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Journey Through Kanto


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OK, um, since I have been taking too long to write out my Journey Through Kanto Story, I think I'm going to write about it. I have so much on this that I want to share. There are so many important events for my story that are mentioned in this. This has been something that I have left sitting for too long, since like my childhood, back when I was really into the anime. I will be writing summaries of the different episodes that I have in mind in this story. A lot of them will be important events that happen in the story. I can't wait to share them.

I intend to tell you everything that I can about this journey and perhaps even beyond. Looking forward to it.

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Episode 1-Episode 1-The Beginning of A Young Boy’s Journey

The story begins with Ash, a young boy from Pallet Town in the Kanto region, starting out on his journey. He is to pick up his first Pokemon at Professor Oak’s place. He accidentally overslept and was late to pick up his Pokemon. Thankfully, Lisa and her group were also late. Ash meets them for the first time and they were assigned to follow him on his journey.
As Ash was picking up his Pokemon, he missed out on picking up on one of the starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. He was only able to receive Pikachu. Pikachu, as it turns out, was Lisa’s missing student and Fox’s friend. Pikachu was also the keeper of one of the Pokemon stones that they were looking for. They collected the 3rd stone and Ash was informed by Professor Oak of the Super Smash Gym Leaders. It was arranged by Lisa, which was something that Ash has not been told and the group made a promise to keep that to themselves.
As they began their journey, they have immediately took notice of a dark force following them and attempting to derail their advances. They were separated from Ash during the chaos. Pikachu was badly injured during her attempts to protect Ash. As soon as the chaos was over, the group reunited with Ash and made their way to the next town, Viridian City, to have Pikachu sent to be healed.

Important events

  • Ash was introduced, he meets the group for the first time and was given his first Pokemon, Pikachu
  • Pikachu was revealed to be one of Lisa’s students as well as Fox’s friend
  • The group received the 3rd Pokemon stone from Pikachu, they started their journey with Ash
  • Professor Oak was revealed to know something about the group’s journey
  • A dark figure made its first attempt to derail the group’s journey


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Episode 2-The Viridian Center Peril

The group arrived at Viridian City where they immediately had Pikachu sent to the Pokemon Center. Meanwhile, 2 members of a villainous organization known as Team Rocket, Jesse and James, and their Pokemon, a talking Meowth, had just got wind of the group’s arrived and were ordered by their boss to deal with them. At that time, Officer Jenny called out the “special unit” to handle Team Rocket.
Pikachu was brought into the Pokemon Center and the residential person in charge, Nurse Joy, took Pikachu in to have her healed up. Ash, worried, called his mom, who had expresses a lot of positive things to him, not so much even allowing him to be hard on himself. The girls remember their parents from the conversation with Misty expressing how lucky they were to have known their parents. Ash even chatted with Professor Oak, who later had a private conversation with Lisa.
Team Rocket arrived on the scene only to find that they had a lot to deal with than they could have ever expected. Soon enough, the special unit arrived, who turned out to be twin siblings of Team Rocket, including another talking Meowth. The crystal found and extracted another Pokemon stone from the good Meowth. The special unit dealt with their evil siblings while the group made their attempt to leave. After a number of unusual incidences and with the help of Pikachu being restored, they were able to leave. Lisa’s puppy, Sally, could sense some unusual mystical readings with Team Rocket and their twin siblings, which Lisa had also took notice of.
After the incident at the Pokemon Center, Team Rocket was ordered to follow the group, which they immediately complied to as they decided that the Pikachu that was part of the group was so strong that they wanted to capture it. Their siblings wanted to give chase but Officer Jenny had ordered them to fall back and instead, help her and her family, who are also members of law enforcement, investigate possible corruption within the justice system. They had also taken notice of this since they questioned why they became part of law enforcements since they looked very similar to the 3 members of Team Rocket, their evil twins.

Important events

  • The group arrived at Viridian City to have Pikachu healed up
  • Lisa has been noticing the Dark Force still following them
  • The Dark Force called upon Jesse, James and Meowth to deal with the group
  • Team Rocket reveal to own an Ekans and a Koffing, they also reveal to have twin sibling
  • the Police force, they also have the same names as Team Rocket, they reveal to own a Jynx and a Mr. Mime, both are strong against their twins’ Ekans and KoffingThe good twins of Team Rocket work for
  • Both sets of twins display bitter resentment towards each other
  • The group collected their 5th Pokemon stone from the good Meowth
  • Both Sally and Lisa took notices of some strange readings from both sets of twins
  • Team Rocket decide to follow the group as they have seen their Pikachu to be strong and wanted to snag it
  • The good siblings will continue on the hunt for their evil twins but were called back by Officer Jenny to help her and her family investigate a possible corruption in the justice system



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Episode 3-Caterpie’s Evolutionary Journey

The group make their way through the Viridian Forest. Misty and Bubbles immediately freak out over the Bug-type Pokemon within the forest, much to Buttercup‘s annoyance. Ash catches his first Pokemon: Caterpie. Throughout the entire journey through the forest, Caterpie goes through its evolution stage, going from its first form, to becoming a Metapod and eventually Butterfree. The group had a run-in with other vicious Bug-type Pokemon known as Beedrills, which attacked the group time and again, with the help of a certain shadowy figure. Lisa was able to take notice of this immediately.
They encountered Team Rocket numerous times. They made several attempts to nab Pikachu but failed. Their multiple attempts were eventually thwarted when their good twins arrived and chased them out. The good twins tell the group about a case that they are currently looking into, so they won’t be seeing each other as much as they should.
The group eventually left the forest and continued on their way to Pewter City, the first city on their stop. Before then, Lisa temporarily left the group to retrieve something. Ash zealously made his way to finding the first of the Gym Leaders: Fox McCloud.

Important events

  • The group arrived at Viridian Forest
  • Ash catches a Caterpie, his first Pokemon, it went through its evolutionary stages during the group’s journey through the forest
  • Ash gains a Butterfree into his party
  • Misty and Bubbles reveal to have a shared fear of bugs, which brought them even closer together
  • Team Rocket returns and reveals to the group that they want to capture their Pikachu
  • The shadowy figure continues to follow the group and derail their attempts to continue their tasks
  • The good twin were able to chase away their evil twin, they reveal to the group that they are looking into some corruption within the justice force and asks them to keep their senses sharp for anything that seem suspicious
  • The group managed to leave the forest and make their way into Pewter City
  • Lisa temporarily left the group to retrieve something


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This will be put on hold until further notice. If you have a problem with that, TOO BAD!! My time, my decisions! Let me have control over my own property if you don't mind!!

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