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Music for the Ultimate Story


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Ok, so, here's the thing: I have so many way to express my Ultimate Story. One of those ways is incorporating some of my favorite music. I have been a huge fan of Techno/Trance and Electronica for many years now. I think it's some of the coolest sounding music I have ever heard. Another thing involving music was writing my own songs. The thing is I'm not a musical genius. I don't know how to read music or create music. I can write and I have written lyrics on my own and as far as I know, I tend to write songs better while actually listening to music than from writing them on a whim. The problem with that is no inspiration. What can you do?


I have written this song when I was young that I thought was amazing. I consider it to be like the main theme for my story and the music that I have used I thought fit perfectly with it. It was from the real final boss battle in Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards. I still write songs today and some of them are better than others. There are still more songs to come but I haven't written them, yet. I look forward to sharing all of that here. 

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Feel free, FFD! :D I'd would love to give an ear to your songs. You could PM me a DropBox link for me, if possible.

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Save Our Worlds

The Ultimate Story Theme Song


We will save our worlds tonight

We can prevent the Darkness from destroying the Light

We can defeat it if we're together


We are friends, no one can stop us

We will destroy it before it devours us

No matter what it takes to destroy it

We know it will be gone forever


We are friends, we are friends

We are strong, we are strong

We can destroy it, we can destroy it

We can do it, we can do it


We will prevent the Darkness from destroying our worlds tonight

We will defeat the Darkness and it will be gone forever more, that's right


Everyone who knows us well are counting on us

To stay and battle this evil on this night

We will stay here and fight these Dark forces

and stop them before they destroy the Light


We'll always be together

We'll always be forever


Together forever

We will destroy it

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This, of course, will be one of many video game songs in my story. There will be more to come as soon as decide when to put them on.

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Someone made a remix of a tune from one of the games that I have played.



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How about something universally epic?


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23 minutes ago, Snes1993 said:

How about something universally epic?

Sounds interesting, but it's not my style. Also, music like that makes me feel kind of uncomfortable. It stirs up some feelings that I don't like. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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This is another kind of music that I really like:


Yeah, 80's music is my jam!

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Music in my story will also include upbeat songs like this:


Who here also feels like this?

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I hereby declare that (nearly) all of my Ultimate Story characters shall have their own theme song. As to what their theme songs are? I'm still trying to figure that out, but they will most likely be trance music, so say I.

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Who here still remembers songs like these:


I think this entire playlist will be another playlist will be another perfect addition to my Ultimate Story. Thank you, Youtube, for being able to have stuff like this available for us. :D

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How many of you like create music videos inside your heads with your favorite music using images from your favorite tv shows and video games? I seem to have been seeing that a lot on Youtube and I can understand why. It's a lot of fun. I do that all the time. It's another way of expressing myself through my own interests.

I have also been listening to music as I've been writing. It's like a way of keeping me going. My hand also gets really sore, but I just can't stop because I have been trying really hard to finish up these stories and it feels like I've been taking a very long time to do it. It has been epic.



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Do you think this song sounds a lot like me? I think it does:



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It should be no surprise to anyone that I would include music from the Pokemon album in my story. Those songs have been so popular, so well liked and so nostalgic since our childhood. This songs is the most recognized out of all of them:


Is anyone really surprised that this song is part of my story?

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Who here remembers songs like these: 

They're really great songs, don't you think? They can be used for just about anything. I think that they would be great songs for my story. Long live the 80s!!!

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This Courage

Feels like my voice has grown silent and no one can here my cries

I'm doing all I can to help you through all the pain

Sometimes I feel so lost and I don't know what to do

But we must believe in the strength that lives within our hearts

But even right now, Uncertainty, Unable to fight back,

With no hope in sight, Our conflict may seem bleak

But we must never give up

We can not stand still

I know that there is something we must do

Living inside of us, This Courage that we have

It keeps us going strong

Despite all of the hardships that we face

Here we stand, Not afraid, We believe, We'll prevail

Having faced so many challenges

We hope that one day, we will overcome this strife

What keeps us going is a special bond we share

The strength within our hearts,

It will never fade away no matter what

We are strong, We won't lose, We have faith, In our strength

We'll fight to the very end

We will continue to stand and endure it all

With This Courage


When I started to join this fight, I knew I wasn't alone

All of our friends play an important role in this fight

We have all endured the pain from defending what we believe in

And fighting for our dreams, it's a battle that we must win

This obstacle we face, We must overcome

No matter how hard it seems, Without any fear

We will manage this

If we combine our strength

We must keep fighting on
We know that we will be alright

Standing in the face of fear
We'll rush towards the Darkness
With This Courage that we have
We know we'll find the Light at the very end

We will go, Face them all, See the Light, Chase Our Dreams
We know that we can make it
e'll see to it that we will win this fight

What keeps us going is this special bond we share
The Light that shines within
It has always been our true strength

Standing tall, Strength of heart, Never fear, Going Strong
We will not fear the Darkness
Deep within us, we can feel the Light grow
Within our hearts

Standing before the Light, we can feel it so strongly
It keeps us pressing on in spite of how bleak things may seem

Growing Strength, Feeling strong, We will fight, For our dreams
We'll continue to defy the Darkness
et the Light of hope keep us going strong

What keeps us going, what we believe in most of all
Is the Light inside us all
It will always shine so brightly without a doubt

Standing tall, Not afraid, We won't lose, Feel the Light
We will fight through all these hardships

We feel the strength to overcome the Darkness
With This Courage

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Perfect Harmony

It doesn't matter how strong your dark powers are

Or how intense your feelings of rage is

You can try to bring out even the worst of your wrath

But we will not submit


We won't bend so easily to your Hate

Or the Darkness that it strengthens endlessly

For the Light within us will help us to endure

And stand against your evil might


And as long as our friendship remains true

We will fight, we will fight, we will fight

And even when you think you have us beat

We won't lose, we won't lose, we won't lose

We will stand tall, we will stand tall


Because the Light in our hearts will always fuel the melody

It brings a ray of Hope

And pushes away the Darkness

Our glowing Light of Faith, it shines much brighter than the stars

It's much stronger than your Hate

So don't that we will easily give in


The Light of our friendship

It strengthens our Perfect Harmony


Your evil brings forth such hopeless despair

Something we don't ever want to have around

We won't put up with your crippling Hate

And we know that Love is stronger


And as long as we keep that inside of us

We'll stay strong, we'll stay strong, we'll stay strong

So it doesn't matter what you do,

We'll defy, we'll defy, we'll defy

Your unyielding Hate, your unyielding Hate



Cause our united hearts will always maintain our Harmony

And the Love we feel in our hearts

Will always keep us fighting against you

And Love is strong enough to lead us straight to paradise

And all of our friends will always

Mean more than everything to us


And through all of this, we'll strengthen our Perfect Harmony



And the Love in our hearts will always fuel the melody

As long as it shines on

We'll always continue to endure

And your perpetual wrath will never overpower our Light

As long as we stay together

We will never give in to you



And through it all, we'll maintain Perfect Harmony

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