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    The Government of Australia handles the country's video game ratings. They have released their rating for Star Fox Zero, giving it a "PG" rating. This rating is probably closest to the ESRB's "T" rating.

    Perhaps more interesting than just the rating is the Consumer Advice which says that the game has "online interactivity."

    This doesn't mean much more than SFZ will have some kind of internet component. It could be as simple as Miiverse integration, though, so I wouldn't take this as confirmation of online play.


    Platinum Games director Yusuke Hashimoto confirmed in a tweet back in August that Krystal will not be appearing in Star Fox Zero. He did not, however, express disdain for the character and indicated that he'd be happy to see her appear in future titles.


    EDIT: So I didn't look at the date on the tweet. It's from August, before the delay. That said, i doubt they added her in.


    Nintendo NX Dev Kits in the wild

    By DZComposer, in Nintendo News,

    The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that NX dev kits are indeed in the wild.

    The article didn't provide much else, though, only admittedly regurgitating the rumor that NX may be some kind of "hybrid" handheld/console and that it may launch in 2016.


    Star Fox Zero Delayed to Q1 2016

    By DZComposer, in Star Fox News,

    Nintendo posted the following message from Miyamoto on Facebook:

    I made a big decision last week.

    We have been developing Star Fox Zero for Wii U with the aim of releasing it this year. Although we felt that the development had been progressing well, we now believe that we will need a little more time to work on areas such as the unprecedented discovery that we want players to experience in the game by using two screens, and further polishing the level designs and perfecting the tone of the cut scenes. While we have already reached the stage where it would be technically possible to release the title in time for the year-end holiday season, we want to polish the game a bit more so that players will be able to more smoothly grasp the new style of play that we are proposing.

    To the people looking forward to the launch of the game this holiday season, I am very sorry.

    Star Fox Zero is going to bring new game play and experiences that take it far beyond the framework established by Star Fox 64. All the members of the development team are doing our best so that the final product will not betray your expectations. And the game will not be delayed for a very long time – we’re aiming to launch the game in Q1 2016. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

    While this is disappointing news, I am not surprised. The game had a short development cycle, so taking some time to polish it up a bit more can only be beneficial. Hopefully a little more polish will be put on the visuals as well.

    We were all looking forward to the game, but hey, we've waited 9 years for a new game, what's a few more months?


    SFZ Release Date Announced

    By DZComposer, in Star Fox News,

    Nintendo has announced that SFZ will drop on Nov. 20, at least in NA and Europe (I'm having trouble finding the Japanese date).

    Interestingly, the NOA's site lists number of players now as "2 players alternating."


    Satoru Iwata has died.

    By DZComposer, in Nintendo News,

    Nintendo Co. Ltd. released a one-sentence press release this morning containing sad news: Satoru Iwata passed away on Saturday.

    The cites Iwata-san's bile duct problem as the cause of death.

    My thoughts are with his family and friends.

    This is a sad day for Nintendo. Sure, some questioned his leadership as Nintendo boldly, if not stubbornly, stayed on its own path. But he also led the company through its most profitable era ever.

    :iwata: In the end, will we ever understand?

    The release implies that Shigeru Miyamoto and Genyo Takeda will run the company in the interim.

    SRC: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2015/150713e.pdf

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