?” Suki: “Aw, that’s the nicest thing anyone would say to me.”

Sokka became furious and immediately dashed over towards Jar Jar. Sokka: “Alright! Listen here, you…weird…long eared…amphibious…horse…thing!”

Anakin slapped himself on the forehead. Sokka: “I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but I don’t like that you’re talking to my girlfriend like that and I don’t trust you around her at all, so you had better not try anything around her or else you’re not going to like what I’ll do!” Jar Jar: “Yousa calm down. Mesa nota try anything, mesa justa saying hello to the nice, white faced girl. Thata be all.” Sokka: “You had better just be saying “hello” to her.” Suki: “Sokka, be nice; he’s just being friendly.”

He looked towards Suki, then back at Jar Jar. Sokka: “I’m watching you.”

As he walked back, he twisted his ankle; he then hopped forward, screeching in pain. He then lost his balance, then moved back and forth, trying to regain it. He then crashed into Jar Jar. The 2 of them struggled to get themselves up while trying to sort each other out. Sokka, of course, was complaining more than Jar Jar. Katara placed her hand in front of her eyes in shame. Toph was heard laughing again. Everyone else stared at the 2 of them in an awkward manner. Anakin, however, seemed somewhat pleased as he folded his arms. He also had a gratified grin. Anakin: “I think those 2 are going to get along just fine.” Katara went over and untangled Sokka and Jar Jar from their predicament. Jar Jar then ran over to the Jedi and stood by them. Jar Jar: “Mesa ama so happy to see yousa alive. Thema big, scary creatures ama always makea big trouble. Yousa so lucky to be alive.” Ahsoka: “We’re actually lucky that the Benders came to our rescue.” Anakin: “No kidding. They have been more than helpful during our first battle. Not only did they fought those things, they eradicated them.” Obi-wan: “Yes, it truly was the most interesting thing I have ever seen.” Sokka: “Aw, go on.” Jar Jar: “Mesa ama so very grateful. The Jedi can not standa up to those creatures, theysa too powerful.” Katara: “We know, we couldn’t either until we were able to obtain these weapons.”

Katara summoned her weapon. Katara: “Our…Keyblades.”

Katara put hers away. Katara: “They’re the only weapons strong enough to destroy the Heartless for good. Everything else is as good as useless.” Suki: “Rest assured, we’ll do everything we can to change all of that. I just hope we’re able to come across that before the Heartless due away with you guys.” Anakin: “Yeah, let’s hope that never happens.” Katara: “So, anyway, is there any word from the Jedi Council?” Obi-wan: “Oh! Right, well, um…ahem! they wish to speak with each of you individually, starting with you, Katara.” Katara: “OK.” Anakin: “I’ll go with her. I would like to be a representative on her behalf.” Obi-wan: “I’ll allow it.”

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fanfictiondreamer    152

Soon enough, Katara stood in the middle of the room in front of the Jedi Council. Anakin stood beside her. Obi-wan joined the rest of the Jedi Council. Mace: “So, you must be Katara the Waterbender.” Katara: “Yes, that’s me.” Mace: “We have heard so much about you from Masters Kenobi and Skywalker, young Padawan Tano and Senator Amidala. Although, it was from Master Skywalker that we have heard about you the most.” Yoda: “Heard from each of them we have about the terrible loss of your mother, yes. Saddened we are to hear about such a heavy burden. Much condolences you have received from us.” Anakin: “Not only did Katara suffer from the loss, she had to step up and take her mother’s place.” Obi-wan: “Yes, indeed, she, along with her brother, was forced to grow up at such a young age.” Katara: “I was still a little girl when it happened.” Obi-wan: “Katara has also confronted the man who did it but decided not to take his life in the process.” Katara: “I wanted so much for him to feel the same kind of pain that my mother did. But instead, I held back, knowing that he has suffered enough already.” Mace: “You know, it takes a great deal of courage to do what you did, to spare the life of a man who took away a loved one.” Kit: “We hoped you realize this even though you are unsure if sparing his life made you weak. We just want to let you know that everyone else told us it is not and we agree with them.” Yoda: “Yes, to spare ones life and consider that person to be weak, the way of the Dark Side, it is.” Katara: “The…Dark Side?” Mace: “Yes, often times, members of our order go rouge; their desire for vengeance or any other negative emotions take control of them and turn them evil. Here, we call it turning to the Dark Side.” Katara: “Well, that makes sense, actually.” Mace: “But that particular incident became a major turning point in your life, if you would have taken that man’s life, things may have gotten worse for you. But unlike Master Skywalker, you held back.” Anakin: “Yeah, you’re doing a lot better than me, so I don’t think you need to worry so much.” Yoda: “Yes, that much is true.” Mace: “As hard as it was for you, we are…very proud of you for what you did.” Obi-wan: “Yes, your actions have earned you a great deal of respect from the Jedi Council.”

Katara bowed. Katara: “Thank you, masters.”

Obi-wan smiled. Mace: “Bring in the one called Toph.”
Much time later, Toph was standing was standing on the same spot as Katara. She stood alone. Mace: “So, you must be the Earthbender of the group.” Toph: “Yes.” Mace: “And from what we have heard from Master Kenobi, you’re a very unique one at that.” Obi-wan: “As you can see, young Toph over here is blind.” Mace: “Yes, that much I can tell, but Toph’s blindness has served as a major asset in her Earthbending abilities, is that right?” Toph: “That’s right. I am blind, but I have another way of seeing. I can see with Earthbending by feeling vibrations on the ground, which has served me as an almost completely reliable substitute for normal eyesight, if not somewhat better and right now, my feet are telling me that not all of you are here, even though you say you are. I still feel at least 2 empty seats in this room.” Mace: “You’re right, not all of us are here, not in person, at least. A few of us are somewhere else, but they are able to create holographic projections of themselves so that they can be here without actually being in this room with us.”

Toph folded her arms and pouted a little as she turned her head to the left a bit. Toph: “Obviously, those holographic contraptions of yours only work on people who CAN see.” Obi-wan: “We know, perhaps we can find a way for you to sense out holograms.” Mace: “We’ll worry about that later. Despite that, we are quite impressed with your skills and your ability to adapt your blindness to your advantage.” Toph: “Too bad my parents didn’t feel the same way.” Obi-wan: “What do you mean by that?” Toph: “Well, ever since I was a young girl, my parents always treated me like a helpless child because I’m blind. They kept me locked away from the outside world because they couldn’t see me as anything more than that. Even after I’ve proven to them that I’ve honed my blindness to get in touch with the vibrations in the ground and became more advanced than any other Earthbender could, they still wanted to hold me back. Those people had no idea who I was, they didn’t even want to know what I am and you want to know the worst part? Some hag bribed them to do it! She was willing to keep my family as wealthy as they were if they would keep me locked up just to prevent me from teaching the Avatar Earthbending! They never cared about me; they were only thinking about their own wealthy status!”

Obi-wan shook his head in disappointment. Obi-wan: “Your parents were wrong to treat you like they did. They judged you merely by your blindness and failed to see, even refused to realize the phenomenal person you have become. I hope you  understand that we don’t see you that way, Toph.” Toph: “Yes, Master Kenobi. Thank you for your consideration.”

Obi-wan smiled. Yoda: “Much astonished we are to hear how you advanced beyond your belittlement. Disheartened we are to hear of your plight.” Toph: “My friends are the only ones who truly understands me. When my parents chased them away, I decided to run away from them and join my friends on their journey. As wrong as it may have seemed, I think any person in their right mind would have done it, too, if they were in my position.” Kit: “And many of those people would agree with you. Nothing is worse than being judged for what you are instead of being seen for who you are. But none the less, that is a very inspiring story.” Mace: “Thank you for your time, Toph. It is greatly appreciated.” Toph: “No problem.”

She placed her hands behind her head and let out a big grin. Toph: “I kind of enjoyed having this talk and you’ve given me a better insight and understanding of how I’ve been seen as.”

Toph bowed. Yoga: “The young Firelord, we wish to see next.” Mace: “Yes, please bring in Zuko for us, will you?”
Next up, Zuko stood in the middle of the room, much like Katara and Toph did. Yoda: “Firelord Zuko, newly crowned ruler of the Fire Nation you are, yes?” Zuko: “Yes.” Mace: “We have been eager to speak with you, Zuko. We have heard many terrible things about what your country did to your world.” Yoda: “Disheartening your story is. Displeased we are to hear of so much senseless destruction.” Obi-wan: “Many of us were also especially displeased to hear about how your own family treated you.” Mace: “Yes, it must have been a horrible thing for your father to give you that scar and then banish you after you stood up for the well-being of your own people.” Plo Koon: “Your father sounded like a very cruel man.” Zuko: “Yes, he was, all I ever wanted from him was to respect me and even earning his love was a struggle.” Kit: “Your father never loved you, did he?” Zuko: “No…he didn’t.” Yoda: “Sorry we are to hear what you have been through.” Kit: “But we were enlightened to hear that you were against that war and fought to end it.” Zuko: “Yes…it took me too long to realize what we were doing to the world. My great grandfather, Firelord Sozin, inflicted that war to share his greatness with the world, however, we were anything but great. We’ve caused a great deal of fear and destruction towards the other nations when trying to claim them in the name of the Fire Nation; we nearly destroyed them. That’s why I had to end it. Hardly anyone from my country supported me, they even branded me a full-blown traitor because of it, but I had to do it, I had to step up as the new Firelord and lead my people down the right path; the path that would bring forth our true honor.” Mace: “But it wasn’t easy, getting to where you are now.” Zuko: “No, I had to struggle a lot before I was able to take my rightful place as the heir to the throne, but in the end, it was all worth it. I have become exactly who I wanted to be and to be surrounded by so many people that care about me, I can’t tell you how good it feels.” Yoda: “Inspiring your courage and dedication is. Continuing to restore the true honor of your nation, much luck we wish you.”

Zuko placed his fist on the palm of his hand, held them in front of him and bowed. Zuko: “It is an honor to be here with you, Jedi Masters. I’ve enjoyed this talk we’ve had.” Kit: “As did I, young Firelord.”

Zuko smiled, as did Obi-wan. Mace: “We wish to speak with Aang next; the one you call the Avatar.” Obi-wan: “I shall bring him in here.”

Obi-wan got up and walked out with Zuko.
Later on, Obi-wan returned with Aang. Obi-wan sat back down on his seat as Aang stood in the same spot as his friends. Mace: “So, you must be what they call in your world “The Avatar”, correct?” Aang: “Yes, that’s right.” Mace: “We have heard about your little mishap with the monks of your temple that led you to being frozen in an iceberg for a century; in your world’s time.”

Aang held his head down and paused. Mace: “Aang?” Aang: “Unfortunately, you’d be right.”

Aang lifted his head back up and looked back at the Jedi Councilmen. Aang: “The whole world was counting on me to save them and…I wasn’t there…I felt like I let everyone down.”

Everyone in the room was silent. The different councilmen looked at each other in a concerned manner. Mace: “It must have been tough…for someone your age to find out that you were your own world’s last hope, even though you weren’t meant to find out about it until you were older and to not be there when they needed you…no words can express how…discontent we are to hear that.” Yoda: “Yes, saddened we are to hear of such a horrible plight. Blame yourself for the state of you world you must not, despite what many may think.” Aang: “Yes, I know that, I was hoping you wouldn’t think otherwise.” Mace: “Aang, we would never encourage you to take part in a conflict you were too young to get involved with, even if you were the most powerful being of any world.” Obi-wan: “Yes and as I have mentioned earlier, if the monks of your temple hadn’t acted too soon like they did, the world would have waited several years for the war to end instead of an entire century. Then, perhaps, many good people like Katara and Zuko would have never suffered like they did.” Kit: “You’re a good kid, Aang. The monks of your temple have raised you well.” Plo Koon: “It must have been a difficult step to take considering that you were raised in a pacifistic society and was forced to abandon the ways of your people to protect and save the world from such horrific destruction.” Aang: “You’re right, it was.”

Aang placed his hand on his fist, held them in front of him and bowed. Aang: “Thank you for understanding, masters.” Yoda: “All of the Benders we have seen and spoke with. Spoken with the Avatar, we finally have. The non-bending warriors we wish to meet up and speak with.” Obi-wan: “Allow me to escort my good friend, Aang, out.” Mace: “As you wish, Master Kenobi.”

Obi-wan got up and walked towards Aang. They then walked out together.

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                After Peach returned, the storekeeper, Shabunga, appeared out of nowhere behind Fox and Misty’s lounge chairs. Fox: “What the…? The Thorntail storekeeper, what are you doing here?” Shabunga: “I’ve got a little surprise for you and your red-headed friend, but first, I’m going to need to take some pictures.”

      Then, he grabbed the scarab he wears around his neck, which he uses to roll out into a 3-digit #, and somehow rolled it out into a camera. Shabunga: “You, with the ears.” Fox: “Who, me?” Shabunga: “Yes, you, I need you to stand over there.” Fox: “Um, OK.”

      He got up from his lounge chair, took off his sunglasses and walked not too far from where he was. Fox: “Here?” Shabunga: “Yes, there.”

      Fox folded his arms. Fox: “So now, what?” Shabunga: “Stay right there, just like that. That’s perfect.”

      He then held his camera up. Shabunga: “Now, smile and say “scarab”.”

      Then he snapped shot and looked at a projector on the back of the camera to see if she got what he wanted. Shabunga: “Hm, good, you may sit down, now.”

      Fox returned to his lounge chair. Shabunga: “You, with the headband.” Misty:” Who, me?” Shabunga:” Yes, you, now I need you to stand over there.” Misty: “Um, alright.”

      She got up from her lounge chair, took off her sunglasses and walked to the same spot that Fox was asked to stand. As she stopped, she put one arm behind her back and grabbed on to her other arm. Misty: “Here?” Shabunga:” Yes, there, perfect, just the way I wanted it to be.”

      He held up his camera again. Shabunga: “Now, smile and say “scarabs”.”

      Then he snapped shot and looked at the projector on the back of the camera. Shabunga: “Yessssss, perfect, you may sit down.”

      Misty returned to her lounge chair. Shabunga: “Now, then, I’ll be right back. Don’t you go anywhere, you 2.”

      Then he was gone. Fox and Misty looked at each other and then back at where Shabunga once stood, er, floated. (I forgot that Shabunga has no legs, just a tail.) Then he reappeared with two lovely lockets: one with a picture of Fox in it, the other with a picture of Misty. He brought the lockets closer to the both of them. Shabunga: “Here you go, I hope you like them.” Fox: “Wow! What a great surprise. Self-portraits! Thank you.”

      Fox was about to grab the locket with his picture in it but Shabunga quickly pulled it away from him. Shabunga: “Don’t touch this; it isn’t for you.”

       He held the picture of Fox in front of Misty. Shabunga: “This is for her.”

      She grabbed the picture, he then held the other picture in front of Fox. Shabunga: “THIS is for you.”

      Fox took the locket that Shabunga wanted him to take. Fox: “Gee, thanks but, um…” Shabunga: “What’s wrong, don’t you like it?” Fox: “Yeah, I like it but you just gave me a picture of Misty.” Misty: “Yeah, you gave me a picture of Fox. Don’t you think you have us totally mixed-up?” Shabunga: “Of, course, not. I gave you 2 a picture of each other for a good reason; these portraits contain a picture of your loved ones.”

      Misty became speechless but Fox was not satisfied. Fox: “Wait a minute, now you’re saying that we’re in love with each other?” Shabunga: “What? Don’t you get all nasty on me! I only gave you the lockets. I could always take yours back if you changed your mind about it.” Fox: “Who told you to give us these lockets? Princess Peach?” Shabunga: “Was that the name of that Blondie who asked me to make you these lockets?”

      Fox was angry. Peach’s mind: “Darn it, I thought by giving him those lockets would help Fox realize his true feelings about Misty. I guess I underestimated him.”

      Fox got up from his lounge chair and stood in front of Peach. Fox: “So, this is your next attempt; asking the storekeeper to create gifts that does all of your bragging for you, huh?” Peach: “Well, it was worth a try.” Fox: “Well, congratulations, you’ve failed.” Peach: “I …had a feeling you were going to say something like that.” Fox: “Yeah, I know. Come on, Peach, this isn’t funny.” Peach: “It’s wasn’t suppose to be funny, I’m just trying to tell you the truth. Please! You have to listen!” Fox: “I had it, Peach. You’ve changed too much since the day we couldn’t see each other anymore. first you’ve gone from caring to over protected and then from over protected to just plain ridiculous!!! Enough is enough!”

      Fox turned his back on Peach and walked away. He then dropped his locket on the floor as he continued walking to the far side of the beach. Peach: “But, Fox, you must understand…” Fox: “Save it!”

      Peach bowed her head in great sorrow. Shabunga: “That’s just great; I wasted my time and energy over making gifts for 2 couples who aren’t in love with each other.” Peach: “They ARE in love with each other; Fox is just too stubborn to see that.” Shabunga: “Oh, I see, well, maybe I should take back his locket since…” Peach: “No, leave it; I want him to pick it up after he gets back.”

      Shabunga nodded and disappeared. Tricky: “So, what is Fox doing over there, Bubbles?” Bubbles: “Oh, Fox just wants to be alone whenever he gets angry. But, don’t worry, he’ll pull through.” Tricky: “How long is he going to stand over there?” Bubbles:” Don’t know. It depends on how angry he is. If we’re lucky, he’ll be standing there for a few hours.”

                Later that night, Fox is still standing on the other side of the beach. Just after he looked back at his friends, who are sleeping, he turned around and walked back. He stopped in front of his locket that he dropped earlier to pick it up and returned to his lounge chair. He looked towards Misty and at the picture of Misty in his locket. Fox’s mind: “Can it be true?”

      Then he closed his eyes for the night.

    • fanfictiondreamer
      By fanfictiondreamer
      Alright, so here's what's going on. I have decided to post on of my greatest stories of my beloved Ultimate Story series: Ultimate Story 2. This story is my rewrite of my most favorite video game of all times: Starfox Adventures. Back when this game came out, I got it for Christmas and I almost instantly fell in love with it. It was amazing!!!
      I wrote this back when I was in middle school and what a year it was. The year that this game came out, I was having the worst school year of my life. I was heckled by my 8th grade homeroom teacher. He was horrible and the stress that I've been going through because of it fed on my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Getting into this game was a way of coping with the stress.
      This was the first story that I've ever finished writing. I completed it on May 22 2003. It was so amazing. It was also back when I put the first Ultimate Story on hold for several years just to stay with the times. Also, because this is a second installment to my Ultimate Story, it will contain some spoilers as to what happened during the first story. If you want to read into the events leading up to this story, be sure to check out my Ultimate Story scrapbook. It should tell you a lot of the important events that take place.
      Now then, I will begin posting one of my favorite stories in the series and perhaps one of the most important stories of all, to me, at least. So, enjoy.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      By fanfictiondreamer
      Ok, so here's what's going on. I'm thinking about making a forum involving a lot of ideas that I plan on putting into my story. I am still working on them so I want to put them on here just to show what's been going on. It's been taking too long for my story to really get out there and I have a lot of ideas still sitting in storage. It is becoming very difficult for me to remember what I did and I try to write them out in order to make sure that the ideas don't fade away inside my messy, disorganized mind. So I will really put them out there and show you what I have in store for my beloved story. You're more than welcome to check them out whenever you like.

      Oh, and a fair warning to everyone. If you hate spoilers, DON'T LOOK INTO THIS FORUM!!! It will be full of spoilers!! If you don't mind spoilers, go ahead and look into it, but this will ruin the surprise of what goes on in my story once you do. YOU. HAVE. BEEN. WARNED!!
    • Jetfire507
      By Jetfire507
      Hey everyone, just wanted to share some crossover ideas I've had between Star Fox and other videogames, if you don't get it, it's the Star Fox characters as the ones from the games I'll show ya:

      Super Mario
      Fox - Mario Falco - Luigi Krystal - Peach Katt - Daisy Lucy - Rosalina Wolf - Wario Panther - Waluigi Slippy - Toad Amanda - Toadette Peppy - Toadsworth Tricky - Yoshi Bill - Geno Fara - Pauline General Scales - Bowser Andross - Cranky Kong Dash - Donkey Kong Andrew - Diddy Kong
      WarioWare Inc.
      Fox - Wario Krystal - Mona Falco - Jimmy T. Bill - Dribble Kool - Spitz Slippy - 9-Volt Yaru de Pon - 18-Volt Katt - Kat Amanda - Ana Peppy - Dr. Crygor Lucy - Penny Crygor ROB - Mike Leon - Orbulon Miyu - Ashley Dash - Young Cricket Pepper - Master Mantis Fara - Vanessa
      Tekken 1 and 2
      Wolf - Kazuya Mishima Andross - Heihachi Mishima Lucy - Jun Kazama Fox - Paul Phoenix Krystal - Michelle Chang Falco - Marshall Law Bill - Lei Wulong Dash - Lee Chaolan Slippy - Yoshimitsu Amanda - Kunimitsu Fara - Nina Williams Katt - Anna Williams Panther - Bruce Irvin Pigma - Ganryu Kool - Baek Doo San Tekken 3 to 6
      Fox - Jin Kazama Krystal - Ling Xiaoyu Falco - Hwoarang Katt - Asuka Kazama Slippy - Yoshimitsu Amanda - Kunimitsu James - Kazuya Mishima Vixy - Jun Kazama Sabre - Lars Alexandersson Peppy - Dr. Bosconovitch Lucy - Alisa Bosconovitch Andross - Heihachi Mishima Dash - Lee Chaolan Bill - Steve Fox Miyu - Zafina Fay - Lili de Rochefort Wolf - Raven Leon - Sergei Dragunov Panther - Miguel Caballero Rojo Shears - Bryan Fury Fara - Julia Chang ROB - Combot General Scales - Ancient Ogre
      Fox - Trevor Belmont Krystal - Sypha Belnades Slippy - Grant Danasty Falco - Alucard Marcus - Simon Belmont Sabre - Richter Belmont Katt - Maria Renard James - Leon Belmont Vixy - Sara Trantoul Andross - Dracula/Mathias Cronqvist Leon - Death General Scales - Slogra Drakor - Gaibon Pigma - Golem Wolf - Cornell Andrew - Shaft Peppy - John Morris Panther - Eric Lecarde Miyu - Shanoa Bill - Reinhardt Schneider Fay - Carrie Fernandez Fara - Sonia Belmont
      Mortal Kombat
      Fox - Liu Kang Krystal - Kitana Bill - Sub-Zero Wolf - Scorpion Kool - Smoke Falco - Johnny Cage Katt - Sonya Blade Slippy - Stryker Lucy - Jade Amanda - Khamelion ROB - Cyrax Hot Rodders' robot - Sektor Pepper - Raiden Sabre - Ermac Bowsor - Jax Mouser - Kenshi Leon - Reptile Panther - Rain Kursed - Mileena Dash - Kung Lao Fara - Skarlet Miyu - Tanya Fay - Li Mei Peppy - Bo Rai Cho Vivian - Sindel James - Noob Saibot Vixy - Sareena Andross - Shao Kahn Anglar Emperor - Shinnok Zazan - Reiko General Scales - Onaga Andrew - Shang Tsung Captain Shears - Quan Chi Pigma - Goro
      Legend of Zelda (it's kinda funny since SF Adventures actually resembled LoZ in many ways xD)
      Fox - Link Krystal - Zelda/Sheik Andross - Ganondorf Fara - Impa Falco - Captain Linebeck Katt - Tetra Fara - Saria Slippy - Tingle Miyu - Midna Fay - Malon Amanda - Pinkle Lucy - Lana Peppy - Rauru/Kaepora Gaebora Wolf - Zant Leon - Vaati Panther - Ghirahim Andrew - Agahnim
      Resident Evil
      Fox - Chris Redfield Krystal - Jill Valentine Wolf - Albert Wesker Falco - Leon S. Kennedy Katt - Ada Wong Peppy - Barry Burton Lucy - Moira Burton Miyu - Claire Redfield Fay - Rebecca Chambers Bill - Billy Coen Panther - Carlos Oliveira Fara - Sheva Alomar
      Metal Gear Solid
      Big Boss era
      James - Naked Snake/Big Boss Vixy - EVA Wolf - Major Ocelot Peppy - Kaz Miller Beltino - Huey Emmerich Vivian - Para-Medic Pepper - Sigint Andross - Zero Miyu - Quiet Fay - Paz Ortega Solid Snake era
      Wolf - Solid Snake Slippy - Otacon Krystal - Meryl Silberburgh Fox - Johnny Sasaki Peppy - Colonel Campbell Bill - Raiden Falco- Cyborg Ninja/Gray Fox Fay - Naomi Hunter Lucy - Mei Ling Katt - Gustava Heffner Kool - Liquid Snake Andrew - Revolver Ocelot Leon - Psycho Mantis Fara - Sniper Wolf General Scales - Vulcan Raven Pigma - Fatman Miyu - Fortune Panther - Vamp Shears - Solidus Snake
      Street Fighter
      Fox - Ryu Falco - Ken Krystal - Chun-Li Bill - Guile Slippy - E. Honda Kool - Charlie Nash Katt - Cammy Sabre - T. Hawk Peppy - Gouki Lucy - Ibuki Miyu - Makoto Fara - Sakura Fay - Karin Dash - Dee Jay Pepper - Gen Andross - M. Bison Wolf - Sagat Panther - Vega Leon - Necro Andrew - Adon Pigma - Birdie Kursed - Juri Han
      Team Fortress 2
      Falco - Scout Bill - Soldier Leon - Pyro Wolf - Demoman Slippy - Heavy Peppy - Engineer Dash - Medic Fox - Sniper Panther - Spy Andross - Merasmus Vivian - The Administrator James - Saxton Hale Katt - Female Scout Fara - Female Pyro Miyu - Female Heavy Lucy - Female Engineer Amanda - Female Medic Krystal - Female Sniper Fay - Female Spy
      Metal Slug
      Fox - Marco Rossi Falco - Tarma Roving Krystal - Fio Germi Katt - Eri Kasamoto Bill - Trevor Spacey Fay - Nadia Cassel Panther - Walter Ryan Miyu - Tyra Elson Peppy - Hyakutaro Ichimonji Lucy - Rumi Aikawa Wolf - Allen O'Neil Andross - Donald Morden
      Left 4 Dead (1 and 2)
      Peppy - Bill Falco - Francis Bill - Louis Krystal - Zoey Wolf - Nick Fox - Ellis Slippy - Coach Katt - Rochelle
      Fox - McCree Falco - Hanzo Slippy - Torbjörn Krystal - Tracer Peppy - Reinhardt ROB - Bastion Bill - Soldier: 76 Kursed - Widowmaker Lucy - Mercy Katt - Pharah Fara - Symmetra Amanda - Mei Kool - Genji Dash - Zenyatta Miyu - Zarya Fay - D.Va Andross - Winston Wolf - Reaper Leon - Junkrat Panther - Lucio Pigma - Roadhog
      Final Fantasy X/X-2
      Fox - Tidus Krystal - Yuna Falco - Wakka Wolf - Auron Lucy - Rikku Katt - Lulu Panther - Kimahri Miyu - Paine Slippy - Wantz Peppy - Cid Bill - Isaaru Dash - Beclem Andrew - Seymour Andross - Sin  
      Battlefield 4
      Fox - Recker Kool - Dunn Falco - Irish Slippy - Pac Lucy - Hannah Peppy - Captain Garrisson Wolf - Dima Bill - Molina Katt - Major Greenland Dash - Jin Jie Andross - Admiral Chang
      Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
      Fox - Carl Johnson Wolf - Sweet Johnson Andrew - Ryder Pigma - Big Smoke Katt - Kendl Johnson Falco - Cesar Vialpando Krystal - Denise Robinson Slippy - Zero Kool - OG Loc Bill - Madd Dogg Dash - Wu Zi Mu Panther - Jizzy B. Pepper - Mike Toreno Peppy - The Truth Fara - Catalina Andross - Frank Tenpenny Shears - Eddie Pulaski
      Grand Theft Auto IV
      Fox - Niko Bellic Slippy - Roman Bellic Falco - Little Jacob Bill - Packie McReary Kool - Brucie Kibbutz Wolf - Dwayne Forge Krystal - Kate McReary Amanda - Mallorie Bardas Miyu - Marnie Allen Fay - Gracie Ancelotti Fara - Michelle/Karen Peppy - Phil Bell Andross - Dimitri Rascalov Shears - Mikhail Faustin Pigma - Vladimir Glebov Leon - Jimmy Pegorino Panther - Playboy X  
      Grand Theft Auto V
      Fox - Franklin Clinton Peppy - Michael De Santa Wolf - Trevor Phillips Falco - Lamar Davis Andrew - Ron Jakowski Leon - Chef Beltino - Lester Crest Pigma - Brad Snider Andross - Wei Cheng Panther - Steve Haines Shears - Devin Weston Kool - Stretch Vivian - Amanda De Santa Lucy - Tracey De Santa Slippy - Jimmy De Santa Pepper - Dave Norton Fara - Tanisha Jackson Bill - Packie McReary Miyu - Taliana Martinez Katt - Paige Harris Dash - Ricky Luckens Krystal - Liz Macallen
      Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
      Fox - Ryu Hayabusa Krystal - Kasumi Kursed - Ayane Bill - Hayate/Ein Falco - Jann Lee Katt - Leifang Wolf - Leon Panther - Zack Leon - Bayman Fay - Helena Douglas Kool - Brad Wong Peppy - Bass Armstrong Lucy - Tina Armstrong Andross - Raidou Miyu - Mila Amanda - Momiji Fara - Rachel Andrew - Rig Pepper - Gen Fu Dash - Eliot
      Virtua Fighter
      Fox - Akira Yuki Falco - Lion Rafale Slippy - Taka-Arashi Krystal - Pai Chan Peppy - Jeffry McWild Kool - Jacky Bryant Katt - Sarah Bryant Bill - Wolf Hawkfield Pepper - Lau Chan Lucy - Aoi Umenokoji Miyu - Vanessa Lewis Fay - Eileen Dash - Lei-Fei Wolf - Kage-Maru Leon - Goh Hinogami Panther - Brad Burns Andrew - Jean Kujo Kursed - Dural
      Falco - Garcian Smith/Emir Parkreiner Fox - Dan Smith Slippy - Con Smith Krystal - KAEDE Smith Wolf - Coyote Smith Leon - Kevin Smith Panther - MASK De Smith Pepper - Harman Smith Bill - Iwazaru Fay - Mizaru Dash - Kikazaru Peppy - Christopher Mills Lucy - LOVE Wilcox Katt - Linda Vermillion Miyu - Samantha Sitbon Andross - Kun Lan Andrew - Curtis Blackburn Kool - Andrei Ulmeyda Shears - Benjamin Keane
      Falco - Captain Falcon Fox - Dr. Stewart Slippy - Draq Krystal - Jody Summer Peppy - Super Arrow Wolf - Samurai Goroh Leon - Pico Panther - Baba Andrew - The Skull Pigma - Don Genie ROB - Mighty Gazelle Bill - Phoenix Dash - Billy Yaru de Pon - Roger Buster Kool - Jack Levin Katt - Kate Alen Lucy - Lisa Brilliant Amanda - Megan Miyu - Princia Ramode Fay - Lily Flyer Fara - Lucy Liberty Kursed - Kumiko Pepper - Silver Neelsen Beltino - Dr. Clash James - James McCloud (this was a no brainer of course xD) Vixy - Jane B. Christie Vivian - Mrs. Arrow Andross - Black Shadow Shears - Zoda Octoman - Octoman himself (since he was a boss in Star Fox Command, he's technically a Star Fox character too ) Scales - Bio Rex Caiman - Beastman Ruffian - Michael Chain
      Heavy Rain
      Fox - Ethan Mars Krystal - Madison Paige Falco - Norman Jayden Pigma - Scott Shelby/Origami Killer Marcus - Shaun Mars Fara - Grace Mars Fay - Lauren Winter Wolf - Carter Blake Panther - Ash Shears - Leighton Perry Leon - Adrian Baker/The Doctor Andross - Charles Kramer Andrew - Gordi Kramer Kool - Brad Silver Bowsor - Jackson Neville
      Vigilante 8
      Krystal - Chasey Blue Falco - John Torque Fox - Agent R. Chase Slippy - Dave Peppy - Convoy Lucy - Sheila Vivian - Houston Andrew - Lord Clyde Katt - Obake Wolf - Sid Burn Leon - Loki Pigma - Molo Panther - Boogie Kursed - Nina Loco Shears - Padre Destino Bill - Dusty Earth Dash - Astronaut Bob O.  
      So, what you guys think? Leave your opinions in the comments, and if you have any suggestions as well, say them