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Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet


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Alright, so here's what's going on. I have decided to post on of my greatest stories of my beloved Ultimate Story series: Ultimate Story 2. This story is my rewrite of my most favorite video game of all times: Starfox Adventures. Back when this game came out, I got it for Christmas and I almost instantly fell in love with it. It was amazing!!!

I wrote this back when I was in middle school and what a year it was. The year that this game came out, I was having the worst school year of my life. I was heckled by my 8th grade homeroom teacher. He was horrible and the stress that I've been going through because of it fed on my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Getting into this game was a way of coping with the stress.

This was the first story that I've ever finished writing. I completed it on May 22 2003. It was so amazing. It was also back when I put the first Ultimate Story on hold for several years just to stay with the times. Also, because this is a second installment to my Ultimate Story, it will contain some spoilers as to what happened during the first story. If you want to read into the events leading up to this story, be sure to check out my Ultimate Story scrapbook. It should tell you a lot of the important events that take place.

Now then, I will begin posting one of my favorite stories in the series and perhaps one of the most important stories of all, to me, at least. So, enjoy.


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Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet


Eight years have passed since Misty, Princess Peach, Ribbon, Banjo-Kazooie, Rayman, and Kirby used their amazing orbs to restore the Lylat System to what it once was. After the celebration, Misty and her friends returned to the only life they knew of visiting their friends of the Starfox team once per week.

Boredom soon struck, causing Buttercup's favorite member of the Starfox team and closest friend, Falco Lombardi, to mysteriously disappear from the team. This caused Buttercup to cry a lot.

Many changes have been going on for the rest of the members of the Starfox team. For instincts, the happy, go lucky mechanical genius of the team, Slippy Toad, has traded his pilot's wings for a place in Weapons R&D to demonstrate his knack for invention. With 2 of his best friends, Misty & Bubbles, helping him out, nothing can get in his way.

Meanwhile, the sweet 16 member of the team, D.W., would look back at the 1st day that she joined the team by writing a novel of her own. However, she never gave up flying.

Also, Blossom's favorite member of the team and closest friend, Peppy Hare, retired from active fight duty to work on a role as navigator and general advisor, with Blossom on his lap.

As for Fox and Misty, well, let's just say they never had a better friendship. Actually, there's something about them that has changed during their time together. They didn't see it coming, but they grew so close together that their friendship turned into love. That's right, folks! These 2 are in love with each other and their friends are the only people who know about it. Don't believe me? Well, try not believing in me when you hear that their closest friends, Slippy, Peach, Bubbles tried to tell them about it but they wouldn't believe them. (Actually, Peach did all the nagging. Slippy and Bubbles kind of joined in, with one more so hesitant than the other) But, seriously, only time will tell when these 2 find out the truth about each other. We may know soon, very soon.

Now let me tell you about what happened one of the days that the girls and Pikachu were visiting the Starfox team: Fox said that he became very bored about staying on the same spot over and over and thought that they might set out on a voyage in the good old Great Fox. In addition, they could look for a new meet up spot and spend time with them, probably someplace even more secluded than their usual spot on Corneria. But did Fox's boredom commence a brand new adventure and a turning point for our heroes? Like I said, only time will tell.

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Chapter 1-The Beginning of a New Adventure

And so, Fox and his friends set out on another space voyage. But before I tell you what happened during their voyage, let me give you a full tour on the main room of the Great Fox.

Behind the center of the room sits Fox and Misty on their special rotating chair for 2 people (where most of their romantic behaviors were seen). Sometimes, the chairs split up, other times, the chairs would stay together, much like them.

To their left, in front of the center of the room is Peppy on his rotating chair for 1 person, with Blossom on his lap.

To the very right is Slippy with his jukebox that he received from his friend, Jolly Roger. (You should have seen him when he first got it).

To the middle of both Peppy and Slippy is the sweet 16 member of the team, D.W., who's sitting on her rotating chair for 1 person, happily typing her novel on her laptop.

And, finally, behind Fox and Misty, to their right, is Rob, the robot member of the team who has been a bit of a scatterbrain due to a few short circuits.

Now, that I have finished the tour, I will finally start the story.

OK, here's what happened: During their voyage, General Pepper's holographic head suddenly popped up in the middle of the room. Fox: “Hey! Guys, look! It's General Pepper!” Misty: “I know, Fox. I can see that.” General Pepper: “General Pepper here. I'm sorry to interrupt your personal voyage, but...” Misty: “Hey, wait a minute! How did you know about that?” General Pepper: “Uh... That doesn't matter now, Princess. What matters at the moment is that I have a new mission for Fox.” Fox: “I'm listening.” General Pepper: “Now then, you’re approaching Dinosaur Planet, an ancient world on the edge of the Lylat System and as you can see, chunks of the planet are being torn from its surface. If Dinosaur Planet explodes, it could affect the entire Lylat System.” Bubbles: “Oh, no!” General Pepper: “Oh, no is right, Bubbles. Your mission is to go to the planet and investigate the situation. The inhabitants of the planet need assistance from you and whoever going with you. Oh, and Misty? I’ve been meaning to give this to you earlier.”

A piece of paper came out of Misty’s side of the chair. She yanked it out and looked at it. Misty: “Thanks, sir.” Fox: “Wait a minute, you were eavesdropping on us again, weren't you?” General Pepper: “Uh... That's enough out of you, Fox. Get to work. Don't expect to get paid just to sit around and do nothing. Pepper out.”

The general's turned off. Fox: “Oh, yeah! He was eavesdropping again.” Misty: “For those of you who are ready to go to there and save the planet with Fox, raise your hand.”

As Misty got her hand up, only Banjo-Kazooie, Pikachu, Bubbles, Princess Peach, and Rayman raised their hands. Misty then got herself up immediately. Misty: “OK, then. Let's go!”

Misty ran out of the room followed by Banjo-Kazooie and Bubbles. Peach and Rayman pulled on Fox's arms to try and get him up. Peach: “Come on, Fox. The planet isn't going to save itself, you know.” Fox: “OK, OK. You don't have to tug.”

Fox got himself up and followed Peach and Rayman out of the room with Pikachu sitting on his shoulder. Later, Fox got into his Arwing and Princess Peach activated her PPG suit and they were all on their way.

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Chapter 2-Fox's New Weapon

Fox and his friends landed in Thorntail Hollow. Fox got out of his Arwing, with Pikachu still on his shoulder, he contacted General Pepper. General Pepper: “Great flying! For a moment there I thought you guys weren't going to make it.” Fox: “Very funny, sir.” Misty: “Now, what do we do?” General Pepper: “OK, now, what you have to do is locate the Queen Earthwalker. I am sure that she will tell you what's been going on. However, there is one problem: the inhabitants of this planet speak another language, but I'm sure you can take care of that, Misty.” Misty: “You bet I will.” Fox: “Yeah, yeah. OK, but what about a weapon? Why couldn't I just bring my blaster?” Peach: “Tsk, tsk. It's always the same with you, Fox. Shoot first ask questions later. Our mission is to save the planet, not blow it up!” General Pepper: “Uh, yeah. What Princess Peach said; this mission involves a different tactic. Try using your head.”

The general laughed a little. Fox: “Yeah, yeah. Very funny. Fox out.”

Fox turned off the general's hologram. Fox: “You know, you're not my mom, Peach. Why do you always have to act like it, though?” Peach: “Because I'm your best friend. I've been looking out for you since we were 4.” Fox: “Yeah, I know but I'm 26 years old. I can take care of myself.” Peach: “I don't care if you're 82! I'll always be looking out you no matter what!” Fox: “But Peach...” Bubbles: “Guys, look. There's a strange-looking stick over there.”

Fox and his friends turned to Bubbles' direction. Fox: “Hey, you're right, Bubbles!” Bubbles: “But what is it doing over there?” Fox: “There's only 1 way to find out. Come on.”

Fox ran in that direction. Peach deactivated her PPG suit (wearing a different dress) and went after him. The others tagged along.

When they approached the stick, they seem puzzled. Rayman: [“OK, what kind of a stick is it?”] Misty: “Hmm… I…I feel some sort of magical energy coming from it. Could it be a trap or something else?” Banjo: “Well, there's only 1 way to find out.” Kazooie: “Yeah, unless you're chicken.” Fox: “Of course I'm not. I'm going to pull it out of the ground right now.”

Fox grabbed it with both hands. Misty: “Be careful, Fox.” Fox: “Well…here goes nothing.”

He closed his eyes and pulled it out of the ground. Suddenly, he heard some kind of message coming from the stick. The message itself went on for a while. After the message, everyone was silent for a brief moment. Bubbles: “Who was that, Fox?” Fox: “I don't know but her voice sounded as beautiful as Misty's.” Misty: “Aw. Is my voice that beautiful?” Fox: “Yeah, is it.”

Fox and Misty gazed into each other's eyes very deeply and very happily. Peach: “My love-sense is tingling again.” Fox: “Huh?” Peach: “I knew it. I knew it, all along. You ARE in love with her.” Fox: “Peach, how many times do I have to tell you? I am not in... Huh? Peach, why are you in a different dress?” Peach:Well, I was tired of wearing the same dress over and over. And besides, my wristwatch reads more than 70°F in this climate. It's humid!" Fox: “Point well taken.” Bubbles: “So, what was the voice, Fox?” Fox: “Oh, that voice is some sort of message from someone who's in danger. Bubbles, this stick is a staff. According to the message, this weapon is also a tool. I can also play around with it as much as I want.” Bubbles: “Well, what are you waiting for? Try it out.” Fox: “Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do."

And so, Fox tried out his new weapon, the staff. He tried it out and did many things with it. It was truly something that was worth watching. Soon enough, he and the others got near a door from a distance in front of the Arwing, it opened up and 4 humanoid dinosaurs covered in armor called Sharpclaws came out of the doorway. After it closed, Fox heard the voice from the staff telling him that he was ready for his first battle with his new staff. So he used his staff to fight against the Sharpclaws. The others stood by and watched him. There were only a few, so it didn’t take him long to fight all of them.

After he defeated all of them, the others rushed over to him, overjoyed and thrilled from his fight with them. Misty then heard something from the other side of the river behind a giant well. So, she, along with Fox and the others ran there and found a rock. When he lifted the rock, it revealed a green light coming out from the ground. So, without letting any sick fantasies scare him this time, he jumped in. When he came out, the green light from the ground was red and Fox's staff was equipped with its 1st upgrade: the Fire Blaster.

When Fox and his friends returned to where Fox fought the Sharpclaws, Fox used his fire blaster to shoot a switch that appeared above the door earlier. When it opened, Fox and his friends ran in and saw the Queen Earthwalker lying on the floor. Fox: “Are you OK? My name's Fox McCloud and these are my friends. You must be the Queen Earthwalker. Can you tell us what's going on?”

The queen started to speak but she spoke another language just like the general said she would. Fox: “Did you get that, Misty?" Misty: “Roger that, Fox. Her son, Prince Tricky, has been kidnapped by the Sharpclaws and we have to go to Ice Mountain to save him." Fox: “Nice name. OK, lady, we’ll bring your son back to you but how do we get to Ice Mountain?”

The queen made a loud roar and spoke again. Misty: “We first have to talk to the Warpstone who lives above the waterfall to get to Ice Mountain.” Fox: “That's all we need to know.” Misty: “Don't worry ma'am. We'll get your son back.”

The queen spoke once more. Fox: “Now, what?" Misty: “She said to hurry back because she's not feeling OK.” Bubbles: “Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go.”

And so, they were off.

When they arrived near the waterfall, they ran through a trail to the left of it. When they stopped on a bridge far behind the waterfall, Bubbles: “Hello! Mr. Warpstone! Can you help us out, please?” Warpstone: “Me? Help you? Nah!” Fox: “But you're a Warpstone! You're supposed to help!” Warpstone: “Not anymore." Peach: “But, why?" Warpstone: “Because nobody ever brings me gifts anymore!” Misty: “But if we bring you a gift, then you will help us?” Warpstone: “Mmmmmmmaybe!” Banjo: “What do you want us to give you?” Warpstone: “Rock candy sounds dandy! Bring it to me and I will help you!” Kazooie: “And where can we find this rock candy?” Warpstone: “Over by the Thorntail Store to the left of this place is where it's being sold, but you need 10 scarabs to buy it, though!” Misty: “OK! So we'll get the candy for you!”

So Fox and his friends ran out of the Warpstone area and into the Thorntail Store where they met Shabunga, the Storekeeper. Shabunga: “Welcome to my store. Feel free to look at the many wonderful items within these walls. I have food, special goods, and many maps. You can buy for yourself or a little something for your friends. Or if you like to play games, there's the scarab room. Yessss! Oh! And that's the exit.” Fox: “OK! Thanks!” Shabunga: “Now, listen up, here's what I want you to do: If you guys find something you like, select that item and we'll discuss a price. Is that clear?” Fox: “Well...” Shabunga: “Good. Now, hurry and buy something or get out.”

Kazooie whispered to the others. Kazooie: “Psst. I don't know about you guys, but this guy needs to sort out his priorities.”

Much time later after buying the rock candy, Fox and his friends returned to the Warpstone and gave him the candy. Misty: “OK! Now that we gave you what you want, can you help us, now?” Warpstone: “Sure! What is it you want?” Fox: “Do you know how we can get to Ice Mountain?” Warpstone: “Sure! I can warp you there! Why else am I called a Warpstone?” Bubbles: “Oh! Can you warp us there, now?” Warpstone: “Sure!”

The Warpstone held out his right hand. Fox and his friends got on and they were immediately warped.

Soon enough, they arrived within a small cave. There, Princess Peach started to shiver. Peach: “Brrr!  It's so cold here.”

She then pulled out her coat that she received from the penguins at Shiver City. Fox shook his head. Fox: “Peach, Peach, Peach.” Peach: “What? I can't help it. It's freezing!” Fox: “Enough fooling around. Let's go!”

Everyone in the cave ran out, except for Peach, who stood by, annoyed. Peach: “Hmph! I'm not fooling around!”

Then she ran after them.

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Chapter 3-Rescuing Prince Tricky

After they left the warp cave, they remained out of sight the second they saw a ship drop off a poor helpless dinosaur. Bubbles and Misty seemed almost as though tears would pour out of their eyes when they saw the 2 Sharpclaws poke the poor dinosaur with their weapons and then chased him into a cave. Misty: “Was...that...the prince?” Fox: “I...I think so, Misty.” Bubbles: “That...poor helpless dinosaur. Fox, we have to save him!” Fox: “Read you loud and clear, Bubbles. Let's go.”

Unfortunately for our heroes, a metal door blocked out the cave. Bashing through the door didn't help either. So they searched the area for something useful. 

It wasn't long when Bubbles found a large stack of boxes. Knocking them down was no problem, at all. Later, Fox came and beat up all the Sharpclaws in the area. When they returned to the metal door, they saw that a fire blaster switch appeared above the door. Fox shot the switch with his fire blaster and ran in with the others. When they entered, they saw the Sharpclaws were still picking on poor Tricky. Fox ran in to the rescue followed by Bubbles and Misty. Fox: “Hey, scaleface! Pick on someone your own size.”

Misty and Bubbles stopped right near Fox. Misty, Bubbles: “Yeah!"

The Sharpclaws spoke, but they spoke in the same language as the queen. Fox: “I am Fox McCloud and these are my friends. We have come to take the prince back to his...home.”

Suddenly, the prince ran out of the cave. Bubbles: “Hey, wait! Come back!”

Bubbles flew after him. Misty: “Bubbles!”

Misty flew after Bubbles. Fox: “Misty!”

Just then, the Sharpclaws knocked Fox on the floor, got on their snowmobiles, and went after the girls and Tricky. Luckily for Fox, there was an extra snowmobile right next to him. So, he got on and went after the Sharpclaws.

He drove through the slopes on that snowmobile. When he caught up with the Sharpclaws, the girls and Tricky were nowhere in sight.

Meanwhile, Rayman and Peach went after Fox on a walking shell (As seen in Rayman 2) as Banjo-Kazooie did the same with the Talon Trot (As seen in Banjo-Kazooie).

After Fox overtook the Sharpclaws, he rode off a cliff and found himself falling into the water below. When the walking shell ran off the cliff, Peach got out her parasol, opened it, and floated down but she was too late to save Rayman from falling. Even Kazooie ran off the cliff, however, she purposely slipped out of Banjo's backpack. She watched as the boys fell into the water while she fluttered down with Peach.

After the boys got out of the water, Fox spotted Misty and Bubbles sitting by safely with the prince. Banjo was angry with Kazooie for what she did. Peach was annoyed with Rayman for forgetting his helicopter move again. Suddenly, the prince started to speak. Fox: “What?”

The prince spoke again. Fox: “I...I can't understand you!” Misty: “Maybe this will help.”

Misty transported some of her translating powers into Fox. The prince started making sense. Tricky: “...hot spring or you guys would be frozen by now.” Fox: “Why you little...”

Misty jumped in front of Fox to protect Tricky. Misty: “Fox!” Tricky: “Hey! Don't even think about it. My dad's the king and he'll bash you up!” Misty: “I'm afraid he won't be doing any bashing at the moment.” Tricky: “But why?" Bubbles: “He's been captured!” Tricky: “C-captured?” Fox: “Yes, captured. That's why we were sent to rescue you.” Misty: "At least...we believe that's what happened to him." Bubbles: “Your mom sent us here.” Tricky: “My mom? Is she OK?” Misty: “Don't worry, Tricky. We'll think about her once we figure out how to get you home.” Bubbles: “But how? We're so far away from that warp thingie and I'm so cold, I don't have the strength to fly back.” Misty: “No kidding. I can handle the Icy Side of Hailfire Peaks but this is ridiculous.” Fox: “Looks like we're on our feet in this one. Let's go.”

Well, Fox wasn't kidding when he said that they were on their feet in this one: Bubbles and Misty were too cold to fly and Peach's PPG suit didn't seem to work in the cold climate. To make it worse, they came across a lava pool. Without the girls' ability to fly, how were they going to get out of this one? Luckily, to the right of the pool were 2 blue mushrooms called Grubtubs, which Tricky said were his favorite foods. Fox was able to catch both of them and fed them to Tricky because he was hungry. After he ate, he then told Fox and his friends that he would help them when he was fed Grubtubs. He can dig things up and do others cool stuff. All they have to do is say, "find" and he'll be working on finding something. That move became useful when Fox found a patch of dirt not covered in snow.

The 2 of them went to work while the girls and everyone else warmed up near the lava pool. Tricky then got digging when Fox told him to and revealed a pressure plate. Tricky can also be told to "stay" on the plate while Fox approaches the gate that is opened by the plate. Behind the gate was a staff switch that can be pulled by putting the staff in the oval-shaped hole and using the staff like a lever. Meanwhile, back at the lava pool, a bridge appeared above it. Fox, Tricky and the others ran back to the pool and crossed the bridge.

When they got to Snowhorn Wastes, Tricky and the girls disappeared. Fox: “Bubbles? Misty? Tricky! Not again!”

Fox and the others continued on through the snowy terrain. When he and the others reached a frozen lake, he spotted 3 Sharpclaws: Bubbles has the 1st's tail held in her teeth while shaking her head and growling like a dog. Misty was kicking the 2nd one in the face. And the last one was chasing Tricky around. Fox went in and beat up the one that was chasing Tricky while the girls took care of the other 2 that they were busy with.

Soon enough, both Fox and Misty regrouped with Tricky. Misty: “What were you thinking, Tricky? The Sharpclaws are extremely dangerous! Just leave them to us.” Tricky: “OK, OK! I'm sorry. Oh, I forgot, if you want me to come to you, just use my "heel" command and I'll be right with you guys, OK?”              

Fox and Misty exchanged annoyed looks with each other. Fox, Misty: “Now he tells us.”

After that Fox and his friends explored the place for a while. Tricky was able to dig up some cool stuff, but the most useful things he dug up were 2 alpine roots, which they soon learn that they were food to these woolly mammoths, called Snowhorns. They learned that when they gave one of them to the only Snowhorn in the area. It kept complaining that it was too hungry to talk to strangers. When Fox gave it the root, he was rewarded with a small scarab bag that held 50 scarabs in it. When he gave it the other root, it told him and his friends that the only way to get to Thorntail Hollow is to go through a tunnel that's outside this area.

They soon exited the area and found this other Sharpclaw in the way of the tunnel called a Bribeclaw. It said that if they wanted to pass then they have to pay 20 scarabs. Good thing they got that scarab bag from that Snowhorn or they would have been stuck for sure. After paying the Bribeclaw they traveled through the tunnel and found themselves back in Thorntail Hollow.

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Chapter 4-Helping the Queen Earthwalker

After Peach took off and put away her coat, Tricky heard something that sounded like his mom crying and ran off. When Fox and his friends followed him, they wound up back in the chamber where the queen was locked in. Fox then contacted the rest of the team. Fox: “I’m here, guys. Mission accomplished. Contact the general so we can get paid.”

Misty tapped Fox on the shoulder. Misty: “Uh, Fox? I think there's more to the mission than rescuing the prince.”

Fox soon noticed that the queen wasn't budging at all. Peppy: “She's right. The planet's still not back together, yet.” Peach: “Tsk, tsk. Oh, Fox. You count your chickens too early again. These are one of the many reasons why I watch over you.” Fox:All right, all right. Me down, you kicking. Happy?” Peach: “Very.” Fox: “The queen needs our help. Fox out.”

Fox turned off the projector. Misty: “Is there anything we can do to restore her, Tricky?” Tricky: “Let's see...when I don't feel good, my mom feeds me white Grubtubs. It seems to me like she'll need a lot.” Kazooie: “White Grubtubs? You've got to be kidding me! Can we just feed her the blue ones?” Tricky: “No. The blue ones don't work. They're only snack food. Not even every blue Grubtub contained on this planet would restore her.” Kazooie: “Oh, great! That's the last thing I ever want to hear from this lousy kid.” Misty: “Kazooie! Watch your attitude. Now, where can we find these Grubtubs, Tricky?” Tricky: “Well...I heard that they grow underground. I believe that they're growing in the ancient well, right now.” Fox: “Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!” Peach: “Yes, but we need to prepare, first. We may never know what lurks underground.” Fox: “(sigh) Yes, Peach.”

After Fox visited the store, he and his friends headed for the well. Fox: “OK, listen up: for those of you who would want to go down and search for the Grubtubs with me, raise your hand, but Tricky will have to stay behind.”

Only Peach and Rayman raised their hands. Fox: “Girls? Banjo? You're not coming?” Bubbles: “We're not if Tricky's not.”

Fox rolled his eyes. Fox: “Oh, brother.” Kazooie: “You've got a problem with that?” Fox: “Maybe. Listen; if you’re going to stay with Tricky then I want you to stay here. I don’t need to have you guys run off and cause trouble again. Got it?” Bubbles: “Sure.” Misty: “Fine.” Banjo: “OK.” Kazooie: “Whatever.” Tricky: “Well, OK but hurry back. My mom didn’t look good.” Fox: “Don’t worry. We will. Peach, Rayman. Let’s go.”

Fox slid down the ladder as Peach and Rayman followed.

Within an extensive amount of time, Fox, Peach, and Rayman returned with the mushrooms. With them in hand, they hurried back to the queen with Misty, Bubbles, Tricky, and Banjo-Kazooie and fed her the mushrooms. Soon enough, the Queen was well enough to lift herself off the ground. Queen Earthwalker: “Thank you, everyone. Thank you all for rescuing my son and restoring me.” Bubbles: “You're very welcome, your majesty, but what's going on, here?” Queen Earthwalker: “This is all the work of General Scales. He is the ruler of the Sharpclaw tribe, a nasty bunch of pirates who...”

Just then, Misty screamed and jumped into the air. Misty: “PIRATES!” Fox: “Misty!” Kazooie: “Oh, no! Not again.” Fox: “Misty, come down from there. She didn’t mean those kinds of pirates here!” Misty: “Um…OK…”

She lowered herself back down. Tricky: “What was that all about?” Fox: “Uh…well, she’s…afraid of pirates. Don’t ask me why; it’s a long sorry. Uh, sorry, please continue.” Queen Earthwalker: “Now then, as I was saying...they have always wanted to rule over Dinosaur Planet." Peach: “So, you have been fighting these scoundrels for a long time?” Queen Earthwalker: “Yes, we have always been able to stop their attacks.” Kazooie: “So, what went wrong?” Queen Earthwalker: “We’re not sure but somehow, they suddenly become stronger and defeated our army at the Krazoa Palace.” Kazooie: “Well, I guess you guys weren’t so great, after all.” Fox, Misty: “Kazooie!” Banjo: “That’s a very interesting story, but why did the planet fall apart?” Queen Earthwalker: “Within the Krazoa Palace, General Scales broke the seals in the Force Point Temples.” Peach: “Force Point Temples?” Queen Earthwalker: “Yes, this planet is rich with a magical force, a force so strong that it is continually pushing our world apart. To stop this, 4 Spellstones were placed inside the Force Point Temples.” Misty: “Hm, sounds very interesting.” Bubbles: “We specialize in stuff like that, right, Misty?” Misty: “Right, Bubbles.” Queen Earthwalker: “Scales then entered the Temples and removed the Spellstones. With nothing to hold back the magical forces, the planet was torn apart.” Fox: “At last, it all makes sense now. So a bad guy stole all the Spellstones that holds the planet together so now we have to find the Spellstones and return them to their Force Point Temples.” Tricky: “See? I told you they were good. Starfox, yeah.” Queen Earthwalker: “Very well, then. My son shall remain with you."

Tricky proudly walked back towards the group. Queen Earthwalker: "For only a dinosaur of noble birth can breathe life into the Spellstones.” Fox: “What? You've got to be kidding me!” Queen Earthwalker: “Is there something wrong?” Fox: “Well...isn't he a little too young? I mean it will be dangerous where my friends and I will be going. Loads of bad guys, fighting, death. Besides, don't I have enough royalty following me? I mean, I have 2 princesses by my side!” Queen Earthwalker: “True, but he does know his way through these places.” Fox: “Well, point taken.” Queen Earthwalker: “So, what do you say, Fox?” Fox: “Well...I don't know. What do you think, girls? Uh, girls? Girls? Bubbles? Misty? Girls?”

Suddenly, Fox spotted the girls on the floor, petting Tricky. Pikachu became jealous. Bubbles: “You're the cutest dinosaur in the whole world. Did those mean old Sharpclaws hurt poor Tricky?” Fox: “I guess that's a yes.” Peach: “But what do you say, Fox?” Fox: “Well...” Bubbles: “Please! Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top.” Fox: “But...Oh, all right. You can come, Tricky. But if you mess up once, I'll send you back to mommy and you know the girls won't like that now, would they?” Tricky: “Oh, no, sir.” Bubbles: “Yay! Tricky's coming. Oh, thank you, Fox.”

Fox leaned over towards Peach and whispered to her. Fox: “I hate it when Bubbles gets all cute like that.” Peach: “Oh, Fox. You're so stubborn.” Queen Earthwalker: “OK, then, now, our spies have indicated that Scales was last seen in Darkice Mines. I know the Gatekeeper, Garunda Te. A silly fellow, but he can guide you to the Spellstone. Go back to the Snowhorn Wastes and find him.” Fox: “OK, got it. Let’s go, everyone.” Bubbles: “Thank you for everything.” Misty: “We’ll see you later, ma’am.” Peach: “Goodbye.”

And so, they ran off.

They ran back to the tunnel to the Snowhorn Wastes. When they arrived, they had to unlock a gate just across the tunnel exit and veered left to an ice patch where the gatekeeper was trapped underneath. He asked them to try and help him escape. With their impressive strength, the girls ground pound on the ice causing it to crack. However, the ice was extremely tough. They were going at it for a while, but at the time, numerous Sharpclaws came out from a nearby cave. Fox and the others fought off the Sharpclaws while Misty and Bubbles continually smashed the ground. Fox and Tricky helped out by Fox having Tricky send plants known as Frost Weeds towards Garanda Te. They kept at this for several minutes.

Soon enough, they were able to shatter it completely, freeing him. As he walked out, he remembered to thank them for freeing him. Garunda Te: “Ah, the young prince. Who are these people with you?” Tricky: “These are my friends of Starfox. My mother sent us to find you.” Garunda Te: “Well, I am Garunda Te, Spellstone Gatekeeper of Darkice Mines.” Bubbles: “Um, excuse me for asking, but what does a Gatekeeper do?” Garunda Te: “A Gatekeeper is someone who is given a task to guard a land from which a Spellstone is forged.” Misty: “Wow, that’s very interesting, but what were you doing in that hole?” Garunda Te: “A very fascinating question, one that comes with a terrible tale. After General Scales took the Spellstone, he was able to discover that I was a Gatekeeper. He gave me an alternation: to allow him to take the Spellstone back to the sacred land or he would destroy my tribe.” Peach: “That’s terrible!” Garunda Te: “Yes, it was, but I could not risk the safety of the planet, so I refused to help. My daughter did not think this way. So, in an effort to save the tribe, she opened the gateway, herself.” Banjo: “Oh, dear.” Peach: “So, what became of your tribe? Did Scales have them destroyed?” Garunda Te: “No, Scales did not destroy my tribe, he enslaved him, instead.” Misty: “That Scales is nothing more than a bully and a jerk!” Fox: “Agreed.” Garunda Te: “Yes, but my daughter dishonored me. I need all of you to search for that Spellstone, only then can the planet be restored. I will open the gateway.”

A stream of light shot out of Garunda Te, from that formed a large vortex in the sky. With that, everyone returned to Thorntail Hollow where they got ready to leave for Darkice Mines.

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Chapter 5-Hailfire Peaks 2

Fox landed his Arwing in a cavern with a lava pool underneath. When he got out, Misty grabbed Fox and immediately flew him out with the others because she didn't like what she saw. Misty: “Couldn't you have picked a safer place to land?” Fox: “Heh heh. Sorry.”

Misty rolled her eyes. Peach deactivated her suit and put her coat back on. Fox: “All right, everyone. Spread out and search for anything that can help us.”

And so, the search began. However, it soon wasn't long when Bubbles called for her friends and found her with a Snowhorn in a shackle. Bubbles pulled the shackle apart. Snowhorn: “Oh, thank you, little one.” Bubbles: “You're welcome. Now, can you tell us where Scales placed the Spellstone?” Snowhorn: “Scales has hidden the Spellstone somewhere in the mine. Please, be careful and keep an eye out for Belina Te, the gatekeeper's daughter. She didn't mean to get us in this mess by telling Scales about the Spellstone. She did what she thought was right. Please help her.” Misty: “Don't worry ma'am. We'll look out for her.” Fox: “Alright, guys. Let's move out.”

They rushed out as fast as they could. When they came near a metal door, they saw 2 Sharpclaws beating up a weak Snowhorn. The girls ran up to the Sharpclaws, beat them up, and save the Snowhorn. Snowhorn: “I am forever in your debts.” Misty: “It was no problem. Now let's move on, shall we?” Bubbles: “But the gate's in the way.” Misty: “So we'll bash it open.” Fox: “I don't know, girls. That gate looks too strong to be the normal type of metal that you can just bash open.”

The girls position themselves to bash the gate. Fox: “Hey, wait a minute! Girls, wait! The gate's made of...”

But it was too late! The girls screeched in pain after they tried to bash the gate open. Fox: “Titanium alloy…” Kazooie: “Oh, great. Just what we need, a gate made of material that the girls can't punch through. What will we do, now?”

The Snowhorn then focused his attention on Tricky. Snowhorn: “Hmm…I see your little friend is yet to learn his flame command.” Bubbles: “Earthwalkers can breathe fire?” Fox: “The dinosaurs on this planet, I believe, are very different from the ones that were extinct from yours 65 million years ago.” Bubbles: “Oh.” Snowhorn: “Go on, youngster. Give it a go.”

At that moment, Tricky started blowing fire out of his mouth like a dragon. Kazooie: “Cool!” Snowhorn: “And about your gate problem, I would help you bash through those through those gates if I weren't so weak. I need some food.”

It was a good thing Tricky learned his flame command. The alpine roots were buried behind ice walls and the girls were so much in pain from trying to bash the gate open that they couldn't break through anything for a while. Plus, the bitter cold was too unbearable for them to do anything else, so jumping over the gate was out of the question.

After they found the roots, they were immediately fed to the Snowhorn. Then the Snowhorn got up and charged the gate open. A little afterwards, they caught up with it. Misty: “Thank you so much.” Snowhorn: “My pleasure. You DID save my life, after all.” Misty: “Well, that's true.” Fox: “OK, everyone. Spread out and search for anything.”

And so they began another search. Within a short period of time, Bubbles spotted a Sharpclaw Cannon. She flew over to it and beat up the Sharpclaw operating it. Suddenly, a door to the structure in the middle of the area opened up and out came 5 Sharpclaws. Fox, who was still searching the area, saw the Sharpclaws coming out of the structure. Fox: “Huh? What's going on?”

Just then he spotted Bubbles, who was floating above the cannon, waving at him. Fox: “What in the name of...Bubbles!” Misty: “Fox, what's going on?” Fox: “Look.”

She looked in his direction and saw exactly what he was seeing. Misty: “Oh! Bubbles!”

She grabbed on to Fox, flew in the air and landed behind the cannon. Fox: “Bubbles! What are you doing here?” Bubbles: “I found a cannon, Fox. It might help us.” Fox: “Great! Let me take a crack at it.” Misty: “I’ll get the others to safety.”

Misty flew out and got Banjo-Kazooie, Peach, Rayman, and Tricky out of the way. Fox aimed the cannon at the 5 Sharpclaws in the area and shot at them all one by one. Then he spotted a metal barricade and destroyed it. Fox: “Let’s go see what happened.”

Bubbles helped float Fox off the cannon ledge. Back on the ground, they saw a doorway below the cannon that recently opened. They went in it. Inside was a metal cylinder box. It seemed as though it could be unlocked by the use of the staff. When Fox unlocked the box, it revealed some sort of weird horn. Bubbles: “This is the weirdest looking horn I have ever seen. What is it used for?” Fox: “I don’t know, but whatever it’s used for it may be important. Come on, Bubbles. The others might be waiting for us.”

Bubbles and Fox met the others at where Fox destroyed a barricade with the cannon. They went through the tunnel that was closed off. From there, they wound up within a small area where a snowstorm was blasting in their faces. They were unable to make it through the snowstorm, but they did find a ramp to the left. From there, they spotted a picture of the horn that Fox and Bubbles found earlier. Bubbles: “This might be the time to use that horn.”

Fox nodded, took out the horn, blew on it and out came a Snowhorn from the blizzard. Fox and Bubbles smiled at each other. Bubbles: “So that’s what the horn was used for.”

Fox ran to a nearby platform that helped him climb on to the Snowhorn along with Peach. Suddenly, the Snowhorn began to move. The guys were able to follow along.

As Fox rode the Snowhorn through the blizzard, the girls and Tricky mysteriously vanished. The others still stayed with Fox. Fox: “Bubbles? Misty? Tricky! They ran off again.” Snowhorn: “They’ll come back. They usually do.” Peach: “I sure hope so. I don’t want anything to happen to them.” Fox: “Neither do I, Peach.”

Fox and Peach climbed off the Snowhorn and rushed into a cave with the others. When they entered, Fox saw a snowmobile and got on it. He soon found himself riding through a territory that he and his friends visited before and before long, he was entering the mines and rushed through the tunnel. As soon as he reached the end of the tunnel, he started to hear voices that sounded like Bubbles and Misty calling his name. Fox: “Girls? Girls, are you there? Girls!”

Just then, 2 flashes of light flew in and grabbed Fox before the snowmobile crashed and exploded. Those flashes of light revealed themselves as Bubbles and Misty.

After they landed, Fox put his arms around the girls and squeezed them with all his might. Fox: “Oh, girls. Thank the stars I found you 2.” Bubbles: “Actually we were the ones who found you, Fox.”

Later, they stood together. Fox:What were you 2 thinking? Losing us in the blizzard like that! You had me worried sick!” Misty: “We’re sorry, Fox, but Tricky ran off into the blizzard and we tried to stop him, but we lost him in the blizzard, too.” Bubbles: “We found him in a cell. We can’t get him out because we’re still numb from trying to bash that gate open.” Misty: “But get this: we also found Belina Te.” Fox: “Bu-Belina Te, the gatekeeper’s daughter? You found her?” Misty: “Yes, we found her. We have to find the keys for both cells and save them.” Fox:’ Well, then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.”

And so, Fox and the girls searched for the prison keys. Soon enough, the others were able to catch up and helped out with searching for the keys. After a long search around the area, they were able to find both a silver key and a gold key. The silver key was for unlocking Tricky’s cell. The girls were very happy to have reunited with Tricky as was he. The gold key they found last was for Belina’s.

However, she didn’t leave her cell. Instead, Fox and his friends went in to see her. Belina Te: “Who are you?” Fox: “I am Fox and these are my friends. We were sent by the Snowhorn gatekeeper to find the Spellstone. Do you know where it’s hidden?” Peach: “You must be Belina Te, the gatekeeper’s daughter. Am I mistaken?” Belina Te: “No, not at all. Have you guys come to rescue me?” Fox: “I’m sorry, Belina, but he feels that you have betrayed the belief of the gatekeepers. We were only sent to find the Spellstone.”

Kazooie popped out of Banjo’s backpack. Kazooie: “Serves you right for betraying your own father.” Misty: “Kazooie! Stay out of this if you can’t control your attitude!”

Kazooie pulled herself back into the backpack. Belina Te: “The old fool. I had to save the tribe. If it wasn’t for my father being the gatekeeper, none of this would have ever happened in the first place.”

Belina Te was so mad she crashed right through the wall in the back of the room, leaving a pile of rocks behind her. Fox ran up to the pile. Fox: “Belina. Are you there?” Belina Te: “Listen carefully: find another way to the bottom of the mine. I’ll meet you there.”

They stood by for a bit. Rayman: [“So…now what?”]

Suddenly, Misty sensed something nearby. Fox took notice of this. Fox: “What is it, Misty?” Misty: “I…I can sense water…directly near us…” Fox: “Hm, that must be your special powers kicking in again. Where is it?” Misty: “Um…I…I think it’s on the other side of that wall nearby. Tricky, you wouldn’t mind if you can dig up a hole in that wall, would you?” Tricky: “Not at all. I would be glad to.”

He dug a hole in the cracked wall right of the pile of rocks and went right through, leaving an archway. Fox and the others ran through. They soon found themselves in a cavern with ice and water. Misty stood and stared out at the water, Fox walked right next to her and stared out at it with her. Misty: “Wow. The water is beautiful.” Fox: “Yeah, I know.”

He looked at Misty. Fox: “But not as beautiful as you.”

Misty looked at Fox. Misty: “Really?” Fox: “Yeah, really.”

They gazed into each other’s eyes deeply and happily. Peach whispered to the others. Peach: “Uh-oh. They’ve got that weird look again.”

Bubbles giggled. Soon enough, Fox and Misty were able to come to, they made their way to the other side of the cavern with the others. Then they exited the cavern, ran through a few conveyor belts and caught up with Belina Te. Fox: “Belina.” Belina Te: “You made it.” Bubbles: “We thought we would never make it out alive.” Peach: “But where’s the Spellstone?”

Kazooie popped out again. Kazooie: “Yeah, lady. Cough up the rock.” Misty: “Kazooie! What did I just say!?!”

Kazooie pulled herself back in. Belina Te: “Well, my father didn’t say exactly where it was, but he knew that General Scales had hidden it somewhere close. Look carefully. I’m sure you guys would be able to find it before they do.” Fox: “OK.”

They rushed off as fast as they could towards the next room. Belina Te: “Time is short. You must find the Spellstone.”

They stopped and stood around in front of Fox. Fox: “OK, everyone. Spread out and search. That Spellstone can’t be far.”

And so they went in different directions and searched the entire place.

After a long search, all they found was nothing. However, Bubbles found something that became useful. She found 2 switches that were barricaded. With her strength to bash things open recovered to her fists, she bashed through the barricades, which activated the switches. After bashing the switches, she flew down and saw her friends who were near a lava bridge that wasn’t there before. Fox: “Bubbles. Did you make that bridge appear out of that lava pool? I don’t recall seeing that bridge there. What did you do?” Bubbles: “So that’s what those switches do.” Fox: “What switches?” Bubbles: “Um…nevermind. Can we move on?”

Fox nodded and they all crossed the bridge to a warp pad. Bubbles: “Hey look. It’s another warp thingie. Where will it take us?” Misty: “Hopefully to the Spellstone.” Fox: “Well, there’s only 1 way to find out.”

And so they all stood on the pad and warped.

They wound up in a room with a hideous ice statue. Bubbles: “Ewww! Who would be stupid enough to make that statue?” Fox: “I don’t know, but look what it’s holding in its icy grip.” Tricky: “It has the Spellstone.” Misty: “Yay! I knew it!” Fox: “OK, Tricky. Melt that thing down so we can claim our prize.”

Tricky used his flames and before they were able to celebrate, the ice statue started to crack and move. Bubbles: “Hey! That’s no statue, it’s a hideous monster!” Fox: “RUN!”

As the ice started flying off the monster, Fox and his friends ran and took cover. Then the monster gobbled the Spellstone that it was holding in its grip whole.

At that time, everyone stood in cover. Bubbles: “AHHHHHH! What will we do? What will we do? What will we do? It ate the Spellstone!” Fox: “BUBBLES! Come down. Everything’s under control. I have a plan.” Bubbles: “WHAT’S THE PLAN?” Fox: “I’LL TELL YOU!”

He and his friends huddled together. Fox: “Now, here’s what we’re going to do.”

He whispered his plan to the entire group.

Soon enough, the monster was still looking around. Bubbles: “Oh, lizardface.”

The monster turned itself around and saw Bubbles, Misty, and Peach (in her PPG suit) release their fists at him and began to pulverize him. As the girls were beating up the monster, Fox, Banjo-Kazooie, and Rayman were getting ready for their half of Fox’s plan. Banjo pulled Kazooie out of his backpack and held her like a shotgun (a.k.a. Breegull Blaster, as seen in Banjo-Tooie), Fox pulled out his staff, and Rayman practiced his strafing and magic fist throwing. The monster fell to the ground.  Misty: “Our half of the plan is done. It’s up to you, boys.” Fox: “Good job, girls. Banjo, Rayman. Let’s go.”

All 3 of them walked into the monster’s mouth. They arrived in the stomach. Rayman: [“Guys, look. The Spellstone’s in the uvula.”] Fox: “Let’s do it, boys.”

They attacked the uvula with everything they’ve got. Fox used his fire blaster, Banjo shot grenade eggs out through Kazooie’s mouth, and Rayman threw his magic fists. They kept doing this until the Spellstone slipped out of the uvula. Fox walked up to the Spellstone and picked it up. Fox: “(Sigh) We did it.”

All 3 of them celebrated. They soon exited out through the monster’s mouth. When the girls saw that Fox had the Spellstone in his hands, they started to celebrate, too. Bubbles: “Alright, we did it!” Fox: “You all did a great job, but it’s not over, yet. The worst is still yet to come.”

Later, they met Belina Te back near the cavern where the Arwing was parked. Misty: “You must forgive your father, Belina. Together, you can lead the tribe against Scales instead of fighting each other.” Belina Te: “And that’s what I’ll do. Because of you guys, my people shall no longer live as slaves. I don’t know how to repay you.” Bubbles: “No need to. We’re just doing our job.” Fox: “Speaking of job, we need to continue ours and return this Spellstone to the planet. See ya, Belina.” Belina Te: “Bye. Thanks again.”

And so Fox and his friends returned to the Arwing. From there, they got ready to return to the planet.

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Chapter 6-Into the Volcano…Force Point Temple, That Is.  


As Fox was landing his Arwing, a Thorntail was waiting for him in a nervous wreck. Thorntail: “You’ve got to help us. Those dreaded Sharpclaws have put out our lovely beacons and it gets really dark at night. We’ll be so scared of the dark. (Cry)” Bubbles: “(Gasp) Oh, no. Fox, we have to do something.” Fox: “OK, OK. Stop crying. We’ll help you out.” Peach: “Don’t forget about the Spellstone, Fox.” Fox: “(Sigh) Yes, Peach.”


And so Fox and his friends went off and investigated the beacons.


Later, Fox came up with a conclusion. Fox: “OK, so now that the beacons are put out, there’s nothing on them to light them with. All we need to do is find something that we can place on the beacons in order to do that, but what?”


As they all thought for a second, Bubbles spotted something that greatly startled her. Bubbles: “Hey guys, look! An innocent tree is on fire!”


Everyone around her stopped what they were doing and turned to see a burning tree. Fox: “You’re right, Bubbles. Let’s hurry, guys.”


They ran towards the burning tree. As they arrived, they became puzzled. Misty: “OK, if the tree’s on fire, how come nobody’s doing anything about it?”


Just then, Peach spotted a sign in front of the tree. Peach: “Hey guys. Check this out: according to this sign, this tree is a “Fire Weed” tree.” Fox: “Fire Weeds? That’s it! That’s how we’ll light the beacons.” Girls: “How?” Fox: “Gather around, girls, ‘cause I have a plan.”


The girls huddled with Fox. Fox: “OK, girls. Here's the plan: I want each of you to grab 1 Fire Weed from the tree, then each of you select 1 of the 3 beacons to put the Fire Weed on. Got it?" Misty: “Sounds easy enough." Bubbles: “Let's do it!" Peach: “Oh, Fox. You come up with such clever ideas, but that doesn't mean I should stop watching your back."


Fox rolled his eyes.


Soon, the girls got to it with Fox's plan and they did exactly what they were told to do. Bubbles: “The deed is done, Fox. Now what?" Fox: “Great job, girls. Now just leave it to me and Tricky.”


And just as he said, with the Fire Weeds in place, he was able to use Tricky's flame command to light the beacons and end the problem.


Later, a Thorntail came by thanking our heroes for restoring the Thorntail beacons and gave them a key to Moon Mountain Pass, which led to the Volcano Force Point Temple. What luck! Their next destination IS the Volcano Force Point Temple. And soon, they left for that location.


As they exited the hollow, they came upon a bridge that seemed to look safe. However, the only person who knew it wasn't was Rayman. Suddenly, Fox began to run toward the bridge. Rayman: [“Fox, wait. The bridge is…”]


But it was too late. Fox fell right through the center of the bridge. Misty:Fox!”


Misty flew right after him. Rayman: [“…unstable.”]


She flew down into the pit. However, when she lifted him out, something wasn’t right. Actually, she wasn’t even lifting him, at all. As a matter of fact, they both were being lifted by the wind lifts at the bottom of the pit.


Later, everyone stood around. Fox: “What happened down there, Misty? Am I becoming too heavy for you or is this phase of yours causing your normal powers to fade, too?” Misty: “It’s not you and it’s not my phase. My flying abilities seem to be fading here.” Fox: “What? How can it be? Why is it happening?”


Rayman soon started to sniff the air. Rayman: [“Hey, guys. Do you smell that? It smells…(sniff) familiar.”]


Fox and Banjo started to sniff the air, too. Banjo: “Hey, I know that smell.” Fox: “Oh, no. It’s…Oneros Aera, or as we have named for the stupid people, Flight Disable Gas. Now it makes sense. The gas from this area is disabling Misty’s ability to fly.” Peach: “She’s not the only one who’s experiencing it. Look at Bubbles. She’s not floating anymore.” Fox: “Great. We can’t get across the gap with this gas all over the place. What will we do now?” Bubbles: “Maybe we could try and float across that wind lift that saved you and Misty from falling.” Fox: “I wish I could say the same, Bubbles but after we were rescued, the wind lift seemed to have died down, which leaves us with 1 option: Rayman, see if you could find a way to get us across this gap.” Rayman: [“Aye, aye, Fox. I’ll SEE what I can do.”]


In case you haven’t noticed, Rayman has super sharp eyes. That’s how he could tell that the bridge was unstable. After a while of looking around the room, he was able to find the secret switch to activate a new bridge. He threw one of his fist energies at it and out came a new bridge. Rayman used his foot to check if the bridge was stable and ran across with the others.


As they entered Moon Mountain Pass, they approached a hill. It was silent for a while, but from a fort at the top of the hill came an avalanche of rolling barrels heading their way. Although dodge ball wasn’t their best sport, as they traveled up the hill, they were able to dodge the barrels with no problem, except for Rayman, who was flattened once from trying to dodge a barrel.


As they approached the fort, Fox used the key that he received from a Thorntail to unlock the gate. In the area was a red strange swirling door, blocking a doorway out. So they had no choice but to investigate the fort that barricaded the passage to the Volcano Force Point Temple. They found 2 Sharpclaws lurking in the fort. One by one, Fox defeated them both. Later, they heard a voice saying, “Ah, my life is meaningless!” Fox: “Hey. Did you guys hear that?” Misty: “Of course we all heard it, Fox. But who said that?” Fox: “Whoever it was sounded extreme. Come on. I have a feeling that we can press on now.”


After exiting the fort, they came to the doorway to where the strange swirling door was, but it was gone. Bubbles: “Hey, look. The strange swirling door is gone. We can go through.” Fox: “See, what did I tell you? Let’s go, guys.”


And so, they went through the doorway at least one obstacle (an obstacle course of sorts) before the entrance of the temple and came upon another collapsed bridge. What rotten luck but not for long. Now that they’re out of Moon Mountain Pass, the girls’ flying abilities are restored because the area that they’re in was free of the gas. So Misty helped Fox across the lava as the others took care of themselves. At the other side is a door with a Spellstone-shaped socket. Fox took out the Spellstone to place it in the socket and open the door, the Spellstone came back to him shortly afterwards.


In the room was another strange swirling door on the other side. Bubbles: “Hey look. It’s another one of those strange, swirling doors.” Fox: “Let’s check it out.”


So they all ran to the door. When they arrived they saw something in the center of the door that looked like a poison symbol expect the head of the symbol looked like some sort of weird lizard skull with sharp teeth. Lizard skull: “Boo!” All: “AHH!” Lizard skull: “Ha, ha, scared you…worms.” Fox: “Who are you and why are you here?” Lizard skull: “Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Danno Life-Force Door. I am a life-force door. My purpose is to keep you trespassers out of the territory that lies beyond me. However, there is a way to get pass me: you must defeat the same number of enemies as the swirls that surround me. For example, if you defeat one of the enemies, one of the swirls disappear, if another is defeated, another one disappears, if all of the enemies are defeated, then all of the swirls fade away and I’m a goner. So far, you have defeated…0 enemies. So scram…worms!! (Laugh)”


Fox and his friends turned their backs to the life-force door and walked away. Fox: “Sheesh! That guy has an attitude worse then Kazooie.” Kazooie: “I heard that.” Fox: “Yeah, yeah. Nobody cares, birdbrain. What the…?”


Suddenly, 5 Sharpclaws appeared out of nowhere. Danno Life-Force Door: “Ha, ha. You’ve fallen into my trap…worms. Now you have to fight the Sharpclaws. Tell you what: I’ll let you worms through if you defeat these guys. I’m sure you’ll all fail.” Fox: “Don’t get your hopes up, Danno. Let’s move out, team.”


And so the battle began.


Fox and his friends worked together as a team to defeat the Sharpclaws one by one. Using their weapons, they were able to finish the job and finish off Danno Life-Force Door, causing him to fade away. Danno Life-Force Door: “Ah, my life is meaningless.”


With Danno out of the way, they were able to move on.


As they enter the room, Peach came upon a sign and read it out loud. It said, “He who dims the flames of the Krazoas may pass.” Bubbles: “Flames? What flames?” Misty: “Possibly, those torches up there on the top floor.”


Bubbles flew up and used her super breath to try to extinguish the torches. But then, the torch just re-lit itself. She blew harder, but it re-lit itself again. No matter how hard she blew on the torch, it keeps on re-lighting itself.  Bubbles: “Huh? Why does it keep doing that?”


She then started to search the room for answers until she spotted a small room with another green light coming out from the ground just like the one from Thorntail Hollow. She immediately flew towards Fox to let him know about it and then took him to it right away. As they arrived, Fox jumped into the light and came out with the light red shining out of the hole and a new upgrade, Ice Blaster. He aimed his staff just like the fire blaster except it shot out freezing mist instead of blasts of energy. He shot a little bit out just to show Bubbles. Fox: “Looks like Blossom’s not the only one with ice powers, anymore.”


Bubbles giggled.


With the help of his new staff upgrade and Bubbles, he put out all of the torches in the room. An elevator platform soon appeared from under the floor in the middle of the room. As all of them stood on the platform, it descended them to an underground chamber where they found themselves walking through a path with a circular door at the end. As they approached the door, it automatically rolled opened and they enter a large room. Just then, the holographic heads of both Peppy and Blossom turned on without warning. Peppy: “Hi guys. Blossom and I have been studying the ancient records of this planet and we thought that you guys might be interested to hear this. This temple has been built from a force point.” Blossom: “That’s when pure magical energy has been forced up from within the core of the planet.” Peppy: “This energy is so powerful that it constantly pulls the planet apart.” Blossom: “To stop this, the ancient Krazoas placed 2 Spellstones in the temple to absorb the magic.” Peppy:When General Scales removed the Spellstones, Dinosaur Planet began to fall apart.” Blossom: “By returning the Spellstones to their rightful place will bring the planet together, once more.” Peppy: “Peppy…” Blossom: “And Blossom (with Peppy) out.”


Their holograms soon turned off. Banjo: “What an interesting story.” Kazooie: “Yawn.” 


Fox bashed Kazooie on the head. Kazooie: “Ow!” Fox:Kazooie, I had it with you! This story is very important, and you’re bored of hearing it?” Kazooie: “Well, it sounds boring.” Misty: “Fox is right. This is no yawning matter. Those Spellstones must be found and returned to the Force Point Temples before more of Dinosaur Planet falls into pieces or even worse!!”


And so, Fox and his friends went through more obstacles in the temple until they finally reached the warp pad on the highest point of the large room. Then they warped themselves in a blue tinted room with a pillar in the center of the room. On each of the 4 sides of the pillar is a Spellstone-shaped socket. Above the pillar were 4 magic flows of energy ascending from the pillar: 2 orange and 2 purple. Well, you now know where Fox and his friends are, but they don’t. Bubbles: “Where are we?” Fox: “It seems to me like the Spellstone’s resting-place. Come on."


They ran to the center of the room where Fox placed the Spellstone in one of the Spellstone sockets. As the Spellstone was put into place, a lot of shaking occurred and when you look above the pillar, you’ll see that the first orange flow was gone. That means that the first Spellstone has been returned. 1 down, 3 more to go.

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Chapter 7-Fox’s Krazoa Spirit


With the first Spellstone returned, Fox and his friends were warped out directly in front of the temple’s entrance. They had nothing else to do but return to Thorntail Hollow.


They ran back to Moon Mountain Pass. But while they were returning, they heard a voice cry for help. Fox: “Can you hear that?”


They heard the voice again. Misty: “Sounds like someone’s in trouble.”


Just then, a strange giant figure appeared behind the entrance to the Volcano Force Point Temple. Tricky::A Krazoa.” Krazoa: “Do you wish to accept our tests?” Misty: “Huh? What are you talking about? What tests?”


They heard the voice again. Krazoa: “After she completed my test, she released me at the Krazoa Palace. Now she’s in great danger. In order to rescue her, you must find the other Krazoa Shrines and collect the remaining Krazoa Spirits. For only the pure of heart can enter our shrines.” Kazooie: “Alright! Listen, you Kra-…Kra- Krazola or whatever you are. You expect us to waste our time saving this stranger while the planet falls apart? That’s ridiculous!” Misty: “Nonsense! We have plenty of time when someone’s in trouble, right, Bubbles? Bubbles? Bubbles? Bubbles, what on your mind?” Bubbles: “Did you notice something familiar about that voice?”


The voice was heard again. At that time, Fox took out his staff and held it in his hands. Fox: “Of course. It’s the voice from the staff. She must be the one in danger. Guys, we have to save her. We shall accept these tests. Just tell us what to do.” Krazoa: “Find the remaining 5 Krazoa Shrines. Complete the test in each and bring them to the Krazoa Palace. However, this comes with a price: if 1 person passes a Krazoa test, he shall not pass another. The next test must be passed on to another person and to another and so on or that person who takes another test shall be cursed for all eternity. If all of the Spirits are returned to the Palace, she will be saved. She is depending on all of you…for her life.”


The Krazoa then disappeared. But then, he told them about creatures that they could defeat to earn Moonseeds. Bubbles: “We must hurry and find those Krazoa Spirits before she dies!!” 


It was a good thing that the Krazoa told them about Moonseeds because the Oneros Aera, or flight-disable gas that they first encountered from the bridge area, is spread throughout all of Moon Mountain Pass. The Moonseeds became a big help while they searched for a Krazoa Shrine in Moon Mountain Pass.


It was a long and hard road that took a huge chunk of time, but finally, they made it to the warp pad to the second Shrine. Fox and his friends decide who takes the second Spirit by playing rock, paper, scissors. After winning the game, Fox volunteered to warp on the pad to the Krazoa Shrine. Thankfully, Pikachu was with him the whole time.


After he warped to the Krazoa Shrine, he began to hear the voices of his friends that are back in Moon Mountain Pass. When he closed his eyes, he saw them right there with him. Whenever he were to see this, then that would always mean that his friends will always be there for him even though they’re not with him physically. They were also rooting for him, especially Misty who also wanted him to return safely. With all his friends rooting for him, he was ready to move on.


Going through the Krazoa Shrine was an obstacle course for our hero, but with Pikachu by his side, he was not alone. After a period of time, they reached the Krazoa Spirit. It introduced him to the Test of Combat. The Test of Combat involved defeating an army of Sharpclaws in a limited amount of time. If the test is completed then he can return the second Krazoa Spirit to the Krazoa Palace.


Suddenly, a group of powerful Sharpclaws appeared out of nowhere. They all came to him with their weapons and shields as he did the same with his powerful staff and tried to fight them all. However, this was too big of a job for 1 mammal, so Pikachu pitched in to help out her long time friend. Both Fox and Pikachu fought together like they did back in their old Super Smash days before they were separated. After passing the test, the Krazoa Spirit came in and flew into Fox’s body. The spirit has been collected. Fox McCloud is now the keeper of the second Krazoa Spirit.


Later, Fox and Pikachu were warped back to Moon Mountain Pass. As he walked out, he saw the Krazoa appear before him. Krazoa: “You have proven yourself to be pure of heart. Bring the spirit to Krazoa Palace. I will guide you further when you get there. Come to Krazoa Palace.”


The Krazoa faded. Shortly afterwards, he noticed Misty and Bubbles staring at him. Fox: “What?” Bubbles: “Weird, you’re eyes are glowing purple.” Misty: “Hm, you’re right, Bubbles. Is that normal?” Fox: “I…guess it is. I do have a Krazoa Spirit inside me, after all.” Peach: “What did you say? That spirit is inside you? Oh, dear. Are you OK? You’re not in any pain, are you?” Fox: “Peach, relax, I’m fine, I’m not in any pain. In fact, it felt kind of weird when it entered my body.” Peach: “Well…OK, as long as that spirit is not hurting you.” Misty: “Maybe not, but a terrible curse will be inflicted upon him if another one possesses him.” Rayman: [“Meaning that another one of us will have to take the next test.”] Fox: “True. Come on, let’s get this spirit back to that palace.”


As they return to Thorntail Hollow, Tricky told them that the Warpstone could warp them to the Krazoa Palace. So, when they returned to Thorntail Hollow, they immediately ran to the Warpstone area. There, the Warpstone warped Fox and Pikachu to the Krazoa Palace.


When they arrived at the palace, they soon realized that they were on their own like they were at the Shrine. In hopes that going through the palace would be easier than going through the shrine, they pressed on.


As they go through the palace, they soon learned that the palace was tougher than they had thought. Suddenly, they reached another warp pad, wondered why they weren’t warped to that pad. They approached a lift in front of the pad that lifted them to a hallway to a massive, circular corridor with a wind lift in the middle. The wind lift immediately lifted them to the highest circular hallway in the large room. As they ran through the hallway, the approached another wind lift that lifted them to the roof the palace.


Then he walked up a ramp to where a giant crystal had a beautiful vixen trapped inside. Fox: “Wow! She’s beautiful.”


Fox stared at the vixen for quite some time. Fox: “Hmm…I have this strange feeling that I’ve known her from somewhere, but why?”


As he tried to figure it out, he kept on staring at her a little while longer.  Fox: “What am I doing?” Peach: “Fox! Fox! Fox? Wake up!” Fox: “Huh?” Peach: “What are you doing? Release that Krazoa Spirit and get out of there. Hurry!” Fox: “OK, OK! I’m going.”


He made 1 last glance at the vixen and took off.


He searched the area, until he found a Krazoa head. Fox: “So this must be where I release the spirit.” Kazooie: “No. This is where you become controlled by it. No duh! What else did you think it does, you idiot?” Misty: “Kazooie! Shut up and let Fox figure out things for himself.” Fox: “Yeah, Kazooie. Can we at least spend 5 minutes of this mission without hearing you constantly run your beak?” Kazooie: “Hmph! Whatever!” Fox: “Well, here I go. With me luck, guys.”


Fox walked up to a pad underneath the head and then released the Krazoa Spirit that he held inside his body. The second spirit joined the first spirit surrounding the giant crystal that trapped the vixen inside. The second Krazoa Spirit had finally been released into the Krazoa Palace and Fox was returned to Thorntail Hollow.

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Chapter 8-Welcome Back, Ocean Princess


After releasing the spirit, Fox and Pikachu were immediately sent back to the Warpstone area in Thorntail Hollow. Warpstone: “Right there, Fox. It’s time for you and your friends to head down to the Seaside.” Misty: “The Seaside? You mean the…the…?” Warpstone: “The beach? Yes, that’s what I mean.” Misty: “Oh! It’s like a dream come true. Who knew that I would return to the ocean some day? I…I can’t believe that this is happening. I feel so special.” Warpstone: “Eh, what’s wrong with her?” Fox: “Well, let’s just say you don’t know how happy you’ve made her.” Kazooie: “Oh, great, there she goes, talking ocean again. Just when I was about to enjoy another month without her doing this.” Fox: “Oh, shut up, birdbrain. You only heard her talk ocean once this journey and meanwhile, how many times have you annoyed us with your squawking? Besides, I feel sort of glad to hear her talking ocean again.” Bubbles: “Me, too!” Warpstone: “Well, get going. Just standing there and dreaming about it isn’t going to there faster, you know.” Misty: “You’re right! Let’s go!” Warpstone: “But before you leave, I have something for you.”         

He then took out another scarab bag. Warpstone: “Here you go. Ready for you when you needed it.” Misty: “Great, can we leave now?” Warpstone: “Yes! Go, now! And be sure to check the post signs for directions.”

And so, Fox and his friends left the Warpstone area. Tricky: “What did you guys mean when Misty was “talking ocean”?” Fox: “Oh, it’s just a little something we made up whenever Misty starts talking about the ocean a lot.” Kazooie: “Yeah. It was mostly an insult.” Fox:Kazooie!” Kazooie: “What? I’m only telling the truth.” Fox: “Kazooie, just…just shut up, OK? I don’t want to hear another word out of you.” Kazooie: “Jerk!”

After hearing the Thorntails and Shabunga, the Thorntail store owner, talk about a beautiful beach area being controlled by the Sharpclaws called Cape Claw, they finally had a chance to see this beach for themselves. With the help of the post sign and Peppy’s world map, they know exactly where to go.

They headed through a gateway behind the Arwing, through a tunnel and around a fence to a long path with a gold scarab at the end in front of a gate. It asked them to feed it 60 scarabs to enter the maze to Cape Claw. Fox fed it the scarabs and the gate behind it opened up and they went in. At the end of the maze is a well that lead them through an underground tunnel to Cape Claw. Phew! It’s about time they made it.          

As they entered, Fox ran ahead of his friends, until he saw them. That’s right, the beautiful beaches of Cape Claw. He was amazed from the sight. Fox: “Wow! It’s beautiful. Oh, Misty’s going to love it.”

He ran back to his friends. Fox: “Misty! Misty, you won’t believe this. We’re here.” Misty: “We…we are?” Fox: “Yeah, we are. Come on.” Misty: “OK, I’m coming.”

Then, hand and hand, Fox and Misty walked down the path together until Misty was able to see the beautiful beaches herself. She was surprised and speechless. She didn’t smile, but she wasn’t sad or angry; just surprised. She looked at Fox, who was smiling, but she didn’t make a face at him, or any for that matter. When she turned her head and flew up in the air, Fox’s smile began to fade. When the others caught up with him, he grew worried. Fox: “She…she didn’t smile. What happened? Was it something that I did?” Bubbles: “I believe you did…absolutely nothing wrong.” Peach: “I thought what you did was very sweet, leading her here.” Fox: “I hope she thought the same thing, as well.”

Peach activated her PPG suit. Peach: “Well, there’s only 1 way to find out.”

Bubbles and Peach flew in to the air while Fox, Banjo and Rayman ran down to the closest beach to them to catch up with the girls. As they approach the beach, they saw Misty kneeling in front of the water and staring down at her reflection on the water. Then, she saw Fox’s reflection right next to hers. When she looked up, she saw Fox kneeling right next to her and smiled at her just like in her reflection. When she looked back down at the water, Fox’s smile faded again. Fox: “Misty…” Misty: “Fox, can you believe it? After a long period of time, I’m finally near the ocean again.” Fox: “So, what’s wrong? Aren’t you satisfied?” Misty: “Yes, I’m very satisfied.”

She smiled at him. Misty: “Thank you, Fox. This means so much to me.” Fox: “No problem, Misty. I’ll always do things like this for you.”

Fox and Misty smiled at each other. Fox: “So, are you going to do that transformation thing that you’ve always wanted to do?” Misty:Oh, Fox. I thought you’d never ask.”

And now the moment that you have been waiting for. As she got up, she floated off the floor and stood above the water. With her mystic water-powers combined with the water, itself, she was able to use these powers to transform herself into her princess form. When she fell into the water after finishing her transformation, every one of her friends started celebrating, except Fox, who was folding his arms and smiling. Fox: “Welcome back, Ocean princess.”

They both smiled at each other. Tricky: “Wow!” Misty, Fox: “Huh?” Tricky: “That was cool! How did she do that? Can she do it again?” Fox: “Tri-Tricky! Were…were you watching the whole thing?” Tricky: “Of course I have. That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! What is she? How long have you been hiding this from me? Can you tell me, Fox?” Fox: “Well, not exactly. It’s all pretty complicated to explain. It’s a long story. However, there’s 1 thing about this secret that’s easy to talk about. For instance, remember when with were with your mom and Misty jumped to the ceiling when she said that word that caused her to do that?” Tricky: “You mean, “pirates”?” Misty: “AHHHH! PIRATES! WHERE, WHERE!” Fox: “Misty, it’s OK. Another false alarm.’’ Misty: “Phew. Thank the stars.” Tricky: “But why does she get all jumpy when any of us say that word?” Fox: “Well, it’s because of this form. She freaks out all too easily upon even hearing the word.” Misty: “I’m sorry, Fox. I try real hard, but just can’t control myself whenever I hear anyone saying that.” Fox: “Well, it’s OK, Misty. It’s not all your fault. Not many people know your greatest fears.” Tricky: “So this form is why she’s afraid of who-know-what?” Fox: “Exactly.” Tricky: “Oh. So, what is she?” Fox: “She is the legendary princess of the sea and this is her true form.” Tricky: “You mean she’s actually a mermaid?”

Fox nodded. Tricky: “Wow! She’s beautiful.”

Misty tickled Tricky underneath his chin. Misty: “And you’re cute.”

Tricky flipped to his back and Misty rubbed his tummy. Suddenly, they heard a cry of a dinosaur at the distance. Fox: “Whoa, what was that?” Tricky: “It’s a Hightop. I wonder what’s going on?” Fox: “I don’t know, but we’ll never find out if we just stand here. Let’s go!”

They immediately ran to the boardwalk that is surrounding the Hightop to see what was going on. When they asked the Hightop, it said that it buried its gold somewhere on the beaches when it heard that the Sharpclaws were invading Cape Claw, but forgot where they were buried. He then told them that if they retrieve all of his gold, then he would help them on their quest. They all decided to help, but Fox told them to stay out of this one because he wanted Misty to work with him.

It may have taken them a long time to find the gold, but with the help of one of Misty’s special underwater abilities, the underwater drill, they were able to find them and return them to the Hightop. The Hightop then stomped the ground, causing a nearby cave to open up. The Hightop told them about the Sharpclaws doing something suspicious within that cave and asked them to go in there and find out what exactly it was, so they did.

Fox ran to the cave as fast as he could. Inside was a staff switch, he pulled the staff and opened a cage at a beach that’s closer to him. He jumped down from the ledge and met the others near the cage. Suddenly, a Cloudrunner wearing a golden crown on its head and a blue shirt came out. Tricky was immediately startled. Tricky: “Whoa! A Cloudrunner!”

He stepped behind Fox, Kazooie became dazzled at the sight of the Cloudrunner. Kazooie: “Wooooooow…!”  Tricky: “Shoo! Go away, Cloudrunner! Get away!” Bubbles: “(Giggle) Have you 2 met?” Cloudrunner: “He is an Earthwalker. I am a Cloudrunner. Our tribes do not see each other eye to eye.” Peach: “But why?” Cloudrunner: “His father has probably said bad things about me. That why.” Peach: “Oh. So, who are you?” Cloudrunner: “I am the Queen of the Cloudrunner tribe and the gatekeeper of the Cloudrunner Fortress. Scales has used my powers to reach the fortress and then afterwards, he locked me in that cage.”

Kazooie then flew out of Banjo’s backpack and landed in front of the queen. The Queen seemed somewhat startled to see her. Queen Cloudrunner: “Um…hello…who are you?” Kazooie: “Hi. I’m Kazooie. You’re pretty.” Queen Cloudrunner: “Er, what is with your friend here?” Banjo: “It seems to me like Kazooie has found her own kind on this planet.” Queen Cloudrunner: “Uh, I see. Anyway, I must return to the fortress and stop Scales.” Kazooie: “Can we come with you?” Queen Cloudrunner: “You want to come with me?” Misty: “Of course, we do.”

Misty dunked herself underwater, brought forth a bright flash of light from below the surface and then came out in her human form. Misty: “We’re going to need the Spellstone there.” Queen Cloudrunner: “Well…All right.” Fox: “Great! Thanks, Misty.” Tricky: “Oh, no. There’s no way I’m not going to her fortress.” Fox: “Well, OK, it looks like you’re sitting this one out, Tricky. We’ll head back to Thorntail Hollow and you can wait there for us to return.”

Tricky nodded. Kazooie: “I’m liking this more and more.”

The queen flew up towards the sky.  Queen Cloudrunner: “I'll meet you guys at the fortress. Good luck!”

As she flew into the sky, she opened the gateway to the Cloudrunner Fortress and flew right in. Kazooie: “Hey! Wait for me!”

Kazooie flew after the queen. Banjo: “HEY! KAZOOIE, WAIT! WHO’S GOING TO FLY ME UP TO THE FORTRESS?”

Rayman walked up to Banjo and placed his hand on his shoulder. Banjo looked at him. Rayman: [“Don’t worry, Banjo. I’ll fly you to the fortress.”] Banjo: “You will? Aw, thanks, Rayman. You’re a real friend. Unlike some people!!!” Fox: “OK guys, let’s…Huh?”

Just then he spotted Misty and Bubbles and noticed that they were about to cry. Fox: “Oh, no, you 2 aren’t going to mope because Tricky’s not coming with us. Are you?”

They both nodded. Fox: “Aw, girls. I don’t want to leave Tricky here either but, we really don’t have a choice. He doesn’t want to come with us and we can’t make him.” Bubbles: “But…we love Tricky.” Fox: “I know, I know, hm…oh! I have an idea.”

Fox took Pikachu off of his shoulder and held her in front of him. Bubbles quickly snatched Pikachu out of Fox’s grip. Fox: “How’s this: you girls can have Pikachu for this part of the mission. OK?”

Both Misty and Bubbles became greatly ecstatic. Misty, Bubbles: “OK!”

Pikachu seemed very happy to be held by Bubbles. Fox: “OK, guys. Let’s go.”

And so, Fox and his friends returned to Thorntail Hollow where they all got ready to take off and fly towards the Cloudrunner Fortress.

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Chapter 9-Trouble at the ruins

They landed in front of the fortress. Queen Cloudrunner: “This is Cloudrunner Fortress. I’ll fly ahead and check if it’s safe. Meet me inside.”

The queen flew into the fortress. Kazooie: “Wow! It’s beautiful.”

Fox and the others looked over and noticed Kazooie. Kazooie: “No wonder why General Scales came here.” Fox: “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Can you at least get us in?” Kazooie: “OK!”

They made their way towards the gate. After they spent some time trying to find how to get it open, Kazooie simply fired one of her grenade eggs at the gate that was blocking their way into the fortress, forcing it open. As they made their way into the fortress, they ran up a spiral walkway and found another gate. Kazooie was about to open that one with the use of her grenade eggs, but then Fox found a staff switch that opened a gate at the end of the walkway.

When they went through the walkway, they hid behind a pile of ruins. There, they saw that General Scales, the enemy behind the entire mess caused on Dinosaur Planet, has captured the Queen again. Scales: “I know it was the fox and his friends who freed you. Now where are they?” Queen Cloudrunner: “I do not know what you’re talking about.”

Then Scales became very furious and grabbed the Queen like a rubber chicken. Scales: “You will tell me! Where can I find the fox and his friends?”

She hesitated for a bit, then looked directly at him. Queen Cloudrunner: “They will find you. And they will destroy you.”

Scales lost his temper and threw the queen on the floor. Then his men started stomping her while his robots zapped her with them.  Kazooie, becoming upset, impulsively ran out of hiding and towards Scales. Banjo: “Kazooie!”  Kazooie: “Stop! Leave the queen alone, scaleface!” Scales: “You insolent bird.  Who do you think you are?” Kazooie: “I’m Kazooie, the breegull and you’re toast.”  Misty: “Kazooie, are you crazy?” Queen Cloudrunner: “Kazooie! Don’t worry about me. Go, save yourself.” Kazooie: “Oh, no, I’m not going anywhere until you’re safe, your majesty!”  Fox: “Kazooie?” Scales: “You foolish little bird. Do you think you can defeat me?” Kazooie: “I can with this.”

Kazooie turned her head to the Sharpclaw farthest from the queen and shot one of her grenade eggs at it. General Scales became very surprised at the damage that was caused by that one egg that Kazooie shot out of her mouth. Kazooie: “Not so foolish now, huh, Scales? Now, step away from the queen or else you and the rest of your men will wound up like that guy.”

Scales and his men looked at the spot where one of his men once stood and then looked back at Kazooie, who had her wings on her hips and was impatiently tapping her foot. Kazooie: “Well?”

Then General Scales had no other choice but to…call his robots and paralyze her until he grabs her on the neck just like what he did with the queen. Banjo: “Kazooie!”

Then Banjo ran towards Scales. Misty: “Banjo!” Banjo: “Scales! You can tear this planet apart, you can capture all the dinosaurs that live on this planet, you can throw the queen all over the place, but nobody and I mean nobody gives Kazooie the rubber chicken treatment but me and Misty!!!!” Misty: “That’s right!!”

Misty took off her headband, transformed it into a boomerang and tossed it at Scales. It came back towards her, turned back into a headband and she put it back on. She approached Scales. Misty: “Scales, mess with Kazooie and you’ll mess with me and Banjo!” Scales: “How nice. More challengers. So, you 2 think you can defeat me?” Fox: “No, we all do.”

Fox, Peach, Rayman, Bubbles and Pikachu tagged along. Fox took out his staff and pointed it at Scales as Peach and Rayman prepared their weapons and Bubbles and Pikachu position themselves for action. Scales: “Ah, the famous Fox McCloud and his pathetic friends.” Bubbles: “We’re not pathetic!” Rayman: “Yeah!” Peach: “It’s over, Scales!” Fox: “Surrender now and we’ll go easy on you.” Misty: “We’ve got you surrounded, so you have no choice but to go quietly!” Scales: “How nice of all of you to join us. Let me show you some of our hospitality.”

Suddenly, Fox and his friends were surprisingly surrounded and zapped by Scales’ robots. Then Pikachu tried her hardest to over power the robots, but it was no use. Then, Fox and his friends lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Kazooie became upset. Kazooie: “Oh, no, all of my friends have been defeated by General Scales…and it’s all my fault.”

She then began to tear up. Kazooie: “I’ve failed you, your majesty.”

However, the queen did not think this way.

Later, Fox regained consciousness and found himself in a cell with his staff and his friends missing. Luckily for him, he was able to find a loose block in the wall. So Fox pushed right through it and he was free. After pushing the block back in place, he received a message from Slippy about a disguise that can fool the Sharpclaws. However, he also told him that the walls were preventing him from transporting the disguise. So all that Fox needed to do now is to find some sort of explosion to create a hole in the wall so Slippy can transport the disguise in order for Fox to return his staff and get him and his friends back to the mission.

After the message, Fox proceeded through the hallway until he reached a room with a cage (with a very familiar looking Cloudrunner in it), the room was a little dark, so it did look like a Cloudrunner. Also, a sleeping Sharpclaw was seen at the very end of the room and right in front of the Sharpclaw the magic staff floats on a block-like table. Fox’s mind: “My staff! So that’s what happened to it. When my friends and I were knocked out, Scales took the staff from me and used it to lock my friends and me up in cells. Well, I can’t worry about that at the moment. What I need to concentrate on now is to blow a hole through these dungeon walls so that Slippy can transport me that disguise. Hopefully, there’s something useful on the other side of the room. But I must be careful and not wake the guard or else I’m back in that cell or worse.”

He quietly sneaked through the chamber and made it into a room with a wind lift in the middle, a pressure plate on one side and a barrel generator on the other. Fox moved the barrel on to the lift and stood on the pressure plate, causing the barrel to float up to the ceiling and blow it up. Fox ran below the hole on the ceiling, contacted Slippy, and was given the disguise. He activated the disguise and returned to the room with the caged Cloudrunner. Just then, the Sharpclaw started waking up. Sharpclaw: “Stay here. You keep eye on prisoner. Me go for break.”

Fox deactivated the disguise, grabbed his staff and returned to the cell room where he pulled a staff switch that opened up all the cells in the room. His friends suddenly walked out of their cells like they just woke up. Misty: “Fox!” Fox: “Misty!”

Misty ran to Fox and, before you know it, they started putting their arms around each other. Misty: “Oh, Fox. Thanks the stars you’re OK.” Fox: “You, too, Misty. I wouldn’t know what I’d do if anything bad happened to you.”

Fox and Misty soon let go of each other. Fox: “I’m glad to see everyone’s back together again. However, I have a strange feeling that something’s missing, but what?”

Then, Fox heard someone crying from behind him. He turned around and saw that Banjo was the one who is crying. He kneeled in front of Banjo. Fox: “Hey there, Banjo. What’s the matter, buddy?”

Banjo pulled off his backpack and showed Fox how empty the backpack was. Fox: “Oh, right…Kazooie.”

He then realized something that made him hit himself on the head. Fox: “Oh! Duh! How could I have been so stupid? I should have known where I have seen that Cloudrunner before.” Bubbles: “Huh? What are you talking about, Fox?” Fox: “Guys, follow me. Kazooie is closer than we think.”

Fox soon led his friends into the chamber with the Cloudrunner cage. Inside that cage is the familiar looking Cloudrunner and Fox knew exactly why it looked familiar. Fox: “Ah-ha! Just as I suspected. Guys, say hello to our missing team member; Kazooie.” Banjo: “Kazooie!”

Banjo ran over towards her immediately, everyone else followed after. Kazooie soon noticed them. Kazooie: “Huh? Oh. Hi, guys.”

They all approached her. Banjo: “Kazooie. You don’t look so good. What’s wrong?” Kazooie: “(Sob) Oh, can’t you guys see the mess that I’ve caused? It’s all my fault that Scales defeated you guys. (Sob) Go ahead. Let me loose and give me the rubber chicken treatment. I deserve it after the way I betrayed you all.” Fox: “OK, OK. Quit your crying. I’ll get you out.”

Fox ran to a nearby staff switch and pulled it, causing Kazooie's cage to open. She then flew out and stood in front of her friends waiting to receive the rubber chicken treatment. Kazooie: “Go ahead. Do your worst. I’m not afraid.”

They all stood and stared at Kazooie. Fox: “Am I missing something?” Kazooie: “Huh? What do you mean?” Fox: “OK. Let me get this straight: You want us to give you the rubber chicken treatment? It just doesn’t make any sense.” Misty: “Are you OK, Kazooie?” Banjo: “Are you sure you’re not sick or something?”

Kazooie made an angry grimace, turned her head away from her friends and shot a grenade egg to express her anger. She then folded her wings. Kazooie: “That Scales! I can’t believe he would do that to the queen! Does he beat up every dinosaur he captures? That jerk! I do anything for her safety even if it means having to endure the rubber chicken treatment! Oh, the poor queen. I can’t imagine what cruel things Scales is doing to her as we speak. If only she were here, she would tell us where Scales has hidden the Spellstone.”

Fox became shocked. Fox: “Kazooie! Repeat that last sentence again.” Kazooie: “If only she were here she would tell us where Scales has hidden the Spellstone.”

Everyone around her smiled. Fox: “Guys. Let’s go find the queen.”

And so, Fox and his friends left the chamber and into a very tall room, their ticket out of the dungeon. Now you think they would just fly out with no problem, right? Wrong! Because as they were leaving the chamber, they soon realized that the dungeon air was full of the Oneros Aera, or flight-disable gas as it’s stupidly called. Well, they should have figured that out earlier when Bubbles was on the ground when she usually floats and Rayman was sniffing the air a lot. This could be a problem, or is it? Well, let’s see what Fox has to say about this.

As they came to the exit to the dungeon, Fox looked up at a very high circular wall. Fox: “Oh, no! At this rate, we’ll never finish this mission.” Bubbles: “Don’t lose hope, Fox. Dinosaur Planet is depending on us.” Fox: “Yeah, I know but how will we get up there with the Oneros Aera in the dungeon. It’s not like one of us would just jump like a million feet into the air.”

Suddenly, Misty jumped a million feet into the air. Fox became extremely surprised. Then, Misty landed back on her feet. Misty: “I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a bit too low.”  Fox: “Huh?” Bubbles: “Maybe you jumped a little too high.” Fox: “WHAT?” Misty: “Is there something wrong, Fox?” Fox: “SOMETHING WRONG? SOMETHING WRONG? Of course there’s something wrong! A bit too low? A little too high? I didn’t know either of you had super jumping abilities!” Misty: “You mean you didn’t know that we had these abilities?” Fox: “But I thought your jumping abilities were your flying abilities, but I…I just don’t understand.”

Misty and Bubbles looked at each other then back at Fox. Misty: “It’s a long story, Fox. But we need to proceed with our mission. Can we talk about it later?” Fox: “Well…alright. We’ll talk after we’re done here. OK?” Misty: “Yeah, yeah. Alright. Now hang on to me so that we can finally get out of here.”

Fox did exactly what she told him to do. Then she grabbed on to Banjo and leaped into the air. Bubbles followed along while she grabbed onto Rayman and Peach, doing the same. So did Kazooie. They jumped so high that they saw the entire fortress. But don’t worry, they didn’t jump into space; they just jumped to where the air was a little less dense.

Shortly afterwards, Kazooie had everyone land after she spotted the queen trapped inside another cage. Kazooie: “Your majesty!” Queen Cloudrunner: “Kazooie! I am ever so glad to see you and your friends escape from Scales’ clutches.” Kazooie: “I’m surprised to see that you’re worried about my safety. It’s all my fault that this had to happen to all of us. I’m so sorry. Could you ever forgive me?” Queen Cloudrunner: “Kazooie! It’s OK. I tried to admonish you to save yourself because I knew that Scales was going to ambush you and your friends. I certainly can tell that you refused to listen and risked your life for my own safety. You are very brave. But now is not the time for complements, so listen up: the floor of this cage seems a bit rather unstable. Maybe you could use one of your explosive eggs to blow it up and set me free.” Kazooie: “Heh! That’ll be easy.”

Kazooie fluttered down below the queen’s cage and using one of her incredible grenade eggs blasted the cage's floor into pieces thus freeing the queen as the queen, herself, fluttered down towards Kazooie. Kazooie: “Are you OK?” Queen Cloudrunner: “Yes, Kazooie. I am all right thanks to you. Unfortunately, thanks to Scales, I have a small problem.” Kazooie: “What’s wrong?” Queen Cloudrunner: “Well, you see, ever since the Sharpclaws invaded Cloudrunner Fortress, my children got scared and scattered throughout the fortress. If only there was some way I could lead them all back here before something terrible happens to them.” Kazooie: “Maybe I could help you find your children. I know a secret bird call that I can use to summon all your children here faster than you can say, “mammals are slow”.” Fox: “I heard that.” Queen Cloudrunner: “You will? Oh, thank you. But please hurry and find them or they may leave the fortress forever.” Kazooie: “I’m on it!”

And then she was gone.

Minutes have passed, but with the help of her secret bird call, she was able to return all of the Cloudrunner children back to the queen.

Later, she returned to the area where the queen and her friends were waiting for her. Queen Cloudrunner: “Thank you, Kazooie. I am forever in your debt. And now I will tell you where the Spellstone is. Scales has hidden the Spellstone in the treasure room. Find it and return it to the Force Point Temple. Good luck, Kazooie. Our planet lies within your wings and in your friends’ hands.”

And so Fox and his friends made their way into the treasure room and hurried through the massive chamber.

When they reached the deepest part of the chamber, General Scales and few of his men were found trying to escape with the Spellstone. Fox: “Scales!”

Fox took out his staff and started shooting them. Scales grabbed a nearby Sharpclaw and used it as a shield. He then sent a few more after Misty and the others. Scales: “Get the Spellstone out of here.” Bubbles: “Oh, no, you don’t!”

Bubbles pounced directly at Scales. Fox: “Huh? Wait! Bubbles! Don’t!”

Too late! Scales faded out of the scene while laughing maniacally. Bubbles landed in that exact spot then started punching and kicking the air with her eyes closed. Bubbles: “Hi-ya! I’ve got you now, Scales! Now give us back the…”

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and relied that Scales was gone. She looked back and forth to see where he went. Bubbles: “Hey! Where did he go?” Fox: “I don’t know, but wherever he is now, I know that we'll meet again.” Misty: “Fox! They’re getting away with the Spellstone!” Fox: “Huh? Right! I’m on it!”

Fox grabbed the only jet bike available to him and chased after the Sharpclaws.

Unfortunately for the Sharpclaws, they had their get away in a circular track like the racecourses found in Diddy Kong Racing. So all that Fox has to do in order to finish this course is take down the Sharpclaw that had the Spellstone. However, he ended up taking down all of the Sharpclaws along the way. It turned out that was a bad idea.

After he rammed the last guy with the Spellstone, he couldn’t stop the bike. What he didn’t know is that he grabbed the jet bike that had an unstable brake system. By ramming into the Sharpclaws, it immediately jammed the system. The good news was that this was definitely not the end of Fox McCloud. A strange blue light pushed him off of the bike before it crashed and blew up. The next thing you see is he and Misty rolling on the floor for a while. When Fox opened his eyes, he saw Misty lying right beside him. Fox: “Misty, you saved me.”

Misty also opened her eyes and looked at him. Misty: “Of course I did, Fox.”

Fox and Misty got themselves up. Fox: “Thanks, Misty. I owe you my life…again.” Misty: “No problem. You know I’m always happy to do it.”

They both smiled at each other. Then Fox’s smile disappeared. Misty grew worried. Misty: “What’s wrong, Fox?” Fox: “All that ramming. The bike…it couldn’t stop…and I lost the Spellstone.” Misty: “Not to worry. Bubbles is on it.” Fox: “She is? Alright, Bubbles!”

Just then, Bubbles came running towards them with the Spellstone. Bubbles: “(Gasp) Here you go…(pant) Fox. (Pant)” Fox: “Thanks, Bubbles but give it to Misty.” Bubbles: “What? Are you sure?” Fox: “Trust me.”

Bubbles shrugged her shoulders and did what Fox told her to do. She looked at the Spellstone. Misty: “(gasp) It’s blue.” Fox: “Exactly. It’s the same color as the ocean.” Misty: “Oh, you shouldn’t have.”

They both gazed into each other’s eyes deeply and happily again.

Later, they returned to the Arwing, just to see the queen for the last time. Queen Cloudrunner: “I am forever in you debts. Thanks to you, Scales is gone and my tribe will begin to rebuild their lives. And as for you, Kazooie. For doing so much for me, I will crown you honorary princess of the Cloudrunner tribe.”

Kazooie was given a crown almost exactly like the queen’s. Kazooie’s eyes sparkled again. Kazooie: “This is the happiest day of my life.” Queen Cloudrunner: “Thank you, Kazooie. You are a brave and noble bird. As for the rest of you, that horrible gas that disabled your flying abilities has been cleared away so you can be on your way.”

Fox then walked back to the Arwing. He was about to get back into it, but then stopped. Fox: “Oh, yeah. That reminds me. Girls? Do you have anything to say about your jumping abilities?” Misty: “Uhh…” Bubbles: “Well… (With Misty) Meet you back on the planet. Bye.”

Then they both took off. Fox: “Hey, wait. Come back here! Grrrr! I am going to throttle those 2 when I get back to the planet.”

He hopped back into his Arwing and returned to the planet as the others followed. Queen Cloudrunner: “(Whispering) Good-bye, Kazooie and good luck.”

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Chapter 10-Misty’s First Spellstone

After Fox landed, he saw the girls petting Tricky a lot. But when the girls saw Fox, he was folding his arms and angrily tapping his foot. The girls smiled at him nervously. Misty: “Hello, Fox.” Bubbles: “Nice to see you again.” Fox: “Yeah, whatever.” Misty: “Is there something wrong, Fox?” Fox: “Girls? Why did you run off from me again?” Bubbles: “What are you talking about? We did nothing of the sort.” Fox: “Don’t play dumb! That was the fourth time during this mission! Why?” Bubbles: “Well, you see, we…can’t explain our jumping abilities.” Fox: “Well, you should have just told me that instead of running off. Don’t you even realize how stupid that was?” Bubbles: “Well…yeah. Yeah, we do.” Misty: “We’re sorry, Fox. We thought you would be mad when we told you.” Fox: “Not mad, just disappointed, but I would understand. Running off like that is what gets me angry! Don’t do it again, OK?” Misty: “Well, OK”


Afterward, they returned to Cape Claw because it was where the Ocean Force Point Temple was located. When they arrived, Misty turned herself back into a mermaid because they heard from Peppy that the way into the force point temple was through an underwater tunnel; also because she wanted to. Just then, Fox spotted 2 Sharpclaws attacking a Lightfoot. Fox’s heroic nature compelled him to go and beat up the Sharpclaws to save the defenseless dinosaur. Strangely, the Lightfoot wasn’t satisfied about him rescuing it. Lightfoot: “You stay away, you steekin’ fur ball or me smash you up good.” Fox: “What? But I just saved you.” Lightfoot: “Me trust no one.”


The Lightfoot then pulled out a fire gem. Lightfoot: “Sharpclaw say I steal their things, but they steekin liars.”


Just then, a Sharpclaw on a cannon fired a cannonball at the Lightfoot. When the Lightfoot saw the cannon, it threw the gem to Fox. Then the cannon pointed at Fox. When Fox saw the cannon, he threw the gem back to the Lightfoot. Bubbles and Misty both giggled. The Lightfoot tossed the gem back to Fox. Lightfoot: “Me out of here. Adios.”


Then it ran to the water, jumped in and swam away. Then the cannon aimed back at Fox. Fox: “Misty!” Misty: “Huh?”


He threw the gem to Misty. Fox: “Go. Take the gem to where they can never find it.”


She nodded and dove underwater. Fox: “Hide it, Misty and hide it good.”


Much time later, a door at a distance opened up. Misty came out of the water right near Fox. Fox: “Misty!”


He ran towards her and kneeled in front of her. Fox: “What just happened?” Misty: “Well, when I dove underwater, I saw this tunnel below the waterfall. I went in and found another one of these gems. I guess taking that gem must have opened that door.”  Fox: “So it was a good thing I gave you that other one.” Misty: “I guess so. Fox, I believe these gems have something to do with that door that just opened. Here.”


She gave the gems to Fox. Misty: “Take these inside, see what you can do about them and please be careful.” Fox: “I’ll do whatever I can, princess.”


He hurried as fast as he could to the door. When inside, he found 2 Krazoa heads. He put 1 gem in 1 Krazoa head and the other gem in the other Krazoa head. Then a door between the heads opened up. Inside was a small room with 1 ledge that’s right in front of the door with a large swimming hole. Nothing happened for a while, but then Misty and Banjo suddenly popped out of the water. Misty: “Hi.” Fox: “Uh, hi.” Misty: “The door from outside just opened up. So Banjo and I just swam right in. Come on, Fox. There should be an underwater tunnel here that Peppy had told us about.”


Fox nodded, jumped in, and grabbed on to Misty’s hand. Then, all 3 of them dove underwater. Fox put on an air mask to help him breathe underwater, they swam through an underwater tunnel to a door with a Spellstone lock at the end of the tunnel. Misty took out the Spellstone and used it to open the door. But instead of swimming in, they were sucked in.


You now see them lying in the water like they were unconscious. When they opened their eyes, they found themselves in a small room within the Ocean Force Point Temple. Fox: “So this must be the Ocean Force Point Temple.” Misty: “Yes, I see.”


All 3 of them flipped off they backs and floated normally in the water. Misty dove underneath the water and pulled herself back up to the surface. Misty: “There’s not much I can do now. Looks like you’re taking the land from here, Fox.”


Fox nodded and got out of the pool. He walked through a hallway. Misty: “You should go with him, Banjo. There’s nothing you can do here.”


Banjo got himself out of the pool and followed Fox. When Fox reached a large room with a pressure plate and 6 electric panels, Banjo caught up with him. Fox: “Banjo? What are you doing here?” Banjo: “Misty told me to go with you.” Fox: “I see. Well, alright but you must do what I say.” Banjo: “OK."


Then Fox told Banjo to stand on the pressure plate. As he did, a strange pattern appeared on the wall behind him. Fox walked on the panels as displayed on the wall behind Banjo. After finishing the puzzle, an underwater tunnel opened up in the first chamber where Misty was stuck. When she swam through the tunnel, she wound up in the same large chamber as Fox. Fox: “Misty?”


He ran towards her. Misty: “Fox. It was the strangest thing. An underwater tunnel opened up right below me. Did you open it?” Fox: “I…I guess.” Misty: “Well, keep going. There should be something that could help us get closer into returning this Spellstone.”


Fox nodded and pressed on to another chamber to the left of him.


Meanwhile, Banjo and Kazooie had some trouble with the electric panels. Luckily they were able to carry split up pads with them (As seen in Banjo-Tooie). Using the ability to split up with the help of the pads, Kazooie stood on the pressure plate while Banjo walked on the panels as displayed on the wall behind Kazooie. After Banjo finished the puzzle, Kazooie glided over the panels and returned into Banjo’s backpack. They caught up with Fox after he was finished in the chamber on the left hand side. They both swam through the doorway that just opened after Fox finished off the chamber to the left and climbed up the wall. On the top was another warp pad. But Fox had to shoot a fire blaster switch or the warp pad would not work. This also opened another underwater tunnel for Misty to swim through. Misty had Banjo warp with Fox before she swam through the tunnel. Afterward, she was gone, Banjo warped with Fox.


After Fox and Banjo warped, they started to hear a loud bashing noise. Fox: “Can you hear that?” Banjo: “Why, of course I can, but where is it coming from?”


Kazooie pointed to the left of her. Kazooie: “I believe the sound is coming from that ledge.” Fox: “Let’s investigate.”


Fox and Banjo ran up to a wall and climbed it to the top and was surprised to see what the sound was; it was Misty trying to break through a glass chamber that she was trapped underneath. Fox: “Misty!” Banjo: “Misty!” Kazooie: “Misty?” Misty: “Fox! Banjo! Kazooie! I’m so glad to see you all.” Fox: “Misty, what are you doing making all that noise?” Kazooie: “Yeah, you’re giving us headache ever since we warped here.” Misty: “I’m sorry, guys but after I swam through that last tunnel, I came upon a glass seal that’s been trapping me in here ever since. I tried to break through but it wouldn’t shatter. It seems unbreakable.”


Then Fox took out his staff and gave it a whack but the glass didn’t even crack. Fox: “You’re telling me. Good thing this staff is unbreakable, too.” Kazooie: “So, now what do we do?” Misty: “Fox, I need you to look around this place. There might be a way to open this glass seal.” Fox: “I’ll do whatever I can to get you out, princess. Don’t you worry. Banjo, you stay here and keep her company. I’ll be right back.”


Then Fox climbed down from the ledge and pressed on.


As Fox traveled through the place, he encounters 2 brain-twisting puzzles. After taking a lot of time going through them, they were eventually solved, he returned to the ledge where Misty was trapped underneath the glass seal and ran through a hallway to the left. At the end of the hallway was a fire blaster switch at the other side of a large room. Fox took out his staff and shot the switch.


Meanwhile back in the other room, the glass seal that Misty was trapped underneath suddenly opened up, she then dove underneath the water.


Fox ran back to the chamber to where Banjo and Kazooie were waiting for him. Fox: “Misty, the glass seal should be open by now. You should be able to change back into your human form and…”


But before he finished, he saw that Misty dove back underwater. Fox: “Uh… So, you’re doing it. Soon enough that Spellstone will be returned to…huh?”


Suddenly, bubbles started to come out into the surface and then Misty came out, still in her princess form? Fox: “Misty!” Misty: “Fox, something is wrong! I…I can’t change back into my human form!” Fox: “What? Then what about the Spellstone?”


She pulled out the Spellstone. Misty: “Here, Fox. Please, take the Spellstone and return it for me. There’s no way I can return it while I’m in my princess form.” Fox: “No. I will not return the Spellstone.” Misty: “What?” Banjo: “What?” Kazooie: “What?” Misty: “But Fox, you have to. The fate of this planet depends on it.” Fox: “I can’t. Something is preventing me from passing. Even if I have the Spellstone, I won’t be able to pass through. You have to come with me.” Misty: “But how? I can’t transform back into my human form?”


Then Fox pulled Misty out of the water and carried her in his arms. Misty: “Fox, are you sure about this?” Fox: “Believe me, I have tried, I really can’t go without you. Even though this is not making both of us happy, I know that this is what I have to do.” Misty: “Well… if you say so.” Fox: “Come on, Banjo.”


Fox ran off. Banjo followed along. Back in the other chamber, a bridge opened up to a warp pad in the middle of the chamber. Then they ran across it to the warp pad and warped on it.


They were soon back in the blue tinted room, Fox ran Misty to the center of the room where Misty put the second Spellstone into another Spellstone socket, more shaking occurred and above the pillar, the first purple flow disappeared. The second Spellstone has been returned.          

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Chapter 11-Trouble with the Lightfoot Tribe


After returning the second Spellstone, Fox, Misty, and Banjo-Kazooie were warped back into the room before the force point temple. Misty: “You guys exit through the doorway, I’ll meet you outside on the beach.”          

Misty dove underwater as Fox and Banjo-Kazooie climbed out of the water and ran out of the chamber. When outside, they met up with their friends who were waiting for them. Suddenly, Misty came out of the water and still in her princess form. Misty: “(gasp) Oh, no! My…my powers! They’re still not working! I still can’t turn back into my human form!” Fox: “What? No! What the heck is going on?”      

Just then, Peppy’s holographic head just turned on automatically. Peppy: “Peppy here. Fox, What’s going on down there?” Fox: “We’ve got a situation. For some reason, Misty’s ability to turn back into a human doesn’t seem to kick in.” Misty: “My powers! They’re…they’re not working! How can I change back into a human now? I can’t stay like this! I just can’t! Why is this happening to me? What is going on here!?!” Peppy: “Gosh! That does sound like a situation. Hmmm…If I’m correct, and I always am 99.9% at the time, then this strange happening has to do with the water. Allow me to do a scan of the water down there.”        

There was a brief pause for a few moment. Then, Peppy began to react. Peppy: “Oh, no! This worse than I thought!” Misty: “What? What is it?” Peppy: “Misty, according to my studies, this water…has been corrupted.” Misty: “What?” Fox: “What?” Bubbles: “What?” Peach: “What?” Rayman: [“What?”] Banjo: “What?” Kazooie: “What?” Peppy: “While you guys were still in Cloudrunner Fortress, I received readings of some strange magical energy coming from the planet, itself. I hate to break it to you, but that strange magical felt like it came from…Aquarius.” All: “What?” Peach: “You don't mean…?” Peppy: “That’s right. Aquarius was the one who corrupted all of the waters of Dinosaur Planet.” Fox: “What? But I just destroyed that creep 4 years ago! How can he still be casting spells on our princess if he’s dead?” Peppy: “Yes, he has been destroyed, but there have been a number of residual essences of this Dark Mystic Water Powers. He has left behind a lot of his influence over the Corrupted Mystic Water. I don’t know how it reached the planet and corrupted the water but I will look into that. For now, we must restore Misty’s transformation powers. Thankfully, we have the one thing that can do that: Purified Mystic Water. We have some of the Purified Mystic Water that can counteract all of the Corrupted water on the planet. Misty, once you come in contact with the water, your transformation powers will be restored. I’ll have Blossom get the Purified Mystic Water out from our storage containment and we’ll airdrop it as soon as you reach Thorntail Hollow.” Fox: “Got it. We’ll be in Thorntail Hollow to pick the water. Fox out.”       

Fox turned off the hologram and punched the ground once. Fox: “I don’t believe it! Just when we thought we’ve seen the last of that evil wizard…!”

He grunted out loud in frustration. Peach: “I know how you feel, Fox but we can’t worry about that now. All we need to concentrate on is getting back to Thorntail Hollow and retrieving the Purified Mystic Water once Peppy and Blossom airdrops it. We must get going. Fox?”

Fox lifted his head. Fox: “You’re right. We must return to the hollow. Misty, you can travel through your underwater tunnels from here, right?” Misty: “I’ll get to it right away.”

Misty dove underwater. Fox: “Banjo, I suggest you go with her. You 2 have been doing this for a long time and I appreciate it if you keep her company.”

Banjo nodded and went after her. Fox and the other ran through the well.

After they exited the well, they went through the maze. All was normal until they came to the end of the maze and found a cute little Lightfoot child. It felt sad because it was lost, or that was what it wanted them to think. Fox began to feel for the child and went on to help it. Peach: “Oh, no. There he goes again. If there is one thing that Fox can never resist, it’s C.I.D.s; children in distress.”          

Peach giggled a little. The other went after him.

Meanwhile, high above the trees, the Lightfoot tribe traveled through them to seek their prey. At that time, Fox kneeled in front of the child. Fox: “Hey there, little fella.” Tricky: “I don’t like this, Fox."

Suddenly, the others saw something that caused the trees above them to rattle. Bubbles looked up. Bubbles: “(gasp) OH, NO, IT’S A TRAP!!!”        

Fox also looked up, but before he could see what was above him, the tribe came falling out of the trees. The others were fortunate enough to get out of the way, but a Lightfoot landed on Fox, causing him to be knocked out .

When he woke up, he found himself tied to a totem pole. Fox: “Whoa…what happened? Untie me, right now!” Lightfoot: “That’s the one. That’s the thief who took our treasure.” Fox: “Thief? What are you talking about?” Chief Lightfoot: “Me am Chief Lightfoot and we do not like thieves.” Fox: “But what did I do?” Chief Lightfoot: “You took our treasure and gave it to the Sharpclaws.” Lightfoot: “Yeah, tell him, chief! Kill the steeking pig!” Fox: “What? Are you brain-dead? I didn’t take your treasure, you gave it to me!”

But the tribe did not believe him. Chief Lightfoot: “You do not like what we do to thieves.” Voice: “STOP!” Fox: “Huh?”

Just then, a blue flash of light came into the scene and revealed itself as Bubbles as she held Pikachu in her arms and floated above Fox. Fox: “Bubbles! Pikachu!” Bubbles: “Please don’t hurt him! He’s innocent! He wouldn’t steal a fly.” Fox: “Bubbles.” Bubbles: “(Whispering to Fox) I know, the phrase was suppose to be “hurt a fly”, but it’s stealing we’re talking about.”

Fox rolled his eyes. Chief Lightfoot: “Nonsense. We don’t believe you! You all steeking liars!”

Bubbles held up Pikachu. Bubbles: “Don’t make me use this!”

But Pikachu started acting all cute and adorable. The entire tribe started laughing at them. Chief Lightfoot: “Oh, we so scared. What it going to do to us, adore us to death?”

They continue laughing. Fox: “That's not what Pikachu is known for.” Bubbles: “ALL RIGHT, BUT DON’T I DIDN’T WARN YOU.”

Bubbles tossed Pikachu into the air. Bubbles: “PIKACHU! THUNDERBOLT!”

Pikachu created a giant lightning bolt with her cheeks and purposely aimed it near the Lightfoots. The rest of the tribe looked at the spot where Pikachu’s Thunderbolt hit, then at each other, and then at Bubbles, who was angrily folded her arms. Then Pikachu landed on Bubbles head and made a perfect V symbol with her fingers. Suddenly, the tribe got scared and ran around the totem pole in fear. Bubbles: “QUIET!”

They all stopped in silence. Bubbles: “Now then, if you do NOT want to end up zapped by my good little buddy, Pikachu, then release the prisoner!” Chief Lightfoot: “But…”

She held up Pikachu again. Bubbles: “DO IT NOW, OR ELSE!!!!”

The tribe started shaking in fear. Fox looked up at Bubbles, then at the tribe and smiled. He liked it a lot.

After Fox was untied, he regrouped with Bubbles. Bubbles: “You OK, Fox?” Fox: “A little shaken up, but I’m fine. Thanks for saving me, Bubbles. I owe you big time.” Bubbles: “No need to, Fox. That’s what friends are for. (giggle)”

They both smiled at each other. Fox: “Speaking of friends, Bubbles, have you seen Princess Peach and Rayman?” Bubbles: “Of course I did. They went back to Thorntail Hollow to pick up the Purified Mystic Water from Blossom and Peppy. We should return to the hollow, too, Fox. Misty and Banjo-Kazooie should there, too, waiting for us.” Fox: “Great, let’s go.”

Just then, they could hear what sounded like Princess Peach shouting at them. Peach: “Fox! Bubbles!” Fox, Bubbles: “Huh?”

They saw Peach and Rayman rushing towards them. Fox: “Peach! Rayman! What are you guys doing here?” Peach: “I’m glad to see you’re awake, Fox! We’ve got a situation; Peppy and Blossom accidentally air dropped the Purified Mystic Water somewhere else on the planet!” Fox: “What? This can’t be happening!” Peach: “Oh, but I’m afraid it is. We’ve searched the entire planet but the mystic water is nowhere to be found.” Bubbles: “(gasp) Oh, no! With that water missing, Misty’s transformation powers with never be restored!” Fox: “Bubbles, relax. Misty’s powers will be restored. We just need to keep searching for the water and everything with be fine.” Peach: “I sure hope so.”

Just then, Rayman spotted something. Rayman: [“Guys, I’ve found it.”] Fox: “Where is the water, Rayman?” Rayman: [“Follow me.”]

So, everyone followed Rayman to a hut to the western section of the village until they reached a bridge that takes them to the location and something that Fox and Bubbles didn’t want to see. Fox: “Oh, no. This can’t be. You mean you wanted to tell us that the water was with the Lightfoot chief?” Bubbles: “AHHHHHHH! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! We’re never getting the water, now! Misty is doomed! Her powers will never be restored!” Peach: “Is there something wrong with that?” Tricky: “Duh! Stupid question. Of course there’s something wrong with it!” Fox: “That chief and his tribe accused me of stealing something even though one of their men gave it to me. Luckily, Bubbles and Pikachu came to my rescue.” Bubbles: “But Pikachu can't do anything, right now. She’s so tired, I can’t wake her up.  Pikachu, please wake up. We need your help.”

Pikachu kept sleeping. Bubbles: “See? It’s not worth it.” Fox: “And how can I talk them into giving me the water if I can’t convince them that they gave me whatever they thought I stole from them?” Peach: “That does sound serious. Hmmm…Well, maybe they were a little misunderstood.” Fox: “That’s some strange definition of “a little misunderstood” you’ve got there, Princess Peach.” Peach: “Nonsense. I suggest you march right up to those Lightfoots and their chief and set them straight.” Fox: “Princess Peach, haven’t you been listening to a single…?” Peach: “I said march!”

Fox ran across the bridge and stopped in front of the 2 Lightfoots with spears. The Lightfoots crossed their spears in front of hm. Chief Lightfoot: “Oh, no, not you again. We already know you didn’t take our treasure so just go away.”         

Fox broke through the spears. Fox: “Forget your stupid treasure!” Chief Lightfoot: “Then, what have you come for?” Fox: “I came for that.”

Fox pointed to the jug of water that was sitting near the chief. The chief and his look towards the water and back at Fox. They seemed disappointed. Chief Lightfoot: “You came for that? Why should I even bother giving it to you? It useless.” Fox: “What do you mean?” Chief Lightfoot: “Well, you see, at first, we thought it was magic water because it fell from sky. Then we drink magic. Magic water did nothing to us. Magic water is useless water. So, we dumping it.” Fox: “What? But you guys just can’t do that!” Chief Lightfoot: “We can and we will. There is no reason to keep useless water or give it away to likes of you.” Fox: “But you don’t understand! I need that water!” Chief Lightfoot: “Give us 1 good reason why I should give you useless water.” Fox: “Well, there’s this friend of mine. She in huge trouble and in order to save her, I need the water. If I don’t deliver to her, then there will be nothing that I or the rest of my friends can do to help her. I’m begging you give me the water. Please? I do anything for it; a task, a mission, a challenge, anything, but only if you just hand over the water.”

The chief thought about what Fox said. Chief Lightfoot: “You want useless water, we give you useless water.” Fox: “What? You mean it?”

The chief nodded. Fox: “Yeah!! Misty is saved.”   

The 2 Lightfoots crossed their spears in front of him again. Chief Lightfoot: “Under 1 condition.” Fox: “What? Weren’t you even listening to a single I was saying?” Chief Lightfoot: “Of course I did. You said you do anything for useless water, did you?”

Fox placed his hands in front of his eyes. Fox: “I had to go and ramble on like that.” Chief Lightfoot: “And besides, we give nothing to those we don’t trust. So, we put them through to tests prove if they worthy or not. So take the tests or useless water will be dumped.”

Then the chief and all his men started laughing at him. Suddenly, a sweet and beautiful voice started to sing. Fox: “Huh?”

Fox looked around until he saw Misty, who was singing for him with her hands clasped together like she was making a wish to the Star Spirits. (As seen in Paper Mario) Fox: “Misty!”

He ran towards her and kneeled in front of her. Fox: “I knew it was you singing.”

They clasped hands together. Misty: “Yes, Fox, it was me. Don’t you see what’s going on? They’re laughing at you. No one laughs at you like that. I need you to take those tests and prove those Lightfoots wrong. Do it for the Lylat System, Dinosaur Planet, and most importantly, me. Do it for me, Fox and win that water from the tribe. I believe in you.”

After hearing Misty’s encouraging words, he had enough courage to accept the tests.

The first test has begun. In this test, Fox has to locate all 4 totem poles (not very similar to the one that he was tied to earlier) and activate them within the Lightfoots’ muscleman, Musclefoot’s record. Hope came through during this test when his friends were helping him locate the poles. The first test was done.

The second test begun just as soon as soon as the tribe and Fox neared a pit and a strange looking statue with no head and it’s arms spreading wide from side to side. In this test, Fox had to push the Musclefoot off a cliff before he gets pushed in himself. Now, this seemed like a piece of cake to him until he saw how tall the Musclefoot really is. Fox’s mind: “Oh, man, these people are trying to kill me. I don’t know if I can’t go through this without my super strength. I…I just don’t know if I can.”

And then, right behind the Musclefoot in the water, he spotted Misty, who was smiling at him and winked at him, too. Then he remembered exactly what she told him. Fox’s mind: “But I must. Misty is counting on me to win that water and I must not let her down.”

Then, not caring how tall the Musclefoot really is, he accepted the challenge. It was a devastating match, but with everything that Misty told him, he has enough strength to push the Musclefoot into the pit. Fox has passed both tests and now it's time to claim his prize.

Later, they all met back with the Lightfoot chief near the bridge. Chief Lightfoot: “Well done, Fox. You have passed all the tests and just as we promised…”

The chief picked up the water and held it out. Chief Lightfoot: “Here, Fox. You win the useless water.”

Fox took the water. Fox: “I…I don’t believe it. I finally got it. Yeah!”

He then ran across the bridge and towards Misty who was sitting on the balcony of the hut with her bear friend Banjo. Fox: “I did it! I did it, Misty! I’ve got the Purified Mystic Water!”

She looked at him.  Misty: “Alright! I knew you could do it.”

Fox sat right next to Misty and poured the water on her. Shortly afterwards, she could feel the affects of the Purified Mystic Water and fell back into the water. Then a bright light was formed from underneath the water. The sight was so amazing and so beautiful that not even the Lightfoot chief and his tribe can take their eyes off of it. After the light faded, Misty flew out of the water and back in her human form. Then all of her friends were celebrating, except for Fox, who was just smiling. Misty: “Thank you, Fox, I’m finally back in my human form again.” Fox: “Good to see you back in your human form again but I couldn’t have done it without your support.” Misty: “Oh, Fox, you know I’m always there for you.” Fox: “And I’m always there for you, too.”

They both smiled at each other. Chief Lightfoot: “That was fantastic!” All: “Huh?”

They watched as the chief and his tribe came running towards them. Chief Lightfoot: “That was most amazing thing we ever saw in generations! Useless water IS magic water, after all!” Fox: “Uh, yeah! Of course!”

Fox then looked at Misty. Fox: “You just have to use it on the right person, that’s all.” Lightfoot: “Wow! We been using magic water wrong.” Chief Lightfoot: “For token of amazement, I would like to tell you a little secret: deep down below the village is a mighty chamber that has never been open for generations. They say the Krazoa Spirits built it. We have been heard that it leads to some sort of shrine.” Fox: “A Krazoa Shrine?” Chief Lightfoot: “That’s the one!” Fox: “No way! Who would have thought of it? A Krazoa shrine built in one place that we would never expect to find it.” Bubbles: “Cool! Once we collect the spirit within the shrine and return it to the palace, we’ll be half way through rescuing that stranger in danger.” Fox: “Wow! I’m impressed. For a tribe with lack of perfect grammar, you guys sure know how to keep some excellent secrets.” Chief Lightfoot: “Well, we have no choice because remember when I said that chamber hasn’t been open for generation? Well, the problem is we don’t know how to open it.” Misty: “But how do we enter this chamber?”

The chief pointed at the door on the center of the village. Chief Lightfoot: “Beyond that door lies the underground chamber. When spirits built it, they seal entrance and seal it good. None of us were able to find a way to open it.” Misty: “Well, why didn’t you say so? I can deal with that problem in a flash.”

Then she and Bubbles flew to the door. With the use of their impressive strength, they opened the door together. All of the Lightfoot tribe were amazed once again. Misty: “Problem solved. Let’s go.”

Then, Fox and the others approached the doorway Misty created and enter the underground chamber. Inside, there was a warp pad down below. Misty then flew towards Fox, grabbed him and flew down to the warp pad. Fox: “Misty, I can’t take this spirit’s test. Don’t you remember what that Krazoa just told us?” Misty: “I know. I’ll be taking the test.” Fox: “Then, why do you want me to come with you?” Misty: “Because I wanted to thank you for helping me out in my time of need and I would like someone to come with me to the shrine, unless you don’t want to go.” Fox: “Sure, Misty. I’d love to go…for you.” Misty: “Oh, thank you, Fox. This means so much to me.” Fox: “Me, too, Misty. Me, too.”

They gazed into each other’s eyes deeply and happily once again. Peach: “(Singing) L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E.”

Shortly afterwards, Fox and Misty both warped to the third Krazoa Shrine, together.          



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Chapter 12-Misty’s Krazoa Spirit

After warping to the shrine, Misty started to feel some strange magical energy. Misty: “What is that strange magical energy coming from?”

Fox thought for a moment. Fox: “The spirit! It must be coming from the spirit.” Misty: “No, it can’t be.” Fox: “But why, not?” Misty: “It’s because I have been feeling this kind of energy ever since we got anywhere near the planet.” Fox: “Hey, wait a minute. If your powers have faded from this “stage” that you’re going through, then how come you can still feel magical energy?”  Misty: “Did Ly said that ALL of my magic powers faded because of this stage? She also mentioned that us fairies can still be able to use a few of our powers or else we wouldn’t be fairies.” Fox: “Uh, that makes sense, sort of, but let’s not let all of this magic business prevent us from continuing our mission.” Misty: “You’re right. All I need to do is concentrate collect that spirit and return it to the Krazoa Palace. Come on Fox. Let’s go!”

Fox and Misty spent at least a half an hour traveling through the shrine. The challenges were harder than the ones Fox went through in the last shrine. They were able to work together to make it through. Misty’s powers were greatly weakened by the magical force of the ancient spirit. Thankfully, Fox was the second half of her strength and he was very happy to do it.

As they reached the spirit, Misty was ready to take the Test of Fear. In this test, she has to face her deepest fears. Now this was not easy for her to do because when she first entered the shrine with Fox, her normal powers faded as well her magic powers because of the spirit. Misty wasn’t one who was the bravest. There were still lots of things that scared her. But then when the pressure was too much for her and she was ready to give up, she felt somebody holding her hand. It was Fox; he managed to reach into her heart somehow. He reminded her that he will always be there for her. She was so overjoyed that is gave her enough courage to face her fears and with that, she passed the test. After that, the Krazoa Spirit flew into her body. Misty, princess of the sea, is now the keeper of the third Krazoa Spirit.

Later, both Fox and Misty were warped back to the Lightfoot Village. Fox looked at Misty. Fox: “Weird!” Misty: “What? What’s weird, Fox?” Fox: “Your eyes DO turn purple when the spirit is inside of you.”  Misty: “They are? I wish I had a mirror with me.” Fox: “Let’s get out of here, OK?”

He nodded and the both of them proceeded out of the underground chamber. They met up with the others and returned to Thorntail Hollow. After that, they ran towards the Warpstone where Fox and Misty were warped to the palace. At the palace, they traveled through the place, which was a much shorter trek than when Fox went through it, until they were able to find a Krazoa head that was very similar to the one that Fox returned his Krazoa Spirit near. There, Misty returned her spirit. Soon after that, they were returned to Thorntail Hollow.

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Chapter 13-The king’s secret

After Fox and Misty were warped back to Thorntail Hollow, they started to hear their friends calling for them. Fox: “Can you hear that?” Misty: “Why, yes. It sounds like our friends.” Fox: “Let’s go check it out.”

They followed the sounds into a cave closest to the Warpstone. Inside, they found the others with a Thorntail and a couple of eggs. Fox: “Hey, guys, what’s been going on here?” Bubbles: “Fox, Misty. You guys won’t believe in what we went through while you 2 were at the palace.” Fox: “Try us.” Bubbles: “We were protecting a mother Thorntail’s eggs from nasty-looking creatures.” Fox: “You were?” Mother Thorntail: “Why, of course. These youngsters have saved my eggs from being stolen by those evil creatures. Those creatures have always wanted to try and eat my eggs.” Misty: “Wow! Good job, guys.” Bubbles: “Aw, it was nothing. But then another one of those green lights appeared from the ground from the other side of this cave. The mother Thorntail believes that it’s something that you seek.”

Fox then went over to the other side of the cave and jumped into the hole. Then he came back out with the light red and his staff equipped with a new upgrade. You’ll see soon enough. Peach: “Uh, you know what, guys? I was just wondering how the queen is doing, right now. Maybe we should go check on her, if that’s OK with the rest of you.” Rayman: [“I understand.”] Misty: “It’s OK.” Bubbles: “Sure.” Kazooie: “Whatever.” Banjo: “OK.” Tricky: “Yes, ma’am.” Fox: “Well, alright but let’s make it quick, OK?” Peach: “Sure thing, Fox.”

They made their way back towards the queen and met up with her. Peach: “Good day, your majesty, so nice to see you on this lovely day.” Queen Earthwalker: “So nice to see you, too, Princess Peach, but I have some bad news.” Tricky: “What’s wrong, mom?” Queen Earthwalker: “Son, you’re father has been taken prisoner within the Walled City.” Peach: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What should we do, Fox?” Fox: “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do, Peach: we’re going to locate the gatekeeper and rescue the king.” Queen Earthwalker: “Oh, I’m afraid it’s not that simple. For you see, the king IS the gatekeeper.” Tricky: “Dad’s a gatekeeper?” Peach: “Oh, my!” Fox: “That’s all we need.” Kazooie: “Oh, whoop-de-do, the king’s a gatekeeper. How terrifying.”

Fox then bashed Kazooie on the head. Kazooie:” Ow!” Fox: “Kazooie, you’ve picked the wrong time to be sarcastic! This is serious!”

Kazooie was rubbing her head with her wing. Kazooie: “Well you don’t have hit so hard.” Queen Earthwalker: “Yes, a gatekeeper and a very wise one, at that. When he heard that Scales and his men were coming, he hid his gatekeeper powers behind the sacred seal.” Peach: “Is that what’s behind that big over there?” Fox: “Now this shouldn’t be a problem. All we have to do is crack that door open and we’re on our way to Walled City.” Queen Earthwalker: “However, I can’t crack it open but maybe you can.” Fox: “Let’s see what I can do.”

Fox ran up to the door, took out his staff and used it as a key. Then the door faded and out came the vortex to Walled City. Fox and his friends ran back to the Arwing to prepare to take off as Peach activated her PPG suit. Peach: “Good-bye, your majesty. Nice seeing you.” Queen Earthwalker: “Nice seeing you, too, Peach and while you’re up there, tell the king I said hi and I miss him.”

Peach nodded and took while the others took off with back at the Arwing spot.          

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Chapter 14-The City of Day and Night

After Fox and the others landed, they met up with Princess Peach. They looked out towards the entire area. Large, T-rexes, which are called Red Eyes, were stomping about the entire place. Peach: “Wow! Walled City. Stay close, everyone. These ferocious creatures look more hungry than friendly.”

Then they ran to a bridge and hid behind an archway after they crossed it. Fox: “Those t-rexes DO look hungry. Boy, if Buttercup were here, she would beat them all senseless, that is if she wasn’t too busy crying. Right, Bubbles? Bubbles?” Bubbles: “Big deal! I can beat up these t-rexes a lot better than 20 Buttercups!”

Bubbles flew to the nearest t-rex beat it up senseless. However, you only see Fox and the others watch as she beats it up. If you look towards Bubbles, afterward, you’ll see her laughing with hands on her hips while the t-rex below her lays unconscious. Bubbles: “Too easy!”

She continued laughing. Fox came out of hiding and walked up to Bubbles while applauding. Fox: “Very impressive, Bubbles.” Bubbles: “Am I the greatest or what?” Fox: “Heh! You can say that again.”

Then Peach came out of hiding and ran to the both of them. Peach: “Alright you 2. Enough fooling around. Don’t forget that we’re here to find the king. You can make it your mission to fight the t-rexes after we find him, OK?” Bubbles: “(Sigh) OK.” Fox: “Don’t worry, Peach, we’ll find him, I’ll make sure of that.”

Later, Fox and his friends searched the area until they found some sort of strange platform. Bubbles and Misty jumped on it and attempted to ground pound it, but it wouldn’t even shatter. Misty: “Hm, this is one really tough door.” Peach: “Oh, dear. There must be some way to open it.” Fox: “Guess we’ll have to find a way. Come on, let’s go search the entire place.”

They rushed off and did just that.

Within much time, they came across a number of challenges. They worked diligently to completed all of them. With that, the door that they attempted to break earlier opened up. They eventually returned to it. From inside the chamber within, they heard a voice. Voice: “Huh? Who goes there?” Tricky: “That’s my dad!”

Tricky ran into the chamber as the others followed. When inside, they received a little surprise. Peach: “(Gasp) King Earthwalker!”

That’s right! They find him. The Earthwalker king, himself. The ruler of the Earthwalker tribe, right next to his wife, the Queen Earthwalker, and an important support of Dinosaur Planet. Fox and his friends watched as Tricky nuzzled on the king’s leg like a cat. King Earthwalker: “Tricky, my son, you don’t have to worry about me. I am the king. (Laugh)”

He soon spotted Fox and the others. King Earthwalker: “Ah, the famous Starfox and friends, heroes of Dinosaur Planet.” Fox: “Uh, yeah, that’s us.”

He was about to ask him a question King Earthwalker: “But before you ask, no, I haven’t got the Spellstone but I know how you can get it: in order to enter the lair of the Redeye king, you must find and return the sacred Redeye teeth to there proper place.” Peach: “Thanks for the info, your Kingship. We’ll get on it, right away.” Bubbles:” Now can I go and beat up more t-rexes?” Peach: “Sure, Bubbles. Go ahead.”

Bubbles immediately flew out of the chamber, the rest took off towards other parts of the area to search for the sacred teeth.

Within much time, Fox and the others could only find one of the sacred teeth. They were at a loss of where to find the other one until Bubbles returned, revealing that she had found the other one after she defeated all of the t-rexes. They soon returned to the chamber that the king is still in. There, Fox placed the tooth that he and the others found in one of the fierce-looking statues and Bubbles placed the tooth that she found in the mouth of the other statue. Then a chamber door between the statues open up and Fox rushed into immediately.

He ran through a dark hallway and stopped in a large chamber. Suddenly, a giant door shut right behind him, knocking him off his feet, and another door at a far distant opened up and revealed a giant t-rex. It was bigger than any of the others that Bubbles fought earlier. The giant beast came out and was heading towards Fox. Fox’s mind: “Oh, man. What should I do? I must think up somethingfast, or I’ll be eaten alive, for sure.”

Just then, he spotted a fuel barrel generator right near him. Fox’s mind: “Perfect! Something to throw at the beast, but how will I disable it?”

Then he saw a pressure plate right in front of him. Fox: “Well, it’s worth a shot.”

He got himself up and ran to the fuel barrel, picked it up, and then darted over towards the pressure plate. He stepped on just as soon as the t-rex came towards him, causing it to be to fall to the ground by the electric source coming from the walls in front of Fox. He has a conceited smile on his face. Fox: “Perfect!”

He ran to the t-rex and threw the barrel at it.

After he did this 3 more times, the t-rex gave up and collapsed on the floor for the moment. Fox walked up to its forehead and used his staff to pry the Spellstone off. Then the Spellstone falls off the beast’s forehead and shortly slid on the floor. As he was going over towards it to pick up the Spellstone, he heard something from behind him. Turns out that the t-rex wasn’t finished off, yet. Oh-no! Just then, a blue flash of light broke through the door in front of Fox and beat up the t-rex. Fox leapt out of the way just in time and looked towards what the blue flash of light was. Fox: “Bubbles!” Bubbles: “I’ll take care of this beast! You go get the Spellstone!”

He nodded and proceeded with what he was doing before he was interrupted. After he picked up the Spellstone, he heard a voice that was calling for him. Fox: “Huh?”

He looked towards the doorway that Bubbles crashed through and saw Misty walking in. She was crying and relieved. Fox: “Misty!”

Fox ran to her and she did the same to him until they put their arms around each other. Misty: “Oh, Fox, I was so worried you. After you entered the chamber, a strong metallic door closed in front of us. I didn’t know if you were hurt or not. I didn’t know what to do. I panicked.”

He rubbed the back of her head and whispered to her. Fox: “Shhhhhh. It’s OK, Misty, it’s OK. I’m fine, the Spellstone has been retrieved; it’s over.”

Later, Fox, Misty, and Bubbles met back at the Arwing with the king, Tricky, and the others. Tricky: “Did you get it?”

Fox nodded. Tricky: “Dad, look what we got.” King Earthwalker: “Very nice job, guys. I’m proud of all of you.” Peach: “You’re very welcome, your Mightiness, but aren’t you coming with us back to the planet?” King Earthwalker: “Nah, I’ll stay here until the city returns to the planet.” Peach: “Oh, that reminds me; sir, we have met the queen earlier and she wanted me to say that she said hi and that she misses you.” King Earthwalker: “Aw thanks for the message, Princess Peach. I miss her a lot, too.” Fox: “I don’t blame you.”

He put his arm around Misty. Fox: “I would be devastated if I were too separated from Misty without a reason.” Peach:” Hm…really? Does that mean you…?” Fox: “NO!” King Earthwalker:” Huh?”

Peach whispered to the King. Peach: “Fox and Misty doesn’t know it, yet but they’re in love with each other.” King Earthwalker: “Oh and you’re trying to remind them.” Peach: “Right.” Fox: “Now if you excuse us, we’ve got a volcano to return this Spellstone to.”

And so, Fox and his friends said good-bye to the king and prepared themselves to leave for Dinosaur Planet.

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Chapter 15-Banjo’s Krazoa Spirit

After they landed in Thorntail Hollow, they headed straight for Moon Mountain Pass and to the Volcano Force Point Temple. Things were exactly the same after they left except for the chamber where Peppy and Blossom told them facts about the Spellstone. Everything was different from there. They were eventually able to reach the warp pad that warped them to the blue tinted room. They all ran to another Spellstone socket right next to the water Spellstone where Fox placed the last fire Spellstone. Then more shaking occurred and the last orange flow above the pillar faded. 3 down and only 1 more left.

Shortly, they all warped back outside the temple. Everyone else ran off. Fox made one last glance at the Volcano Force Point Temple and caught up with the others. They ran through Moon Mountain Pass and made it back to Thorntail Hollow. But before they could relax, winged creatures suddenly flew out of the giant well and started to attack the Thorntail tribe. Don’t these poor people ever get a break? In order to save them all in time, Fox had the team split up and each must select 1 of the 6 Thorntails to rescue. It wasn’t easy, but another rescue mission has come to a success. Thorntail: Once again, you guys have come to the aid of our tribe. You and your friends are real heroes, Fox.” Kazooie: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t you guys ever protect yourselves?” Fox: “Don’t you ever shut your big beak, you loud mouth bird?” Kazooie: “Sorry, but I choose not listen to you anymore. I only listen to Misty from now on.” Misty: “Don’t you ever shut your big beak, you loud mouth bird?”

Kazooie became shocked. Fox folded his arms with a conceited smile on his face. Fox: “Did I mention that Misty’s on my side?”

Kazooie glared at Fox. Kazooie: “I hate you.”

Fox continued to smile at Kazooie. The Thorntail then pulled out a large scarab bag. Thorntail: “And I got this for you. Many thanks for saving us.” Bubbles: “No problem, it’s what we do. Showing that you’re OK is the best way that you could ever repay us.”

The Thorntail smiled and went back to eating grass. Fox picked up the large scarab bag. Banjo: “Wow! That bag is big enough to hold more than enough scarabs to buy 5 of the Thorntail Store’s most expensive item.”

Fox then held the scarab bag up to his ear to hear how many scarabs the bag is actually holding. He listened… Fox: “Perhaps…just one of them.” Banjo: “Darn it, not even close.” Fox: “That’s OK, I think you got something there, Banjo.” Banjo: “I do? Aw, shucks.” Misty: “But what do you mean, Fox?” Fox: “Guys, follow me. I’ll give you the details, later.”

So, they followed Fox into the Thorntail Store. There, he gave his friends a couple of scarabs to buy a little something for themselves while he was busy buying the expensive item in the store with the rest of the scarabs. As the others were buying food, Banjo was looking for honey like he did the last time they visited the store. This made the storekeeper very angry. Shabunga: “Choose something, already!” Banjo: “Do you have any honey?” Shabunga: “For the last time, no! I don’t have any honey! I don’t even know what honey is!” Banjo: “Well, I’ve got to have honey some time. I haven’t had honey in a long time; I can’t even remember what it tastes like.” Shabunga: “Listen, missy; if that bear mentions the word “honey” again, I’ll have him kicked out before you can say, “haggling”.” Misty: “I’m sorry, but ever since a certain someone left to retrieve more magic paint from her home planet, Banjo has been dying for honey.” Shabunga: “I told you not to say that word!” Misty: “That’s strange; I thought you say BANJO couldn’t say it, not me.” Shabunga: “Don’t get smart with me or I’ll have you kicked out as well as your bear friend!” Misty: “Oh, all right. Come on, Banjo. We’re all done here. Fox should have bought the expensive item by now. We should meet him and get out of here.” Banjo: “Well, OK.”

Both Misty and Banjo walked out of the blue section of the store and when they met up with Fox, had a huge problem as he was searching through his backpack. Fox: “(grunt) Darn it!” Misty: “What’s wrong, Fox?” Fox: “I can’t fit this thing that I just bought into my backpack.” Peach: “Tsk, tsk. Oh, Fox, I told you not to over pack before we returned to the planet, but did you listen? No, you just counted your chickens too early again. You are so careless, don’t you know that?” Fox: “Alright, alright! You made your point, Princess! Now, is everybody else’s backpack available?” Peach: “I’d love to help you but my bag is too small for that thing. At least it’s not overstuffed like yours.” Fox: “Alright, I heard you the first time. Does anybody else have backpacks that are vacant?” Bubbles: “Sorry, but mine full, too.” Rayman: [“Full!”] Misty: “I would also love to help you, too, Fox, if a certain someone would return from her home planet.” Peach: “Maybe, we should just carry the item?” Shabunga: “Forget it, Blondie.” Peach: “Huh?”

Shabunga then appeared in the room. Shabunga: “That item is genuine and rare. If the other dinosaurs saw you with it, they will trample all over you like a stampede.” Peach: “But why?” Shabunga: “What you have there is a Snowhorn artifact. Everyone will do anything to get his or her hands on it. Hiding it inside a carrying case will prevent that from happening.” Fox: “But all of our backpacks are occupied.” Banjo: “Not mine.” Fox: “Huh?” Banjo: “I’ll carry that artifact for you.” Kazooie: “Oh, no you don’t! I’m not staying cooped up inside a backpack with that stupid artifact.” Fox: “Well, you’re going to have to get out of there, Kazooie.” Kazooie: “Fine!”

Kazooie flew out of Banjo’s backpack. Kazooie: “It’s too stuffy in there for my beautiful crown, anyway.” Fox: “Will you stop yapping about that stupid crown of yours?” Kazooie: “Never, you’re just jealous that I’m a princess and you’re not…a prince.” Fox: “F.Y.I., birdbrain; I have a best friend who has been princess way longer than you.”

Kazooie made a grimace and flew out of the store. Fox: “Hey, where are you going!?!” Kazooie: “Let me know when you’ve got rid of that stupid artifact, loser.” Fox: “FINE! GO, THEN! I DON’T CARE IF YOU NEVER COME BACK!” Kazooie: “Fine!” Fox: “Come on, guys. Follow me.”

Fox and the other ran off as Princess Peach stayed, whispered something into Shabunga’s ear and gave him 50 scarabs. Shabunga took the scarabs. Shabunga: “I’ll have that surprise of yours ready in no time.” Peach: “I’m giving you till after the planet is back together again. That should give you plenty of time to get it ready.”

Peach left and catch up with the others.

Later, Fox and the other headed back to the entrance of the Snowhorn Wastes. Fox explain to his friends that one time they were at the wastes, he heard a blue Snowhorn was complaining that he lost something. He knew exactly what it was. When they reached the Snowhorn, Banjo took the artifact out of his backpack and gave the artifact to it.  Snowhorn: “I don’t believe it. This item was stolen from me many years ago.” Banjo: “Really?” Snowhorn: “Yes, I believe it was around the same time that a strange, floating dinosaur visited the wastes.” Misty: “No way…he…stole that artifact?” Peach: “That’s just…terrible.” Snowhorn: “Yes, but in return for bringing back the artifact, I will give your friend the chance to prove himself.” Rayman: [“That’s it? Banjo returns an artifact and is given a test in return for his kindness? What kind of reward is that?”] Peach: “Easy there, Rayman.”

Then as the Snowhorn stomps its front feet, a pad was rising below Banjo’s feet. Snowhorn: “The call of the Snowhorns will begin the challenge.”

Fox gave Banjo the dinosaur horn. Then Banjo blew on the horn and he was off.

This test was a tracking test. All that Banjo has to do is run to another dinosaur horn pad a blow the horn on it and run to the next pad. However, he has to complete the test within the time limit or else he would have to start from the beginning. Because Banjo rides on Kazooie’s back throughout tests like this one, this was pretty hard for him. A lot of times, he was out of breath. He was eventually able to pass the test with time to spare. He swam across on the left side of the river in the wastes where his friends and the Snowhorn were waiting for him. Fox: “Wow, Banjo, I…I can’t believe you passed that test on your own, without Kazooie and her Talon Trot.” Banjo: “Thanks (gasp)… Fox. It…(pant) wasn’t easy…(pant).”

Misty walked up to Banjo and picked him up. Misty: “Poor Banjy bear, you look exhausted. You should cut down on riding Kazooie’s back and get more exercise.”

Banjo agreed. Fox did, too. Fox: “Come on, guys. Let’s go to the next shrine. Banjo, you stay in Misty’s arms and rest for a while. You’re going to have to take the test since Misty and I have already took ours.” Banjo agreed again. Then Fox and Misty ran to the warp pad and warped on it.

After they warped, they were in a sticky or should I say slippery situation because the floor is made of ice. But slippery floor never stopped these brave adventurers from getting to the Krazoa Spirit within the end of the shrine. Fox escorted Misty through the entire place as her powers were weakened by the spirit again. Thankfully, he was able to handle it just fine. He is clever and resourceful after all.

When they reached the end, Misty dropped off Banjo so he can take the next spirit’s test: Test of Strength. In this test, Banjo has to push a Sharpclaw into a pit before he gets pushed in, himself. It was pretty similar to the test of strength that Fox took back in the Lightfoot Village. This short bear proved that sometimes, a little goes a long way by passing the test. Then the spirit flew into Banjo’s body. Banjo the honey bear is now the keeper of the fourth Krazoa Spirit.

Shortly, they were warped back to the Snowhorn Wastes and met up to their friends to return to Thorntail Hollow. Afterward, they reunited with Kazooie. Unfortunately, she and Fox were still mad at each other from the fight they had back at the store. Soon enough, they immediately returned to the Warpstone where Fox, Misty, and Banjo were warped to the Krazoa Palace. They searched the palace until they were able to find another Krazoa head for Banjo to release his spirit.          

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Chapter 16-The final gatekeeper revealed

The 3 of them were warped back in Thorntail Hollow. Warpstone: “Fox, my boy. 3 Spellstones down and only 1 more to go. It’s time now for you and your friends to head for Dragon Rock, you’re toughest challenge yet.” Fox: “That’s easy for you to say, but where’s the gatekeeper?”

He looked out at Thorntail Hollow. Warpstone: “He is closer than you realize.”

He turned back and looked towards Fox and his friends. Warpstone: “He who has no voice has plenty to say.”

Just then, Blossom’s hologram projector turned on. Blossom: “Blossom here. Guys, I may be able to figure out the riddle.” Bubbles: “Blossom!” Blossom: “Sorry to surprise you, Bubbles but I may be able to figure out what the Warpstone is trying to say.” Fox: “Go for it.” Blossom: “OK, umm, let’s see. Hmm…”

She thought for a while. Blossom: “I’ve got it! OK, guys, here’s what I’ve figure out: the Warpstone says that the gatekeeper is someone who doesn’t say anything but has a lot to say. Do you know anyone who just says nothing but mumbles?” Kazooie: “Oh, no, Please don’t tell me that we have to talk to that guy, that mumbling Thorntail. We’re hardly going to get anything out that guy because every time we try to talk to him, all he says is “mumble, mumble, mumble…not now”.” Blossom: “Well, try again; I have a feeling that you guys will be lucky this time.” Fox: “Thanks, Blossom.” Bubbles: “Thank you very much, Blossom.” Blossom: “Anytime, guys. Blossom out.”

Blossom’s hologram then turned off.

Afterward, Fox and his friends headed for the Thorntail closest to the giant well. Kazooie: “Alright, Mr. Mumble, mumble, mumble…not now! Tell us right now why you never even spoken to us once.” Thorntail: “I haven’t spoken even since something terrible happened. Something that I’m too afraid to admit.” Peach:” Something terrible?” Thorntail: “Yes, I too attempted to save our planet but…I failed.” Misty: “Tell us, what happened?” Thorntail: “I led a group of dinosaurs against General Scales. He learned of our plan before we could act and launched a full scale offensive against us. We never stood a chance. He imprisoned 3 of my closest friends on Dragon Rock and it is also where he has taken the Spellstone.”

As they were listened, Misty, Bubbles, and Pikachu started to cry. Peach and Rayman tried to hold their tears back and failed. Even Banjo let it out but Kazooie was bored to tears. Fox felt sad but he did not cry. Fox: “But how did you survive?” Misty: “Hm…if Scales let you go…that must mean that…” Thorntail: “I am the Gatekeeper.”

He then opened the vortex to Dragon Rock as did all of the other Thorntails. Thorntail: “The gateway to Dragon Rock is now open. Please, help my friends; they are on your side.” Misty: “Don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can.”

Fox and his friends returned to the Arwing and prepared to take off for Dragon Rock. The quest for the final Spellstone has just began, but will it be easy? We shall soon see.

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Chapter 17-The Quest for the Last Spellstone

I hate to spoil the surprise but compared to the other floating lands, Dragon Rock was the most unpleasant. The rough landing should prove it, first of all. As Fox was landing his Arwing, the electric bolts coming out of the top of the strange structure zapped Fox. When Misty, Bubbles, and Peach saw what was happening they went down to help out. Misty and Peach rescued Fox out of the Arwing while Bubbles did the same with Tricky. Unfortunately, they were zapped, too. Rayman and Banjo went down to try and help, too, but just to get zapped, themselves. Finally, they all fell to the ground, unconscious. As for the Arwing? It blew up in mid air.

You now see them lying on the ground. Suddenly, they all woke up. Fox: “Whoa…what happened? Is everyone OK?”

Misty sat right up. Misty: “I’m OK.” Bubbles: “I’m OK, too. Are you OK, Tricky?” Tricky: “Yeah, I’m OK, too.” Peach: “I’m fine but I think I broke a nail.” Rayman: [“I’m all right. At least I landed on my head.”] Banjo: “Ow! I think I broke a joy pad.” Kazooie: “You don’t even know what a joy pad is, so how do you even know?” Banjo:” Oh, right. Fox, what’s a joy pad?” Fox: “Banjo, that’s not important right now. What IS important is what in the name of Star Haven just happened?”

Just then, Peppy’s hologram projector turned on. Peppy: “Peppy here. You’re probably wondering why Blossom contacted you earlier.” Fox: “No, we’re wondering the heck happened to us.” Peppy: “Well, you were most likely attacked by Dragon Rock’s security system.” Fox: “You mean the electric bolts that nearly zapped me and my friends to death and blew up my Arwing? We were barely able to survive long enough to say anything about it.” Peppy: “Oh, no, I was afraid of this. Well, it seems to me that you guys are stranded on Dragon Rock until someone can somehow find and destroy the security’s main powers. Right now, you guys should be OK as long as you remain on the ground.” Fox: “Will do, old timer.” Peppy: “Be very careful. Peppy out.”

Peppy’s hologram turned off. Kazooie: “Stay on the ground, eh? I know the perfect egg for a situation like this.”

Kazooie fired a clockwork Kazooie out of her mouth. The clockwork ran far away from Kazooie and the others.

20 seconds later, some explosion occurred at a far distant. Fox and friends went to investigate, they saw that the clock Kazooie bomb created a hole in a giant that held an Earthwalker. Earthwalker: “Who goes there?” Fox: “Um, my name is Fox McCloud and these are my friends.” Earthwalker: “So, you guys must be the heroes who have come to save Dinosaur Planet. Well, I’m glad to see that you guys have made it this far, but there are others.” Fox: “Yeah, I know. Your Thorntail friend told us all about it.” Earthwalker: “I’m glad to hear of his safety but the Hightop isn’t so fortunate.” Peach:” Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Is there anything we can do to help it?” Earthwalker: “Well, there is 1 way: you see, it is being held captive within that tower, over there and is being closed off by 4 patrolling robot. With their shields, they are unstoppable. However, each one has a shield generator hidden nearby. If we can destroy these, the robots will be defenseless.” Fox:” So what do you expect we should use?”

Fox pulled out his staff and held it out. Fox: “This?” Earthwalker: “No!”

Misty held out both of her fists. Misty: “These?” Earthwalker: “NO! (Referring to himself) This. Now, get on my back, you 2. Let’s do some damage.”

So, Fox and Misty climbed on to the Earthwalker and rode it out of the cage.

Finally, after a few minutes, all the generators were destroyed with the help of Misty’s x-ray vision and the Earthwalker’s hard head. Then they rode the Earthwalker back to where they found it.

Afterward, Fox jumped off it and grabbed Misty by the hand as she was stepping off. Then, hand in hand, they ran off to destroy all the sentinels until a gate at a far off distance was opened. They ran to where the gate was opened and found the Hightop that the Earthwalker was talking about. Misty grabbed on to Fox and quickly jumped on to a ledge in front of the Hightop. The poor dinosaur tried and tried to break free but the ropes were holding it back. Misty used her laser vision to cut through the ropes but even her lasers couldn’t break them, either. Then Fox noticed that each rope that was holding the Hightop back had switch. So, he took out his staff and shot them all in a flash.

Afterward, the Hightop told them about a Cloudrunner that was also being held captive in the area. The Hightop also told them to protect it from the strange structure’s fire. Hand in hand, Fox and Misty jumped on to its back and rode it out of the chamber. As it traveled through the land, missiles started flying out of the structure and towards them, just like the Earthwalker said but with Fox’s fire blaster and Misty’s laser vision, the Hightop was unharmed. It was like a Disney ride with a fire blaster and lasers. (Lame!)

Later, the Hightop stopped in front of a giant metal door. Then it entered some kind of code with its face and opened the door. Then, Fox and Misty jumped off the Hightop and it walked away as they entered the giant door area. They soon ran to a chamber to the right and found a Cloudrunner trapped in a cage hanging on the ceiling by a normal rope. Fox: “That Hightop wasn’t kidding when it said that there’s a Cloudrunner here. Hmm…Misty, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Misty: “Oh, yeah! We should let Kazooie handle this one.” Fox: “Let’s see if she’s good enough to be the Cloudrunner princess.”

Then Misty made a secret bird call of her own; a bird call that Kazooie responds to all the time. A few seconds later, Kazooie came running in, followed by the others. Kazooie: “I came here as fast as I can. So, what’s up?”

Misty pointed up to the Cloudrunner in the cage. Kazooie looked up. Kazooie: “A Cloudrunner trapped in a hanging cage. What do you want me to do about it?” Fox: “Why are you asking us? You’re the princess. You’re supposed to rescue it.” Kazooie: “Rescue it? Why do I even bother want to waist my time just to rescue a helpless Cloudrunner?” Fox: “Are you saying that you’re too good for your own subjects?” Kazooie: “Exactly!” Fox: “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Kazooie, you foolish, misguided bird. Don’t tell me that you don’t know what it means to be princess.” Kazooie: “Oh, and what makes you know more about being a princess than me? You’re only male.” Fox: “Like I said before; I have a best friend who has been princess way longer than you. She even told me that a princess helps out those in need, not having to be better than anyone else. Right, Peach?”

Peach nodded. Peach: “Even a prince needs to know this.” Kazooie: “What? You’re bluffing.” Fox: “Rules are rules. Peach just lives by them, not make them.” Peach: “Uh, huh. To be honest, I enjoy them more than living by them.” Fox: “And if you don’t believe it, then I guess don’t deserve being crowned honorary princess of the Cloudrunner tribe, after all.”

Kazooie became furious. Kazooie: “What? Why you…I’ll show you, Fox McCloud. I am good enough to be crowned princess of the Cloudrunner tribe. I can prove it. I’ll rescue that Cloudrunner from that cage, right now.”

Kazooie positioned herself like she always does when she’s about to fire one of her eggs. Fox and Peach whispered to each other. Peach: “Very cunning, Fox.”  Fox: “It gets her all the time, although I should thank you for this one.” Peach: “Don’t thank me, that’s what friends are for.”

Kazooie was about to take aim, but before she did, she turned her head to Fox while making an angry face. Kazooie: “I hate you.”

Fox smiled at Kazooie again. Then Kazooie turned her head back to the Cloudrunner trapped in the cage, aimed directly at the rope that’s holding up the cage and shot a few fire eggs to burn the ropes. Then the cage fell and the Cloudrunner was finally free. Kazooie: “There, I saved the Cloudrunner. Happy?” Fox: “Yeah, but you would have done better if the queen was here.”

Kazooie’s eyes began to tear. Kazooie: “(Whispering) Your majesty…”

Fox centered his attention on the Cloudrunner. Fox: “Are you OK?” Cloudrunner: “I’m fine. Thanks for helping me out. Say, are you guys friends of Krystal’s?” Fox: “You know Krystal?” Cloudrunner: “Of course, I do. I helped her fly to the Krazoa Palace. Then I was captured by the Sharpclaws and was put into this cage. I have been stuck here ever since.  Why don’t you climb aboard? I need to stretch out my wings.” Fox: “I don’t think you should. Dragon Rock’s high voltage security system nearly killed me and my friends as we were landing here.” Cloudrunner: “Not to worry, the high voltage security system on this place only works on unidentified objects. I can assume dinosaurs like me are definitely not one of them.” Fox: “Well, that’s a relief…” Cloudrunner: “However, this place has special security on the 4 spires that generate the security system. That’s why I need you to climb on my back so you can take down the spires that generate them.” Fox: “OK, then. Let’s go.”

Fox mounted on the Cloudrunner. Misty: “Wait!” Fox: “Huh?”

Misty ran towards the Cloudrunner. Misty: “You’re not doing this alone, Fox. I’m coming with you.” Fox: “Misty, are you serious?” Misty: “Yes, Fox. I don’t want you to go alone after what happened last time. I was worried sick for you.” Fox: “Misty, don’t worry, I’ll OK. But if you really want to…”

Suddenly, Fox grabbed Misty by the hand and pulled her up. Fox: “Then I’d be more than happy to let you come.” Misty: “Oh, thank you, Fox.”

The Cloudrunner took off.

Now, Fox and Misty are on their third ride. This ride was just like the Hightop, only faster, never-ending and in the air. Also, in this ride, they don’t just have to shoot the missiles heading towards them they also have to shoot the spires that the Cloudrunner heads to each time it turns. Fox concentrated on shooting down the missiles while Misty concentrated her laser eye beams on the spires. It was like a Disney ride only you get to decide when it ends. (Cool!)

After destroying all 4 spires, the Cloudrunner landed on top of the structure. Then Fox grabbed on to Misty, like they did in the old days and flew down into the structure. When inside, Fox and Misty met a mutant dinosaur named Drakor. Unfortunately, Drakor didn’t like visitors; so instead, he made the welcome a whole lot warmer by attacking them. Then it started to test them by having Misty chase it throughout the entire chamber of the structure. As Misty chased after the monster, she and Fox worked together to fight the monster. She would hold Fox with one arm as he shot out at it with his Fire Blaster. She would sometimes toss him so that he would fight it while using his athletic fighting abilities. Of course, she would always be there to catch him before he fell.

The battle was tough, but after a long time, Drakor was finally defeated. And then, as Drakor was falling into the lava, he dropped the final Spellstone. Then, Misty, with her incredible speed, flew down and grabbed the Spellstone, then she flew herself and Fox out of the chamber.

You now see the 2 of them sitting on the edge of the structure, side by side with Misty holding the Spellstone on her lap. Fox: “Misty, can I you something that I would regret saying in front of the others?” Misty: “Go ahead, Fox. I’m all ears.” Fox: “Misty, I really enjoyed riding on the dinosaurs with you.” Misty: “You do?” Fox: “Yeah. We did do a good thing for them, but what I really enjoyed about it was the fact that we were riding them together, not with the others. Not with Bubbles, Peach, Rayman, Banjo, and especially not with Kazooie. It was just you and me and not anybody else. Thank you for sharing those moments with me.” Misty: “No need to thank me, Fox because I have something to say, too. I enjoyed riding those dinosaurs with you, too.” Fox: “Really?” Misty: “Uh, huh, and I would do it again if I had the time.” Fox: “You would?” Misty: “Uh, huh.” Fox: “Wow! I’m really glad to hear you say that, Misty.” Misty: “And I’m glad, too, Fox.”

Then they gazed into each other eyes deeply and happily again. (Oh, brother! They would have figured it out by now, but it still remained a secret to them. I hope they figure before this story ends. Speaking of which, this story will never end unless I get back to it, right away.)

Later, Fox and Misty landed on the ground and found the others waiting for them, especially the 3 dinosaurs that they rescued earlier. Just then, another Arwing landed right in front of them and Slippy’s hologram projector turned on right after it landed. All: “Slippy!” Slippy: “Hey, guys. Sorry to surprise you, but Peppy detailed me on what you guys have been through while landing, so I had Rob send down a spare Arwing, right away.” Fox: “Thanks, Slip. I was so glad that we were able to shut down that security system while trying to retrieve the last Spellstone.” Misty: “We sure did, now we’re free to leave this place and go back to the planet.” Slippy: “Oh, by the way, Misty, Bubbles, Princess Peach, I became very concerned after hearing the bad news from Peppy. Are you 3 OK?” Misty: “Yep.” Bubbles: “Fine.” Peach: “Never better.” Slippy: “Good! Now, Fox, be careful with that Arwing because that’s the last spare I’m giving you. I need the other one to work on Project-Back Seat Riders.” Fox: “I’ll try, Slip.” Slippy: “OK. See ya, Fox. See ya, girls. Slippy out.”

Slippy’s hologram turned off. Fox and his friends got ready to leave Dragon Rock while saying goodbye to their new dinosaur friends and took off.

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Chapter 18-Final Spellstone in Place, Is It Over?

After they returned to Thorntail Hollow, they immediately returned to Cape Claw, where the Ocean Force Point Temple is located. There, Misty turned herself back into a mermaid, with caution. However, when Fox and Banjo reached the entrance of the Force Point Temple was barricaded. Those Sharpclaws were foolish to barricade the entrance with wood. Kazooie could easily blast through it with her grenade eggs. So, Fox and Banjo got out of the way as Kazooie positioned herself to blast through the barricade with her grenade eggs. Now, they are able to enter first door of the temple. When inside, they met up with Misty, dove into the water and swam with her through the tunnel to where Misty used the Spellstone to open doorway into the temple and got sucked in again.

You now see them lying on the water, like before, only this time, they woke up a little earlier as they flipped off their backs and vertically. Fox and Banjo swam out of the water and walked through the hallway in the large chamber with the pressure plate and 9 electric panels instead of 6. Banjo ran to the pressure plate and stood on it as Fox walked on the panels as displayed on the wall behind Banjo. After Fox crossed the panels, Banjo ran to the spot where he placed the split up pads. There, Kazooie flew out of Banjo’s backpack and went to stand on the pressure plate as Banjo walked on the panels as displayed on the wall behind Kazooie. After Banjo crossed the panels, Kazooie glided over them to catch up with Banjo, afterward, Banjo and Kazooie caught up with Fox and climbed up the wall with him to the warp pad and warped to the second section of the temple. Fox went out and explored the place while Banjo climbed up a wall to go check on Misty.

While exploring the place, he solved 2 puzzles that were like the ones he solved last time, only different. After solving the puzzles, he returned to the first room and climbed up the wall that Banjo climbed earlier and ran into to the left of Banjo and Misty. Then he shot fire blaster switch within the room and the glass seal that Misty was trapped underneath faded. As she dove under the water, Fox ran back to the room, expecting that her transformation powers to not kick in again, so he would pull her out of the water and carry her over in order to return the Spellstone. But that’s not what happened, this time. Luckily, her transformation powers were able to work and she was back in her human form. However, that wasn’t even half of the surprise until they warped to the blue tinted room.

As soon as they arrived, they found that the others were in the room with them. Fox: “Guys, what are you doing here? How did you get here?” Tricky: “Fox, it was the strangest thing; we were relaxing on the beach when all of a sudden, we were unexpectedly warped here.” Fox: “But why?” Peach:” Maybe we were warped here to see you put the last Spellstone in place and bring the planet back together once and for all.” Misty: “Well, then if that’s the case, then I should get started right away.”

Misty walked up to the last Spellstone socket. Misty: “And now, the moment you all have been waiting for.”

She took out the Spellstone and placed the last Spellstone in the final socket. Then more shaking occurred and the final flow of magic energy faded. The final Spellstone has finally returned. Is it over, yet? We shall soon see.

After Misty returned the final Spellstone, she and the others watched as the holographic image of Dinosaur Planet above the pillar pulls itself back together. Peach: “Ooh, look at that.” Bubbles: “I…I don’t believe it; the planet is finally back together again. Isn’t it a beautiful sight?” Fox: “I know, Bubbles, this is incredible. We all did a great job and now, it’s finally finished.” Misty: “Ha, ha! Cheers for us. Hip-hip,” All: “Hoorah!” Misty: “Hip-hip,” All: “Hoorah!” Misty: “Hip-hip,” All: “ Hoora-“ Peach: “Hey, wait a minute! Something’s not right here.” Fox:” What? What do you mean, Princess Peach?”

She pointed towards the image. Peach: “Look!”

Everyone looked up and saw that the holographic image of the planet falling apart again. Fox: “What? But we returned all the Spellstones!”

Just then, Peppy’s hologram projector turned on. Peppy: “There must be more to it, guys. When you were leaving Walled City, I have been studying your mission and noticed that you guys have missed a Krazoa Shrine on the top of the temple.” Tricky: “Oh, yeah! I could have told ya that.” Kazooie: “Then why didn’t you?” Tricky: “Must have slipped my mind, I guess.”

Fox turned off Peppy’s hologram. Bubbles: “So, the planet’s still not back together, yet?” Fox: “Afraid so, Bubbles. Come on, guys, let’s get back to the hollow.”

After they were warped out of the temple for the last time, they exited out of Cape Claw. Misty stopped to make 1 last glance at the beautiful beaches and caught up with her friends.

As they entered Thorntail Hollow, they first encountered the Queen Earthwalker out of her chamber. Peach: “Your majesty! Surprise seeing you out here.” Queen Earthwalker: “Peach, something’s not right; the Walled City still has not returned to the planet. My husband’s still stuck up there. You and your friends did return all the Spellstones, didn’t you?” Peach: “Yes, we did but…oh my stars, the spirits! They have something to do with all of this, right?” Queen Earthwalker: “Right. If ALL the spirits are returned to the Krazoa Palace, then all of the magic will not be channeled back into the planet.” Misty: “Peppy DID say that we should return to Walled City for that spirit.” Peach: “Well, what are we waiting for? That Krazoa Spirit isn’t going to collect itself, you know. Come on, people, move it, move it.”

So, Fox and his friends returned to the Arwing, where they got ready to take off for Walled City again.

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Chapter 19-Princess Peach’s Krazoa Spirit

After landing back in Walled city, they immediately rushed to the king who was standing in the front of the temple. King Earthwalker: “Starfox and friends, on behalf of Dinosaur Planet, we would like to thank you for returning all the Spellstones to their rightful place.” Fox: “For what good it did? In case you haven’t noticed, they still didn’t get you off of this giant floating rock.”

Fox sat under the torch to the left of the king. Peach walked up to Fox, grabbed his hand and patted it. Peach: “There, there Fox. Just because the Spellstones didn’t bring the planet back together, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.” King Earthwalker: “She’s right. When Scales removed the Spellstones, our world began to fall apart. By returning the Spellstones to their rightful place, you have stopped the flow of magical energy. But only by the power of the Krazoa Spirits shall return the floating lands to where they belong.” Peach: “Remember when the Queen said that by returning all the spirits to the palace will be able to channel the magic back to the planet?” Fox: “Yes, she did say that.”

Fox got himself up. Bubbles: “Looks as if we have 2 reasons for returning the spirits to the palace but how will we be able to reach the shrine?” King Earthwalker: “The shrine will be revealed once the sun and moon stones are returned to the temple.”

As the king answered the question, 2 door on 2 different sides open up. They left the king as Bubbles left him a big thank you and rallied together. Fox: “OK, guys, listen up: we’ve got 2 stones and very little time, so we’re going to have to split up. Peach, Rayman, Banjo, Kazooie, you guys find the sun stone while me, Misty, Bubbles, and Pikachu will go after the moon stone. After we collect the stones, we meet back in the chamber to where we first met the king. Any questions?”

They all shook their heads. Fox: “Good! OK, then. Let’s split up, gang.”

So, Fox, Misty, Bubbles, and Pikachu headed for the moon temple while Peach, Rayman, Banjo, and Kazooie went for the sun temple.

After much time going through both temples, they all met at the chamber where the king was held, just like planned it. Fox placed the moon stone on the statue with the silver tooth while Peach placed the sun stone on the other statue with the gold tooth. Then they returned to the king and passed him as they proceeded up to the top of the temple, where the warp pad to the shrine was revealed. As they arrived, Peach stopped Fox, Misty and Banjo in their tracks. Peach: “Not so fast, you 3. Remember what we were told? You cannot take another test.” Fox: “Yeah, yeah, we already knew that.” Peach: “OK, then, so that means that it’s either me, Rayman, Bubbles, Kazooie or Pikachu who should take the next test.” Fox: “I would leave Kazooie out of this.”

Kazooie glared at Fox. Peach, Rayman, Bubbles, Kazooie, and Pikachu played a fair game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to collect the fifth spirit. After winning the game, Peach stepped on to the pad and brought Rayman along to accompany her and they both warped on it.

Peach and Rayman had never been inside a Krazoa Shrine before, so it was a little difficult. Thankfully, Rayman was there with her to help her out.

After a while of making their way through the shrine, they were able to reach the spirit at the end of the shrine and took the test of knowledge. In this test, Princess Peach is the brains (and beauty) and Rayman’s the brawn. Rayman has to carry a prop as Peach led him to an image of a place where the certain prop came from. Since Peach is one of the smartest members of the team, she knew which prop came from which place.

After they both aced the test with time to spare, the Krazoa Spirit flew into Peach’s body. Princess Toadstool Peach is now the keeper of the fifth Krazoa Spirit.

After collecting the spirit, Peach and Rayman met back with Fox and the others near the king. However, a sad moment was happening because now they had to leave Tricky behind. Bubbles: “Well Tricky, this is it. I know it was not meant to be but I sure am going to miss you.” Peach: “Fox, what is going on here?” Fox: “Oh, Peach. Well, we just received a message from General Pepper that we have to fly directly to the Krazoa Palace once we take off but we can’t bring Tricky there. Unfortunately, this is a big problem for Bubbles.”  Peach: “Gosh! That is a problem. Hm…perhaps you don’t have to say goodbye to Tricky. I have a good reason why.” Fox: “Huh? But why?” Peach: “Think about it. It will come to you.”

Fox thought for a moment. Suddenly, it hit him. Fox: “Oh, yeah, I get it, now.”

He kneeled behind Bubbles. Fox: “Say, Bubbles, how would you like to stay here for a while?”

Bubbles stopped crying and turned towards Fox. Bubbles: “You really mean it?” Fox: “Of course I do. After we fix the planet, we could stay here so you can spend as much time with Tricky as you would like?” Bubbles: “But Fox, what if you need to be back on Corneria for something urgent?” Fox: “Bubbles, you do not need to worry. Whenever I need to be on my home planet is my concerns. I’m only doing this for you. What do you say?” Bubbles: “Um…OK, we can stay for a while.” Fox: “So, guys, what do you say?” Misty: “I think it’s a wonderful idea.” Rayman: [“Cool!”] Banjo: “I like it.” Kazooie: “Me, too, but I still don’t like you.” Misty: “But what about that quest we were on before we even knew Dinosaur Planet?” Peach: “What do you mean? This IS our quest.” Bubbles: “You mean we were on that quest the whole time?” Fox: “Yes, Bubbles and that quest of our has come to an end just like this mission will soon be once we return the final 2 Krazoa Spirits to the Krazoa Palace.”

All of Fox’s friends were cheering for joy. Bubbles: “Bye, Tricky, see you after we release the final Krazoa Spirits.”

So, Fox and his friends returned to the Arwing where they got ready to leave for the Krazoa Palace.

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Chapter 20-Now arriving, Final Destination: Rocket Tower Plaza Station, er, I mean, the Krazoa Palace

After landing on the roof of the Krazoa Palace, Fox and his friends went to explore the palace. They went through the entire place until they found a Krazoa head. Then Peach stood in front of the head and released her spirit. Afterward, they returned to the roof of the palace. When arrived, Bubbles found a warp pad and told the others. She then led them to the pad and warped to a mysterious place almost like the other shrines except more like an arena. When they exited the warp pad room, a life force door appeared behind them, trapping them in the mysterious chamber. Life Force Door: “(Laugh) You have fallen into my…”


But as it was talking, Fox and his friends were looking around the chamber to see where the voice they were hearing was coming from. Life Force Door: “Hey! Behind you!”

They turned around and saw that the Life force door was talking to them. Life Force Door: “Now then, as I was saying. Ahem. (laugh) You have fallen into my trap…worms. (Laugh) In order to get pass me, you must defeat the ultimate enemy. Until then, you will be trapped here forever. (Laugh) Oh, and by the way, my name is Dannis Life Force Door. Any questions…worms?” Fox: “Uh, yeah, why do you have to constantly call us worms?” Dannis: “Uh…that’s none of your business. So, get going…worms!!! (Laugh)”


They walked away from Dannis Life Force Door with awkward expressions on their faces.


They climbed up a latter to an arena-like platform. But when they reached the middle of the platform, General Scales came dropping down. Scales: “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Fox McCloud and his noble friends. You may have returned the Spellstones but the war is not over yet.” Misty: “Well, it’s certainly going to end with you and your worthless army going down in flames.”


Scales lost his temper again. Scales: “How dare say such despicable words! I will make you regret the day that you ever let them fly out of your mouth, you annoying little girl!” Misty: “Bring it on, scale face. My friends and I can handle anything you throw at us.”


Then the battle began but before they could lay a finger on him, a strange, familiar voice came out of nowhere. Voice: “Stop! Scales, you are no longer of use to me.” Scales: “Who are you? I demand you show yourself!” Voice: “I am the one you brought to Krazoa Palace. The Earthwalkers can see me but you could not.” Scales: “I…don’t understand.” Voice: “No…I didn’t think you would. Your desire for power overwhelmed you, blinded you to the truth inside. Now, give Fox and his friends what they want. Give them the final Krazoa Spirit.”


Scales looked at Fox and his friends and glared. Scales: “You will regret this. All of you…”


Then Scales opened his mouth and out came the final spirit as Scales fell to the ground. Bubbles: “So the final spirit was inside Scales the whole time.”


Just then, the spirit flew into Bubbles’ body. Bubbles is now the keeper of the final Krazoa Spirit. Of course, as Bubbles collected the spirit, Dannis Life Force Door behind her faded saying the only words that all Life Force Doors say as they fade. Dannis: “Ah, my life is meaningless.”


But nobody cares about him.

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Chapter 21-The Final Enemy Revealed

After warping back to the Krazoa Palace, Fox and the others followed Bubbles to the Krazoa head that was never there before. Bubbles stood in front of it and released her spirit. As soon as they were finally done, Fox noticed that all the Krazoa Spirits were going hay wire, instead of restoring the planet. Fox: “What’s going on? You said this would save her!”


Fox and his friends watched in terror as the spirits flew into the giant crystal one by one. Fox: “No!” Peach: “Fox, what’s going on!?!” Fox: “I…I don’t know…”


Then they flew out of the crystal and into the giant Krazoa statue. And then, the giant crystal shattered into pieces, causing the vixen, who was trapped inside, to fall. And before she fell to her doom, Bubbles and Misty immediately flew out to rescue her and landed her safely to the ground. When the girls let go of her, she went all wobbly and nearly fainted. Luckily, Misty was there to break her fall. Bubbles: “Are you alright, Krystal?” Krystal: “I…I’m fine, just a little weak. Hey, h…how do you girls know my name?” Misty: “The Cloudrunner back at Dragon Rock told us all about you. My name’s Misty, this is my sister, Bubbles, and Fox…” Fox: “GIRLS!” Misty: “Is heading this way.”


The 3 of them watched as Fox ran towards them. Fox: “(Pant) Girls! (Pant)” Misty: “Fox, I’m so glad you’re here. The Krazoa Spirits almost completely knocked out Krystal. I need to go and find help for her before she gets worse.” Fox: “You do that while I…”


But before Fox could finish, the head from the giant Krazoa statue started floating off the rest of the statue. Voice: “I am reborn. The mighty Krazoa god. (Laugh)”


Fox, Misty, and Bubbles gasped in horror as the head flew into the sky. Fox: “Bubbles, hand me Pikachu, right now.”


Bubbles grabbed Pikachu from her head and handed her over to Fox. Fox: “Go, find help with Misty! HURRY!”


Misty while holding Krystal in her hands as Bubbles followed. Fox hurried to his Arwing and took off after the head. As the girls left, Krystal looked back at the palace. Krystal: “(Whispering) Be careful…baby brother.”


Fox chased the head in space. As soon as he caught up to it, the head turned around and revealed itself as Andross, the worst tyrant in all of the Lylat System. Andross: “Surprise! You and your pet mouse didn’t expect to see me again, did you, Starfox?” Fox: “Andross!” Andross: “I have been looking forward to this day. And now, to destroy the Lylat System.” Fox: “We’ve got to stop him, Pikachu!”


And so, the 2nd round of the final battle began. Fox and Pikachu started with battling the Krazoa head. Fox: “This is a piece of cake.” Andross: “That’s what you think.”


Suddenly, Pikachu started to notice something and tried to tell Fox. Fox: “Not now, Pikachu!”


Then they started fighting Andross just like they did 8 years ago. Fox: “You never change, do you, Andross?” Andross: “That’s what you think.”


Pikachu tried to tell Fox again. Fox: “Not now, Pikachu!”


And then things got a little different. As Fox battle with Andross, Pikachu has been tried over and over to tell Fox something important. Fox: “PIKACHU! HOW CAN I DEFEAT ANDROSS WITH ALL THAT YELLING? CAN’T YOU SEE THE FATE OF THE LYLAT SYSTEM IS DEPENDING ON ME TO WIN THIS BATTLE?”


Then Pikachu started telling him something else. Fox: “WHAT YOU MEAN THE FATE OF THE LYLAT SYSTEM ALSO DEPENDS ON ME TO LISTEN TO YOU? Huh? Pikachu, why aren’t you plugged in to the Arwing’s laser system?”


Pikachu spoke again. Fox: “What!?! You mean that’s what you’ve been trying to tell me the whole time?”


Pikachu made a yes-like comment. Fox: “Pikachu, I have to plug you in, right now!” Andross: “The only thing you have to do right now is die!!” Fox: “Huh?”


Then Andross started to suck Fox and Pikachu in. Fox tried very hard to break free, but couldn't. But before Fox and Pikachu were about to meet their doom, a blast from the past blasted Andross directly into his mouth, causing him to free Fox from his swallow move. Guess who? (Do not read the rest of this story until you can guess who just saved Fox and Pikachu from Andross’ swallow move. If you know who did it, then read on. If you don’t know, yet, then read on, anyway.) Falco: “Hey, McCloud. Different time, different planet and yet you and your Pokemon friend still need Falco’s help.” Fox: “Falco!” Falco: “It’s good to see you again, guys.” Fox: “Falco, thank the stars you’re here! At last, I’m finally saved!” Andross: “That’s what you think.” Fox: “Oh shut up already, Andross! Falco, can you Keep him busy for a while? I need to plug Pikachu into the Arwing’s laser system?” Falco: “I’ll do whatever I can.”


So, Falco flew in and took Fox’s place in battling Andross as Fox plugged Pikachu to the laser system of the Arwing. Fox: “There, that should do it. Now let's go back and finish the job.”


Pikachu made a yes-like remark, then Fox flew back in and just in time. Falco wasn’t doing so well at all. Falco: “About time, Fox. I’m getting wiped out.”


Falco flew out of the way as Fox attacked Andross until his brain was exposed. Fox: “Alright, the weak point. Now’s your chance, Pikachu. Use your Thunder so we can bring down Andross once and for all.”


Pikachu shot out the Thunder attack in and through the wires attached to her cheek. The electricity from the Thunder attack gathered within the Arwing’s laser guns. Fox was about to unleashed that electricity upon Andross. Fox: “Good night, Andross.”


Fox then pulled the laser trigger and shot out the super ultra electric laser blast directly at Andross’ brain. At last, Andross was finished.          

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Chapter 22-The Final Battle’s Over, but the Adventure’s Just Begun.

After Andross exploded, the Krazoa Spirits flew back to Dinosaur Planet, restoring every fallen piece back to the planet. At long last, the planet was restored and never fell apart again.

A little afterwards, Fox and Falco were seen flying along side each other for a bit. Falco: “So, Fox, aren’t you going back to the Great Fox with me?” Fox: “Nah, I can’t. I have to meet Misty and the others back on Dinosaur Planet.” Falco: “Suit yourself, I’ve got some reuniting to do.” Fox: “OK, then. See you later, Falco.” Falco: “So long, Fox.”

Fox flew back to the planet while Falco headed for the Great Fox. Inside, Falco entered the main room. Falco: “Hey, guys. I’m back. Did you miss me?”

Unfortunately, the team wasn’t very happy to see him again. Falco: “Uh, guys, why are you staring at me like that?” Slippy: “Falco, you jerk! Don’t you even realize what damage you’ve caused after leaving the team?” Falco: “I don’t know. What sort of damage did I cause after leaving?” Blossom: “First of all, you crushed Buttercup’s heart. For the many months that you’ve been gone, she’s been in her room crying like there’s no tomorrow.” Falco: “Dang! Was Buttercup really that sad because I left? I never knew. I should go apologize to her, right now.” Peppy: “Ah, ah, ah! We’re not done with you, yet, Falco.” Falco: “What, now?” Peppy: “The second thing you did was leaving without doing the oath of our crests. Because of that tiny mistake, every single one of our powers disappeared from our hands.”

Falco placed his hand over his eyes. Falco: “Aw, man, the oath. I knew I forgot something but how in the name of Star Haven did I forget about “the oath”?” D.W.: “Well, that doesn’t matter at the moment. What really matters now is correcting every single mistake that you’ve made, starting with Buttercup.” Peppy: “Good idea, D.W. Blossom, you go and get Buttercup.” Blossom: “I’m on it.”

Blossom flew to the door behind Falco.

She entered the bedroom section of the Great Fox. She floated to Buttercup’s room, where Buttercup was still crying for Falco. Blossom: “Um, Buttercup?” Buttercup: “Go away!” Blossom: “Um…Buttercup…I…” Buttercup: “I said go away!” Blossom: “Buttercup, I need you to come out, I have…” Buttercup: “What part of go away do you not understand? I’m not coming out of my room! Falco left me! He’s never coming back!” Blossom: “But Buttercup…” Buttercup: “Leave me alone! I said I’m not coming out!!” Blossom: “BUTTERCUP!!! Get out here right now! Falco came back!”

Buttercup then looked up toward Blossom. Buttercup: “What? He did?” Blossom: “Yes, he did. He wants to see you and apologize.” Buttercup: “Yeah, right! That’s a good one, Blossom! He’s not coming back! He hasn’t answered any of my email or my messages. He’s not coming back! He…he never is.”

Blossom became even more furious. Blossom: “That does it!!”

She flew over to Buttercup and grabbed on to her. Blossom: “You are coming out of this room right now!” Buttercup: “No! Let me go!!!”

Buttercup fought Blossom as she was being pulled out of her room.

When Blossom finally got Buttercup reached the main room of the Great Fox, Buttercup couldn’t believe her eyes. In fact, she was constantly rubbing her eyes to see if she was seeing what she thinks she’s seeing. She saw Falco standing right in front of her. It was no illusion or hologram. It was Falco, himself. Buttercup: “F-Falco?” Falco: “Hi, Buttercup, I’m sorry.”

Overjoyed, she flew to him and knocked down on the ground. She had her arms around him, crying with joy. Buttercup: “Falco! I can’t believe it! You ARE back. I’ve missed you!” Falco: “I’ve missed you, too, Buttercup.”

Buttercup was gently hitting Falco on the chest. Buttercup: “Falco, you fool, don’t you realize how badly I’ve missed you?” Falco: “I know, Buttercup, I know. I wish there was some way I could make it up to you.” Buttercup: “Don’t ever leave me again. I’m a wreck without you.” Falco: “I’ll try.” Blossom: “Aw, isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve seen?” Peppy: “Not exactly, Blossom but it’s sweet enough. Now that that’s been taken care of, all we need to do, now is find Fox and do the recovery oath with him to restore our powers. It’s been long since I’ve seen the rabbit of speed on my hand.” Slippy: “Yeah, and I can’t wait to see the snake of invisibility back on my hand again.” D.W.: “And once the horse of recovery is recovered to my hand, I’ll be able to fix my broken arm in no time.” Falco: “Come to think of it, I always wanted to see the rooster of levitation back on my hand. I’ve missed that power.”

Just then, the General’s hologram projector appeared in the middle of the room. General Pepper: “Outstanding job, Fox. You and your friends have…huh?”

But as the holographic head of General Pepper looked around the room, he could only see Slippy, D.W., Blossom, Peppy, Falco, Buttercup and Rob. General Pepper: “Uh, guys, isn’t Fox and the others suppose to be here?” Falco: “Well, actually, the last time I saw Fox, he headed straight for that planet that just reattached itself.” General Pepper: “So, they’re still on Dinosaur Planet, huh? Well, I’ll contact them from there right away. Pepper out.”

The general’s hologram turned off. Slippy: “Hm, that reminds me; where on Dinosaur Planet is Fox, Misty, Bubbles, Princess Peach and the others?” D.W.: “Oh, guys, come check this out.”

Everyone gathers around D.W. as she zoomed in to the South East section of Dinosaur Planet on her laptop and displayed the map of Cape Claw. Then she zoomed in to the round beach of Cape Claw to show Fox and Misty lounging on the beach on lounge chairs while wearing sunglasses as Banjo and Rayman snooze on a beach blanket and Princess Peach shade the boys with her parasol and Bubbles plays happily in the sand with Pikachu and Tricky. Then, Falco and Buttercup started laughing. Falco: “Get a load of those guys. What a bunch of lazy saps. (Laugh)” Buttercup: “(Laugh) Yeah, I know. (Laugh) Is that what they’re doing right now? Oh, man, what a load off.”

Falco and Buttercup continued laughing. Peppy: “Will you be nice, you 2? Fox and his friends have been living it rough these past few days. They deserve to relax after what they been through and I believe that they’ll be getting plenty of it.”

Meanwhile, back in Cape Claw, Fox and his friends were happily relaxing. Just then, General Pepper’s hologram popped up right in front of Fox and Misty. General Pepper: “Outstanding job, Fox. I don’t know how you and your friends did it but you’ve saved the Lylat System from Andross, once again. I was surprised that he was able to survive after what happened 8 years ago.” Bubbles: “Not as surprised as we were.” Fox: “Well, as you can see, Andross learned about the ancient power of the Krazoa Spirits.” Misty: “By trapping Krystal who was able to channel the spirits, he was able to use their power to revive himself.”

The general was silent for a while. General Pepper: “Well, hopefully, we’ve seen the last of that tyrant.”

Pikachu responded in a cute and happy way. Fox: “Yes, let’s hope for all of our sakes.” General Pepper: “Well, guys, I’m done here. I’ve managed to transfer your fee to the others back on the Great Fox. Contact me anytime. Enjoy your vacation. Pepper out.”

The general’s hologram disappeared. Bubbles: “Uh, Fox, what if we didn’t see the last of that nasty Andross?” Fox: “I don’t think we’ll ever see that monkey again, Bubbles but just in case he does show himself, I’ll just fly back up there and kick his butt. No sweat.” Misty:” Oh, speaking of “tyrants”, whatever happened to General Scales? Fox, do you think we’ll ever see him again?” Fox: “You’ve got me. I have this strange that we will meet again. On the other hand, I’m not sure if he’s alive right now or not after what happened at the palace.” Misty: “Well, I was hoping you would say no.” Fox: “But Misty, why?” Misty: “Well, because I felt terrified after what he said to us, especially after what he said to me. What if he does come back? Who knows what revenge he has planned for us? Who knows what even worse revenge he has planned for me…or…us…?” Fox: “Misty, calm down. It’s OK, there’s nothing to worry about, even if he does come back. I’ll protect you from him no matter.” Misty: “You…you will?” Fox: “I promise.” Misty: “Oh, Fox…”

Once again, you see them staring into each other’s eyes. They should have figured it out by now, but no. It was still kept a secret from them. I hope they would figure it out soon because the end of this story draws near, very near.          

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OK, that's the end of the story. I did write out an epilogue, but it will spoil a lot of the important stuff that occurs within the next story that came after this. I remember when I first wrote it. I loved this game so much but the ending of it was very anticlimactic and I really wanted it to continue. So, I did just that. I'm thinking about creating another forum involving that story and have this one just for chatting about this story. Either way, I will post my next story on here. Keep your eyes peeled for the sequel to this story that I called The Stay on Dinosaur Planet. Wait till you see it. It's going to be amazing. ^_^

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