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Avalanche: A question of interest


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I've been thinking for some time about doing this. And I came to the decision to at least give it a try. Can't be any worse than the RP to get rejected.
RP Name/Title
Avalanche: A question of interest
This will be a Forum based RP, players will post their actions and maybe their estimations as to the impact on their environment. I will check on the thread regularly enough to be able to interject if something they do doesnt work, requires a roll or in any other way can't just stand there as itself.  An investigation/protection type adventure set in a setting I'm restructuring to be an own one for an own specific ruleset.
creating failed states <-> maintaining dictatorships
A former Royal governor's mansion within the Kandu subdomain on  it's core world Kandu Apesphere 08 or presently known as Ushindi; For where it starts, as the characters don't just randomly get warped there, please see the 'Character sheet' section.
To keep the assigned protégé alive during and throughout a negotiation on a warchief's homeworld
Player count- 3-5
So let's do this.
First, a few details to the setting. 
Present setting

It is the year BM (Bowman) 03 and in honour of it's former owner, Avalanche has made it's way back into being not just a competitive corporation, but a one-sidedly out-succeeding one, slithering it's way around what usually keeps a competitor from arising after centuries of the same economic giants and mostly the same families of chief executives not having to lift a muscle to keep the business working and hence gradually unlearning everything about secresy, safety, military organization, law and the business the money for all of it is coming from.
The disappearings and sudden deaths of some of them have not gone unnoticed. The universe is aware of the sudden explosion of shady business going on below the surface. Some of them have united under the banner of the FoEL, a trade union representing the interests of the financial elite of the connected systems, branded "Federation of Elevated Labour".
This Federation is Avalanche's main antagonist most of the time. 



Decades ago, the Kandu subdomain was still a Royal colony, but it's state as a such one got traded for the freedom of another one, between the Kingdom and the Collective of Tribes. Since then, it has politically fallen into turmoil. The Collective tried to help on several occasions, but it's hard to help integrate a state into a Union, if said state doesn't exist. Instead, it's people drifted back into their tribal society, causing the leaders of these tribes to declare themselves warchiefs and waging small wars against each other. 
Since Kandu, as a remnant of former oppression, completely lacks the technology necessary to build the commonly used self-powering ships and the constant clashes between different groups of people, the former infrastructure designed to keep resources of metals and mostly crops and cattle open, completely collapsed and became widely unusable. Eventually, the power across Kandu did transfer to one single individual, only to then be assassinated and as a result of that tribe's tradition, overthrown by a relative, that used to be a serial killer back when the Kingdom was holding the land. 
He then named himself Kindiwe the Feathercrusher and assumed a range of power he never knew before. He didn't like the thought, but he also started seeing the sense in trying to join the Collective, though that opportunity for open trade won't come without conditions. The Collective was made aware of his will to cooperate and hence sent an ambassador to handle out first possible conditions as well as future to-be-conditions with the warchief.
And since the ever-growing Corporation Avalanche owns most of the processing industry that by that means would get connected to Kandu, that would very well play into their hands and attract the attention of competitors. Competitors who are unlikely to just let this happen like that. Hence Avalanche is not to indulge in a laissez-faire policy themselves and will hire someone or several people to try and prevent any interference with the negotiations on a first integration contract with Kindiwe.

Technical details

All of the universe is connected via the subspace networks. Subspace is a parallel dimension to normal space, only that it repels space itself, hence there's not an awful lot of space in it. There aren't many computers, terminals or portable devices such as tablets or iComms that are not connected to the networks. And when they aren't, it tends to have a reason. Such as the board computers that steer every element of a ship, which can only be piloted by an integrated piloting unit (a robot built into a ship) or manually via the main consoles on the bridge.
The most preferred methed of travelling is through warpgates. Two actually not connected points in space and time, of which an entire area of points suddenly are connected. Warp gates can be opened from anywhere to anywhere, as long as you know the name (if to be found in connected databases) or the coordinates. An alternate, comparably slow way of travelling is through hyperspace. A method still known, because it's a tiny little bit safer than warpgates and not all vessels that are updated to containing Warp-gate technology. Same going for almost all fighters.
Transportation of solid, inanimate objects over a range per teleportation has been perfected to a point, where the inanimate objects will end up somewhere near the targeted area and on the same surface. Teleportation of living organisms though can firstly not be done on a range if the organism is to survive and even if provided a pin-point referencial device (kinda like the transfer devices in SF:As), is not completely safe. 
So to be frank and sum it up: In theory, nothing is ever one hundred percent accurate. Especially if you consider things being done on larger numbers of lightyears of distance. 

Separation of Fauna

Lylat is by far not the only civilized system in the universe. In fact, the debated 'First' have left behind a universe with practically every single planet having an atmosphere that would support life if provided with the necessary temperature. And the liveable ones among them also have not just life but civilized life. Both higher (anthro if you like) and lesser animals of all of 'Earth's' (no-one knows that name) fauna. Such a thing as a sentient alien doesn't exist. All animals, lesser or higher, are, even if only distantly, related. And theoretically, every animal exists as a higher version, though most have moved to distant areas.



I won't sum up every empire, but it mostly works with what I call the parallel-world-dogma. Everything that exists in either fiction or reality, can and/or will have a counterpart in the Avalanche universe. Maybe under a different name, but it's nevertheless there. Think of it as in...imagine Sonic the Hedgehog existing, but without the super speed and being a racer with extremely aggressive hair dye. Or loads of people named the so-called 'Whichians'  within the Kingdom and the Republic obsessing over a TV-show called "Which Doctor". Or loads of Aquan ships disappearing or sinking in the "Somer Square".
It's silly, but fun and makes a universe more relatable, even if many other things can be very different. And yes, this means there's 'Space-America', which would be the Republic of Corneria extending to more than the Lylat system. 
For a small example: the Republic's territories are referred to as the 'Protected Territories', whereas the Kingdom's (Space-England) and the Empire's (Here just Venom) are openly referred to as 'colonies'.


Surely your character hasn't been just born and thrown into the adventure, but have lived a life, where he or she will either have gotten to specialize in some area either by a specific schooling or by long-term life experience in an area or through both. Nevertheless you can't exceed at everything, so you are to choose from one area, where you know what you're doing either way. 
An example: If you've been trained as a soldier or a security officer or policeman, it's unlikely that you only know your way with one single type of firearms. You will preferably be prepared to pick up and use whatever might fit the situation. Hence, you'd choose Firearms to be flexible in that area.
A character can still perform other skills, but when a PC that picked Firearms as his special skill, it would require one heck of an explanation as to why he's suddenly hacking himself past commercial security software.
Melee arms
Precision arms
Please pick one of these areas and display it publicly.

Right, now on to RP-related rules.

The RP is destinated in the StarFox-Avalanche universe, yes. But the canon of the videogames will most likely have little to no relevance to local and present events. Please refrain from introducing somewhat canon-related characters such as relatives of the cast of the videogames/the comics or their acquaintances or the like etc. The Star Fox team is somewhere else, doing some random job in their field.
Cerinia is long gone and the Ghost of Andross always seeks new ways to find and kill any living Cerinian he might find out about. So playing one would not make sense at all and is therefore prohibited. Weak telepaths of other classes are theoretically possible, but not advisable.
It's a sci-fi setting: No magic. Yes, even staffs have certain gimmicks installed that maybe Fox and Krystal don't understand, but that doesn't make them magic.
Theoretically anything that is genetically an animal can be played as a higher one, yet the smaller and simple the lesser original gets, the more confusing and often ridiculous it can turn out to be. (Example: Try and explain to me, what exactly an anthropomorphic water bear would be like. Not just the appearance, how it percieves it's surroundings, how does it's species affect it's personality and so on)Sticking to Vertebrates, Arthropods and Molluscs is strongly requested. Though note that Arthropods don't come with 2 legs, they have anatomical differences from their lesser counterparts, but have sustained their outer shape and appearance. Which can make finding clothes or ecquipment such as gas masks and space suits in vertebrate-dominated areas kind of hard.


When making a new character, see what you can add in or don't want to add in. More details flesh out your character, but don't forget to maintain a balance. If you add a detail from the start, you make your character more understandable and give your fellow players something to work with when interacting with your character. At the same time, every detail you add in from the start or at any point is established and hence fixed. If you write that you spent all your life locked away on random-planet-name, then you can't add in that you were on a holiday during that time. 

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