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Snes1993's Starfox


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   For me, this is long awaited. Since I first started writing my fan fictions here at SFO, I felt a sort of reluctance to venture into the realms of canon. So far I've been writing a series that had little to do or not at all with Starfox team and today I hope to change that.


   I've loved Starfox since I first played the original snes game and felt the overwhelming wave of nostalgia for that game ever since. Starfox 64 did much to continue it until later on in life did my liking waned. It wasn't until I came to SFO did it reawaken years later.


   Now more than ever I wish to revisit the original story-line, not to remaster but to reinvigorate and retell. True, the plot holes are gigantic, but it is because of my love for this series do I wish to fill them in the way I personally felt about the series and its direction. Canon (if it can't be helped) will not changed, but it will be more of a fan fiction since the plot holes could be changed to anyones liking. The only reason the title has my name is because I knew not what to call it. It is Starfox none the less.


   The following will be as I see, my personal view of a franchise I cherish. And just so you know, I've combined the SNES Starfox story-line with 64 story-line. Since the games are so similar in many respects I felt it necessary to do so. It will be written in script form with character names by the lines. Until then I hope to be posting soon. :D


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​ACT 1: Rain Cloud








   Commander Tosad: "Report, Mr. Peregrine."


   Lieutenant Peregrine: "Negative read sir, scans seem to be reflecting back like there is something there but no visual signs to indicate."


   Commander Tosad: "Continue scanning. Ensign Farnsworth, contact command and inform them of our findings."


   Lieutenant Peregrine: "Do you think its a stealth ship in the cloud or just a sensor ghost."


   Commander Tosad: "I don't jump to conclusions, Lieutenant and nor should you."


   Suspended on the silent backdrop of thick dark space, the Light Cruiser Echidna shined gray against the velvet. Her call letters were lit by lighting on the ships hull: CDF-LC-3121. The vessel was the further-est away than any ship in the Cornerian Defense Force monitoring the section of space known as Sector X. Until now the sensor contacts were all but quiet and the activity has increased sharply within the last hour. Concerned Commander Tosad sends word to fleet HQ.


   Ensign Gatron: "Sir, activity has increased."


   Commander Tosad: "What sort of activity?"


   Ensign Gatron: "Unclear sir. Sensors are behaving erratically. It must be interference from the sector. Its there and then it isn't."


   Commander Tosad: "Farnsworth have you contact Fleet HQ?"


   Ensign Farnsworth: "I can't tell sir. Interference from the sector."


   Gatron paused. Her hand on her head attempting to sift through the beaming radio signals when something caught her eye.


   Ensign Gatron: "Sir, we have incoming! Confirmed sensor contact!"


   Commander Tosad: "Can you identify it?"


   Ensign Gatron: "Negative sir, but I can get a clear fix on a single ion drive. No, make that two. Three! Sir multiple contact vectoring on our position!!!"


   Tosad toggled the comm to ship wide PA.


   Command Tosad: "General quarters! All hands, Condition One!! I repeat, Condition One throughout the ship!! Ensign Farnsworth..."


   Ensign Gatron: "Sir..."


   The blue gaseous clouds were disturbed by hundreds of insect-like fighters only to be followed their massive mother ship Attack Carriers. One by one the carriers exited the cloud in a fierce formation more terrible than battle had ever faced. The Echidna, dwarfed by the seven carriers held her "ground" until the spray of missiles from the lead carrier tore through her hull.





   It begins...










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Act Two: Curfew
   Narrator/male voice: I always thought I'd never see the day when Lylat would be at peace. Turns out I was right and this time I hoped to gods I was wrong. They came without warning, striking, scattering our fleets, pumbling our cities from orbit. Things got so bad we started blaming each other for our misfortunes and not our enemies. All would have been lost if not for the Cornerian Army who managed to escape underground, vowing to one day return and oust the invaders. In the meantime they preform guerrilla hit-n-run tactics to undermine the Vemonian occupation
   Narration continued: Its hard in the cities, now that Corneria is under the flag of Venom, but some don't seem to get the message. Everyday we get reports of local insurgents raiding patrols only to be repaid for their struggles with a violent spray of lead and plasma. Compliments of General Colestain, our Governor and representative of Emperor Andross. He made it clear one morning with a public demonstration of what happens when you openly oppose the Imperial rule. Frankly I didn't think it was entirely successful on one individual in particular. I wish he was my son and in a way he is.
   Peppy: "Hey don't you know its impolite to stare?"
   Fox: "It all depends if anyone is staring back."
   Venomian Soldier: "Papers."
   Fox: "Sure, if you have the rock and scissors."
   Peppy: "Hes asking for your ID, junior."
   Fox: "Why the hell didn't 'it' say so?"
   *Venomian Soldier becomes angry*
   Vemonian Soldier: "Papers."
   Fox: "Sure sunshine, sure."
   The soldier looks over Fox's ID.
   Vemonian Soldier: "Where were you between 01 and 03 hundred hours?"
   Fox: "Sleeping?"
   The soldier gives a disapproving reptilian gaze.
   Peppy: "He was with me, we were cleaning some debris in a super mart parking lot. You know, the one you "asked" us to clear?"
   The soldier gave Fox back his ID.
   Vemonian Soldier: "Just remember, I'm watching you."
   Minutes later Fox and Peppy walk up what used to be the business district of Corneria City. It was a chance to be alone for a change and Peppy took this opportunity.
   Peppy: "You know you gotta stop doing this."
   Fox: "I don't know what you mean."
   Peppy: *looks stern* "You KNOW damn well what I mean. You sneaking out at night, with your friends and doing what?"
   Fox: "Nothing."
   Peppy: "I'm tired of lying for you and I wouldn't call blowing up a delousing station nothing. And who were you with? Leron, Stice, Falco?"
   Fox: "What do you want me to do? Huh?! You want to just let them walk all over us?!"
   Peppy: "For now, yes. No one said it was gonna be easy especially when the defense fleet was forced to leave the planet."
   Fox: "Don't you mean 'abandoned'?"
   Peppy: *shrugs* "Call it what you like." *sighs* "I'm just worried about you and your condition..."
   Fox: "Oh don't start THIS up again."
   Peppy: "This can be serious. What if the infection..."
   Fox: "I'm fine, okay? So just..."
   Peppy: *scoffs* "You're just like him, every ounce. Just do me a favor and don't go out tonight."
   Fox: "I won't make any promises."
   Peppy: "You better make one."
   The two of them stared at each other standing in the middle of a ruined street. The sound of a low flying patrol craft echoed as passed between the buildings. Peppy looked over at it.
   Peppy: "Besides they're doubling their patrols. You and your friends won't make it through, not this time."
   Fox: "Alright I promise. Happy?"
   Peppy: "Nope."
   Fox took a sharp look at Peppy and laughed. Together they returned to their living quarters for the night and fell asleep to the rumbling engines of Vemonian patrols and beaming, blinding search lights.
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I will when I get my compy replaced with a better, faster, strong compy. It died on me a while ago showing me the the dreaded blue screen of death.


I'll get to it soon enough. Glad you like it so far. :D

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Act Three: Midnight Patrol






   Stice: Where is he? I thought you said Mcloud was coming.


   Leron: Maybe he got tied up with that old hare again. What do you think, Falco?


   Falco: I say hes not coming, lets just do it without him.




   In an dark alley, the three mounted a old station wagon fitted for combat. They were insurgents, a few of many in the city brave enough to stand against their Venomian occupiers. Their vehicle was modified in such a way that any evidence of mounted weapons or any connection with the local insurgency would be dismissed. However the Vemonians proved quite thorough in their efforts and many other freedom fighters were not so lucky. But these three had a special kind of luck and it could run out if they didn't continue to be careful.





   Stice: Okay, how you wanna do this? The usual?


   Falco: No lets try something new. Lets jump a patrol.


   Leron: I don't know about that. What if they decided to double them?


   Falco: Then we run like hell and don't look back.


   Stice: *shakes head* Really? THAT is the plan?


   Falco: *stares intently at Stice* Just get the 30 cal prepped and shut up.


   With the discussion over, the three of them piled in the vehicle with Leron in the drivers seat, Falco riding shotgun and Stice on top manning the turret retro fitted to the aft section. Now all they had to do was wait and see if the Venomians patrols patterns had not deviated from the norm.





   2 hours later...





   Stice: I think we've been had.


   Falco: Shut up.


   Leron: Maybe tonight isn't the night.


   Falco: We received the intel from the 'neighbor', who ever he is. He hasn't let us down yet.


   Leron: Maybe, but you have to consider the possibility that sometimes he can be wrong.


   Stice: Not as often as somebody I know. Heh.


   Falco: *folds arms* Yeah whatever. We'll stay for one more hour.


   Stice: Shhhh! Sometimes coming!


   Falco: This is it guys! Get ready!


   The three of them tense up ready for the challenge ahead, only to find that was less than what they expected. The insurgents had surprised an armed Vemonian drop ship not in front but above.


   Falco: Shit! Stice give it all you got!


   Stice struggles with the turret but the gun is jammed.


   Stice: We got to make a run for it!


   Leron: Wait, I don't think they can see us. We could have the drop on them.


   Falco: *leans out the window* Stice!


   Stice: In a minute! *still struggling*


   Falco: *looks up, drop ship getting closer, leans out again* Stice, now!


   Leron: come on, come on.


   Stice: Got it!


   The 30 cal was aimed and fired at the descending craft above them. The bullets sprayed and tore through the hull as the starboard engine too was hit as the craft began to plummet.


   Falco: Gun it Leron!!!


   Blasting into the streets, they evaded the fall of the drop ship that tumbled to her doom in the alleyway. The three began to celebrate their latest blow again the Imperials that occupied them. But it was short lived.


   Stice: Guys, 7 'o clock!!!


   A low flying Vemonian fighter scream between the buildings above. The clumsy drop ship was one foe to never contend with, but the nibble fighter that vectored to them with wings outstreched planned to make short work of them.



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Act Three: Between Hell and Another








   Narration: Nothing has been the same since the planet-fall. Its hard to except that you've been beaten and continue about your daily routine knowing full well they're watching for any hint of revolt. Only the Cornerian Army and few members of the Defense Force chose to remain rather than flee total destruction with the fleet. Though out numbered; out manned and outgunned they chose not to abandon Corneria entirely and her people. They too were watching while continuously hunted by Vemonian forces by patrol searches or thermal scans from orbit. Still they chose to stay knowing full the outcome if they failed. Deep under the crust of Corneria in a secured bunker, General Pepper sits looking over current images of recon photos pieced with recent reports of Vemonian activity. The General is in a dark until the is interrupted by his friend Colonel Sovich.


   Colonel Sovich: General sir, you need rack time. Its no good having you like this when the time comes.


   General Pepper: I'll sleep when I'm tired, Reginald. *squints in pain as he comes into the light, puts on sunglasses* Damn these LED lights.


   Colonel Sovich: Coffee?


   General Pepper: Drank too much already. What have you got recon-wise?


   Colonel Sovich: More of the same. But this here looks promising. Remember that opening you were looking for? *hands the general a file*


   General Pepper: *reads it silently to self, looks up at Sovich* The carriers are leaving?


   Colonel Sovich: All but one. There still is a sizable ground force situated about the city outside of the siegewalls. A large anti-air turrets array and a few makeshift hangers, but the carrier is the only thing we can't realistically handle with shortage of personal and even with the prototypes nearly complete we can't find qualified pilots to fly them.


   General Pepper: Whatever you can give me will do, can't let this opportunity slip by us. Dismissed Colonel and find me some aces.


   Colonel Sovich: Yes sir. *saluting Sovich and is just about to leave* Sir?


   General Pepper: *Turns to Sovich in the doorway, listening*


   Colonel Sovich: I didn't have the chance before to say this but...thank you sir. Your quick action saved the fleet too. You saved us sir.


   General Pepper: *removes sunglasses, turns back to the table with a look of regret* Not all of them.


   *PA tone in bunker*


   General Pepper is needed in the command center. General Pepper is needed in the command center.


   General Pepper: You headed that way?


   Colonel Sovich: Too sacred to go alone?


   General Pepper: *laughs with a light chuckle, proceeds toward the command center*





   The command center was located in the crossing of several tunnels. General Pepper and Colonel Sovich arrived moments later.


    Major Derek: General, we have something to report. Surface sensors detected insurgent activity and it seems one of them got caught by an aerial bogey.


    General Pepper: Dammit, leave the people to do a soldiers job. Alright no sense just letting 'em hang in there. Send a three man team up through emergency tunnel Eta with a falcon heat-seeker.


    Colonel Sovich: That a risk sir.


    General Pepper: Tell me about it.





    *Meanwhile on the surface outside of Cornerian City*


    Falco: Can't this crate go any faster?!


    Leron: Shes maxed out as it is! If I use the nos again, she'll burn up!


    Stice: They're comin for another pass!!


    The insect-like fighter swooped by making strafing run after strafing run. Each time was proving more difficult for the insurgents to evade. Stice strained at the 30 caliber machine, hoping to at least have a landed shot which fighter's pilot would skillfully maneuver from.


    Stice: Come on you bastard, hold still!


    Just as he said it, a couple sprays of fire impacted one of its several wings. Stice let out a cheer.


    Stice: Yeeeeehahah!! Whachu got?!!


    Leron: Looks like hes breaking off.


    Stice: Nah, hes coming back! *Stice reloads*


    Falco: We can't keep this up for too much longer! Head for the granite dells!


    Suddenly the fighter made steep run and blazed its forward cannons. This time the fighter too landed its mark. The fire ripped through the dirt road and eventually the aft section of the vehicle. The fighter flew by with only a few feet of clearance, blasting by before rising high for one final run.


    Falco: Stice?! STICE?!!


    Stice: *coughing, labored breathing*


    Falco: Stice, talk to me!


    Stice: Ah-I-I can't-see!


    Falco looked up to see the fighter thundering from above, like a raptor after prey. Just then a fiery streak came from the corner of his eye and collided with the fighter resulting in a explosion that rocked their vehicle into a ditch as three soldiers came from their hiding place.


    Sergeant Kimber: Command, target destroyed. Requesting orders regarding the insurgents.


    *via comm link*


    General Pepper: Bring them in. No sense leaving them for the Vemonians.

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Act Four: Burns a Fire







   Narration: Fox Mcloud to me was always unpredictable. Even as a child he had some devious scheme and could find some way of weaseling out of a situation. You know how children think they're invincible, willing to take on the world without knowing its true size. Then there was tragedy in the family. Not once but twice, first his mother and then his father. Thats the thing about death, its opens your eyes. He then realized he didn't have them anymore.





   *Alarm buzzing, glowing LED numbers saying 6:45am*


   Fox reaches over and silences the alarm. He sits himself upright rubbing his eyes and face.


   Fox Mcloud: Another day, another hell.


   He puts his "legs" over the bed or at least whats left of them. His prosthetic legs lay near the bed on the floor as he collects each one and places one on the other. He then walks over to the kitchen down the hall and turns on the battery powered stereo as he passes. A disc of smooth jazz begins to play. Memories begin to pour into his head about dad and mom, waffles on the stove, the smell of hot syrup in the air. And then he'd open his eyes and finds himself alone...again.


   *knocking at the door*


   Fox Mcloud: No ones home.


   Peppy Hare: *voice muffled from behind door* Really? I wouldn't have guessed with the loud music at 7:00.


   Fox Mcloud: *walks over, unlocks door*


   Peppy Hare: *Looks around* Well I see you started the morning off right. Cigars and bourbon. *sarcasm*


   Fox Mcloud: I'm so glad you approve.


   Peppy Hare: W-when are you gonna grow up kid? You can't keep going on like this. You need to do something.


   Fox Mcloud: You seem to be under the impression that I have a lot of opinions to choose from.


   Peppy Hare: Have you ever thought to yourself and realized that there maybe, just maybe there are other people out there who feel the same as you do? Lost, aimless or maybe waiting for gods to intervene?


   Fox Mcloud: This is starting to sound like one of Pepper's written out speeches.


   Peppy Hare: Will you listen?!


   Fox Mcloud: No, you listen!! Yes I know you want me to go back, but theres some much I can take of the, "theres greatness in you" and "you're just like your old man" shit! I'm not crawling back to them after they just left dad on Vemon!


   Peppy Hare: *sits silent*


   Fox Mcloud: And for the record dad was never a gimp.


   Peppy Hare: That was never a factor and you know it. If it means anything you were better than him. *gets up, places a small single sheet of paper on the table between them* When you're sober, meet me here. *leaves, shuts door behind him*


   Fox Mcloud: *watches Peppy leave, reaches for paper with written coordinates and small letters: burn after reading*







   Fox takes a walk in the hills near his house. in the distance a Vemonian Attack carrier looms in low orbit. It catches Fox's eye, he looks transfixed as it slowly passes by. He starts toward but stops. He remembered the paper and the coordinates.


   Fox Mcloud: *Smirk on face* What the hell. Okay old Hare, you win.








   *In the Cornerian Army Command Center, deep underground*


   General Pepper: Those insurgents are lucky to be alive.


   Major Derek: Not all of them made it sir and one of them wants to be admitted to the sick bay.




   *minutes later*


   Cornerian Soldier: You are not authorized to enter this area.


   Falco Lombardi: I don't give a rats ass, my friends in there!


   General Pepper: Corporal.


   Cornerian Soldier: General sir.


   Falco Lombardi: Good, just the canine I want to see.


   General Pepper: Mr. Lombardi, I'm afraid your friend died the moment he got here.


   Falco Lombardi: Oh no, gods no. He can't be dead, just can't be.


   General Pepper: I'm sorry.


   Falco Lombardi: Yeah whatever.


   General Pepper: You sound like an avian who holds grudges, maybe some grudge towards us?


   Falco Lombardi: We didn't ask for your help with all the good it did.


   General Pepper: What about Dr. Bowman? Is he on your list too?


   Falco Lombardi: I'd wager to say hes on everybody's. Why you ask?


   General Pepper: You might saw I'm putting together a special team. Interested?

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Act Five: Old Ghost New Face








   Not wasting any time, Fox went while it was still dark to a trail leading to a camouflaged manhole. He remembered this place in his childhood and his father telling him that it was unsafe to go there. His childhood was past and he opened it and then climbed inside closing it behind him. Below him was a steel ladder that descended about a hundred feet or so leading to a set of passages. These were the remnants of the city and forgotten bunkers abandoned for centuries before being reopened during his life time. Fox peered at the clues left on the note Peppy left for him. A series of symbols otherwise meaningless to anyone else that was a code between Peppy and himself. He checked them carefully and compared them to blotches of spray paint on the walls.


   Fox: *muttering to self* Backwards arrow, half face, broken gallop...Ah, this way.


   Not all the tunnels were accessible marked by cave ins and such. Poor engineering and the whether of time were to blame. Finally he had reached a rusted door when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Startled, Fox spun into a defensive position.


   Peppy: *hand up, calming gesture* Easy junior, easy.


   Fox: Horus, Osiris, Isis!!! Don't do that!!


   Peppy: Clam down kid. I'm glad you made it this far. Had I let you go any further, you'd set off that trap.


   Fox: What trap?


   The old hare walked forward by Fox, pointing out the the incendiary mine and trip wire.


   Fox: Oh.


   Peppy: Yup. Had that gone off this whole tunnel would come down.


   Fox: So whats hidden in here worth that kind of trap?


   Peppy: This way, I'll show you. Just a few more levels.


   By the time they came to the bottom, the tunnel opened up to a huge zeppelin hanger. Fox whistled in awe and heard his echo being carried on through the hallow seemingly forever. But that was all dashed when Peppy started up the gas generator which in turn activated the lights throughout the hanger. There in the center of it all was a sight Fox thought he'd never see.


   Peppy: When you were old enough, your father was going to take you here and see it personally. So I thought, well its time anyway.


   Fox: So this is what he was talking about before he left.


   Peppy: She looks like a garbage scow but don't let that fool you. Whole for the most part, but still needs a bit more love and care. Armor plates, paint, a good spit and polish would do her fine.


   Fox: We have plenty of time, not taking her out for a spin anytime soon.


   Peppy: Maybe sooner than you think.


   Fox: *reaction look* What do you mean?


   Peppy: I'm just saying.


   Fox: I wish dad was here now.


   Peppy: Yeah. Me too kid.







   *In the CDF bunkers, testing labs*



   In the top secret laboratories, a couple engineers were struggling to find a solution to a problem involving a rather important device.


   Flosden: Power engaged to conductors annnnnnd... *clap* YES! We have reaction! It worked not bad for a frog.


   Slippy: Toad. I'm a toad. Not a frog. Toad.


   Flosden: Whatever, should we inform the General?


   Slippy: The General knows they work, its just the power regulating thats the trouble. No use traveling at excessive velocities if the artificial graviton anti-inducing containment field generator doesn't work.


   Flosden: Wow, that is a mouthful.


   Slippy: Whats wrong with that?


   Flosden: Do you really want the leader of our military saying that out loud?


   Slippy: But-thats what its called.


   Flosden: Listen, froggyboy...


   Slippy: Toad.


   Flosden: *sigh* Toad, if you really want to impress General Pepper, come up with something witty, easy to remember and preferably small.


   Slippy: Are you implying he is...shall I say, 'slow on the uproll'?


   Flosden: What? NO! I'm saying the name you gave it may be too much for anyone to just casually ask, "Hey by the way, how is the artificial graviton anti-inducing containment field generator coming along".


   Slippy: But the artificial graviton anti-inducing containment field generator is top secret. Why would we-?


   Flosden: *frustration* Just change the name, please. For gods sakes...


   Just then a CDF corporal with clearance came in.


   Corporal: The General is coming.


   Flosden: Yes thank you. *turns to Slippy* Okay, think fast.


   Slippy: Hes coming?


   Flosden: Well you heard him didn't you? Change it quick before he comes.


   Slippy: Okay, okay, alright... *wheezes*


   Flosden: Whats wrong now?


   Slippy: Panic attack...I can't preform under pressure.


   Flosden: WHAT?!


   Slippy: I'm goin...going faint. *sinks to the floor*


   Flosden: Don't do this now! Hes coming!! *pulls him up*


   Slippy: I-I-can-t.


   Flosden: Come on. Get up!


   General Pepper: Ahem!


   The two slowly pan over to the general standing there, staring with his sunglasses resting on the end of his muzzle while the two stood motionless in a misunderstood embrace. Flosden's face was one of horror.


   Slippy: Did he come? *his voice muffled*


   Flosden: Poor choice of words.


   General Pepper: You two want to be alone? Because I'm a bit busy myself.


   Flosden: General, we-.


   General Pepper: Just get on with it.


   Flosden: Uh right. Yes, yes. *Slippy falls to the floor, Flosden begins as he helps Slippy into a chair* Sir, we have the solution. We've finally been able to make the device work. However it still remains untested in the field, but we have confidence of its success.


   General Pepper: Whats this device called?


   Slippy: *in and out of consciousness* Ggggdifffu.


   General Pepper: What?


   Flosden: G-diffuser?


   General Pepper: Are you asking me?


   Flosden: No, no sir. Its called a G-diffuser? Long story short sir, it defuses...g-forces...that enable a pilot to travel at speeds exceeding that of normal safety limits. If only we had capable fighters to retrofit them on.


   General Pepper: We do, trouble now is we need pilots to fly them.

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Act Six: Rust and Chrome








   Fox and Peppy by now had moved into the unfinished ship by way of a extended catwalk. Their foot steps echoed between them and the cavern-like hanger as they crossed. With partial power restored, they were able to enter the rusted docking ring gaining access to the vessel's interior. Fox's eyes moved about the hallways.


   Fox: "Shes seen better days."


   Peppy: "She used to be a shuttle transport, spent most of the time colony hopping during the Expansion. The guild she belonged to want to be scrapped, but your father bought it for a fair price."


   Fox: "For how much?"


   Peppy: "As I said, a fair price."


   Fox: "But how much is 'fair'? Two, three thousand?"


   Peppy: "Something like that. The Guild was either feeling charitable or wanted it off their hands, rather quickly."


   Both had taken the liberty of a couple flashlights near the entrance and scanned the surroundings. Fox found something familiar.


   Fox: "Hey, look."


   Peppy: "Well I'll be. Its your pappy's old ROB64."


   Fox: "Must have been in stasis all this time. Lets see if he still works."


   Fox tripped ROB's on switch as the dormant robot came to life.


   ROB: "ROB64, coming online." *ROB scans around finds both Peppy and Fox right before him*


   ROB: "Accessing records, current command input status, ship reconstruction pending, end of line."


   Fox: "Hey ROB, remember me?"


   ROB: "Input command."


   Peppy: "He must have, otherwise he wouldn't ask you for orders. Try something."


   Fox: "Alright. Uh, resume previous command input?"


   The robot from the 64th of the ROB series received the command and proceeds toward the aft compartments.


   ROB: "Command recognized, initializing, end of line."


   Peppy: "Hes got his work laid out for him. Lets check out the living quarters."







   CDF Corporal: "You are not allowed in here without a security pass and I don't care who you are."


   General Pepper: "Whats the trouble?"


   CDF Corporal: "Sir, someone has breach entrance five and demanding to see you claiming to be the daughter of Premier Phoenix."


   General Pepper: "Dammit, was she followed?"


   CDF Corporal: "No sir."


   General Pepper: "Get her in my office ASAP."


   A short while later a sleek female with pronounced ears was herded into Pepper's office. General Pepper sat at his desk, sunglasses on his forehead while rubbing his worried brow.


   Fara: "You'd think we'd all know each other by now."


   General Pepper: "Miss Phoenix, please understand that we take precautionary measures for a reason."


   Fara: "Can we cut to the chase? You know why I'm here. The device, where is it?"


   General Pepper: "Be more specific, it could be a rail gun or a pencil sharpener for all we know."


   Fara: "I don't like my father's depots raided by people who are supposed to protect the populous, not steal from them."


   General Pepper: "Look at it this way: your'es truly would have gotten it sooner."


   Fara: "Ah so you admit it."


   General Pepper: "I'll only admit that Phoenix Industries would have let the one chance we had to us back on our feet pass unnoticed. Maybe you haven't noticed, but we at war."


   Fara: "The war is over General. Its been over since Corneria City fell, since the fleet abandoned us, since you buried yourself in the ground. Stop clinging to those ruins above because there is no hope left in them. And I know what you're gonna say, 'what else is there?' Believe me I'd rather die than surrender to apes and lizards. But if we are going to beat them at their game, we have to start trusting each other and that might as well start between you and me."


   General Pepper: "You are right Fara. But we are committed and I'm gonna lick this my way."







   Back in the hanger...



   Fox and Peppy gained access to the crew quarters. One of the doors was stuck and needed a bit of excessive motivation.


   Fox: "Need ROB to come up here with a can of WD-1728 for these doors."


   Peppy: "Looks like your pop set up shop in here. Look at this."


   Fox: "Grandpa's old hunting rifle, its a family heirloom. I guess he was planing on staying here, judging by all the stuff he has-."


   Peppy looked over at Fox who was a bit confused.


   Fox: "-had."


   Peppy: "Its okay kid, I'm getting a case of the feels too. Still can't believe hes gone. Whoa, check it out."


   The old hare had found an old, dusty picture frame. He then dusted it off.


   Peppy: "Good gods, this was when we were in Blue Jay Unit."


   Fox: "I thought it was just the three of you. Who are these people?"


   Peppy: "The rest of Blue Jay of course. Theres Sinus Calvin, Andar Golse and..."


   Fox: "What? Oh."


   Peppy: "Yeah, 'oh'."


   Fox: "Pigma 'Shithead' Dengar. How I wished to be in a dark alley with him."


   Peppy: "Same here. Only person I ever knew I'd break the rules over or atleast a soild 2x4 on his scalp."


   Fox: "Whatever happened to him anyway?"


   Peppy: "Skinny is that hooked up with pirates somewhere beyond Zoness, but me knowing him he'd be dead be now."


   Fox: "Either way, its news to me. I can't wait for a taste of revenge."


   Peppy casually glanced over at Fox. He knew it wasn't long til he got his chance.

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Act Seven: Simian Rule








   Corneria City, the proud capital of the Demo-Republic of Lylat had been forced to her knees. It has been nearly four years since the Venomians invaded, occupying its districts and public centers. The Imperial Army has steadily fortified its strongholds in the city after which by a direct order from his Majesty the Emperor, the majority of the original invasion force was to be extracted and sent elsewhere to secure the peace in the growing empire. Only a handful of fighter squadrons and the looming Attack Carrier was all that stood in the way of reclaiming air superiority. Despite the overwhelming odd for their enemy, a few still questioned the order of Andross, silently.


   Governor Colestain: "Unexceptionable, totally unexceptionable. It is a tactically disadvantage!"


   Bolg Colestain, the now retired General responsible for Corneria's subjugation had just downed his eighth glass of Fichinan Brandy and showed the telltale signs of inebriation. The ape stumbled around barely missing his comfy red satin couch located in the enclosed balcony of the Pearl Manor, once the house of the Cornerian president and his family. His first lieutenant and squadron commander, Andor Ferspin, was nearby.


   Wing-Kommodant Ferspin: "Such talk would be treason, if heard by other ears."


   Governor Colestain: "The enemy is not yet fully pulverized. *pounding his fists together, spilling his drink* Now that we no longer have orbital defenses-."


   Wing-Kommodant Ferspin: "Calm yourself sir, it is behavior hardly befitting of a Governor of an Imperial province. The Emperor might take notice and might regret rewarding you with this prestigious office. Perhaps he'll give it to someone more...deserving."


   Governor Colestain: "What?! How dare you try subvert-!"


   Wing-Kommodant Ferspin: "Why Governor I'm speechless, how could think of a fellow simian brother would do such things? Perhaps you've played General for too long and perhaps the discontent of our Cornerian subjects is getting to you. There was only so much firing squads and examples you made until they realized you ran out of tricks. But nevermind that, you are tired. A sip of brandy might do some good."


   Governor Colestain: "Get away from me! You-you traitor! Guards!! Guards!!!"


   A column of armed Venomian soldiers filed in and trained their weapons on Ferspin.


   Governor Colestain: "Shoot him! Shoot him!!"


   Wing-Kommodant Ferspin: "Really Governor, is all this necessary?"


   Ferspin's countenance was calm as Colestain began to take notice of his deceitful grin. He gaze about to see the soldiers lower their weapons.


   Wing-Kommodant Ferspin: "Governor I am truly sorry for all of this, but one can't be sure where another's loyalties lie. By order of his Emperor-ship and under authority of imperial law, I sentence you to liquidation. Your responsibilities will be divided equally among remaining senor personnel."


   Ferspin withdraws his side arm and discharges a round.


   Governor Colestain: "Wait, no-Aghh!"


   Wing-Kommodant Ferspin: "And there is no need to train me sir. I believe I can handle sitting on my ass and drinking brandy all day." *Fires another round*







   Fox: "Where exactly are we going?"


   Peppy: "You'll know soon enough."


   The two of them had exited the hanger and closed the secret entrance to the tunnels. Now they headed westward toward the snow peaked mountains. It was then Fox realized something.


   Fox: "You're taking me to Pepper, aren't you?"


   Peppy: "Is that gonna be a problem?"


   Fox: "You tell me."


   Peppy stopped to collect his thoughts and then turned to Fox.


   Peppy: "Junior, I know. I'm mad too, but you have got to vent that angry elsewhere."


   Fox: "And just leave the fact they did nothing to save him or even try?"


   Peppy: "Fox, listen."


   Fox: "No! They could have done something! Instead they chose to do sit on their asses and probably let him die!"


   Silence fell between them for a moment.


   Fox: "I can't, understand? I won't stoup to their level, not even if Pepper asked me to."


   Peppy: "He didn't. I'm asking you. Help me. If not them, Corneria or yourself, please help me."


   Fox: *sigh* "Dammit."


   Peppy: "Well?"


   Fox: "Well, how much further?"


   The old hare turned and uncovered a hidden keypad. He punched in the code and a cameo-covered door slid open.


   Peppy: "Uh here."


   Both of them entered and walked down the long passage way as the door closed behind them.

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Act Eight: First Gathering








   Falco: "How long are we supposed to wait?"


   The avian sat a brief table, reclined with booted feet resting elevated much to Pepper's dismay. Fara asked to be present and hadn't shown up as the others yet haven't. The hound adjusted his eye-wear.


   General Pepper: "Keep your pants on. They're coming."


   Just then his com-link toned, Pepper answered swiftly.


   General Pepper: "Yeah? Send them up here, pronto."


   As Pepper hung up, Slippy Toad and Benjin Flosden came in bearing files, maps and diagrams. Slippy was a nervous wreck.


   Slippy: "Okay, we got everything? Oh, hi General. I mean..." *salutes out of zealous decorum* "Sir, we're ready."


   General Pepper: "Its okay son, no rush."


   Falco catches a glimpse of Slippy and pretty much scoffs at what he sees. A toad standing proudly in the presence of his superior. Although not the ideal figure of a soldier, his spirit made up for the rest.


   Falco: "Don't tell me General that THIS is the best you have."


   Slippy: "I'll have you know, my service record is quite extensive."


   Falco: "I bet. How many?"


   Slippy: "I have several notifications and academic achievements. Be more specific please."


   Falco: "Kills."


   Slippy: "P-Pardon?"


   Falco: "Nah, you don't look the type. I don't think you could either, even if it meant the life of another."


   General Pepper: "Lombardi."


   Falco: "Then again I didn't have the luxury of nice bunk underneath a mountain chain."


   General: "Enough Lombardi!"


   Slippy: "By that I assume you have, taken a life?"


   Falco: "Yeah, at one time or another."


   Slippy: "And you have no regrets? I find that hard to believe."


   The door opened revealing Peppy and Fox who closed the door behind them. Fox had an uneasiness about him as he moved about the bunker's interior. Peppy however feels right at home and makes a beeline for Pepper.


   Peppy: "Sir."


   General Pepper: "Long time, no see, Captain."


   Peppy: "Well, you know how it is, out of sight out of mind."


   General Pepper: "Ah but if were true you wouldn't be here now. Is that him?"


   Peppy: "Yup. Thats junior."


   General Pepper: "You think hes ready?"


   Peppy: "Hes every bit like his old man."


   General Pepper: "But is he ready?"


   Peppy: "Only one way to find out, General."


   Fox paces the briefing room waiting for something, anything, perhaps a way out of here.


   Falco: "Where were you last night?"


   Fox: "I couldn't make it. Did you have a good run?"


   Falco: *cliches fist against forehead* "Stice is dead."


   Fox: *reacts, surprised* "What happened?"


   Falco: "First of all, you weren't there."


   Fox: "Ah gotta shift the blame, eh? Have to play the victim?"


   Falco: "We waited for you for too damn long as a fighter jumped us and tore us to shit while you stayed home."


   Fox: "And he'd still be alive if I was there? What if that was me, who'd ya blame then?! Stice was my friend too Falco."


   Falco: "I don't know Mcloud, I don't know."


   Fox: "Yeah."


   Slippy: "Wait, Mcloud? James Foxworth Mcloud II? Its an honor." *shakes hand*


   Fox: *sarcastic* "Really? How?"


   Slippy: "How indeed, Mr. Mcloud! Your father was a sterling example for us all. He was the real reason I joined the defense force. Oh if only had fifty pilots like him, then we'd win this war quickly then expected!"


   Falco: *whispers* "He signs autographs out back."


   Fox: *sigh* "General, this might go a little bit more quickly if we knew what this was all about."


   General Pepper: "Not yet. We're still waiting on one more. He she is now."


   Falco: "She?"


   The door swung open just in time for Fox to tilt his head and see who it was. Her image struck him in way he never thought possible. He had girls in the past, but this one...could be...the one? Fara hardly felt the same way as she passed by the toad, the falcon and the fox on her. General Pepper then convened.


   General Pepper: "Well, now that we're all here...Lets get down to business. We all know the threat that continues to loom over us for four years. Our fleets are scattered, our army still recovering our loses. In short we can't maintain even our present footing for the near foreseeable future. Thats why we need to move-now."


   Falco: "Why now?"


   General Pepper: "Two days ago our intelligence units discovered a massive movement of personnel, including 75% of the original invasion fleet moving away from the planet and leaving a small but sizable force. Most of it we can handle ourselves, but the only obstruction however is the one and only Attack Carrier left by the imperial armada. If we take out this carrier, we can launch an all out offensive and retake Corneria.


   Fox: "Thats good, but how do you intend to keep it and whats to prevent the Venomians from coming back?"


   General Pepper: "We've reestablished communication with our fleets. They are poised at the ready."


   Fox: "And what do you want with us?"


   General Pepper: "Its about time you got to know each other:


   Peppy Hare, retired CDF officer with 20 years of service with a major success record.

   Falco Lombardi, bush pilot with combat and weapon experience.

   Slippy Toad, inventor, technician, hacker. Hands like a surgeon when it comes to machines."


   Fox: "Whats your part in all this?"


   Fara: "You have no idea, flyboy."


   General Pepper: "And lastly:


   Fox Mcloud, son of James Mcloud. Talented pilot with an unusual feel for flying. Learned from the best there ever was."


   Fox: "Pilots is one thing, hardware is another. You don't expect us to go against the carrier with X Fighters, do you? And personal I'm not sold on this."


   Peppy: "Sure about that junior?"


   Fox: "Ohho without a-."


   Peppy: *nods to Pepper* "Show him."


   General Pepper: *motions over to Fox*


   Fox: "What?"


   General Pepper: "Got a little surprise for you Fox and I'm sorry to disappoint you, because thats not your fathers X Fighter."


   Fox approached a window, sort of an observation port in the briefing room overlooking a pit full of technicians. At the center of it was in his mind a work of beauty. Stream lined dagger-like fuselage, thin angled back wings, the craft just exuded acceleration. Fox turn to the General with his mouth open, almost speechless.


   Fox: "Okay, I'm listening."

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Act Nine: Advanced Wings








   Within four years the Cornerian Army had expanded the huge tunnel system under Mount Awasarih to network with select few underground depots and bunkers. They also managed to dig out expansive training courses to make sure their forces were in tiptop shape to meet the inevitable odds. Still, without formidable air superiority they stood little if no chance of making it passed even the first hurtle. Until now. Well, more or less.


   Training pilots in the Cornerian Defense Force is a grueling task. Not only honing their skills but also their sense attuned, reflexes heightened, etc. But pilot training for use in commanding state-of-the-art technology was a different story.


   The Aero-space Repuler 01 from Space Dynamics combined with Phoenix Industries' Gravity Diffuser has become the fighter of the future. Now speeds recently unachievable during manned flights is possible with the AR-wing 01 prototype. The craft has not yet been physically tested, but according to computer software models the AR-wing 01 has a maximum airspeed of *CLASSIFIED* . The pilot, piloting a craft with the patented G-Diffuser can only achieve this incredible speed. This may seem excessive, but when tailed by enemy craft and tracked by laser guided missiles it becomes invaluable. The G-Diffuser will activate either remotely or automatically when the AR-wing's powerful NTD-FX1 Plasma engine is set into overdrive. The armament is state-of-the-art as well. With a wide array of weapon set, spanning from a single 30 caliber cannon on the forward facing tip of the fuselage, to the dubbed 'wing blasters' located at middle of each wing. The AR-wing also has a third firing position of two twin plasma cannons. These cannons are solely meant for assaulting capital ships, able to breach hulls of almost every vessel that the AR-wing will encounter. Next is the secondary weaponry. Under the 'nose' is a universal weapons launcher, able to house missiles and torpedoes for any mission requirement. However, the AR-wing was original equipped with N.O.V.A. warheads to finish off a crippled capital ship or entire squadrons of enemy fighters. The AR-wing 01 however is not without its limitations, carriers for refueling and rearming. Whether in an atmosphere or the vacuum of space the AR-wing still requires a landing strip since it and pilot cannot fly indefinitely. With the AR-wing 01, the Corneria and her allies command the skies. - Exert from the flight manual.



   Fox: "You guys aren't thinking that just one of these can do the job alone, are you? Otherwise we'd have a new religion on our hands the way this manual praises it."


   General Pepper: "Heh. No there are three more undergoing their final touches. Hopefully and one day we just might replace the entire line with these."


   Falco: "They look pretty damn expensive to me."


   Slippy: "Mainly its the G-Diffuser and let me tell you its a touchy piece of hardware. It needs constant re-calibration."


   Fara: "General, I must have your full assurance that you will return these once this is all over. They are still the property of Phoenix Industries!"


   Fox: "I thought Space Dynamics owned the rights."


   Fara: "Phoenix Industries owns many companies, including Space Dynamics. General, how about?"


   General Pepper: "Ms. Phoenix, once we no longer have simian breath down our necks, then I will turn them over."


   Fara: "Thank you General and there is one more favor I like to ask you."


   General Pepper: "Yes?"


   Fara: "Allow me the privilege to..."


   General Pepper: "Denied."


   Fara: "General if you ple..."


   General Pepper: "Ms. Phoenix, I realize you've been flying since you were eight years old and that your father gave you unrestricted access to everything, but this is a military problem and will be solved be the military."


   Fara: "And who is gonna fly them? Not these jokers!"


   General Pepper: "Yes them and if they pass the requirements. Its my decision."


   Fara: "The Nerd, the Wise ass, the Old hag and the Upstart. Really."


   Fox: "Hey, who you calling Upstart?"


   Fara: "You, Upstart."


   Peppy: "You'd think I'd be offended. Nope."


   Falco: "Hehe, you don't know half of it. What do you think, nerd?"


   Slippy: "Nothing Wise ass."


   Fox: "Why, because of my dad I'm an upstart?"


   Fara: "Yeah and I could feel your ego a block way."


   Fox: "Atleast I didn't call you a rich brat. Could to think of it..."


   In desperation Fara lunged out with a kick intended for Fox's shin. To her surprise to glanced off with Mcloud showing no sign of pain or grief.


   General Pepper: "Okay enough! We begin train exercises in 5 hours and I need a pot of black coffee."


   Peppy: "I'll join you."


   Everyone seemed to trickle off, away from each other on their separate ways. Fox embarrassed by Fara's vague discovery disappeared as well, while a bit dazed continued her way.






   Wing-Kommodant Ferspin, now Governor Ferspin stood in the Pearl Manor observing paintings and sculpture dating back to Corneria's medieval era. He sipped on a glass of wine as he was approached by his female 2nd Lieutenant.


   Feona Castrill: *sauting* "2nd Lieutenant Castrill, reporting as ordered sir."


   Governor Fespin: "At ease, Lieutenant. Feona is it? Such a beautiful name."


   Feona: "I-I haven't noticed sir. It was my grandmothers name, issued by the Department of Linage and Records."


   Governor Ferspin: "Shame, shame. Such beauty must never go to waste. What do you think of this painting?"


   Feona: "Sir?"


   Governor Ferspin: "The painting. Do you like it?"


   Feona: "Its obviously done by a Cornerian."


   Governor Ferspin: "And you don't care for it?"


   Feona: "Cornerians are for killing."


   Governor Ferspin: "Err, rightly so. I have a affinity for art no matter where if comes from. It speaks volumes of a culture. Its strengths, its weaknesses. Know a race by its art, Lieutenant and you will find a way into their soul."


   Feona: "Yes Governor."


   Ferspin walked from there to a couch, Feona's eyes following.


   Governor Ferspin: "Well then, how will you like it?"


   Feona: "Sir?"


   Governor Ferspin: "Some wine chilled, bourbon, maybe something imported from back home. I feel terribly lonesome with no one to talk to. These Lizards are not pleasant company, you see? They ignore the pleasures and tastes of life, which I was hoping you would. No matter. I wish to discuss the loyalty in ranks among our simian brothers. Would you indulge me?"


   Ferspin extends a glass to Feona which she takes, a bit grudgingly but may learn to get used to it in time.


   Governor Ferspin: "Now we'll begin, starting with the crew of the Attack Carrier."

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Act Ten: Shake Down and Artifice








   Despite the courses in the tunnel systems, the CDF could not carve adequate space for flight training. To make up for the loss of the academy grounds was the construction of simulators. A few were actually salvaged from the Cornerian Air and Space Museum while the majority were built from the ground up with leftover computer parts. But a couple of them were modified to preform to the AR-wing 01's specifications so only two pilots could be tested at a time.


   Computer control booth: "Applicant 1, begin."


   The screen opened from black to a colored landscape with the flashing words, Simulation Engaged. A series of rings spawned with the object to fly through each one. If a ring was missed, the simulatee would find themselves on the shooting range. The shooting range consisted of varied ground and aerial targets each with increasing difficulty with the amount of kills scored. If than a target was missed the applicant was given the objective of staying in formation with computer A.I. rendered wingmen. If a pilot scored above the high mark for each segment, he or she would go on to the next training session.


   Computer control booth: "Training Mode terminated."


   Fox: "Alright guys," *climbs out of simulator booth* "How'd we do?"


   General Pepper was handed the results on a sheet of paper which he eyeballed for a few seconds.


   General Pepper: "Okay, lets see. Falco Lombardi, your score was adequate."


   Falco: "What does that mean, exactly?"


   General Pepper: "It means you bypassed the ring course and made a beeline for the shooting range, which was good shooting by the way. But other than the formation run, you lacked considerably. So you're adequate. Slippy, you rank 3rd."


   Falco: "Wait, I was last?"


   General Pepper: *checks report* "Yeah. Specialist Toad, although you were lacking in an eye for offensive tactics, you did pass due to your ability to except direction. You scored half of the ring course and aced the formation run."


   Slippy: "Thank you sir."


   General Pepper: "Well now we're up to you two. Peppy, although not a perfect run you scored high in the ring course, shooting range and formation run. Its been awhile since you've been in a cockpit."


   Peppy: "I'm a bit rusty, but its like riding bike."


   General Pepper: "Hehe, glad to have you back. And now you Mcloud."


   Fox: "..."


   General Pepper: "Your scored was perfect."


   Fox: "YESS!"


   General Pepper: "With one exception. You did not even attempt the formation run. Care to explain why?"


   Fox: "I don't need to be in a preset formation by a computer sir. I make my own."


   General Pepper: "Then you missed the whole point. The point is taking orders, not giving them. You rank 2nd."


   Fox: "Wha-?"


   General Pepper: "And besides I'm not gonna have you lead this team or any team for that matter til your ego clears up. Peppy you're in charge of the team and its now up to you to name it."


   Peppy: "Yes sir, thank you sir."


   The General left the area and signaled that testing was over.


   Falco: "Now I don't feel as bad."


   Slippy and Falco left the room as well, leaving Fox and Peppy behind. Peppy turns to Fox.


   Peppy: "I'm sorry junior, but in a way hes right."


   Fox: " 'In a way', can you hear yourself? You were the one who talked me into this."


   Peppy: "Yes, I know, you want to get back at them for what they did. Not following orders throws a wrench into the whole affair, kid. But had you listened when it would have mattered you would lead this team. Instead you're riding shotgun rather than where you need to be. Wha-what did you think was gonna happen?"


   Fox: *sigh* "If dad was here-."


   Peppy: "If your dad was here, he'd be ashamed of you."


   Fox: "You sure about that? He told me he didn't like how the CDF was ran, how decisions had to be pended on and mulled around by a bunch of officers who never saw combat. He wanted to leave just after this one last time, one little trip to a corner of Lylat. But now-now they have even taken that from me."


   Peppy: "Just stay with the CDF. We're doing the right thing."


   Fox: "Not for both of us. *gets up, leaves"


   Peppy: "Where are you goin'?"


   Fox: *voice echos from down the hallway* "Something I need to take care of."






   Outside as the twin suns were setting, Fara Phoenix stood leaning against an old fence watching the stars Solar and Lylat dip over the horizon. She thought about things were and how some things will never change. There was no moon tonight because Corneria had no moon, which she always thought was odd. Other planets in Lylat had luminaries gracing the night sky, even Venom, but not Corneria. She seemed to do well without one anyway.


   The pleasant night was disturbed however by the rumbling engine of a Venomian patrol. Fara reacted and hid herself from view as the armored vehicle passed with its searchlight missing her by inches. She let out a sigh of relief when it proceeded out of view. It was then Fara noticed something else as she rose to her feet. A shape, possible someone else evading Venomian capture. She watched as this individual and followed til she found a small trail to a camouflaged hatched. She waits for a few moments and proceeded inside.






   *Back CDF HQ*


   General Pepper had attacked his third pot of coffee when Peppy enters his office. Pepper takes notice.


   General Pepper: "I thought you would have gotten some rack time by now."


   Peppy: "Nope. Can't sleep just yet. Is that coffee?"


   General Pepper: "What else would it be?" *pours Peppy a cup* "So, hows 'junior' holding up?"


   Peppy: "Hes falling in line like the rest. Can't shake his need for revenge, but its nothing I can't handle."


   General Pepper: "I hope you're right. Everything hinges on whether we free Corneria tomorrow and then Lylat. The fleet has been contacted and is poised to liberate the other planets. But if we lose this time..."


   Peppy: "...its over. I know my job sir and so do they."


   General Pepper: "Good. Have you thought of a name yet, for the team?"


   Peppy: "I've got some ideas. They're all pending at the moment."


   General Pepper: "Well, the sooner the better." *rubs eyes* "Ahh, damn caffeine isn't working."


   Peppy: "In that case, maybe some shuteye is in order."


   General Pepper: "See ya at 0700. Bright and early."

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Act Eleven: Godspeed








   *CDF HQ, Mount Awasarih*


   It was sunup and start of a new day; a new dawn for Corneria. The counterattack was almost underway as personnel flocked to their assigned positions. The AR-wings were fueled, systems checked and rechecked. Weapons primed and ready. The only thing left was their pilots.


   General Pepper: *toggling comm for base-wide PA* "This is Pepper. Today our efforts might be remembered in years to come. Even if we don't succeed, our actions will rally others. But if do we will be one step closer to ending this war and only together, because we are united, we will win the day. Let it be known as Corneria's finest hour. Action stations."


   All let out a cheer as morale soared, ready to take on anything the empire threw at them.


   Although not in charge as he hoped, Fox Mcloud donned in a CDF flight suit climbed into AR-wing Ocean Iota and strapped himself in as did the rest of them. Slippy showed signs of being overly-anxious.


   Peppy: "You alright, Specialist?"


   Slippy: "Yes sir, perfectly fine sir."


   Peppy: "How about you?"


   Falco: "I'm Ready." *look of determination*


   Peppy: "How 'bout you junior?"


   Fox: "Ready when you are, Captain."


   General Pepper on PA: "Starfox team, cue for engine start up."


   Peppy: "Engines firing. Specialist?"


   Slippy: "Reading good burn sir. Afterburners, armed. G-diffuser, functioning."


   General Pepper: "AR-wings ready, standby for shooter launch."


   Peppy: "Roger that."


   Fox: "General, any idea where the Attack Carrier might be?"


   General Pepper: "Nothing at the moment, just focus on supporting our boys and girls on the ground for now. Shooters ready, good hunting. Godspeed."


   The AR-wings one by one were launched through runway tubes that led to the surface. A door camouflaged from the other side opened letting sunlight in as the craft sped towards in. At incredible speed the planes shot out of the mountain face, screaming to the metropolis Corneria City ahead.






   *Meanwhile the pearl manor*


   Imperial governor Ferspin had just awoken for a morning breakfast of bourbon and soon discovered the bottle he drinking last night was empty.


   Governor Fespin: "Dammit." *throws bottle against the wall, as a low ranking officer rushes in*


   3rd Field Sergeant Dolok: "Sir?"


   Governor Ferspin: "What is it?!"


   3rd Field Sergeant Dolok: "I heard-so I thought I-."


   Governor Ferspin: "You think nothing as usual, understand?!! Now get out!!!"


   3rd Field Sergeant Dolok: "Yes sir."


   The Sergeant was about to leave when cannon fire echoed in the city. Seconds later did the sirens sound. Another officer rushed in.


   Field Lieutenant Reddek: "Sir, Cornerians are on the assault! They came out of nowhere and are attacking us from the direction of the mountains!!"


   Governor Ferspin: "Finally, when the silence was about to kill me. Alert all airfields! Cut them down!"


   Just then the cannons silenced by another series of explosions. The Governor struggled to get to the windows and after parting the curtains found it came not the ground force below but the sky.


   Governor Ferspin: "Deploy the Attack Carrier."






   Peppy, via comlink: "That does it for the wall defenses. CDF HQ, ground units are cleared to enter the city."


   General Pepper, via comlink: "Good, keep a sharp eye for aerial units."


   Fox: "Bogies, inbound,  11:30, high!"


   Falco, via comlink: "I see 'em. They're mine!"


   Peppy: "Lombardi, get back in formation! Fox, stay with Slippy!"


   Peppy sped off to assist as Fox continued into Corneria City.


   Fox: "Okay Slippy, see if you can locate that carrier."


   Slippy, via comlink: "But Lieutenant Mcloud, the AA grid is still online!"


   Fox: "We'll take care of the grid later, just get me a fix on that carrier."


   Slippy: "Scanning."


   Fox: "Look out, incoming!"


   A group of insect-like Venomian fighters with wings folded back for maximum velocity vectored to the two AR-wings.


   Fox: "Set position 2! Take 'em as they come!"


   The AR-wings sprayed their blaster fire upon the inbound craft. The first line of fighters exploded, cannon fodder for the rest behind as they returned fire.


   Fox: "Theres too many of them! Evade! Evade! Evade! We'll lose them in the city!"


   Slippy: "With the AA still up?!"


   Fox: "Trust me and stay close! They might just take a few of them out as we pass!"


   The two AR-wing catapulted into breakneck speeds as the Vemonians struggled to keep up. Once over the siege wall, the fighters were bombarded with unrelenting fire from dozens upon dozens of 50 caliber quad-chain-gun auto turrets. The AR-wings were just fast enough to evade the flak storm.


    Slippy: "Shit!!!"


    Fox: "Hold it together!! Just a bit further!!"


    The fighter blasted overhead breaking the sound barrier, leaving a clearly visible vapor trail as they went. They headed toward Corneria City skyline.


    Slippy: "Buildings ahead!!"


    Fox: "I know!!


    Slippy: "You know?!! Shouldn't we-!"


    Fox: "Just a few more seconds!!!"


    The Venomian fighters that survived their own AA batteries, barreled at the two AR-wings putting their own craft to the limit. There was a space ahead and Mcloud meant to pass right between the buildings.


    Slippy: "Oh gods, oh gods!!"


    Fox: "On my mark, we tilt left!!!"


    Slippy: "Tilt?!! Are you crazy?!!"


    Fox: "Just do it!!!"


    As they began to rapidly close. Slippy was directly behind Fox as they approached the gap. Finally the moment came.


    Fox: "NOW!!!!!!"


    The AR-wing pilots tilted their crafts at just the right moment so that both of them passed through with hitting the side of the buildings. The Vemonians in tow however didn't fair as favorably and the AR-wing flew to the downtown district of Corneria City.


    Slippy: "Lieutenant?"


    Fox: "Yeah?"


    Slippy: "Please don't make me do that again."


    Fox: "Agreed. Did you find that carrier yet?"


    Slippy: "Yes, its located on the other side of the city."


    Fox: "Peppy, give me your position."


    Peppy, via comlink: "Due east, seven clicks. I don't know where the hell Falco is. I'll send a waypoint on your heads-up-display."


    Fox: "Slip and I have found the Attack Carrier."


    Peppy: "Forget it for now, we have Venomian reinforcements on-route to the Cornerian Army. If they get there before we do they'll get ripped apart!"


    General Pepper: "This is HQ to Starfox team, we've got strafe bombers on approach to our heavy support units. Take out those bomber ASAP."


    Fox: "Roger that HQ, we're on our way."






    *on the ground, heavy support units*


    Colonel Phremin: "CDF HQ, we have visual on enemy bombers. They have fighter escort."


    General Pepper: â€‹"Acknowledged Colonel, you have aerial support inbound."


    Colonel Phremin: "I see them. Count of three."


    The AR-wing passed over head meeting the flight of five bombers halfway.


    Peppy: "Alright Slippy on my wing, you and I are going after the bombers. Set firing position 3. Fox, you deal with any fighters you encounter."


    Fox: "Affirmative. Engaging targets."


    As they descended upon the bombers from above, Fox Mcloud singled out a fighter for his next kill. However he was unaware of the bogey behind him.


    Peppy: "You picked up an enemy on your tail. Try a somersault."


    Fox pulled back on the control stick and looped the loop. The fighter was still hot on his tail.


    Peppy: "Okay, try a split-S."


    Mcloud complies and does another maneuver. But the Venomian wouldn't let go.


    Fox: "This damn reptilian must like me. Got any other ideas?"


    Peppy: "Do something quick junior, hes almost got a target lock!"


    Fox tries a U-turn, but its no good. The Venomian had acquired a hardlock.


    Peppy: "Dammit no, Junior!!!"




    But just before the Venomian could fire, it was abruptly destroyed from behind.


    Peppy: "What?"


    Falco: "Haha, eat that scum!!"


    Fox: "Falco you crazy son-of-a-bitch, where were you?"


    Falco: "Wha? I was looking for that carrier. Besides, I must have gotten over ten kills back there."


    Fox: "The Attack Carrier is on the other side of the city, Falco."


    Falco: "Well it ain't there now. I saw it heading straight for the Mountain chain."


    Peppy: "Great, thats just what we need. Starfox to HQ, the Attack Carrier has located the base! I repeat, the Attack Carrier is vectoring to you now!"


    General Pepper: "Received, Starfox. They've already begun their bombardment of the area. They must have tracked our signal through communications. We don't have the firepower to take out that-*static* "


    Peppy: "General! General come in! Godsdammit!!"


    Slippy: "Thats the last of the bombers. Heavy support units are cleared from on in."


    Peppy: "We don't have much time! All fighters, on me! We're going after the carrier!"






    *On the Attack Carrier CIC*


    Comm Officer: "Lieutenant-Commander Feona, the Governor is hailing us."


    Feona: "Put it through."


    The face of Governor Ferspin booted up on the crude red holo-screen.


    Feona: "Sir, we've discovered the location of the hidden base and begun bombardment. We have encountered no resistance."


    Governor Ferspin via comms: "Excellent. Leave no stone unturned, Feona. Wipe these Cornerian dogs out!"


    Sensory Officer: "Ma'am, four targets closing in fast."


    Governor Ferspin: "Only four? Feona, deal with them."






    Peppy: "There it is. Look sharp, this could get rough!"


    Fox: "Slippy, see if you can find a weak spot."


    Slippy: "I don't know, that thing is heavily armored. I don't even think our plasma cannons can penetrate it."


    Falco: "We've got the Nova Warheads, don't we? If we all fire one at the same time-."


    Peppy: "Nah we're too close to HQ, the blast radius alone will take them out."


    Fox: "Whatever we do they'll still hammer HQ with their ordinance. Lets take out the missile pods."


    Peppy: "Right, Fox with me. Slippy go with Falco. Together we'll try and flank them."






    Governor Ferspin: "You have to admire them Feona, they are persistent." 


    Feona: "Sergeant, launch the first wave."






    Falco: "Alright guys, heats coming!"


    A flow of fighters emptied out of the starboard hanger.


    Fox: "Standing by missiles."


    Peppy: "Don't fire until I give the word."


    Slippy: "Captain Hare, I've reestablished comms with HQ."


    General Pepper: "S-arfox, co-in- in. We los- sensors whe-..."


    Peppy: "General, we're making our run on the carrier. We can't use NOVAs, we're too close to HQ."


    General Pepper: "We -re evac-atin- HQ! Use NOV-s! I r-pea-, use NOVAs!"

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Act Twelve: Godspeed Part II








   As the AR-wings sped toward the Venomian Attack Carrier, a wave of fighters were prepared to meet them halfway in an attempt to halt any attack upon their mother-ship. Peppy received new orders from General Pepper who authorized use of NOVA warheads despite close quarters with HQ.


   Peppy: "Alright, new formation. Form a firing line."


   They disengaged their previous flanking formation and moved so that there parallel to each other, side by side with a few meters of clearance between them.


   Peppy: "Do not break to engage the fighters. Falco, you especially. Set primary weapons to position 2, armed NOVAs."


   The Venomian fighters screamed into range, their ion engines roaring in the Cornerian atmosphere.


   Peppy: "Lets make a hole gentlemen. Let 'em have it!"


   The AR-wing's wingblasters blazed, tearing through the wave of fighters leaving only the flanking Venomians to be off-guard for a second before circling about on their tails.






   Venomian Sergeant: "They've broken through the first line."


   Feona: "Send the next wave."






   Slippy: "Lookout, incoming."


   Falco: "Great, more to end up behind us! What exactly is the plan?"


   Fox: "Those missile pods are only vulnerable when their open. We've got to get them to shoot their missiles!"


   Falco: "Wha-are you insane?! What will that do for us?!!"


   Peppy: "Once open, we can fire a NOVA into it and hopefully start off a chain reaction."


   Falco: "Ah good, for a moment I thought we were totally screwed."


   Slippy: "The carrier isn't doing anything yet. We have to make them open their missile pods."


   Peppy: "Dammit, those fighter are almost onto us. Break formation, engage fighters!"






   Feona: "Persistent they are, Governor. But in the end without dedication. Resume bombardment of the hidden base."






   All the AR-wings but one had broken off their run on the Attack Carrier, as Fox Mcloud increased speed towards it.


   Peppy: "Junior, what are you doing? I said break off!"


   Fox: "Its alright Peppy, I just want my shot at this thing."


   Peppy: "You won't stand a chance alone! Break off!! Break off!!!"






   Venomian Sensor Office: "Lieutenant, I have something on scopes. It was obscured by the amount energy feedback from weapons fires."


   Feona: "Heading?"


   Venomian Sensor Office: "Straight for us ma'am. And I'm reading something strange about it."






   Fox: "NOVA armed and ready."






   Venomian Sensor Office: "It looks like some sort of energy build up. It must be a weapon of some kind."


   Feona: "Rescind bombardment! Destroy the fighter!"






   The missile pods had begun to close as did the window of opportunity. Fox sped closer to the carrier as her defense turrets blanketed the sky with sprays of fire. The closer he came the more slim the chance of him succeeding.


   Peppy: "FOOOOOOX!!!!"






   Fox's AR-wing passed within feet of the carrier, skimming across its armored surface after had launched his bomb into one of the pods before it closed. There was a deafening silence as Fox climbed to a higher altitude, looking back at the carrier below.


   Falco: "Fox, did you get in?"


   Fox: "Uh..."


   The question was answered when a thunderous explosion erupted as few seconds later. The pod was vaporized followed by the second which flowed to the rest of the ship.






   Feona, via comlink: "We've lost stablizers! Abando-!!" *static*


   Governor Ferspin sat back in his chair in somewhat disbelief after switching off his comlink to the carrier, which was falling to its doom at the base of Mount Awasarih. He sat still remaining calm, sipping a glass of any alcohol he could find as the sound gun fire echoed in Corneria CIty.






   Fox: "Bits away!!!"


   Peppy: "Starfox team to General Pepper, the carrier has been destroyed!"


   The General, quite beside himself in knowing the first leg of the campaign was underway drew a sigh of relief.


   General Pepper: "Loud and clear Starfox, well done. Head to the emergency hanger immediately."


   Pepper: "Roger, HQ, on our way. Team, lets form up."


   Slippy: "Captain Hare, the lieutenant isn't forming up with us."


   Peppy: "What are you talking about?"


   Slippy: "Hes leaving, hes leaving into orbit as we speak!"


   Sure enough, Peppy looked back at Fox who was climbing into high altitudes.






   Peppy: "Junior, what the hell are you doing?!"


   Fox: "Sorry Pep," *looks at a picture of his family, then placing it in the console of his HUD* "Theres something I've got to do."


   Falco: "Hey, don't leave without me."


   Peppy: "Get back here!"


   General Pepper: "HQ, whats the hold up?"


   Peppy: "Damned if I know, sir. I'm goin' after them! Slip, with me!"





   Soon all four AR-wing began to exit the atmosphere, heading in the direction of a rather dense asteroid field.

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Act Thirteen: Theft and Asteroids








   By now they had exited Corneria's atmosphere and continued on-course toward the Meteo Region. Meteo was once a planet impacted by a moon similar in size that wandered into Lylat millions of years ago. The collision was destructive, jettisoning  fragments that pulverized almost every other planet in the Lylat System. While they and their native inhabitants managed to survived, Meteo's fate was ultimate leaving her crust and mantle to be added to the already existing belt of asteroids that separated the inner planets from their far flung siblings. It has always had an impact on weary space travelers who are crazy enough to even think of passing this ever changing maze of rock. But it never seemed to stop others from plundering rich its stores of mineral deposits. As the CDF struggled to regain its past strength, long range scopes picked up activity in the deepest portions of Meteo and could only conclude that imperials had set up shop at the epicenter, the last remaining mass that was planet Meteo. If the CDF was to become the dominant once more, this or if any installation is in Meteo by the Venomians would have to be forcefully removed.






   Falco: "So, just you me huh? I guess we can make up for the lack of a solid team."


   Fox: "I'm sure, but here comes Peppy."


   Peppy: "SF leader to SF 2 and 4. Whats the big idea going AWOL?"


   Fox: "Ah relax gramps, they know they can't follow us and they won't. Simple as that."


   Peppy: "You mean you planned on stealing the prototypes?!"


   Falco: "Well yeah, of course he did and he didn't do it alone either."


   Peppy: "I was already sure of that. You have no choice junior, you have to come back with us now."


   Fox: "Sorry Pep, not gonna happen."


   Peppy: "I know you want revenge, but this isn't the way to go about it. Don't make me do this, junior."


   Slippy: "Um, Captain?"


   Peppy: "In a minute Slippy. Fox, I have to do this. I'm sorry. Slippy, target their engines. They'll be damaged but at least we can repair them back on planet."


   Falco: "IF you do, how do you plan to get them back on to Corneria?"


   Peppy: "None of your concern."


   Slippy: "Sir, we have a problem."

   Peppy: "What now?"


   Slippy: "It seems my controls are locked out."


   Peppy: "What? Mine are too! Junior...?!"


   Fox: "Now before you get all fired up, which I know you will, hear us out..."






   *Corneria, auxiliary HQ*


   General Pepper: "Report."


   Colonel Sovich: "Confirmed sir, our last readings showed all four AR-wings leaving orbit."


   General Pepper: "Transponder signal?"


   Colonel Sovich: "Severed and our ability to manually access flight controls as well."


   General Pepper: *sigh* "That means someone had to be on the ground tampering with our equipment."


   Colonel Sovich: "But who?"


   General Pepper: "The insurgent, the one we picked up with Lombardi. Find him."






   As the Cornerian Army searched, Leron Te'hurk was hiding else where struggling to get his signal out from an old communications array.


   Leron: "C'mon guys, where are you? I've been waiting for two hours."


   Fox: "-e--at y--r l--- tra--mi---on..."


   Leron: "Fox is that you? Your signal is weak, can you boost?"


   Fox: "You-r a go, - repe-t, you're a go!"


   Leron: "Ah finally! We're on our way! Let her rip boys!"






   Outside, General Pepper mulled over plans to reinforce captured Venomian structures at the auxiliary camp, when suddenly from a far a series of timed explosives went off. They carved a long strip in the soil revealing a metallic surface that began to give and heave open to a huge cavernous underground hanger. Needless to say it caught the Cornerian soldiers off guard who just moments prior engaged Venomians in combat. As the dust began to settle, an rhythmic hum started to ascend from inside; the sound of engines whirring to life.


   Leron ran to his seat, a cloud of dust ejects as he plops into it strapping himself in.


   Leron: *coughs* "I hope this crate can make it!"


   Rising from the spacious cravat rose a dusty covered shape with roaring engines that shook the ground as it ascended. It soon become visible that it was indeed a ship with four wings and a single dorsal fin. The Cornerian Army had barely enough time to react as it sped off into the heavens above.


   Colonel Sovich: "I believe that was our suspect."






   Peppy: "Okay, so you plan on marching into Venomian airspace with four fighters. It can't be done junior. You're father did the same thing."


   Fox: "Yeah, but he wasn't expecting to go barging into a fight. We on the other hand do and since there is only a few of us we can go in, take them out and vanish. It'll be a lot simpler and we won't get noticed as easily as a huge task force."


   Slippy: "Sounds a bit risky if you ask me. But where the prototypes go, I go. Thats if its okay with you, Captain."


   Fox: "Well, old hare? You in?"


   Peppy: *sigh* "I was never out junior. Okay we'll do it your way, but not without the General's approval. Maybe I can convince him and shorten a prison sentence."






   General Pepper: "You're doing what?!!"


   Peppy: â€‹"Sure it was subterfuge, but I trust him on this. He even let me contact you."


   General Pepper: "Mutiny, tampering with military equipment, theft of military hardware THAT may I remind you is on extended loan. Gods know its unethical. Alright, keep me posted on your position and I may just throw you a bone or two. Pepper out."


   Falco: "Woohoo, yeah!!!"


   Peppy: "You sure about this, junior?"


   Fox: "I've been dreaming about this day for years."


   Slippy: "I think its fair to warn everyone, we're running low on fuel. Any ideas?"


   Falco: "Rumor has it, there is a fatass refinery in the dead center of Meteo."


   Slippy: "Meteo? Oh no, I'm not going out there!"


   Fox: "C'mon froggy, your buddy will meet us there."


   Slippy: "Wait, what buddy?"


   Fox: "You know, Flozden or whatever his name is. Anyway lets go. We need to meet up with him and Leron."


   Peppy: "And how are they supposed to get there?"


   Fox: "By ship."


   Peppy: "What kind of ship, may I ask."


   Fox: "Well you know, a ship."


   Peppy: "A shuttle transport by chance?"


   Fox: "Maaaaaaaybeee."



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Hey there a bit of an update. As you all know, I've been away and because of it I have neglected my writing in the process. Now that I have a new medium for this I can resume shortly when my schedule is less tight. Thank you and the SNES is back...for writing that is...heh

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So far the Story is fine by me. :) At first i thought its like the old Comic but now i´m curious to read your Fall of Lylat Storys next ^^

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4 hours ago, General_Macbeth said:

So far the Story is fine by me. :) At first i thought its like the old Comic but now i´m curious to read your Fall of Lylat Storys next ^^

Actually, thats the whole idea :D I planned on fusing he original snes starfox with sf64 because of their obvious similarities.

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