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The Apocalypse: A New Begining

Jimmy Darnell

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RP Name/Title- The Apocalypse: A New Beginning

Style- Chat
Theme- Post apocalypse
Setting- Post apocalyptic America and the year is 2040
Description-the setting is of course, america, the year is 2040. Around the year 2030, A group of scientist's had made Artificial Intelligence {AKA A.I.'s} possible. In the year 2031, the president said that they would integrate the A.I. into their military. About 2 months later, it went rouge and nuked the planet, killing herself in the process. many perished, but some able to survive the assault survived in underground bunkers miles below the surface. groups were sent out of the bunker a few years later to go and find civilization.{ all characters that are mentioned are furry's, if you would like to be a human character, please specify by saying -my character 'insert name here' is human- at the very top of the post your first post}
Goal-that may spoil the plot, wouldn't it?
Player count- any that wanna enter.
do I need to show my first post also? (will include the description, and a back story for my 3 chars.)
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I have had some experience playing in a post-apocalyptic RP. However, I am at a loss as to what character I should use, given that most of the characters I use these days are in or working with the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps (or DMC for short). Moreover, I have no idea how my characters would be in America in this landscape - perhaps their vessel crashed? Was shot down? I can't decide. Any suggestions?

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well, i start off with 3 chars, one being named kyle (off the top of my head a while back) and the other 2 here

kyle W. meets his end, and then its just my 2 main, starting in Texas in the year 2040. just getting that cleared up.


For yours, a nuke produce's a bit of an EMP, so that being said, the DMC vessel, crash lands and cant take off again, but remains stationary while basic functions are still online (COMs, life support, surveillance, power to points of main entry). now where you land is up to you. and if life support is still active, you could say the crew aboard the DMC vessel went into cryo for 9 years. (until people begin to come out of the underground bunkers) then say when they came out of cryo, they did an assessment of everything. finding out the ship is barely functional. So they enter cryo in 2031, as they crashed, then exit cryo in 2040.


Now for your character's, I'd say think about what 3 out of all your available characters, and think about how those 3 would act to being in the situation. like what id say do, 2 male's and one female, say Kyle, Anna, and Drake.


Keep in mind, just suggestions,

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Well, therein lies the problem. The DMC isn't formed until somewhere around 2750, and even then, it's on Dragon'taan (as the name suggests). Which brings me to suggest that perhaps this Earth of furries is in another 'verse altogether. The DMC is always exploring different 'verses. You *do* make a bit of sense that perhaps an EMP from one of the nukes brings the ship down - but the ship would have to be running with shields down, which, of course, DMC ships do not do when exploring other 'verses (They normally explore under cloak).


Now, I don't know what you have intended for this RP, but I know for certain that the primary goal for any DMC personnel that ends up stranded here would be to find a way off-world or to set a beacon and wait for the DMC to get them out. Are you certain you'd want to have DMC personnel in this RP of yours?

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Ok, since the problem is the year, The DMC wouldnt work, but what you could do is make 3 new characters who's homeplanet is earth.

And that when the bombs were launched, your 3 chars. Went into the bunkers with other survivors. And say they were one of the many bunkers to send out people after a few years.

So since the DMC wouldnt work, id wrather you, if you wanna, do the above. Wrather than potentially cause confusion.

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I would be inclined to agree. Even so, I would still prefer my chars to have... custom weapons. Perhaps not my usual Hybrid Rifles (Unless this RP is following the technology seen in Fallout: New Vegas, in which case, my Hybrid Rifles will do just fine), but custom weapons nonetheless. Give me some time to think the character bio's up.


Just out of curiosity, do I have to use 3 chars, or will one suffice?

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ok and sure, i am actually kinda having it follow the tech, so feel free to use your hybrid guns. and take your time. id hate for someone to be rushed.


'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


theres my chars, and one will suffice, and could uses the two empty char slots later.

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Very well. Here is the char I will use:


///Viktor Drake


Name: Viktor Drake


Alias: "Dragon Wraith"


Age: 25


Sex: Male


Weapons: Outlined below


Attire: Wears pre-war clothes, looks like an armed civilian than what he truly is.


Background: Viktor "Dragon Wraith" Drake is a character shrouded in mystery; where once he was a hired assassin, an incident in Marseilles caused him to lose all his memories - including his true identity. For years, he wandered, considered a malfunctioning thirty-million-dollar weapon, trying to recapture who he really was. Official records state that Viktor Drake drowned at sea near Marseilles. Unofficially, Viktor Drake purchased a place in one of the vaults before the bombs fell - under a different identity. When the vaults opened years later, the Dragon Wraith vanished, wandering the wasteland as he searched for clues to who he was...




{RX Kalashnikov AK50M7}


Description: The RX Kalashnikov AK50M7 is a Hybrid Rifle based of the archaic AK47. This particular model features a number of attachments (outlined below) and has special nanites that maintain, lubricate, and clean the gun - the only RX Kalashnikov weapon to do so.


Weapon Ammunition: Hardened 7.62x45mm rounds (Primary), Kadgeron Plasma Disruptor Pulse (Secondary)


Attachments: Holo-Sight, Folding Stock, Integrated Kadgeron Plasma Pulse Disruptor, Foregrip (Used with the Disruptor), AK74-style Muzzle Brake, Dual Mags


{Dragon Swords}

No Image Available.


Curved swords with jagged, serrated edges of hardened diamond. Viktor typically uses two of them in Melee combat.


(If no one else comes in, I'll think up a couple more chars. Just our of curiosity, though - what will be used as currency in this post-apocalyptic landscape?)

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ok, thatd be just fine if ya did, and I didn't wanna be cleshay, but I guess bottle caps will do. and nice job on the char.

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Provided that you still have interest in this RP and there are players to support it, consider it approved.  Make sure to start a discussion thread when you're ready.



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