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Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

El Zorro de la Estrella

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This game is AMAZING. It's like a combo of FPS and RPG. If I tried to really describe it I would fail, as it is REALLY deep.

Anyways, it's on sale from GameStop (digitally) and Steam for 5 Bucks (US) over the Halloween Weekend.

If you like RPG's and Horror I reccomend it highly.


Couple things though:

- It's from like 2004, so the graphics and stuff are a bit dated. (Not a problem, but graphics are uber-important to some)

- It is technically finished, but the studio ran out of money before they could 100% it.

+ BUT THAT'S NOT A PROBLEM! The programmers kept working on it and there is a (unofficial) patch that fixes all of the small problems!!

PATCH: http://dlh.net/cgi-b...p78a.exe&ref=ps

PS. No Sparkle Fairies need apply (Twilight vampires, not a slam of anyone :-P)

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Played this too many times and all really that needs to be said is that it was great for it's time. There are glitches when making your character as well as some flaws that can get you stuck for good which are really hard to find, but there is always 'that guy'. Other than that though, they do some good when it comes to encompassing the different types of vampires [and yes, there are different types] [And no, Cullen is not one of them] and really bringing their attributes, powers, and flaws to surface. Not to mention the role playing aspect, how you go about things and when you face certain challenges exactly is rather interesting as well.

If you like Scifi/vampires, as well as Role Playing games, definitely try it out. Not to say I wouldn't play other games with my time, but if you really like vampiers, by all means; go for it. And don't be ashamed to buy it for that reason alone either. We all know people got into Star Fox or Solatorobo for example because they had anthropomorphic main characters, but that is a different talk and rant.

ANYWHO; Ignore whatever the hell I said and just play it. Even if only for a little bit. I don't care. And that includes you, Milky. Do something other than Meteroid with yo life, son.

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Fluxy with the Assist! :friends:

See? Two out of two SFOer's reccomend VtMB! k_e_smile.gif

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