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    By DZComposer

    SF-O now has blogs! This feature will play an important role in the upcoming major site update. Please stay tuned for more information!

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  1. fanfictiondreamer
    Latest Entry

    This is the next chapter to the Ultimate Story. This chapter starts out with the events of Starfox Adventures. In this story, Fox McCloud, joined by Misty, Bubbles, Princess Peach, Rayman, Banjo, Kazooie and Pikachu, set off on an adventure on a newly discovered planet known as Dinosaur Planet to save the planet from the tyranny of General Scales. Along the way, they meet new friends and allies, Krystal and Tricky. Krystal reveals that she is Fox's sister who was forced to evacuate Corneria after Andross attacked the planet. She becomes a new member of the Starfox team and a very invaluable ally as she has special abilities of her own. Everyone else's powers continue to grow as they learn of other advancements to their powers and continue to use them to fight evil.

    As the story continues, the Starfox team learn more about their enemies, the dark wielders, such as their deep influence with the humans as well as the entire planet that they live on. They make even more friends and allies along the way. They have continued their relationship with the girls of GROUP, Sam, Alex and Clover and continue to work with them.

    New stories that join the story are Scooby Doo, HiHi Puffy AmiYumi, YinYanYo, The Replacements, Chaotic, Total Drama, WITCH, FFX, Spider Riders and Sly Cooper. (The list does NOT end there; this isn't even half of what shows become part of the story. This is why I find the Ultimate Story to be a fitting name, as generic as it sounds)

    They find out about a terrible incident known as the Rifter, which all magical beings have known as the End of All Existence. Eons ago, a terrible evil being known as the Shaman Emperor wanted to destroy all of existence but was thrown into the Shadow Realm. He was released from the Shadow Realm and attempted to eradicate everything. A lot of worlds were destroyed from this while a lot of the surviving worlds were fused together as a means to put a stop to the Rifter. The Shaman Emperor was forced back into the Shadow Realm, but he was to be released again.

    They also learn of a group of Dark Wielders known as the Descendants of Darkness, who have played a major role in causing the Rifter. One such member they came across was Neela, a terrible woman who Sly and his friends have defeated in the past. Overtime, they learn that a terrible enemy that they have been dealing with was a member of the Descendants of Darkness and has made strides to release the Shaman Emperor from the Shadow Realm again.

    The story ends with Fox, Misty, Krystal and Falco defeating the Shaman Emperor and putting an end to the threat of the Rifter once and for all. However, the story was still not over as there were many more enemies to be faced.

  2. Late Night Patrol™

    last update: 12/2017

    When keyboard browsing try Vimperator:

                        Note: Other software to consider include - Vim Vixen, Pentadactyl, Vimium, or vimb.

    Vimperator's default key bindings and commands are inspired by Vim - a modal text editor which strives for efficient hand movement. Though the extension's vim-likeness appeals to hardcore vim users, it's also a strong option available to any general user looking for coherent, extensive mouse-less or less-mouse web-browsing.

    Vimperator like Vim is extensive. Take the key combination 'gU', which takes you to the root of the site, something one may not need often, but is certainly convenient when opportune. To begin profiting, there is the Quick Start guide to read once the extension is installed, but here is an even quicker start guide/reference which is both brief and in plain(er) speak. Memorizing the following should get anyone off to a pleasant browsing session in Vimperator. Intentionally, this reference will not include everything.

    [Super Quick Start]

    The keys: (Normal mode - refer to modes)

      j/k - scroll up/down by one line

      h/l - scroll left/right

      arrow keys - scroll respectively

      space - down by one page

      gg - go to top of page

      G - go to bottom of page

      gh - go home

      gH - go home in new tab

      gu - go to parent; ex: >> 2gu >>

      gU - go to root; ex: >> gU >>

      ctrl + c - stop loading page

      ctrl + o - go backwards in history

      ctrl + i - go forwards in history

      ctrl + n - move to the next tab

      ctrl + p - move to the previous tab

      d - delete tab

      u - reopen (undo) a deleted tab

      r - reload page

      R - reload skipping the cache

      f - follow link: type identifying number or type a "hint" to narrow down selection

      F - follow link in a new tab

      o - open : enter url or text for the search engine

      t - open in a new tab : enter url or text for the search engine

      T - open in new tab but show the link for current page (good for manually navigating a website directory)

      w - open in a new window

      / - find (forwards) on page key 'n' to cycle forward through each result

      i - Vimperator will ignore the next key / key combination

     shift + esc <or> Insert - ignore Vimperator

     ZQ - quit browser

     ZZ - save session and quit browser

     tab - navigate Vimpercator menus


    The commands:

      :qall or :qa - quit browser

      :xall or :xa - quit browser saving session

      :bmark - create a bookmark

      :help - bring up the help pages

      :ha - print page

      :history - view history

      :dia - open a Firefox dialog; i.e. about, addons, preferences, et cetera



    The modes:

    [NORMAL] - For browsing. All key actions listed above are for this mode.

    [INSERT] - To type in any field you enter insert mode. You enter this mode automatically when your select a text field.

    [CARET] - To navigate the page with the cursor, used in conjunction with visual mode. Key 'c' to enter.

      - Start with the find key '/ ' before Caret mode to enter at a known location.

      - Use hjkl to move the cursor

    [VISUAL] - For selecting text on the page. Key 'v' to enter. To enter visual mode you should be in Caret mode.

      - Use j/k to highlight lines up/down.

      - Use h/l to select by one character.

      - Use 'w' to select forward by one word and 'b' to select back by one word

      - prefix any key with a number to execute multiplicatively; ex - 3j : select three lines down, 4b : de-select four words back

      - Key 'y' to copy or "yank" the selected text. ctrl+c/ctrl+v for copy/paste also works.

      - Key 'p' to open (put) contents of the clipboard in the web bar or key 'P' to do the same in a new tab or key 'gP' do the same in a background tab

    [IGNORE] - Vimperator ignores next key. Key 'i' to enter.

    [IGNORE ALL KEYS] - Vimperator ignores all. Key 'Shift+Esc' or 'Insert' to enter. Good for visitors.

    Key 'Esc' to exit to a previous mode (withholding Ignore all mode)



    The other:

    Smart completions ranked on frequency are available when following a link. Use this to your advantage. For instance, when I want to join the SF chat I could do: "tch<Tab><Return>".  Alternatively, you might also record a macro for such usual motions. Refer to ':help macro.' Key '@' to play a recorded macro.

    Key-mapping works just as well and can be more precise since the link, say in my case, to the chat can actually be defined, refer to ':help key-mappings.'


    The notable annoyances:

    1. In normal mode the scroll keys hjkl are set to scroll by one line while the arrow keys provide a smoother scroll. Scrolling by one line in normal mode can be disconcerting, if not sluggish. However, one line motions remains helpful in Caret and Visual modes. You may consider 1) using the arrow keys to scroll or 2) remapping hjkl to the arrow keys in normal mode.

     To remap the hjkl to the arrow keys in normal mode, create a file named .vimperatorrc in your home directory and add the following commands.

    nnoremap h <left>

    nnoremap j <down>

    nnoremap k <up>

    nnoremap l <right>

    2. The Esc key is reeeeally far away, but you need it to exit any mode back into Normal mode. You may consider remapping your Esc key to your CAPSLOCK key using the goto tool for your operating system. Not having a CAPSLOCK generally makes you a nicer person anyway.

    3. Vimperator adds it's own a status bar. You may consider disabling the Firefox status panel bar if you haven't already.

    4. The bright yellow highlight colors may clash with your sense of style. Fortunately, you can customize these colors. Simply refer to the command ':help color.'


  3. So these past couple of weeks, I've been shifting my interest from hypnosis to lucid dreaming.

    What is lucid dreaming, may you ask?

    It's essentially when you become aware that you're dreaming, while you're dreaming. Sounds paradoxal, but some of us have actually already had lucid dreams when we were still kids. We just can't remember them.

    Different uses for lucid dreaming exist out there, most common of which include helping to cope with traumatic experiences in our life, such as anxiety or the departure of a loved one, to fantasy fullfillment or meeting certain characters and creative problem solving.

    Having lucid dreams at will isn't insanely hard, but does require a few weeks/months practice and the motivation. Good thing I'm willing to try, and that's the motivation.

    I'm also keeping record of the dreaming I've had over the past couple of weeks so I can pick out any odd details that help me recognize that the world I'm currently dreaming in can be identified as a dream. One detail I've noticed that's been recurring is the involvement of different video game characters in my dreams. So I'm training myself to recognize this particular dreamsign, so next time I'm dreaming and I see someone such as Mario or even the ChuChus, I can recognize this and come to the conclusion that I'm now dreaming.


    So, at the end of the day, why exactly do I want to be able to have lucid dreams?

    Call me crazy in the head, but it's so I can meet a friend I've been wanting to meet in person for a very long time. In the flesh, blood...

    ...And jester hat.

    I want to meet NiGHTS.

  4. I'm not gonna sugar coat this, I need some help. I've been without a job for 3 weeks now and I'm out of money. Overdrawn actually.  I understand if you cant help, but if you can, I would be eternally grateful and you would have earns the right to berate me/ask for things in the comments of this blog.

    Help... Please.

  5. I guess I can't say i've been an absentee on this forum for a bit, looks like it generally stayed the same in general population, although for better or for worse is always a question. With a few new faces (and an old one, to my knowledge), merely judging, it's still quite the cozy home.

    "Welcome to those new, and those returning to the last known Great Fox."

    1. Debating on adding back my old characters again, although in recent months, I actually haven't used them in a while for anything. Do have new ones, and can leave the space for later additions...

    2. Kursed, if your reading this, not sure if I recommend whether or not you should look into my later posts from "The Take Over" RP thread... I salute you all the same- To be fair, I did do a fair bit of reading of the Dead Threads back in the day, and had some interest in the posts there, your name stuck out there.

    3. Being the Monokuma I am (and always will be (At least here and on Discord) ), I'll need to find a new profile of the good old Mono. 

    3.5. I keep coming back here, I always tend to skim the Discord, and not only did I join the Minecraft server, but found a current friend on that channel. Welcome to Hope's Peak SF-O or at least in the Discord,  Snow.

  6. Official SF-O Blog

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    By DZComposer,

    SF-O is now running on the IPS4 platform.

    IPS4 brings a modern, responsive, design as well as a bunch of new features, such as at mentions (IE @ROB64 ).

    This also marks the beginning of 4.0. 1.0 was the old phpBB days, then we went to SMF and Wordpress with 2.0. SF-O 3.0 was IPB and Wordpress, 3.5 was complete IPB. 4.0 will be the first complete content rebuild since the original wordpress site was designed by @Mr. Krystal. My goal with this update will be to finally make SF-O reach my vision. It will be a lot of work, however, and I cannot do it alone. I ask the community to please assist in this effort. Remember: This is your site, too!

  7. That really explains it all.

    If you need me ask Sideways. He's been texting me. 

    GG see you all in April. 

    Get ready for the rhythem of love.

  8. So Mercedes finished 1-2 again. I didn't get to watch the entire race like I expected, but from what I was able to watch, Mercedes started pulling away from lap 2 on. Ferrari and Williams were both able to overcome slightly disappointing qualifying sessions and finish the race 3-4 and 5-6 respectively. The time differentials at the end of the race had me thinking the race was competitive towards the end, but i'll get to that in a bit. The finishing positions were are follows:






















    Marussia succeeds in bringing both cars to the finish again, which is wonderful news for team sponsors I am sure. Lotus must be thrilled with the fact that they have earned their first points of the season. With this 7th place finish, they immediately find themselves nearly breaking free of the bottom three portion of the standings just one point behind Force India (who just barely missed out a point finishing in 11th with Sergio Perez). Sauber again proves to everyone that they are making huge strides this season with both drivers finished in points positions. They are currently 4th in constructors points. McLaren find themselves near Marussia again, which has got to be concerning for Honda, especially if they hope to continue supplying engines next season.

    Red Bull and Toro Rosso are still neck and neck, this week Red Bull getting the better of their developmental team. Red Bull now has a one point advantage on Toro Rosso. The two teams remain 5th and 6th.

    Mercedes remains on top, Ferrari second, and Williams third. One would think all three of these teams are very happy with their performances, but it is not so. The Ferrari team principal said expects his team to win on a more regular basis, while Mercedes continues with their infighting nonsense. So one guy is living in the past (Ferrari in this case), while a team that is winning so much it has hurt tv ratings sees, it's two drivers throwing verbal punches at one another after the Chinese GP. Rosberg claimed that Hamilton drove very slowly towards the end of the race in order to sabotage him and almost allow Ferrari to catch up to second. As it was, Mercedes easily had a sizable lead by the end of the race, and Hamilton was instructed by the pit crew to stay on his tires instead of coming into the pits for a new set. Hamilton claims he needed to drive slower in order to finish the race, and that Rosberg could have passed whenever he would have liked to. Personally, I think this is all a bunch of nonsense thrown out there by Mercedes in order to keep fans interested.

    Next race is in Bahrain and we will only have to wait about a week for it. It should be a very good race in front of the pack if the Malaysian GP showed us what Ferrari were capable of on that type of track.

  9. Shmibli7
    Latest Entry

    Well, SPECTRE released on DVD in the United States a day and a half ago. I'm going to buy it. This will be the final piece of the Bond movie collection I have been assembling for about two years.


  10. My -New- Place

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  11. For a while whenever I am alone I have this depressing feeling inside me while I am thinking about stuff. And sometimes when I am in the middle of doing something, I stop. Suddenly I don't want to continue on whatever I was doing and I just starting thinking with that feeling inside and sometimes it just comes out of nowhere when I see things come to an end that I was never apart of until too late. But then, a memory flashes on me that I've seen before and it was the show I used to watch as a kid and it may have affected me and possibly my behaviors or so.


    What I realized that I was feeling Blue

    Never have I felt like this for a while until now since for a while I have tried to combat it with music that sorta fits that mood, probably make it feel sympathetic. I'm not sure if this has been a blessing or a curse.

  12. Arminius's Blog

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    So I just made my account a few minutes ago. Hm.... What to write...


    Do any of you sentient beings have any ideas to throw at my pitiful face?

  13. Been hyping about it a lot on Steam, Skype, and other places, but I'm really really truly excited about it! After much consideration, I settled on a mechanical keyboard, and picked it up today.

    Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Brown

    Some crappy pics:




    I've started using Twitch. It's fun, I encourage you to follow, and check it out when I'm streaming live!

  14. DZ's Blog

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    SaaS, or "Software as a Service" is a trend in software companies to provide unlimited access to their product(s) for a recurring fee rather than a larger upfront costs for a standard perpetual license. Perhaps the most famous examples are Microsoft's Office 365 and Adobe's Creative Cloud.

    Sample Library developer EastWest, makers of the EWQL series of sample libraries, has now jumped on this bandwagon.

    It's tempting, I must admit. I could plug so many holes in my soundset right now if I signed-up, but I already pay for Adobe's SaaS and that shit really adds up over time.

    I use several EastWest products already. In fact, the majority of my sounds are EastWest products, though. I'll definitely be thinking about this.

  15. To Infinity, and Beyond!

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    I'll let the song do the talking


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       In life I wanted many things. A fast muscle car, big house, a stupid dog, an evil cat, a beautiful woman who loves me and makes me enchiladas. Now I may not have all that stuff and sometimes I lose sight on how good I have it. But if one thing has taught me anything, its that good things come to he who waits.


       Long story short, I was an annoying, impatient little @#%$. I was losing my mind waiting to grow up, thinking there was this magical feeling you had and your childhood dies for you so you can move on with the next chapter of your life. Like some sort of right-of-passage thing, ya know? And glory never happened. The instant I turn 18 was an easily forgettable moment. To this day I can't differentiate what end and what began. I was told lies people!!! LIIIIIIIEESS!!!!! I got my first car, first job, first job termination and to be honest I still feel like a little kid. I'm an adult now, where is the change?! I guess things got easier when I came of legal age, age to drink that is (mmmm, vanilla rum and coke).


       Almost 10 years later, nothing. Again what am I supposed to feel? I was always stressed so money problems were nothing new. But never drove me to drink, never. The only thing that has driven me is body pain when the meds aren't working (don't do that). Things still seemed pretty much the same. Then I realized something:

    Is it really important? Is this right-of-passage what i really need to get my life going? My life is going right!

       Weird how that came to me. I realized people, other people other than me have the same problem and that its not an isolated incident, this is human nature. That made me feel more normal :)


       If that wasn't enough, I got my cat (but he dumb) and my dog (but hes super smart) and my gf...Well, she's my wife and she does make me enchiladas. Still waiting on that car, but its not important. What is?




       Sorry, I uh, I don't have a moral for you. Just be true to you, I guess :D

  16. Scott Harvery

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    Lately, I've tended to avoid making long walls of text in public places these days.. But hearing the news, I thought It was time to put my thoughts out there.

    On July 11th, 2015, Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata passed away due to complications from a bile duct infection. Iwata was an iconic figure in Nintendo's community, joining Nintendo's HAL labrotory in 1989 as a programmer, he helped produce many of the company's work, such as Balloon Fighter, and Earthbound, before becoming a Director in 2002, and eventually It's fourth President in 2003.

    As a Nintendo fan from childhood, I am thankful for all the years he's put into driving the company to where it currently stands--Still creating new, and fun experiences for gamers around the world. He had a personality that certainly left an impact on everyone he met, and as I write, and see the articles and tweets that pop up, he seemed to have the same on the world of gaming. He was very passionate about his work, and I can say with my heart that he will be deeply missed by everyone.

    Tonight, I will be lighting a candle for the him. He shaped a company that made a real impact on my life, and love for the industry, and the type of person I aspire to be like. I only hope one day I can be like you.

    Rest in peace, Satoru Iwata. Our thoughts and Prayers go Directly to you, and your family. We will never forget you.


  17. Ricco's Blog of... Things?

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    Another year, more school. Can't wait to see what this upcoming year has to offer in terms of political/world events. Working on my fanfic at my own pace so as not to rush it, working in general, and playing way too much Civilization V. Living the dream, eh?

    At least this is the first time in a decade since we could write a "6" in the year!

  18. Eleneon

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    Welcome to this blog! Born thanks to a dead game Eleneon is a indie game made with java . with fully anthropomorphic thematic And Steam punk look you took the roll of a character victim of a karma system that affects almost every character acts .will you make allies or enemies? 

    I planning a late 2016 date for both mobile and desktop releases.

    Whatever I'll publish builds for this page in the future ....

    But not soon! As a hobbyist spriter I'm making every animation frame by hand and then photoshop



  19. psy_commando
    Latest Entry

    So, 2014 has been a pretty crappy year. Not counting that I actually finally got out of depression..

    - Got out of derpression finally! (typo intentional)

    - I discovered the insanity of Twitch Plays Pokemon, and wasted hours on TPP Emerald.

    - I discovered the pure awesomeness that is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers of Sky (Or maybe Explorers of Feels to be more accurate XD )

    - I did not get a job.

    - I graduated from college.

    - They announced a new starfox game, and that Miyamoto was working on said starfox game.

    - I had to step down as leader from Project LLS, because I can't manage my anxiety. (And I really feel bad about it..)

    - I got back into pokemon.

    - I managed to learn a little more about music.

    - I got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and I'm still a little mixed about it..

    - I had to deal with computer issues for the entire year.. ( Idk if I should trust Asus now.. )

    All in all, I give this year a 7.8/10, too much water.

    I mean, geez, it rained so damn often !

  20. My Scores

    Just a little improved in total hits (main game). I just can't do it in... Corneria on 3DS =(


  21. Fox's Blog

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    Played through a few more levels in Star Fox Zero tonight. Boy has the game gotten a bit tougher. While yes the controls are a bit to get used too, I find myself switching between both screens and after failing several missions a few times I have yet to throw my Wii-U controller across the living room.

    The setup I have in my house is rather exciting. In the Main room, we have a 5.1 surround setup with an HD projector broadcasting it's delicious glory onto the motorized projector screen we have.

    Yay technology!

  22. As the title suggests, thinking of going back to my old screen name of Kid_Cortet........undecided though

  23. Kenny B's Vineblog

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    Kguw8br.jpgI'm really feeling it!
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