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    The trailer I reported earlier is now available for download on the 3DS eShop. I recommend downloading it if you have a 3DS, as it has the 3D intact and can give you a look at what the game will actually look like.

    Unlike the web trailer, this version does not put the gameplay footage in a floating box, but rather fullscreen so you can get a pretty good idea about what this game will look like.

    Note that the video IS compressed, so the game will be a little crisper that it looks in the video.


    Firm SF64 3D date?

    By DZComposer, in Star Fox News,

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    Major gaming sites, such as IGN and Gamespot, are now starting to list Star Fox 64 3D as being released on Sept. 11, 2011. I'm trying to find the Nintendo source here, but if all of these sites are reporting this date, I feel that it is safe to report it as well.

    Odd date choice, considering that this date is the 10th anniversary of an event that ranked at the top of the charts in terms of tragedy and horror.

    Waiting for this day with anticipation makes me wonder if I'm a bad person...


    Star Fox 64 3D Trailer

    By DZComposer, in Star Fox News,

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    Star Fox 64 3D E3 trailer. There is voice acting! Sounds line new performances, too, though I think some of the same actors. Though it could also be my mind playing tricks on me... :rolleyes:

    Anyway, the game looks amazing, especially Solar.



    Star Fox 64 3D Screens

    By DZComposer, in Star Fox News,

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    New screenshots in the Gallery:


    There is also a new trailer, I will post it when I can get a decent file.


    Cafe get's named: WiiU.

    By DZComposer, in Nintendo News,

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    So, the final name is WiiU. It will be full HD.

    The demo reel show was pretty much all hardcore games, which is a good sign, but the name is NOT indicative of a hardcore agenda. I really hope Nintendo keeps their eye on the ball, and with this name their uphill battle will be even more uphill, as core gamers associated the Wii brand with "lame."

    Screen can function as display for console while someone else watches TV: No external display required.

    Motion Control, also works with Wiimotes and other Wii peripherals.

    Video Chat via in-controller camera!

    "Flick" content from controller to TV.

    Zelda game shown on-screen, but no info given as to whether this is a new game.

    2 Circle pads, a D-Pad, 2 Z triggers, L+R, ABXY. Rumble. Touchscreen. Mic, speakers, motion sensors, camera.

    Iwata made it clear that Wii U is NOT a portable.

    EA seems to be a pretty big partner for this. EA's CEO teased us with an implication that the Battlefield series may come to WiiU.


    Star Fox 64 3D sort-of dated.

    By DZComposer, in Star Fox News,

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    Star Fox 64 3D will be available in September.

    The game will make innovative use of the 3DS camera to track your reactions to game events in VS Mode.

    I saw new VS Mode stages, though they weren't discussed.

    Also, the "DO A BARREL ROLL" that appeared when the first SF643D vid was shows was epic.

    Teaser Paragraph:

    Announcing the StarFox-Online Community Content Initiative (CCI)!

    What is the CCI?

    The CCI is a community-based content generation plan for creating content for the main site. What does that mean? I means that you (if you're a registered member) can write articles and/or pages that will be published, after staff review, on the main page!

    Why CCI?

    SFO is currently the top-ranked Star Fox fansite on Google. That's great, but in seriousness, it says more about the current state of the fanbase than it says about us.

    What do other top fansites have that we don't?

    In-depth content. Currently, our content is a slight overview. We have some trivial information and general game information. We need more. We need character information, a good writeup on the canon, and game help.

    The goal is to make SFO the one-stop-shop for everything Star Fox. Need help with a SF game, We'll have it. Question about Wolf O'Donnel? We'll have the answer. Want to share a fanfic? We'll accommodate.

    How will CCI work?

    I still need to work-out the technical details, but it will involve submitting your writeups for review either by myself or by a new staff position, an editor. Once accepted, they will be published in the appropriate section. It will probably be based on the IP.Content article system, which can automate these things.

    When will CCI start?

    Hopefully within the next couple of weeks. I need to get the media section back online first. That is turning out to be a big project, so I need to scale that back. Probably back to static pages until I can figure something out.

    What kind of content do we want?

    Anything! But, there are priorities: Character bios, Vehicle info, Story guides, and game guides are the primary concerns at the start. There will be some quality standards, of course. The only for sure's on that right now are must be written with good grammar and all information must be truly canon. The final standard will be detailed when the CCI kicks-off.


    Star Fox in the Smithsonian

    By DZComposer, in Star Fox News,

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    From March 16, 2012 until September 30, 2012, the Smithsonian National Art Museum in Washington, DC will be running an exhibit titled The Art of Video Games.

    Two of the games to be shown in the exhibit are from the Star Fox series! Star Fox SNES and Star Fox Assault will both be shown. Star Fox 64 was overlooked in favor of Goldeneye for the N64 shooter.

    The exhibit will be housed on the third floor of the museum, which is located at:

    8th and F Streets, N.W.

    Washington, D.C. 20004

    Like all Smithsonian museums, the National Art Museum is funded by tax dollars and does not charge admission.

    So, if you're in DC during that time, it is worth swinging by!

    Smithsonian Announcement: http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/archive/2012/games/#games

    Complete list of games in the exhibit: http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/archive/2012/games/winninggames.pdf

    Teaser Paragraph:

    The online service from Nintendo has always been, well, lacking. Even on the recently-launched 3DS. Friend Codes are a problem. Both parties need to add eachother's friend codes to establish a friendship. The problem is, if one person does it, the other is not notified.

    In their investor report, Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata talked about something that could change all of that. He acknowledged that Nintendo is lacking in "network services," which is investospeak for online. He mentions that the company is accepting outside help here.

    Consultants could be just the thing Nintendo needs here. Some outside input that says "Friend Codes Suck, do this instead" would be welcome.

    In the field of networks in particular, however, I admit that we cannot do business in pace with the changes in the world and the requests from consumers only within our company and with development companies we have long been in touch with. I am not sure which term suits us as collaborations for this purpose, M&A or partnership. Anyway, I feel that we would spoil the party in a negative way if "we sticked to create everything by ourselves" based on the policy [of self-sufficiency], and eventually it would make our business slow.

    In slight connection with the question about Wii's concept before, honestly speaking, Wii's future could have been different if Nintendo had made better partnerships with outside companies in the field of network services at the early stages of the penetration of Wii. In other words, Nintendo might have been a little obsessed with the policy [of self-sufficiency] at that time. Although we have already put ourselves back on track, we would like to clearly differentiate what is our true strength from what we can basically do by ourselves but can be done better by more skillful outside specialists in order not to fall into that trap again. You may be aware of some features which I am implying now in relation to the future developments of Nintendo 3DS and Wii's successor system that we announced yesterday. I am sorry I cannot say anything more specific today.

    Src: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/library/events/110426qa/02.html

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