Favorite Star Fox title?

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Pretty explanatory, which title would you say is your absolute favorite from the Star Fox franchise? 

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It's a trick question for me... For the "Genesis Trilogies", I'd choose Starfox 2, no questions asked. As for the "Krystal Chronicles", it is an even tougher question: I'd probably say Command, despite its negative legacy and criticism surrounding it. I guess it is nice to actually see Krystal standing up for herself for once, for better or for worse, and Command answered this call better that previous or further installments (ironically, she isn't even in any further installments to this day).

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Starfox Adventures!!! Without a doubt!!!

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18 hours ago, fanfictiondreamer said:

Starfox Adventures!!! Without a doubt!!!

I love Starfox Adventures, too. It is a shame that it has such a bad reputation... It was a very smart use of what would be another cancelled game in Nintendo's history, yet people still criticise the decision.

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17 hours ago, geoprimedonna said:

I love Starfox Adventures, too. It is a shame that it has such a bad reputation... It was a very smart use of what would be another cancelled game in Nintendo's history, yet people still criticise the decision.

Dinosaur Planet was something like 3 weeks from being released on the N64 if I'm not mistaken. The console died a bit too early for the game to be released...
Now that I know more about what happened behind the scenes, I'm not fond of Shigeru's decision to morph the game into a Starfox game.


But still, I'll pick Adventures because it was my first Starfox, one of my first Gamecube games and probably one of the games I played the most during my life. Ah, nostalgia...

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The VGM Lover

Assault, hands down. To me, Assault's music is the best in the series to this day, and there's just so much to do in VS with a friend or two. Also, Krystal is BAE. I don't care what anybody says, I have too much fun playing as Krystal in VS to say otherwise. ^-^

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I wanna say classic Star Fox for the SNES and Star Fox Assault for being the most out-there in terms of features.

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My favorite is a toss up between the SNES and 64.  They're a blast to play, and were fairly revolutionary for their respective times.  Assault is second.

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SF Redd

Star Fox: Assault. Music, gameplay, story. It does well with all, plus Andross isn't the main villain. As much as I like the big guy, he's in almost every game.

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StarFox Adventures.

I'm not interested in highscores, so the classic "Railshooter"-games are nothing which can entertain me for hours. I'll pick story-driven adventure games everytime over Railshooter. Not that the other SF-games are bad, they are just not my cup of tea.

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Robert Monroe

In order!

Most Favorite: 64

The gold standard for which the rest of the series should be held to, 64 just gets almost everything right and stands to the test of time very well. I can replay this one endlessly for the rest of my life.

2nd: Star Fox 2

SF2 trailblazed a lot of new ideas that would show up later in the series in some form or another and is a damn fine good game on its own as well. However it does have a lack of polish due to its experimental nature and pushing hardware that keeps it from being the number 1 for me.

3rd: Star Fox

A classic, the original, a dated but still fun and challenging game with great music and design, held back by being the progenitor game and being a tad bit unfair at points.

4th: Zero/Guard

The controversial one. A mix of great ideas and awful ones, a fanservice filled romp with throwbacks to the SNES in a modern paint job. Some levels are fantastic and the best the series has had, others are abysmal and really needed redoing. Motion aiming is fun as hell, dual screens is cumbersome at best, and the game played it too safe and failed to innovate. I enjoyed it, but it's not great.

Guard is a fun time killer game and is well made, but its rather lacking in any substance beyond the initial premise and feels more like a minigame for Zero that was packed in on its own disc for some reason. 

5th: Adventures

A pretty paint job masquerading a hell of a troubled development and rushed delivery. Feels wonderful to play, look at and listen to, has absolutely nothing of value to offer otherwise. Linear, disappointing , disjointed, could have been one of the best but fate had other plans. The absurd level of polish keeps it from being rock bottom.

6th: Assault

A garbled mess of a game that seemed to go out of its way to try and mess everything up. Also likely troubled in development, single player is lacking and consists mostly of recycled multiplayer assets. Characters are badly written and story is rushed with a confused sense of tone. Controls fairly clumsily but had a fantastic multiplayer. Every time I replay this I seem to find something new to dislike.

Least Favorite: Command

The dumpster fire of all dumpster fires. Controls terribly, deliberately contradicts player choice in the narrative, clumsy strategy elements that are sloppily used, and a story that occasionally has some great high moments and character scenes that's undermined by their confusing and unsatisfying endings and overall unexpectedly downer tone. Wouldn't mind nearly so much if the controls weren't ass, but gameplay is worse than the infamous story, which says a lot. ECH.

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      Note: I took the words "THE END" and made them be out of cheese. Then I rolled them up in an awesomely tasty text sandwich.
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    • TheRadFox987
      By TheRadFox987
      Greetings, fellow Cornerians I am here.
    • Revolver Ocelot
      By Revolver Ocelot
      Teaser trailer is here!
      What is it?
      Star Fox 2: HD is an ongoing work to remaster and add new features to the SNES Star Fox, the unreleased Star Fox 2 and potentially Star Fox 64.
      Currently, this project is being worked on by only one person. However, development positions may open in the future to help work on the game. As only simple scripting knowledge is known, this means there will definitely be spots open for CSharp and JS developers in the future.
      The game was originally developed under the working title of 'Electric Boogaloo' (yes, i understand where that comes from) however the name was changed for obvious reasons after the development became a serious project. The game is also going to have its own soundtrack, composed of the SNES Star Fox 1 and 2 soundtrack re-mastered.
      Unlike the SNES Star Fox 1, which had a linear 'corridor' mode for most of its levels, Star Fox 2: HD will be more open, allowing you to fly around and explore, maybe find an easter egg or two.
      Discord Server link
      Come join!


      Nothing has been asked yet, however I've brewed up a couple you might wonder.
      "What game engine does this use?"
      -The game uses Unity 5.
      "What if you get a cease and desist or anything like that?"
      "How is the soundtrack going to be done?"
      -The Star Fox .spc songs are going to exported from the .sfc as MIDI, then played through a custom soundfont after instrument and channel tweaks are done.
      "How can I contribute to the development of the game?"
      -You can find me on discord (Revolver Ocelot#6732) and then you can explain how you want to help the game.
      11/06/2017 - 11:31 PM AEST
      -The game is announced to the community-
      12/06/2017 - 2:00PM AEST
      -The teaser trailer is released-
      15/06/2017 - 8:16AM AEST-
      -New Corneria skybox added
      That's all for now!
    • MidnightMike
      By MidnightMike
      Hello everyone. ^^
      My name is MidnightMike, and I'm here to show you my tribute animation to the original Star Fox, which celebrated it's 25th anniversary this past March.
      I know it might not be as good as you were hoping, but I had fun making it. Here it is. :)